Hannah – “All-girls alliance we steamroll to the end..”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
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Big Brother Spoilers – Alyssa and X likely going up. Veto could bring some drama this week.

9:10 am X up eating an apple

9:43 am Tiff and Hannah
Tiff says Ky is ok with Claire staying over Alyssa “the only person not happy about it is X”

9:49 am Claire and Tiff
Tiff – next week why don’t we take a swing at BIGD.
Claire – or we get rid of one of the guys
Tiff – we could we could.. We got some time
Claire – BIGD has to go
Tiff – he does..
Claire thinks it’s better to get rid of one of the guys first than BIGD. Says they need to keep a guy as a big target but not both
Claire – one of them has to be here at 5
Tiff – Ky is so smart and so strong
Tiff – everyone plans to take BIGD
Claire – I would rather take Azah
Tiff – she is so loyal and honest if she has something with him she won’t have anything with us .. she hasn’t said anything about a final anything that makes me thinks she has something with BIGD and X
Tiff adds that they can convince Azah that the guys are against them.
Tiff – after weeks and weeks we finally got Sarah Beth out of the house

Tiff practices her nominations Speech “I think its the best move to split up the strongest duo”

10:03 am Kyland and X
X – I expect the nominations will be me and Alyssa
Ky – that’s what I expected.. it be weird if it wasn’t
X – the only other potential move would be you and Alyssa
Ky – she will have to tell me
X said to her “If you put Ky up with Alyssa I win I’m pulling Alyssa off”
Ky – If I win I might pull Alyssa.. I probably would do that. the more I think about it if it came down to you two.. That maybe the most..
X pretends to hop out of the way implying that he threw the veto to Alyssa.. “Ohh no”
they laugh.
Kyland says maybe Hannah would be the only person that might have a problem with that.
Ky – some things to consider.

10:36 am Tiffany and Hannah
Hannah – everyone will want to bring BIGD. they can beat him in the final 2 and they can beat him in the final HOH. It’s a JC situation.
Tiff agrees they have to get rid of BigD
Tiff – if Claire put BIGD on the block who does she put him up against..
Hannah – Azah.. you and I vote to keep Azah and the guys would keep BIGD
Tiff – then we hope to hell Claire votes out BIGD
Hannah – all-girls alliance we steamroll to the end..
Hannah – of course, this is only if Claire win HOH

10:37 am claire is helping Kyland clean out the fridge..

10:47 am Tiffany and Alyssa One on one
Tiff – I am weighing my options I want to be straight forward I am considering you and X I’m not 100% sure.. I love you to death and I respect the game and your game so much. I don’t want you to be surprised if you are nominated
Alyssa – I won’t be surprised.
Alyssa says she has a couple of pitches
Alyssa – if I were to win HOH I was 100% sticking with the deal not putting you up as a pawn. I can easily make that deal for next week.
Alyssa – the week before I was going after DX this week I was going after Kyland.
Alyssa starts talking about Jury votes. goes through the memory wall pointing out who has “Guaranteed” Jury votes. Alyssa says if she’s sitting next to Alyssa she has DX, Hannah, Claire and Sb’s vote locked
Alyssa- I Would guarantee have X’s vote.. that is only one vote I will have next with you everyone else is even votes with you or taking away one of your guaranteed votes.
Alyssa says if she sitting next to Alyssa she’s got 4 locked votes VS. Alyssa 1 locked vote.
Tiff – if I send Kyland home who do you target
Alyssa – claire or Hannah, BIGD or Azah.. it would be one of the other side.

They hug it out. Tiffany says she’ll mull it over Alyss had brought something up that she hadn’t considered..

