DAVID ACTIVATED THE DISRUPTOR POWER! Enzo “YO! He’s trying to be cute!”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David Tyler and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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David – Saves on nominee. HOH picks a replacement. Person he picks can’t be renom. Used during Nom ceremony after the HOH picks.
Christmas – blocks someone from being a renom. During Veto ceremony after Veto is played
Dani – can pick a outgoing HOH to be able to play in the next HOH competition.

8:25pm – 8:49pmThe feeds switch to the kitty pound.. When the live feeds return we learn that David activated his Disruptor Power which allowed him to remove himself off the block. As HOH, Dani then had to select a replacement nominee. She nominated Tyler to sit with Kevin on the block.

The house guests are in the kitchen hugging David and Tyler. Cody – holy f**king sh*t! In the bathroom. David and Kevin. Kevin – You think it was Tyler that use it? David – I don’t know! Maybe! Kevin – did you use it? David – no. That’s why I didn’t want to be around anybody.. I was like f**k this! I’m tired. I was over it. Enzo comes out of the washroom. David – did you use it? Enzo – no! I don’t have any powers. Nothing! What about you did you win? No?! David – I’m crying. Enzo – don’t worry about it .. you got it Yo! That’s it!

HOH room. Dani – why couldn’t I get that freakin power?!!? Mine freaking sucks! Tyler joins Dani. Dani – I am freaking out! No no like for real. Hear me out. I swear on everything I don’t want you gone. I swear! I can’t put up Ian. Ian will freak the hell out. Turn on everyone. I don’t know what to do. Tyler – I just don’t know if our alliance is going to.. Dani – you can win the veto. Tyler – yeah I know but I don’t know what The Comity is going to think about you. Dani – I will keep you. I am telling you .. you can win the veto and we will all keep you. I swear on everything. Tyler – was I going to be your replacement nom? Dani – NO! I didn’t know what to do. I swear on everything all I wanted to do was keep the noms the same. I didn’t know what to do. And you’re literally the strongest player in the house. Like we can win this. Tyler – I am glad I get to play. Dani – I feel horrible. Tyler – its okay. Dani – this sucks and I can’t stop crying. Tyler – its okay. Dani – I didn’t know what to do. Tyler – no I get it. The house knows that I did some sh*t against you. You know what I mean. It makes sense. Dani – you can win the veto. Tyler – but then you have to name another replacement. I am just worried Memphis and Christmas don’t know what is going on with us you know. Dani – Christmas is going to kill me right now. Tyler – I am just worried they’re going to think the comity is not together anymore you know what I mean? Dani – I didn’t mean to break up the band. I swear on everything I don’t wnat you to go home. Let go out and win the veto. Tyler – but what if we do win the veto and you have to put up a replacement? Dani – then maybe I talk Enzo into being the replacement.. no one will ever vote him out. Tyler – yeah. Dani – I thought it was Kevin.. (who used the power) he was smiling the whole time and David was crying. Tyler – he can cry on command. Dani – Cody, Enzo, Nicole, Christmas, Memphis .. you only need four. You’re staying in the house even if you’re still on the block. Lets shake on it. They shake. Tyler – I thought you were going to have to nominate two. What if Kevin wins the veto.. Kevin is a competitor too! Dani – oh my freaking god! I don’t know what to do!? Tyler – DaVonne? Ian? Enzo? Dani – I feel like garbage ..especially after we shook on it today!

Backyard. Memphis, Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – THE DISRUPTOR!! YO! He’s (David) trying to be cute. Cody – yeah like someone used it on him BRO! Enzo – exactly! Come on YO! Cody – lets not play this game. Like bro I’m safe for the week. If you had that power would you tell anybody. Enzo – he is trying to be cute! Why is he lying!? Cody – if you used it, you used it on your self. Like someone else used the power on him?! Enzo – now you look even dumber! Why wouldn’t they keep that for themselves. He’s such a rookie yo! He just made himself more of a target! He is bad player yo! Just say you won it and used it .. you were on the block. You won the comp .. just say you won it. That is so amature YO!! You’re just making it worse on yourself! Memphis – I feel like I’m in the twilight zone yo! Enzo – and now what happens if Tyler has a power!? Man that sucks for Dani. Memphis – now Tyler is going to win the veto. Enzo – the only thing is if Tyler wins the POV .. then what the f**k!?

