“The crazy thing about the alliance we’ll create two. We’ll create them with the exact same name.”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David, Kevin, Ian and Tyler
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony – Da’Vonne used the veto on Kevin. Ian nominated in his place.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

10:14 am Memphis and Christmas
Memphis doubts Nicole will try and flip the house She’s going to “ride the wave” with teh committee. Adds that Nicole is going to try and smooth things over with Ian to secure his Jury vote. Says she’s not stupid she won’t blow it all up for Ian.
Memphis starts talking about Ian’s pitch to him “the way he came to me”
Feeds flip… (CBS can’t risk Memphis saying something inappropriate?)
When we’re back.. they start talking about Enzo. Christmas says she talked to him last night he seems “very receptive to..”
Memphis – we just need to keep him on ice for a little bit. It could get super dicey and we have to throw his a$$ on the block. We’re not going to but we could end up next to him. I don’t want to have a conversation with someone like that then..
Christmas – ceya
Memphis says maybe them three can join forces and make a run for Final 3 “that conversation needs to happen in the next 10 days”
Memphis – we can’t pull the trigger too soon we might have to send him out
Memphis – I’m with you I think he would be a great third.

10:50 am Enzo and Memphis
Memphis talking about how different Ian was talking to him the other day “He’s a persuasive person”
Enzo – he’s wearing jeans now..
Memphis – he was putting on an act these past weeks.. I’m like Dude you literally are talking to me like a completely different person.. Dude this f***ing guy.. Obviously I want to send his ass home I just hope we have the votes.
Memphis thinks they should have the votes this week.
Memphis – I have an idea that I have been mulling over it has to do with me and YOU and it has to do with two other people.
Memphis – me and you making the final. it has to do with us creating two different alliances, me and you and one other person.
Memphis – two separate alliance but me and you are in both with a person on the side.
Memphis – the only way this will work is if we’re both here in two week so I don’t want to pull the trigger too soon because it can flip flop..
Memphis – if you are game I am going to bring you the one person and we will hash it out make a final 3. then I will bring another person to you and we’re going to make the same deal with that person
Enzo – yeah I know what you are saying yeah
Memphis – the only thing that over laps in these two alliances is me and you
Memphis – the crazy thing about the alliance we’ll create two. We’ll create them with the exact same name.
They laugh
Memphis says once they get to 8 it’s going to get “cut throat as f**”
Enzo is game for it.
Memphis says he’s going to wait a bit before pulling the trigger on this plan.
They start to talk abotu the vote this week. Enzo says they have 4 votes. They agree they don’t want to leave it up to Dani this week.
Enzo – her HOH was a f***Ing mess..
They laugh
Enzo – she put half the house on the f***g block and she can’t play in the HOH .. what the f**

11:12 am Dani and Memphis
Dani says she didn’t plan on putting Ian up she knew he has to go but was thinking in a couple weeks
Dani – I just want to make sure we are making the best move. realistically Ian isn’t coming after me, You our Nicole.. i’m telling you 100% he’s not coming after you and we have to remember Nicole legitimately has him in her back pocket.
Memphis says Ian has played them all like a fiddle says he had a conversation with Ian yesterday and all that nervousness wasn’t there. He was calm and articulate.
Dani says Ian told her and Nicole last night his main target is Da’Vonne because she used the veto and put him in danger.

Memphis says Tyler is one of the best players in the house “do you keep him to throw him under the bus next week or the week after.. ”
Memphis – to be honest with you if we somehow do make it to 6 it’s going to be tough.. A lot of luck basically. He’s the first f***er to go
Dani – eyah
Memphis says the other 5 in the alliance will all agree.
Dani – how close are you to Christmas.. swear on anything don’t repeat this.. it’s just a rumour
Dani – there’s a rumour that Christmas and Tyler have a final 2.. I feel there’s a little validity to it.
Dani says when she was HOH they hung out constantly
Dani – this was new and really strange.. he came up here that time when he tried ot self evict and he was up here for hours.

Memphis – I’m really worried if we send Tyler home we might lose control of this hose
Memphis says Tyler won’t put committee member up if he wins next week
Dani – neither will Ian
(Feeds cut for a huge chunk)

11:55 am Ian and Nicole
Nicole – I talked to Dani last night.. I am going to work on Memphis today
Ian warns to not force it.
Nicole – I’m going to be smart about it. I’m not going to no try it’s going to come out organically
Ian – Day is solidly on my side right
Nicole – I think so, she is someone playing all sides..

Ian – here is the harsh reality as long as it’s me, Cody, Enzo and Christmas than i’m good
Nicole – yeah ..
Ian – that is all i’m trying to tell myself. To flip Enzo and Christmas will be work
Ian – to flip them to vote me out will be work.
Ian says if tyler is in the final 2 against anyone he will give Tyler his vote to win .
Ian says production told him today .. feeds cut (I think they told him he has to stay in jury to get his money because he’s now talking about jury votes and not quiting)
Nicole says Kevin is the next one to go.
Ian – if I go and he doesn’t follow me out of here I will be pissed
Nicole – you are my best friend in this house and you are my favorite person in this house I ma having the hardest time with you on this block..
Nicole – we’re the two winners here we can get you to stay.