11:02 am DF and Tiff One on One
DF – I just don’t know what the plan is.. I’m thinking Alyssa is supposed to go home. If she wins Veto or something crazy then who goes up?
Df – I was thinking of you and Jury do you want to lose a vote?
Tif f- I would have to I would not get rid of someone in the six and keep Claire. that is not the game I’m playing. If I have to lose a jury vote to get six ahead then I’ll lose a jury vote to get the 6 ahead.
Tiff – If Ky would have fallen I would have fallen.. When Ky didn’t fall I stayed up there. When Azah fell I had some options to consider.
Tiff lists off a bunch of reasons why she went for the HOH, the First Black woman to win two HOH’s in her season. First-person to win two back 2 back HOHS, Having only spent 19 hours in the HOH room last week, etc etc..
(Wasn’t Claire the final HOH so it’s not technically Back2bacK)
DF says being a BIG DUDE these comps are not physically possible for him to do “I feel like a piece of sh1t”

Tiff – If I have to make a very tough decision for myself this is the bed I’ve made I’ll lay in it.
Tiff says she feels like she’s the first to go out of the six
DF – it seems like everybody wants Ky to be the first one out.. With everything that happened the moves that have been made since the beginning.
DF says the only deal he had was with Frenchie so when they get to six he’s on his own “much like you”
Tiff asks him for clarity if he had the 6 then what was his deal with Frenchie..
DF – I know I know.
11:16 am feeds cut to pound Kittens..

1:12 pm Feeds return they get a smaller table

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Have we passed zingbot? I feel he should have appeared already if not soon?


Oh thank you! And thanks for all you and Dawg do every season. Dry as the days can be <3


Have we missed zingbot? Or is he coming…I’m so lost with this season


While I really hope the CO will make it to F6, I know if BB Hijinks are involved it won’t be so! If by any chance they are split, I hope its because Claire wins HOH and makes her move. Seeing its a double it’ll be quick n one of the men should go. Anyone will do but X or Ky would be HUGE!


Oh Ya
The White girl will bring down the CO……..
Thats the 2019 climax
NOT 2021!!!!!!

Christime Ahrens

Those guys better get there act together or those gurls r gonna take them
I dont like any of the girls except alyssa. They need to go. Come on KY and x what the heck they can’t be trusted especially tiff and claue and Hannah.

another name

If I’m gettting the read right:
X is still ticked he could lose Alyssa… and just when he was getting ready to pull out his ‘how to get out of the dadzone’ material.
Now he’s trying to convince Ky to win / remove Alyssa or throw to Alyssa.
He’s telling other cookout we can just tell Alyssa she’s always been cookout because she’s a POC.
If I’m in the alliance I’m just as sketch about X/Alyssa as i am about Tiff/Claire, and X has been going to an awful amount of trouble to keep Alyssa since week 5. Even the other guys should be thinking what’s this crap?

Tiff and Hannah are snowed about X’s actual personality. He’s a 27 year old manbaby that really can’t handle not getting his way, and has a pretty archaic view of women. That’s the reality. The veneer is good. But that veneer has been chipping away if you watch him on feeds. The women just don’t see it.
I’m really actually shocked at just how manbaby all three cookout men are once they have to face the most minimal possible adversity.
Azah sees it, but Azah doesn’t care because Azah still thinks she has a chance with X. No, no dear, he already did the dated 2 black women part of his yearly quota list… you’ll have to wait until the new cylce. Azah is also peeved that people SAY they’ll throw her comps, but then they don’t throw her comps and how is that equitable? (me: get your ass out of that bed, and win the damn comp for yourself or stfu).

Claire is continuing on her bubblebrain path she’s been on since production called her in during week 7. The there is no alliance and you must do what Tiff wants without question path. Oh shush. She has the most readable face for microexpressions in the cast. She’s playing dumb on demand. The eyebrows and the small muscle movement around her eyes when she’s hearing things that she knows are bullshit but says ok with. Watch for it.

Ky is doing what Ky does. Cam talking about stupid shit to try to curry favor. If Ky doesn’t win, do you know the excuse he’s going to use when he complains? He’s dropped it into ten conversations. He’s going to say it’s because he’s mixed race. Yeah. In the season of diversity where four houseguests minimum were of multi ethnic ancestry, he’s going to try that. Deadpan stare at what I’m writing….analyzing. Yeah. It fits his personality profile.

