“Lets get rid of the disease in the game..it would be a life changing move for me and for you”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


5:00pm Andy and Spencer
Andy says he talked to GM and she wants Amanda gone this week she going to tell McCrae tonight Elissa is not going up.
They both agree they do not trust JUDD any more. Andy mentions how he sees him talking to ELissa every morning and he’s feeling she doesn’t trust him anymore.
Andy says he needs to get Elissa out the biggest danger for him and Spencer is if Elisa win the HOH puts Andy and McCrae up. Andy adds if McCrae wins the Veto Spencer will be the replacement nominee.
Spencer is on board with getting Elissa out Asap. They also agree JUDD needs to go before GM. Spencer does voice concern about GM’s ability to win competitions.
Spencer – ‘I may be a fool but you are the only person I have a final 2’
Andy – ‘same’

Andy wonders how JUDD got back in Elissa’s good graces because he was so awful to her when he left.


5:20pm HOH Andy, Spencer and McCrae

Andy suspect there is an alliance between GM, ELissa and JUDD. Spencer and McCrae can both see that.

McCrae explains what he’s been telling GM. If she put up Elissa he’ll use the veto on himself but if she doesn’t he’ll use the veto on Amanda. Andy says if ELissa goes up Elissa will go home.
McCrae says keeping Amanda in the game is good for GM because Amanda will always be a target, ‘She’ll always go up’ McCrae lists off some of the points to Keep Amanda. Nothing we haven’t heard before.
MC – “I said one thing that Poopy wanted was to have ELissa walk out that door’
Andy says everyone wants Elissa out.

JUDD joins them. They start talking about Survivor.

They start talking about Big Brother Canada and how Suzette got HOH and a veto. JUDD says Canada voted her to have a veto and she answered the phone and got HOH. Andy said Suzette had a a lot of fans. JUDD laughs – ‘Canada love Suzette’

Andy wonders if Helen really was a cut throat b!tch or a sweet nice person. Spencer thinks she a bit of both, nice at home but a b!tch at work.

They’re having a good laugh about Aaryn’s nickname ‘poopy’. Spencer points out how much Aaryn hated being called that at first.
Spencer – ‘I called her poopster.. my ex girlfriend use to call me that’

JUDD tells them about being paddled at school. The teacher would give you a choice stay for detention or get the paddle. McCrae says he would take the detention. JUDD say no way the paddling.

McCrae leaves
JUDD asks them what McCrae is talking about. Andy says McCrae just want ot know what GM is doing.
JUDD says he planted a seed in McCrae to use the veto on Amanda. JUDD -’If that works it’s good for us if not oh well’
Andy -’ they have no clue about what’s going on’
JUDD – ‘ ya.. i’m going downstairs’
Andy – ‘ you talked to Elissa.. you know where her head is at’
JUDD – ‘ no… she’s oblivious’


5:57pm Girl chat around the pool Boys chat in the HOH


6:05pm Amanda and McCrae
A – Anything new with you
MC – no
A – do you think it’s a lost cause
MC – hmmm I dunno.. we have to try
A – you talk game with anyone
MC – Andy and Spencer
McCrae explains that Andy and Spencer told him they have his back if Amanda leaves.

A – you think they want me gone
MC – I dunno there is something weird going on
A – they are not trying very hard.. maybe they just don’t want blood on their hands.
JUDD joins them says he has the feeling he’s going up. AManda – ‘you always have that feeling’

Amanda is confused why was Elissa so happy when JUDD came back because Elissa and Helen were plotting against JUDD.
JUDD – ‘I have no idea.. I shunned both of them when I left’
Amanda – ‘I know that is why i’m confused’

HUDD and McCrae
JUDD – whats Spencer and Andy thinkin
MC – They think they are going up
JUDD – Both of them
MC – ya
Andy, JUDD and Spencer join them. JUDD asks McCrae for a Minnesota Folk lore. MC tells them about paul bunyan and how he created all the lakes in Minnesota. Everytime he took a step he crated a lake..


6:46pm HOH Amanda and GM
Amanda wants to know what GM is thinking about for replacement nominations. GM says she talked to MCCrae she told him she will make her decision by tonight.
GM says she told him he won the veto fair and square and he should do what will benefit him the most.
GM – ‘I’ll tell you for sure if it’s going to be Elissa’ GM adds that if it’s not Elissa it will be either Spencer or ELissa.
Amanda says if it’s Spencer she will go if it’s JUDD or ELissa she will stay and they would go.

Amanda asks if the vote is a tie would GM keep her. GM – “HHmmmm”
Amanda – ‘you can be honest with me GM.. part of the reason I was so upset was because I felt blindsided’
GM apologizes says she never meant to blindside her. SHe adds that she’ll let her know tomorrow after the replacement nominee has been set what she would do in a Tie.

GM says she’s all alone in this game. Amanda says she’s not they have Amanda and McCrae. GM says Andy is also their friend.

Amanda tells her it breaks her heart to vote out Aaryn.
Amanda – ‘There is 5 people in this house that want Elissa up as a replacement nomination and only 1’
Amanda offers GM everything in the game. She will let GM pick her nominations.

Amanda – ‘I’m pleading with you Please give me a chance’
Amanda – ‘We would do anything for you.. Me, McCrae, Andy.. ‘
Amanda – ‘ I will not be a threat to you’

Amanda – ‘this house would be so peaceful without her.. please send her home.. you know that this entire game she’s looked down at all us’

Amanda – ‘When I was walking around as bubby I did that for all the times she bullied you, Aaryn and me’
A – ‘I’m begging you.. it would be a life changing move for me and for you’
I swear on everything on my life I will not be coming after you mccrae will not be coming after her.. on my life i’m begging you.. let me help you and lets get rid of this disease in this game.. she’s had an unfair advantage since day one’
Amanda points out that Elissa will win the America’s player thats already 25 htousands

Elissa joins them, Amanda leaves.
GM says AMAnda and McCrae want to know who is going up. GM isn’t telling them anything.
GM – ‘she almost doing a Aaryn.. basically saying she will do anything to save her’
GM reassures her she is not putting Elissa on the block. GM adds that McCrae and Amanda need to be separated this is their chance. GM doesn’t want to tell them who is going up. Once they find out they will start campaigning to the other people spreading lies and GM doesn’t want that.
Elissa asks if Amanda is trying to get Elissa nominated. GM says no she just wants to know who is going up.