12:35 pm Tyler and Christmas
Tyler – remember when you were HOH and somebody yelled final 2 and power.
Tyler – Kevin told her (dani) that he heard my name but he might have told her that he heard.. YOu and me have a final 2 and Christmas has a power
Christmas – those f**8ers
Tyler- doesn’t make sense he only heard my name..

1:12 pm laying around

1:42 pm LIve feed update

1:53 pm Kevin gets some new hair.

2:03 pm Cody and Enzo
Enzo didn’t like Tyler telling him that Da’Vonne using the veto would mean he would go up.
Cody – was that Dani saying that
Enzo – exactly
Enzo – I liek Memphis I do but c’mon now.. we’re final 8 now..
Enzo says he trust Memphis more than Nicole and Dani
Cody agrees.. “he’s never going to throw you up”
Enzo says he’s kinda wanting to get rid of Tyler to even out “that f***ing alliance that you guys have”

Cody – yeah
Enzo – I don’t know we have what it takes to get rid of Tyler.. I don’t give a f** yo
Enzo – either of these two are not coming after us
Cody – if we go after Tyler what makes me nervous is this alliance makes you think you’re allied adn they’ll have no problem putting you up
Cody – I want to avoid this group ever targeting you.
Cody says his group (Committee) “f***ing loves you right now Memphis wants a final3”
Enzo says he doesn’t trust Da’Vonne. Cody will target her if he wins HOH net week. They agree next week Da’Vonne or Kevin go next.

Enzo says COdy shold be worried about Da’Vonne and Kevin winning the HOH
Cody – who would Kevin put me next to? the only person I’m worried about going up against is you. that is the reason I want to send Ian home
Cody – what if i’m next to Nicole and Ian is still in the house what if Dani wants Nicole to stay and now Ian.. that’s 2 already .
Cody – after this week bro 4 is the majority now I’m next to Nicole and Christmas wants to keep Nicole because she’s closer to Nicole than me and if if.. Da’vonen has a vote or Kevin.. I’m gone next to Nicole.
Cody says he wants Ian gone over Tyler for this reason.
Cody says Dani was trying to play “Cute” on her HOH
Cody – Ian is one of our Numbers he’s not one of their numbers. She’s caving Ian because of her cuteness with Da’Vonne
Enzo – if I win HOH i’m about to flip this whole house upside down
Enzo – I’m tired of it.. I’m going to put up one of the girls and someone from the other side and me like figure it out (Wow Enzo what a BIG move)
Enzo – it’s too much yo.. it’s 7 alliance yo it’s too much
Cody says he wants to get something between Enzo, Memphis and him so that it locks Memphis from going after Enzo

2:22 pm Nicole joins them..
N – what do you think abotu this plan
Cody – no
N – I’m pretty sure Tyler has to stay..
N – I want to figure out how to make Ian stay
Enzo – does Tyler even want to stay
Cody – yeah he does now
N – if Ian has to go which is probably 80%, 90% .. i’m still trying to feel out the options but..
Enzo – I’m not sold oin it i’m still open
N – If Tyler stays which he will we have to make sure those three vote to keep Ian.. so that’s really important (Kevin, Da’Vonne, David)
Cody says David told him outside he’s voting to keep Ian
N – Ok that way it won’t look .. it’ll be 5-3. I ‘m going to claim David’s vote and I’m going to say David flipped does that sound good?
Enzo wonders if David is really telling them the truth
Nicole says Da’Vonne using that veto was terrible for Nicole and she doesn’t trust Da’Vonne anymore at all.
Nicole goes on about feeling like “Garbage” for Ian leaving she will pretend to keep him.
N – Spinning it on David is best for a game move so they will get paranoid with David.

Nicole says there’s nothing wrong with them making Da’Vonne think the vote will be 4-4 then when it comes out 5-3 they’ll say David flipped.
2:47 pm Dani comes in “I don’t trust her at all, Da’Vonne
Nicole tells her they are figure out what to do to “save face”
Nicole says they need to have a sly 5 meeting.. they fill Dani in on the scheme above.

3:35 pm Da’Vonne, Christmas and Nicole
Da’Vonne says she used the veto because she didn’t want to lose Bayleigh and Kevin back to back

3:48 pm the four girls meet on the hammock. They decide to have a meeting later that’s not out in the open. They call themselves the “shady ladies”
3:51 pm Da’Vonne and Nicole remain in the hammock
Da’Vonne asks what is up with Christmas
Nicole – I don’t know..
Da’Vonne – she’s rubbing a lot of people the wrong way .. She was up at 9 and talking to David..
Da’Vonne says she thinks Ian is fine this week.
Cody joins them
(I’m hoping Nicole’s plan to come out looking good results in Tyler leaving. Maybe that’s her goal?)

3:56 pm Christmas and Tyler in the storage room
Christmas tells him David is pushing hard for her to keep Tyler she’s not sure if Kevin and Da’vonne are in the mix.
Tyler says if Kevin or Da’Vonne ask her say that David convinced her to keep Tyler.

