The House Guests Met EMMETT in the DR! Bruno “I told him his girlfriend is a smoke show!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner ? Next HOH May 7th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-07 09-00-44-937

11:15am Big Brother blocks the feeds.
11:50am – 12:25pm When the live feeds return all the house guests are in the living room talking about reality tv shows like Bachelor pad. Sarah says that she watched 1 episode from the Canadian version of the Bachelor. None of the others watched the Canadian version. The conversation turns to talking about how recognizable past house guests are if you see them in real life. Zach says he saw Talla and thought she looked familiar but wasn’t sure who she was so he googled her and said yup that’s Talla. Sarah says the HOH comp will definitely be today. Pili asks what about havenots its already Thursday. Sarah says maybe after they’re picked. Brittnee says I really thought we were going to be able to ask him stuff. He said I can’t talk game. Britt says “REALLY EMMETT!!” Bruno says “I told him his girlfriend is a smoke show!” Brittnee says he is my type! Ya’ll want to know who my type is! That’s it! Sarah says I was like Buddy! Buddy yo! Pili says great day 50! Britt says he seems like a pretty chill guy. I’m glad he wore the cowboy hat! Bruno says he’s a stud! Bruno says hopefully they bring Jillian in here too man! Britt says I would get a kiss on the cheek from her too. Britt says I like that he said that Willow did them proud .. because that’s what she wanted and they live close together.
(Emmett is likely hosting their HOH competition today.)

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-07 09-03-51-627

12:35pm Outside the bathroom – Bruno and Zach are talking. (Zach doesn’t have his mic on) Bruno tells Zach the next one is probably the most important one, not this one. They’re going to take each other over us bro. If they get a chance they’re going to strike. Zach goes to get his mic and comes back. Bruno says that once Sarah goes we’ll be good. Sarah is the number 1 on my list. Zach says Sarah and B have to go on the block. Bruno says she knows I’m gunning for her. I don’t even know why she tries. Zach says this next HOH is huge.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-07 09-34-51-615

12:45pm Godfrey tells Bruno I know if Zach or Ash win HOH they’re putting us up for sure bud. Godfrey says he is trying to get out big players. Bruno says I am ready to take him out whenever. Godfrey says if a girl wins you know he is going to get them to .. you know how he works if a girl wins he makes a big move on their HOH. Godfrey says if I win I am putting up Zach and Ash. Ash is guaranteed to be second place. She hasn’t done anything. Bruno says I will tell you right now if I win you three are safe. I still need him out. I just needed that shield. If I didn’t win the veto it would have been me. Godfrey says I am going to try and convince Peels to throw it. Britt joins them. Bruno says I know Sarah wants me out but I’m not going for her. You are 100% safe. I am not going after her (Sarah) as long as she keeps her mouth shut! Godfrey says he (Zach) could win every veto from here on out. Bruno says I am seriously going for them (Zach & Ash) this week if I win. Ash joins them. I don’t want Sarah, its the dumbest move. She scared the sh*t out of me yesterday. Britt says I just hope this works out because if that was the only opportunity.. Bruno says I am telling you I am going for him. Bruno leaves. Godfrey says if I sit next to him I am losing.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-07 09-49-28-771

1pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:15pm Still blocked .. the HOH competition is happening now..

3:30pm Still blocked

4:25pm Still blocked

5:10pm Still nothing.

5:40pm Nothing yet..

6:25pm Its looking like another 8hr comp…

7pm Still not back yet!

Here are a few new photos from the jury house before the casualties of the triple eviction arrive:

Also this photo was posted by BBCAN that shows Willow going at Bruno after he used the veto on Zach:

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Best Case Scenario for the twist (And how Sarah would end up sending home Brittany)

*Just playing with the Numbers*

Godfrey wins HOH (Safe from Block)
Puts up Zach and Ashleigh
Bruno wins Veto and saves Zach again (Bruno and Zach safe from Block)
Pilar is replacement nomination
Ashleigh and Pilar on Block
Sarah HAS to save one of them and can’t put up Godfrey, Bruno or Zach … has to put up Brittany

Brittany is voted out.
Sarah essentially sends home her cloest ally because of the twist.


Does it really HAS to be used?


Read the rules. One is forced. The second is optional.


Arissa stated “…will FORCE the winner to change one of the nominations right before the live eviction, it also gives them the opportunity to change both the nominations IF THEY SO CHOOSE”
Seriously, the script writer for this show needs to be canned, this sentence is contradictory.


Producers are implementing this twist because they do not want another houseguest pulling a Bruno move and choosing to do nothing. I still cannot believe it. All that voting, and Bruno chooses NOT to change the nominations. It makes the show incredibly boring when everyone decides to only make safe moves.


