Paul “We’re like h*rpes, we might be temporarily gone but we’re coming back stronger then ever!”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 03-36-57-622

12am – 2:20am HOH room – Victor, Paul, Nicole and Corey. Vic explains to Nicole and Corey how when he, Paul, James and Meech were in the kitchen, Meech got weird about the final 3 HOH. Vic says that James said when you get down to the final 3 the table gets smaller 1 person wins HOH and that person take… Vic says that Michelle was like James! Like stop. I was like what do you mean, I was like there’s 3 comps. The first one is endurance, and the other one .. And she was like you’ll just see. Paul says James was like yeah you’ll see. Nicole says Michelle doesn’t like it when a super fan gives information. She thinks she is going. That’s weird, how did you react? Vic says I said that’s weird Michelle. Fools being sketch. Natalie said from a distance who’s being sketch. Good thing she (Meech) is going home tomorrow. Nicole says its been like that since forever. Its commmon knowledge. She’s just sketchy. Nicole tells Vic about the final 3. Vic says I’m happy, they can’t sh*t on me for nothing. Vic and Corey start talking about football.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 03-53-53-092

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 03-58-53-248

12am London bedroom – Nat asks what were you lying to them about? James says I don’t remember. meech says it wasn’t anything. Nat asks she was telling them about final 3? Meech says I wasn’t, we were talking about the table getting smaller and they brought it up somehow. Nat tells James yeah don’t tell them. Was James telling them the right answer? James says no. I don’t remember. Meech says I don’t remember either. Nat asks who asked Vic or Paul? Meech says Vic, he’s getting on my nerves. Meech asks James are they bribing you not to tell me I’m going home? James says no, I’m not taking any bribes. Nat tells Meech he’s not allowed to say. Nat asks can we all agree we’re not taking any bribes. James says he didn’t take any bribes. My gut tells me you’re not going home. If they don’t tell me .. Meecy asks are you worried about it? James says they didn’t put us up .. well they didn’t put two of us up. Nat says Paul is the bigger threat and Nicole is playing emotionally right now. Meech says I’m only hugging you, you and Corey and Paul. Nicole never, Victor never. Nat asks do you think there are any more twists? James says no I think the jury buy back was the last one. Paul says when we were up next to each other our families must have been like eeek.. Swing miss, fool comes back. We’re like herpes. We’re like herpes, we might be temporarily gone but we’re coming back stronger then ever! Vic says don’t say that, they’ll associate us with herpes. Paul says who care. Vic says I don’t want that. Paul says our in box is empty. They find a cure… Looks like I was just an STI, I’m cured!

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 04-12-52-138

12:50am – 3:30am James tells Nat we can’t fight her (Meec) fight for her. She has to be the one to go up that and be like. I don’t want to do that, what are we supposed to do. Like if my a$$ is on the line I would be up there. Nat says you have to push her. James asks what do you want me to push her off a cliff? Nat says no. She’s going to listen to what you say, not what I say. If you’re telling her she doesn’t need to, she isn’t going to. James says some times you don’t want Meech talking to people because she rubs people the wrong way. They might put her in a awkward situation where she has to tell the truth. Nat tells James Vic is a bigger threat than you. They know you don’t hang out with the people you work with. Nat says Meech told me I was really good at this game. I’m the best observer, the best analyzer. All the advice you gave me I took it and absorbed it. Meech joins them again. Nat says Paul needs to go home. I love how Paul, Vic, Corey and Nicole are all 4 people… that people have wanted out all season. Paul joins them to go to bed. They go to sleep.

3:30am – 4:40am Corey is the only house guest still awake. He eats and stares at the memory wall. He then start doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. He cleans the kitchen floor / HOH stairs.

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Uncle Teddy

Meech- way to make it 75 days in the house and then quit. Good grief. You should have stayed home this summer

nicole's diary room voice

I have never seen such a piss poor way of playing the game. Meech won’t have a five minute conversation with the grossmance but she’ll whine and bug James all week about being safe. What the hell has happened to the way people play Big Brother? James acts like he doesn’t even give a d*mn anymore. When is he actually going to talk to Nicole, maybe at Derricks house in a month. GO BACK TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beef

It’s not that James doesn’t give a damn, it’s that Natalie has his balls in an old mayonnaise jar stuffed away inside her panty drawer. Either that or they never dropped down into his sack.