4:00 pm Memphis and Christmas
Memphis says he’s concerned with them (Dani/Nicole) trying to cut a committee member he doesn’t care about what their side alliances are. He doesn’t think they are far enough in the game to start cutting their own members.
Memphis bring sup his conversation with David earlier today where he proposed they play up their feud.
Memphis – he’s not bright in this game..
feeds start cutting again.

4:34 pm Christmas and Nicole
Christmas – why is it so weird and awkward (around Da’Vonne)
N – we don’t trust her she doesn’t trust us
Christmas – true, I didn’t want to initiate that conversation because I didn’t know who it will be interrupted
N – yeah
Christmas – that conversation I had with Ezno was like ..
N – yeah I had no idea I was like this is so awkward . I was sitting there wondering who said that to
Christmas – I was for sure going to ask
N – Yeah I’m glad she told you
Christmas – like.. now I know I can’t trust Enzo. It wasn’t sensitive information.. it Could have been twisted
N – anything you tell Da’Vonne she’ll fact check . that why I tell her nothing
Christmas – yeah me too
N – She said something to me about you. You’re talking to David a lot
Christmas – when did she say that
N – after you got up. something about last night.
Christmas says there’s ‘weird” stuff going on she can’t figure it out.
N – like what
Christmas – like her associating me with David.
Lots of Feed blockages… .
N – we need a committee meeting before Thursday.. I want to get a plan in place for when the vote comes out so she’s not wanting to pitchfork me
Christmas – Kevin just asked me ‘what do you think is going on. it just doesn’t make sense that he’s a pawn’
Christmas – I said honesty I don’t know I really don’t want to go against what the HOH does or is asking for.
Christmas says the other side is fishing for information “Big Time”
Nicole says they have to “blindside them”
Christmas – David’s trying to gas me up
N – at least you know what he’s doing
Christmas – and Day. I can’t trust Enzo..
N – I don’t think his intentions were bad but that is how I felt with Tyler.
Christmas wants to ask Memphis about it. Nicole thinks that is a good idea it’ll show him he can’t trust Da’Vonne.

4:49 pm Enzo joins them. Christmas tells him Da’Vonne asked her about her speech.
Christmas – she said I heard you have a problem with what I said about like… it was really awkward.
Feeds cut..
When we’re back Christmas is saying Day told her someone said she had a problem with Da’Vonne’s speech about untouchables.
Enzo – I’m the one that f***ing said I think your speech is a little too over the top.. when you said untouchables you probably rubbed Christmas the wrong way you need to watch that
Christmas – ohh ..
Enzo – she twisted it.. What the f** is going on..

5:24 pm Dani and Christmas
Christmas – we have to win HOH.. the next two we have to win. If we win the next three we’re f***ing good.. (No sh1t)
Dani – that’s alot.. you have to expect a shake up. I’m really nervous.
Christmas – this disruptor power
Dani really screwed me over and the veto power really really screwed me over. Christmas, she hasn’t even said sorry to me. I mean that might be petty of me or whatever. I told you how sad this is making me it’s hurting me and you see me hurting. You can’t even not only on a game level you can’t even say sorry.. do you know what I mean? I feel like I’ve apologized to her .. blah blah blah it’s lame whatever.. then she asked me for my alcohol.

Christmas – I don’t know what is going on with her right now
Dani – she thins she’s in the best spot in the house
Christmas – is it Kevin then her. In the hierarchy
Dani – I think Kevin should go first. her and David are not that close they are nothing like a Kevin and a Da’Vonne.
Dani – he’s actively coming after us
Dani says Kevin is “shady as hell”
Dani – it’s so funny how people change when there’s a power shift. He had a veto used on him and now he’s thinking he’s invincible
Christmas – Da’Vonnes demeanor has definitely changed since winning that veto
Dani – Agreed 100%
Christmas – welcome to Big Brother for your third season
Dani – you’re so mean..
They talk about how Kevin cannot win the HOH next week
Christmas – f*** it I’ll win it next week and put him up.

Christmas – why are they working so hard to flip the vote when they think Tyler is going home and they want Ian going home
Dani – I promise you Da’Vonne is trying to pit me and Tyler after each other that’s the vibe i’m getting.
Christmas – it’s funny we wanted to keep Tyler anyways. It will give them a confidence boost because they’ll think they did that
Dani – that’s fine
Dani says Da’Vonne thinks the vote will be 4-4 and she will break the tie.
Christmas – why the hell is Kevin asking me what we’re doing
Dani – i know
Dani about Da’Vonne “do you not literally care about me at all at all. It crazy.. crazy to me. ugh it’s so annoying”
Christmas – yeah the fact you had to put somebody else up and then now
Dani – now she’s going have me send somebody else out it’s really annoying..
Christmas – That’s really annoying (Shitmas is the biggest follower)

6:12 pm Ian and Kevin
Ian tells him this is the same Hammock from his season. He broke the first one that on Season 14 and this is the exact same one they replaced it with. Kevin says it feel like it is breaking. Ian says it’s designed to have a little give when you rock it.
Kevin – you have me, Da’vonne, David and Nicole locked.
Ian – OK thank you
Ian says if he does go he’s not going to us “Bitterness” for her jury vote.
Ian says he has a formula he’ll use to determine who he is going to vote for. 30% competition wins, 30% strategy “Did someone make a nice play.. you know nice move.. did you know what was going on”, the final 40% is social “Did I enjoy your company. did I have fun hanging out with you did you make me want to put a key with your name on it in the box”