Alyssa tried to campaign sorority as a gameplan. It wasn’t a bad pitch really, but coming out of Alyssa’s mouth every word must have been like acid poured on her soul. Alyssa is a guy’s girl. Completely. When she talks sorority, I’m betting the guys in the walls are shaking their heads and laughing at just how full of shit it sounds coming from her. Even when she pushes sisterhood, she’s still saying and X. Yeah. Let’s be all girls in the end… oh, and my penis shield.

Couch thinks he is getting nom’d. again. No, no dear. That’s what Tiff is trying to get Claire to do next week. I don’t even think Prodobot 2.0 Claire is buying that Couch is the big danger instead of X or Ky. But…. Grodberry koolaid.

Or, they’re distributing the Koolaid and the game plan to the houseguests because there’s been an awful lot of break the cookout talk in the past 18 hours…. and that won’t do.

another name

You decide.
Pre-feedblock Ky is telling X he’s all for keeping Alyssa, screw Tiff blahblahblah all for the three guys yakyakyak.
Post-feedblock Ky is camtalking to viewers about his ideal final four being X, Hannah, Tiff and himself.
Notice that after every supposedly innocuous but oddly timed long feedblock, Ky feels the need to camtalk to tell everyone his new plan.
If they aren’t getting production notes, they’d just lock them in the HOH with the cams on to watch their chatting (like they do in bbcan, because bbcan does production notes after the hoh comp extended cam block, after the veto comp extended cam block and then monday during d/r calls because they work skeleton from cam return from veto to monday morning).
Camblock for a table change. mmhmm.


Great insights, as always. I just have one question: How close is X to the “nope” zone? I believe only Ky has achieved “nope” status thus, but X has got to be close to passing the point of no return. His fixation on keeping Alyssa as the final “plus one” has been sketchy to me for weeks, but at least he put-on a good front of prioritizing the CO. But the mask is coming off and if the CO bows to his wishes once again, no way he’s willing to cut Alyssa at F7 either.

another name

Every cast member this season has danced on the edge of nope.
I’m really really trying not to put anyone on the list.
If Ky hadn’t in one five minute span of time pushed every single hot button i’ve got… i wouldn’t even have noped him.
However, X has come reeeeeally close. Four times. What saved him?
I was in a good mood each of the four times. What else saves him? I at least have a portion of respect left for him. It’s dwindling fast. But it’s still clinging on life support.
Ky? No respect whatsoever.


Considering that there is no recourse once someone has been noped (there is no un-noping a nope), then I respect your granting some leeway to the HGs. If X does not get his way this week, I predict that the mask will come-off completely and he might just take a flying leap into nope-land.

another name

Think of it this way: you know how people become polarized when the steamroll starts, hate the entire big group, and start cheering for the underdogs? After the underdogs are wiped out, everyone re-evaluates and looks for the lesser of evils, excusing the previous shitty attitudes and game moves because there has to be someone to cheer for? I lack that ability. If I thought they were shit before, they’re still shit, and i eat popcorn with every eviction of the douchecanoes that are suddenly given a pass because they’re all that’s left.

Another Dixie

I don’t watch the live feeds so this may have been discussed already or is a really dumb idea but I think it’s time for the girls in CO to jump ship and join with A&C & get the guys out. I think that’s the only way they will make it to the end. I’m sure once the non-POC are out X will make sure the 3 girls & K will go first leaving him with Big D.


While that would be a great plan, it will never happen because they have made such a production out of getting the cookout to the six, the first one to break ranks before final six will be crucified in the outside world (and by BB production, probably). It just isn’t going to happen. Maybe at final seven in the unlikely event that whichever of Alyssa/Clair survives this week and wins HOH a CO will go before then, but that assumes that TPB would even allow that to happen….


