Jason “I’m the twist! Why are you trying to take out the twist and not weaponize it!?”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-01 23-19-46-211

8pm Backyard – Cornbread, Jason, Neeley, Kryssie, Shelby, Scott, Whitney and Monte are hanging out chatting. Jason mentions how some people when they get off the show want to sell all their BB stuff on ebay. He says he didn’t sell anything. I would never sell my BB bag and now I’m going to have two of them! Everyone leaves the couches but Shelby, Whitney and Alex. Whitney – I don’t think Shane and Danielle talk about anything game related. Shelby – they would have to because we leave them alone. She’s dumb but she can’t be that dumb. Whitney – I just can’t see him liking her. She has no substance. Shelby – yeah, I mean guys can be shallow. He manages to make very interesting stories boring. So I don’t know what the f**k is going on. He was like I won a cutest butt contest. I was literally nodding off. It could have been the most interesting story.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-01 23-37-57-652

8:30pm On the backyard lounger – Danielle, Morgan and Shane are hanging out looking up at the stars. Shane asks Danielle what is your life meta? Danielle – god isn’t liked by everyone so not everyone to like you. Only time will tell and you suffer because you want to. What about you? Shane – sh*t happens. I don’t believe in fate.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-01 23-22-43-091

8:45pm Bedroom – Cornbread and Scott. Cornbread – Shane was telling me that Jason don’t like me. He don’t like me or Shelby. Scott – Yeah I think he was a little burned that you gave him the crab. Cornbread – OOOHHHH you just hit the nail on the head! I forgot about that! Oh lord! Scott tells Cornbread that coming into the game he wanted to be really tight and loyal with the older person in the house. Cornbread – that’s good. Scott – And I think Shane and Monte came in wanting to be loyal to a bro so I think it all happened perfectly .. All four of us are good together because we’re all getting what we want out of this. Cornbread if it comes down to me or you .. I would be happy if you won it. Scott – I would be so happy if you won the game I know your money would go to the right places.

9:30pm – 10:20pm In the backyard – Justin, Kryssie, Neeley, Jason, Morgan, Monte, Shane and Alex. Justin says I’ve got hell’a love where I’m from. You have to show love to get love. You have to give respect to get respect. People don’t f**k with me. I do what I wanna. I can’t wait to have a few little kids. I want a bunch of those little f**kers. I’m not going to discipline either. Momma’s gonna whip ya! I’ll be the good guy … like what did momma do to ya!? Jason – you would be a good dad. Danielle joins them.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-01 23-45-34-022

Monte tells Morgan – I think Jason has Danielle, Krissie and Justin’s vote. Neeley is stuck in the middle because she likes Jason and Kryssie. She is going to be all torn up. We can’t let the house know the target is Jason just in case it doesn’t turn out. I really have nothing against him. He’s just been here before. You can’t trust him. That’s what I think about Justin too. Shane is loyal to me and he will be loyal to you. Morgan – I just don’t trust Danielle. Monte – I really need to count on you, Whitney and Alex sticking with me. Cornbread has my back too. Morgan – he hinted that he trusts me.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-01 23-52-05-680

10:40pm – 12am Hot Tub. Whitney and Shelby are talking. Whitney – have you notice when two or all four of us are together someone always comes and breaks it up. Like Danielle. I think you, me, Alex and Morgan could be really strong together. Shelby with Cornbread, Monte and Shane I would lose my sh*t because I can’t take 45 minute stories. Whitney – if we win HOH next week I am all for Danielle going home. Shelby – yeah. Shelby heads inside to exchange her mic. Morgan joins Whitney. Whitney – we can’t let our hearts and minds get into this. Whitney – whoever we want to go home will go home because we have the numbers. Do you think Shelby’s connection is with Jason? I know she’s said stuff to him like telling him to align himself with Danielle. I asked her why she said that and she said to make him feel safer. Monte and Alex join them.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-01 23-53-10-497

12am – 12:40am Bathroom – Whitney, Shelby, and Alex. Alex – Shane is always with Monte and Cornbread. I feel like Shane has an individual alliance with both of them. It makes me fee like they have a finale 2 or something. Cornbread is so confident. Shelby – we can trust each other. Alex – I do not trust Shane. I feel like he is playing both sides.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-02 00-27-36-843