6:20 pm Dani and Cody
Dani – he won’t even come in here, Kevin does not like me… Whatever
Cody – over it
Cody – yeah … umm …
Cody – the thing that makes me nervous about Kevin is he mentioned that I nominated him to Nicole, Enzo has nominated him and you have nominated him like..
Dani – he’s coming after you
Cody – why is it me
Dani – I have always had a suspicion he’s coming after you
Cody – why
Dani says it might have been the outside yeller

Dani says their covid exam is 8:00 – 8:30
COdy – is tomorrow the half way party
feeds flip

6:40 pm Dani and Cody making dinner together they’re having a invite only pizza party
Cody shares a story about his brother Paulie being a big nose picker.
They giggle. .
COdy talk about Paulie being on the challenge “he gets paid pretty nicely.. it’s weekly and it’s nice weekly”
Cody – there prize money is nice he makes a pretty penny he makes a good amount of money
Dani – you said that’s like his gig now
Cody – yeah. that’s what he does twice a year
Dani – it’s twice a year! that’s crazy. three months each time!
Cody – 2 and a half months..

just chit chat….

6:52 pm Kevin and Da’Vonne
Kevin says the way Da’Vonne plays is she throws out false information then see’s how you respond and feeds it back to someone else.
Kevin – I asked her girl what do we do.. she said aren’t we supposed to do what Dani said and Keep Ian
Da’Vonne says Enzo and David both said Christmas is pushing for Ian to go.
Kevin – the more I learn about hos Christmas plays the more I don’t like it
Da’Vonne – she’s all over the place.. she runs right back to Nicole .. she’s aiding them
Da’Vonne – there’s a guys alliance..

Da’Vonne asks him if he’s in the guys alliance.
Kevin laughs says he’s never been in an alliance even on season 11.
Da’Vonne – David is in some sh1t I knew it. I knew it.
Kevin – there was a guys alliance he tried to join it they kicked him out.. maybe they recruited him back in
Da’Vonne – there’s like 40 different alliances in this house
Kevin – that is why conversations are so awkward here. that is why conversations get stifled to nothing when there’s more than two people there’s too many overlapping alliances.

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Master Plan

Lmao Ian looking real clueless right now. Hope y’all get on his ass like y’all get on David. Dude has no feel for the house. He really thinks he has Cody vote LMAO. He literally named all the people that will be sending him home on Thursday as his votes to stay. Are sure that’s a past winner playing BB in there? Dude hasn’t done a thing all season.

Sans a Nicole/Dani flip on the rest of the house, he is done for. But he isn’t even campaigning hard to Kevin, David, or Day, if at all. Lmao he felt WAYYY too safe.


He already won. Goodbye

Golden Gate Granny

That’s how I’ve felt about him and Nicole from Day 1.

Dan's the Man

Ian rode Dan’s coat tails all the way to the win on his season. Dan is directly responsible for Ian’s win in more ways then one. I don’t see a way anyone will ever be a two time winner of this game, unless they have a season of just past winners.

All puff and no stuff

Except for Derrick :/


i still think a 2 time winner can happen, but it would have to be people who actually won on their own merits not due to bitter jury and well… let’s just say the two winners they picked this season don’t meet that criteria.

Save the All Star Season

Can’t stand Ian. Even in his first season he was dragged to the end. He didn’t win, Dan lost, that’s the difference. He literally did NOTHING for 5 weeks. He’s won nothing. Didn’t talk to anyone. I hope he goes. He’s not playing Big Brother, he’s playing hide and seek.

Ian Schooled Dan

I like him just because he schooled Danny.

Save the All Star Season

Ha! Ok. That’s why this season he’s yet to do one thing? Cause he’s sooooo good at this game? Yeah, that must be it. ?


You know he won a bunch his season made moves to keep dan then took dan to final 2 right? He is the only all star in the house

Save the All Star Season

Back half wins. He thought he could do the same thing this season. But he couldn’t!


We have out 1st jury member. Hopefully there is a nice pool and some good movies there for Ian

Ian Schooled Dan

I hope they have Buggle Guppies dvds for Da’Vonne by next week in the jury house.

Save the All Star Season

As long as Day goes before Kevin. That’s karma!


yeah, i still think day made the right move for her game, but she did move herself ahead of kevin on the target list. if one of them (or maybe david) don’t win hoh next week, she is gone.

Save the All Star Season

After watching her promise not to use it, then tell the DR she acknowledged she said she wouldn’t use It, then she used it. She wasn’t that close to Kevin. I think she used it to put a target on Kevin. Unless she is punking us all and David is her actual F2? Well then, she deserves it!

another name

The episode skipped a lot as usual. like the whole house going to her and Kevin in a short amount of time (a few hours) and saying they’d vote for Kevin to stay without having to campaign or beg. Then there were 3 conversations where Dani was saying if Da’vonne wanted to use it, she wouldn’t say no because it was better for Da’vonne. There was a shift in conversation two where Dani said she couldn’t guarantee Kevin would stay because Enzo and Cody might flip the vote to keep Tyler. Then Dani said maybe it’s better to get rid of Kevin now. So Dani told Da’vonne Kevin was not the target, then changed the script. Then there was Da’vonne walking into an alliance meeting and saying her invitation must have got lost. They weren’t game talking but it was the whole alliance including Tyler. Then there was the begging by multiple people.
To top it off Da’vonne said if she was watching from home she’d be screaming use it along with the viewers.