9:12pm Lounge room. David and Tyler.
Tyler – no one put me up besides Dani. David – why did Dani put you up? Tyler – because of all the sh*t I was doing that I told you about because Bay ran back and told her. I am just happy that I am on the block now because I probably would have been after. Now at least I can play in the veto. This is good. David – I wish I could pick Dani as Havenot. Tyler – oh you can’t choose outgoing? Yeah you can. David – She won that thing. Tyler – oh yeah you’re right. David – I am mad.. I am happy that I am safe .. I am mad that you’re up. I’m mad that I just got put up today. Tyler – this is the best thing ever .. its like you won the veto. If I am still up there against Kevin .. will you vote to keep me? David – yeah. Tyler – if you tell me that and then vote me out .. I won’t vote for you in jury. You know that right?! David – Kevin already came and asked me because there there was a mix of emotions. Tyler – its fine, whatever man. I get it. Kevin is coming to you out of necessity not because he wants to play the game with you. I am happy you’re safe and you can’t even be put back up. That’s a dope power. David – I swear it was you. Tyler – I will be a bigger target than you .. and a shield .. so I hope you and other people will think that way too. Maybe you’ll even play in the veto tomorrow. I don’t expect you to use it .. I expect you to throw it though. They hug and leave the room.

9:50pm Cody, Memphis, Nicole, Tyler, Ian, Christmas are all sitting around the backyard couches chatting about the power / veto tomorrow.

HOH room. Enzo and Dani.
Enzo – he (David) tried to play it off.. Dani – he came up to me and asked me if I used it. Enzo – Yeah he did it to me too. I’m like come on BRO! Get the f**k out of here! Dani – you’re a bad actor! Enzo – its like a POV . you won the comp .. you used it. Dani – its not going to make you a bigger target like everyone is happy for you. Enzo – everyone hates you now! Dani – I know!!!! Enzo – everyone hates you BRO! Dani – what are you doing!?!! And now you’re still like doing it to me?! BRO get the f**k out of here with that sh*t! No one is going to use it on someone else. Dani – get this Tyler goes did you use it .. if you did that is the best move in big brother history. I’m like NO .. but if I make it to the final two I am going to say I did. Enzo – that’s it .. F**K IT! Dani – because David is denying it. Like what are you doing!?! Enzo – you were the last one to come down stairs .. you start crying before anything even happens.. Dani – and he was acting all pissed off after the ceremony. Enzo – everyone now hates you. You should have heard Memphis .. he was outside yelling goodbye buddy!!! You won your first competition. Dani – Memphis is so the villain. So don’t repeat this to anyone but I want Tyler to stay. He was the best case to win the veto. You should have seen everyone’s faces like please don’t pick me. If he (Tyler) wins the veto.. I have to pick a fourth person. It has to be a pawn. Enzo – who would you pick? Ian? Dani – Ian would crap himself. I think I would try to get Christmas to volunteer again. Here is the bigger problem.. what if Kevin wins what do I do!? Enzo – put up Day! She hasn’t won anything. Stop reading the bible and win something.

10pm – 10:35pm HOH room. Dani and Enzo. Cody joins them. They laugh about how David is lying about using it on himself. Cody – he is going into the diary room acting like he has the whole house wrapped around his finger. Enzo – he is insulting my intelligence. Dani – I know I am crazy but I don’t want Tyler to go. Like honestly I want Tyler to stay. We have the votes no matter what and Kevin has to go home. Cody – so we’re not going to backdoor Tyler!? Dani – do you want to get Tyler out!? Cody – no I am just kidding. Enzo – we have till Thursday to figure it out. Dani – if Tyler wins .. we have to put a pawn up.. and I want Christmas to offer herself again. If Kevin wins .. He (Enzo) said put up Day and tell her she is the pawn. Enzo – everyone hates Memphis on the outside world so don’t be protecting him for anything. He is definitely hated. They talk about how Memphis went up to David tapped him hard on the shoulder and said you popped your cherry buddy! Good job! They talk about how he’s mean to David. They talk about how Ian and Tyler said on Davids package he said that he taught himself to cry on demand. Ian, Nicole and Tyler join them.

11:15pm Hammock. Cody and Nicole.
Cody – Tyler said when he came out here that at least I get to play in the veto and I’m not just the backdoor option. The thing is he was saying a lot of sh*t that brought that on. He kept saying to her if you want to backdoor me, I understand. If you to put me up, I understand. If you keep saying that over and over again .. its like why don’t you do that. Nicole – right. It just makes him look guilty.

11:50pm Nicole comes out of the diary room and says that her slopitard punishment is over. Nicole and all the house guests head out to the backyard. Nicole takes off her costume and jumps into the pool..

12am Cody and Tyler are playing corn hole in the backyard.

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Wow, David acting like he doesn’t know who has the power is hysterical. What is the point?? Everyone knows it was him so what is his angle??

Kraken my skull

David has as much angles as a circle….


Ha! If I could like, I would!

Michele Smith

So what’s the deal? We can’t like or dislike anymore?

