Andy says about Amanda – “B***h don’t know she’s about to be exterminated!”

POV Holder: McCRAE Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


12:20am – 1am Up in the HOH room – Spencer, McCrae, Andy and Judd are talking. Amanda joins them and says how big of a nasty bit*h is that girl (Elissa)? Is she not the biggest f**king bit*h? Spencer comments that Amanda was being the nicest version of yourself. Amanda says she was being the biggest bit*h in the entire world. Andy asks what happened? Spencer says there were digs, she’s digging. Judd says I though you were nice. Amanda asks I was nice to her right? Judd says yeah. Amanda says she was just saying mean nasty, like she was digging! Andy asks like what, what did she say? Spencer says she is just saying like what Ginamarie should have told her in her nomination speech and what she is going to say in her goodbye. You’re the biggest manipulator and sh*t, just. Amanda says and that everybody hates you in the jury house. Amanda says I was just ignoring her and just kept talking to Judd. Judd says yeah I think she is drunk. Amanda says when she gets drunk she is a bit*h. Judd says she needs to go to bed. Amanda says yeah she’s drunk I guess. Judd says she is going to get a penalty nom. Amanda says yeah she needs to go to bed. Amanda then says no give her more alcohol, let her get a penalty nomination. Big Brother calls Amanda to the diary room. Gina and Elissa join them. Judd asks Gina when she is getting married. Gina says once Nick puts a ring on it. Elissa asks am I being called to the diary room to apologize for the way I acted? Big Brother cuts the feeds. Elissa leaves and the other comment on how drunk Elissa is. Judd says he told Elissa she is about to get herself a penalty nom and she got mad at me. Judd asks you don’t think McCrae will do that do you? (Use the veto on Amanda) Big Brother cuts the feeds. They talk about Amanda’s campaigning to stay. Andy says bit*h don’t know she is about to be exterminated.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL



CBS Interactive Inc.

12:50am – 1:30am Meanwhile on the backyard couch – Amanda and McCrae are talking. McCrae says that if they bring Elissa any farther in this game, we will only vote for Elissa in the end. Amanda says it’s going to be weird leaving. McCrae asks are you excited? Amanda says no the complete opposite, I am devastated. I can’t believe I can’t do anything about it either. McCrae says it is either Gina’s dumbest move or smartest. Amanda and McCrae head over to the hammock and lay out in it. Amanda tells McCrae that once I am going people aren’t going to target you anymore. Unless there is that 4 alliance. You should put up Elissa and Judd, if one of them come down put up Gina. All you have to rely on is that Spencer is being loyal. You need to get rid of Elissa, Judd and Gina. Judd is the most dangerous, then Elissa and then Gina. McCrae talks about his mom and how she see what’s going on. Amanda asks does she see how much I love you? McCrae says yeah. Judd, Andy and Spencer join them. They talk about random things.

1:35am Elissa asks Gina if she is going to go back outside. Gina says no I am going to lay down. Elissa says I am going to stay up till 4am. Elissa says Andy is calling me lamo, he says I’m the new Jessie. Elissa and Ginamarie are in the HOH room talking about how the Veto meeting will be early tomorrow. Elissa leaves to go back outside. Judd comes up and joins Gina. They talk about random things. Elissa and Andy then join them.
CBS Interactive Inc.


2am – 3:25am Amanda, McCrae and Spencer talk about how Elissa f**ked up their game. Spencer says the only person we said cannot get HOH was Elissa, and then Gina. They talk about the HOH competition. Spencer tells Amanda you know I want you to be here. I think you are all-star material. Amanda says and she is f**king up my game. Amanda, McCrae and Spencer head over to the couch. Amanda says she wants to go to Ginamarie and tell her she knows the only reason her and McCrae are on the block is because we are in a relationship and she is jealous. Spencer says I would not go tell her that. Amanda says and after Nick see’s this he is going to think that you are such a crazy lunatic that he will never want to speak to you ever again. Judd and Andy join them. Spencer tells Amanda that she is in the top 3 hottest girls in the house. Amanda says hey, I’ve always been in the top 3 hottest in the house. Spencer says well pajama sweat pants don’t really do anything for me. Amanda says well they do for McCrae. Spencer says well McCrae smells like mustard soup most of the time. Spencer says well he has a tie for a belt, so lets not use him as a metric for what is sexy. Everyone heads inside except for Spencer and McCrae. Spencer says he trusts and wants to move forward with McCrae. They talk about how the moving company fell apart. Amanda comes out and they all heads inside. In the bathroom – McCrae talks to Amanda about his conversation with Gina. Amanda tells him she loves him. We will just be apart for 2 weeks. McCrae says I am sorry. Amanda says even if you wanted to use it on me I wouldn’t let you. McCrae says I would beg for you to use it on me. Amanda says the worst case scenario is he leaves and comes to jury and we f**k like bunnies but that’s not going to happen you’re not coming to jury. Amanda tells McCrae if he gets the $50,000 he can take her on vacation, we will go to Europe! Amanda tells him I love you, don’t be scared. Amanda and McCrae head to bed.

5:50am All the house guests are still sleeping..

8:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Been watching BB since 1st season. Never have we seen anyone as jealous and mean spirited as Amanda. For those who don’t know, she was born and raised in a snobbish Long Island, NY neighborhood that was predominantly Jewish. Her family moved to Florida where she worked in real estate with her mom but she’s spent the better part of her 20?s trying to break into show business. You can see her limited credits on her IMDB page under Amanda Joy Zuckerman. She’s been on CBS reality project before. She has also lived in L.A. more recently trying to get acting jobs. The reason many dislike her is clear jealousy of Elissa. A woman who has a family and financial stability. There is no excuse for anyone to behave with such vitriolic hatred in response to what Amanda claims is “taunting”. From the beginning Amanda’s behavior, racial comments and nasty language on live feeds has NOT gone unnoticed. Bragging about bleaching a certain part of the anatomy to all the veiled physical threats towards Elissa that she’s made are disturbing. Speaking of threats, go to google youtube video titled: “BB15 – Amanda tries to hurt Elissa ” and see just what kind of person Amanda really is. She first finds out Elissa is listening outside the door. Then when she is told Elissa is jogging inside house (because of lockdown for comp outside) Amanda makes a face and thrusts door open in hopes of harming Elissa. Disgusting jealous woman. CBS should remove this animal.


I agree with everything you say, being brought up in a snobbish neighborhood but you could have left the Jewish part out. Honestly, every race, religion has their snobbish people too. Just sayin’

Beeped Out

This comment is a reply to “Bob says” Below.

Beeped Out

Yep, I deserve thumbs down, this comment is way out of place. It was meant to be placed further down the comments list so it makes no sense here. Sorry guys.

Ed Lawrence

It is not the conservative Jewish religion that tends to be overbearing and think they can say anything mean and personal to make their point, it is just Liberal American Jews who think Roosevelt freed them to have freedom to do anything. Good example is Bill Maher. I wonder if these people even support their homeland of Israel which being Conservative I support 100%.


yeah, except Judaism is not just a religion, its also a race. Why do you think tay-sachs disease is so common among people of the “Jewish religion?”


If you are referring to a nation in the sense of race, Judaism is not a nation. People are free to convert into Judaism; once converted, they are considered the same as if they were born Jewish. This is not true for a race.



I’m reiterating this but I think Elissas cool demeanor makes her even sexier. Shes a good wife and mom and has a great personality. Plus she’s smoking hot. Shes does yoga so she has to be good in the sack. And she takes care of herself, the home, and makes her own money. What guy wouldn’t want a wife like that. What woman wouldnt be jealous. Especially a self absorbed, cheeseburger eating, Mcpussy having, cheating, control freak, insecure, gossip spreading, looks like A Man, hot tempered, crybaby bitch of a woman who cant find anything good in her life because of her personality and blames it on every on else. Not naming any names or anything but you know… just sayin.