The Canadian girl

Please explain the Bubble Guppies comment. I don’t get it.

another name

Memphis saying wouldn’t it be crazy if we had two alliances at the same time.
uh… welcome to week one of this season Memphis. 24 alliances have been in the house, and this fool thinks he’s clever in week six proposing something “crazy”.
uh huh.


That seems to be Memphis’s game with those outside of the ‘committee’…claims to everyone that there are no big alliances, that him and everyone just have relationships but nothing concrete as it’s too soon. lays low and kind of act clueless about what’s really going on, etc. Has been working an looks like you fell for it too.

another name

He said it first to Christmas. Who is in the big alliance as well.
What did I fall for? That now that they have reached jury Memphis isn’t so gung ho on 6 strong without a backup?
That he’s late to the game as far as multiple alliances with predominantly the same people?


gotcha. Based on what he said to xmas and enzo, seems like he has been thinking about it and building relationships, but staying out of anything official in case he needs to nominate people he’ll have some options–still not wanting to do anything official and even telling xmas they might need to cut enzo when he spoke of it to her. So maybe he’s just positioning himself to not have to upset people more than he has too. Hard to say since he is hardly ever on the feeds or show…not sure what i think of memphis but a lot of people seem to hate him.

another name

I don’t like Memphis’ personality in the least.
I don’t like a lot of these people’s personalities in the least.
But in this instance I’m saying he’s a little late this season if he thinks his idea (that i expect makes show edit) is revolutionary for this season.

Moon Crickets

You know Dani is going to try and flip it back to get Tyler out because all she cares about is herself. The alliance means nothing to her.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

She already is – did you check out her talk with Memphis?

Game fan

Yeah that’s an individual game you know


Come on Live Feeds!! You can do better than that! Quit taking the feeds down every couple minutes!! People pay for it.


Agree, seems to happen when I find the time to sit a watch. Do you have any idea why it’s been so bad this season??


Lot’s of pregame mentions, talking about not staying in jury, talking about production conversations, and all sorts of conversations that seems like the babbling of entitled children. Plus they want to keep some stuff for the televised show and they need to keep everything in the dark so they can tell the story they want without the feed folks pointing out that’s not really what happened.


Too much real 1984 big brother this season.
pst! pst! pst! players will be whispers soon.


It seems like the returning players always act like they are to good for rules and keep breaking them by discussing things they know they are not suppose to.


Its so obvious that production is helping Ian. He is now wearing jeans and telling Nicole to not be pushy when trying to get votes for him. Damage Done

Golden Gate Granny

“He put on his jeans.” Meaning… he showed up to work today. Enzo’s analogies crack me up. And he’s the oldest at 42.

Memphis is 37. Still not convinced by his Grandpa-ism. His candor with Ian directly was shocking, yet worthy of respect. Stabs in the front are always MUCH fairer than stabs in the back.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Exactly – plus he was the only one who saw that doing that “raise hand” BS move would be literally punking Day.

That’s what I mean about him – I know he can be absolutely crass and has zero filter but he does have that OG vibe to him.

You can see why Dan gravitated to him – he’s pretty chill on the whole right?

Golden Gate Granny

Sooo OG. But, Enzo has this magic about him (that Memphis doesn’t) that makes everyone just spill their guts either directly to him or or they don’t care if he is in earshot. It’s fascinating at this point. He has all the goods, yo! Haha.

I ALWAYS prefer crass and no filter over uppity and refined.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson


My 2 cents

Seeing Ian’s behavior now, it’s pretty obvious that he was putting on an act initially. He even said that his strategy was to act dumb. I do think rocking soothes him, but isn’t it interesting that he can control it while he’s in the most stressful situation he’s been in?Why has he flipped the switch now??


I have already said that many times, he was faking faking faking everything this whole time.


of all the cast members, enzo is the only one that i have a more favorable view of now than I did when i heard he was on. If he actually wins HOH and puts his words to action, things would get interesting, but for now, and during his first HOH he is all talk.

Golden Gate Granny

Well… he did take out Kaysar on his HOH. Which gave me a boo boo lip ’cause I wanted him to play longer, but a high profile kill nonetheless. And he’s won a POV too. But, moreso than his talk… he listens just enough to “Yes, dear” everyone in to complete complacency.

He’s playing the best so far, imho.


i would say my opinions of day, xmas, and cody have all improved, but when you’re starting at rock bottom it’s hard not to move up. day actually won something and made the correct play with her power. xmas still sucks but since she’s not being baited into bullying by paul, she’s considerably better. cody’s still derrick’s lapdog but at least it looks like he’s making his own decisions since derrick’s not actually in the house.

another name

Well at least it sounds like we’ll get some waffles on Wednesday.
I’m not sure if we’ve actually determined who the underdog are voting to keep 100% yet.
We don’t know what hinkyvote Enzo will do.