No I don’t think so, I think it’s their choice if they want to use it or not


she might self-evict if that happen, sending two closest allies in a row? damn


That would be a funny scenario. My question is what would happen if Sarah wanted to remove both players from the block?

The fact that there is even a situation where the person with the special power wouldn’t have enough people to nominate if they wanted to remove both nominated houseguests from the block furthers the believe that production is trying to rig this show as much as they can.



Zach wins HOH (Safe from Block)
Puts up Sarah and Brittnee
Bruno/Zach/Ashleigh/Pilar win veto and don’t use it
Sarah and Brittnee still on block
Godfrey wins secret veto, uses 2 replacements+he is safe
Pilar and Bruno go up.

Bruno goes home.
Just showing there are a lot fo scenerios 🙂


I love this scenerio the next best is Pili wins HOH…

Noms: Brit and Sarah
Godfrey wins special power
Renoms: Bruno and Zach because Pili would never put up Ashleigh
Votes to Evict: Brit, Sarah and God sending Zach home!!!!!

If Ash wins outcome is a little different because she would put Pili up not Zach so…
Renoms: Bruno and Pili
Votes to Evict: Brit, Sarah = Bruno
Votes to Evict: God and Zach = Pili
Tie breaker: Ashleigh votes to evict Bruno!!!!

These are the best case scenarios as long as the person who wins the power is not on the block.


It is used on eviction night after the veto. Whoever is saved by the veto can get put up again or the veto winner from what I understand. I don’t think the veto means much with the special power in play. So Sarah could put up Zach and Bruno.


thank you .. someone who has read the rules before saying anything .. just one more thought from me tho .. WHY would anyone want God to win this … he is another sit on his hands guy, I do like him but I see him pulling a Bruno … the most horrid player this year …


I sort of like what you printed .. BUT .. the only ones who are safe is the HOH and the one who Wins the POV .. even if POV is used on someone that does not mean they are safe from this SPEACIAL POV.

Not really

Highly unlikely, since there are so many conditions imposed on this scenario: (1) Godfrey winning HOH, (2) Zach and Ashliegh being nominated, (3) Bruno winning POV, (4) Bruno saving Zach again, (5) Godfrey choosing Pili as the replacement nominee instead of Britney or Sarah.

I would guess that if this does pan out, and Sarah wins the secret power, she would figure this out and ask Godfrey to put her or Britney as “a pawn” knowing very well that she can save either of them so that Pili and Ash end up on the block.


Well 1st off you can rearrange the names. The point is the potential numbers. POV could potentially leave 2 safe. Secret power could have as many as 3 safe. HOH is also safe so the 7th gets an automatic eviction. Just one to vote for

As for manipulating the Secret Power this is real unlike Bobby there are very strict rules on what the user can and cannot due. If it’s BB USA think she definitely would not be allowed that foolishness. And lets face it Sarah has to find it 1st.

Tasty….. What if the secret power holder doesn’t have immunity? Has to remove 1 nom minimum. HOH puts them up as replacement and puff they go to jury next. I’m dreaming up nasty for all the Sarah trolls… have a nice day.


Calling people rooting for Sarah trolls seems to be quite the contradictory statement coming from you, no? Since you are one of the most vocal anti-Sarah trolls in here….not saying that it is bad rooting for someone else at all, but that doesn’t seem to be what you are doing. Just straight up anti-Sarah trolling.


1st off I write a lot of positives about Sarah though I dislike here. A troll only writes thumbs in one direction. A person who roots for Sarah isn’t a troll necessarily. TT and lots have her as favs this season and is in no way a Sarah troll as an example.
Because I point out the negatives I get the Sarah troll special on thumbs ect. When you tell the truth and get rebuffed because they don’t want to read the facts. See I have no fav if a Zack fan read my comments on Zack they’d think I hate the guy just hate his game…. he is so bad.


Zack and Bruno talking like they have a genuine F2 deal since week 1. I gotta keep watching this train wreck. Speaking of Emmit wasn’t it Gary that cost him 100K? Keep Andrew instead of Gary and Emmit wins BB Can 1. Zack could come back to bite you Bruno.

Early in a BB week but Sarah trolls might want to be slightly concerned her name is being floated as a target. With all the potential Veto use until we see POV played and the hidden power holder known the results next Wednesday are very far away.

Eulogy …… RIP Floater
I’ve always said I love a good float game. Willow the latest example of what a float game is not. Willow was a lay about! Funny she started out floating but got caught up with Sarah and her game was done. If she had put 1 tenth of the effort into game play she did into the eviction speech last night she’d still be here.


