“The Jury house is sitting there with their mouths open watering waiting for Amanda’ -Spencer

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


7:23pm backyard Spencer and MCcrae

McCrae tells him that he’s positive that JUDD is working with Elissa and he’s pretty sure GM has something two. McCrea doesn’t think GM will be nominating Elissa. McCrae ads that JUDD just told him he will not be talking to GM tonight to get Elissa put up. Spencer is nervous to thinks they might put him up.

Spencer agrees tells him to not think of this as the end of the world. Everyone in the house like McCrae losing Amanda might be alright for him.

Spencer tells him he’s targeting Elissa this next week if he wins the HOH.
McCrae says he’s positive Amanda is going home
MC – “I feel like we’re all f***, you, me and Andu”
Spencer – ‘why dude.. if that is the cause and Amanda does go home we still have the numbers.
S – ‘Don’t get discouraged and don’t get rattles if Amanda walks out the f*** door’

MC – ‘Veto is what i’m worried about’

MC – we’re even f*** if I get HOH
Andy joins them asks why they would be f** if McCrae wins HOH
MC explains if he won HOH put up Elissa and GM and JUDD won the veto he would have to put up either Spencer and Andy.
Andy groans.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


7:43pm backyard Andy and Spencer

Andy’s suggests that next week if he wins HOH he will put McCrae and GM up and when POV is played they will put up ELissa. Andy is getting worried that JUDD will not use the veto ensuring Elissa stays.
Spencer – “McCrae and JUDD is the best bet.. Worst case scenario we gotta exterminate McCrae’
Andy – ‘I’ll just tell Ginamarie.. YOU have to use it.. do you think she would’
Spencer – ‘ya’ Spencer points out how half the exterminators want Elissa gone first the other half want McCrae.
Andy say they cannot have McCrae and Elissa on the block together because JUDD and GM will vote out McCrae.
Spencer – ‘it’s gotta be Elissa vs an exterminator’

8:02pm Backyard Spencer and MC
Andy joins them says Amanda Is cooking, Elissa and GM are painting their nails and JUDD is sleeping.
Spencer – ‘Good I’m happy when JUDD is sleeping’
MC agrees they know JUDD isn’t scheming.

Spencer leaves. Andy tells him if Amanda leaves the two of them can win it. McCrae – ‘The biggest hurdle is Elissa.. we need to get her out’

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:27pm HOH Spencer and GM
GM – what’s going on
S – nothing
GM – let me tell ya what’s going on
GM – ‘Amanda is pretty much begging for her life.. literally.. She’s trying to get rid of ELissa.
S – I’ve heard her whole argument about it’
GM – ‘actually McCrae is thinking about using the veto on AManda’
He keeps hounding me, ‘I’m not going to tell him who I am putting up I don’t have to tell him anything’
GM – ‘If I tell him I’m putting up Elissa he’ll use the veto on Amanda.. He thinks he has the votes to stay but he’s mistaken
S – ‘McCrae won’t use the veto on Amanda no matter what’

They agree Amanda is the right choice to get rid of this week. GM brings up how Amanda and McCrae say she will be a target next week.
GM – ‘I have Andy, Spencer and JUDD.. and I pretty much have ELissa.
Spencer – ‘Right now that Jury house is sitting there with their mouths watering waiting for Amanda’

S – ‘you send her to the jury house and you make it to the final 2 you win half a million dollars’
GM – ‘just getting rid of her’
S – ‘ya everyone in Jury hates her f*** guts’
GM points out Amanda is trying to make her feel bad, ‘maybe people should feel bad for me because I have a broken foot’

GM says she’s with the exterminators till the end 100%, ‘you have my word my balls you can take Nick’s hat’
Spencer – ‘There may be a time tonight that me, Mcrea, Andy and Amanda come up here saying put Elissa up.. just know it’s all bullsh!t.. I’m trying to get out of it’

GM talks about Amanda’s campaigning- “it was like a soap opera up here.. Ginamaria PLEASE.”
S – ‘She didn’t care when she was scheming out Nick our Aaryn’
GM – ‘I gotta protect my f*** squad’
GM – ‘I told McCrae yesterday’

GM ‘Who wants some fu*** tuna.. this package says it’s 100 calories that’s all i’ve eaten today’ (See image) GM tells him she is not wavering with her decision to take out Amanda this week.

Spencer thinks they should just tell AManda flat out they are not putting Elissa up it will avoid a lot of conversations.

Spencer tells her that JUDD is trying to get McCrae evicted but Spencer thinks AManda will come after GM whereas McCrae will go after Elissa.


8:51pm HOH GM and Spencer He tells her if Elissa asks say that Amanda and McCrae are trying to get her put up but Spencer doesn’t want that to happen so he is volunteering to go up to make sure Amanda goes. Spencer adds if Amanda and McCrae ask say he was talking to her and trying to get Elissa put up.

9:00pm Backyard
Andy says the funniest veto ceremony was when production told Helen to redo the “Are you ready for the veto ceremony’ line because she sounded too cheerful.


9:01pm JUDD and GM kitchen

GM tells him they want Elissa up more than JUDD. JUDD says they were trying to get him to talk GM into putting up Elissa. JUDD – ‘I told them i’m not in any position’

JUDD – ‘who’s it going to be… Spencer’
They head up to the HOH where GM fills him in on what McCrae and Amanda are saying. JUDD says he’s going to act upset make Amanda and McCrae think he’s going up.
GM laughs – “Do that”

JUDD says it would be so awesome if McCrae used the veto on Amanda. GM – ‘It would be so awesome’
JUDD – ‘you know if we got him to do that what kinda HUGE move that would be’
GM – ‘He’s considering doing that’


9:17pm bathroom MC and Amanda
Amanda – ‘I’m going home.. or to the Jury house’
Amanda says she was begging GM pleading with her to put up Elissa.


9:41pm Elissa and GM studying dates
GM gives her a bit of a pep talk.


9:56pm Backyard McCrae, Amanda, Andy
Amanda tells Andy something shady is going on.

Amanda – ‘Poopy said every single person was coming after me and mcrae beside you’
Amanda – ‘how did she know’
Andy – ‘I just don’t want to believe that’
Amanda – ‘She said GM is working with Elissa and JUDD’

Amanda says Spencer is offering himself up as a pawn.

Amanda says when something that doesn’t make sense is going on it means you don’t know w
Amanda – ‘Spencer is playing both side.. he’s going up tomorrow’
Amanda says it’s going to be Elissa, JUDD, GM and Specner against Andy and McCrae. Amanda adds that JUDD is lying to straight to her, “He’s whispering right now with her.. He’s working with Elissa.. does he think i’m stupid’

Amanda – ‘If I leave do not trust any of them it’s you two’ (Mc and Andy)
Andy – ‘I don’t want to give up with Spencer’
Amanda – ‘He’s a lying F****”

Amanda – ‘Even if she puts up JUDD we still don’t have the numbers..’