Bigger chance this week than any other that we’ll actually get a split vote. Personally I’m hoping for a tie that will totally screw up the ‘control the house’ people.

A smart person would be preparing for this vote split possibility by telling both nominees they are good with them and they’ll ask around, and keep them appraised of the situation. Further, a smart person, now that we are in jury, would be giving the ones being evicted from this point on a heads up some time during lockdown after rehearsals on episode day that it’s not looking good for them. I don’t see anyone this season finessing the jury, they’re all too convinced that they are entitled to the jury vote when it is plainly obvious this is going to be the most bitter jury we can think of.

Golden Gate Granny

I can see these fools flippety flopping until it comes down to the live show this week. I’m not counting either out yet.

I’d love to see Tyler stay and win HOH and flip all this house up, down, and all around though (Tyler’s superpower is pivoting). Dani & Nicole on the block, Cody renom if POV vacancy. Nicole’s been pissing me off since Day 1 and I want her out of my earspace. I’d hoped Dani would have matured more since becoming a mother and she’s even more insufferable. And Cody? I’d like to plant his arrogant flapping gums firmly up Derrick’s ass.

Just dreamin’ out loud. I’ve been huffing globs o’ Cali smoke for 3 weeks though, probably I’m just overly high.


i dunno. i’m not sure how bitter this jury will actually be. day, tyler, enzo, ian, and nicole i don’t see being bitter (and yes, i included day). david and kevin i can see going either way. memphis, cody, xmas, and dani will be bitter af but i don’t know that will be enough to sway the entire jury.

another name

The only way this jury isn’t MORE bitter than season 19 is if Grod gives them a 20k bonus to vote how she wants them to.

another name

Tyler’s whine to Xmas that wall yellers ruined Cody and Nicf’s games… Where? What danger are Nicf and Cody in that they weren’t in before? Production already said fruit of poisonous tree causing Ian to run back behind Nicf’s skirts after obviously throwing the HOH.
Tyler is going to complain to d/r about Kevin using yeller info that he only heard parts of (because Cody was yelling over the yeller) so has been reporting to others erroneously.
Tyler and Ian ratified their now non existent insurance policy deal based on wall yeller intel.
So Tyler used it in game play… but Kevin can’t. got it.

On feeds Kevin and Da’vonne are thinking of getting cute and throwing hink votes to keep Ian without telling anyone. That makes no sense, but they’re considering it.

While Christmas and Tyler are in HOH discussing who heard the F2 yeller information… Ian is reporting to Dani that Christmas and Tyler are hiding in the HOH. Dani now thinks F2 for sure.

General stated concensus in the Committee (so Memphis Xmas and Cody opinions) Tyler is needed to take out Da / Ke / Dav. Okay. If 5 people need a sixth to take out THAT trio, they should go home and realize they suck. Really? Six people are required out of 10 next week… in order to get rid of THOSE three? riiiiiiight.

Golden Gate Granny

I sure want to root for Da’ but damn that woman keeps shooting herself (and allies) in the foot. Great perception, terrible decision making.

another name

If I had to guess, Da is wanting to avoid an 8-0 no matter what, so that cracks form knowing that Nicf wants to keep Ian.


I totally agree. What was her alternative? They send Kevin home and now she’s playing for the HoH with no one else but David on her side? She literally has no one. If she keeps Kevin, she atleast has two allies now, and she’s still playing for the HoH as though her life depended on it, which she would’ve been doing anyway. She made the right, and only available choice for her.


Nicole is such a snake wow … does she realize how snakey she is?

Big Baby

If you were in the house against her
you would be smoked like a cigarette out the door.
She would cut you and play you like a spade!

The Beef

Wow. Are you related to Nicole? I mean we all have our favorites, but you’ve written several books on here about her great “win” on season 18, describing in great detail how she smoked them all “like cigarettes” several times, so I’m just wondering what your connection is to her?

I don’t think you have to anything to worry about, as production is clearly going to take care of her. Her edit tonight was very positive, as she got to cry and whine several times on the air about how unfair it is that Ian is going up, giving her ample air time to make up for the fact she was making fun of him and laughing at him just last week with the others for his autism. Now they’re trying to help her heal her image by making it look like she actually cares about the man, when in reality all she cares about is keeping her shields up around herself. She doesn’t give a sh@t about Ian, or his game, or his feelings either for that matter. She’s just worried about her endorsements, her own game, and how she’s looking to the outside world.

So put her up on that pedestal and smoke a cigarette in her honor if you want. I’ll keep the hoe around just in case the snake pops it’s head out.

Big Baby

More So that people such as yourself whine like little sissies every single time she does something in the big brother house. And think that she’s not deserving of being in the house this season or deserving of her bb 18 win. In that house if you called her a snake She would run circles around you and get you evicted you Baboon!!

Back in Big Brother 18 James even said after the FINAL HOH PART 2
he got smoked like a cigarette by Nicole. I mean the fan favorite James
that everyone adored even said he got smoked like a cigarette by Nicole thats a fact you Buffoon.