James the mighty BB warrior! Still trying to figure out how he can win the $500K simply by throwing competitions!


I think you’re right and wrong. James is like that pathetic kid in grade school that uses a picture of his hot cousin to say it’s his girlfriend out of state. He’s gotta know she’s using him….and I think he’s using her for a AF narrative/insurance policy and a shield, plus he digs pretending she’s into him, think the Seinfeld episode where George uses Jerry’s GF model’s picture, plus the heartbreak story, to pick up hot chicks.

I don’t think for a second he doesn’t want to win it all, nor that he doesn’t have a plan. People want him to make the same error that ultimately killed Paulie, which is overplaying, not reading the majority sentiment, and trying to save somebody that really isn’t vital to his plan. James thinking is simple: He’s got Nat and a pre-existing friendship with Nicole. That’s his final three. Michelle was Nat’s final three….so he’s not going out on any limb and he doesn’t want Nat to either. He’s assuming (right or wrong) that if Nicole and Corey evict Michelle it will only make them more comfortable with him and Nat, 2 and 2, not 2 and 3. That means 4 on 2 and a 5th is surplus to requirements (the flaw of everybody like Paulie who wants a supermajority). Then add on that James thinks Paul can be reasoned with (to see Corey is a bigger threat), while he wants Vic out, and Vic isn’t on the block.

Although today will still be interesting because I have no doubt Nicole will fill James in that Michelle is leaving and he’ll stay calm, since he never campaigned for her, and stay on message that Vic’s gotta go next. And since neither is a Mensa candidate, there’s still that small chance of a tide shift from what James reveal unwittingly. Paul’s overplay this week, staying on top Nicole/Corey and schmoozing/playing dumb with James/Nat , leaves a big opening. If Nicole sees James is fine losing Michelle, hears him pitch the danger of Vic, even though she’d rather dump Paul than Vic…maybe she thinks Paul’s playing both sides, maybe her natural fear and paranoia blows up. Today is the day every HOH confronts their vulnerability starting tonight. James could unwittingly change everything.


Michelle has been socially isolated she has known for weeks she really has nobody and she doesn’t really trust Nat. BB is a social experiment and being isolated is very hard for anyone. I always thought it was a bad idea for her to play evil dick because he is a whole different being then her. I think the house shows a lot of who people really are somewhat. Evil dick is somewhat antisocial and probably not really nice. Michelle is funny,OUNG cute girl with insecurities but in the end she is also loyal and lashes out at people she thinks will hurt her friends or hurt her. I think she is just so mad at Vic because she really thought they wee friends and I promise you CBS edited her goodbye to him (go re watch it you can tell) So if she said something like I really like you want to be friends out of the house and now he is barely talking to her she thinks he rejecting her on a personal level. He did see that and we did so we are like hey why so upset with Victor. CBS is also giving other people tons of help Michelle has been called like twice this week to the DR. Corey is now cleaning a lot since all of us on the boards were talking about how much we like Victor doing it that’s sketch So tired of PRODUCTION and yes the final 4 are being just as bitchy to Michelle as she is so whats the difference all being PETTY. Corey doesn’t even acknowledge Michelle on the live feeds no Kidding so why why would she talk to him. Michelle was sacrificial lamb this week Production should let things pan out but no Paul and Nicole will probably be final 2 as the announcer says Sweet little Nicole against that Paul ehhhhh I think Vic will get boned too. I don’t like this really fing with people possibly hurting them outside the house and CBS is doing it and Never Cared.


I think he doesnt want meech or any of them to talk to the other side of the house yet. They are not social players, and the only game meech has left to “blow up” is james’ & Nats..

Canadian Kev

So over this season.
This week was so lame.

get real...

if it was over, why are you here? i don’t think anyone is going to miss you.

