Big Brother 15 The Wednesday before eviction day is the biggest drag of a day

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


4:30pm Exterminators HOH

Andy say he really hopes tomorrow is a double eviction it would make it easier on them.
Spencer – ‘holy smoke if it’s a double.. getting two of them out’
GM – ‘It’s going to be something where you find Sh1t’
S – ‘I’m a finding mother f***’
JUDD says he doesn’t want it to be a double, Double evictions make him nervous.
Andy says it’s best that it is a double they can get Amanda and either McCrae/ELissa out that way they don’t need to “Juggle lies” all week between those two.
S – ‘Andy is going to win HOH and I’ll win the veto.. or JUDD.. he’ll have the fire’
Andy is worried that they can hear them from the HOH door. Spencer says they can’t.
Elissa walks in.. Andy brings up how Helen was so loud when she was talking game. Andy laughs says she only did that when they were talking in the cockpit or the storage room.
Andy – ‘She loves screaming.. when she’s playing.. she would get excited and start yelling’
Elissa – ‘it was her outside voice’
They start reminiscing about the season. Andy says Helen and Aaryn would get “Wine mouth” when they drank wine.

JUDD tells them he use to deliver pizza. Elissa asks him how much money he would make. JUDD says he was 18 at the time and it was before gas prices went up.

JUDD jokes – ‘I can’t believe Helen had 6 DUI’s
Andy – ‘I couldn’t believe it either’
JUDD – ‘She was in prison for 10 years to’
Spencer ‘Really’
They all start laughing.. say no.

They bring up Jeremy saying he got a DWI/DUI for Adderall. ELissa says you cannot get pulled over and a DUI for Adderall. GM says for sure you can if you don’t have a prescription, points out it’s a controlled substance. Elissa doesn’t believe it says there is no way a cop would issue a DUI for Adderall. GM says Jeremy may have just said it wrong but you can get in trouble with the law for packing prescription medication without a prescription. Elissa thinks Jeremy was just lying.


5:11pm Studying Big Brother dates

JUDD joins them they ask him what is going on in the HOH. JUDD – ‘Talking.. random talk’ Amanda says his feet stink. McCrae confirms they do stink. He says these are his dirty socks he does’t want to “Waste” his clean socks.

5:27pm Andy, McCrae and Amanda bedroom

McCrae tells him how big of a move they are making. four of them going into the double they will be unstoppable.
Amanda mentions that Elissa is talking about the collateral they gave each other. Elissa wants to hold on to Amanda’s earrings and Amanda will hold onto her ring until final 4.
Amanda – ‘She seems excited.. she seems genuine’
MC says once Elissa gets something stuck into her head she goes with it, “She’s locked’

MC mentions that ELissa is super worried that the guys are forming an alliance. that is why he ran with the other guys yesterday because he wanted her to see them all together.

Amanda – ‘Oh my god..” Amanda asks him if the diary room has been asking him a lot about their big move. Andy says a bit. Amanda says that is all she’s been talking about.
Andy – It’s going to be 3-1’

Amanda- ‘Can you imagine when Julie says 3 to 1.. Spencer will be like umm did you make a mistake’

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5:34pm HOH Spencer, GM and Andy
They ask spencer what ELissa was talking about to him. Spencer says it really wasn’t anything just random chit chat.
Spencer – ‘she said it was hard on her because she had a spotlight on her all summer.. makes me sick’

Andy wonders how they will handle McCrae and Elissa if it’s not a double eviction tomorrow. Spencer says they need to see who wins the head of household first.

They agree JUDD is trying to sleep to avoid yelling at Elissa. Andy brings up his conversation with McCrae and Amanda downstairs.

A – ‘They are so sure.’
S – ‘what did they say’
A – ‘Same sh!t they can’t wait to see GM’s face.. can’t wait until you get Evicted’

Spencer says tomorrow will be so fulfilling.
Andy tells them for most of the game it was Amanda, McCrae, JUDD and Andy with Elissa and Helen.
Gm is surprised she didn’t know Andy was with them.
Spencer asks the name of their alliance.
Andy says it really wasn’t an alliance, it was a group of people that voted the same way. Andy adds that Jessie was working with them to for a while.

Amanda and McCrae roll in.

Amanda asks GM what would she do if she wins the HOH after the double evictions. GM -‘f** it right now lets play’

Andy – ‘the Wednesday before eviction day is the biggest drag of a day’
Amanda – ‘you are telling me sister’
Andy asks them who they had a connection with the most the first couple nights.
Amanda – ‘I thought I was going to hook up with Nick for the first night but when I got zero affection I was like OK move on’
GM – ‘he likes petite girls’
Andy says he liked Kaitlin and GM the first night.
Amanda – ‘Oh shut up Andy.. brown noser’
McCrae – ‘JUDD’
Amanda – ‘the people I had a automatic connection with was McCrea and JUDD.. until JUDD became a shady f**’

Spencer rolls in Andy asks him the same questions. Spencer says that he had a connection with McCrae the first day.

They talk about who they disliked the most coming into the house.
MC says David
Andy says Nick
Amanda points out that McCrae had some strange vendetta against David.