Elissa – ‘You know for you and me it’s best for us to work together’
GM – ‘ya’
GM – ‘She saying that everyone is going to put us together..’
Elissa – ‘She’s delusional’

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212 thoughts on ““Lets get rid of the disease in the game..it would be a life changing move for me and for you”

    1. ***Amanda – ‘this house would be so peaceful without her.. please send her home***

      the nerve of this psycho bi7ch talking about the house would be so peaceful without Elissa. can’t wait to see the expression on Amanda’s face, and the tears rolling out that ugly smug face when GM tells her that Spencer is going to be the replacement nominee.

      1. Not Only that, but for her to say that Elissa bullied them what an effin Joke! she is nuts altogether, Please if there is a Big Brother God get this woman OUT!!!!! after that it doesn’t matter, I want her to go into the jury house and have everyone laugh at her. Amanda is an evil person and needs to be dealt with and she will get her’s.

        1. Look at shady Judd scheming with rat GM. And all you haters pile on Andy for doing the same. Judd the retard is playing everyone like he did before. The scumball should not have been allowed to come back. CBS has rigged this game so many times this season to get the outcome it wants – the stuck up joker face and Judd the dud to go to final two, with the gold digger winning. I will never watch BB again if the two biggest losers make it to final 2. Ewww. Watching GM act like Queen c$nt is so disgusting.

          1. The way you think/write is revolting. You have time to think about what you write in a public forum. Using the “r” word, etc…not cool. Maybe Julie Chen should have a chat with YOU.

            1. Why, did someone make Chen God? Or you for that matter? Compared to some of the disgusting and appalling things said in this forum about Amanda and Andy, using the ‘r’ word is tame. And besides, Judd DOES act like a retard. Should he be called a dumb ass instead? So tired of all the politically correct haters dishing it out but not being able to take it. Too bad!

                  1. It was sarcasm. A joke because he was talking just like them. I didn’t say he couldn’t like whoever he likes. Not sure where you got that…

              1. Wait, Did I hash out at Andy in another post? No I didn’t think so. Am I “giving it” but not taking it? Absolutely not. I don’t come on this forums to offend anyone, I come on here for the enjoyment of knowing what’s on the go inside the house. And as someone who has a family member who is special needs, I take offense to your comment equating dumbass to “retarded”, etc. this is why you just don’t say things like that.

                When I started watching some of the racist comments on bb, I thought to myself “do people really still talk and think like that!?” Your comment is proof that there are many more like them out there, which is just sad.

                1. I apologize sincerely if using the ‘r’ offended you. I am not a politically correct person. But I’m not intentionally trying to offend either. I just think people should lighten up and not get so hung up whenever somebody says something that isn’t politically correct. If they are so easily offended then don’t read these blogs or watch the show. It’s still a free country (for now) so people should be able to say whatever they want and not get crucified for it.

                  1. If you want to call someone a retard and then justify it as your “right”, then by all means go ahead and own it. Don’t do it under the veil of anonymity though, take pride in your beliefs-let everyone know the person they have among them. I have a hunch that people like you are basically cowards.

            1. I agree, some of these people commenting are worse than the stuff being said by the houseguests! How is it that you people saying it is better than Amanda or Elissa or anyone else bashing someone in the house. Some of the stuff on the comments is way more offensive!

        2. Look at joker face being best buddies with GM, Spencer, and Andy. The very people who revolted her all season and she couldn’t stop talking about. Now she is yucking it up with them and laying on the compliments. She is such a goddam phony. It’s elitist assholes like her that make me sick and want to puke. Thumbs down if joker face should be backdoored and evicted this week.

        3. OMG, Elissa seriously looks like the joker right now on BBAD. Those bright red duck lips and her bloated cheeks makes her face look like a human ass too. Either way she’s disgusting to look at. Same with GM. Two rats scheming. Ewwwwww.

    2. Amanda – Judd, I’m Begging You To Save Me.

      If I Were Judd – Funny, I Begged You To Save Me And You Voted Me Out Anyway. Muhahaha

      1. I know,right?

        When she’s doing the screwing, it’s fine, but nobody should dare do the same to her.

        As payback, I’d convince her that she’s staying and tell everyone else to play along, then vote that entitled bitch out.

        1. @ILL WILL: “As payback, I’d convince her (Amanda) that she’s staying and tell everyone else to play along, then vote that entitled bitch (Amanda) out.”

          I do SO agree with your idea. It’d be so thoroughly satisfying AND absolutely freakin’ hilarious. Woot. Woot.

          CBS would HAVE TO have camera’s on BOTH Amanda’s and McCrae’s faces just as Julie announces the vote — split screen.

          If pulled off correctly the move would make BB history and be talked about for years to come, in my opinion. It’d have to be done perfectly though (absolute secrecy and total loyalty to the plan). Amanda and McCrae would also have to swallow the story whole, whatever that story might end up being. McCranda would have to COMPLETELY believe they were entirely safe.

          And Have Mercy… if all that came together and Julie said those magic words: “Amanda you are evicted from the Big Brother House.” — I’d sh!te me britches.

          Haha! Haha! Haha! Hee! Hee! Hee!

          Awesome Idea dude. Seriously awesome!!

    3. I so wish that 10 minutes before the POV ceremony that Elissa would make a smart remark to GM and they get in a fake fight with spencer and judd holding her back and GM ending it saying now you are going up on the friggin’ block girl. You might be able to say that shit the Aaryn but you can’t say it to me.

      Then Mcrae uses the veto without thinking on Amanda, GM puts up andy and then McRae goes home. Best game move ever.


  1. Simon you deserve an award for having to sit and listen to Amanda’s trap all day long, just bought the feeds yesterday and her past hour’s worth of begging is enough to make me not watch the feeds until she leaves!!! I MEAN MY GOD…

        1. @CATHY: “You need to spray Amanda!!”

          I think an ointment or cream is usually prescribed for Amanda’s present “oniony” condition. But hell, I suppose we would could spray it with some Tough Actin’® Tinactin® and see how it goes!! :-))

    1. Did you hear the lastest?
      That despicable bitgt may have found the Diamond Power of Veto in one of the balloons.
      Telling others that can’t veto her out!
      Is she the with the Mafia or is BB rigged?
      Been hearing Amanda was the chosen one after Week one. Never wanted to believe it. All makes sense to me now.