Oh, you’re not going to name names? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Maybe reread the first few sentences of your post


LOL It’s called sarcasm kid.

Chuckleberry Finn

Your post literally made me throw up in my mouth. I mean, Elissa is what I would imagine some lonely loser nerd would build if he was building a plastic pleasure-bot to defile in his mothers basement.


And Amanda is what Disney is going to use to model the remake of Jabba the Hutt


Exactly! Elissa doesn’t react the way the one in McCrae’s basement reacts. That’s why he hates her.

Elissa is not pretty to look at

Looking at Elissa makes me sick. Her face is hideous and her body looks like a man when she’s doing her yoga stretches. And it is so disgusting when she breathes through her nose and makes those unintelligible noises (ummm, hmmmm, mmmm). Sorry, just keeping it real boo.


Elissa may be a bad person but she has a BANGIN BODY! Ya might want to get your glasses checked!

You're Jealous!!! Shut Up!!!

…you sound like Amanda…and that’s NOT a good thing :o(


Sorry, let’s REALLY keep it real…anyone who denies Elissa’s attractiveness is either;
A) Gay
B) a woman, or
C) delusional
If you claim to NOT be delusional…and a heterosexual man, prove it….provide a link and show us what YOUR girl looks like.


Elissa body is really hot but her face is quiet plastic,. I am just being honmest, I can see why some might call her ugly or robot looking. I’d still do her but thjat face isn’t the best.


You’re jealous too aye mmm hmmm LOL

Mayor McCheese

Hey now, watch it! You might insult cheeseburger eaters! :)


When Amanda threw open that door I thought now CBS would step in. But CBS and BB still did nothing. She could have caused Elissa or someone else some serious damage. That door became a weapon.


What’s worse, Ratboy agrees to Amanda’s bullying, so that he can go to Elissa to be nice to her so that she won’t put him up.
I think Ratboy is probably worse.


In the sense that Andy realizes full well what he is doing, whereas Amanda seems to be doing all the vile things she does in a very immature/psychotic kind of way…I mean, she is still asking herself “WHY??? WHY WOULD THEY PUT ME UP!!? IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!”

But in the end, I still find Amanda more “dangerous” because of her level of unpredictability!
But I completely understand about Andy being right at the top with her!

Oh Lord! I just can’t wait for her (them) to get back out in the real world!


I can’t either!!! It could be a new reality show called, “Aftermath of bad reality behavior!” Were they real on BB15 or not!! Good TV to watch their faces and eventual acceptance. Maybe Dr. Drew could host it!!!

Go Elissa

I Do Not want to see Any of them anymore !!!! That would be rewarding the disgusting behavior !

Twisted Nipple

Ratboy agrees to anything that will make his ratbutt smell sweeter. Like the song goes….”any way the wind blows.”


you do realize, all the guys act like they agree. if one of them had any balls to step up and speak the truth, perhaps demanda might double think her act. but instead, each of them are enabling demanda to act that way.

while spencer is pretty pathetic, the best thing he ever did in the house was that time he stood up to demanda. what happened to that guy? he had balls then. apparently thats why his hand is always in his shorts. looking for the balls he once had.


Something had accrued to me about Spencer; He is really good about getting gals to fight. He says just the right thing t dig in. It is NOT new game play for him!

Over Educated Elite Liberal



With all of the racial slurs, vile, and extremely harsh sexual language this woman uses on national television, no one is going to hire her in any industry and nobody would buy a house from her. She of all people should know how racism hurts. Then again, you have to have heart to care. We all know the Ice Queen feels nothing. And whenever she gets back to a real life – she will realize how hated she is. CBS did not portray her as anything but what she is…EVIL.


She is a good candidate for a phone sex job though


Have you noticed in the previous post, Amanda was talking about being in the jury house, and hoping to be forgiven for her actions….

“Whether or not all those girls hate me in jury I now have the opportunity to tell them EVERYTHING I DID WAS FOR GAME”

…..she then proceeds to declare

“I wasn’t playing the game THIS IS ME”

What the heck is that if it isn’t complete dumb obvious contradiction!


She was not playing game. She is just a mean nasty BITC-. How was it playing game when she got mad at McRae when Jessie sat on the same couch as him and she got mad at HIM for not coming to sit by her when she TOLD him to, that was game when she so mean and nasty to Candace ,Jessie,Elissa & GM? I don’t see how any of that was game.” Now everyone knows not to push my buttons” spoiled piece of SHI- is what she is. You did a great job mommy & daddy! You must be so proud


Perhaps Amanda has a split personality. One evil and the other even more evil.


Controversial people bring energy (positive/negative) and excitement to each episode. Energy and excitement bring $$$ to CBS. More $$$ means less intervention by the powers that be.


Let’s also not forget all the disgusting violent rape scenarios she wished on Jessie.
That was not small chit chat and joking around , it was much too crude, extremely VIOLENT!!

For a “woman” to wish that upon another woman… I have no words….

The psychoanalyst

Get over it already, Annie. How many times are you haters going to bring that up? This is a game. Contestants say things in a heated moment just like you do in your life. Amanda did not mean anything she’s said. She is playing for $500k and, like everybody else in that house, will say pretty much anything in order to win the prize. I believe other than GM and Spencer everyone else will regret the things they’ve said. So cut Amanda a little slack. I will add that compared to an overwhelming number of outrageous comments on this blog Amanda’s comments are miniscule. I hope you can see that Annie.


Are you serious??? Get over the words of someone having pleasure in someone getting violently raped!! People heard that and may try it. It needs to be brought up daily until she ask forgiveness!! You are wrong and vile!


Thank you for sticking up for what’s right!


Maybe CBS should send Amanda to India where a woman is raped every 22 seconds. Then lets see how funny she thinks rape is.


I do understand what you are saying. Yes, people playing a game say all kinds of things…but that was pretty disgusting!

I really liked Amanda in the beginning, and she still sometimes makes me chuckle with some of her sense of humour.
But the hatred she displays is just wrong….. but I will get over it! :o)

And I completely agree with you when you say that comments on this blog are many times worse than anything we have heard from the house guests.
The hatred on the blogs are out of control… “an eye for an eye” type of hatred….and it does not make things better, and hurts my eyes!


Other than the winner of BB 15, all of these people will have regrets. They will second guess themselves on what they would/should/could have done that would have won them the game. As for Amanda, I can’t agree with you. She said she was not playing a game – this is who she is. At this point, knowing she is on the verge of eviction, she should have said, “This is just a game. I hope each of you know that this is not really who I am outside the house. Hope we can get together and laugh about it afterwards. You guys got me.” I still wouldn’t have respected her method of game play, but it would give me some hope that in real life she is more or less a normal human being.


The psychoanalyst, when the hell is wishing rape on another female, plotting to kill someone in their sleep, threatening people and harassing them to no end ever been declared as game play??? That is not game play. Amanda is plain and simple, a freaking lunatic! I don’t know about you but if I’m playing a game, I don’t go around plotting to kill people in their sleep or any other vile thing that Amanda has done! Apparently YOU, my dear, need glasses. If you can’t see how Amanda is and claim it’s game play then you are just as psycho.

Elissa is just as bad? I NEVER heard her say that she was going to do any of those things that Amanda said to anyone in that house! What, cause she ignored people? They all had it out for her from day 1 all because she is “Rachel’s sister”!! Big deal. All they ever do is talk about Elissa. Sorry, but I wouldn’t give them the time of day either and I’m pretty sure if you were in her shoes, you would do the exact same thing. So, why is it ok for all them to talk smack about Elissa all the damn time but when she makes jabs here and there she gets criticized for it? How is that fair? When Amanda was in her face, she never did nothing, she was the bigger person and walked away. Like come on, telling someone to sit down and then call them trash?! Amanda is the trash! There is NOTHING lady like about Amanda whatsoever!!!!