Guy From Canada

I shouldn’t have down voted Dawgs comments all these years…,

Feeds Gold

if votes return, you should be able to upvote, downvote, or vote dawg


Everyone but Kevin


He has no angle. I don’t think he even knows what game he is playing honestly. The others with a power know that there are only 2 weeks to use it, David only speaks to Day so why the hell would he think asking anyone if they used it on him instead of just saying ‘yeah I won the power’, everyone knows the person who holds the power will use it on themselves. Just like next HOH comp you know that Dani will be using it on herself so she can compete again. But when someone (forget who it was/don’t wanna read up to find out..lol) said he was crying before it was even said shows what a fool he truly is. The more he keeps denying he won it the worse I think it will be for him. Seriously, why would he go to Dani asking her if she used it SMDH. Yeah she put you on the block just so she could use her power to take you down, what?? wtf?? The elevator doesn’t go all the way up with David.


David thinks he just used an immunity idol.


okay bless david aint stupid. also how come the voting is gone from the comment section?

At the end of the Mama Da

No kidding. They need to bring the voting back on here or else I say we boycott this site!


Lol you can boycott yourself out of this site if you want and join the cancel culture on twitter with the peanut gallery.


Best comment of the Day!

Feeds Gold

david activates power to save himself

david(waving hand) is like: “i am not the droid you are looking for”

the house(pointing at david) is like: “YOU david ARE the droid we are looking for!”

david, you played yourself!


Exactly. Lol

Like Literally... Yo Yo Yo

That’s what bugs me so much aboutBB putting David in All-Stars. First, Rockstar lasted much longer than he did. Second, you had another year to watch all the seasons and didn’t. Victoria played a better game than David.

Feeds Gold

i hate when a big group decides a pawn is needed and one of them willingly goes up

tyler seems fine to be her nom after the power was used…then if he wins veto or comes down , xmas might willingly again agree to go up

i want to see all players not want to go up, creating more drama

i would have rather seen ian go up, not that i want him to go, but his reaction would have been feisty and made things a little more interesting

so davids power is gone…dani as hoh should use her power for next hoh so she can play…and xmas if willing to be a pawn this week would have only next week left to use her renom blocker power


You think tyler thinks hes a pawn?! Tyler isnt christmas who volunteers to be a pawn, he knows hes a big target and that ppl can take the chance (and tbh they should) to send him out.
Hes playing along with danis bs cause thats his best play and hes cold blooded so basically theyre both just lying to their faces. Dani breaks the tie this week so thats something to keep in mind and tyler knows it. Theres nothing good from him to call out dani, and thats what makes him different from other emotional players in there. He knows its a game and he knows that he gotta play it cool.
Also he will go after her next week, he already said last week that he was going after her. Now she just gave him a legitimate reason to do so and if he survives the week his alliance cant get mad at him for putting her up.
Also he knew he was being backdoored so now he has the chance to play in the pov comp

And after dani nominated tyler i highly doubt that christmas will volunteer. I mean its her so ig anything is possible, but it would be really dumb, especially when she will expect dani to put up davonne or ian

Ppl can hate on tyler but he at least really separates personal from game and in a house of such emotional players who play and plot against ppl but when its them being plotted against act all victim and whine about not deserving it, its refreshing to watch

Feeds Gold

im saying tylers reaction to going up is boring…i would have rather seen someone else go up…i get that he always plays it cool, but the ‘hoh has to pick a renom on the spot’ power was designed to bring at least some drama

xmas willingly going up as a pawn for a 2nd time should tyler come down and kevin going to jury would be crushingly boring


Hes playing it cool cause its his best game move… if you only want drama and not good gameplay there are plenty of ppl for that in that house
Tyler isnt one of them. Hes one of the few who knows when and how to talk. Him bringing drama would only sink his game
There was plenty of drama last week, i for one actually appreciate good gameplay and someone playing stratigically and thats what tyler brings

Feeds Gold

i enjoy good strategic play…i dont want just drama, i want a good mix…i want at least some drama, unpredicability…the season has had very little

thats why i said i didnt want tyler as the renom as he takes everything so well and hes not super bothered this season…just like xmas will take being a pawn so well…its hohum…so the renom on the spot really isnt as big of a deal…tyler “oh im nommed, meh”…or xmas “i will go up as pawn for the group so bottom of totem pole can go, meh, no big deal”…its phlegmatic city

we dont get much dani hohitis as she has allies so willing to make her hoh as predictable and drama free as possible

the one off one day of drama last week(xmas/bay/day) was a grain of sand on a beach

i wanted davids power usage(and potentially xmas power as well) to result in dani to having to nom 4 or 5 and all of them pissed at her, but it was not to be


I really wish I can thumbs down both of your comments right now but they decided to spare you apparently.


He’s not worried because the veto will be an individual times comp that production can just say he won. Or it will be fine the veto and they will tell him where the veto are hidden. This is just production giving their little star more camera time.


they should tell xmas shes a pawn and vote her out!!!! easy way to get rid of that headache, imagine her anger being no med so this would be quick and easy not Kevin whose not threatening and hasn’t won as much, if dani is smart vote out xmas!