Whoever gets the secret veto…also gets to pick 1 juror to return to the house.


Only current Big Brother players think that former Big Brother players are like rock stars. It’s too funny. 10 minutes after the ends you clowns are forgotten by 99% of us.


How come Zack didn’t vote to save Kevin?


Kevin a threat and Zach isn’t a very loyal dude (jp)
Also Willows emotional plea got to everyone. (Except Miss Crocodile Tears Sarah!)


Because he knows Kevin is for Kevin first….Kevin was smart and could potentially beat him in comps….Kevin was more likable to the rest of the houseguests…Likely many more reasons


I can’t see what good game play Sarah has done…for her to have as many fans as she does. She hasn’t won anything..Hasn’t thrown anything…hates guys. She didn’t care about her one friend(willow) that would have had her back to the end. Now she’s flirting with Pili? (Really is…and it is shameful)
Her excuse for last night’s vote made 0% sense!


It’s called a double standard. She’s thrown every houseguest under the bus and voted out her closest ally based off a hunch. This was after Willow poured her heart out to Sarah talking about how awful Zach was and how betrayed she felt.

It wouldn’t bother me as much if crocodile tears weren’t streaming from her eyes every other hour.


I agree, I am not a Sarah fan as I want Godfrey to win but I want Sarah to go farther than Zach or Bruno because I really don’t like either.


Sarah has been strategic and socially on point until she was tripped last night by Godfrey.
Week two she became a target by her association with Naeha and Sindy. That is also the reason why she was also put on the block when Bruno was HOH. How she manages to avoid being the pawn is not only because people are underestimating her (rightfully so because she sucks so much at challenges) but also because she has personal connections with most of the people in the house. When Zach won HOH, he wanted her as a pawn but Jordan convince him not to do that because he knew it would piss her off (he didn’t have to do that but is concerned with the repercussions. Also he is being stupid so he volunteered instead). This was also the week that showcases how good her read on the house where she realizes how strong the relationship between Zach and Jordan was. She also know that even though Bobby and Bruno were on the opposite sides of the house and wanted her out she needs a working relationship with them to get a common enemy, she wanted them to work with her but knew they’ll just rat her out so she sends out Sindy. If you remember, Bruno does not want to talk game with her, she tried once but is rejected by him. It was until she laid out all her cards out where she talked about the purple cobras (happened when the feeds are down) that she manages to persuade him.
During Pilar’s HOH Kevin steered the chopping block away from Sarah and pointed it to Brittanee (Kevin thinks he has a bond with Sarah), even when during Kevin’s HOH and planning for double eviction late last Kevin was moving the target away from Sarah and pointing it to Godfrey and Bruno.
If you still question how strong Sarah’s social gameplay was, Bobby himself admitted in his conversation with Zach that “he shouldn’t have trust Sarah that much” (although it was mostly his fault why he was evicted).
Has she made a ‘big move’, not yet but as of date it is only Bruno (saving Zach), Britanny (evicting Kevin and Willow) and Sindy (campaign for Godfrey to stay) who has clearly done that.


Bruno is so dumb for saving zach lol now he’s saying he wants to Zach out ? Lol


No? Is he? Gosh…Wow Ya dumb is right! Lol


Yes Bruno wants Zach out but he knew if both guys went home in the triple he would be a sitting duck for the girls alliance. Now he has Zachs trust so if Zach wins HOH he is coming after Sarah and not Bru.


bring back Kevin!!

this show has gotten me in a rotten mood. what’s wrong with me? :p


LOL Ricky I agree. I wanted Kevin and Godfrey final 2. Kev was my fave now Godfrey is.


I don’t get why Brittnee is so underestimated! She’s one of the only people to actually make a big move against the flow of the game – which she’s done both times she’s won HOH! Personally if I was on the jury this year, I’d vote for her!

Not really

I agree. She is the most underestimated player this season. At this point she deserves to win more than anyone else left in this house, even Zach (his only HOH so far erroneously evicted his closest ally) and Godfrey/Sarah (who have yet to win an HOH or make any big moves themselves). Only Bruno comes close, since he did take out Bobby. (Not counting Pili since she was so visibly controlled by Kevin up until now.)


It’s kinda funny how pretty much everyone’s HOH was a flop. What arguments are they going to bring to the finale?

Brit got out two potentially three threats to her game. Those are the only big moves I see.

Not really

Yup. And crazy thing is that each time she ends up walking from her HOH with no big target on her back (at least no bigger than before). People continue to see her as “the best pawn.” That’s just friggin crazy to me!!