Am I the only one who finds it weird that they talk about Big D as if he isn’t a guy as well?

another name

You mean is it weird to emasculate gay men based on sexual identity? Yeah. It is.
Is it weird that after 23 seasons in the us and 9 in canada, it’s still happening EVERY time unless the house guest closets himself? Yeah. It is.
Is it weird that viewers don’t seem to take offense to it after that many years? Yeah it is.


Exactly. It’s like people conflate sexual orientation and gender, pretty disturbing…


I was wondering that too!?

Just Sayin'

Aw I felt so bad for DerekX last night in the jury segment, saying how he “figured out ” the cookout in that moment (when he definitely knew something was up already before he left the house). He now has to act like he thinks it’s this great big brother alliance, when you could see in his eyes that he was upset about it. I don’t know how you could ever be ok with knowing that you were eliminated for being a certain race, poor DerekX has probably had to deal with discrimination in his life for ever too. Just because you are bullied doesn’t mean it’s ok to turn around and do the same thing to someone else, especially someone who really doesn’t deserve it. I know people this year are loving the cookout but they are hurting people along the way and I hope they’re all ok with that


Place your bets, who will be “The Uncle Tom?” 6 to 1 odds, 3 to 1 if it’s a F2 pact. Get your money down before the deal expires.


Zingbot is taking bets now, act fast and as always expect the unexpected.


Gotta love the in your face racism. Not sure what is worse CBS proudly displaying the racism of CO/POC alliance against the others……..
X choosing to say that allysia is a POC in order to keep her safe and also in the final explanation of the CO to her. but just not the right “C”!!! to actually be a fulltime CO member.!!??!!??


“feeds cut to pound kittens”
Does anyone else find that funny.


Remember “pound puppies and kennel kitties”?


Gotta pound my kitten.


Why do the girls not see that X is flipping out over Alyssa in the same way that Ky was crucified for flipping out over SB these past few weeks? I really hope it gets back to Tiff how he’s been throwing her under the bus lately. Preferably through Azah because I’m not sure she’ll believe it or understand the Kyalect. This season is overdue for an ACTUAL flip.

another name

Tiff doesn’t see, because Tiff has had the least contact with X of every cookout member, by X’s design. Hannah knows it’s there, but ignores it because ignoring it gets her further in the game. Azah knows it’s there, but she wants him, so she ignores it.


It’s hilarious because If it were anyone but X acting that way, Hannah would run and rat them out to X so that he could “dad them straight” *rolls eyes*

another name

Considering X was trying to convince Ky that Tiff has broken the cookout by targeting Alyssa this week… a flip is in Tiff’s best interest (though she stupidly doesn’t know it).
If he’s saying she’s broken the cookout because he didn’t get what he wanted when he wanted it, and he can use that justification to say it was her that did it… he will target her next week.


Well said! Starting with the first week of jury, X has been adamant that Alyssa is the last of the “plus ones” to go. Why? What makes Alyssa more important and valuable to the CO’s mission than the other “plus ones” (and don’t get me started on X’s justification that she is also a POC as if DX isn’t)? The CO threw daggers at Ky for wanting to keep SB, but gives X a pass for wanting to keep Alyssa.


X is a lawyer????
He is constantly blind to whats happening around him by even other CO members. If he isnt better figuring out law problems than game problems, he’ll go broke.


So who’s left in the game, I see Claire and Alyssa but I’m having trouble telling the other HG apart.


You’re as blind as a bat then because they all look different. Get some glasses.


Just remember it’s a spurtle myrtle.


It’s too bad that the zings don’t get shown on the live feeds. I expect a few to be brutal (Looking at you Kyland & Derek). A couple I am having trouble thinking what the zings will be (Claire, Azah)


Azah’s zing might be about her basking in the glow of X’s mist.


I want a Zingbot costume.


Ok. Now was the woman Clair replaced black or was she white? What would the outcome would be ? Now tiff wouldn’t have Clair so if she were black then it be whole different game now cookout would be 7 of poc. What?