I find it hilarious how much you all still think she’s that terrible it shows you haven’t watch the show over the last 20 years Because you still think she’s one of the worst houseguest we ever seen and it shows how inept you are because you obviously don’t remember the houseguests who have done more things in the house that were more heinous then NicoleF.

You better watch your back little doggie because Nicole would snap you in two and bite your head off And make you look like a complete fool on national television because she would smoke your ass out of the house like a bong!!

Jaysar for all stars 3

Who do you think is really everyone’s final two at this point?

The only two I feel somewhat confident on is Toyotathon/Tyler and Enzo would like to take Cody.

Dani/Nicole/Cody switch every conversation it seems

Golden Gate Granny

This is long, but VERY thorough, impressive and may help ya on the current true & BS F2’s… it’s from the last post by TTOTambz. (Though everyone could scramble and change every other second. Shocker, right? LoL)




Game fan

Nicole is gonna make herself a huge target . I bet day is gonna see through that.


Cody is in the best position to win. I don’t think he is playing a good game, which is probably the reason he will win. He is right, he will have the votes to stay. No one is voting him out smh.

another name

So nobody is clocking the storyline parallels to season 16 at all here?
Big alliance with a figurehead that doesn’t mean much to them, running parallel of another alliance with the same core membership pulling the actual strings.
Smaller alliances with essentially the same people that encompasses most of the house (not mentioned in show edit in 16 for the most part, not mentioned in show edit here).
first five evicted are 4 women and one man.
Grod has such a masturbatory fantasy over season 16 that she’s doing everything in her power to recreate it. She’s already given it to houseguests of 17-21 as must watch research to show how she wants big brother to be played.
Following pattern, week six was Jocasta / Zach. But it was a double. It was also Nicf / Hayden. In a choose your own adventure kind of way Grod could spin either direction.
That’s where she’s sitting. What is best for Cody and Nicf?

another name

BTW, is it too much to ask that we just don’t have a day with more bullygroupmindthink ideas sprouting from the mouth of Felon Navidad?

another name

Sorry, her whole attitude that the ‘other side’ isn’t allowed to play the game, or even ask questions is just really ticking me off. The fact that a felon with a record of violence from a season known for it’s abusive behavior has been made an All-Star still makes me angry.

Roisin Dubh

Someone needs to tell Enzo that the John McLain thing isn’t working for him.

Golden Gate Granny

Yippeekieyayyy Muthaf*cker!


LOL. Something so funny about seeing that phrase next to word Granny….

Golden Gate Granny

You should see me yelling it with a rolling pin in my hand. *sly grin*


I think the game of Big Brother is officially dead after these last 2 seasons and quite frankly pretty much all the seasons since 15 (not BB 17 or 20). The group herd mentality is so boring and not what true fans want. I used to love the strategizing, the divided houses and players who didn’t care about gaining social media followers. If anything this game is just a reflection of how our society has changed over the years (for the worse). I am going to finish this season out but it might just be time to take a break from this show. I am tired of being disappointed. It’s just not the same game I used to love.

The guy

I believe the biggest reason the game isn’t going anywhere is bc Day, David, and Kevin need to win hoh


I agree and feel ya 1000% on every word!

Golden Gate Granny

Wow. Enzo’s lightning quick with HIS jeans on. Good deflection with Xmess. Mischief managed.

another name

Episode Edit. Special Tuesday show.
Nom results.
Tyler still backdoor suspicious.
Making Memphis and David look buddybuddy… uh. that wasn’t a buddy buddy moment. Moments between Memphis and David are never buddy/buddy.
Cody Enzo d/r don’t mention that Cody and Enzo are tits deep in the Dani / Tyler drama.
Disruptor power announcement has been overdubbed I think.
Section Two Disruptor renom
David safe and overacting. oops.
Tyler renom. pretty quick on the picture change considering they usually do a 1/2 hour before meeting check in for noms.
d/r Kevin: why wasn’t it meeEeee? I wanna be distupted. (we’ve seen your game chaos gremlin, you’ve been disrupted for weeks).
If I hear the Committee one more time. God i’m so sick of this.
The until this week fake large alliance already knew Dani was sketch on Tyler. She told everyone.
David overacting fools nobody. gee. well… except Kevin.
Christmas pro alliance talk. Gee who expected that (everyone).
Section Three Veto Comp
Sloppy punishment ends. Still no in episode tri-athlete stuff so don’t care.
Dani picks Da’vonne. Tyler picks Ian. Kevin picks Enzo.
Enzo d/r wants to save Tyler. I don’t think feed Enzo was so enthusiastic he was in on the evict Kevin plan… so okay.
Da’ says she’ll keep noms the same to Dani (unbelievable d/r from Sunday included)
Really bad acting and worse special effects to transport them to the veto. Oh. yeah. Baaaad acting.
stacking small cans with chopsticks veto. eyeroll.
fine motor control veto. Sorry. I think this was done individual time but shown together.
Da’vonne wins veto.
She says she’s in a pickle.
Section Four the Time tossing blockage and Veto Conundrum / Ceremony.
Kevin and Da’vonne talk. Da’vonne duo talk. Kevin and Da final 2 still not in episode continuity. Da’vonne and Dani talk. Talk one of four. Reality: Da isn’t falling for the trick Da’vonne make her look stupid idea. Christmas pushing Ian or Enzo. Not showing Dani is actually in alliances with everyone left to nom. she’s just okay with them.
Now it’s the 3am post blockage meeting. Cody knows Tyler was after Dani he was part of it. So this is a lie. Dani and Nicf talk about nom of Ian. Nicf talk alone is actually after the veto meeting. Oh. Add in the get back your sponsors crying. Oh this is transparent as hell.
Back in time to before the Cody discussion. Da’vonne Dani talk. Feeds came back to this after 8 hours.
Ceremony. not showing Dani begging Da not to use veto. Not showing Nicf confronting Da to beg her not to use veto.
Dani clearly pissed. Calling Tyler the target and calling Ian the ultimate Pawn (he’s the target already).
Tyler isn’t going to directly target Dani.
They throw in another Nicf sympathy for image d/r. This here some straight up bull.
Ian gets testy in the d/r. My my my.