Brittany mist! Haha


I wish Sarah would stop bitching, whining and plotting, and take off that nasty assed shirt. Christ, did that girl not bring any other item of clothing with her?


Sarah has been my #1 pick from the start (she is also my blind pick for a lil BBC pool my friends and I have), but I am truly hoping for a Godfather HOH win! Not only will it add entertainment value to the feeds, I think he is the only one serious about putting up 2 strong players….i.e. Zach/Bruno (I only want Bruno up because I do not believe he is going after Zach right now and am afraid he will take a stab at Sarah) or Zach/Ash (she will forsure get pulled right to the end, any one will win against her right now). I also noticed Ashleigh’s reaction to the crowd’s reaction to Zach coming off the block yesterday. I am hoping this is making her re-think her “stratagy” somewhat.




What was her reaction like? I wasn’t sure if they heard the crowd sound upset


Sarah will have a major mental breakdown if
she is on the block
voted by canada as a have-not, she probably thinks canada hates her
paranoia that willow might hate her

man….i like sarah but her complaining..well

So Over Sarah

I used to be a big Sarah supporter. Now, I can’t stand her and the temper tantrums she throws whenever something doesn’t go her way. She says she doesn’t care about the others’ games. Guess what, Sarah, they don’t care about your lousy game either. Dog eat dog.

I am rooting for Godfrey now. I still like Britnee, but she can get too emotional sometimes and I am waiting to see what happens to Bruno. I get his move and haven’t totally turned my back on him yet. Should be interesting.

Everyone else can disappear, thank you.


sarah is like rachel reilly!


I hope GOD and B are have nots …( all fingers and toes crossed) …i hope PILI wins HOH ….she puts up B and God then ultimate justice occurs ..God wins special power get Himself and B off, puts Ash and zac up…GOd then collects pili’s jaw from the ground (the crowd cheers Godfrey Godfrey!!!!!)…Zach is sent packing …Godfrey sighs,” I FINALLY HAVE BLOOD ON THESE HANDS!!”


Best to wait till HOH is crowned before selecting the two have not’s as we have until Midnight Saturday. This way once you know the HOH you can get a hunch who their two nominees will be then use this twisto twist to really change the game again.


When is HOH?


HOH comp, we believe is taking place now


Wait Bruno wants to take out Zach and he trusts Britt the most…. HUH?


Anyone else find it ironic with the speech that Kevin gave to B when he put her on the block? That she is a pawn who will become a queen and become strong(or something along those lines). Then she literally went from being on the block, to being HOH, and getting rid of Kevin.

Not really

The irony is not lost. Karma played out swiftly in this case.


I had seen the spoilers before watching last night’s show. So when Kevin was doing his little celebratory jig with the Diapers after the veto ceremony…patting himself on the back for Bobby’s demise…I was laughing the whole time, knowing he was following Bobby right out that door.


Sarah had a bad day yesterday…. Dah! 1st remember the edits are done before the show airs. We have no idea how long she was talking to B in the storage room. One thing appears clear she could not talk to B after the POV was used. Others correctly have pointed out that if Sarah hadn’t keep Willow and B apart the renom was never Willow it would be team girls. Then there was the fake tears. The terrible “stab Willow” in the back vote ….the list goes on sadly.

See like her or not her season is blowing up. You can see it here on the forum to. Fans turning on Sarah. I’m going to make an observation that some won’t enjoy. Why were you a fan in the 1st place? She brings 1 thing to the game and that’s strategy sessions with other HG’s. JP and Newport the same basic thing. I loved Newport for the entertainment value and Sarah I like for the same irreverence. She and B can be quite fun to listen to sometimes. For me the worst HG yesterday was B hands down. All she had to do was nominate 3 guys and renom a 4th. 2 guys go home and the Sarah/B season would be flying along. If Bruno on the block he’d be taking himself off

Once Sarah stops being a baby whining and crying she better analyze very quickly where she is at. Then figure out if there is any way to realign with folks like GOD. It’s getting to crunch time B is a vote nothing more. Sarah needs a running buddy(not B) and some luck not to get targeted this week. Perfect world she wins HOH but that looks like a pipe dream at this point.


Bruno is incoherent, illogical and too emotional for this game.

True colors show and his a-hole-ness resurfaced with astonishing intensity.


My Scenario

I would love if Ash won HOH, then put up Sarah and God. Sarah wins the special Veto. God wins regular Veto. God takes himself off. Britney Replaces. Sarah whips out the special veto and takes Sarah and Brit off. Zach and Pilar get up… And Zach goes home on Ashes HOH. Simply dreamy!


