Jason – “The faster I smoke these cigarettes the faster I get a nicotine patch and quit..”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 15-13-58-654

1:25pm Cornbread and Monte HOH Room
Monte says when he puts Jason up they’ll have to do damage control he’s going to tell Jason he has an advantage over everyone else and that is why.

Corn says he’s going to quiet down a bit because he thinks he’s been talking too much
MOnte says he’s only heard good things about him.

Monte tells him that him and Shane will be the targets Cornbread is safe. MOnte brings up Jason offering him an alliance yesterday. Something about the “Strong” Players sticking together.
MOnte says it’s too late for Jason brings up Jason is already coming after him, “He’s earned my respect he was straight shooting me”

Corn – I’m going to play the big fat dumb redneck guy
Cornbread recommends the first people Monte make safe are not part of his alliance.
MOnte is going to wait a round for Justin he wants to “Learn about him”

MOnte is thinking Neeley should be safe first says he’s not vibing with her side but he’s getting along with her.
They agree Shelby is a loose cannon.
Monte – I can smell crazy when I see it, she’s [Shelby] going to snap (This was the original title and the image … Jason beat it out for now 🙂 )
Monte – Justin makes me nervous.. I’m going to learn from him I’m leaving him for last.. I might do Neeley, Scott, Whitney.. And maybe you as the first 4 safe.. Then I’ll do shane, Danielle.. Maybe Justin..
MOnte doesn’t know which one to put up Shelbey or Kryssie.
MOnte says it gets tricky if they end up with Kryssie and Shelbey on the block he’s unsure which one the house would vote out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 15-12-34-518
They agree something is up with shelby Corn says she “Mean mugs me”
Cornbread – I’m already her target I can see it in her eyes
Monte – I think the whole house likes you
Cornbread warns if Kryssie goes up “She’s going to go f**king go fu**ing ape shit “
Corn adds Kryssie will sink her game if she goes up right now.
Monte says Neeley, scott, MOrgan and Whitney safe first. Points out that Whitney gave him the HOH so she’s safe first round
MOnte – I’m going to save Shane for the second safe..
MOnte points at Justin ‘He scares the living heck outta me.. He’s playing it smooth
Corn – he’s very cerebral
Corn says Shelby is hiding some big insecurities and she’s going to blow
Monte says if Jason doesn’t win the POV he’s gone

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 15-24-09-132

2:20pm Shane and Monte HOH
Monte says the “group down there is excluding me big time” (Jason, Justin, Kryssie)
Monte says Kryssie would see it coming, He’s made it clear that Jason is a target.
Shane has been telling Jason he doesn’t know what Monte will do.

MOnte – who’s the last 2 people I should make safe to let them sweat a little bit
Shane – put the last 2 Scott… and
Monte – Cornbread.. That’s too obvious
Shane – they all know.. If you put me on the end..
Monte – I might do you second term

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 15-06-45-615
3:05pm Shelbey Monte HOH

Shelby says everyone is grouping SHane and Monte together because they are the ‘Model guys” adds that everyone is grouping Shane and Danielle together along with “The Southern boys”

She’s also being grouped with Alex and MOrgan, “I don’t hang out with those girls that much”
MOnte says the only person he can’t get a read on is Justin “He’s funny he’s the cook.. He’s going to come out eventually and have some power moves.. He’s holding back for awhile”

Monte says he’s been trying to get a consensus of what people are thinking he likes so much

Shelbey says if it’s her going up she;’s going after MOnte the hardest.. Laughs that her voice is gone
MOnte says he has a hunch that the competitions will be more mental
Monte laughs says it will be nice if America picks who goes home “No blood on my hands”

Shebley – if you don’t put me up I won’t put you up.. And if I win the veto I won’t change the nominees.. Unless you want me ,,, ahahahhaahahah

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 15-08-06-859

3:07pm Cornbread and Scott Storage room
Talking about the different groups in the house. Scott says theres the “Girly girls” it’s about 3 or 4 people
Adds some that the house is noticing a bromance between Monte and Shane, ‘they wake up early every morning they always workout they are playing pool and shit”

Corn – they are well liked.. You more so than me.. You are a FULL GROUP GUY
Scott – i’m so excited I want to see it all
Corn – you want to see what’s below the surface
Scott – ya theres jason, Kryssie umm… I know Kryssie and Neeley are like from Night 1 BFF’s
Corn – I like Kryssie
Scott – I like Neeley a lot ..
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 15-07-51-429

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 16-56-50-532

3:25pm HOH Monte Neeley and Morgan
Neeley says she just wanted to crash in a tranquil area.
Monte says he’s been trying to not isolate himself up in the HOH so the house looks at him like “The big bad grinch”

Chit chat…
Monte says he’s always dreamed about having a nice aquarium in his room
Monte says people are going to start losing their minds when they start becoming safe.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 16-58-53-874

4:02pm Girls backyard
Whitney says she wishes there was a dog in here.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 16-59-41-812

4:59pm Tokyo room Shelby, Alex and Whitney
Shelby whisper “Do you know if the NOMS will stay that way”
Alex says every time she’s seen Monte and Scott, or Monte and “breadcrumb” she been trying to break them up. “I don’t want them gettign really close to Monte. when I walked in they were talking about.. breadcrumb.. what’s his name again ”
Whitney – cornbread
Alex – he was saying how he couldn’t stand Danielle.
Alex – it kinda sounds like it could be switching from a Danielle thing to a kryssie thing
Shelby says Kryssie told them she’s here to be a public figure

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 17-28-27-397

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 17-28-43-648

(All the awesome girls are on BBOTT all the awesome guys were on BB18.. a thought.. not a solid thought just something to think about .. 😉 )