To call Amanda’s tactics all game play is beyond ridiculous! Ya, Elissa made jabs, so what? She is entitled as she has been picked on the whole game. Nobody ever gave her a chance from day 1. I certainly wouldn’t give them the time of day either. Why can’t she defend herself? Then Amanda brings in personal things like attacking her husband….how is that game play? That’s on a personal level now. You have your opinions and I have mine but just to be clear…Elissa IS NOT worse than Amanda! If the situations were reversed, had it been Elissa acting that way against Amanda then I would side with Amanda but that is not the case. Amanda is poison! That’s all there is to it! I sure wouldn’t want her as a friend of mine!


Sure it’s a game but I’m thinking that a rational person, knowing they’re on national and international TV, would choose what they say very carefully because people are going to perceive what is said in a much more realistic way than you…..

BB15 is a joke

So “it’s a game” so people can do and say whatever they want? Sorry but that doesn’t make sense. Did you miss the part where your innocent little Amanda said, “this is me!” Referring to the fact that she’s not acting this way for the game. Even if she didn’t mean anything she’s said all season, when she opened the door as hard as she could when she thought Elissa was listening, is inexcusable. She should have been removed from the house at that point. She’s a horrible human being. PS – you sound like her mother with all your stupid comments. Only a mom would make excuses like that for their child, which would explain why Amanda is the way she is.


She was soooo jealous of Jessie. Jessie was good looking and had an A$$ that wouldn’t quit (my wife even thought so) Everyone was always getting attention Amanda wasn’t & they didn’t have to walk around in her drawers. Did you see Amanda in that pink one piece bathing suit or in the tanning know what’s a shame Amanda is the only thing you have going for you is the boobs you bought. You are actually in the top 4 good looking women in the house now if you count Andy. I think he has a nicer figure than you and looks better in a dress than you. If he bought him some boobs he would put you to shame. I bet before you bought your boobs you looked like a guy with that gut. Candace was Miss La. 2005. Jessie was a 10 (like Elissa said) Kaitlin was a 10 (if you saw her in that Budweiser outfit at the full throttle saloon photo,) GM was hot in her photo’s, Arryn looked good in he magazine shots, even Helen had a better body than yours. The only person in the whole house that you have a better body that is Spencer & that’s pretty close actually.


[ disgusting violent rape scenarios she wished on Jessie ]

…and CBS does nothing. Sometime in the future when Amanda acts out her fantasies this season will be brought into evidence suggesting that someone enabled that demented dominatrix….


We all know wacism-schmacism does not apply to people of the self-chosen tribe. Inspite of Amandas far worse comments and behavior i still doubt she will receive any where near the same treatment that Aaryn received.


Are you referring to the eviction? The reaction from the audience and Julie’s interview? If so, I agree with you. From reading this, and watching the live feeds, Amanda’s behavior and racism has been far worse than Aaryns was. I’m still surprised CBS aired Aaryns comments and didn’t show any of the vile things Amanda was saying. I’m hoping the audience will be full of fans that actually watch the live feeds and see how disgusting she is. She deserves worse treatment than Aaryn received. Have you seen the youtube video titled “Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior.”?


Amanda definitely has issues, but why all the anti-semitism that seems to be gushing out on this site? What does her religion have to do with anything? People seem preoccupied with her religion…..with all the evil people that have been on this show, why the need to showcase her religion? Tone it down a bit.


Well because Judaism is not just a religion its a race. Why do you think Tay-Sachs disease is so common among the jewish religion?

Echo. Hello...hello-o-o-o

We heard you the first time and you have been wrong both times.


I think it comes from the general thought that the show-business industry is owned/ruled by people that happen to be of Jewish faith.
And because she is of the same faith, and because some media giants seem to refuse to talk about her (but were willing to talk about Aaryn without any problems…she happens to not be of the same faith), people are trying to find a reason WHY to the mutiny?

Maybe they are just ashamed to be associated with her?


Sorry, I am French…. the word “mutiny” should have been “silence”


I totally agree. The Jewish are among the greatest people in the history of this world. I believe Amanda is a great actress and a beautiful Jewish woman, that’s why I called her my Jewish Queen. Amanda has a beautiful future ahead of her. Finallly, I want to thank the Buffalo Bulls for beating the spread against Ohio State. Another huge win for Josh and me. We won a ton of money, but alas we have to leave Vegas. A great city. We are thinking about going to Maccau next. Never been there. Go Amanda and win that 500,000. You deserve it. Just want to shout out to my friend the Captain. Cap you are one of the good one’s.


BufBil, Stick to your computer gambling that you’ve been inappropriately promoting on Simon’s website.


Congrats, You’re a stalker!

Judd's chicken suit

You gave an accurate description of Amanda… animal! She needs to accept the fact that she is going home and pick ONE personality for her remainder of time in the house. She’s all over the place!


You hit the nail on the head regarding Amanda. However, it still doesn’t describe how disgusting she is completely. I’ve never known anyone in my lifetime that comes any where close to this girl. And, I can’t say much for McCrae and the others for watching her treat Elissa so bad (and sometimes even encourage it). It’s almost as bad as Amanda.

The psychoanalyst

Quit portraying Elissa as the victim. For the entire season she has dumped on every HG. She’s bragged how untouchable she is bc she is Rachel’s sister and how CBS courted her and paid her big bucks to be on the show and they won’t let her go (so far that’s been obvious). She couldn’t be bothered to even be sociable…. until now that she is on her own and has to be. She thinks that by being nice to everyone now they will forget her true colors and will keep her around and then vote for her in the end. She is every bit as deluded as she is shallow. Elissa is the vile and evil person. Way worse than the Amandas out there. They think they are superior to everyone and pretend to be ‘one of the masses’ but then spit on you the second you are out of sight. Elissa is NOT a good person.


I could NOT be social with most of those HG. A; they talk about is sex and I would not want my name dragged through the mud with them. Ellisa did good to stay away!!!


Elissa is a passive aggressive bitch but she has conducted herself with class and dignity in this game. Amanda legitimately has serious mental issues and can not control her disgusting behavior. Amanda is cruder than any male I know. The guys on the show are really scared if they say something to her she will go off on them so they say nothing. Did you see the look on Andy’s face when she yelled at him that he had to stay to listen to her bitch. He looked scared and stayed. I would have said call me when your mental rant is over.


You are clearly not a PSYCHOANALYST in real life.


Is it my turn to now tell you to “GET OVER IT”??

BB15 is a joke

“They think they are superior to everyone and pretend to be ‘one of the masses’ but then spit on you the second you are out of sight.” Yes sounds about right for your beloved Amanda. You must be her mom. Give it up, your daughter is mentally ill and so are you.

Name withheld to protect the innocent

Ok – I am not an Amanda fan and have always been an Elissa fan and want ananda gone. I just want Elissa to go back to ignoring Amanda and her antics and not trying to get Amanda mad. Stop listening at doors!


The only way to find the truth is to listen behind the door and that is how Jessie found the truth. That is smart of Elissa cannot wait to see the eviction on Thursday.

Elissa is a hypocrite

No, it just shows that Elissa is a rat. The entire season she has acted offended for things the HGs have said and done. And now she is doing all of these things. Don’t call Andy a rat you fake flake if you are doing the same thing. She disgusts me in so many ways. Can’t wait to see her gold digging ass evicted.


Not going to happen Elissa is staying.


She’s the typical rich white self-righteous liberal hypocrite that flees to a predominately white neighborhood and then has the audacity to preach to poorer whites on how to be tolerant and non-racist. People like her are the worst type of human-beings.