Man i would love to see the jerk Enzo put up on block.

The Beef

If I’m Christmas, I’m telling them “I already volunteered once. It’s somebody else’s turn this time. How about Nicole?”


Ha ha I like that one!

Big Baby

Say what you will about Tyler but this comment by you is an incredible observation in yet such a true statement to How collected he is as a player.
Regardless of how things shake out for Tyler he is a heck of a Big Brother player And Tyler was the real deserving winner in big brother 20!

Tyler was able to get both Bayleigh and swaggy out and he wasn’t the HOH. That proves that he got no blood on his hands doing it!!
He was the real reason Fouttee imploded because he convinced Kaitlyn to turn on her own alliance by putting up swaggy.
Playing a hand on FAYSALs HOH EVICTING Scotty when they were aligned!
Even being cold blooded and taking out the stronger person in his Alliance in Brett- Tyler and Angela being two steps forward !!

And what’s sad with all those moves that Tyler made big brother 20 is that Kaycee had nothing to do with them and I think that is sad because that proves she didn’t deserve the credit for how far they made it when it was Tyler who was the one that set them up for success and controlled how everything went!

If this season has proved anything it’s that Bayleigh is way too emotional to have ever been thought of to play this game!
Bayleigh is the reason why Tyler lost season 20 with irrational big brother sense proves that she isn’t a good jury member to give a proper vote!

Tyler rightfully have should’ve been the winner in big brother 20. Tyler orchestrated that whole season from tip to finish and got robbed by a bitter jury.


I never thought Bay was the vote that wrote KC the check. I think it was Sam.

Feeds Gold

tyler should have won 20, paul should have won 18(nat negrotti now regrets her vote), then he likely wouldnt have returned for 19, then josh probably doesnt win 19 without paul there, and nic wouldnt be a winner either, so 2 of the least deserving winners nic and josh wouldnt have won…but cody/jess game may have been way different and perhaps they may not have been asked to do amazing race, win a million and get married

the butterfly effect

Big Baby

Paul pulled a Cody when he decided to take Nicole to the final 2.

You might want to remember Jacob from big brother 9 when he said a houseguest Parker was a snake- Jacob got eliminated just a few hours later! If you referred to people out loud as a snake guess what you’re the one that goes home!

Big meech &
the Hot MESS-iah that Jozea got played like spades by NicoleF

Nicole sent out Davonne with no blood on her hands and admitted that Day was a threat in her good by messaging By saying game Wise you were a threat to my game and that I knew it wouldn’t be good for me that is what Nicole told Davonne in her goodbye message.
Whereas Paul continued to lie his behind off and never admitted to Davonne that he wanted her out of the house when paul knew all along that he was going to backdoor Davonne was going to take her out inweek six.

His goodbye message Paul said to davonne:
i don’t know what happened I thought I made it pretty clear about what I wanted this week. But I guess we both got screwed over – Huge mistake Paul and there is a reason why Nicole got Davonnes vote over Paul because she at least gave her the respect that she knew she was leaving and considered her a threat to her game; Which a player can appreciate.
And Paul shot himself when he never owned up to it.

It doesn’t matter about Natalie changing her mind bout her vote 4 years later because she was a completely emotional player who was manipulated like non other. She changes her mind like a blow in the wind and that’s not a lie.

Even if you go back to the jury roundtable the reason why Natalie voted for Nicole is because Paul demeaned women by being personal and using harsh language! That is a reflection of a poor social game on Paul.

Paul was lucky to get Michelle’s vote when he called her a cunt!
However he wasn’t so lucky because Natalie was standing right there and you can tell by her reaction and how close she was to Michelle that she was appalled by Paul saying cunt and calling Michelle that. As a GUY you know that’s Big no no In the female language because women take complete and major offense to it!
And it shows that Paul doing that affected Natalie and how she wanted to vote in BB 18.

And it proves because Natalie said herself at the jury round table that some of Paul’s words and his actions are unforgivable! And she said herself that she was bitter towards Paul!
It was right there where Paul wasn’t going to get Natalie’s vote.
Paul only has himself to blame there.

The week it was five vs two and Nicole had to convince Natalie and Michelle to put up Victor and Paul… pretty much assured that Nicole had the power to convince people to do what she wanted especially when it came to people who didn’t want to work with her.
Thid was genius move for Nicole in BB 18 because it allowed her to play both sides of the house bc she allowed Victor to feel betrayed by Natalie and James which is why Victor put both Natalie and James at final 6 because he felt Abandon by Natalie and James when Victor felt they just used him take out PaulIe in his HOH just the week before.
NicoleF showed her as great game player bc she built mistrust and confusion when herself and Corey vs those 5 (Natalie,James, Michelle, Paul) because she built mistrust between Victor and the duo of Natalie and James by her concivincing meech And Natalie as co-HOH to put up Paul and Victor.
It was then where Victor felt used because he just took out PaulIe for them the week before he got evicted for a second time.