That is by far the best scenario I have seen proposed so far. I love a good dose of irony too.


why would ash nominate zach and pilar instead of bruno and pilar?


ash wouldn’t be choosing the 2 replacement noms, as “special veto power winner” sarah would be .

another name

what I didn’t like about the triple eviction episode: so much more seems to have happened that wasn’t included in the episode edit. to be expected.
we have the unseen fight between Bruno and Sarah. has impact on the game, but we’re in the dark as to how it went down. that fight was used as Bruno’s justification to save Zach (though he would have anyway, of course he would). that fight has made sarah’s position in the house much more precarious.
we have the time spent trying to campaign (kevin talks in his exit interview about trying to campaign in the pantry… we didn’t see that, sarah tells pilar that willow tried to campaign and told sarah she doesn’t have the votes to stay, godfrey talks about willow campaigning to him and why he didn’t buy it in the bathroom to sarah and britt… we didn’t see that either).
it’s no surprise I guess, given how every episode is a strange alternative universe compared to what we see on feeds.
BUT, these events have impacted the game and the perceptions of the feeders about the hg’s. I feel like i’m back in the days before I had internet watching the early seasons and not knowing about what really went on outside of the episode edit. scratching my head as to why people hated some houseguests when they seemed perfectly nice in the episodes.
guess i’m grain of salting a lot of what happened last night and continues today because I feel like i’m still collecting data beyond just eating what big brother episodes feed me without asking myself ‘what else happened that they cut out for time?’ taping is three hours for a one hour episode, imagine what happens on feeds for three hours. about ten seconds of that might be shown on the episodes, and that’s cut to progress the story production wants viewers to see.
this isn’t so much a rant as a scratching of the head.

Me Too!

I wish we could get the real, genuine context of the fight Bruno and Sarah had that people at the taping refer to. It seems like it has continued on and we are getting glimpses of its aftermath in the feeds in the conversations they have that follow from it. Just wish I could have seen it in its entirety. Scratching my head too.


OK, so when I noticed the houseguests coming out of the DR with excited smiles this morning, I first guessed that they were seeing loved ones in there. Then when I realized they weren’t crying or emotional, I correctly changed my theory to it being a past-season houseguest…who will most likely host HOH comp. But then I switched back to my original theory after Bruno came out crying and saying it was so emotional. I figured that he was the only who cried and got emotional at seeing his loved one…because he is the only married parent in the house.

So my question is…why the hell was Bruno crying and emotional over seeing Emmett??


he`s bi-polar.


it was not a female it was masculine Emmett and it brought him to tears to see another male in the house !


It would be sweet irony…that Bruno could have blind-sided Zachula with the Veto McTwisty Sir-Twists-Alot weeks ago, then saves him again last night…only to have Count Zachula sink his fangs right into Bruno’s ass and send it out the door. The regret would be so rewarding.


In fact, ideally…Zachula wins this HOH…with Bruno coming in second. Zachula also wins veto (Bruno 2nd) and is the only one safe. Sarah wins the Have-Not power and replaces both noms with Bruno and pawn (Ash or Pili). Bruno’s dumb ass goes home…and he can dwell on the fact that if he had sent home Zachula last night…he would have won that HOH and had been safe.


best comment of the day!
and best exit scenario for Bruno to highlight him as the asshole cockroach that he is
out of everyone left in the house, he’s the one I want to see leave immediately and wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were Zachula who finished him off


omg is Jordan staring at a picture of Kevin?! lol amazing


best cadse pilar win HOH snd sarah win the special VETO and screws over get the regular veto!


So Brittney is even dumber than I thought – if she is still buying in to this pile of crap, that Bruno is selling her. That he is still going after Zach when they had the perfect chance of getting rid of him during the triple eviction!
The guy is a sleazeball, who refuses to work with any of the women in the house for more than 1 day.
To top it off after the eviction he has the nerve to trash Sarah about the votes and her evicting Willow and then he says they need to get her out first she is dangerous because of it yada yada yada then the next sentence him and Zach go on about how Willow going was best for their game! HUH????? These dudes needs some Valium or Xanax.
Let us know how good Zack’s ass tastes Bruno because at this rate it will be a Million dollar piece of ass your kissing!!!!!


I am lost why would bruno keep willow after she is pissed at him. Next episode would be good to see what was the strategy involved in the game. I am glad willow is gone no strategy just floating by. Well her letter was useless. Vote for God and sarah for havenots


soooo?…. Ashleigh won HOH?


Yes, she did.


UGHhhhhh… well isn’t that nice : /


vote pilar and sarah have not room