Andy was worried at first that Howard was going to be judgmental with him because he’s so religious but after spending a couple days with Howard Andy knew that Howard was cool.
Amanda – ‘I don’t think there is anyone in this house that is super judgmental’
Andy – Elissa’
Amanda – ‘ya.. She’s forgiving though’
Gm – ‘WE can tell’
Amanda – ‘you mad about that’
GM – ‘no I’m glad I don’t like the fighting’

Amanda says Jeremy wanted to have a threesome with Kaitlin and Aaryn. She is certain if Kaitlin would have gone before Jeremy Aaryn wold have hooked up, she told Amanda that.
Andy wonders if there was any strange alliances that they don’t know about.
GM brings up the alliance the boats and hoes.
Amanda – “I cannot believe Jeremy wrote Triangle of thrust in the bathroom.. nobody is going to remember that”


6:01 Yoga yo

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190 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 The Wednesday before eviction day is the biggest drag of a day


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            The gay community was the most hated minority in America. After the experiments ended, the gay community was decimated by the “gay plague.” The widely accepted theory is that HIV/AIDS originated in a monkey or chimpanzee virus that “jumped species” in Africa. However, it is clear that the first AIDS cases were recorded in gay men in Manhattan in 1979, a few years before the epidemic was first noticed in Africa in 1982.

            1. My point to you was that it is not a GAY disease today.(virus) It doesn’t matter WHO you are!!!! I’m glad you did your homework though. Just don’t put labels on things that’s killing us all….. EVERYONE IS SCARED TO DIE OF SOMETHING!!!!

            2. Sorry to YOU Andy the Rat, you might want to check that “Einstein” stab, because you are wrong….”AIDS” is the disease. The VIRUS is “HIV” or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The DISEASE that can develop when one has the HIV virus is “AIDS”, the acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. However, yes, initially, the virus was only identified within the homosexual community in the US. It started with one homosexual male but as the morbidity rate (i.e. numbers contracting HIV and numbers of HIV+ people developing AIDS) increased, HIV then started appearing in the heterosexual community. Treatment of those with HIV for a long time was unsuccessful.– the “Gay Plague” term is also true as for many years the mortality rate (those who develop AIDS and die) was extremely high. Just sayin’…

    1. Haha well the good news for you Andy is spencer has flirted with you in the past so I think he would be happy to go in the sewer For some late night rat extravaganza.

        1. I laughed when I read that Amanda said Nick wasn’t in to her and then GM said he liked petite girls. Well that leaves you out rat face because you have one of the biggest asses in the house. To say nothing of an ugly mug when you don’t have make-up on. The thought of any guy liking GM is nauseating.

        2. I’m concerned that Andy really is going to vote with the exterminators tomorrow night. He’s definitely playing both sides but he spends way more time with GM/Spencer/Judd then he does with McCranda/Elissa. Plus he doesn’t really give the latter group intel about what the exterminators are talking about whereas he tells the exterminators everything McCranda/Elissa say. Why haven’t McCranda/Elissa figured out that Andy is going to betray them? Amanda’s only hope is GM breaking the tie but she hasn’t given any indication on the feeds that she is aligned with Elissa. Unless they made a deal after Helen left to stay separate but have each others back. Or unless Elissa/McCrands have the coup d’ etat. We’ll find out tomorrow. This season is exciting again!

          1. Elisa and McCrae both suspect Andy is going to vote Amanda out tomorrow, but every time they suggest it to her or tell her of their suspicions, she shuts them down by saying Andy is solid. And being as strong headed as Amanda is they back down and don’t continue in their belief about Andy. They just let it go because you can’t tell Amanda anything. She really believes she has control over Andy, and won’t believe Elisa and McCrae when they tell her he might not vote to keep her.

      1. Judd & spencer stashing their tutus so BB don’t take them. The difference between them and Andy is that Andy is out.

      2. I love Andy. He’s an awesome double-agent and the only possible way it would have been to out-smart the producers and get evil-Amanda out.

        1. I’m really hoping that Elissa will actually vote to evict Amanda, that way McCrae and Amanda both know that Andy was never loyal to either of them

      1. Uh, boy! Wait til the media gets ahold of what’s fluing ou of that foul mouth unemployed GM. Just when you think you heard it all come flying out of her pie hole, she is making fun of people with autism and making fun of amamda’s Jewish nose!!
        What is wrong with that ignorant bitch?

        1. I have a grandson who is autistic and there is nothing funny about autism. I happen to be a New Yorker, Long Island, and I am just as tough as that racist raunchy pathetic little bitch. I would love five minutes in a room with her and let her make fun of those with autism, and we would see who comes out of that room laughing. She should spend a day or two in the life of an autistic child and lets see then if she thinks autism is something to make fun of. I can’t wait till that pathetic hood rat finds out Nick wants nothing to do with her and she got fired from her job, lets see how much laughing she does then….my autistic grandson is the joy of our lives……..

          1. I hope she gets to the jury house and Candice snatches her weaves out of that stupid bitch’s blond nappy head.
            GM parents were smart to move and hope they didn’t leave a forwarding address.
            GM is going get an ass whopping by all.
            Just heard her comment on Amanda big Jewish nose and flat ass!!!