After being nominated that same week by MEECH AND NATALIE
Paul shouldn’t of said in front of the whole house to Nicole: “something tells me that you’re (NicoleF) pretty good at this game and not me”
that comment right there proved that Paul wasn’t Going to be winner in season 18 over Nicole.
Because he literally just said that Nicole is the one that’s good at this game and not himself maybe dumbest point you could ever say about yourself and then decide to take that person to the final two when you said that Nicole is the one who is good at this game and not yourself!

Never take someone to the final 2 who hasn’t been nominated for over 90 days and is only a tiebreaker question away in the final 4 HOH from not being nominated for the whole season and also kept her number one ally Corey safe until the final four whereas Paul lost his number one Ally Victor three times by the final 5! In the final five Corey won HOH and Nicole won Veto if Victor doesn’t come back for a third time Paul is gone at the post veto nomination at the final 5!

There is a reason why Nicole won season 18. And the writing is all over the wall.


Don’t like Nicole but those are good points. Paul definitely shouldn’t have taken her. No one would have voted for James except Natalie Implants. Plus, Paul was helped with Victor re-entering the house 17 times.


Did you read that off a website somewhere and add to it?




I agree with you about tyler in season 20.
In this season he also had a great start . But !!! i couldn’t care less if he is evicted this week , when he asks to leave 2 weeks in a row , and he is not playing the game anymore.
tyler 22 sucks.
I don’t think that he is cool with his nomination because of strategy .
I think he really is cool with leaving !!
If he was into the game he would at least be pissed in a secret convo with Christmas or enzo or at the diary room. I doubt he will




So true


I agree. I don’t stan David at all…I think he’s a dismal player and should have never been brought back THIS season. I also don’t like how he always brings up racial issues when he’s nominated. That is making it hard for me to enjoy BB.

However, I didn’t like the way Tyler was with him…telling him, “You told me that and if you vote me out, I won’t vote for you in the end…you know that.” Why does Tyler think David owes him that? It’s BB and David’s not in an alliance; he can do w/e the heck he wants.


I think Tyler is only fine going up b/c it means he can play in the POV – the option was him getting back doored. I don’t buy for one minute that he trusts Dani – this is all game. The fact he asked Dani if she made a deal with Day (which of course she denied) proves Ty KNOWS she did and that Day is also playing him.

I don’t want Ian going up b/c Cody, Enzo & Memphis are too hot for him to leave so much so that they’d keep Kevin over him (yikes) as would Day and that’s the four votes Kevin needs.

As for Dani’s power while talking with Tyler they’ve figured out that this coming week can’t be DE b/c of the powers and production won’t do a DE with powers still in the house. AND Dani expects the next HOH to be questions (she told Nic) which she isn’t good at so she’ll hold onto her power for another week I’m guessing.


I thought this upcoming HOH would be Dani’s last chance to use it?


Dani would need to use her power this week on herself, if not next week is the last week and she doesn’t play HOH then I don’t see her using it on anyone else. The powers are good for 3 weeks with this being 2nd week. I don’t care for christmas but it would be funny to watch Dani put her up and then Christmas use her power to make Dani pick a 5th person.


I would pay money to see Christmas activate her power if she is “asked” ..Dani’s head might explode

Boring Ass Season

Did I miss something? Where did the “thumbs up or down” go?


I turned them off.


Why? Just over the troll nurk? Did we hurt his feelings or something???


LMAO dani is so fake “i swear on everything” repeated 100 times
I wonder why she even makes all that shit up as if tyler is dumb to believe it
Acting like theres no one else in the house to nominate right to tylers face hahahha
Gotta give it to tyler for playing along and not laughing or calling her out on her bs
I meannnn no way he believes one word shes saying right?
Shes acting like she put him up so he wins the veto so she has to hmmmmmn put someone else up? Sure dani that makes perfect sense!
“I dont know who else to nominate and dont wanna get my hands dirty so ill nominate a strong person who could be voted out easily but ill tell them that i only did it so he can win the veto so i can nominate a 4th person this week!”

The Beef

The inner workings of the evil mind who thinks everybody else is an idiot!

Tyler is no idiot. He knows what time it is, and he knows what Dani is doing. He also knows that Dani is a liar and is flat out lying to his face!

Everything you said is true and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out if you’ve played this game even once! Tyler is pretty good at this game so, yes, he knows what’s going on. The only question is if he doesn’t win the veto, how many of his alliance buddies will choose to back him over backing Dani? Part of that answer may be “aligned” with whether or not Kevin wins the veto, because if he does, who she puts up to replace him may play an important part in answering that question.

But if Kevin and Tyler remain on the block, it will be an inter alliance struggle between Dani and Tyler as to who they trust more and who is best for their games, and of course that answer may differ from player to player. One thing I know for sure though, it won’t be nearly as clear cut as Dani thought it would be.