12:50pm – 1am Kryssie, Neeley and Jason. Kryssie – I’m looking at the center piece on the table and if you 3 want to make this official I’ve got a great name. Neeley I don’t know why we don’t make it for real. Kryssie – look at the centerpiece on the table. Jack o’lantern. Jacks and Lanterns. They did that on purpose. Like Halloween. Jason – oh man… I’m in. Neeley – I’m in too. Jason – we all ain’t got sh*t to loose. Neeley – I think this could work. Neeley – we can’t do these talks any more. But if we do this, we can do it! Neeley – Whitney is a lot more than she .. there are more layers too her. They’ve got to go, we have to break up that sorority clique. Once we take down that foursome I think we could take this sh*t down! Neeley – I’m going to head in .. but if you don’t see me tomorrow just know I got it.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-02 01-02-25-049

1:05am Backyard – Jason tells Kryssie – I’m f**ked!! Kryssie – its not over till its over. Jason says OGTB and ____ is probably the worst idea in the world. Kryssie – why? Jason – because Shelby and Scott are both snakes. Kryssie – I think they need to see us talking to other people. I’m not scared ….yet! Things change ..QUICK! I would never vote you out. Jason says he wouldn’t vote her out either. Jason – How dumb can y’all be!? I told y’all I’m the twist! Why are you trying to take out the twist and not weaponize it!? You’re going to regret that down the line! Jason – we’re being left out of information. Even Neeley knows what’s going on and she’s not telling us. Kryssie tells Jason she is going to pretend to be homesick to the others.

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-02 01-14-20-367

1:30am – 1:55am Lounge room – Kryssie is crying about missing her boyfriend. (She’s acting.) She tells them she almost didn’t come in here. I was going to buy my own plane ticket home. And now I’m up on the block week 1 and I might go home.. if I do it means I was right. Cornbread tells her that its time to start swimming. I’m here for you and everyone else is here for you. Kryssie – I know its strategy and its a game. Cornbread – I hate to see you cry. Kryssie – And now we have to be up from 10am – 10pm. Scott – those were all new to BBOTT. You have to be up from 10am – 10pm and the live diary room sessions. The talk turns to talking about past seasons of big brother.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-02 01-30-43-588

1:35am – 2:30am Bedroom – Alex, Danielle, Jason, Morgan, Justin, Shelby are joking around and talking about bleaching a-holes. Shelby doesn’t get why and says she thinks it would hurt when you take a sh*t after. They continue to talk about random things.

Danielle talks about how her coach told her he saw another person on her team stripping. Justin – that’s a lucrative business. I’ve you’re going to f**k you might as well get paid for it. I mean hey! I mean you end up playing for it anyways. Dates, movies, stress… some times its better to pay for it than to listen to her bit*hing all day. When I m@sturb@te its not that entertaining because I can feel myself touching myself. I don’t know what I’m going to do .. this is the longest I’ve ever had to go. I’ve been fortunate to always get “vagange”.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-02 02-08-45-589

3am – 5:15am Lounge room – Justin, Cornbread, Shelby, Shane and Scott are hanging out. Justin – I’m a good representation of New Orleans. I’m very multi-cultural and multi-faceted. I can blend in, I’m a chameleon. I can be professional. I can be the most ignorant motherf**ker in the room. I can be the most intelligent person. I can be the most ret@rded person. I can be the most simplest person. I have no limits. They continue to chat about random things and then everyone but Kryssie go to bed.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-02 09-31-32-308

5:50am Everyone is finally sleeping..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-02 09-45-49-408
9:44am Neeley and Monte Kitchen
Neeley asking about the hat.
Monte says he got it outta a cracker barrel it’s a tennessee thing.. “Davie crocket that sorta thing”
Monte says he got it from the UT campus store 4 or 5 years ago.. This is a good chance for us to talk game if you want.. Where are you at..
Neeley whispers something.. They don’t talk game..
Neeley – what do you do for fun what are your hobbies

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I thought this version, it’s the viewers that votes for who to evict. What are the rules for this version?
Thanks for the clarification


I am also a bit confused how this is going play out. Other than the “safe” norms, last nite got a little boring.