AManda says Elissa knows Amanda is trying to get her nominated she should be freaking out but instead she’s calm, “She knows she’s safe this week”

10:09pm GM, Amanda, McCrae HOH

GM – ‘I decided I will not be putting her up as a replacement nominee’
Amanda – ‘you are going to put up Spencer’
GM – ‘one or another’
Amanda says she knows GM is putting Spencer up no need to deny it.
A – ‘why won’t you put her up if you are not working with her’
GM says she is not working with Elissa she is making this move strictly on her own for her own game.
A – ‘The only reason You would not put up ELissa and Spencer is that you Elissa, spencer, JUDD are all working together’
Amanda brings up how the entire house knows Amanda is trying to get Elissa as the replacement. Elissa is walking around calm and happy she knows she’s not going up because she’s working with GM.

Amanda says JUDD and Elissa are downstairs whispering together if that isn’t a worry for GM than she must be working with them.

Gm – ‘I’m looking you straight on my life that I am not working with Elissa’
MC – ‘cross your heart ‘
GM – ‘I cross my heart hope to die swear on the bible (10:12pm image cam1)
They shake.
GM says for her game the biggest threat to her is Amanda and McCrae.

Amanda doesn’t believe GM, She reminds GM all the nasty things Elissa said about GM.

Amanda is crying asks her why did she get Amanda/McCrae hopes up.
GM says it’s difficult making these decisions she was considering putting ELissa up.

Amanda – ‘It’s difficult to send that f*** b1tch home’

Amanda – ‘it’s nothing person there is something going on that I don’t know of it.. there’s some alliance that I have no idea about’
Amanda brings up Elissa calling GM a psychopath because of how she talked about NIck, Amanda adds that Elissa put up Nick and Aaryn.
GM says she tried to get Elissa out earlier in the season but it never worked out (Amanda was trying to keep Elissa safe early on)

Amanda says it’s 100% obvious that she is going home this week. Amanda thinks the vote is going to be McCrae/Andy voting to evict Spencer and JUDD/Elissa voting to evict Amanda.
Amanda – you are sending me home
GM – ‘If that is what you think fine..’
Amanda accuses GM of doing Elissa’s dirty work. Amanda says her plan last week was to backdoor ELissa and it didn’t work out. So now Elissa is getting GM to do what she couldn’t.

GM – ‘For game wise you this is what I have to do Amanda.. ‘
Amanda asks if Aaryn will like that GM had the chance to get Elissa out and she got out Amanda.

Amanda Leaves.. GM says she wishes them both the best of luck inside and outside the house.

GM tells McCrae when she goes he will be better off.
GM asks him what he is going to do with his veto.
McCrae -’I think I have to use it on myself’

10:51pm Backyard Amanda, JUDD, Spencer and Elissa

Whether or not all those girls hate me in jury I now have the opportunity to tell them everything I did was for game

Amanda says Candice wanted her out since the first day she mentioned Howard’s name
Jessie was taken out because she tried to flip the house on Amanda 50 times
Helen was coming after her and tried to flip the house
Amanda really wanted Aaryn to stay in the house but it came down to who she trusted more Aaryn or Andy and Andy has been with them since week one.
ELissa leaves, McCrae joins
Amanda – ’It’s over’
Amanda – ‘I wasn’t playing the game this is me’
JUDD – ‘you played a great game’
Spencer – ‘Ya’
JUDD doesn’t respect the players that are on here to just be on TV he respects the players like Amanda who came here to play. (Amanda told them that she was on the show for the money she was on it because she loves the game)
Elissa comes back
JUDD – ‘I was mad as hell at Helen.. ‘
Amanda – ‘you were blindsided’
JUDD – ‘I knew when Aaryn wouldn’t look at me that I was scree”
Amanda – ‘Being blindsided sucks’ She adds when her and McCrae were put up it had destroyed all her confidence in the game.

GM joins them. Elissa tells Amanda to tell them all about her moves this season, ‘I liked it. it was like listening to a movie’

Amanda says she applied online and did a skype interview. When they asked her who her favorite players were she said Evil Dickl an rachel.
Elissa – ‘Really’

Amanda says she really liked Britney’s DR sessions.
Elissa – ‘they make you think… was it really her”
Amanda – ‘Yeah editing is a huge… ‘ Feeds cut.

ELissa says she wishes she had studied up more about the competition, “Like Aaryn did”

11:25pm Backyard talking about who the MVP votes were
Elissa says there is no way America would vote her up over Amanda, Jessia and Candice. McCrae explains that all of people that didn’t like ELissa will vote for Aaryna and Kaitlin but they were already on the block.
Elissa still doesn’t think America would have voted her up. She thinks the previous Evicted houseguest was the person that got to pick the nominations.


11:33pm Backyard Specner, Amanda and McCrae
Spencer says Amanda played a amazing game she should be proud of what she has done.
Spencer – ‘Everyone in this house Sans one deserves to win this game’
Amanda – ‘It burns me that she is going to make it longer than me’
Spencer – ‘Look at it this way i’m lasting longer than you and you played a much better game’
JUDD joins them. Amanda goes back to saying it makes no sense that GM is not putting up ELissa. She knows she’ smissing something which she’ll have to wait until after the show to see. JUDD thinks they are all going to be surprised by things after rte show.

Amanda impersonating what Candice and Jessie will say to her when she walks into the Jury house. Elissa jokes that everyone in the jury hates Amanda. Amanda thinks they will be alright with her. They might raise their voices a bit at first for TV value.

Amanda thinks Jessie will come out yelling calling her a b!tch and saying how McCrae won’t be l!ck!ng Amanda’s pu$$* he will be liking Ginamarie’s
GM – ‘No no no My pu$$y is only for Nick.. Sorry Spencer’




12:20AM HOH Spencer, JUDD and Andy
Spencer says he’s nervous about going up he doesn’t want to look like a lawon. Andy says they would all look like LAwon if they voted Him out over Amanda. JUDD reassures Spencer that him and Elissa are locked to vote out Amanda.

JUDD – ‘I feel good about the exterminators.. I’ve never felt this good before in this game.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I tell you one thing

Spencer well they sure are not waiting on you. The jury members probably forgot that you are even still in the game.

GM is disgusting

Watching GM on BBAD is revolting. What a disgusting creature. I cannot stand listening to her voice. She is so rude and ignorant and alas has been bitten by the HOH-itis bug. She’s not even a good liar. The dumb ass can’t see that Elissa will cut her loose at the first chance and so will the male members of the exterminator alliance. I so hope she gets evicted soon.