      1. I AM WITH YOU. Something is not right with this season. Hope this wasn’t all just for ratings!
        This is not a more grosser woman in America right now. Amanda is not the mafia of this house and is most conniving disgusting vile guest ever!
        CBS can be proud of her.

      2. Well I heard it wasn’t the DPV. It was actually the Platinum Power of Veto which entitles her to not only take herself off of the block but she also gets to choose the replacement, gets auto HoH, gets to choose the haves, and gets to have the electricity turned off at the jury house so they have to (try to) sleep without an a/c.

        I mean seriously….

        Do you honestly think she would be able to keep that a secret? With her personality? Not a chance. And when she is one of them to leave Thursday it will be equally interesting to come back here and see what ignorant rumors are being written then.

        I can see it now….

        “I read that Andy is actually Amanda. Did you ever notice they never show them at the same time together?”


        “I heard that Rachel actually purchased BB rights but only if they would allow her sister to win.”

        or perhaps….

        “I read that McCrae is actually a woman. Her real name is Dotty and she is a cashier at the Piggly Wiggly in Charlotte, NC.”

        1. You are wrong. She won the double diamond power of otev which is a brand new power. She gets everything you said but she doesnt have any say in the electricity at the jury house. I heard this thru my connections at the show. She can use this power at the last moment before the vote but she is keeping this secret because she is trying to save this power till next week if possible

          1. Are you serious Amanda has this Double Diamond Power Of Veto? I hope this info is wrong. I want to see her leave this week.

      3. I agree. No one has bought up the D.P .of V. in last couple of days.
        It does sound factual that Amanda is BESTIES with Allison!
        If this is true, why was the amazon allowed on the show?

        1. Did anyone catch Skum Man Duh talking on the couches early this morning about the last HOH competition and how she knew one of the guys throwing the baseballs, and all of a sudden production switches over to the fish and when it comes back to the HG, the subject changed. This appears to happen quite often when she begins speaking of different aspects of the game, All of a sudden it switches over to the fish so you cannot get a grasp of what the actual conversation is. Seems quite fishy to me, to say the least. Just proof she has to be from California, which we all know to be true from the Youtube video, or how else would she know one of the productions crew members? Heck, maybe Buffalo Bill is correct and his/her disgusting queen is going to win this game, after all. Maybe, Buffalo Bill is the real Alice Grodner? Just making all of us fans out to be complete idiots for believing the game is actually real. HAH But, then again, this is a “reality show”, and many are actually scripted. Look at the reality show Operation Repo, completely fake, all actors. Just as this show, perhaps the whole BB house if full of actors. Just saying!

      4. After never missing an episode in 15 seasons, something aint right.
        When Amanda was up on the block by America twice early on, and the bully is still in the house.

      5. The rule to use the diamond power of Veto is whomever received it is not allowed to tell anyone, so if she is telling the truth she just screwed herself. Amanda is such a liar. Remember how excited Regan was when Matt used it at the last minute. If the house guest had more brain activity then the zombies in The Walking Dead they would remember that.

      6. All those “Golden, Diamond, Dual” POV’s are just BigBrother PRODUCTION’s way of MANIPULAING a RIGGED GAME even MORE! If it WEREN’T they’d be USED more often through 15 seaosn than they have AND the AUDIENCE would be told at the BEGINNING of the seaons that at SOME POINT it would or MIGHT appear. The Diamond POV has only been used TWICE (I think) in 15 seasons. So yeah, wouldn’t it just be SOOO “amazing” if AMANDA just HAPPENED to WIN a DIAMOND POV? Oh boy, that must just be LUCK on her part RIGHT? Yeah, Lady Luck is named Allison Grodner. Seriously, why don’t they just say Big Brother has a paid “cast of actors” , whether it be in full or in part, and a “scripted show” that’s more of a STORY for the audience than it is a true, untamptered competition?

      7. Simon/Dawg. Is there any truth in this I have been out of town the last 3 days? I got to watch my alma mate play its season opener. LOL, Yes we won.

      8. I hope your info is right and that Amanda did find a Diamond POV in the balloons. And that Elissa goes up on the block and gets her a$$ voted out. Followed by GM or Judd in a double eviction, Please CBS — make it so!

    2. this bitc- is crazy, there will be piece in the house!!! .I guess Candace, Jessie Elissa and spencer bullied you. It’s poor me. She actually believes in her screwed up mind that America loves her. No way America put her on the block (twice) I’m the best player ever in this game and we have the best showmance ever. I would love to see Mcrae use the veto on her and get sent home. then have Judd win HOH and put up Amanda and Spencer. (send Amanda packing) That way they ‘ll be known as idiots. Then have a win HOH and put up Andy and Spencer and send the rat packing and i don’t care what happens after that I want Elissa to send the rat packing and let Judd get his justice too.

    3. Don’t count Amanda out yet. Why didn’t GM tell joker face that Amanda was saying put her up? She asked GM and GM said no. That gives me hope that The disgusting stuck-up creature will be backdoored tomorrow. Then there will be justice and the fake beotch can go back to her sugar daddy. Come on GM, do one smart thing this whole season!

    4. I can’t wait to hear all the boos when joker face is evicted. Thumbs down if the stuck-up flake should be backdoored and evicted this week.

      1. All of these backwards thumbs down comments bashing Elissa are getting old! You are as well. We all know you are the one Amanda fan on here changing your name w/ every bash-elissa comment.

      1. LOL BigBrother hand picks the audience? Serioiusly or are you just jabbin? it wouldn’t surprise me though….. handpicked down the the audience! That’s the current and future of a formerly awesome show called Big Brother!

