“The evil part of me wants Alyssa to win this veto so bad “

HOH: Tiffany
Secret HOH :
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Alyssa and X likely going up. Veto could bring some drama this week.

1:00 am Tiff, Claire and Hannah
Hannah mentions that she was doing the dishes and Alyssa came up to her asking if Tiff is putting up KY. Hannah adds that Alyssa told her she thinks it’s X and her going on the block.
Hannah – I said there’s isn’t a lot of options left.

Hannah – Alyssa said I am nervous but if one of us is on the block we’ll just have to win Veto.
Hannah – I was like that is the mentality to have. Just because you are on the block doesn’t mean you will be going home.
Claire – definitely not
Hannah – if she would have won she would have put the two of you up. Her reaction to you winning sets it off
Tiff – I didn’t even see
They laugh about Julie Chen saying “Sour Beth” or at least it sounded like it.
Tiff – when y’all watch it back it was Sour Beth
Claire says Hannah called her Sketch B
Hannah – that was my nickname for her.. Sorry Sketch B but you have to go home
They agree next week is “For sure the double”

They spend some time looking at the HOH camera where BIGD and Kyland are talking on the living room couch. Azah is standing next to them.
Tiff – Azah’s like don’t take BIGD away from me now that you lost Sarah Beth
Tiff – Azah has her hands on her hips she is serious

1:25 am BIGD and Azah (cam3-4)
DF – I’m going on the block I know it.. I’m so annoyed
Azah – how do you know
DF – I know she’s putting me on the block.. I just said to her what should I wear all black and white
DF – I asked her am I going up and she said all I can ask is for everyone to have an understanding.. I was like Okay
Azah – [tiff] She said the guys are really mad a me
DF – the guys? the guys aren’t mad at you
Azah – she said the guys are mad at her
Azah – she said they’ll put me on the block next week
DF – who the guys? what she goign to do break up the thing?
Azah – by gods grace that better not happen
DF – that’ what is sounds like she’s going to do
DF says the guys aren’t mad they are just wondering why Azah didn’t win like the plan.

They move to the safety of the yacht room couch.
Azah tells him at first she wasn’t mad at Tiff she was more mad at Kyland not dropping sooner. Tiff told her she was holding on until Ky dropped. X told her something that got her thinking.
Azah – if this communication was sent out everywhere we did come to an agreement Me, You, Ky so she should have dropped. (Order of people to win HOH this week)
DF says Tiffany better put up what everyone else was planning “if not it’s fair game. I don’t know what to tell you how can we trust”

Df – If I had won I would have put up Xavier and Alyssa or Tiffany nad Claire
Df – if she puts up me and Alyssa or Ky and Alyssa.. what the f***
Df starts talking about them throwing the HOH to him so he takes the last shot to get them to 6.
Feeds flip

1:33 am Hannah and Ky
Ky says Tiff and X both have a reason to want to keep their person to 7.
Hannah – is Xavier mad or just confused?
Ky – No I think he’s irritated.. Rightfully so. he’s like if I knew we are doing things we wanted to do then I wouldn’t have dropped.
Ky – that’s fair
Hannah – yup
Hannah – I thought we’re all just throwing it to Azah.
Ky – Him and X fall before me, then me then Azah.. I expected Tiff to fall after Xavier and she didn’t. I was like what’s going on.
Ky thought maybe Tiff didn’t want it to look bad with her falling because she looked so steady.