So for game play only. Does anybody really think Elissa is going to keep GM next week or if there is a double eviction? And will GM keep Elissa next week and so on? I think the Guys will take it to the end. I said this last week that on a strictly game play, taking out Aayrn last week was Amanda death this week. She deserves to go on so many levels. And of the existing house guest, and strictly on BB game, Amanda played the best BB game, but she was ruthless. What are left, are floaters. I am not rutting for anyone, but I really don’t like Amanda, Elissa and GM.


good to hear you’re not ‘rutting’ for anyone.


Well I am not, can’t stand any of the cast this year. And it was a question. Glad to game will be boring with no drama left.




I think Elissa will keep GM around. She has to worry about the ones trying to get her out – Andy, McCrae & Spencer. Elissa need allies and she doesn’t have much of a choice now. She’s stuck with GM and Judd. And, neither one is very bright!


Amanda will win the BULLY of the YEAR.


I almost hope elissa wins hoh I don’t like elissa but she will put up mccrae and andy or mcrae and spencer pretty good for gm don’t know what your thinking she gets a safe week from elissa just 1 week but then she eligible to win hoh again don’t let your emotions talk use common sense


I just want to say I’m not on the brenchel army and actually why do we call it the brenchel army? Rachel won and created a lot of chaos in both her seasons. Brendon shouldn’t even be classified in the same breath. It should just be called the Double R Me. Get it? Double R-Rachel Reilly, Me-She’s all about herself and R Me- sounds like army, Haha…no? Oh well I tried. Well Anyhoe (A-Man-Duh) I think Elissas a sexy fox and any guy would be lucky to have her as a wife. I’m jealous. Its a testament to hows she’s playing nice with A-Man-Duh right now even though A-Man-Duh has treated her like shit and spread lies. My problem is that when I think I’ve found the right girl I find out she’s bat shit crazy ala A-Man-Duh. Granted I do pick by looks first but for Elissa to look good and have a good personality and have a calm demeanor about everything is cool as shit. If anything it makes her sexier. With all the yoga she does too you know she’s good in bed. Most importantly you can tell she’s a good mom to all the kids whether its the step kids or her real kids. And she takes care of her husband and home and still brings in her own money. A-Man-Duh going ape shit crazy cause she’s jealous. Sorry A-Man-Duh damn yoos uglay!


Seriously Ellisa will cut GM loose next week……….. for WHO? Duckface has only a possible thought that Judd could be her F2. Ellisa made her decision to ride with GM on her HOH after looking at her options. I assure you IF she is HOH for the second eviction Thursday GM is not going on the block…period.
You could actually root for “GM the underdog”! The problem is a little thing called bigotry keeps getting in the way! All Chinese people look the same. Are you freaking kidding me you low brow idiot? And as was pointed out to her Helen is of Korean ancestory.

PS… 1st time I actually thought about douchebag Helen since her eviction. Time heals most BB wounds. Except Dan finishing second last season. He screwed Shane or Danielle out of 50K. Well really Danielle screwed herself out of 50K!


and stan last year everyone knew with 4 left the best dan could hope for was 2nd and I think he knew that 50k better than nothing and I called vote exact 6-1

Rio Seven

Okay, saying all Chinese people look alike was totally wrong. Especially since Helen is Korean. It reminds me of the controversy over the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, they cast a lot of Chinese actors to play Japanese characters beause they knew the average american can’t tell the difference.

That all being said, I think that there is a lot less variety in Asian features so people say they all look alike. For example Asians all have straight dark hair and dark eyes…white people have much more variety in their features – eye colour, hair texture, hair colour…however, that in no way means that white people are better than Asians.


Elissa knows Rat Dog and Perv can’t be trusted. She knows Judd can be swayed so she’ll stick with GM and they will try to keep Judd and GM knows this. She knows the guys will turn on her their first chance.


Poor GM. GM talking to Spencer, ‘you have my word my balls you can take Nick’s hat’. Lordy! Has anyone checked to see if she has a penis, too?
Just when you think you have heard it all come out of her mouth, she does it again

Debra S

Though I am not a huge fan of GM, she has more “balls” than any of the “men” in the house.

Judd is kind of useless

Judd we all know you call yourself J U double D and we also know you like to party Dardy but how about winning a competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well to his credit….he did win an HoH

give me a break

The only thing Judd does is scream J U DOUBLE D and I love to party dardy…..Judd HoH reign got rid of Kaitlin to save Aaryn…..then got sent home by Aaryn…
Judd second chance….to trust Andy……………Judd is a Moron………..


not trusting give me a break just using him for 2 weeks


Judd? You mean the guy that already lost BB 15 once?


You are not very smart. You said “all you know about Judd is he likes to party dardy”. That is not what Judd says. He calls himself J U Double D Party Daugherty. His last name is Daugherty. Don’t get it twisted. Don’t post anything if you don’t know what you are talking about. Judd is extremely intelligent. I hope Judd wins Big Brother. He deserves it. All day everyday.

Aww this is a better love story than titanic

Aww Mccrae might use the veto on his BB wife, that is so sweet, this is a better love story than the notebook (sarcasm)


Amanda adds that JUDD is lying to straight to her, “He’s whispering right now with her.. He’s working with Elissa.. does he think i’m stupid’

Does Amanda understand that people talk about other things in the house then her (Amanda)?
Does Amanda understand not every conversation is about BB?
Does Amanda understand that not everyone wants to inform people about certain aspects of their life outside of the BB house because people like Amanda will twist and turn everything they say into something else?

For the record stupid isn’t 2 poeple having a conversation, stupid is asking someone when they can have their room because they want to have sex on camera. Amanda and McCrea will be the first couple to put out and adult movie, just my opinion.

This year more then ever I find it easier to pick people I don’t want to win rather then root for someone.

Not A PHD Student

opps my bad, I forgot to add my name to the above post about Amanda not understanding. At this rate I’ll never be a PHD Student


Remember when the audience laughed at the suggestion that JUDD was an evil genius…


I would put money on the Exterminators not lasting through the double eviction. These people can’t seem to keep any alliance together. And if Judd, Spencer & GM would get their heads out of their a$$e$, they would realize that Andy is the biggest rodent in the house!


Exactly, out with Andy, in with Elissa, then out with MC, and Spencer and an F3 with E, GM and JUDD, with either GM or JUDD for the win, I guess. Somewhat ambivalent about who wins. JUDD hasn’t done much earn it, GM more so than he and E doesn’t need it, unless she’s serious about giving it to charity. And if she is, then I’d like her to win.

Delilah Jones

I agree! The Exterminators had a plan to evict McCrae before Amanda, yet they kept choosing to try and knock Amanda out first during the veto competition. If they can’t figure out how to get McRae out of the veto comp first, how are they going to function as an alliance?


kimmy think they know it but need at least 1 more out elissa or mccrae heres a way andy could go Thursday in double evict elissa wins hoh puts up mccrae and andy mccrae wins veto elissa put up spencer they vote andy out I think the only chance gm and spencer have to win is be against each other at the end

Chuckleberry Finn

If McCrea was smart he would tell everyone that he was going to save Amanda, up until the last minute, try to get GM to rethink who to put up, then when he stands up to use the veto take himself off and see if that rattles GM enough to do someone thing dumb, because lord knows she gets flustered and tongue tied and might put Elissa up ( or the dummy might try and put herself up).