        1. Just like I have been saying all along, not only a handpicked audience (didn’t you see the way the camera was scanning the audience over and over again the other night), but handpicked house guests as well, from the wanna be actors, straight from the casting couch of CBS. I have a real big feeling this whole show is rigged and all of us watching it are being made complete idiots out of to be believing we are actually watching a “reality show”, that just “may” be real. LOL Alice Grodner has her head up Skum Man Duh’s butt so high it is ridiculous. At the end Skum Man Duh will reveal all of this because she obviously cannot keep her mouth shut and that is why production always goes to the fishy’s when she is talking so we can’t hear her production secrets. All her rudness, vile, disgusting behavior she will explain was all acting, she is really a nice person in the real world, but she was acting to the best of her ability on her first acting role as the most hated, nasty woman in American history. This is why the HG are consistently being called to the DR to keep getting fed their lines. I could be very wrong, but my feel is these are all actors playing their first parts on a reality show and we the fans are the brunt of their ridiculous joke. Let’s see Like I said I could be wrong, just seems very suspicious the way things happen in the house. You cannot fix the competions, obviously, but production can rig other aspects of the game to fit in the way they want it to end. Such as Skum Man Duh winning the power of veto. Just because those numbers showed she was getting that many balls back and forth doesn’t mean it was true. When those chips are picked out of the hat often the camera will not show them picking them, it will go to the HG as the chips are being picked with certain names on them. How do we know those chips have all the HG names on them. There are many ways to rig the game, regardless of whom wins the competions. Well I am not laughing, but Alice Grodner is all the way to the bank. We’ve been punked!

    5. Tonight’s episode had to be THE best episode the entire season, I enjoyed every second of it (aside from the RAT BASTARD’s diary room sessions, UGH, with that nasty ass creepy smile he does). That nomination ceremony was just AMAZING. The look on her face was priceless.

  2. Yesterday Elissa said: “As much as I like purple, I feel like green is my BB color. For me and my sister, it’s like our mutual BB color”.

    Hey, “green” for money I guess, LOL!

  3. God I hate Amanda watching that over weight fat disgusting ball of garbage leave the house this week will be the greatest feeling ever !!!! Man she’s disgusting what a pig

  4. Looks like Elissa may be on her way out…what is the brenchal army gonna do to save her…there must be a way we can give her a power plz pray for her brenchal army!!!

  5. This is one of the few days I get to watch the live feeds because of my job. I get all my updates from this site, so I have a idea of how bad Amazon is, but damn is that bit*# out of her mind! She is obsessed with Elissa because Elissa had the body Amazon wants and is jealous that one of the sports star she has been with didn’t want to marry and just used her so she doesn’t have money!

    1. gingerelf* Amazon Woman aka Amanda wannabe Elissa
      is a lonely pitiful soul!! Obviously she has history of failed
      relationships – and many other unresolved personal issues!!!
      But on a highly viewed National TV Realty Show
      is NOT the…..”place” to attempt to solve any issue!!!
      She should have NEVER been allowed on this show!!
      Thousands and thousands of people were “overlooked”
      to find a place for her on this BB season!! Somebody
      dropped the ball!! She brought DOWN the whole bunch!!
      Ratings or not – CBS – struck out with this one!!!
      (BTW – Someone should have done background checks
      on the players – BEFORE – the season…not during!)

  6. Amanda please put some proper clothes on. This season will earn the slightest bit of redemption if Amanda really goes home on Thursday, and little rat follows her during double eviction!

    1. I know ! I was wondering if anyone was as disgusted with that nasty BITC- sitting around in her drawers with that nasty A$$ sitting on all the furniture with a yeast infection or whatever desease she really has. If I was a houseguest I would have complained about that nasty A$$ sitting around on everything is a health hazard and they needed to do something about.. Not even saying about how nasty she looks in her drawers . PUT SOME CLOTHES ON AND COVER THAT NASTY A$$

  7. Mc Crappy had his game on and then he got cavern whipped by getting with Amanda. His popularity also went down. Go ahead Mc Crappy, use the Veto on Chewbacca , get voted out and get yourself famous forever for being the stupidest player on BB history. Make us proud Mc Crappy! Our pizzas need to be delivered by someone! We are hungry here!

    1. I don’t believe that when it comes down to it McCrae will be stupid enough to use the POV on Amanda. But if he does, I bet that RatBoy will vote to keep McCrae because he isn’t man enough to stand up to Amanda afterward and say “Yeah, I voted him out and you’re next!”

  8. amanda: “elissa’s a bitch elissa’s evil i hate that bitch god i just dont understand etc”
    spencer: “i’m gonna go get some chocolate milk.”

    1. Bob says:
      amanda: “elissa’s a bitch elissa’s evil i hate that bitch god i just dont understand etc”
      spencer: “i’m gonna go get some chocolate milk.”

      I was LMAO @ that one… he did it a couple of times. fukin spencer, dude cracks me up sometimes.

  9. Seriously…. Id pretend to be asleep if I was GM… Amanda as totally forgotten its a game and blindsiding is part of it.

    1. Exactly

      she has no problem screwing other people over through lies and manipulation, but if it happens to her, it;’s unfair, and she’s a victim.

      Sorry only McCranda Drones believe that BS, and they’re just as delusional as Brenchel Drones.

      1. That is called Sociopathic trait. She is a sociopath, she makes her own rules, her accomplices beome victims later, she believes her own lies, thinks America loves her and agrees that she is a victim, exhibits erratic behaviour but seems to not be aware of it, has no guilt or shame for the misery she causes to others.

        1. That also describes Elissa.
          She isn’t sweet and gentle.
          She stirs the pot then cries victim
          Though she doesnt use vulgar language
          She’s still.a drama queen
          And all her charity talk seems exaggerated
          Did she donate and of her free wedding or honeymoon to the poor when she appeared on the other reality show….so why claim it all this time. Maybe to manipulate votes for MVP and from jury should she make it to the end.
          I don’t care for her

          1. @NAME , no this does not ” describes ” Elissa. Go read and study before you comparea mentaly ill person to someone that is trying to avoid conflict. You clearly not only can not afford the live feeds , but uou have not had the means for education. You can always google the word ” sociopath ” and educate yourself online like the riff raff does.

            1. Crack house…..it does describe her perfectly
              Go pet your cat(s) and cool off. It seems to be fitting for you too.
              Elissa is a bully in her own snobby way
              You’re protecting her because she will share her “winnings” with you? She is likely to find you too far beneath her to want to assist you.

              1. @NAME. They need to monitore the use of computers on your mental facility. It is late for you to be posting your delusions online. Elissa sharing winnings with me” , I am just a poster that has a P.H.D. and was expressing my opinion. Make sure your nurse knows you are scaping to use your internet and don’t miss your zyprexa doses.

                1. Omg crack house keep flexing your virtual muscles
                  You don’t seem intelligent to anyone but
                  I assume after each ridiculous comment you pat yourself on the back.
                  I strongly suggest that you step away from the TV and PC to have a brief moment of reflection
                  You’re life is passing you by when your best work for the day is summed up by petty insults to strangers online protecting strangers. Where does that really leave you at the end of the day? Think about it and remember to adopt your next best friend from your local shelter!