As I agree about Amanda wholeheartedly and feel she is obsessed with Elissa, Elissa is being a bit catty and I feel has lost sight of the game. The other houseguests are becoming more annoyed with her and her jabs at Amanda. She needs to cool it.

bb is a house full of crazy

Elissa is batshit crazy. She has always been batshit crazy. Amanda is batshit crazy but she is right about Elissa..she’s a snobby airhead that only thinks and cares about #1…herself.


Elissa is very Zen and well composed, Amanda is the one who is bat shit crazy. I don’t think I have ever heard Elissa want someone gang raped with their teeth knocked out, have you? I guess birds of a feather…………..

Beeped Out

3 Names: Lindsey Lohan, Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen. The acting world is forgiving if there’s money to be made. But let’s not forget, there is definitely one “acting” door wide open for her – Bow chica bow wow Amanda!


Lindsay Lohan, Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen ENDED UP where Amanda is now…not started out. You cannot start out that way and become anything. People wanted Paula Deen’s head on a platter for saying something racist YEARS ago. Imagine what the “real world” would do to Amanda if she tried to capitalize on her BB appearance. She is notorious, not famous. She should have charges pressed against her for things she has said. She said them over and over, on national televsion, with the knowledge she was being taped 24/7.

The psychoanalyst

Keep dreaming Beth. Ain’t gonna happen. Amanda (and Aaryn) are going to be just fine. You and the haters need to get over your obsession of wanting to see these beautiful smart women suffer when they get back to the real world. Don’t be jealous.

bb is a house full of crazy

You make it sound like Amanda was the only one with racist remarks. Look at the whole picture and most were racist at one point or another. All of them made derogatory remarks…every one of them.

The psychoanalyst

Actually CBS ruined her game when they rigged it so an evicted HG could return. The 3AM alliance had the numbers after Helen’s eviction to run all the way to the end, but since poor Elissa was all alone they changed the rules mid-game and decided to put a person back in the house so 3 AM wouldn’t have their advantage. Then let’s not forget putting Elissa on the platform that actually had something behind her to hold onto, and her being allowed to stay in that competition even though her feet fell off the plank. Or the soft lobs that were thrown to Elissa so she could easily catch the balls while line drives were being hurled at Amanda and others. Amanda was screwed big time by CBS. The game is rigged for the shallow flake to win. That’s one of many reasons why this is the worse season ever and why CBS sucks. And why I won’t be watching any future seasons of BB.


Except that Chen had been making the “you’re not out of the game yet” comment to the jury for weeks. It didn’t have anything to do with rigging it to keep Elissa in the game. Nice try. They needed the season to fill a certain number of weeks in CBS’ season. That’s why they brought back an evicted houseguest.

bb is a house full of crazy

If Elissa’s husband lost his money somehow, how long would it be before she moves on to another sugar daddy? A few weeks or a few months?


I agreed as well, she is a sucking virus leech. She has no morals and even religion including being a Jew. I’m disgusting of how her behavior is and she deserve to be kicked out!!!!!! In fact, Amanda trying to hurt Elissa which is not cool. She is Cancer and deserve to go. Good riddance she is gone. No more Amanduh!!! Hey Amanda……..Remember you said that “do you remember, any houseguest are targeted me is going home.” Guess what GinaMarie just got you. Quote from Jeff “YOU GOT GOTTED,YOU GOT GOTTED, YOU GOT GOTTED”

Elissa is being a bully

Wow SCPD. Like you didn’t already have your screed typed out so you could paste it and be the first one to post in this entry? You are no better than Amanda when whining about her and trying to put up info about her. Does that make you feel like a man? A tough guy? Where’s your outrage with Elissa for taunting Amanda now that she’s down and out? Amanda isn’t instigating anything and not even fighting back but Elisaa is stirring the shit and egging Amanda on. So asswipes like you can pounce on Amanda if she does respond for being a bully. Elissa is an obnoxious turd and it will so sweet when your relative goes out the door. Is that what rich stuck-up assholes do all day – sit back and taunt the little people and make fun of them? Elissa is showing her true colors right now, as she will when it’s Gina’s time to be evicted. She’s plastic and phony on the outside but even more so on the inside. Disgusting.

Elissa is being a bully

And save your Amanda deserves it and is just getting a taste of her own medicine. You haters say ad nauseum that bullying and taunting is never okay. But I bet very few of Elissa’s relatives / Rachel fans will post on here that she is being a jerk for her behavior toward Amanda. Which shows that you haters talk out of both sides of your ass.


So can you list exactly what has Elissa done to Amanda that Amanda hasn’t done to anyone else in this game. I watch the live feeds so I need to enlightened by an Amanda supporter because I must have missed something. I have seen the past three weeks and Amanda’s behavior and meanness has been escalating. Including swinging a door open with force because Andy said that Elissa may be listening at the door.

All's fair in love and war

If Elissa is going to act like a rat and eavesdrop maybe she should have the door slammed in her face. It disgusted me when Jesse did it, when Helen and Elissa did it (on Howard and Candice), and now when Elissa is doing it. That’s pretty pathetic actually. Then again, Elissa is a pathetic insecure shallow creature. If she wants to play dirty then on well if she gets a door pushed in her hideous face. Maybe it will improve it.


So Amanda can dish it out but she can’t take it. I think what Elissa’s doing is a little different than what Amanda has done . Actually Elissa is stating the FACTS, Jessie was the only 10 in the house(Elissa’s opinion) I’m sure the women in the jury house mouths are watering for Amanda to get there. Did Elissa slam into a door trying to injure the person on the otherside. Did BB have to take away the knives and forks because Elissa was going up on the block. Has Elissa got in Amanda’s face or yelled and screamed at her. I bet Candace & Jessie will tell you what Elissa does is nothing like what Amanda does and they would have no problem. Amanda just thinks she can yell and scream at people if they don’t play the game likes she wants them to. Has Elissa said anything racist. Everything she’s told Amanda is trueI. If the truth hurts, DON’T BE SUCH AN A$$hole!!!!!! That goes fo you too.


You are either blind or just jumped on the board, Every day Mcray has to tell mandogpig, to stop starting things with people, he then told her after noms, that she needs to play the victim, and let Elissa be thebad guy. Wake up meathead!!!!! Amanda put’s the Man into McCray and Andy


I too cannot understand the mentality of CBS and BB for allowing the rants and rampage of Amanda and not just to Elissa even though Elissa has been Amanda’s main focus in her bully tactics! Really if the powers that be will not step in and remove Amanda then it just shows ratings win over morality and human kindness. No one should be treated or maligned the way Elissa and other houseguests of BB have been by Amanda……enough she is not wanted nor liked – she will get absolutely no jury votes – she deserves NOTHING except a boot out of this game regardless whether she is friends with the producer who cares – she is a vile, evil, sneaky person who has no trouble bad mouthing and bullying anyone who is in front of, beside or behind her….AMANDA MUST GO AND HOPING IT IS SOON!!!


scpd_guy and this comment Celia van der Woodsen

I am not surprised about demanda’s nasty behavior. After all she is just a jew.
why is that different that the comments the players are making, and we’re disgusted by???

Ex Fan

So you’d smack Elissa? Which trailer park do you live in? The one where the Zuckermans live? If you touched Elissa I am sure her wealthy hubby would have you in front of a judge so fast your head would swim. Do jail much?


If you look at the boards, you will see that Elissa is far from the most hated, she has the least number of negatives, compared to Amandogpig, who has led the season in negatives…

Joker face has to go

I get what your saying about Amanda, the crap that comes out of her mouth can rival any trailer park in the world but Eliisa is not much better the stuff that spews out of her mouth makes me sick ,how nobody has not smacked her joker face is beyond me. Screw the money I would have smacked the joker face bitch in the first two weeks. You wait till the final Ellisa will be the most hated player by all the house guests. When you talk down to everyone and have I am better then everyone attitude. She has called everyone disgusting in dumb in the house.


lol. So what is the stuff that spews out of Elissa’s mouth? Seriously, please inform us of what she has said that is so awful & can come even close to the vile things that come out of Amanda’s mouth?