Put herself up? What?

What are you earl flint ? You must think you are Johnny Roft with all of these metaphors?


this is the best comment ever. anywhere.


I would probably think so too if I knew those two names. Will google forthwith. Also, there’s not a single metaphor there. Nope, not a one. Metaphor: life IS a highway. Simile (a type of metaphor using ‘like’ or ‘as’): Life is LIKE a highway. There will be a quiz.


OK, now I’m super-curious. Those two names yield “Ah shucks, nothin’ ” (Yosemite Sam voice) in Google. Who be they?


the author’s invention, i assume. the ridiculousness makes it brilliant.


It would be hysterically awesome if she did put
Elissa up in error and they sent her home LOL


She might even put Nick’s hat up for eviction. LOL


It doesnt matter eho goes up against either mcrae or amanda, one oe the other is going home no matter what. They have ALL the votes!!!!! Duh


QUESTION: Why wasn’t Amanda booted or at least reprimanded by Production for trying in slam a door into Elissa? She absolutely had the intent and all the rage to hit her. It is disturbing that production allows behavior like this. The door slam was worse than the *barely there* chest bump that got Hantz booted! I am so glad Amanda will be G-O-N-E in a couple of days!! OFF WITH HER HEAD!

ur a nub

Reprimanded? Hell, Production has been wanting to slam a door on Elissa for 2 months.


I guess you haven’t seen the story going around that Amanda was predetermined to win it all because she is a personal friend of Allison Grodner, the producer of BB. If Amanda ends up staying this week, SHAME on CBS.


like I told buffalo bill for it was predetermined I told bill look at it common sense wise how difficult it would be to pull that off day in day out hell half the players would have to be in on it and you know they would talk somewhere down the road and there is no way to fix it where it wasn’t obvious and I told bill he was pissing away his money and I told him the so called cbs employee that said it was me pretty good joke huh

BB15 is a joke

All I can say is that Julie Chen better not give Amanda a pass in the interview. If Aaryn gets ridiculed, then so should Amanda. If anything, Amanda has been worse with the racist jokes and innappropriate behavior.


If anything Chen should keep her personal opinions to herself and do her job (asking the evictee about life in the house and game strategy). It is not for her to play God and make anybody squirm. Who the hell does she think she is? I will make up my own mind about the person. I don’t need a politically correct mouth piece telling me how to feel. If she tries that shit with anybody else I hope the house guest tells Chen to shove it.


I think BB wants America to feel that BB does not condone the racism, and Julie was probably told to bring it up.

CBS Poster Child

Julie Chen and CBS made Aaryn the poster child for the racism in the house – and Julie let Aaryn “have it” during the exit interview. Problem being, many of the players this year said nasty remarks that CBS decided not to air. Aaryn did deserve her exit interview but so do others. Shame on CBS if they hang it all on Aaryn.


The racism and bigotry IS part of the game, or haven’t you been watching?

Julie Chen IS doing her job; she’s a host and a journalist. Or, hadn’t you known that, as well?


TMZ spoke briefly to Julie about the Aaryn interview. Julie said she was glad she got that interview behind her.


Julie did Aaryn a favor and so did the audience. What she went through in the interview is nothing compared to what she will be facing when she gets out of the jury house. At least now she can start to think about all the things she said and may start working with the PR firm her mother hired rather than talk about how annoyed she is.

As far as Demanda goes, the interview will be short because of the DE and it would be a service to her to remind her that the feeds were on and her talking about killing people, constant talk about her sex life and her racism have been seen and noted. The kindest thing Julie can do is give her a heads up that things are going to be very different for her on the outside.


The kindest thing Julie could do for Amanda is to offer to pay for the intensive psychological counseling she clearly needs.


I already know Amanda’s answer to all this. she will say,”Hey Julie, I am not racist. c’on I had sex with every race possible”. Julie: *sigh*

Pinocchio Obama

@ Natine

Amanda will just say it was Elissa’a fault.


I would think the questions Julie is asking the house guest as they leave are given to her by production and CBS. I don’t think she can ask what questions she wants to ask. She is hired by CBS to host the show.


AGREED!!!! Especially when production was stepping in when Britney Haynes was making fun of Rachel Riley telling her to “stop that!” And her comments were so pg rated while watching Amanda torture Elissa is like seeing someone that needs to be institutionalized immediately. The only reason I can think of is the ratings. BB12 tanked while this years rating are up significantly.


If McCranda goes out in one week, I think that would be BB history having a power couple be voted out in DE. Biggest game move of the season.


Elissa’s legs!!!! My gosh I want her legs!


Oh so sorry NAME, they are not available. But you can have Amanda’s legs. They are available + wide open if you want.


I don’t like loose or stinky vagina, so I’ll pass..

Now, if Jessie’s are open, I’ll take it…


i know, and Amanda tried to put Jessie down because she was a hottie.(fine) That’s why Amanda hated all these women because they all looked alot better than her. All the guys was checking them out without them having to walk around in their drawers Amanda hated it when Elissa said that Jessie was the only 10 in the house(Elissa didn’t say besides me) Elissa is not insecure like Amanda, And by the way Candace won the Miss La. Contest and competed in the Miss USA in 2005 YOU jealous moron, not in Africa, something mommy & daddy couldn’t buy you fatso.

Okay really?

While I agree Amanda and Elissa are not exactly showing their best qualities to the world, I think you are 10 times worse by calling someone a fatso behind the shield of your computer because you are so upset over a tv show …….. You are slamming amanda for her behaviour but how is your name calling any different?


This week exemplifies why Andy was outted as a floater by big brother. Quotes like “hopefully this shows my loyalties to the exterminators” an allience that didn’t even exist this day last week when he was using the same line except replaced with Amanda and MC.

Dude had the nerve to bitch about it.


if Iwas GM i’d tell Andy and Spencer this is bullshit. I put thejm up and you’ll are going to play both sides so the target is onoly on me. You and Spencer need to step up and tell Amanda you,ll are the reason she is going jhome. You two just sit back and nobody is after you’ll rather than telling Mcrae the whole house is after him you 2 chicken shits just float. Thats why Elissa doesn;t like the little rat bastard because she sees thru him. (to bad Judd is too dumb to see it) Elissa told him and he ran right to Andy and told him When your back home and look at this you will realize how dumb you really are, The best case woud be Judd to win HOH and put up Mcrae & spencer. Then, Elissa win HOH & put up Andy & Spencer and send the rat packing. He changed alliances but he’s still a little rat, Judd is just too dumb to do his part for me I don’t care who wins as long as it is not Mcranda or the rat bastard (by Elissa hopefully


Floater rat Andy is loyal only to himself. He has an alliance or final something with everyone but Elissa. My hunch is that Andy told McCranda about the exterminator alliance but forget to mention he was a part of it. Way to back up GM (just kidding).. If McCrea uses his veto on Amanda and volunteer Spenser goes up, my hunch is Andy will try, with Amanda, to save McCrea.. Spenser would be screwed..