  10. watched the show tonight where Amanda talks about how good Elissa’s life outside the house is. can someone explain to me why that matters?

    1. She’s trying to use that to save herself, but if that were true, Amanda also has a good life, she works for her family and have guaranteed work for the rest of her life(financial stability, her father’s words)… So that little fact about Elissa being rich because of her husband goes right out the door.

      1. Agree….She just told McCrae after getting put on the block that she has $20 grand in the bank, that it’s okay if she goes, she doesn’t need the money. Didn’t anyone else but me see this? She also said she sold a $900,000 house last year. At 6% commission, that $54,000.
        Other than possibly Elissa (she could be totally in debt with everything they have) or Spencer may have that in his 401K/pension, but not in the bank (railroad pensions are very good), no one else in that house has $3 in the bank.
        Her argument does not hold water.
        All Elissa haters who say she doesn’t deserve to win because she has money should include Amanda in their rant.

      2. It was reported that Amanda’s real estate license was canceled. It was USA today or TMZ can’t remember. It was her mother that did it.
        They are connected with another party who could o it. Either Amanda or th othe party. They said since she it in the BB house it must be h other company.

    2. Amanda acts like she lives in poverty or something. Boca is an expensive place to live, so she can’t be doing too bad. She seems to be a jealous person.

  11. Knowing from what I see going on, the best move for GM is to stick with putting up Spenser who volunteered to go on the block. Better McCrea takes Amanda off and stay on. McCrae will go home. If McCrae stays in the game he’ll team up with Andy and Judd.. Amanda will continue her wacky behavior and remain the main target.. It;s very important for GM’s game that one of the Mccranda couple leave Thursday..Or maybe both..

  12. this was precious: Amanda: ” I’m trying not to fight with her but she keeps walking away”

    this bitch is truly mental-it’s not just hyperbole. she is a mental case.

    1. I love how Andy tells Elissa that if Amanda comes in and wants to start a fight to just walk away.(even if Elissa is there 1st) Then you have Amanda coming outside complaining about wanting to talk to Elissa and she says Elissa just walks away. PRICELESS.

  13. The other day a pipe under my sink busted. I called the 24 hr on-call plumber. When he bent down to look at the problem, his hairy, flat a$$ with lots of crack peered out of his pants. The plumber said that he didn’t have the parts to properly fix the pipe, but that he would “N” word-rig it for now.

    That hairy, flat a$$ and his use of the “N” word reminded me of RACIST Amanda Zuckerman!

  14. “let me help you and lets get rid of this disease in this game.. she’s had an unfair advantage since day one’”

    Oh the IRONY, this delusional bitch had no problem using that unfair advantage(MVP) to her advantage.

  15. “Elissa asks if Amanda is trying to get Elissa nominated. GM says no she just wants to know who is going up.”

    The fact that Amanda was trying to get Gina to put up Elissa and Gina denied it when Elissa asked her worries me. i hope Ginamarie is not losing her courage to split up Amanda and McCrae.

    1. I don’t think GM is wavering….she is just keeping her cards close and why would she stoke the fire. GM is so smart. She just reinforces my theory, “you may be book smart educated, but if you don’t have street smarts, you have nothing”

    2. I think the reasons GM didn’t tell E that Demanda was pushing her on the block was a) to keep the peace and b) why bother worrying E when it’s not going to happen. I like how GM is not playing headgames with her HOH and keeping things low-key.

  16. Spencer and Andy are tag teaming McCrae.

    GM/Elissa vs Spencer/Andy with Judd being able to be pulled in either direction. And now that they are going to keep McCrae it seems that the Rat Twins will be the ones to win that tug of war. And move through to the end. But I can’t figure out how Andy/Spencer plan on using McCrae past an Elissa eviction

  17. also precious: she tried to pull the old ‘you gotta do what the house wants’ routine on GM.
    that dog wont hunt anymore lady…..
    not only that-guess what the house wants, bitch?????
    not a clue.
    loved the smirk on her face before noms and the sick look after.
    that was priceless. YES.
    elissa just sat there smiling….you know that must have burned the witch to the very core.
    what do you think, Buffalo?

  18. Egads, Thing #1 and Thing #2, or the Red Tide are so creepy together. I would hate to see either one of these guys win anything more in this game.

  19. McCrae will not see much more of this game. He can’t change his “amanda” ways. He is too emotional for this. And he’s being personal. Doesn’t he see that’s what happened to amanda?

    He was even crying about how they won’t be in the game together any more.

  20. It worries me that when Elissa just asked GM if Amanda was telling GM to put her up, GM answered no, Amanda just wanted to know who is going up. I don’t like that GM didn’t tell her the truth…

  21. I really think one of McCranda will go home Thursday. But if whoever is left of McCranda, Andy or Spencer win HOH, they’ll probably evict Elissa in the double eviction. I hope not.

  22. on tonights show i hate macrea but i hate that damn red shirt with the M he wears every fcu#king day remind me of dan and his red shirt and i hated that red shirt last season on dan same shit this season

    1. Dan’s shirt was Michigan State I believe he attended there……. as for McNasty, his Minnesota shirt was given to him by some frat party as a tip for the pizza delivery!

  23. I’ma gonna miss my ogress queen….. looking at her thunder thighs and flabby gut, with a slight case of cottage cheese ass…. I mean come on people you know you’re gonna miss her foul, vile, disgustful trucker mouth too…. amiright? I guess I’ll settle for the red RAT’s tasteless actions! My wish would be seeing his lil’ sassy ass right behind aMANduh to jury!

    GOTCH YA!!

  24. I can’t stand how the biggest floater, Andy, rips on Elissa. I can’t tell if he’s serious or just putting on a big lie for his guy alliance. It’s also weird to hear Mcrae’s voice! Up to now all you heard him say was “ya” and “yup”. His session with GM in HOH room was the most i’ve heard him talk all season! Was also weird to see Mcrae up right and not horizontal!

  25. Delusional is Elissa. and GM.. both are going to be sent to jury by people that are not even blips on their radar until it is too late.
    A lot of people will tell you that the biggest BB moves where from Dan, DR Will and Evil Dick.