So happy I was wrong. I really thought David didn’t use it. But now he’s lying about using it is insane. He dies realize not a soul in that house would save him. LOL


Oh shes actually lying to enzos face too
Im really starting to wonder if ANYONE could ever buy that. Im failing to even understand the logic behind it. Why would you put up a 3rd person to win the veto so ypu have to nom a 4th person?! Its just a nonsense
Enzo even knew from cody that she wanted to backdoor tyler, so hes gotta know that shes lying to his face and hopefully this makes him see once more that she cant be trusted
Im waiting to see a convo between tyler and enzo about this and enzo/cody so we hear his real thoughts about it.
But really if anyone believes this dani deserves to win cause the rest are just too bad at the game

The shot heard round’ the world

Did you hear that? I think Dani just took the first shot. JUST OWN IT


Dawg, Simon, If you’re interested, here is a link to an Interview that Bayleigh gave post eviction to Global TV concerning her comments about Canada and also about Tyler


Lady E

Bay said that she is aware of how persuasive she is (her “power”). She sounds like Frankie (he also said that he was the most persuasive person on BB 16). They both acted like they can control the jury. They’re so full of themselves.

The Beef

That interview reads exactly like the bitch that she is. No class. No character. Always somebody else’s fault. She said it – she thinks she’s a queen.

She’s a loser and I’m glad she’s gone from this game. Hope she never comes back!

Just Sayin'

Woooow…… probably we didn’t want her up here in Canada because she’s a huge bitch, cause that reasoning was a big bunch of bullshit

Lady E

In another interview, she said, “I think my social game is probably one of the best.” LOL


Feeds Gold

to really shake things up i would enjoy seeing a full week of an americas hoh at final 8 as all the powers will have been used or expired

so theres no hoh comp…everyone gets a letter or video message and theres one massive hoh basket shared by everyone except 1 havenot

everyone except 1 havenot(picked by america) get one night in the hoh for the week, so the other 7 players get one night in hoh each, with order of 7 nights chosen by draw

and america picks the 2 noms, and picks one of the veto players at the veto draw if given houseguests choice

and america becomes a virtual player in the veto(plus 5 actual players making it 6 in the veto comp)…the comp is one that is totally luck based, meaning america has a 1 in 6 chance to win, same chance as the 5 players

should america as virtual player and hoh for the week win veto, then america controls if veto is used and on which nominee…and america picks the renom if veto used by america or another player

if its a tied vote 3-3…america as hoh is the tiebreaker to see who is evicted

then a week later at final 7 have a double eviction…going from 7 to 5


My head is spinning YO

Feeds Gold

is that you Grodner? lets do a pandoras box soon yo

if nic wins hoh…make her pandoras box punishment be she has to watch janelle and big meech highlights for 24 hours whilst wearing a shirt that says ‘i love big meech and the queen of bb janelle’ on the front and a love triangle drawing on the back featuring nic, cody and corey’ haha


I was thinking the same thing, Allison. If America is making so many of the decisions, why have houseguests?


No, no…you can’t have America vote. They only watch the highly edited edits. Anyone on this board knows how skewed those shows are . Solution? They read Simon/Dawg’s breakdown of what REALLY happened. Only then can they vote.
Hey, just a thought.


Question – could David have played in the veto, see whether he won it, and if not THEN activated the power? It seems like he could have kept the power another week and see how the chips fell after the veto versus using the power so soon.

Miss Impression

No he had to use it before veto.

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no i think the 2 noms needed to be set prior to saturday mornings veto draw…i think davids power had to be decided on friday night(his decision to use it or not) but after post nom ceremony diary room sessions so the power holder could in theory have a chance of remaining secret


The powers were never explained that well. I thought it would have to be secretly used pre-nom? I may be wrong.

What up Kaysar!

Pretty sure it needed to be used before picking players for Veto.


No, his was only for HOH noms. Christmas has the POV power.


My understanding was no. His power was only valid for the initial nominations. Once veto is played, we are in the “veto stage” and his power would not have been able to be used.


Enzo is crazy. No way Dani puts up Da. She just had that conversation about how bad she looks for having two POC up after last week and two POC going up this week. After the Ian incident the last things she need is to have put up all the POC left in the house. And you know Da will bring that up for all to hear if she is put up. Dani knows what that would look like outside of the house. My bet is Memphis. If it is something physical he won’t win. (However, it is time for another Q&A so that could be bad for her) She’s going to lose a lot of votes after this week and all the powers. (and no way Christmas volunteers after she put tyler up)


Oh my head —

DaVonne & Kevin talking about David’s power are the only two in the house buying David’s lie and have convinced themselves one of Tyler, Christmas or Ian used it.