Pinocchio Obama

When it comes to Meech it is hard to feel sorry for someone who is not willing to lift a finger to help herself.



Texans Year, I hope, I hope, I hope

I’m in Houston and it show game on ABC here. Don’t know bout the rest of the state. That was on ATT cable lineup. Hope they’re not wrong. Don’t know why I should care. smh




I don’t think Meech has any ammo to blow up Nicole’s game since she spent her week wallowing in bed. I guess she can call her a snake again but that is some weak tea. Hopefully even James and Nat will be able to read the writing on the wall when Meech goes and Paul stays. Meech will just have to be satisfied with bad mouthing her in jury.


Meech does have anything to blow up Nicole’s game because Nicole doesn’t have any game. She is being led to the slaughter by Paul, who is using her to do his dirty work and then he will just hang her out to dry. She has this one chance to get rid of him and she will blow it. Meech is nothing.

Hucklyberry Hillary

Nicole has some game after all she just won HOH and the veto back to back but even if she voted off Paul Natalie, James and Meech would still target her.


yeah, i don’t get this whole argument that nicole should target paul. best case scenario, she pulls in victor (who should be mad at her for getting his ally out) and the house is 3-3. voting out michelle, she’s on the right side of a 4-2 split, and even if that two gets into power, she’s unlikely to be the target (heck, if corey gets hoh, she can and should turn on paul/vic even).

Herps for life

Paul+Vic =herps best nickname ever, hope one of those two wins big brother


Herpes simplex 2 for final 2! Lmao!


I hope Meech explodes and set fire on Nicole (figuratively) when she gets evicted. Right now I’m not sure which one I want more:
1) Nicole getting sent home soon
2) Nicole makes it to final 3 with Corey only for Corey to pick a guy over her (getting Dianed)
3) Nicole makes it to final 2 but lose horribly

The Beef

Wouldn’t it be rich if just after Nicole broke the tie to send Meech home, good ol’ Meech lost it and went postal on Nicole right there on live TV? I mean just walk up to her and slobber knock the snot clean out of her! You talk about your unexpected exit and “shaking up” the house, POW!

Morgan LaFay

They better have the 7 second delay on, in case she has a profane outburst. It’s sad, really. She is obviously a very bright person, but damaged.

Boo hoo Michelle

She might start crying again and not be able to say anything to Nicole. Or she might not know shes out until the tiebreaker when it will be too late.

What kind of reception Michelle will get when she walks out? Maybe quietly lack luster at best.


Just an observation but when Paul is in the diary room he looks like his beard is sweating and wet! Has anyone else noticed this?

Leopold Stotch

He uses a beard oil, which glistens.


It’s the beard oil he uses to help tame it. Thought at first it was glitter, but then I realized what it was.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

He saves the glitter for Saturday night.

All joking aside, Paul must have thought he wasn’t going to be in the house for long. He must not have brought the whole beard taming kit, since that thing is getting pretty gnarly. Last time I saw that much curly black hair on a dude’s face, he was going down on me.




Some personal information is better kept secret. TMI

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Don’t be mad cuz you ain’t getting it!

Seriously. I’m simultaneously shocked and proud that that joke got so many thumbs down. I’ve had that one in my back pocket since week one. Finally had the perfect opportunity to unleash it.


LOL! Corey cleaning. Vic has really rubbed off on him!


He’s gotta try to impress Vic. Corey really wants a new cuddle bunny.


“Nat says Paul is the bigger threat and Nicole is playing emotionally right now.”

Did Nat bump her head and forget she’s been playing emotional the entire season? Her and Meech have played emotionally all season, and if it wasn’t for James and there being bigger targets left they would’ve been gobe a long time ago, at least 1st few weeks.

Another Hillary Lie

Big Meech is in more danger of being erased than a Hillary email.


Watched the network show last night and I have to say, Natalie’s baby girl bullshit voice is ten times worse than Nicole’s. We turned the sound down. Hope Victor wins- I like the fact he doesn’t want to live in filth. Also, I think for a guy who has probably never watched this show- he’s doing pretty good!