Hannah – so you didn’t throw that
Ky – no. I was fine.
Ky adds that it was hard to hear Tiffany talking to him
Hannah – Yeah the swings were loud
Ky adds that Tiff told him later that she was saying She wanted the HOH.
Ky – I’m upset I think they both have a vested interest to do the same thing. I understand why X is mad
Hannah understands too
Ky – on the positive side is Claire more beatable? Yes. that’s great for us
Hannah agrees “Claires more beatable” (compared to Alyssa)
Ky – BIGD is worried what will happen if Alyssa wins the veto.. We know what will happen
Hannah – one of them will go home
Ky – we know at the end of the day she will do what needs to be done
Ky says if Alyssa wins the veto Tiffany will put up Claire but it’s risky “it’ll look bad for her”
Feeds cut. When we’re back
Ky says he’s fine with Tiff winning the HOH and taking out Alyssa.
Hannah – I thought we were all throwing it to Azah.. Even claire noticed it saying people were dropping like flies as soon as I dropped
Hannah says if it’s double next week then it could be just cookout left in the house.
Ky says he likes the four they talked about.
Ky says what Tiff did was understandable. He doesn’t know what the repercussions are but X is bothered. “I get it maybe he should be”

Hannah – do you think that the irritation is more so coming from his side than hers?
Ky – yeah it was her action, not his. He thought we were doing the team thing and she didn’t
Ky says two weeks ago X did the “team thing” when he picked the third nominee.

Ky says in 5 million words that he understands why X is irritated and he understands why Tiff got the veto.
Hannah – Claire is Enzo but claire won’t make final 2. Imagine.. how did she get there
Feeds cut.. They agree the “Covid protocol” hasn’t changed from last year so there won’t be a battle back.
Hannah – we just have to get through a double eviction

2:00 am X and Azah
X saying he saw that this HOH was a chance for Azah to win something and the fact it was taken from her “Frsuterates him”
X – there was two people up there that had won it before and you hadn’t. I know there’s that urge to win but on the other side we were good there was no need to win. It was unnecessarily selfish. I know you want to see pictures of your family and get a letter. She’s already got that.
Azah says when it was over
X – you were puking.. I saw your whole lunch it looks like soup.. looked like Chowder.
Azah – At the end of the day if I want HOH I’ll have to go for it myself (Like everyone else?)
Azah – when Claire dropped and nobody moved
X agrees points out everyone could have dropped right after it would have looked obvious but he didn’t notice they took their time to drop after.
X says he didn’t drop early because he didn’t want to be have not.
X – I was getting HOT Girl DROP (Claire)
Azah – BRAh I had a feeling .. Girl ain’t nobody going to throw this mother f***er
They have a good laugh about the Endurance.
Azah – I have to crack up about myself I am so blindly loyal..
Azah expected Ky to drop right after Claire “Ok Ky I’m ready for my HOH.. ”
They laugh
Azah – he’s like motherf**er this is for 750K
They joke around using their African accents about Azah asking everyone to drop so she can get her HOH room.
Azah – I always pray to god before these comps and I haven’t won one. God is telling me is if you are going to win a comp if it’s your comp you don’t need any manipulation or nobody has to throw it to you. You have to win the comp yourself so I’m comfortable with that (LOL)
Azah – it’s good that I see these things now..
Azah says what she saw during the HOH is Ky is afraid of Tiff and Tiff is afraid of Ky
Azah – we’re two evictions from the 6 I’m not talking about Jury management I’m talking about Cookout management
X – Right now If I had half a mind at the 6 I’m putting both their a$$es up.
Azah – people are like DAMN ok..
X – if anyone that’s not you two win anything both of you sitting up there to make sure one of you go home
Azah – they’re making it easy. if you make a plan then you don’t execute that plan
X says everyone in the cookout was fine with the plan.
X says the plan was for Claire to go then Alyssa. “Tiff was the only one that was like Noooo”
X – Girl I wouldn’t have dropped if I knew winning was an option like WTF.. I was firmly told X out of everybody can not win this competition and I was told by her and I told her you can’t either

Azah – come cuddle me a bit before bet
X – girl it’s like 2am in the morning
X invites her to join him and Ky in the coral room tonight because the yacht room is just her.
Azah asks Ky and X to join her in the yacht room (The thought of leaving the yacht room scares her)
X – if he’s not asleep I’ll ask him about coming in here
Azah – if not then I’ll come to join you guys
X comes back in a bit says he can’t find Ky ‘you just want to sleep in the coral room?”
Azah – okay