Hot Mess

As I was reading this and agreeing, I couldn’t help thinking of the Kardashians.
We live in a culture that rewards dispicable behavior. Amanda will have her own show in no time.
I bet there is already a bidding war.


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I don’t watch the Kardashians but I do watch the Trump show-The Apprentice and I was thinking about what a viscious, vile manipulating bitch Omerosa is–and they have had her on 2 or 3 times. I’m sure its for ratings and that people watch mostly to see her get her comeuppance. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Amanda. That would be like rewarding vile behavior. Its not a fair trade-putting her on for ratings just to see if a new set of HGs shut down her shit in the first weeks of the show. Frankly, I hope we don’t see ANY of these HGs in any future seasons of BB. What do you think?

Ewww Just Ewww

Omarosa looks like an angel next to Amanda.


I just watched the YouTube you mentioned. Amanda is a disgusting pig.


Amanda keeps saying this is her and she is not playing the game. If I were McCrae when I got out I would get as far away from her as possible. I can’t believe that she is saying GM wants her out because she is jealous of them. Really what is to be jealous of? McCrae will go back to his ex with some money. She is already thinking how she is going to spend his money.

J-J-J-JokerFace, J-J-JokerFace

if elissa has a family and financial stability then what is she doing taking time away from her children & husband to compete for money she doesn’t need? amanda is no angel, but to praise elissa is a joke. she’s schemed & taunted & lied & manipulated just as much (look at her behavior last night) she just does so in a manner less obvious or brash as amanda.


well her acting career is toast now. no one hires bitchy racists. ha ha what a twerp. maybe she can get a McJob somewhere.


Amanda has lost all sense of reality (on reality tv : )) She blames Elissa for everything! To say Elissa ruined her game is crazy. Amanda let her obsession with Elissa ruin her game, Oh, and just being herself didn’t help either


Anytime somebody relies on BB cliches or blames a single individual for ruining their game, we know they’re terrible players…and considering how Amanda dominated this season, what does that say about the overall quality of the players this year.

Elissa is not the saint so many here wish to believe. She’s snobbish and unbelievably passive aggressive…but she not heinous like Amanda. She also saved Amanda’s game with her special “undeserved” power. Without MVP, Elissa goes in week 1 and there’s an excellent chance that Amanda goes the following week. Aaryn (with Jeremy) is HOH. The Moving Company is wary of Amanda, so unable to get David nominated by Aaryn, Amanda would have been the next target. Amanda gathered the floaters in The Superfriends precisely because of Elissa (and the MVP), so without the MVP, all she has is swinging from McCrea’s d**k.

Without Elissa (and the MVP), Amanda is gone early and we’d likely be talking about Nick and Spencer as the dueling masterminds of the game


Jews run Hollywood (and the world)…unfortunately I think she’ll be fine.


Aaryn, is that you?

Your a racist idiot

So it’s ok to bash the Jewish people, but not ok to bash Asians, Blacks, Arabs, etc.?

You are a disgusting piece of trash.


Amanda gets cast for the next Sharknado, gets eaten by a shark and it throws her up lol

Beeped Out

Gross, you mean you want Amanda to survive? Let the shark eat her and then die horribly from the poison that is Amanda.


That’s a horrible totally undeserved fate for the shark!


send this to syfy great idea


Terrible thing to say but I’ll say it anyway. Shark took a bite and got herpes.


Lately when I’ve been watching the Live Feeds
I literally feel like I took a bad hit of Acid and
am hallucinating all of this….


Elissa got inside Amanda’s head, which apparently isn’t all that hard to do. It may just coincide with the fact that Amanda doesn’t seem to be all that hard to get into in other ways also.

Penalty Nom?

What did Elissa do?


it appears she was honest about her life outside BB house and a few are green with envy. elissa could have down played everything, but didn’t. this says something about her…trustworthy.

Don't Know

Maybe she pretended she was Amanda.


I don’t know why you have so many thumbs down, I actually want to know what she did as well. I’m just curious to know if Amanda is just making it up, or of Elissa actually did something.

Amanda's dog Woofy



What happened between Amanda and Elissa ? Did they have another fight again last nite? Pls fill me in, anybody who knows what happened. Thanks.


She did nothing, Amanda is a vile psycho.


Don’t know what Elissa may have done but for Pete’s sake, what could be any worse than what Amanda has done already to Elissa? Really, if there is a penalty nom then CBS would be shooting itself in the foot. The backlash would be enormous. Doesn’t matter if you are an Elissa or Amanda fan or not. Love or hate either one, its all about the ugliness of bullying. Amanda is plain unapologetic. Elissa will question her own jabs. So there are shades of gray even in the world of nastiness. Nuf said. Now a question: Is anyone else tired of hearing all the HGs saying (at any point in time), that so or so, screwed my game play? No one plays this game for another player to win. That’s just how it works. Can’t imagine anyone saying – oh, gee, thanks for nominating me, I really did not want to win the 50K.

Amanda's Straight Jacket

She popped Amanda’s imaginary ego balloon twice by bringing up two elements of Amanda’s reality that aren’t allowed. First that Amanda is a huge manipulator, and GM should have said that in her nom speech. Second that the people in jury hate Amanda. Then Judd jokingly (or not, who knows with pea brain Judd) warns Elissa that she is going to get a penalty nomination for mentioning those things beacause –

Anytime Amanda gets exposed to an element of reality that threatens her fantasy world of what she deserves and demands, she defines that as someone bullying and terrorizing her, and therefore everybody must walk on eggshells to keep her satisfied in her fantasy.

McRae has taken to just tiptoeing on the eggshells to avoid her meltdowns.

Andy plays the part of her pet gay girlfriend and expresses constant support of Amanda’s fantasy world, rooting whatever Amanda’s ridiculous schemes are and expressing the same outsized outrage at Amanda’s perceived imaginary insults that threaten her fantasyland.

Spencer plays up Amanda’s delusions and intentionally eggs her way further than she could take her outsized reactions if she had any semblance of healthy self questioning. His only job is to support her delusions to help make her behavior even more outrageous, and he loves it.

With these 3 Amanda has completely surrounded herself with Yes men to her fantasy world, just like the head of any company who does the same at the cost of an ever failing business.

Elissa simply uses little bitty tiny stick pens to pop this quartet’s delicately crafted hot air sized balloon of Amanda’s ego. Amanda instantly deflates to nothing and then goes back to her 3 little bitches to pump that balloon up again while the 4 of them point fingers everywhere screaming YOU CAUSED THIS, and YOU OVER THERE CAUSED THIS, etc., etc….

By the way, its the exact same problem Andy personally has with Elissa.

Meanwhile, GM totally understands Amanda’s insanity and probably likes fucking with her head more than Spencer does.


The psychoanalyst

Hey Amanda’s straight jacket, save the book for those who actually want to read a book. No one cares that much what you have to say if you can’t say it in five sentences or less.

Jacket Jacket

Funny how this commenter, who you say nobody caress about has more likes and dislikes than you do.


Whoever you are, I enjoyed the long read.

You are way better at psychoanalyzing than the “psychoanalyst”!


Elissa is going to be her own worst enemy. Not a smart move to act like Amanda and think you’re safe for the next week. PLEASE DON’T LET ANDY WIN…He is a vile little droll who has lost all respect from his employer and his students.