            1. Just when I was thinking Gm was not so bad (I was thinking she was making the racist comments to stick up for Aaryn and she was to stupid to know any better) she goes and makes horrible comments again. I cannot wait for the show to be over and they find out they are unemployed and not liked. On another rant of mine, what the heck did the DR tell Elissa to get her to flip and try to save Amanda? I thought this was to be a unscripted reality show.

      1. first: I cracked at your reply :D
        second: I love your name here :D made me go awe…Spongebob Squarepants forever <3 and yes im a 23(about to be 24) year old 'girl' ^_^

  1. I don’t think Andy ever considered going against Amanda and McCrae until the Zingbot called him a floater. He had a conversation with Judd and Elissa that night about how he hoped he wasn’t being portrayed like Shelly from BB13 when it appeared she was working only to further Jeff and Jordan’s game. Elissa said, “But America loves Jeff and Jordan. You’re working for a couple America hates.” He put both hands to his face with a horrified look (that “Home Alone” pose) and said that would be his worst nightmare. Next thing you know, he announced in the Diary Room that he would no longer be working to benefit Amanda and McCrae.

    As a gay man, I hate him even more than the rest of you!

    (And I can’t bear how he starts every sentence with “I feel like”; for some reason, that pushes me even further over the edge.)

    1. Yeah, I don’t like him because he is a rat; his orientation is irrelevant. But I cannot deny his skills because he still has everyone completely snowballed and trusting him, especially Amanda!

      1. Andy is in a good spot because everyone is targeting Elissa/McCrae…If the vote is 2-2 with GM sending Amanda away, then Andy can lie and say he voted the other way no matter who wins hoh, still avoids being a target. He’s playing to the best of his abilities, darn it!!! Why couldn’t someone else have a good social game?

        1. Andy is only in a good, spot if Elisa or McCrae don’t win the 1st HOH tomorrow. Also, if Andy is on the block with anyone other than Elisa or McCrae, he’ll go home GM and Elisa already knows he’s sneaky, both said they would never take him to final 2. McCrae will find out tomorrow how much of a rat Andy is. Judd won’t take him to final 2 either. The only person that would vote to keep Andy is Spencer. If Elisa is still in that house after the double eviction, I think her and GM will work together again, because they both will think the guys will get them out, and GM won’t want to be like Brit and the Brigade. I really think tomorrow will be Amanda and Andy/Spencer that goes home. And if Spencer goes home Andy is really going to have no one, because Spencer is the only one that believes him. Judd, GM, and Elisa already knows he’s sneaky, and McCrae will find out tomorrow. If it’s Spencer that goes home the Exterminators will crumble.

          1. Did I call it or what? McCrae, Amanda, and Elissa still trusted him!!! I was spot on, McCrae having 1st hoh made no difference!! Elissa deserved what she got after that move!!

    2. Andy is more like a silent assassin. I’m shocked of how many people call him a rat. He’s taken everything that’s come his way and made the best decision. After tomorrow, it’ll be down to 5 and Andy will again position himself as the swing vote!! He’s going to win this thing.

      Team Andy!

      1. He’s no ninja, he has no honor, no loyalty. He jumps from ship to ship when it suits him telling anyone what they want to hear and stirring up controversy and ruining anyone’s game in his path to further himself. I understand its a game but its also a social game, if the HG were smarter and found him out early on he wouldn’t be here…. Nobody that I can remember in any reality game show has won by total backstabbing and floating like Andy has been doing, you need to still show some integrity somewhere and at least his argument could have been I was loyal to my original three alliance of himself, Amanda, and mccrae. Now what can he say? He jumped first sign of danger and trouble because he’s a wimp.

        . If Amanda goes on Thursday she will find out Andy flipped after she saved him the week earlier, guarantee she will fill ALL jury members on the lies Andy spilt. You think Helen will forgive that? Doubtful

        1. Andy is a scumbag. Most teachers try to actually be a model to their students. This kid goes out to truck lots and solicits sex with truckers. He said it himself. How would you want your kid to be taught sex ed from this Rat?

    3. I meant to mention that after Andy said it would be his worst nightmare to be seen as working for a couple America hates, he then said, “Don’t get me wrong. My diary room sessions are charming. I’m sure America likes me.” Oy.

    4. I like Andy’s spy missions, He’s not a floater and has stuck his neck out to bring information from the enemy back to his side. But I do hate that he says “I’m not stupid” or “I’m not an idiot” about 60 times a day. I’m afraid that when Judd flips tomorrow night he won’t be able to say that anymore.

    5. I don’t understand how Andy has convinced himself that after tomorrow when he votes for Spencer to stay, he will be able to convince McCrae that it was Elisa that voted out Amanda. Not only will McCrae know he lying, but both Elisa and McCrae will know he’s working with Spencer, Judd, and GM. And this is going to fuel Elisa and McCrae to fight extra hard to win the HOH and POV. I can’t believe he really believes that after all these weeks of lying to people and them believing him, that after betraying Amanda he thinks he will be able to convince McCrae it was Elisa. It would be priceless to watch him spin that story to McCrae, and McCrae fool him into believing that he believes it was Elisa that voted out Amanda then McCrae turns around and win HOH and out Andy on the block and Elisa wins POV. That would be priceless to watch him squirm and spin a web of lies to get off the block.