2:22 am Coral room
X says He thinks he’ll be going up with Alyssa because Tiffany knows if he wins veto and isn’t on the block he’ll take Alyssa down. “She would be forced to take Claire out”

X – the evil part of me wants Alyssa to win this veto so bad.. that’s what your a$$ gets
Azah – I know I want her to win too. I can’t even lie. Maybe it’s for TV or something but I want it
X – Give me a comp that Alyssa can win or some shit I can throw to Alyssa
X – Tiffany put up Claire
Azah – YO that’s going to be some crazy TV
X – that will be so delicious.. that’s what your selfish a$ gets
X – it’s sad I’m going on the block and I don’t even want the Veto
They laugh
Azah – BIGD is certain he’s going on the block
X – BIGD I’m not trying to be rude but in what world?.
X – straight up what worked are you going on the block
X – Azah you’ve never seen the block this entire game this will be my third straight week.
X – I was supposed to get a break this week but someone said F*** S calmness which is good now I want to do some scheming and F****ery
X and Azah go on how funny it’ll be this week for Claire to go.
X says Tiff is touching the block next week. (With Claire)
X – that’s why I don’t understand why did you want to touch the block at 7?
They agree being on the block for 7 with your pawn is the worst spot to be in. If a miracle happens and Claire wins the veto it’s two cookouts on the block.
Azah – I was like (to DF) Brah if it was you and Kyland up there throw that sh1t to him then he can’t play in the next HOH and he’s an option and not one of us
X now says even if Claire goes this week he’s not and if he wins HOH tiff is going up. “She’s 9tiff0 for sure getting nominated no matter what move she makes this week I’ll still be here everyone else will be like NOPE she’s gotta go and you (Ky) got to sit next to her”
X – under no circumstances she’s not going to go up next week
They talk about Alyssa winning the veto and then finding herself on the block the week after.
Azah – damn she’s going to be hot. she’ll (tiff) Blow our games up
X – I won’t give a f***
X doesn’t think Alyssa will have a problem “She’ll understand” he’ll tell her “We wanted to make sure a person of Colour wins this season you made it this far because you are lowkey and involved in it”
X – once it got to this number we were going to duke it out
Feeds cut. When we’re back X is continuing explaining how they can just make Alyssa feel like she was part of the cookout plan because she’s a person of Colour.
X – there’s no way to sell that sh1t to Claire
Feeds cut..

3:05 am Kyland, Azah and X
Kylands brings up what Tiff told him. there has never been a chance for someone to win back to back HOH’s so she wanted to take the opportunity. She’s aware of the risk and is ready to take the responsibility.
X – that’s not what we agreed to
X says they have a better chance to beat Claire in the next HOH over Alyssa.
Ky – true
X – fair..
X says the Veto Alyssa won was thrown to her by Ky the Chopping block roulette she competed against one person.
X compares that to Claire’s 2 competition wins.
X – If Alyssa goes to 7 that’s all 7 people of Colour
X – if we keep Claire then she feels alone as f*** in this game. It becomes very apparent what is going on
X – Alyssa looks at is like cool this is me I’m part of it Claire looks at it like OHHH damn…
Feeds flip to Tiff sleeping in the HOH