Not A PHD Student

Amanda says the worst case scenario is he leaves and comes to jury and we f**k like bunnies but that’s not going to happen you’re not coming to jury. Amanda tells McCrae if he gets the $50,000 he can take her on vacation, we will go to Europe!

This statement says it all . McCrea you sure have a real gem. I’m surprised she was still on the market. I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up to that everyday?


Amandaconda has squeezed all life out of McCrae. He is just a shell of the person who came into the house. He will definitely be rethinking his game play whether he wins or not. Amanda is not very encouraging if she says “If you win the $50K…”. Why isn’t she saying he’ll win the $500K? She knows she ruined his game as well as her own.


After that statement, she has the audacity to tag Elissa as a gold digger! Delusional Amanda!


I believe Amanda is the nastiest person in BB history. Very mean lady.


Are they kidding with even bringing up a penalty nomination against Elissa. After everything Amanda did to her, if they didn’t give Amanda one, they’re not going to give Elissa one for being drunk. I’m so sick and tired of everyone continuing to kiss Amanda’s butt…whether its bs or not, no one but Elissa, GM or Jessie had any balls to put Amanda in her place.

Amanda is a pig...

I have to say, Amanda disgusts me more than any person I can ever remember watching on TV, better yet, more than any person I can ever remember in my life. To watch her and her antics just makes me sick. I can’t imagine what she will say when she gets out and watches her season and sees what a disgusting, vile pig she is. I for one and hoping the Big Brother crowd boos her so loud that when she walks out to see Julie, you can’t hear one person applauding. as we know from this blog, there are a few idiots that actually defend Amanda and think she is playing a good game. That baffles me, how in the world can you watch this season and defend her? I guess I’ll never know, but whatever….


She would probably say, Damn I look good and I deserve an Academy Award. She is a escaped mental patient from Gotham City. She’s the joker face whore!!!! How is she the 3rd hottest in the house. Lmao she needs a GOOD YEAR BLIMP FOR ALL THAT EGO SHE CALLS HOT!!!! She just disgusting!!!!


I am sure they will have plenty of security, or they will have a fake audience to prevent problems.


This is the order I would like the HG to exit the house with the final person being the winner. Let me add a disclaimer that, based on behavior, none of them DESERVE to win. Judd would have been my pick, but then I saw the racist remarks he made earlier in the season. Same with GM, who continues to make racist remarks. So, I guess I have based my opinion on who was the least mean, vile, racist, and who was a good survivalist, whether it was laying low, being a floater, or using strategy and/or their social skills. I am not factoring in whether the HG needs the money, but more on the points previously listed.

First to go —> Amanda
Second, –>McCrae
Fifth,–>Gina Marie
Sixth, and part of the Final Two–>Judd
Seventh, and the winner–>Elissa

It is a shame that Judd used racism as part of his game, because I would totally want him to win. I did keep in mind, who would I be proud, of the remaining HG, to say is my relative. Definitely, not McCranda or Andy or Spencer. I would be mad at GM, if she were my daughter, sister or cousin. I would be a little disappointed if Judd were my brother, son, or cousin. I would be proud to say Elissa is my daughter, sister, cousin, mother, or friend. I think you can play this game without hitting below the belt and being down right mean, vile or racist. And while Elissa is completely hurt and angered by Amanda’s attacks, I think the things she has been saying are true and factual about the way Amanda has played the game. If she gets a penalty nomination because of last nights “digs” then shame on BB for not doing the same to Amanda over a month ago (and all the time since!). Good luck to Judd and Elissa!!


I totally agree with you except I want Andy out 2nd then McCrae. Refresh my memory what did Judd say that you didn’t like? I rally want Andy to go next after Amanda.


I agree except hope that at the finale Elissa would tell all the jury to vote for Judd instead of her because she doesn’t need the money and he is a worthy opponent! Her haters would probably call this a snobbish move however I think it would be a classy move and very memorable – might keep people talking afterwards like the ” topaz” move in the finale of bb Canada!


Amanduh!!! You don’t have a clue GinaMarie will screw you over and puts up Spencer!!! Your fake DPOV doesn’t doing anything good.


For the life of me, I can’t figure out why these lame males guests never confront the Amazonian control freak.
As big and gross Spencer is one would think he would tell Amanda to STFU!
McCrap is one lazy wuss who seems content chewing off his finger nails.
Andy has been around girls so long he is started to have periods.
Poor Judd. NIce guy but has no idea how to play BB because he has no backbone and a hair lip.

Twisted Nipple

Easy to answer, the guys are simply sitting back and letting the women do all the work. Just like in the outside world. :)


because guys use there heads let the women fight between each other and cut there own throats that’s why the jury is all women and why men have won 9 of 14 bb

Pinocchio Obama

My favorite part of BBAD last night was Amanda and McCrae acting like victims after all of the people that they have screwed over.


Amanda has to be the nastiest person I have ever heard of. I just read on another site some of the things she was saying about GM and Elissa once she found out that Elissa was not going to be the replacement. I can’t blame her parents for all of her behavior because she is over 21 and is allowed to be the biggest Ho and A$$ walking. But at some point even with an adult a parent has to draw a line and let them know that behavior will not be tolerated by them. Amanda has embarrassed her parents, friends and her faith. Some of the things she was saying about Moses and mocking his speech impediment was just wrong. If Amanda is half as bad as she has been in BB, I can see why her ex-boyfriend left her. She keeps saying that Elissa is acting entitled and snobbish. Well Amanda you need to look at those three fingers pointing back you because you are describing yourself.


Elissa looked really pretty when she was laughing with Amanda last week

All's fair in love and war

Elissa looked like the Joker from Batman. Her puffy perma-frown with bright red lipstick, her bloated cheeks, and her spider leg eye lashes. If you think that’s pretty dude, you need to get some glasses. I think anybody whose face is mostly plastic is ugly. In fact if my dog looked like Elissa, Id shave its ass and walk it backwards.

Elissa's Spider Eyelashes

Elissa feeds us flies (coincidentally they swarm around her quite often) regularly and takes great care not to stab us with her botox needles and we appreciate that. What we don’t appreciate are your rude comments. You are just jealous you don’t have the best shiny, plastic, motionless face money can buy or insect limbs projecting from your eyelids. You’re a disgraceful hater!

The Business Manager

“Amanda tells McCrae if he gets the $50,000 he can take HER on vacation. We will go to Europe!”.

Go to Europe and blow the $50,000 on her? Amanda is high maintenance. IF, she really loved him she’d be encouraging him to invest his time, efforts and money into a project that stirs his imagination, puts a fire in his belly, offers the potential of a good future career, makes HIM proud and happy. But no, not only has Amanda been manhandling MacCrea during his stay in the Big Brother House, but now she’s grasping at his dreams and aspirations, she’s grabbing for her sole gratification prize money he hasn’t even earned yet. Poor McCrea.. I hope he gets a clue. If he had gone to the Jury House first, before Amanda, he would have stood a better chance to escape her nasty spell on him.


Thursday can’t come soon enough! Amanda’s behaviour is horrible and she deserves to go home. Everyone finally opened their eyes and focused on a common enemy. Acting career? Yeah, good luck with that….

The psychoanalyst

You’re funny. Everybody always ‘open their eyes’ when a new HOH wins. Depending on who the HOH wants out that person suddenly becomes public enemy #1. If Elissa and GM had not won HOH they would have been the targets and everybody would have ‘opened their eyes’ about them. Had 2AM won HOH the last two weeks, Amanda would still be amazing to the HGs and Elissa and Judd would be the ones dumped on. It’s all relative. 2AM got screwed by CBS by allowing an evicted HG to come back. And letting Elissa win the HOH and get whatever she wants whenever her feelings get hurt by big bad Amanda.


Homanduh is already spending the winning 50,000.00 she thinks mccrea will get…..sure take her to Europe and have her dump you while she is over there for a hot guy….or better yet…ANY guy.