    For me it has always been Allison and Jun’s “I hate You” “I hate You” “Let’s form an alliance nobody will see it coming.”
    get over your petty crap girls… put Spencer up and then Elissa vote to evict Spencer with McCrae and then start working together..
    That is a Big Big Brother move.
    Let’s face it the cast left are all odious and disgusting people that none of us would want to be trapped in a house with.

    None of them would be what I call a good person. Just make a real big move and cut this whole “That is what the house wanted.” crap
    Shock America and send Spencer packing. .

  26. I’d like to really know what Gina Marie is thinking. Is she with the Exterminators for a little while faking it, but she’s loyal to Elissa. Or is she really an Exterminator 100%?
    The DR should let us know.
    What she doesn’t know is that after the Exterminators get rid of McCranda and Elissa, they’re going to be after her.

    1. GM said in the DR spot on tonights show that she’s in the Exterminator Alliance but not sure whether the boys are trustworthy.

  27. As many times as Amanda has mentioned today to GM that MC and Andy will work with her and keep her safe you would think GM would be questioning whose side Andy is on. GM needs to put Andy up with Amanda to make sure Amanda goes.

  28. Amanda claims “the house would be so peaceful without her (Elissa) here.” How did GinaMarie keep a straight face when she heard that? I can not imagine that Elissa doing yoga is as ear splitting as Amanda and her non stop psycho rants.

  29. I still can`t figure out if Amanda is acting `like she`s crazy or really is just a fruit cake. Obviously GM thinks all Amanda`s wacky behavior is her acting. Her fatal attraction to Elissa more of some sort of game play rather than a sick obsession.. I know the other lying two-fqced coward HG are trying to stay out of it to keep a target off their back.. I don`t know how Elissa stays so calm and polite. I know I would have lost it by now if treated like that….Like GM I would have said from the start, `bring it on b/t*h .. Every time she starts talking on the show I yell at the TV to shut the hell up. OMG.

  30. “Amanda – ‘this house would be so peaceful without her.. please send her home.. you know that this entire game she’s looked down at all us’ ”

    Does this bitch even realize that 80% if the chaos in the house was becasue of her???

  31. Andy is Amanda’s assistant but inside the Exterminators he is top Rat and I think the others in the group fear him a little. I say Exterminate the Rat first in that group. I rather have Exterminators take care of the Rat first, I can take care of the cockroaches myself.

  32. Amanda is embodying the word desperate. Was’nt it she who talked about the other girls not making a graceful exit. Now she’s grovling like a sniveling dog to stay in the game, at this point she would even promise GM her first born.

    1. Amanda DID promise GM her First Born child on After Dark tonight up in the HOH room -(along with anything else she could offer), if GM would only put up Elissa. Pitiful !!

  33. Amanda is the one with a God complex Not Elissa. I don’t know how they feel Elissa is so horrible when she doesn’t say much. She’s taunted called a bitch everyday and still manages to rub it off and smile. If she makes one comment To stand up for herself she’s called a bully by Spencer and Andy. Is she suppose to roll over and die. The worst part is Andy Spencer and Judd say nothing… that’s sad. They are cowards. I hate Amanda I’ve never hated someone I didn’t know on television this much!

    I hope Amanda leaves soon , she ruining a fun show.

  34. Amanda constantly talks about Elissa’s Botox joker face when the truth is its The bitch aMANda who has the Botox frozen face. It’s obvious …when she cries and is emotional…her face doesn’t move…it is also why her left eyebrow is lower or droopy…it’s called flat brow from too much Botox…so BAM! She is disgusting! Can’t wait for her to be gone…oh and will love watching Julie interview her…I’m sure she won’t be any different than she was with Aaryn.

    1. Amanda has stated on the live feeds that she is addicted to Botox. She is just insecure and envious of Elissa. Elissa is a mother and looks good and fit. Amanda is a Xanax, aderall pill popper, with no kids and looks like what my dog crapped this morning. She feels pressured by envy, and harasses Elissa tryiing to get her to eliminate herself or suffer. She is pure evil and mental illness. Go se Dr. drew Amanda.

    1. The phone rang anyone could have picked it up.. There was a twist where the fans got to vote one of the 2 nominees off the block on eviction night. She was up against AJ. Suzette got off and Aneal went up and was sent honme

  35. Watching the nominations ceremony today and seeing Amanda’s face was an awesome Birthday present for me! lol. I so cannot stand her!

  36. Anyone else who watches the CBS show think Amanda’s DR sessions are cringe worthy. I think she is try to be clever and funny but she isn’t at all. I feel embarrassed for her when she tries to act in the DR.

  37. next time amanda makes a botox comment elissa should say ‘botox? let’s see you frown right now bitch. cant do it, can ya?’

    1. You could throw “sagging boobs” over your shoulder.. Old ladies do it all the time, to keep from accidentally stepping on them. LOL

  38. For the DE:

    Spencer, and Andy will obviously gun for Elissa, and McCrae will go barring that.

    Judd will go after McCrae, am not sure who his 2nd target would be if McCrae won veto, I’d guess Elissa.

    McCrae will target Elissa, and GM barring that.

    Elissa will go after McCrae and likely Andy barring that.

  39. I believe somewhere it was mentioned that one of the meds Amanda takes is Adderall…

    Under side effects you will find: Tell your doctor immediately if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occur: mental/mood/behavior changes (e.g., agitation, aggression, mood swings, depression, abnormal thoughts), uncontrolled movements, continuous chewing movements/teeth grinding, outbursts of words/sounds, change in sexual ability/desire.

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM should we tell the doctor?

  40. Why does Judd always aligns himself with the wrong people, they are already planning for him to be the first out in the exterminators. His only hope now is that Spencer sucks at comps, and Elissa would genuinely have his back. Also, I don’t think a large person alliance has ever made it all the way to the end (I don’t count the Brigade because they kicked one of their members out) correct me if I’m wrong. There’s always that one person that sneaks into the finals few weeks that was not part of an alliance. Andy and Spencer are banking on Elissa not wining HOH or VETO during the DE, hopefully that does not happen. I do not want to see a rat and Spencer final two (can you imagine?). My personal choices are GM, Elissa and Judd final three, I think these 3 would battle it out very well for the final two spots. I wanted to root for McRae really badly, but GM was right he lost his fire when he hooked up with Amanda.