  2. Did anybody else think the CBS edit tonight was ridiculous? I mean the sad music around Amanda & McCrae and the fact that they probably got 65% of the air time was absurd. They are spinning this story so hard it’s like Fox News on election night. The “exterminator” story line would have been so much better especially if they highlighted Andy like a cat on a hot tin roof about to be outed to Amanda.

      1. They got most of the air time because they were both on the block. Besides CBS is just creating drama for those who just watch the show and don’t read the blogs. The TV audience think it’s hopeless for Amanda and that she’s a goner. Little do they know. Can’t wait for tomorrow night!

      2. Every week there are two people on the block but they don’t get 65% of screen time. But then again it is always the Amanda show, today was just worse. I just don’t know what production will do after tomorrow night! Without Amanda how are they going to fill the the shows? Who is going to give us an opinion about every little thing because usually it is Amanda. Oh poor production! Their chosen one is living.

        1. Well they have been riding high and mighty running the game. I’m glad they showed them so much down in the dumps. It reminds me of that old saying,

          Watch out for the toes you step on , on the way up the ladder because they are attached to the ass you will have to kiss on the way back down.

          You can only screw people so long until they catch on

    1. Yeah, Pike, it was really sad music, a three tissue tear jerker for sure. Almost like the music they play on soap operas when a tragedy occurs. I especially liked the oh-so-sad McCrae in his DR session.

      Did anyone notice that after the comp, several people ran over to McCrae w/water and a bucket and asked if he was okay and fussed over him a little, and one person went over to Amanda, laying near the back fence, and handed her a bottle of water? No sympathy for her from the HGs!

    2. ITA !! Attention PRODUCTION!! It is TOO LATE to try and make me feel all warm and fuzzy about Amanda and Mcrae !!
      Please STOP IT! Amanda and Mccrae are NOT cute!! or star-crossed! or valiant! The only thing TRAGIC about their showmance
      is that we were forced to watch it all summer. ick. I for one am not buying her crocodile tears or his dry, tearless sobs in the
      diary room. The tender background music to their trials and tribulations in tonight’s episode was over the top and unbelievable.
      Maybe productions was being ironic, I dunno.
      The only high spot of this season is when they were finally put on the block together sunday, and they only thing I wanna see
      on Thursday is HER butt walking out the door.
      In my opinion she ruined everyone’s game, the whole game and the whole show. ugh.

    3. I found Amanda’s edit (characterization) infuriating. The love story, the drama, the piano music… the whole episode felt like they were pulling on my heart trying to make me feel for her.

      The didn’t show a single thing of her acting like the bitch she is.

      FU, CBS.

  3. After one day of rational thought prevailing on this site, I see the Elissa fans have come out of hiding to start downvoting anything negative about their messiah again. Face it, she has played one of the dumbest games in recent memory and is only still in the house because of production. End of story.

  4. I want Elissa to win bb15 and all but was I the only one mad when nick went home instead of her. The moving company turned on their CEO faster than the brigade turned on theirs.

    1. It is not just the shock factor that she says ignorant and hurtful things but can clear a room with her nasty ass farts, too!

  5. I thought of another reason Judd will flip- he owes it to production for pushing Helen off the plank.
    Judd is super paranoid about getting out in a double eviction – and he doesn’t have a final two. He knows Andy is with Spencer. GM is final two with Andy or Spencer. If Judd outs Andy before the live show (he’ll say he knows about the wedding ring) , he’ll tell Amanda and McCrae, and then he’ll (Judd) will vote out Spencer. Then it’s Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Elissa against Andy in double eviction and Andy goes out. Big plus is that Judd will get to have some of McCrae’s cigarettes. Judd was called to the DR a lot yesterday, and he’s way more worried about the vote tomorrow than anyone else. And no way production would have told Elissa to risk her wedding ring – and no way production will let their two princesses leave on the same night.

    1. I hope you are right! I’d like nothing more than to see Spencer go home right now, immediately followed by the little red-headed twit Andy. Then let GM do her Snookie imitation all she wants… knowing that she is next.

    2. Seriously, why doesn’t McCrae trade all his cigs to Judd for his vote? That would be so easy. Judd is looking pretty desperate…

      1. I thought McCrae/ Amanda were almost out of cigarettes ages ago – he was trying to get Jessie’s when she left – How did they get more?

          1. McCrae has 6-7 packs of cigs left. He tried to get Jessie’s cigs because he didn’t bring enough for both he and Amanda to smoke the whole game, and expected to run out by the end of the game.