As for the question what did Elissa do? Nothing…she is breathing and it pisses Homanduh off and she will blame her breathing as antogonizing Homanduh. I laugh when I watch and hear Homanduh say that Elissa is being so mean and nasty to her and pokes at her etc. Are we watching the feeds and not hear her do things to Elissa? I was never a Rachel fan and as for Elissa I really have no opinion except that yes she does walk around the house thinking she is better than everyone else. I have noticed in the past few days Elissa is actually opening up more and spending time with the other houseguests chatting. I wonder if it did have something to do with Aaryn because the minute she left Elissa changed.

Now Homanduh going around saying “it doesnt make sense, It doesnt make sense”. It makes perfect sense to everyone but her. If Ginamarie was to tell Homanduh she would keep her than Ginamarie is going back on her own word. SHe kept saying they need to be broke up because they are to powerful together etc. Than to keep them wouldnt make any sense and her nomination ceremony speech would be just empty words. I do hope Homanduh goes thursday but I am not to hopeful she will. And what was with her spilling all the secrets last night? I am going so going to make sure everyone is exposed? Now no one will trust Mccrea because he sat there and said/did nothing… he did in HOH when Ginamarie was telling them she wasnt going to put up Elissa. Homanduh’s mouth was going a mile a minute(He can relate to that) aand he said nothing. And when her begging didnt work she turns to insults…good plan Homanduh


Hmm I watched last night’s show….Amanda definitely has issues and she will likely pay for them on Thursday….however, it’s amazing to see how evil Elissa can be, and how ugly and contorted her face gets when she’s acting evil….and it doesn’t seem too hard for her to let her dark side come out…the people in this house are lmost cartoonish, yet not funny.

Thank You

Yes! They are total caricatures! It would be a nightmarishly hilarious cartoon! Someone please make it!


ps for the guys who keep telling us how wrong we are to post critical comments about the houseguests:

People like that want to be the smart insightful one but they aren’t. So they keep turning everything around; thinking that if they can turn around an observation back on someone quickly enough the other person will be impressed with their cool and unique perspectives. Like, wow….I never thought of it that way…you are so unique to think of it that way!
Somewhere along the way some idiot rewarded them this way so they stick with the pattern of behavior in hopes of building up this image of themselves as a smart and open minded person. I think it has very little to do with any of the scenarios that get discussed and much to do with proactive attempts to secure the image of themselves they wish they had. Boom.


And why does Homanduh feel the need to have to know what everyone is talking about? Just because they are laying on the hammock doesnt mean they are talking game like she is all the time or that Judd and Elissa are talking game all the time….what were you guys talking about for 2 hours? Has to be something. Tell me. Like a spoiled little kid who doesnt get her way and stomps her feet and throws a hissy fit…” Tell me or I am going to hold my breath and turn blue until you tell me.” LOL


1:22AM: McCranda snuggling in the hammock…. He told Amanda that she is like his mom’s side of the family for sure. Amanda perks up and asks: I am? McCrae says ‘yeah’.

Bet Mom just loves hearing THAT!


You know Freud would have a lot to say about McRae comparing aMANduh with his mom (side of the family). Mommy issues much???


Good Riddance!!!! Amanda is going to the jury house along with McCrae!!!!


I just can’t wait to see jury’s reaction while Amanda walks in;

Helen: *Jumping*
OMG! OMG! ok ok *Holding hands with Am*, do you know what you have done, do you know I am so happy and proud of you, you know. Though I believe its too soon for them to evict you but I love you.

Jessie: (will definitely shout) Karma.

Aaryn: I told you so. Without me you were nothing.

Candice: OMG! where is GM? :O

Amanda th Stupid

To answer your question Elissa has done nothing to Queen Amanda . She’s playing the victim a ploy dream’t up by Mc cry baby that aired last night on the show. I know fat-boy Spencer has got to be joking about Amanda being HOT, I think he’s feeding her ego for the game because he knows how insecure she is.


if you watch the actual feeds it’s very clear that she is being passive aggressive and rude. in fact even if you just read this thread you would see judd was saying that she was being extremely rude to Amanda.


1) Elissa was rude because she brought up Jessie.
2) she walked out of the room when Amanda walks up and tried to give one her phony apologies
3) Elissa laughed in her face when Amanda was clearly “upset about possibly being put up for eviction” and crying those crocodile tears
4) Elissa walks around the kitchen minding her own business and not telling Amanda her every thought.

Amanda’s problem is that the last two women in the house she could not control. So if that’s being rude, Elissa’s has done a damn good job!


Judd, Spenser and Andy say whatever the person wants to hear. Despite GMs faults, she has been careful not to promise or agree to McRANda’s demands. She straight up told them she’ll tell them who’s going up, but only when SHE was ready to tell them. When Amanda bashes Elissa to her, GM just says “yeah I hear ya”.. The 3 boys are shady and I am afraid they will throw GM and Elissa under the bus once McRandA are out…


I never kept up with the live feeds before. Are this year’s houseguests that different from other seasons? Were the casts of other seasons just more discreet? In the past I only watched the CBS edited shows. Did other players get this much negative attention?


Evil Dick was bad, but this is the worst season and with the most uncensored HG ever!!


I just want this nasty girl to leave Game Play is not this – she is a mean, nasty, vicious, vile person. McDirty is just as odd, but doesn’t say too much – she ruined his game but he allowed it – they two of them are made for each other. Now I read they are going to try for the amazing race, hahaha that is such a joke neither one of them have moved they have been in bed or on the couch How do they think they would even be able to complete on a show like the amazing race? Can’t wait til Thursday….woo hoo

GM did the right thing, she is doing good with her game play now (really wish she didn’t loose her job & nick is dating someone) I kind of hope she wins in the end have grown to like her


If they give Elissa pen nom, they need to show what she did, I haven’t seen her do anything that Amanda hasn’t already done to her ( often times worse )


FIRST U GET NOMINATED THEN U CRY then u try to get votes then u cry some more then u realize u are going home and u just leave ….. AMANDA WORDS TO AARYN now the shoe is on the other foot lol…..


That door thing was scary. I really liked Amanda in the beginning, I thought she was super funny and very self-deprecating. It was refreshing to see a confident girl with such a great attitude about herself. Sadly, she’s either showing her true colors or the pressure of being in this house has turned her into this vile, angry, aggressive person. Elissa does say some nasty things. But Elissa is very passive-aggressive. Amanda is just aggressive-aggressive and it’s both mean and terrifying. Her parents must be horrified. Actually, McC’s parents must be horrified as well. Can you imagine your son being caught up with someone like that?

Her dutchness

Having watched after dark and live feeds I can totally understand Amanda’s frustration with Elissa! Amanda might be crude, but she has played a great game … strategizing, manipulating etc. Elissa has openly taunted the other players that production will protect her because of her celebrity connections. She has floated along, been super snobby and very condescending to all, and was clueless in this game. It’s very evident that production is now coaching her and trying to get her to play the game. Same goes for GM …. Totally clueless and so obviously coached by production! She couldn’t even pronounce the words in her nomination speech. … and if you can’t pronounce them, you surely wouldn’t have chosen them! Say what you want about Amanda …. In big brother it’s “the game” that counts and as far as I’m concerned she’s the only one that used her brains and was gutsy enough not to be wishy-washy! The slime ball in this game is ANDY! Amanda totally started her tirade against Elissa so that Andy could go up to Elissa and tell her how disgusted he was with Amanda’s behaviour … thus distancing himself from Amanda and hopefully keeping himself from going up with Aaryn. The “super slime ball” part is that in his diary room speech, when he could be open and honest, he never credited Amanda with this sacrificial move for him. He totally denounced her … forgetting that the cameras were on them and that we knew about the plan. I don’t really care who wins anymore. … Just don’t let it be Andy – and heaven forbid that he wins favorite player!