He’s only doing well because of the battle backs. If it weren’t for those he’d be at home watching or the jury house.


Jealous Much?? Victor didn’t make the rules of BB…He fought long and hard to get back in!!

Too Old To Be Addicted to this show

My first choice to win this game is Victor because he was evicted twice and won his way back twice…..mainly because he kept Paulie out!! I now think there is no chance for James or Natalie so I guess I hope Nichole wins if Vic doesn’t. I was a Paul fan but he is getting too crude for this old lady. (Although he does get kudos for the Paulie blindside dance!) I guess it’s stupid but I kind of feel sorry for Nicole. I read where he made it very clear to the other guys he has no intentions of staying with Nicole outside of the house. I hope things get more interesting this week because this has been one boring week. Thanks for those who do these updates.


say what you will about Paul and Vic but at least when they wee on the block they played the game and tried to work the angles to stay. They tried everything they could and made the week somewhat interesting. For Crunch and Munch to not at least try to work Nicole about how strong Vic and Paul are or work the girl angle to get rid of another guy out so it is 3 to 3, is mind blowing! To lay in bed, crunch, munch, double dip, bitch and complain is not going to get it done. If you don’t even try you deserve to go. Her and Nat listening to James’ gut when his gut has been wrong for 2 seasons. He can’t even tell when a girl is just not into you. I look forward to next week with James and Nat on the block and Nat telling Vic and Paul how uncomfortable James has made her feel all season!


So let me get this straight … Michelle, who in her own mind thinks she is a Super Fan and who refuses to campaign to save herself tells Natale she is really good at this game … the best observer … the best analyzer. I do not know which is worse, the so-called Super Fan for saying it or Natalie for believing it. What kind of meds has Big Brother been giving the house guests this season?


Nat,Meech and James are delusional.

Another Hillary Lie

It really seems like all James cares about is winning the $25,000 for America’s Favorite.


eh, if nat gets to the end, which she has a decent chance of doing, she wins. i don’t think meech’s assessment is off. nat just needs to win a couple key comps to get there, which will give her comp cred, and most of the jury would probably vote her to win (z, meech, da, and brig are 4 votes for her right there. and then james is either on the jury as another vote or sitting next to her and she gets vic’s vote).


you should have capitalized “IF” …. sure, she is still in the game as of now so there is a possibility … however, if they (her or James) do not win this HoH (James has not been studying if it is a mental competition) …. chances are better than likely one or the other is getting evicted. James goes and who does Natalie have? … none of the others will take her to the final 2. She would have to win quite a few comps and based on her track record … that is a huge “IF”.


I’v been on the fence about Meech for the most part, but after last night, I just feel she is mean for real. When she watches bb 18 or reads blogs or this…she’s more than likely going to be wacked…glad I don’t live with her for when that happens…wow


My thoughts exactly….I was on the fence with her, thinking she was at her core a mean person but then seeing glimmers of nice, congenial moments of other HGs and hoping her meanness was just immaturity she would grow out of – but after last night, I am convinced she is just a mean person and will likely always be. There was NO REASON for her to tell James to stop talking (first of all, who is she to tell anyone to say or not say anything, and of course weak James just let her boss him around) but then to shut down Victor and make him feel awkward OVER NOTHING AT ALL. It was information anyone could give to anyone, nothing secret or scandalous, and she created a scene just to make Vic feel alienated. Even if they are not allies, what is the point of so openly creating tension? Last I checked, the way you play BB brother is to keep even your enemies in your good graces. Poor gameplay, but on a human level, unnecessary bitterness and resentment.

An Apple a Day

Right? Also in kitchen last Night at the refrigerator behind Vic’s back, sticks her dirty foot up onto the refrigerator door, looking at Nat for a laugh. Gross, and what a b#!%h. Steals Paul’s pants. Where the heck is Production when she’s stealing stuff? If she ever does get a boyfriend, need better hide his pets. That chick is a bunny boiling nut!