I'm Tall

if mccrae busts a lawon he deserves to go home! i’m so tired of raggedy andy lurking around into to conversations. dude is so annoying and pale! casper the rat ghost!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Andy may be sneaky and dishonest…but no one can call him lazy. The guy puts in work. It’s not easy scurrying from one room to the next…quietly blending in so that no one realizes that you have entered the room. It’s exhausting. Have you noticed that he is always one of the last houseguests to head to bed? If there is a conversation taking place, Andy is there. He is like mist. You don’t see him coming, and by the time you do…it’s too late.


LOL, true.

I put him up there with Helen with the scheming and putting in “work”. Only Helen overdid it on a level where she got very little return.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

That’s the problem with casting people who are Big Brother superfans. The houseguests come into the house with a strategy in mind, when they should really just commit to going with the flow. Some people know how they plan to approach the game…even before they meet the other houseguests are learn about any new twists (ex. MVP). I think Helen was guilty of overthinking things. One person doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting in the alliance. An alliance should work together…make decisions together. When you try to do too much on your own, you burn out….AND you make yourself a target. People want to align with someone they can trust. Someone who will consult the group before making a big move.

Jim 64

If Mccrae uses the POV on Amanda he will go
Down as the stupidest player in BIG BROTHER


I think he already earned that title by hooking up with Amanda!!


Have to agree about if McCrae uses the Veto on Amanda then he deserves to go home. However,I have to stand up for him where Amanda comes in cause that boy NEVER stood a chance once she set her sights on him and slithered into his bed. She’s f***ing CRAZY!! He’s told her no to sex and she just keeps going…If I were him, I’d have been afraid to leave her side too in case she turns into Loreena Bobbit! But if he doesn’t get off his a** and prove he deserves to be there, I’ll just turn the channel cause there is no one else I would even remotely want to win the money. GM=racist scumbag, Spencer=disgusting scumbag, Judd=useless floater, Andy=slimy, backtabbing rat, Elissa=self-centred, self-rightous, snobby bitch. Nope, none I’d want to see win.

Ewww Just Ewww

Amanda sucked the game out of MC. Literally.


I really want GM Elissa and Judd to work together. I want the others gone. AMANDA Andy Mccreae and then Spencer.


Why do you want those three turds to make it to the end? Two shouldn’t even be on the show (Judd for already being evicted and joker face for being related to Rachel). GM is just an ignorant disgusting pig. Granted the other 3 are not much better. I just shake my head at this point and feel nobody should win. CBS has rigged the game so much this season that it’s not even a fair competition. If Elissa or Judd make it to the final two I will no longer watch BB. After Amanda goes, Andy will be the only one left in the house to have played the game. He deserves the $500k.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I’m still not convinced that Amanda will leave the house this week. I want to believe it…I really do. I just have this sinking feeling that there will be some big twist that will save Amanda at the last minute. I have been hearing whispers about the luxury competition and how there may have been a veto in one of the balloons. I am hoping that this is not true.


attention to everyone who keeps threatening to ‘not watch the show anymore’ if things dont go their way. nobody cares. andy has played NO game. snitching and toadying is not game play. gollum was not a strategic genius.

STFU Amanda

Looks like Amanda’s mommy got online again. Amanda deserves everything negative that she gets. I hope CBS hires someone with a little more brains to pick houseguests next season. Andy may be a rat but him, Ellissa and Judd are the only ones not going off the deep end making disgusting comments.


BB casting needs to care less about potential HGs breast implants and more about getting a truly diverse more mature group of people. It’s not about having a pretty cast its about having a cast that understands the game. And anyone on controlled substances should NOT be on the show.

Okay really?

Ummmmm…….so Truthfully Andy as much as he is a rat, is the only one who hasn’t made awful comments or disgusting behaviour……..does anyone remember what Judd did to Jessie when they had that fight, he called her some pretty interesting names and was leading her on but kissing aaryn, Elissa called Amanda plenty of names hooker etc…. I know no one likes a rat, it seems like a cowardly way to play the game but he’s still playing and has kept his mouth shut when the filth begins so…..can’t say I like anyone left in the house and at this point I’m not sure they should give the money to any of them.


what show r u watching lol? Andy hasn’t said anything disgusting my ass! He is constantly saying how he hates Elissa and he even called her a c**t. And he is suppose to be a school teacher setting a real great example for the kids


Andy called Elissa a Fu**ing C**t more than once

Ewww Just Ewww

Yes, Andy has referred to Elissa in very disparaging ways many times. He’s also always saying he’ll just die if he is evicted at the hands of Elissa. Why? Being a rat is great BB game-play? Andy is just jealous of Elissa because she is prettier than he is. The rat needs to be exterminated. OH MY GOD-Ahhhhhhhh (to quote Andy).


Let’s say Elissa or Judd goes home next and/or the next week. Who wins out of GM, Spencer, Mc or Andy I really don’t think anyone left in the house deserves to win.


Anyone hear about this:

According to the state license bureau, she was employed by Prudential Florida (Watermark Realty Inc). Her website was taken down and her presence removed from the Prudential Florida website as well. Amanda was listed as “active” by the state licensing board up till recently, but now she is “inactive”. There is no way that Amanda could have changed her status being that she is in the house, the only way for that to happen was for Watermark Realty Inc to advise the state that they no longer have a business relationship.

My two cents

I have not heard that but its music to my ears! Amanda should not be rewarded for her negative behavior. If you think about it, seriously who wants to be associated with any human who behaves like she does?


Obviously, McCrae.


Does anyone actually believe that Amanda wants to sell houses after this? She hadn’t been doing that job for that long. She was a waitress for many years and did some acting. Granted I don’t know what career she really wants and she’ll likely not be given any job offers after this, but I really don’t think losing the real estate job will devastate her…unlike Aaryn who wanted to model and GM who lives and breathes that pageant crap.


say you wanna buy a house and amanda shows up to sell it to you. say you dont even know who she is then an acquaintance informs you-thats the psycho racist bitch from big brother!
her days of selling houses is OVER.


It is obvious by your intent and tone that you want this to be true. It is a television show. You wanting bad for her in real life says much more about you.


rooting for demanda to have bad things after BB does not reflect poorly on the original commenter.

people that bully, threaten, intimidate, and generally act like that bitch did should have to take responsibility for all that. and its mega freaking pathetic how she then tries to claim thats what elissa did to her. chick is looney toons and deserves to be treated outside the house like she treated people inside of it.

i hope she’s never able to sell a house again.

if this discussion should reflect on anyone, it should reflect poorly on you for trying to talk badly about someone just because they wanted demanda to face repercussions for being as horrible as she was.