    3. I wrote something similar to this on the last update. Since Elissa and Judd have a final two deal, it’s possible this could happen, because it would for sure show Andy’s cards as the RAT he is. Judd talks about Elissa a lot when he’s around the exterminators (witch includes the biggest rodent in the game) but he does talk to Elissa a lot alone as well, much of which we don’t hear or see. For both their games I think this would be their best bet to make it further than just final four, and the heat would then be more on Mcranda and Ratboy if that happens. Game wise, this would be beneficial for both of them. It’s just so hard to read Judd tho, it’s either an act or he is actually using his brain. Judd should realize he has a better chance to win this game against Mcranda or Elissa than the other three. We’ll see tomorrow

      1. Judd is not on Elissa’s side. I was hoping this afternoon he was when he told her to come to the cockpit if he won HOH, but he told them upstairs about their conversation and he will put her up, also he told Amanda he hates the way she plays the game and is going with Spencer, Amanda relayed this information to Elissa. Unless, there are conversations that we don’t know about Elissa is on her own.
        Now it would be hilarious if the vote was 3 to 1 {Judd votes for Spencer to go} can you imagine Andy Spencer and GM faces. GM is planning on breaking the tie.

    4. I’m hoping Judd sees that he is a third wheel in all scenarios and votes out spencer, blames the vote on Andy, who goes next.

    5. That still irks the hell out of me when that hand could be seen behind Helen’s right foot causing her fall.
      Will Helen ever comment on that? Will we find out why?

      1. What hand? Get over it. She was not pushed. That was part of the stage she was on
        You can also see it behind Amanda’s and Elissa’s feet during the show. Come on.


    1. Spence and Andy will swear their loyalty to each other if they make past DE tomorrow night. Andy says, are you in Spencer? I am with you, Andy.
      They will consummate their alliance when they share the same bed tonight. Spencer says, I hate her, too.

      Are GM and Spencer related?

  6. its pretty sad. the final 4 would be people that think they made the greatest alliance ever even though they all floated. out of the alliance i want Judd or Gm to win only because Spencer only won 1 veto and Andy only won 1 HOH and POV. Gm at least won 2 HOH and Judd was pretty cool for most of the game.
    Just waiting for next season……..

  7. “Amanda – ‘I thought I was going to hook up with Nick for the first night but when I got zero affection I was like OK move on’”

    Serious or jab at GM?

      1. I think production(good friend allison) told Demanda to jump into a showmance the second she got into the house. Tried Nick(no interest), Spencer, too gross, Andy too gay, everyone else way out of her league. Poor pizza boy didn’t stand a chance once she dug in her claws, she is gonna leave scars. When GM accused Demanda of s******c*** for money, I don’t think she knew how close she was to being right. If I’m right I hope the poor kid never finds out.

    1. Ill Will, Amanda may have thrown a jab at GM with the comment about hooking up with Nick, but GMs comeback was priceless: “Nick only likes petite girls”.

    2. No, because Nick had better taste than that. He evidently gave GM some attention. Amanda just made it look like she settled for McRae. I mean she went looking for a guy right away and when that didn’t work out she just jumped on the next guy (McRae) and he was easy. I don’t think McRae has ever had much pu$$y. How many girls want a guy that lays around playing video games all day & then goes & delivers Pizzas, comes home & plays video games till time to go to sleep. If he stinks that bad in the BB house when has more than enough time to shower , how bad do you think he smells in the outside world? What women really wants to hitch her horse to that wagon

      I mean when he takes a girl out to dinner they order one & split, how many of you girls would want to sleep with him after a romantic nite like that. (Probably in his mama’s basement.

    3. She will think it was Elissa,but after about 5 minutes it will hit her. I think she will get the news from Andy from the DR while she’s sitting out there with Julie.


  8. What is Andy thinking staying with the exterminators?! If he chose the other side he would definitely make final three – Elissa would split up Amanda & MC, & Amanda or MC would get out Elissa – he might even make final two depending on who won HOH. I just don’t get it.

  9. I kinda want amanda to figure out Andy is a rat before the vote .. Her fate is sealed but want amanda to know it was Andy before she goes

    1. It’s unbelievable they trust him so much. He and the exterminators constantly hang out. How can they NOT know! Then he brags to the others about what a rat he is and how great he is at being a rat. These people are all morons.

  10. So after seeing tonight’s editing, leaving out how Amanda bullied GM to put up Elissa up how they didn’t show Spencer volunteer how they made Amanda look like a saint, a martyr, and part of a beautiful relationship even played sappy love music in the background ! They (production/ghosts) do want Amanda to stay. The bitch better go home and for CBS sake better drill her over the racist remarks, because if they don’t and I was Aaryns parents and saw how she got preferential treatment I would be beyond pissed l’m not a sue kind of person but without a doubt somebody would pay !!!

  11. If Amanda manages to stay and the HOH is a cheese eating competition that rat boy will easily win and save himself from the double eviction then dammit I’ll be convinced that the show is definitely rigged!!!

  12. Ellisa biggest target right now mmmmm! Andy rat face hard to look at two timing little floater. The exterminator neefs to be ex out the house!

  13. Dumbest comment I hear every season on BB; HG arguing with HOH and blaming him(or her) for evicting a HG. No, he was voted out by you guys because you couldn’t secure enough votes to keep him

  14. I don’t get the feeds, but enjoy reading this site & the comments. I’m just flabbergasted that tonight’s show reiterated how much hatred there is between Amanda & Elissa, yet now they’re seeming to be so buddy-buddy. Sad that production had to influence a “reality” show! IF Amanda doesn’t go, it could still be Judd who votes with Elissa by some miracle (probably production’s) and then I just hope Spencer AND ANDY are eliminated., leaving some interesting character dynamics in the house with McCranda, Judd, GM & Elissa!