Ghost of BB Past

The absolutely only thing left to look forward to in this game is will Paul or Vic take the other to final two over Nicole? Will they pull a Cody and talk about loyalty and honor or will one of them realize that picking Nicole will guarantee a half million dollars for them?

James is an excellent first 10 week BB player. He is now swimming in the deep end without his swimmies on. Nice guy, but, dumb dumb dumb.

Roll Tide

James fell for Natalie, forgetting about the game. Don’t give a comp to your really close whiney
Trashy friend. Too late in the game for that, she is not his friend but I am positive Nicole will whine her way out of the mess she makes. I just hope she goes next week. Use to like her but she is dumb to keep the strongest players in the house. Corey wants to be final with the guys. .
Funny James and Nicole are being used by those who they are crazy about.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

I love how Michelle was full of bluster when she was not on the block, but as soon as the veto was not used, she found a bed and blanket and went full horizontal Audrey.


YEAH, SHE LOOKED like in the aliens movies, the aliens pods before the eggs left the Queen…wiggling around to get out…creepy lol, almost creepy as her eating…I bet her fist fits in her mouth


Michelle is without a doubt one of the most frustrating players this year. All of the faults she points out in others are so glaringly obvious in herself but she just doesn’t want to see them. She complains about floaters making it to the end yet she refuses to play the game ans just assumes someone else will drag her to the finals. She constantly accuses Paul and Victor of kissing Nicorey’s asses. No-they are playing the game. She seems angry that they don’t want to play the game with her but why would they after last week? She seems angry that Nicole doesn’t want to keep her but why should she after the past 3 weeks? And if Michelle is evicted she, yet again, plans on calling ‘that girl’ (Nicole) out and blowing up her game. What is she going to blow up that she hasn’t already? Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the times Michelle blew up people’s games when she had some information to share that could make a difference but, at this point it just seems pathetic and bitter. The saddest part-Michelle and Nicole have clashed for a while. Michelle made it obvious that she wanted Nicole gone which made it equally as obvious that Nicole would want her gone. Michelle was co-HOH with her closest ally in the house and wanted to put Nicole OTB but James and Natalie had their own plans (along with a secret final 4 with Nicole and Corey). James and Natalie were supposed to be working with Michelle, Nicole wasn’t. Michelle said the magic words last night (to James), “I wanted to put Nicole OTB last week but I knew you wouldn’t vote her out.” If Michelle really wants to blow up someone’s game maybe she should target the guy who was supposed to have her back. (Especially since James is the one who sealed Michelle’s fate last week by putting the target on her back.)


is it biting you u the arse yet???? cuz its a comin for ya!!! …glad vic and paul seem like their solid now with nicoli for the time being….vic n paul for the win…get em guys!!!


Meech is a sore loser and a brat. Just play the game or STHU. You gave Nat and James control over your Co HOH. You only have yourself to blame. Good riddance.


It’s really only been this last week that the wind went out of Michelle’s sails. Nicole is socially awkward with girls. She has a hard time relating. For Nicole and Corey to blast M N and J for not playing the game is hilarious. She has done nothing be hang on Corrrreeeeyyyy and follow him like a shadow. It’s only been this week that Nicole and Corey surfaced from under the covers. Now she claims to be so strategic. Her game play is as annoying as her whiney voice.


Nicole is so latched on to the idea of having a guy she has no idea how to interact with another girl desperate for attention, except to see her as a threat.


I think the reason Nicole has hung out with guys this summer instead of the girls is because of Christine when she on bb16. She was friends with Meech in the beginning, Meech started bad mouthing her, so Nicole’s instincts are correct. If I were Nicole I would hang out with the guys also.


I have to agree how socially awkward and needy Nicole is. She does not deserve to win one penny. Lazy, whiney and desperate. She is finally bathing once she surfaced from under the covers. Last night on the show that outfit just looked ridiculous and that nasty ratted nest on her head. She’s in her element with the boys surrounding her. She’s incapable of relating to girls and feels threatened by them. She’s the one who has made it awkward to approach her. Can’t wait until Vic n Paul turn on her. Vic would certainly take Corey over Nicole.