I just think she should get as bad as Aaryn, GM, and potentially Spencer. I do not wish any personal harm to her or especially her family. But if the others lose their jobs over the comments they have made, certainly Amanda should lose her real estate license as well. So, yes, I gave a thumbs up to the comment about the inactive status of her license. I dislike Amanda, I have never posted that I hate her, nor have I ever given a thumbs up to some of the nasty, vulgar postings about her. It is possible to critique her behavior, her showmance, her bullying, etc. without stooping to her level.


In FL you house your license with a Broker and the Broker activates it. If the Broker ends their business association with the license holder, the state deactivates it until another Broker activates in under their company. There is a limited time for another Broker to activate before the license is revoked.

I suppose Demanda could go back to being a waitress but I doubt any high end establishment would hire her unless they are a family friend. Even then they risk a lawsuit if she says things like wanting to kill another employee because they made her mad or starts with the racist BS. She went on the show because she wanted to be famous so this is another teaching moment: Be careful of what you wish for or you shall surely get it.


inside america’s prisons is a television show too. merely because something is on TV does not cleanse people’s actions and behaviors. Once again, it’s OK to excoriate assholes.


I definitely see people taking it to far with their hate for Amanda. Live and let live people. Don’t you know there are far worse people who sell houses? They just are not on a national tv show displaying their actions. I’m sorry but the way Amanda has acted does not warrent her to have her license taken away and to have a horrible life. People are way to harsh. We don’t even know this girl in real life. What is with people casting stones like its their jobs? Yes Amanda has said some terrible things….but really this is a game.. Not judgement day.

ur a nub

So what? Frankly you look like an idiot bringing this up.

Let’s summarize:

Gina lost her job.
Aaryn lost her job.
Spencer’s job was saved by his union, otherwise he’d be fired.
Jessie never even had a job, other than Ho.
Elissa is unemployable. She’s a 20 watt bulb in a 100 watt socket. Or maybe Duck Dynasty could hire her to model as this years Mallard.

Losing your job because of “reality” TV is no longer noteworthy.

bbff says Actually ur a nub

We don’t know if spencers job is saved. He is most likely going to be fired but by union rules they have to sit down and talk to him and get his explanation and then determine if it is a fireable offense turn it in to the union and they have to have no objections so that he or the union cannot sue them. And pretty much the union really can’t condone what he has said either so I don’t see them having any objections to his termination. So basically he is most likely getting the boot.


Even if the union does save his job he could be reassigned. Put him in a small room with no windows and a camera. I’m sure there are workplace rules about having your hand down your pants…so he’ll be gone in no time.


Spencer’s comments were made on his own time and were not illegal, so in most unions he’s good as gold. I’ve been in a union before, and it was nearly impossible to get rid of people. Spencer’s union dues were a good investment for him.

My two cents

I have noticed so many thumbs down for things said about Amanda….kinda strange, why anyone would root for her after all the bullying she has done. I understand it’s a game but personal attacks on Elissa is NOT A GAME MOVE! It’s plain mean and being a bully.

Just Sayin

” I understand it’s a game but personal attacks on Elissa is NOT A GAME MOVE! ”

Except when it’s part of a plan to make Amanda into a bully so that Andy could “console” Elissa to keep him off the block. Granted 99% of what Amanda did and said to Elissa was just because she can’t stand her, that particular move at that particular moment did have a slight chance of working even though it was in poor taste. It was sort of like when Amanda told Andy and McCrae to make a fake alliance with Helen. That worked to perfection.


I despise Amanda as much as the next guy or gal, but digging into her personal life is pretty pathetic.

Big Sister

She dug into Elissa’s personal life. I also hope the others don’t miss all of her references to Andy, McCrae and herself as a unit of three. He needs to go next!!


Did you forget that Andy has switched alliances. He is aligned with GM and Judd now.

Big Sister

I don’t trust him for a minute. He is still running to Amanda with info.


it’s normal human curiosity when someone sees an amazing asshole to want to dig a little deeper. this is pretty much was reporters are paid to do.

Amanda's Therapist

deedeemaha* Amanda was listed as “3rd Generation Realtor” duh! That means others are Realtors in her
family, too! Someone from her family helped with that
decision, to remove – anything about Amanda Zuckerman!!
SMART …. MOVE …. FAMILY!!!! :-)


It’s sad but Aaryn, Amanda, and GM royally screwed themselves in the real world. Sure their friends and families are still behind them but to everyone else when the words “vile,” “delusional,” “gross,” and “racist” come up their names will immediately come up. As for Andy when he used the C word to describe Elissa in a public forum he might as well quit his job as a teacher and sell rat poison. “Rat” has the same meaning but now a new face to describe it.


I think delusional is a good word to describe you if you think there will be any permanent negative impact on any HG after this season. Sure there will be a few politically correct haters who will try and stir shit up. But most people won’t care or even remember anything about them or the game in a couple months. And then there will be lots of people who hire them just to spite and aggravate the haters. Another word that describes people like you is obsessed. You need to get a life and not worry about what happens to these people after the season. It’s just a game. When it’s over it’s over, and these people should be left alone.


Amen! This will all be a fart in the wind in a few months. Then all the people here will have to find something else to bitch and moan about. Survivor maybe?

On a side note, Andy is a college public speaking instructor…not a kindergarten teacher. Most colleges won’t give a shit that he played sneaky and called someone a c**t on BB (gasp, what a terrible person!). In fact he could potentially be given more classes because more students would specifically want him as the instructor. I don’t care for his gameplay but he can be funny and that takes the edge off of students who are frightened of public speaking. I would have wanted him as my public speaking instructor back in the day. I bet he’d make a fun class.


Andy is not popular or respected by most BB fans and I don’t think a lot of students will request him. I DO think a lot of students will be busting his balls,


right employers often hire people just to ‘spite and aggravate’ potential customers. gotcha.


she works for her family’s realtor company so it’s very doubtful she lost her job


Why do you even care? In 2 months nobody will even remember Amanda or Aaryn or anybody else or what they said and did in the house. Look, it’s been 2 months since this season began and everybody has evidently forgotten about Aaryn (until recently) making racist remarks. Nobody even says boo about GMs blatant racism at the beginning or Spencer’s misogynist remarks or what a pervert he is. How easy and quickly people forget. And they will forget about Amanda very shortly. All everybody does any more is bash Amanda. So she’s not your cup of tea. Big deal. Get over yourselves already. And worry about how people perceive YOU. Because from the things I’ve read on this blog they are far more disgusting and revolting than anything Amanda has ever said.


candice says ‘boo’ all the time.
and saying things on a forum cannot be compared to actions in front of millions of viewers. i am quite sure if i was on big brother i would have the self control not to say the things i can say here, anonymously. der.