Tyler did it to catch Dani (???)
Christmas did it b/c she knows Dani’s back door plan ??? (It was Tyler HELLO)
Ian – to stir things up.

I mean this is All-Stars right?

Better part of their convo is when Kevin suggests Day might go up as the renom & she says she’ll burn the house down – it won’t exist by Monday (Note to The Powers That Be— can you please make DayVonne be the re-nom – we could use the excitement).

Then Day tells Kevin that EVERYONE wants Tyler out meanwhile Dani, Enzo, Nic, Cody are talking & Cody is saying Ty needs to stay on the block if he wins “to save Dani from having to put up a 4th nom” (Note to TPTB – please let Ty win POV so Dani has to make 4th — and/or 5th nom).

Soooooooooo here’s the thing we know Cody doesn’t want Ty gone yet b/c it’ll hurt his game (ditto for Enzo) although they are playing along with Dani making it seem like they are flexible.

I’d prefer Ty wins POV just b/c I want to see Dani have to deal with all the seeds she’s planted haphazardly all over the house BUT if he did stay on the block it’s likely he would get Cody/Enzo/Memphis/Xmas votes (and likely Nic/Ian). When that happens how will Day react since she believes it’s a done deal?


Ok, so we all know David doesn’t really know what the heck he’s doing. I mean, he’s TERRIBLE at this game, but why does it matter whether or not people know he’s the one that used it? I mean, people have already been bad mouthing him from the beginning, so why does he owe anyone an explanation? So what he used the power and didn’t tell anyone!?! Who the freak cares!!! I’m just glad SOMETHING interesting happened. You can’t please everybody, so let’s just see how this plays out. Did Enzo ever tell anyone he flipped a vote with Dani? Nope…


Because everyone knows it’s him. So they know he is lying. It’s one thing I’d know one knows but everyone knows. To ask Day, come on if she had it she would have used it last week. Then Dani, why would she waste it like that. David isn’t thinking (which he never does) and now will be back on the block next week.


I get your point, but David would have still been on the block regardless if he lied or not. He could’ve played it off all little bit better than he did. Now let’s just see what will happen when they find out Christmas has a power. Will she lie even though they’ll KNOW she has one, too? Let’s wait and see how they treat her when they find out…

Johnny Depth

The BB fanboy in me was grinning the entire time reading this article:
-A power has been played [possibly a 2nd one this week]
-there’s potentially a double eviction around the corner

I’m excited (still worried about the non-committee members) Ian & Davonne better not get too comfortable in the likelihood Tyler or Xmas win veto

another name

I’m still saying Double is not until Oct.1 simply because that’s the date of the 2 hour episode in the releases.

Golden Gate Granny

So now we just wait for Shitmas to catch wind she’ll be the renom…

She activates her power and Dani’s bed just gets thornier and thornier. She’s gonna need hers on Thurs. and BOOM… they’re all flushed.


Now I am confused. Would have thought that the power would have been used at one of the ceremonies,not arbitrarily during the day

another name

Thinking since they said the ‘winner of that power could secretly use it after the inital nominations were revealed at the nomination ceremony’ then the idea of the concept is poorly worded

what the powers that be meant to say is
we just gave david the power to take a nominee off the block. David secretly activates the power after the nomination ceremony has concluded. The hoh will be forced to select a new nominee.
But….they have to keep it ambiguous in case they decide to alter the power on a whim.

Wesley Sims

good for David

another name

Realistically I don’t think it matters if David admits or denies using the disrupter power.
Would anyone trust him more if he admitted it? no. He’d still be on the outside.
Would anyone trust him less if he denied it? no. they never did.
Does it change his place in the pecking order to leave? no. What.. he becomes juror 2 instead of juror 3 in some people’s minds? ooooo.
So really. who cares.
Petty boiz making rookie comments would have made rookie comments anyway. He is a rookie comparatively. We all know it.
He wasn’t cast to win, he was cast for a redemption arc that he’s now acheived.

What i’m noticing:
Dani is still insisting Da’vonne is not an option if there has to be a renom. Part of me is thinking that although she mentioned Christmas as a renom option last night, that’s not going to be serious unless Christmas causes a rift in the house, or gets in Dani’s face at some point. Of the house, Dani seems to dislike Christmas more than most of the house on a personal level. Memphis said toss up Enzo as a renom. That could be weaponized, but I doubt it will be.

Where is the game moving?
Now that a lot of the house guests are wishing there was a way to break the game into 2 definitive sides (gee.. so NOW they want to be old school, but are having a hard time figuring out how to do it?)
It won’t really hit 2 sides until next week at the earliest. Mostly because production isn’t going to want the stupid Grod pet project Committee to break up yet (guh how do you break what hasn’t been a thing except in Grod, Memphis and Xmas’ head?).