I had heard rumors of what Ian was saying about not doing the Jury house. Tonight at least showed the fury behind it if not the actual threat

another name

The reason they are showing it is to show Ian as volatile. Therefore lessening some of the scrutiny on Nicf, who coincidentally gets multiple poor me i’m losing my best friend moments in the last part of the story arc.
The entire last arc was about fixing Nicf’s image. With that in mind it’s better to make Ian look tarnished.

another name

Tyler and Ian have pretty much made the same type of threats regarding walking out of jury. So to show the fury behind Ian but not the fury behind Tyler is suspect.

another name

The final Ian d/r was exploitation. Come on. We know that. It was look at the poor sport vs. Tyler still in plan mode d/r comparison with a dash of poor Nicf she’s so huuuuuurt (that she lost sponsorship dollars).


Most of us know that It was a CYA for Nicole to repair her image when she was mainly using him as a shield. I dare them to show the goodbye messages. Memphis won’t be able to resist saying something stupid and Nicole won’t be able to fool a number of people with her video

Golden Gate Granny

They talked a lot about “could you see” about each other’s progress during the Veto and everyone responded “if I stepped back but…” Dani (or maybe Kev?) didn’t realize Da’ was as far as she was because the view of the bottom row was blocked and then boom… she was done.

Multiple convos confirmed… the Veto was all of them at the same time. And, I have to wait an hour and a half to see it air. Phooey. Forgot to boost a Global East Coast feed again demmit.

another name

Ah. I missed some convos because I was sitting back saying to myself how did they come up with a comp da’vonne could win? sort of a fugue state really.

Lady E

There’s a clip of Bay’s punishment under “Extras” (CBS app). It was entertaining, especially when the HGs cheered her on lol.

another name

It’s not in episode, meaning in a few seasons people that only watched the episodes are going to have to have it explained to them that Bayleigh did a 12 hour punishment in around 4 hours, and the self involved jerks of the season were sour grapes about it.

Listening to someone that just watched episodes explain a season to someone that watched feeds that season is a painful experience. I’m just saying gird your loins… if it isn’t in episodes it’s always going to have to be explained in the future.

Golden Gate Granny

6pm BBT – Cody/Dani She was playing with her beans and realized the committee will be the ones to decide at the end. She needed her beans for that at this point?! Geez. She really wasn’t kidding she sucks at math.

Too bad she keeps sh*tting the bed. I’ve always thought going out at the 3 has to be the WORST. That’s when I want her out. But muzzled as a punishment. (Bad Granny!)

another name

Me ROTFPML when Kevin calls Christmas “the master baiter.”

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Wow. I don’t tweet or get on a lot of social media, but I understand the toxicity of some fans to players. Not cool. Sad it has to go to this level, but I get it. Some people are crazy enough to follow through. Scary.

Team New School

Tonight’s episode made me despise Nicole. She’s never been a favorite, but this episode showed what a total narcissist she is. She honestly seems to believe that Dani, Cody, and Ian are all there to make sure she wins. Her game is the only one that is important.


Feel bad for Ian, but also, when you’re clueless man it’s almost pathetic. The only reason he won his season, because he rode the coat tails of boogie and dan. And people were salty about Dan. So Ian is nowhere near being in the top 5 of best players of all time. So him leaving is no surprise. He waited too long to do anything. Should have worked with Kaysar and Janelle to start the game.


“Cody says Dani was trying to play “Cute” on her HOH
Cody – Ian is one of our Numbers he’s not one of their numbers. She’s caving Ian because of her cuteness with Da’Vonne”

Great minds think alike, I’ve been saying same this whole week.

“Memphis says he’s concerned with them (Dani/Nicole) trying to cut a committee member he doesn’t care about what their side alliances are. He doesn’t think they are far enough in the game to start cutting their own members.”

Same as above. Dani’s move should’ve been pulled at 8 not 11.

another name

But Cody, Enzo and Dani discussed pulling Da’vonne in, with Cody believing they could weaponize her because she’d be so grateful that they kept her.
His sour grapes now is she kept her own mind, and didn’t cave to groupthink.