  41. Thinking of which HGs can REALLY use the money GM,McCrae,Andy and Judd..

    Elissa is rich

    Amanda is working for her wealthy family

  42. People the last part of this summary GM just lied to Elissa…Elissa asked GM if Amanda was campaigning to get her (el) on the block…GM replied no! That’s all Amanda talks about to GM is putting El up…pay attention to the clues. I so hope I’m wrong about this.

    1. It’s possible that she wants her choice to be a surprise to everyone.

      I would put up Andy if I was her.

      Everyone wants Elissa out, and she might go if she puts her up, and the couple who tried to get GM put up and is the main reaosn Aaryn got voted out is left in the house.. GM knows whats up she’s not going to fuck this up.

  43. Ok, so when was the last time that BB had just a “reward only” challenge? I don’t seem to remember one since about the 4th season (when they had to play to unlock the hot tub, or pool, etc. etc.)

    And why did Amanda not seem to surprised that there was a reward only challenge? I read somewhere in these posts that someone was wondering if she had found a diamond power of veto or something.

    Just seems really fishy that since Mccrae has the POV, and they are both going up, that all of a sudden there is a challenge that Amanda could win – IF there was something planted and she knew which part of the house to go to to look for it.

    I have been telling my neighbor that if Amanda doesn’t go home in this weeks double eviction that I am going to be a firm believer that this years season has been rigged (or bent) towards her winning this….

    Your thoughts? Since I can’t watch the feeds all day, I am sure I have missed something…

    1. If Amanda won a power during the luxury comp, we would’ve seen it, there would be no reason to hide that from the viewers.

      1. true, I didn’t think of that, but if she was told not to announce it… Since the show always says “Expect the unexpected”…

        Even my roommate just now said that he doesn’t ever remember BB doing just a ‘reward comp’… Until I reminded him about the early early seasons with the hot tub, etc.

        Still makes you go hmmmm…

    2. When they brought in the racks of clothing and they got to keep what they put on? I don’t think there was anything but cloths was there? I’m sure there are others but that was the first one that came to mind.

      1. Yep, forgot about that too – ok, it’s been a while then since they have had a reward one only … my bad… Sorry :)

  44. I think McNasty’s parents said, “Get out of your bed, off your butt and do something.” So he goes on BB and is in bed and on his butt anyhow.

  45. Here is how I would like it to play out. Amanda leaves Thursday. Elissa wins HOH puts up McRae and rat face Andy. McRae wins pov takes himself off, the re nom is spencer. Rat face is out. The. Judd win HOH. He nominates McRae and spencer, McRae leaves. Then Elissa or g. Gets HOH they put up the boys spencer leaves, then judd and Elissa go to final 2. Just my opinion…

  46. Watching Psycho Amanda’s diary sessions and speculations was the best thing I’ve seen on Network TV in years. I will be sad and disappointed if she is still in the house after the first eviction on Thursday. To be honest I find all of the house guests annoying in some way but Amanda is by far the worst. Unlike other “reality” shows, there is no such thing as a bad edit with Big Brother. This is the only show that has tons of people watching the live feeds. There is no taking it out of context, you are the way you are and she is ugly on the inside. So much insecurity and a lack of impulse control. What kind of successful Realtor has sex with a guy she just met while thousands (if not millions) of people are watching, verbally attacks people, and cries when she can’t manipulate people? Even the back door teen mom is disgusted at least she got paid to have sex on film and the guy she did was hot. McCre is not.

    1. Don’t forget the part where her father and mother watch it all and the pizza boy’s family cheers him on: ” that’s my boy ! ” . Pure class. She is a total success!!! Class all the way!

  47. Why is it that everyone blames Amanda for all the evils in the house. Last time I checked she has never won HOH. Which means she has never had power. Everyone talks to the HOH and tells them who they think should be put up. Ultimately it was the HOH who had final say in who went up. If they where stupid enough to listed to Amanda that is their own problem. No one forced anyone to do anything. If Elissa hadn’t put up Aaryn she never would have went home. Amanda had nothing to do with Aaryn going on the block yet somehow she is to blame for Aaryn leaving . I don’t agree with what Amanda does but stop blaming her for everything that has happened in the house. GM you are dumb for not putting up Elissa. She is the whole reason Aaryn went home. If she wasn’t on the block then she wouldn’t have went home. Elissa you are so fake. You have been making fun of Aaryn and Elissa since day one and now you are best friends with GM. Spare me. Enough of the crap about how you miss poopy. GM I am not sure why you are buying this crap. Talk about having blinders on.

    1. Amanda may have fake boobs but she does not look like she has Botox. Elisa’s had lip injections, hair extensions, breast enhancement and I wouldn’t doubt if she had ass implants as well. She also wears fake eyelashes. Personally, I think she looked wayyyy better before. See Anderson cooper pics. She almost had a Kate Hudson kind of look to her. Certainly not the scary plastic person we see on bb.

  48. So much as I dislike amanda, she had a point tonight on the show. If Elissa was running around saying how much she loved Aaryn and Jessie I would be annoyed too. Elissa fricken hated them, especially Aaryn. I wasn’t buying the “I miss poopy so much” tonight in GMs HoH. Elissa is super fake. I feel like If it was any other season with more normal people, I would really dislike Elissa as well. Only thing is, she looks like a friggen saint compared to the rest of the people in the house.

    1. That was a passive-agressive comment like the Jessie comment that set her off previously. She was just seeing if she could get a rise out of her. It was also to reinforce to GM that Aaryn wasn’t voted out by Elissa, she was voted out by Amanda and McCrae. Amanda controlled herself this time because she knew the “see GM’s HOH room” would definitely be on TV. I thought it was great! Go Elissa!

    2. she never said she disliked aaryn personally-just that she was her biggest threat and she was. several times elissa approached aaryn about working with her and aaryn declined. elissa held out several olive branches-you dont do that to someone you dislike.

  49. Amanda sure did not get a good edit on tonights show…Love how Spencer has to go get Choco Milk when she starts one of her rants!…too funny.

  50. Amanda mothers McCrae–

    Amanda: “I’m going to take a bath. Mc, I’ll take towels up for us.” Basically telling him it’s bath time.

    Amanda: “McCrae, give me your shoes I’ll wash them they really need it.”

    McCrae: “I have to poop.” Amanda: “Go poop upstairs.” OMG It’s like my four year old telling me it’s poopy time.