If Demanda’s family really care about her, they will have arranged for her to take an extended stay at a “spa” to recover from the “stress and exhaustion” of being on BB. The skank obviously needs a mental health professional that isn’t a Dr. FeelGood.


Or….she a.ready new she was going to be $500,000 richer and so did her family. Her family said on the episode that her dream was to be in show biz…she has already discussed moving to LA with Mcrea, wether or not they get recognized around LA, getting a job with Big Brother production, and so on. Her family and she knew she was not coming back to Florida after the Show. Her family did not fire her…of course this my opinion based on everything she has said so far.

Eric CA

Here is the funny thing about the Jury House. They do not care who walks through that door. They might be happy for about half a second, but mostly they are out of the game, they have been relaxing in a resort atmosphere and a part of them, is glad to be out of that mad house. Amanda walks through that door, they watch the video and they all laugh and say something like “So who screwed you? Other than McCrae of course. LOL”.. they just don’t care all that much anymore who wins because it is not one of them.


Any other season I would have agreed with you but this season is different. Helen may be ok ok its all good but the others were subjected to such personal crap and having to listen day after day, hour after hour about Demanda’s crotch will stay with them for a long time.

Judd said that the jury can mix with production as long as they don’t talk game and Candice has a lot of friends in the jury house. I think Demanda will go to bed and not get up until the finale–except to eat because no one is going to bring her food in bed anymore.

My two cents

I am ready to see Amanda exit the house. I am so tired of her bullying!!! Also, I am mad at production for allowing so much of her vile behavior. She is such a mean and hateful person. Please GM don’t listen to anything she says.


I liked Rachel in both BB’s and Amazing Race. I could do without her annoying voice that obviously runs in the family. Now that I have seen her sister in BB I am not longer a fan. I wouldn’t want to watch either of them if they went on to do another show. Rachel please don’t reproduce we don’t need more like you and your sister.


I didn’t know Rachel was in Amazing race.

Butters Mom

Brendan and Rachel are supposed to be on The Amazing Race again I heard…. it would be funny if Amanda and McCrae were on it with them… and see how Rachel treats Amanda during that journey. hahaha


What do you think the odds are of seeing McCranda on Amazing Race some day? You know how CBS loves recycling characters.


I could not bear to watch them on Amazing Race. Amanda’s constant bullying and crying would drive me insane.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

There is a lot of running on The Amazing Race…and both Amanda and McCrae are heavy smokers. I’m just saying…sometimes it comes down to a foot race.

Amanda will probably think everyone has it out for her if she and McCrae were ever U-turned.

*For anyone who has never seen the show: ‘U-Turn’ is an Amazing Race term used to describe a situation in which a team is forced to go back and do another task…delaying them considerably.


I totally agree.


Amanda & McCrae on Amazing Race??? That would mean he couldn’t sleep in each morning and all that activity might be too big of a drain on him.

Ewww Just Ewww

MC could never be on The Amazing Race. You have to be vertical.


they wouldn’t be able to stay out of bed long enuf to play in Amazing Race

Todd Crane

I don’t know how GM maintains her composure with Amanda. Just throw her out of the room. I never thought I would say this but I’m glad there’s commercials now.


You liked her on Amazing Race? I thought she was more annoying than ever, always whining when she couldn’t figure out something.

The rivalry with that girl was hilarious though..


No kidding. I thought she and Brendon were too over dramatic .

Todd Crane

Finally, Amanda left the HOH room and stopped ranting about Elissa!!!

Amanda's Therapist

toddcrane* DON’T FORGET !
” I get EVERYTHING I want! “


Hello, Auntie Kris. This is your nephew, Todd Crane. lol


That’s an idiotic post.


newsflash: no one cares who you like or what you want to watch.


does GM have the insight, compassion and br@$$bAllz to put Andy up irreguardless of what McCrae does?
does McCrae have the br@44bAllz to keep the nominations as they are, as he asks them all to vote her out?


Grammar is useful, “irreguardless” of whether you use it.


i’d respect McCrae if he cut a deal with the four of them to not be on the block next…
if he is pure icewater, he keeps himself up and plays for HoH upon offering to cut a deal
where he does what the others want if he wins it. would they cut a deal with him?


Is Amanda stretching out poor Elissa’s green top


Poor Elissa? More like poor blouse LOL


She let her wear the top? guess she was planing to burn it.

bye bye bye Amanda

Amanda looks like a mother cradling her child in that ^^^ picture lol

GM the way she speaks, the things she says blow be away. She definitely doesn’t speak like a 33 year old. However, she’s getting Amanda out so I will let it slide for now. WHO PICKED THE BB15 CAST? YOUR FIRED! (DONALD TRUMP VOICE )


Although I totally don’t like Amanda and McCrae, I think the best situation here would be to put up Andy as the replacement and vote him out. Then you would have everyone against Amanda and McCrae, and that makes more sense. But I know it isn’t going to happen because of Andy’s fake alliance with Judd and GM (but he’s ok with Spencer).


Amanda’s delusions are getting worst, she needs to stop taking the drugs for a little while when she gets to jury, it’s side-effects are getting to her.


We don’t know, maybe she’s even worse without it.


Seriously McNasty, WTF…this is a game where moves are made to get people close to winning the game. GM gave you a very valid reason for putting you two up. Accept your fate. It is not the responsibility of the other HGs to further your agenda to get you ahead in the game. You’re upset that you can’t control the game anymore. So fricken get over your self-entitlement that McNasty and you are suppose to be in the game as a power couple.


Someone should have explained that to the other HG’s because until recently that is what they were all doing – furthering Amanda’s agenda. And that is what made this season so pathetic. They were even afraid to vote (which is done in secret) differently from what Amanda had told them to do, How many of them really wanted JUDD to go, or even believed he was the MVP? Instead they blindly followed her orders and cried about it afterward

If I knew that every week was going to be a unanimous vote, I would go in and vote for the other person, and then see who Amanda blamed and had evicted the next week. These people didn’t even stir the pot.


McStinky can’t accept it because then he would have to accept that what GM said was true–he threw his game away to crawl between Demanda’s legs. He’s supposed to be a BB SuperFan and knew that showmances don’t win but he ignored that so he needs to own HIS mistake cost him the game.


Poor GM, they won’t leave her alone.

Just tell them Amanda is going to Candyland, and they’ll leave.


I am so tired of Amanda’s BIG mouth. Give it up witch! NO ONE wants you there! At least Elissa has class and Amanda is just an ass!!!!


Demanda really thinks it’s editing that is showing Elissa in a better light than her. Wait until she starts seeing herself on the live feeds, maybe the light bulb will come on. She did say “They” (don’t know who They is) told her not to do an internet search for herself for at least a year after the show. You know she won’t listen.