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 17-34-55-598

5:34pm Fan clubs? options are Jason, Alex, Shelby, Morgan, Danielle, Shane’s hair, Justin’s cooking, Neeley’s awesomeness, Kryssie tattoo of robocop…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 17-39-25-943

5:38pm Jason on the hammock… Shelby and Alex on the bikes..
Jason – Clay was one of the more interesting character
Alex says she went to the same school they had mutual friends she wouldn’t have known him as someone who was “Super interesting”
Jason – he’s not that interesting.. he was just in power the whole time I was in here so I had to deal with him more than others.. you know what I’m saying..
They talk about the 2 smokers in the house house Jason and Scott.
Jason – the faster I smoke these cigarettes the faster I get a nicotine patch and quit.. (Jason being awesome.. HAHAH this woulda shoulda been the title 🙁 🙁 Screw it I made it the title.. )
Jason about Scott – “He’s not going to be here for 40 days lets’ be honest

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 17-43-36-286

5:43pm Danielle and Jason looking at Shane working out..
Danielle saying how much she loves back muscles..
Jason – if only we had a shake weight I would work out…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 18-11-45-012

6:12pm Hammock
jason saying being “Chima’d out” is a verb now (Chima was the person from BB8 that threw their mic into the pool causing her to be expelled from the house. She threw the mic into the pool do to losing their HOH because of a twist. As a result of the twist she was going home)
Jason brings up that Chima was kidnapped and raped .. says she feels sorry for her thinsk there might have been PTSD

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-01 19-55-25-721

7:10pm- 7:30pm Dafet Ceremony Monte is picking the people safe from nomination.
Neeley, Cornbread, Whitney, Morgan and Shane are safe round 1

Monte is talking to himself, asking what this means what will this turn into “This is nuts”

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100% totally agree with the guys/girls comment. Great girls this season, but the guys are ehhh just ok. I actually like Scott for some reason. And vise versa for 18


I agree on the girls I like all of them as well. I have to say this whole Monte/Shane thing has become quite annoying. I’ve decided to cast my vote for Shane to try and send a msg and maybe bring these two down a notch or so.

Morgan and Alex fan club

Simon if you can please post some sexy pics of Morgan and Alex like you did for the Nat fan club that would be great. Hope their crew of 4 with Shelby and Whitney do well. Thanks for covering the season.


LOL we’ll see what we can do. 🙂

Lying Hilary For Prison

The guys are really weak this season.


I hope Jason stays for a while. There’s something about him that reminds me of my great Aunt Rose in Boca…


Jason reminds me of PeeWee Herman, who I liked.

A Power

I don’t get the love for Jason

sunny dee

Jason being on this season reminds me of Dayvonne being on 18. I feel like he’s going on making the same kinds of mistakes he made on his last visit, except this time around he isn’t going to be given any time to fix them. Of all the things to do, when he had the crab, why not take someone out that you don’t talk to (according to the recaps monte is saying something like that) granted, i only started reading recaps from the one announcing who won HOH, so i might have missed some back story lol

in any case, as a returning vet and having watched bb18 i assume, jason had to know he had a built in target. which means, don’t isolate yourself in the same place in the backyard with the same smoker people, or being gossipy or being loud. People on the show know Jason was already on the show and a super duper fan, he should have been trying to connect with anyone who has not been a fan, to help coach them thru the upcoming comps and challenges, and work with people that way. He should be trying to connect with other superfans, fan to fan. As much as i didn’t like what James (or nicole) ended up doing thru the show, both of them got to the end doing what they were doing, and neither Frank or Dayvonne did.

loud, isolating, drawing lines in the sand, arguing, fighting, whatever, neither nicole or james did any of that, and they stayed the course.


So far I am liking this BB OTT. I like the houseguest. They seem to keep the house cleaner and seem nicer. I also like the way the producers are changing the way they are doing things, I am anxious to see the competitions.


I’m I the only one who heard Monte say he’s not nominating Neeley because he doesn’t want an angry Black women coming after him? I can’t wait until he’s gone.

Sure Did

Monte is from Tennessee right? It’s disgusting but it’s no surprise he is stereotyping Neely (a black woman). It says more about him than it does about her though. People like him expect black women to sit in a corner and say nothing at all. If they have a big personality or are friendly…they are automatically angry. Weird right? Neely and Kryssie have similar personalities but I bet he doesn’t see her as an angry white woman though. LOL Oh and BTW, the people who comment here love to live in denial when it comes to racism and stereotyping. So bring on the thumbs down!!


I wonder who will be the hated ones this season, for couple weeks hard to tell, but eventually America/SuperFans I guess for this season will favor one group over another, right now I’m liking the Morgan and Alex group they are collecting about!

Senior crabs

You’re kidding right?!? Who is America going to hate??
The same that are always hated, the attractive ones.
Novelty acts and ugly gargoyles are what you all love because you want someone like you to win.


I wonder who will be the hated ones this season, for couple weeks hard to tell, but eventually America/SuperFans I guess for this season will favor one group over another, right now I’m liking the Morgan and Alex group they are collecting about!!

Senior crabs

Americas favorites will be Kryssie & Neeley because they’re fat, Scott & Cornbread because they are ugly as sin & Jason because he is twinkle-toeing through the house.

Who's truth

Please keep your hate spewing fingers off the keyboard. We don’t like you.


I absolutely 100% think if this crew was on a regular season it would be rating one of the top seasons 4 sure! It seems like the house clearly already is divided and a clear divide like this hasn’t happened in the beginning since BB15, when everyone stuck to their game instead of joining huge alliances like the 8 pack, Bomb squad etc etc…I am so excited to see who wins this season, as I think they will be one of the most deserving winners in the common era!

Donald Trump

Chima was on BB 11 you idiot.