  51. I thing is that Amanda and McCrae wanted to keep Andy over Arryn and that GM knew that Amanda was just using Arryn and they wouldn’t save her anyone. McCrae and Amanda are loser in that respect. They didn’t want to have to battle for the half a million they want it handed to them that is the problem. Everyone else is fighting for it and they haven’t won much.

  52. Amanda & McCrae headed off for a shower. Elissa said, that’s just weird doing that on tv, Spencer says, “That’s the only way she can make sure he gets cleaned.” ha ha (or something to that effect).

  53. People are saying that do not remember BB doing just reward comps.
    In the early years of Big Brother the houseguests would compete in what was called “Luxury Competitions”
    Like winning the BBQ, Hot Tub or a Margarita Party. This was Pre Slop and Have Nots
    The other purely reward or Luxuary was.
    They would lock all of the House Guests in the Backyard.
    Big Brother would then have racks of clothes in the living Room
    The Houseguests would have about 30 secs to put as many clothes on themselves as they could
    what ever they could put on themselves they could keep.
    I have not seen that in years.

    1. That’s what I posted earlier – it just seems a little odd that all of a sudden when Amanda is in a position to possibly go home, there is a “luxury” competition – I don’t know if it was just me but tonight’s edit seemed “off” altogether…

  54. NEWS FLASH McCruddy is in the shower of course its with the yeastbag but at least he’s getting clean.That’s 2 days in a row he’s been out of bed…AND HE CAN TALK!! Isn’t it great watching the disgusting yeast bag beg and grovel.Go ahead pig boy use the pov on your crazy “wife”

  55. If anyone in the house is crazy it is GM. Get over Nick you knew him for a couple of weeks. He has probably already forgotten about you. I am embarrassed for you every time you bring up his name. I think she is on the wrong show. She should have went on the Bachelor they always fall in “love” 5 minutes after being there. I bet Nick cringes every time she talks about him.

    1. As Dan said on the show, it’s like summer camp. Sometimes that feels intense but it doesn’t go anywhere. She’s keeping Nicks name alive for sure.

    2. I’m probably going out on a limb here, but maybe GM is just using this Nick thing to her advantage. Playing the dumb blonde while getting some sympathy for being delusional over Nick. She has played her HOH very smart and close to the vest. Based on her DR comments, she may have a better grip on the game than I originally thought she did.

  56. Did GM hear Amanda say she would not be a target of hers, MC or Andy’s if she didn’t vote her or MC out? That alone was a huge clue on where Andy’s alliance is with

  57. I think Amanda poisoned the macaroni she made, both guys are complaining about `feeling full` which may turn into who knows what. One way to get rid revenge in her evil mind.

  58. glad to see Amanda is set to go home. I wonder how MC will do on his own.??
    probably better since he spent most of his energy trying to calm her down instead of focusing on his own game.
    will it be too little too late?

    1. How long does it take to deprogram someone? I have a feeling he will not see the light for a while unfortunately. She has him so wound around her finger.

  59. I hope GinaMarie doesn’t get swayed by Amanda although she seems very firm on getting Amanda out.If McDick OR Amanda get Hoh they will put put Gina and Judd. Elissa Will already be gone to Jury. One of the exterminators will have to go to jury the following week.

  60. Been watching BB since 1st season. Never have we seen anyone as jealous and mean spirited as Amanda. For those who don’t know, she was born and raised in a snobbish Long Island, NY neighborhood that was predominantly Jewish. Her family moved to Florida where she worked in real estate with her mom but she’s spent the better part of her 20’s trying to break into show business. You can see her limited credits on her IMDB page under Amanda Joy Zuckerman. She’s been on CBS reality project before. She has also lived in L.A. more recently trying to get acting jobs. The reason many dislike her is clear jealousy of Elissa. A woman who has a family and financial stability. There is no excuse for anyone to behave with such vitriolic hatred in response to what Amanda claims is “taunting”. From the beginning Amanda’s behavior, racial comments and nasty language on live feeds has NOT gone unnoticed. Bragging about bleaching a certain part of the anatomy to all the veiled physical threats towards Elissa that she’s made are disturbing. Speaking of threats, go to google youtube video titled: “BB15 – Amanda tries to hurt Elissa ” and see just what kind of person Amanda really is. She first finds out Elissa is listening outside the door. Then when she is told Elissa is jogging inside house (because of lockdown for comp outside) Amanda makes a face and thrusts door open in hopes of harming Elissa. Disgusting jealous woman. CBS should remove this animal.

  61. I so wish that 10 minutes before the POV ceremony that Elissa would make a smart remark to GM and they get in a fake fight with spencer and judd holding her back and GM ending it saying now you are going up on the friggin’ block girl. You might be able to say that shit the Aaryn but you can’t say it to me.

    Then Mcrae uses the veto without thinking on Amanda, GM puts up andy and then McRae goes home. Best game move ever.


  62. Been watching BB since 1st season. Never have we seen anyone as jealous and mean spirited as Amanda. For those who don’t know, she was born and raised in a snobbish Long Island, NY neighborhood that was predominantly Jewish. Her family moved to Florida where she worked in real estate with her mom but she’s spent the better part of her 20?s trying to break into show business. You can see her limited credits on her IMDB page under Amanda Joy Zuckerman. She’s been on CBS reality project before. She has also lived in L.A. more recently trying to get acting jobs. The reason many dislike her is clear jealousy of Elissa. A woman who has a family and financial stability. There is no excuse for anyone to behave with such vitriolic hatred in response to what Amanda claims is “taunting”. From the beginning Amanda’s behavior, racial comments and nasty language on live feeds has NOT gone unnoticed. Bragging about bleaching a certain part of the anatomy to all the veiled physical threats towards Elissa that she’s made are disturbing. Speaking of threats, go to google youtube video titled: “BB15 – Amanda tries to hurt Elissa ” and see just what kind of person Amanda really is. She first finds out Elissa is listening outside the door. Then when she is told Elissa is jogging inside house (because of lockdown for comp outside) Amanda makes a face and thrusts door open in hopes of harming Elissa. Disgusting jealous woman. CBS should remove this animal.

  63. If GM believes Amanda then she’s dumber than dumb. It’s a game of lies and deceit and Amanda, along with the King Rat, the train conductor and her beau, will have GM out in an instant…..

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