Amanda shut up PLEASE. The only thing she does since Thursday is badger GM. Amanda why do you think people owe you explanations of everything they do?
SHUT UP!!! Watching BBAD is excrutiating, sometimes I have to mute the TV so I don’t have to listen to your crap Demanda. STOP IT!!! Take a Valium.


Listening to the utter bullshit that’s coming out of Amanda’s mouth is hilarious.

Looks she’s about to fake cry again.


GM, just kick McManda out of the HOH room. Amanda feels so entitled and she should be the only one who can work with someone else. Amanda still thinks everyone should be doing what she wants and should play the game for her to win. I wish GM would just quit talking to her and tell them to hit the stairs. Funny how Mc just sits there and doesn’t say a word.


Isitjustme, it is not just you. I feel exactly the same way.


Amanda’s delusions told her, it doesn’t make sense to put McCranda up, when they’ve played the most respectable game of the season. They never screwed anyone over.


Please someone walk in and save GM…big bunch of pansies.

big boogie

I’m black and I’ve heard what GM has said. However, watching her going toe to toe with Amanda right now makes me love her. Go GM, go!!

Roisin Dubh

I’m laughing if MC uses the veto on Amanda. I don’t think he’s that dumb but you never know. Amanda would self evict if MC went before her. She thinks Jessie would try and mount him. Jess might be horny but I really don’t see that playing out. Now on the other hand if Jeremy or Howard were the only guys in that jury house, you can bet those guys would be handling business on all the women.

Amanda Crazy

Amanda to GM: You’re sending home the girl who fought hard to keep your best friend in the game.

Ahh, Amanda are you forgetting the part about you trying to sacrifice GM so you can keep her best friend? Amanda really is crazy! All her exact arguments can be used against her! Crazy!

Pinocchio Obama

“Amanda to GM: You’re sending home the girl who fought hard to keep your best friend in the game.”

Amanda fought so hard that she voted Aaryn out. I love that GinaMarie in nor buying the crap that Amanda is selling. Cue the crocodile tears Amanda. Watching you get voted out is going to be the best show of the season.

Tale of: The pussy cat, a BULL d~o~GG n the Rat

Omfgawd!! Evil will sum1 please tell me how Andy is getting away with playing on both sides of the fence? Did I miss something? Why is Mcpussy cat mad at Judd? He was tearing up when they evicted him but slamming him in the feeds?! And joking aside, does The bully really think America luvs her or is she for real psychotic, n she bashes Mrs. America but seriously.thinks her actions are all justified? N does Gm really trust that Andy is sum1 to trust or is she playing dumb like her bunny told her to?! PLEASE let Gm,Elissa, N Judd wake up N smell the coffee N clean this haunted huse, The 3


Tale of:
Can you translate that into English please? I am always reminded of the ‘Airport’ movie where the black guy talks and then the nun has to translate ‘jive’ to another passenger who doesn’t understand a word of what the guy was saying. Hilarious!@


GM knows McCranda tried to get her put up on the block last week to keep Aaryn, so why do they keep bringing that up??


I am so tired of Amanda. She is nothing but a bully. She is hateful and mean and manipulative. Why has it not crossed her mind that everyone wants her gone? Why does she think she is above people wanting her out? In all the years of watching reality tv she is the most horrible person I’ve ever seen. I wish she would just give It a rest and realize it’s past her time to go. McCrae would be an absolute idiot to use the POV on her. What does he see in her? And what does she see in him? I guess misery loves company.


I think GM is seriously enjoying putting Amanda through this begging and pleading ordeal. But I hope it stops soon. I want to see the emotional breakdown.

Roisin Dubh

Hell yeah she’s loving it. What’s gonna be even better is when Andy has to fight for his survival. His time is coming and it starts after Thursday. The craziest part about this season is the fact that Howard played a shitty game, but he was the most loyal person in that house. He didn’t rat out the moving company until that 10th toe was about to get cut off. I’m still mad he left, he had a read on the house and knew how to do it, but when it came to translating it into gameplay all systems failed. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.

Pinocchio Obama

I hate the Red Rainbow Rat but I’m afraid that he is going skate to the end because of bigger targets that are left in the house. It would be a shame if we didn’t get to enjoy the extermination of the rat.


listening to the she-male BEGGING is priceless. Mcrae sitting on the couch silent just proves the boy has NO balls. What a PUSSY!!!!!!

Amanda goodbye message

any real man would never let his girl sit there and make a fool out of herself…


Pitbull Amanda left the room after GM wished them luck. Did Mc say “did she just fall?” I am sure if she did she would find a way to blame it on Elissa.


McCrae is a power player compared to rat boy Andy. Everyone prepare to see Andy FLOAT right up McCrae’s butt.


From what I’ve seen and read, Spencer and Ratandy want to work with MCCrae, instead of with Judd and Gina Marie.
Ratandy is at it again. I hope they vote you off first Ratandy. No one has the squares to put you up except Elissa. Ratandy the Rat.


Does anyone else hate how McCrae can only say…”mmyah!”




& also “I don’t know” over & over & over! He seriously cannot even form a single sentence! wow!


Wouldn’t it be great if Ratandy said to McCranda he left them and is now in a new alliance? But I’m just dreaming. Rats don’t do good things, they do bad things.
McCrae, please stop saying Yeah, yeah, yeah yup, yup yup. Can you answer with something different?


Mc had no social game from the beginning and Amanda took over. He cannot look a person in the eye and say anything other than “yea”. What a slug.


We don’t know what game McStinky would have had without Demanda. All we know is he turned on the Moving Company for her and that was the beginning of the end.


Amanda needs to give it a rest. She’s going crazy on GM right now cause GM said she isn’t putting up Elissa. She tried assuming she was safe, that didn’t work. Then she cried and apologized to the whole house saying it’s only a game and she didn’t mean to get personal, that didn’t work either. Then she begged and pleaded, which was funny to watch, but of course didn’t work. Now she’s back to her tried and true method of brow beating and bullying, and that definitely won’t work on GM.
What I want to know is why isn’t GM asking Amanda why she keeps talking for Spencer and Andy saying they will target her, they will hate her, they will be enraged if Amanda is voted out? She’s making it sound like her and MC are working with Spandy. GM should call her on it, cause Amanda sure makes it sound like they are a four person alliance. I’d also ask her who made the rule that only Amanda is allowed to work with other people. Amanda keeps accusing GM of doing Elissa’s dirty work and working with Judd and Elissa. If I was GM I’d be like…who f^cking cares if I am, or did I miss it in the rule book that only Queen Amanda is allowed to have a King, a Joker and royal subjects ???


Has there been anyone else in BB history more delusional than Amanda? No seriously


GM just needs to stop talking.


Has there been anyone else in BB history more delusional than Amanda?


woops double comment sorry