2:27 am Tiff and Hannah

Tiff says she knows what she did and is prepared to make the hard choice if needed.
Hannah – I will do everything in my power to win that Veto or if I can toss it to Claire
Tiff says X will be gunning for it Hard this time
Tiff tells her the final two they have is the final deal she has she’s not looking to make any more deals in the house.
Tiff – I would love to have a final 3 me, you and Azha.
Tiff – it’s either me, you Azah, or me, you, X
Tiff – if it’s me, you, ky f*** it then it’s us three. Ky thinks it’s us three so as long as he thinks it’s us three he’ll keep us safe.
Hanna – I wasn’t sure if he wanted to take X over me
Tiff says X will cut Ky tomorrow
Hannah – Ky will cut X tomorrow
They talk about Kyland thinking that was an order of people to drop. They don’t remember that being discussed.
Tiffany says if Kyland had fallen before Azah she would have dropped and thrown it to her. She just didn’t want Ky to win it.
Tiff – I can’t really say that to him like that.
Hannah – he’s a selfish player
Tiff – he’s egotistical.. his ego can’t get out of the way. You know what he said to me in the bathroom.. X is really good at setting his ego aside. He’s almost better than me.
hannah laughs
Tiff – whoever raised Xavier whatever work he does in his daily life where ever he gets his mindset wherever he gets that from is admirable. I don’t know what it is him, his makeup, his nature or is nurture.
Hannah – Ky is the more polite Brent.. Polite and politically correct brett
Tiff – he hates when I call him Politically correct but that’s what you do
Hannah – he’s the censored brett

3:29 am Ky gets up high on Adderal
He heads to the bathroom where he talks about Sweet Sarah Beth

6:55 am zzzzzzz

8:50 Am Houseguests getting up for the day.

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orwell the out of work bbad owl

The Cookout is giving me heartburn!

Fraggle Rock Bottom

That’s racisssss. What a sh!Tshow of a season…lol


You know the season sucks ass when the drama In The house is the order that they should’ve fallen off. Lame alliance. They are going to F6 not matter what. so this has to be either fake drama or just entitled brats.


Thoughts on remaining players:

Alyssa – Skewed view of her own gameplay and her victim status. Her only two comp wins were when Ky threw it to her (OTEV) and when she was the only one playing (Roulette). Nevertheless, I don’t see her being a bitter juror. If X is in F2, he’s got her vote. Otherwise, she’ll vote based on what she perceives as the best gameplay.

Claire – Had the CO figured out pre-jury, but somehow (after a long DR visit) lost her entire memory and intellect about the game. Yeah, she’s playing dumb. She’ll play dumb in the jury house too. But, she won’t be a bitter juror. She’ll also vote on what she perceives as the best gameplay.

DF – IT’S NOT FFFF-AAAA-IIII-RRR!!! Yeah, his diatribe about making comps more accommodating is right up there with Fessie’s “Who flipped?” The height of cluelessness. He keeps asking for a strength comp. Wasn’t the wall about strength? More importantly, is there a Couch in the have-not room?

Azah – God told her that if she wants to win a comp, she’s going to have to actually win it. Geez, it took a conversation with God to figure that out? I like Azah, despite her expectations of having wins thrown to her and her blind adoration of X. Azah has endearing qualities and I’d like to see her win something on her own to get to F3.

Hannah – She’s in a great position right now. Nobody in the CO is talking about her. She has positioned herself well to make it to F3.

Ky – I just hear the parents in a Charlie Brown episode. (Wah wah, wah, wah wah wah). But despite his lack of verbal prowess and his man-splaining arrogance, he has earned his place in the F6. I won’t cry if/when he’s sent to jury.

X – Becoming more unlikeable every day. He played the game brilliantly for weeks, but his mask is fading. When the CO doesn’t follow his direction and do his bidding, he gets p*ssed. Why is it that Alyssa was supposed to be the last to go? Because he said so? GTFOH with that.

Tiff – My favorite since Week 1, but she definitely has her weaknesses. She would have done better in the game if she was playing for herself and not for the CO (yep, I just said that). At this point, I don’t know if she’ll be able to take-out X and no way she wins against him in F2. I’m also not sure she could win in F2 against Hannah. I see X, Ky, and DF as being very bitter and choosing Hannah, so that Tiff doesn’t get the win. SB will also be bitter. Even if Tiff gets to F2, she only has a sure win against Azah or DF.