  15. preditons hoh tommorow mcrea wins hoh

    noms ginamire an andy

    pov elssia wins saves ginamire

    macre puts up judd replacement noms

    spencer -vote- judd

    ginamire -vote-andy

    elssia- vote -andy

    2nd hoh winner elssia

    noms mcrea-spencer

    elssia wins pov

    keep the same

    they all vote mcrea out

    spencer wins hoh next week after

    noms elssia an ginamire

    elssia wins pov

    judd goes up

    elssia sends judd home

    final three spencer ginamire elssia

    elssia wins frist hoh

    spencer wins second

    elssia wins third hoh

    in takes ginamire to the end with her

    thats how i see it going

  16. I hate Andy more and more…….great job BB. We are gonna have a season of unanimous eviction votes and the most floating F4 in the history of the show. Rotten. Those awful final 4 make cirrus clouds look like fog. Yeah, I know: go Judd! Go GM! Go Spencer! Go Andy??? No way. Never thought I’d find a way to root on Elissa and McCrea. Bahh. I can not stand GM. The others are jokes. Let’s not hear the same ‘ole “way to go exterminators! You got mcwitchsla out! Yay! I’m so happy! GM, you do have balls!” I and we know you are happy. We are too. Because its another day closer to the end of the season, and that they’re gone. But to see who out of these 4 people who gets to final 2 and get mad $?….I dunno man. I want no part…..I hate that the exterminators now know and think they run the show. You werent running shit forever. Andy, you float like a feather and look like a goat. Spencer, you broke the on the block record because you are awful forever. Judd, you are back because of a fluke twist and timing, you hick, and GM, you leeched to Aaryn like Amanda does to her boy toy. Let’s give the 500k to Canada’s winner, or the runner up to last year (smiling emoticon), ….. fuck this show.

  17. BTW, does anyone else think GM is just a little bit delusional (OK, maybe a LOT delusional) about Nick? I mean, he was evicted Week 2… how close could they have been? And I seem to recall Nick trying to keep his distance from her after the first week. Anybody else think maybe she’s not all there when it comes to her “relationship” with Nick? Things are slow in the house, so thought I’d just throw this out there for conversation!

  18. Elissa knows what she is doing. Spencer offered to go up on the block as a pawn because for some strange reason, he thought he would get some special power. I guess the methane gasses finally affected his brain, from being so far up Andy’s fudge-packed a$$.

  19. Andy thinks his Terminators alliance has people he can beat in the final 2. He knows McCranda will take each other, not him.
    He knows he can beat Spenser, but he doesn’t think he can beat Elissa.

  20. OMG!!! Just watched the show…..Does MC EVER talk???? He is getting really annoying, I wished he was going home.

    I really hope that Amanda and MC find out what a liar Andy is and that sends him home tomorrow night.

  21. GM said she voted her own friend out (Aaryn) because she couldn’t go against her word to “the house” but now she has no problem going back on telling McRanda they can have the HOH room for a night. I hate her so much.

      1. but it won’t be her bed any more.

        She said she didn’t mind giving up the bed the last night because she had to move out her stuff and with all the prep they have to do thursday, it was easier to give up the HOH room a night earlier so she doesn’t have to rush in the morning.

  22. I laughed so much at Spencer talking about how Andy will win the next HOH and Spencer will win POV. Yeah Spencer, there’s a plan that can’t possibly fail. Someone said it the other day, but I totally agree they sound like Pinky and the Brain. Narf!

  23. Nice edit on tonight’s show.. Amanda and Mccrae crying.. their love being torn apart by the Evil Gina Marie.

    CBS is doing their best to shine the turd Amanda so “America” will warm up to her. Newsflash CBS after months of racist comments and rude demanding behavior its too late.

    Even having production having Elissa side with her wont help…

  24. Elissa’s plan to keep Amanda is a good move for her game (although I can’t stomach Amanda), considering everyone else left is planning to put Elissa on the block. Andy the “rat” won’t vote her way though so she needs to win HOH and put him up!

  25. i just want elissa winning hoh and telling everyone noone safe telling gm that the guys want her nominated … tell judd ,,,andy wants him nominated tell macrea everyone wants him nominated and gone …I want her turn this house upside down when she wins i want the exterminators destroyed

  26. Andy is wicked. After all what amanda has done for him by protecting him so he doesn’t get voted out, even voting against Aaryn, I can’t believe he would treat her like he did. And Amanda is so stupid now that she can’t even see it. I don’t care about Amanda but I cried for her today while watching the veto comp. she fought really hard for it and at the end,when she lost and was breathing hard on the floor, nobody went to comfort her. Not even Andy, her besty. If she isn’t stupid, she would have realized then and there that Andy is against her. This shows that in real life, Andy can and will betray a friend just for money. Things are not looking good for Elissa. Andy’s betrayal is going to mess her game up.

    1. Vino, when in the POV competition Andy said he wanted to compete against Amanda, that should have been a warning to her that Andy really wanted her to lose. It was extremely obvious.

      1. Name, exactly. She has so much trust in Andy. You are very correct. She should have known then and there that Andy is a ‘backstabber’ , and not on her side.

