The Diary Room doesn’t like “the Beast Coast” but they Like “Ragin Cajuns” and “Buck Chargers”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


12:05AM Andrew and JIllian hot tub room

Andrew tells Jillian he doesn’t like that production called both Jillian/Emmett into the Diary room it makes it look like they have some deal.
Emmett joins them
Andrew saying there is only 15 days remaining he cannot wait to get this over with, “You can see the finish line” Andrew: “We could have gone to rehab twice”.
Andrew: “Think about it there is only 3 competitions left.. The next HOH, POV and then the Big HOH.. well maybe 5”
Andrew: “LAst night when she was freaking out.. why are we taking this knucklehead with us… “
Andrew mentions that Pete has a much better chance to win the POV or HOH. Andrew thinks that traditionally the the next HOH Comp will be mental so the chance is very good one of them (Emmett-Andrew) will win it

Emmett: “If Big BRother offered us a prize would you take Booze or Food”
Andrew: “Depends on the food”

Andrew :”AJ has been gone for 19 days.. he 36 days in the house and 34 days in the jury house”
Jillian: “Who left next.. Gary.. so he’s been in the jury for a long time”

Andrew: “I’m sure there is no twists.. you know there is no sense in doing that now (Sense? you haven’t gotten to know production) .. what could you do late in the game”
Andrew: “Canada’s voted Peter is off the block.. you need to put Emmett up but still Emmett isn’t going home there isn’t enough votes” Basically Andrew says if they toss a twist in that saves Peter it means they want to get rid of Talla.
Andrew: “After this week it’s final 4.. you can’t say they won’t mess with the game”
Emmett: “You really can’t save someone this late in the game.. then you make it into the final 2 you only did because of a twist”
Andrew: “Exactly.. they don’t want that anyways they want it.. ”
Jillian: “To keep it interesting keep it real”
Andrew: “Ya it is a reality show.. We’ve won a lot of competitions.. we’ve won 10“


Andrew: “I don’t think the Diary room likes the Beast Coast.. “
Andrew: “They never mention it”
Jillian: “Ya I don’t think so either”
Andrew: “You know what they really like.. the ragin cajuns.. (Feeds cut) “
Jillian: “You think she’s in there saying that”
Andrew: “Ya.. they also like Buck Chargers”

Andrew doesn’t think he’ll start watching the episodes right away he’s going to wait until Jun-July.. Emmett and Jillian agree.

Andrew knows one of them is going to be bitter but not for too long. Emmett mentions that they will probably be bitter one day then after they get home the excitement of being back home and being with their friends will supersede any bitterness.

Andrew brings up how Liza was spreading lies about Emmett and getting trying to convince Andrew to target Emmett. Jillian asks what happened between Andrew and Emmett them so they started believing each other. Andrew: “She got put up on the block and the lies stated unraveling”

Ememtt: “She told me that Andrew was a Alcoholic and he hated it in here”
Jillian: “You were Liza’s and Toms’ main targets”
Andrew: “WHY?”
Emmett: “Tom kept saying you had something to prove

Jillian: “Ouch I think I hurt my groin”
Andrew: “Will you guys take it easy.. you hurt you shoulder and Jillian hurt her groin”

They suspect that the next competitions will be combination mental/physical Emmett: “Like the bridge to veto”

Emmett asks Andrew if Peter used the POV on Alec would he of sent Topaz or Peter home. Andrew isn’t sure. Emmett points out that Topaz did well in competitions once she started trying.
Peter joins them..

12:46pm Talla sleeping, Jillian doing laundry
(Video uploading it’s mega long.. )


1:15pm Kitchen Everyone chit chatting

Emmett doesn’t like homeopathic doctors he thinks those types of people are annoying. “They drive me insane”. Emmett doesn’t drink much soda doesn’t think it’s good for you.
Peter doesn’t like organic food says it’s all just a fad. He quotes a Penn and Teller episode that should people like the taste of non organic food better than organic.
Jillian points out that Organic doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste better it means there’s less chemicals.
Andrew loves diet soda doesn’t care what people say about the chemicals “They” put in there.