What is annoying me?
The committee hasn’t been a thing. Production has been pushing it as a thing, and now it’s becoming a thing because it’s being pushed so much. Stop it.
Convinced Tyler was forced to stay. Convinced Christmas was told not to renom him no matter what he said. Sorry. My gut is screaming it.
Ian being safe because of image not because of Ian’s game. I’m a jumble of mixed feelings on this. I haven’t sorted it out yet.

I wanted to be excited about today.
Instead i’m eyerolling and thinking oh stfu to most of them. lol.
Going to take a nap instead.


Dani wants Christmas out because Christmas is better at comps and is friends with everyone. That makes her a threat to Dani.

another name

How David could get out of not revealing it was him using the Disruptor if he actually wanted to.
After veto ceremony he could easily say the power stated it was to be a secret, therefore he couldn’t reveal it was him or it would be nullified, but now that noms are locked he can reveal.

another name

Enzo’s toxic mansplainy theory about ‘win a comp or go’.
Gee. Memphis is broken. Why isn’t he on the list of win a comp or go?
Nicf? Not on the list.
Beginning to feel just as justificationish as Christmas’ entire reasoning last week.
Reality: not in one of my alliances, so line up at the door.
Not a bad thing. Just annoying to listen to.


Enzo didn’t won 1 comp on season 12.
So he shouldn’t talk.


BRAVO BRAVO DAVID! thank you for shaking the house finally LOL

seriously all these wanna be big brother stars are crying like babies cause David use his power? LOL

Didn’t Mrs Angela was crying and begging to get evicted from the house?
If mrs Angela come to day and others to save him, they should say”but but but didn’t you were begging to get evicted cause you are dying to go back to your hubby Angela arms? LOL’

I mean the only who can claim to be an all star is SSSSSScole since she is a BB winner, the rest yo you guys didn’t win a thing lol

Regarding to meow meow seriously you grandpa guido stop repeating the same mistake of your season and stop trying to save your bruhs they would dump you soon and you would go home again poor. This is a game and if you have the chance to evict a stronger just do it.

Pls pls tell em dani is faking and her goal is to evict mrs Angela or shame on her for calling herself evil D junior lol


Good for David. These people are really so bent out of shape that he won’t admit to having the power like it would even remotely change his status in the game. He’s been and outside and always will be to them no matter what he does. I’m glad Tyler is at least not being an asshole about it. Enzo, Cody and Memphis are just plain insufferable like he owes them something.

I really want the tables to turn so bad just to knock these people off their high horse for a week but sadly it seems it’s never gonna happen because the outsiders can’t win an HOH to save their life

another name

Asshat Douchcanoery:

Dear Cauliflower,
no. no. David using a power in a reality show and lying is nothing like the OJ murder trial. NO.
Dear Tristantrevortaylortimmyjeremy,
no. no. Mr. ally of the cause. David didn’t just murder you. NO.
Dear Evelkaren and Cody-pendent on Grod,
no. no. Kevin is not spending an hour on the bidet because it has a massage function. He’s not even in the bathroom. NO.
Dear Memphistoheles, Cinqo de Mayo, and Daddykisser,
no. no. Don’t yell into the cameras asking social media / product sponsors to hit you up. NO.
(although i hear Olay is looking for someone new…)

What we deserve this week:
Dani: I nominate David and Kevin
David: I have a Power!!
Chaos Gremlin: I won the Veto! (what… it could…happen… again????)
Dani: Chri..
Xmas: Untouchable.. I Have a Pow-ER
Dani: ……durp
Chenbot audioleak interrupts:
Dani of the Six member Committee alliance with Mastermind Memphis, Nicf, Cody, Tyler and Jingle Hells has been flirting with Cody for weeks when she wasn’t making microaggressive or insensitivity to autism comments. She wants to backstab just about everybody, Especially Tyler… what will she do?
But first,
let’s visit with Janelle at home and watch her check no on the wedding invitation, sign it, and then sell if on ebay for charity. “Hey Dani, good luck, bitch.”


I can’t wait for Zingbot! Hopefully David is still in the house for it


It doesn’t matter that David is an idiot and lied. Who cares he got it and cried on cue. We knew that already and so did the house!
They knew David was a space cadet from day 1 and kept him anyway.
Dani talked all this keeping Kevin and getting rid of David now she has to lie some more about backdooring Tyler.
The house is scrambling and they didn’t even expect an idiot player to use a power that they didn’t consider he was capable of getting.
It wasn’t in their plan. That’s the funny part! They can get rid of David easy but drug him along and this is the end result. Houseguests
being mad he uses a power and lied about it? Get over it!
Can’t be mad at someone who has weirdo non game play and expect him to be of sound mind and tell them the truth when he knows they already think he’s an idiot. A leopard doesn’t change its spots so why be “surprised” at David’s bad lie and acting?
Dani stop trying to make sense out of nonsense and just play BB without the fake “I don’t want to put them up, it’s soooo hard”
Whiniest season ever!