        1. Same thing happened with Helen, she couldn’t believe Andy would betray her. Amanda’s downfall is her cockiness: NEVER EVER trust someone who’s capable of betraying a person who really trusts them. It just show you that they’ll be doing the same thing to you, it’s just a matter of time. Why would you trust someone who proves his loyalty by betraying their friends, especially in BB? That’s why Andy never trusted Helen, he saw her throwing her allies under the bus. I do agree with you and really think that Andy isn’t trustworthy in real life. BB might be a game but it takes a certain kind of people to play it and people always end up showing their true colors in it.

  27. The saddest thing abot my talent is that it’s only applicable to my life. So, here is my last will and testment.
    My first wish is that I could have seen the 50th of Doctor Who. I truly believe that I missed the one thing that would’ve made this decade for me. At this point you may be asking, “Why is this guy typing this shit?” It’s because I have four days left on this planet. Don’t asl why, just know.
    I owe my best to BB15, so here it goes… CBS needs to protect Amanda, and all of the things she has said from day 1; what is the best way to do that, get Elissa to forgive her. You can’t be mad at her if Elissa forgives her, therefore get Elissa on her good side (Allons-y!) This whole scam is to get Amanda off the hot seat, plus GM. CBS doesn’t want to have to grill girl after girl after girl. How annoying would that be, how much would that kill ratings? Get Elissa to forgive Amanda by siding with her, so do all of you.
    Don’t be fooled guys, stay on Amanda’s bad side. Don’t let her off the hook. She may stay, it’s nobody’s fault. it’s only PLOY to get america’s forgiveness.
    I wish icould be here on the 23’d to see the “point” of it all, but I won’t. Don’t get freaked out, it’s just my talent, fuck, I just wish it had nothing to do with myself. Mark my words…”BB15 doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.”

    1. I say hello, I’ll say a prayer for you. Hopefully you’ll be ok. God loves you. Even when nobody is there He is there for you. Look at McCrae he doesn’t seem to be religious, but since they don’t allow books in BB, but the Bible, he is reading it, and he has learned from it. Never give up.

    2. I hope that you enjoyed your time here on earth . I hope your trip is a pleasant one. We on OBB would like you to stick around longer though ..and not do anything to harm yourself. Every day is another day to make an opportunity that can’t always be imagined, especially if you are talented..we need talent here on earth!

  28. McCrea was hilarious in the Diary Room. Production wanted him to look sad and say he was sorry that Ananda was going home. But he couldn’t manage even to look at the camera.

  29. Really Andy you would rather put your fate in GM and Spencer’s hands over Amanda and McCrea who have had your back the whole time. It is going to be hilarious when (if) you get to the final 2 and you loose horribly especially since you think you have everything figured out.

  30. I used to want Racist Amanda to go home the most. But now it’s Rat Andy that I despise the most, he’s a rat, he doesn’t have any game otherwise, he condoned Amanda’s behavior of bullying Elissa by being part of the plan, he has said on numerous occasions that he wants to kill Elissa and others, he talks smack about other people’s families taking things on a very personal level instead of keeping things within the game, he’s an embarrassment to the gay community and humankind (also a shame to the rodent species).

    Then I want Spencer to go home, the boy is a coward, no balls, he’s a misogynist, he’s got no game except for floating to those in power, he is a sex pervert, he mixes his boogers with other people’s food, his head is so far up Andy a$$ that Spencer has hemorrhoid in his nose and he is a hypocrite like Andy.

    Next, I want Amanda to go home. Need I say more?

    Afterwards, I want Judd to go home. He can’t talk, he’s always slouching, he’s got a short memory because he’s making the same stupid mistakes he made before he was evicted, he has no strategy, he just rides coattails, he’s a moron, he pretends to be nice and tells others not to talk about HG families, yet he say some of the nastiest things that his momma probably wants to disown him.

  31. Hey Amanda & Andy………How does it feel that Elissa just ruin your game? Oh yeah that right, Elissa blindside both of you TWICE!!!! How suck doesn’t it? Can’t wait till jury!!!! Crying like a little girls!!!!!!!! Helen,Jessie & Candice jump for joy laughing at both of you. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye Bye Amanda & Andy!!!!!!!!!

  32. I forgot to add to my post that I don’t want McCrae to win because Amanda will spend all his money on a European vacation, when the boy can’t even afford to eat at Olive Garden.

  33. if we really want to piss off the houseguest and maybe they will be enraged or even kill themselves like they had said numerous times so lets make elissa Americas favorite player I mean she is about the most descent person in the house the entire season

    1. Jason, I think Elissa and Howard are the best people in the house. They know how to behave and care about others. It’s a shame Howard got evicted. The others are always cursing like drunken sailors. Who are these people? Who raised them? It’s really a reflection of their parents. How embarrassing!!!

  34. And just when I was worried I wouldn’t lose the last 7lbs I had set for myself as a diet goal, my eyes land on a photo of McCrae smelling his foot and Amanda making her O face and I do believe I won’t be eating for a week. Thanks Simon and Dawg!!