Emmett talks about blueberry farming, He explains the process.. They spray it for weeds on the off year.. “Blueberries are in cycles.. you have two fields.. You burn them and offset them. On the off year you spray them for weed control” he adds that the field you plan to harvest you spray with a pesticide before there’s any fruit on them.. “That is not considered organic”

Big Brother: “We require that deck of cards be brought back into the storage room.. that entire deck of cards”



1:50pm they’re in lockdown for 30 minutes

Andrew: “If I was a girl I would have the sweatiest boobs of all time”
(They chat about how dirty Gary was with his dishes etc.. and how surreal it is being in the Big Brother Canada House)

(Second Video uploading)


2:15pm Nothing is going on..

Andrew jokes that he’s going to spend the day looking at the marble and see of there is any pattern. After a bit he confirms that there is no pattern in the marble flooring

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When are Andrew and Talla going to realize they are only fighting for 3rd place if they keep Emmitt and Jillian in the house?


Emmett biggest fault will be to believe Peter. Andrew would be loyal to the Beast Coast, Peter is in the game for himself only. I have a feeling Jillian is playing both Andrew and Emmett.


I think Jillbot is going to dump both those boys the minute she steps outta that house. No Jeff and Jordon fairytale romance here folks.

As tough and cold as Emmett thinks he is with the ladies I think he is totally in to Jill and totally in for a world of hurt when she drops him like a hot potato when she doesn’t need him anymore.



simon says:
April 16, 2013 at 9:48 am
My gut tells me production wants Jillian and Emmett to face the heat

Yeah, since their competitors can’t achieve that, production has to step in.
The stooges saw the makeout video again this morning (4th time!), so apparently it’ll be for the full week. It’s getting close to brainwashing: “don’t trust them! don’t trust them! don’t trust them!”
Same brainwash to Jillian and Emmett: “You know why we’re showing them this video over and over again, to show them they can’t trust you! So, don’t trust them! Don’t trust them! Don’t trust them!”
I think J+E and Andrew might still be truly aligned and friends for life if production wasn’t clearly manipulating them all not to trust each other. Sad. I remember when Beast Coast were at their best, and it seemed really genuine. It’s so sad production feels the need to mess up with whatever happens organically in this house. 🙁


Does anybody think that Peter could have the votes to stay?!! I sure hope so.


yeah, I’m hoping for that too. I don’t care how it’s done, I just want him save. But don’t you think that he can get Emmett, it’s along shot, I know, but it doesn’t seem impossible for me.


Can’t wait for Thursday to see how producers bull crap messes with the game once again…….. Peter will most likely be saved, because of a restart and thats just dumb if that happens (this is coming from a Peter fan). He messed up and didn’t win Veto, so unless he talks he’s way out of it he should go. But knowing a jury member will be back, we’ll probably see the a reset this week and no one will go home. Peter will be saved if Alec or Gary returns, seeing as they both will target Jillian and Emmett. We’ll see how this goes, who knows there might not be a reset, but I’m pretty sure there has to be.


Anyone think it’s possible to win this game without lying? Curious what others think. I hear a lot of ‘so-and-so lied and backstabbed’, but how can you get to the win without doing so? Any thoughts?


You can, by accident. Like Jordan (S11) did.


Thank you Simon and Dawg for all that you do!!!! This site is amazing GO STOOGES Andrew is the funniest hg ever I hope he wins everything he is totally deserving! After the show I hope him and Talia get their own show something like a Canadian Regis and Kelly that would be must see TV


I don’t believe Andrew has actually gone back on ‘his word’. He doesn’t give his word, and he hasn’t been dishonest about his feelings for people he didn’t like – they knew he didn’t like them. He put up people without hesitation, that other people would not have the balls to do. So maybe it’s possible to win without the mess.


I agree. Andrew will throw his thoughts out in the form of a question to see what the other HG thinks. Then he will decide on what to say next based on the other person’s reaction. Once Andrew make a decision that’s it.. Emmett, unlike Jillian who lies right to your face, listens. He will grunt or shake his head to lie rather than using his words.. Yet it seems most of Jillians lies were the result of Emmett changing her mind..