Last night the Ultimate Floater called himself the Co-HOH during his talk with the viewers.
Said that Nat needs to go because she is a floater. Corey needs to look In a mirror if he wants to see the ultimate floater. He is NOT HOH, his head and Nicole’s are big, they think they both can beat PUl and Victor.

Why did the Diary Room tell Natalie and James to work with Corey and Nicole? Has CBS decided Nicole is to be the winner? Trashy girl.

A Girl Has No Name

Nicole is socially awkward with other females because she is insecure and jealous. I’m going to go ahead and throw petty in the mix. If she weren’t insecure, the other two personality traits wouldn’t exist and she would be able to interact with the other girls and form decent relationships…but they do, so she can’t. When you are insecure, you have a problem with any other woman who says “boo” to your man. Her behavior is classic…she has bashed every single girl in that house for the entire season and she did the same thing in her previous season. Shit’s old.


she is only interest in getting some cash and getting married to someone…anyone….just corey happens to be her current victim


I hate this season more than the fire from a million Suns. I have to tap out. Thank you online BB. See ya next year.


Never cared!


Not sure why people feel the need to announce their departure like anyone EVER CARED! Maybe they have the Crunch and Munch and Natalie syndrome and they want someone to beg “please stay, please don’t go, we need you, what will we do without your insight?” Not going to happen, go ahead and jump in bed, cover your head and double dip your chip. Since you have extra time like Nat does you can shave your beard and pluck you nipple hairs!


Danny Boy, It is a statement of frustration that many people make every year. Not a big deal. Get over yourself.


I have 34 friends on MySpace…so I’m kind of a big deal and people need to know what I’m doing…


Nicorey handing Pauvic the $50/0/000 cheques. But they REALLY needed the money. {{{tears}}}

Instead of Doing Actual Work Im Here

Im a guy and i liked Nat cause shes hot but good god is she annoying and i want to punch james in the face for staying attached to her. Someone needs to scream at meech and tell her to stop being lazy and get your lazy ass up there and campaign for yourself or just self evict. hopefully paul and vic flip on nicorey to add a little drama to the last few weeks otherwise we are in for a james/nat double and then a very predictable final four snoozefest.

Leopold Stotch

That won’t happen, but it would be dramatic. Remember, Victor is now required to vote Meech out due to his accepting the bribe from Corey in exchange for Vic voting her out.


Never saw where she was so “hot” myself. Just an average ordinary gal. Looks worse with her Tammy Faye make-up and lashes on. She does have a nice butt I will giver her that. She might be considered hot in some remote town in the hills where there are only six women and they are all your cousins. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say so if you think she is hot to you that is cool. Her fake personality she has show more and more over the weeks and now the dirty feet incident (that’s right the feet) moves her down the scale closer to a 2 or 3.


I agree with you. I don’t see Natalie as hot either. Just average looking and makes it worse by wearing a ton of makeup. I like the natural beauty look with ligh makeup. Not caked on makeup and gross spider lashes. Looks so cheap. Plus she’s too short at 4’11. Her personality brings her down even more and doesn’t bring up her hotness. The constant complaining and insecurity is ridiculous. Plus her victim mentality. She trashed victor in the beginning of the show and if you think about it now, the only reason why she did this is bc Vic wasn’t attracted to her and didn’t want anything to do with her and she could not take the rejection. Plus her voice is terrible. Can not listen to her for long. It grates on my nerves.

Bigg Steve

Could they have put 3 dumber girls in that house.


James’s “Gut” always give horrible advice. But it is 100% Meech’s fault. As a “Superfan”, or just regular common sense tells you to get off your butt and talk to the HOH whether you like them or not. I don’t understand her at all. I guess she thinks that James has all of the inside info. I hope that James go ASAP

James Gut...

I luv how Jamesy’s gut doesn’t tell him Natalie is using him….LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Big Jim

It would be nice to see James & Nat squirming on the block whining about how unfair it is

Michelle's grungy hat

Michelle would have better luck if she listened to Natalie’s chin whiskers than listen to James and Natalie again. Biotch, you should have put Ratcole up when you had the chance!