  35. Spencer is the biggest floater in BB history The only reason why anybody even knows he’s still there is because he is on the block all the time and don’t mind either. OMG he hasn’t won competition or come up with his own game plan since he entered the house. I don’t know why they ever thought he was a threat. The only reason he might win something is because there are hardly any houseguest left. Geez he has had the best summer ever and might just walk away with 50 thousand dollars. Float on Spencer float on. Just pathetic!

  36. I bet Candice, Jessie & Helen is watching that Amanda and Andy got blindside!!!!! They will jump for Joy!!!!!

  37. I have a feeling that IF Amanda leaves, she will be brought back in somehow; maybe McCrae will win a special power to choose a jury member to come back.
    I don’t think Amanda will be out of the game for good; something/someone will ‘magically’ bring her back.
    Maybe not a popular opinion, but it’s mine.

  38. I was out of town for a few days and I am totally lost now. Why does Elissa want to save Amanda now? Did she hear something or someone tell her about the exterminators (i hate to even write that it should be called the floaters aligned) and their plan to evict her next or what?

  39. The girls need to stop their cat fighting and just realize that the guys even those in the exterminators are going to pick them all off. All they have to do is look at who is already in the jury house now. Elissa’s best move would go to Gina Mare and tell her she needs to think about that. They can all use each other in the end to get the numbers more in their favor. Use McCray removal in the double as a peace treaty. After all the lover boy did save himself over Amanda. Shouldn’t be to hard of a sell.

  40. What is it with Demanda that she thinks Ratandy is 100% loyal to her? She is being backstabbed and she doesn’t get it. One obvious proof is Andy trying to tire her so he picked to go against her in the POV competition.

  41. BB15 is so addictive. I can’t wait until it ends so I can stop watching the CBS show, the BBAD, and all the websites about BB. I’m glad I don’t have the live feeds because then it would be worse.

  42. Ha HA HA… doesn’t matter cause on Thursday during live eviction when the votes are 2-2 and Ginamarie sends me packing .I cant wait to stand up and say sorry..not leaving cause you know what rat faced Andy? I have the diamond power of veto.You need to go back to the sewer where you came from.I nominate you Andy to join Spencer.Andy is now evicted of a vote of 3-1…Then pervert the Spence follows after him in a double eviction…

  43. one good thing about this season is,i dont think any other season of any reality show can be worse than this cast,
    i think the glass house was better than these dumb asses,lol
    and andy and spencer are by far the worst contestants ever in the history of contestants,
    we got 90 days of the worst cast ever, lucky us,

  44. GM says to Judd that Nick is not mad at him. He is over the whole voting out thing now.

    Maybe she secretly talks to her in DR every day and we don’t know about it. Either that or Nick was a phantom and only ever existed her head.

  45. Maybe Elissa wants to work with Mcranda because they and Andy are the only ones actually playing this game.
    JUDD and GM are not too smart
    Spenser is a complete tool who probably doesn’t even have a girlfriend HA he has been there over 70 days and cant even work the stove!!

  46. Have not really been an Elissa fan. However she just made a very smart move tho…she needs numbers even if it means Amanda staying and if not.. expose the hell out of Andy and put the target on him.

  47. [… S – ‘Andy is going to win HOH and I’ll win the veto.. …]

    Andy winning.

    That would be the highlight of the season. He couldn’t win a lottery if he had the one and only ticket. GinaMarie needs to win, she needs it the most. The others either don’t need it (Elissa) or don’t deserve it.

  48. The picture right above the heading ” 5:11pm Studying Big Brother dates ” in this thread. What the hell is McC doing? Looks like he’s getting ready to eat his foot, sock and all.

  49. I told you McCrae my crotch does have super human powers…That DPOV just spit out of my koochie .. and I will next use my laser eyes to destroy

  50. This whole house is a looney tune. I HATE all of them, none of them deserve this money. BB did a great job casting such a ticking time bomb bunch of losers.

    How dare any of these men talk the way they do to a woman or about a woman, you are not men!

    DON’T understand how Andy is flying under everyone’s radar except Elissa’s, time to call this rat fuck out!!!

  51. Judd is being so hateful towards Elissa that I really hope it’s part of his plan to get some people out without them knowing it. Maybe I am giving him too much credit but he went from nice guy to D-bag so fast!

  52. i think Gm was stupid to put up spencer, if she wanted amanda out by her hands, she would have put andy up against her, that way there would be a def tie, and Andy couldn’t switch sides even if he wanted to.

  53. After Dark is epic tonight….the fireworks are awesome. I’m now convinced that GM and Amanda are in this together….there is no way two humans could talk to each other like this unless they have an ulterior motive.

  54. Is it just me, or is this season like the Wizard of Oz on Adderall? Elissa is Dorothy, after the Emerald City makeover – she really has the power and the pumps to get home, wants to go home, and is surrounded by a bunch of crazy losers in a far-off land; GM is Glenda the Good – Witch, a crazy -a$$ bitch with an irritating voice that really isn’t good at all; Amanda is the wicked witch of the East -period; MC is the Tin Man – no heart -; Spencer is the Cowardly Lion – no courage – balls the size of a little sparrow; Judd is the Scarecrow – no brain and a mouth full of straw; and Andy is a Flying Monkey in the service of the Wicked Witch of the East – he looks like one and acts like one.

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