this is what ive heard –

fans will vote on a 3rd nom, fans will get to be 1 vote for evictions(like a usa or canada 1 jury vote)meaning with 1 hoh and 3 noms this week there will be 9 houseguests voting and the fan vote making 10 total votes, fans will vote for have nots, fans will vote for care packages…no jury, fan vote only to decide winner…no nom ceremonies, instead replaced with 2 safety ceremonies(up to 5 given safety both saturday and sunday) which end with the 2 unsafe as the 2 initial noms…then the fan vote will result in a 3rd nom…then a monday veto comp, and tuesday veto ceremony…im assuming if the fan vote nom comes off the block that the hoh gets to renom rather than the 2nd placed fan vote being the renom, but not sure…wednesday nights are eviction at 11pm et, hoh comp at midnight et, julie interviewing evicted houseguests are not shown until thursdays


Sitting here watching Kryssie cry, I’m just wondering if this will get her voted out instead of Jason. I know Cornbread and Scott can’t wait to report this to Monte.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Good point and you may be right but either way Jason is still starting to crack.


Fact check yo sh!t foo. The fact is, Trump never stops lying. Troll.

Hillary Lied Four People Died

Put the crack pipe down.

Trump's Uneducated Base


Lying Hillary Takes the Fifth

All of America knows she is scum.


Here we go, dumb girls targeting another girl for no real reason. Why would Whitney want to take out Danielle over Shane, or monte? Whitney is the only girl I really don’t care for, and she’s proving me right.


Still like this format. Don’t like that they don’t have cameras on certain convos. Two cameras on one is a waste.


Has anyone seen the “live diary room” stuff? Maybe I just missed it.
I think there were supposed to be DR sessions on Friday night but I never saw them.
Only DR’s I’ve seen have been during the 10 minute daily recap shows.


I think CBS may be taking the low budget approach too far for OTT. An HOH comp which only cost making a spider necklace and tshirts, no have-nots comp, and a yet-to-be-seen veto comp this week that may not involve building a set as well. It doesn’t even feel like the tv show anymore…it’s just day after day of them hanging out. When CBS said we’d be able to watch the comps on the feeds, we weren’t expecting a game of extended tag. Plus the paltry number of DR’s that we get to see are not enough.

It’s still early, but this format needs some major tweaks.


Budget was blown on zombie squirrel statues and hazmat crew to get the house ready.

Over the southern people

Monte literally said “i don’t wan’t an angry black woman coming after me” (you can find the video on tumblr or maybe youtube). And cornbeef said he hasn’t given Jason any reason to dislike him and that he hasn’t done anything to him even given ‘his lifestyle.’
Honestly, what the fuck is up with southern people, so many reality shows are showing how garbage they are.


Not to mention Cornbread’s ‘they might jew you down’ comment during that same convo. BTW I live in a small S.C. town, and 90% of my neighbors are openly racist. It’s sad.

These People Are Disgusting

To be honest, I don’t know why black/biracial people even sign up for BB. They know they’ll never win because the odds are against them from the start. They only put 2 or 3 in a house full of white people and they become targets as soon as they walk in the door. The girls are targeting Danelle already. They sit around SEARCHING for reasons to target her. IDK how but I knew that was going to happen…I wonder why. =/ Neeley is being called an “angry black woman” for no reason at all. Justin’s name was being thrown out around for no reason. If Jason weren’t in the house, he would have been the target for sure. These southern idiots are so transparent.


It’s predator/herd mentality. The obviously different is the most likely target. If this was a BET show with 7-8 blacks and 2-3 whites, you’d see the whites the first targets. Gotta be a zebra and become one with the crowd.


I have to say that this season so far is far more interesting to watch, yet there does not seem to be as many comments??!!? I hope that does not indicate that there are less people reading? I will go and donate now because I am such a big fan of this site!

As for the house guests….

I may be the only one but I do not like Cornbread! I have All-Access and he is seriously hard to watch. He just tries too hard to be part of the young beautiful crowd, his cooking and his conversations. I am just waiting for the redneck shoe to drop and some slur to slip that reveals his true nature. When BB18 was boring, I rewatched most of Season 1, and worry that Cornbread’s followers will tip the votes in his favor like Chicken George did. (And not a fan of Chicken George either)

And agreed that Whitney is the worst of the females, I just don’t know what to believe with her? Is she with the girls or with Monte, or will she be the perpetual flip-flopper and HoH groupie?

