Big Brother Canada Stooges “Milkman Milkman we love the Milkman .. unce unce unce unce”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)




9:33AM Kitchen Peter, Talla, Jillian, Emmett, and Andrew
Morning Chit Chat

Jillian: “Temptation island was so good.. whatever happened”
Peter: “It was so great they decided not to air it anymore”
Andrew: “What was the idea of that?”
Jillian: “12 couples they could be married they could be long term… They could be fake together.. they get split apart on the island” She continues to explain the rules for Temptation Island. the 6 guys get separated and are introduced to 6 single women and the 6 girls get split up and introduced to 6 single guys.
Jillian: “They are supposed to be tempted by these other people”
Jillian adds that only one couple stayed strong the rest broke up.
Jillian: “If you are looking for something else you will find it.. it’s not that hard”
Andrew says the people on the show just wanted to be on TV even though they all said they were trying to “Test” their relationships.
Jillian says she’s had 3 serious relationships and none of them were broken off becuase of her cheating.

Talla asks them if they could go to one spot for a month where would they go.
JIllian wants to go to Australia. Andrew has zero desire to go to Australia. Emmet: “It’s so Americanized”

Andrew and Emmett both think New Zealand is a more interesting place to visit. Emmett: “Lord of the Rings was filmed there.. .you can ski with you shirt off”

Talla: “Where is New Zealand .. it’s on the southern Hemisphere”
Andrew mentions that Whistler and Banff is full of Australians working.

Talla: “I want to have a kangaroo.. I want to crawl in his pouch they are so cute”
Andrew: “Why.. its full of goo.. like putting your hand in your butt”


10:20AM Emmett and Jillian head to the hot tub to milkmance a bit and do Emmett’s nails.

Jillian is still talking about her mom telling her to stop complaining so much.

Jillian: “You said your family couldn’t do it”
Emmett: “They hate being trapped inside”
Jillian: “Oh I thought it was because their morals and stuff”
Emmett: “Mike could do it.. Nobody wins this game without a little lying and cheating” (I believe Mike is Emmett’s brother)


Andrew joins them, Talla is behind him “STOOGE”.. “STOOGE” They tell them they’ve decided to be the refs for Emmett’s reward (badminton net)
Talla: “I’m going to be the cheerleader.. Milkman milkman we love the milkman.. see milkman I got it trending.. unce unce unce unce ”

Andrew starts making a techno beat “Unce Unce Unce” Talla begins dancing around.. (Typical stooge tomfoolery)
Talla starts talking to the Moose.. “Ahh I’m talking to the moose.. she’s so cute”
Andrew: “Better than talking to me”

Peter joins them..

(Watch this video it’s hilarious. For the last 3 days the only remotely entertaining thing on the feeds have been the stooges. )


11:02AM Setting up the court for Badminton


(Video uploading)

11:31am Hot tub Room Everyone but Andrew
Talla: “Is there any way a bird can go grab me a pack of darts.. I’ll give you a piece of bread”
Emmett and Jillian bring up getting a “STOP THAT ANDREW” in the main bedroom when they were looking in the bedroom. They’re not sure why because Andrew was in the Have Nots sleeping.
Talla: “I’m the human lost of found.. I have your stuff”
Emmett asks them if Topaz gave back the hair oil. Talla: “ya”


12:00pm Emmett plays Jillian
They are in outdoor lock down right now.. Andrew: “I gotta pee” Emmett: “Take a little swim Monaghan drain the main vein”

(Video uploading)

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Agreed! If it wasn’t for the stooges, I would not be watching the feeds anymore!! Thank goodness they’re still there or the house would be do dry!!


“For the last 3 days the only remotely entertaining thing on the feeds have been the stooges.”

SO true, and it’s mostly because of Andrew. When he’s in the DR the house suddenly feels like it’s sunk into a void of boring! Lol How sweet was Andrew last night, trying to cheer Talla up? Game play or real, it was sweet.

Watching Andrew and Talla watch the Em/Jill kissing video again this morning, I have to wonder…is BB trying to get it thru Andrew’s head that Jillian is with Emmett, in ALL sense of the word and that there’s no way she’ll take Andrew to F2? The only way I could see Jillian taking Andrew to F2 is if it’s between Peter and him. I think she’d take Emmett or Talla over Andrew, if given the choice.

Andrew has won a couple of important comps, but he needs to go on a serious winning streak, and soon!


Love the stooges! They crack me up!

Also, that is kind of a dinky badminton net, geez BB.


Yep, a borning week!!! If by some chance it’s Gary who is coming back I sure hope he doens’t play a personal game and try and get Andrew out. The best thing for BB right now is to see E/J on the block. Come on Andrew!!!


I don’t think he will….I can’t remember what it was or where I read it (making me sound crazy credible I know! haha) but I remember reading something that Gary said in a post-interview about how Andrew did something he wanted and having influence over Andrew…making me think that he would try to work with him!


I really hope so….


There is no best move for bb you do remember this is a game. Either direction at this point is the same from a game point of view obviously you
perfer andrew.Emmitt, jillian or andrew are matched andrew is winning more then emmitt at this point but to say gary has to break up milkmance before andrew is dumb if emmitt left jill would just team up with andrew and gary will be in trouble. The only hope gary would have is emmitt there are cracks between emmitt and andrew and if gary is smart he could take advantage of that. Taking out andrew is better for gary’s game because andrew will target him before emmitt will.


Production is messing around too much with the remaining houseguests by trying to change the outcome. The worst thing they are doing is bringing back an evicted houseguest, who was ousted fair and square from the game, and to bring them back to win the big prize is not fair to the remaining players who managed to stay in the game. Canadian viewers are naïve to think ‘their votes” will bring back the houseguest…that has ALREADY been predetermined and the Producers KNOW who is coming back…its THEIR choice, not the viewers. I don’t recall seeing a disclaimer that any official firm is auditing the voting.


I saw gary’s exist interviews and he never mentioned andrew one way or the other if anything andrew is the reason he left so i don’t see him working with him. In gary’s interview he was asked who he wants to see as the f2 and he said topez and emmitt. All production can do is suggest but in the end it is the hgs choice.


Yep, somebody coming in the game this late was basically handed a month long immunity….I’m surprised they didn’t try and give it to Suzette somehow, since she was handed HOH and POV without winning either. The game part of this has been dead, I guess it is simply a reality show now.