IMO I NEVER like Rachel on BB because she was a loud mouthed idiot but I do like Elissa. El has more dignity and has class while playing the game. If Rachel was on with Amanda it would be crazy. I respect the way Elissa is handling herself. Amanda says this is her she is not even playing the game. If that’s the truth that is pretty friggen scary. Amanda has no class whatsoever. She doesn’t use condoms and was pregnant for 3 days as she says. Now she is having more unprotected sex? Either she doesn’t learn or uses abortion as birth control. She makes me sick when she talks. McCrae’s parents are probably horrified and totally embaressed that he hooked up with such a mugwamp ditch pig. The two of them have the yuck factor of 10 out of 10.


I have always heard that there are evil people that walk this earth among us. I never, ever thought I would gaze upon such evil until I look at Amanda Zuckerman’s face. This person is so evil that anytime I see her and listen to her in the episodes I can feel my skin crawling. She is a horrible, horrible person and I cannot understand how God can allow this creature to walk the earth and innocent babies and children are being molested or physically abused daily. Where oh where are you God!

By the way, I’m not very religious, I am more spiritual. I believe in the Golden Rule………do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


How self-centered can Amanda get?
“If you get the 50K, you can take me on vacation…. We can go to Europe.”
And to a guy who makes 10K a year?
After taxes, should be money to get him on his feet, out of his parent’s basement, better car, nest egg, and more education to get him into his dream job… production.
And, why does Amanda keep talking about Mc moving to FL when she has been living in L.A. and her goal is to go into TV? Something not right here…
Tongue in cheek… Only other thing I can think of for South FL move… she is vying to get on Real Housewives of Miami… LOL! Although, McCranda would be better suited to Jersey HW’s fracnhise…. ;-)


Someone found the Diamond Power of Veto while bursting balloons. I don’t think you are gonna like the outcome of Thursday’s live eviction!!!


I can’t say this season I have a favorite to win it all but I can say the person I dislike the most is Amanda and for that reason I am going to root for Elissa to win it all because that will piss Amanda off the da rump….(rim crash)!!

Mary in Kansas

Big Brother needs to screen who they allow as contestants on the show. I would say that Amanda and her intimidation of physical violence against others could get her arrested if it were done outside of the BB house. Her psychotic mental issues could never be that we’ll hidden from interviews—no one is that good of an actor—so just why would BB allow such a disturbed person to be on the show??? Are all the racial remarks and threats of violence the way BB is going for the goal of higher ratings? What will Amanda be like in the jury house? McCrea lost the game after he became Amanda’s puppet. The show isn’t enjoyable to watch anymore. Period. Changing channels…


It’s all about the bottom line, ratings for money, production does what it needs and has to do, it’s called show business for a reason. If production agrees with the fans and it’s good for their targeted broader audience and ratings they will do it, if what the fans want is not good for for their goals they don’t do it. That’s the real reality.


This week is going to be awesome there’s a possibility for McCranda to be going together, but i’m kinda worried too because ellisa is basically going to be alone in the house, i hope ellisa can get judd + gm in an alliance or she’s toast because nobody can win every veto.


Uh poor Amanda!!! I hope karma is coming after you. I can’t wait to see your face at the Jury that Helen, Candice, Jessie & Aaryn would be jump for joy. Along with McCrae!!!!!

Amanda th Stupid

I knew Amanda’s nice act would’nt hold up, the wicked witch has already returned. I don’t think any of these people will be partying in Vegas together as planned after the finale, they’ll be only to happy to see each others back’s as they exit. When Amanda see’s how the Red Rat played her she will be unforgiving towards him, even if their rolls were reversed she would claim it’s a game. After the show ends Amanda seriously needs to look for a therapist. For her obsessive need to be controlling, manipulative, bullying,and compulsive behavior. Amanda is an extremely jealous person I mean to the point where she has wanted to physically harm some of these girls/ Elissa, Jessie, and Candice she has threatened all because inwardly Amanda thinks these girls are more attractive then herself. Amanda has shown herself to be a very, very insecure person who look’s for constant reassurance.


Spencer is such a loser and perv but some times makes me laugh. He comments on how McCrap smells like mustard soup! I think mustard soup smells like raw sewage.

Fidel Castro

After Amanda goes, Andy better be next! Hopefully Elissa wins HoH, puts up Mccrae and Andy, Mccrae win veto, Elissa puts up Spencer and then GM and Judd vote out the rat. I cant stand him.


Amanda is vile. I cannot beleive she is allowed to behave like that.


Really??!! Amanda keeps saying Elissa is mean an she a bully, um reality check Amanda your the bully!!! I’m starting to like GM, would love to see Elissa an GM in the final two! :)))


I know right, she is a bully. She torture Elissa for no reason and calls her a bully. OMG, that’s terrible. Enjoy three more days at big brother house.


“Amanda says she wants to go to Ginamarie and tell her she knows the only reason her and McCrae are on the block is because we are in a relationship and she is jealous.” WWWHHHHHAAAATTTTTTT? In order for GM to be jealous, Amanda would have to possess something of value. This so called ‘relationship’ is the biggest joke of the season. McCrae is even realizing that. I pity McCrae because the boy knows Amanda is a walking disaster but what can he do now?!?! Oh well, he made his bed too. There is a gap in the timeline of about 25 minutes where Mc tells Am his mother and aunt will like her….(cough, cough) REALLY? As a mother, I would be the one saying ‘YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME’ if my son brought home something like that. Kill me now….PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSSSEEEE

Gags Beazly

When the show started, I think that most people wanted Elissa out. I hated and still hate Rachel Riley. However, Amanda came on the sceen and totally changed everything with her gutter, ghetto personality.


to me i want elssia to win it all not cause who she is its because she had to fight day 1 in she took up for candice in she did what she want not the groupt want to me spencer ,judd,ginamire,andy,mcrea dont desrive it cause they talk so mean to people they talk about nasty things they talk about people so bad to hurt they feilling to me elssia is the only one desiver the win


There are no words left to describe Amanda the pit bull. Her behavior is unbelievable! Her obsession with Elissa must be because she is jealous of her. Elissa had never taunted her. Amanda’s bullying and tirades are out of hand and still CBS lets her continue. Mccrae has done nothing to participate in the big brother experience except let Amanda control him. I just hope that Julie lets her have it during the live interview, I doubt that Amanda will be able to just there and take it. She may even try to bully Julie which should be interesting. I would love to see security walk her off the stage if she gets out of hand.

Gags Beazly

Macrae: What a pathetic excuse for a man. He’s puny looking rat bastard. He smells and has no ambition in life. I thought that he was a nerd like Ian from last season.


Elissa’s dark side has emerged and it’s not pretty….she should enjoy seeing Amanda gone, but should shouldn’t rejoice too much as she will be the new target — she will be gone either this week in the double eviction, or next week.

Twisted Nipple

We all have a darkside.The question is,

If you were locked in a house
With only a few people
and Amanda
and Amanda was hounding you constantly, day in day out,
how long would it be before your dark side came out?
Would you be able to contain yourself as well as Elissa has?

Me, I’d probably have been booted from the show earlier than now for, ahem, touching, Amanda. I do not have Elissa’s fortitude. When I hear Amanda’s taunts, I hear nothing but ugly words (same as could be addressed by any bully anywhere to anyone). Elissa says factual things that she knows Amanda does not want to hear. Amanda then says, I don’t act out until she pushes my buttons. Elissa breathing, pushes her buttons. So I can’t seeing an end to this crap until Amanda leaves.

so sad to see

Amanda has had a break from reality, the stuff she is spewing out is just delusional. its sad to see someone fall apart like that.