Production – Production has successfully changed the narrative, so that X & Ky are no longer at each other’s throats. X is now putting all of his energy against Tiff. Meanwhile, Claire has lost her memory and intellect, as aforementioned. Production’s pick is X. The twist that put him on the block as 3rd nominee was solely for the storyline arc (any hero must overcome some adversity). Production might just hand the veto win to Alyssa this week, so that Tiff has to put-up Claire. We’ve got two DEs and looks like no battle back, but if the hamsters don’t do what they’re told, we might just see a rewind week.

Chessie _K

I would love for the 3 guys to go before all of the ladies remaining in the house


When Derek X was ousted, that was the last of a decent player I could root for. There isn’t one left that is worth rooting for now. The personalities are boring and the racist comments from the Cookout are obnoxious.

The Beef

You mean like the one X makes about Claire suddenly recognizing at final 7 she’s surrounded by POC? As if Alyssa isn’t a POC too, and Claire isn’t ALREADY surrounded by 7 POC at final 8! How stupid does he think Claire is? Yet in the same conversation he says Alyssa can “handle” this better, because she too is a POC, and she’ll think she’s part of the CO (even though she isn’t, nor has she been party to any of their conversations or strategy).

X clearly isn’t above saying anything if he thinks it will help him get his way, or help to further his game.

So many here say their behavior isn’t racist, and maybe that’s a bit strong given there’s no hate involved in what they’re doing, but when the sole strategy of your alliance is to vote out people who aren’t black, at the very least that’s prejudice behavior. They may think it’s justified, but don’t people always think their racism/prejudice is justified? It’s okay to do that just to win a game and say we finally have a black winner?

Jaymie lee

The comments keep trying to convince me Whites-automatically Racist. Blacks-cant be racist no way. There black. As they admit to taking out the Whites because they are a ponc. Theres a new term fir the sjw warriors this year. Hilarious its allowed this year because its an all Black alliance and were supposed to pretend its not racist .


Beyond thrilled with this season! Derrick X figured it out too late and really wished he had done so while in the house. Great game play for CO. Can’t wait to see how the final 6 begin to eliminate one another! Cheering for Hannah to win this thing!!!

Chessie _K

I do believe that DX figured that there was an alliance but I don’t believe for a minute that he figured out the plus one part. I honestly believe that production or someone affiliated with CBS told him about the plus one part


Pretty sure it will Azah or df sitting in one of the f2 chairs.

Chessie _K

I will be glad when all three of the men are out and the final 3 is Tiff, Hannah, and Azah. I would love for Tiff to win this game. I don’t like any of the men anymore and they can all go before Alyssa and Claire


Man X lost me. His conversation about Alyssa making it this far bc she kinda a POC is not a good look. For the first time I am saying that it would easily be seen as racist if it was the other way around. Sorry not sorry. Granted when reading what he says delivery/context may sound different if I actually heard him saying it. I’m not saying he’s racist either. Just not a good look.

The Beef

It’s a totally ignorant comment from such a highly educated man.


TIFF is an egotistical idiot.

The Last Neanderthug

X for the win!!!


X is getting played so bad by Tiff & it may cost him big time. This is one of the instances where playing for a POC to win as your first goal, could very well harm your final placement instead of playing your individual game. Like Aly said “you cant have your cake and eat it too”
Also really liked Claire……
up until last night. After Tiff won HOH Claire was kissing ass and acting like “Claire from the block”..not a good look.


Please BB Gods, send home Xavier this week then Couch/Ky next. I’m so over the entitlement!

The Last Neanderthug

X for the win!!!


This is adezespider!!


What would producers and the media do if there was an alliance that openly made itself “white only” and made a point of saying it??!!! This season is a sham and a disgrace for Big Brother as a program. Not one personality in it at the expense of being “inclusive”. Horrible! I’m done watching because there’s nothing to watch.

The Last Neanderthug

Bye Bye