Monte is robotic and seems to be playing this too hard. He knew what he wanted to do from the get go, the parade of people in to talk was for what exactly? If he wants to keep his secret alliance a secret he is certainly not doing a very bang up job of it!

The sisters need to divide and conquer, they really could run the whole house, and seem to be making moves toward that!

Kryssie is a negative Nancy, not a big fan of her complaining.

i don’t think Shane and Danielle are going to make it.

Shelby is a hot mess, this can either really work in her benefit or polarize her. But I think she can get by week to week with the “we can get her next week.”

Jason, oh, Jason…. we (America) gave you another chance, and at least with BB18, the vets had automatic allies to protect them from the get go, but unless America is voting on evictions, I fear his time in nigh.

Justin is hilarious. Not sure what it is, but he is so watchable!

Scott is clearly playing the game, mixing well with everyone, playing on social awkwardness, and using his strengths. I say it is between him or Neely….

And Neely for the win!!! Love her!


The ‘the redneck shoe to drop ‘ you speak of happened last night – Cornbread was referring to the price of concrete and said “they might try to jew you down”…


That is bad, certainly… but I fear there is much worse lurking in the cavity that should be a brain…

Sad but true

Crazy must run in Michelle Meyers family. Meech sister has posted a tweet ” I can’t wait for Nicole to die I have always hated that cunt.” I think Meech probably told her little sis to post it. Last night Corey followed Michelle on twitter trying to be discreet by following a few others from past BB cast so no one would notice. Today he deletes her because of Meech sisters tweet. Weird he would follow her after she continuously disrespects Nicole and tells her mom Nicole wasn’t going to bb after party because she was to busy effing Corey. Then Corey follows Ian who has flirted with M post bb18. Corey likes crazy chicks and Meech fits the description. They both like revenge. He’s just as evil with the goat burning story. He laughed at everything Meech said every time she called out Nic. They like Donald trump. No offense to supporters. He said she was the coolest chick in the house and wanted her to campaign to stay. He threw Nicole under the bus when she did campaign last minute which he denied to Nicole. Corey did the same amount of betrayal as Nic did and yet she hates Nicole. There has to be a reason for it and it’s like her jealousy for Bridgette because her crush on frank. Corey and Meech flirted a lot and he gave her milk and called her his cat. He asked Meech b4 Nicole and him got together to cuddle with him but James stopped it from happening. He Defended her to Nic, Paul and Vic and said to stop talking about her. He nodded in agreement to get Nic out during Meechs eviction. He told her she looked good in rompers. Finale night she was wearing a romper and he was standing next to Meech after Nics win. He Didn’t go up to Nics family to introduce himself. He awkwardly turned around. He gave Meech sensual back massages on live feeds and Meech played with his hair a lot. During Victors return pre jury buyback he has his hands on both Nics and Meechs knees. After Victor got close with Meech he started noticing and was getting jealous and pumped his chest a lot during Vic and Meechs interactions. He never did the chest pump with Nicole and Victor. I think he only went for Nicole because she was easy and has lots of followers on social media. If you notice he talked about Meech a lot in his private talk to feedsters. He never Mentioned Nicole in them. Backyard interview Meech said she only wanted to hangout with Corey and his mom. There is picture of jury cast after finale and all the guys are standing next to Zakiyah Paulie while Corey is on the other side in between Meech and Natalie. He would roll his eyes talking about Nicole in embarrassment. He’s only sticking by Nicole post bb he doesn’t want to be labeled a user like Natalie. Plus Nic has a lot of followers. Hes not using her for money because he comes from wealth and makes more than her with his app. He’s an opportunist. There is already a snapchat of him with his arm around some chick waist with the girls leg wrapped around him.


Love this season and the cast so much more than most recent BB seasons, but the competitions need to get better.

Two words for OTT




Love Shelby and Neely!!
Jason is doing absolutely nothing with his second chance; still laying in couches, smoking cigarettes and wondering why he isn’t in the loop. It would not bother me to see him go, and Monte can go right behind him.
Neither of them know how to play the game.


How in the world did Jason not learn anything from his first time around. He is playing EXACTLY the same. We saw how that worked for D’Vonne.

Uh Boy...

Well it’s official, BBCan is officially surpassed BBUSA!