Natalie's chin whiskers

Lol now that is a funny comment. Natalie is a high maintenance chick. Her looks are cute with no make up, gorgeous with, but two hours to slip it on, tweezers for the chin hair…. Shit- you’d be broke and dead by the time the high maintenance, needy, whiny, annoying voice Natalie is faked up- what part of her is even real? She is pretending to like James and coat tail through the season with who SHE think is AFP… So she will be liked… Can we please get some intelligent, athletic women in the house. BB constantly puts dumba$$ women who have no athletic skills in the house. If we want brainless and great bodies- we can read a PB magazine! You need Survivor’s criteria for a woman, they’ve got it going on!

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

That’s why Corey’s banging her. Those chin hairs remind him of his boyfriend back home.

Paul and Victor...

I’d love to see Paul and Victor on survivor TOGETHER…I can hear Paul now…”It’s phuking hot out here” and Victor busting out a lol.

Paulie's gone already :) says:

Like I said in another post, imagine a season cast with strong female players unswayed by show mances. What if they cast Kim Spradlin, Jenna Morasca, Sandria Diaz, Parvati Shallow, Chelsea Meissner, Natalie Anderson, Natalie Bolton, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel, Monica Culpepper, Sabrina Thompson, Alexis Jones, Alicia Rosa…..the list goes on. If CBS could do it for one show, why not Big Brother? Different ages, races, just strong women!


I think Meech is not a good player.


The only ones left who have played the game are Vic and Paul. I hope they are the final two.


I know I’m the unpopular opinion tooting over here, but I am hoping Paul wins it all. I hope Vic gets afp but I can’t see him winning because he got evicted every time he’s been on the block. A winner needs to avoid this. I love Vic, but I think most people are wanting him to win because he’s likeable and that’s not what makes a good winner. Rn the only good winner in the game is Paul. I wouldn’t be mad if Nicole or Victor won though, I’m really starting to like the #FINAL4 and think they can dominate the rest of the game. I think Corey has been brainless and obedient this season which also makes him the weakest member of the alliance. And N/M/J I don’t think deserve to win whatsoever. #teamPaul!!


Unpopular opinion? I too believe Paul and Victor deserve to be in the final 2 … they have had to really play the game being targets since the very beginning when they aligned with Jozea. I too would be more inclined to award Paul the big prize if it were him and Victor in the final 2. Victor has been evicted twice and thanks to game saving twists, won competitions to get back into the house … to his credit, he is no quitter. Paul however has had a more well rounded game in that he has managed to use his full skill set to avoid being evicted and not relied on just one facet of the game, winning competitions.


I think Victor’s main problem is he looked at Big Brother as a game about comps. So he tried to beast all the comps and go at everyone head on. There wasn’t an awareness that he can be taken out without the chance to save himself. When he came back he at least knew he needed a social game and he let Paul handle the strategy. I think Vic would play a better game if he had another shot in a new season.


I agree. Your opinion is not unpopular with me. I think Paul has played the best game and does deserve the win. I wouldn’t be upset if Victor won because he is likable and he has had to fight to be there. I definitely am rooting for Victor if he makes it to final 2 with anyone other than Paul. If Vic and Paul both end up in final 2 I would personally give Paul the edge for his game but however it turns out at that point will make me happy that 2 deserving players got to the end unlike so many other seasons.

Dr. Will Says

I really hate all of them equally so I don’t really want any of them to win! Hopefully there are some fireworks at some point though b/c this season has been a snoozefest since the Paulie meltdown.


About 3 weeks ago when Paulie was still in the house and running things, Derrick did a Periscope and he allowed fans to ask questions. One of the questions was who did he think was going to win BB. Derrick said that Paul (not Paulie) was in the best position to win the game




Nicole and Corey are in such a good place in the house right now. Once Meech is gone there will be three duos and two of them will be going after each other while Corey and Nicole sit back with some popcorn.


Not true, cause Nat and James will feel blindsided. So it will be a four against two. Nicole will have to show her hand either right before the show when she tells them regardless how they vote she is voting out Meech. If anything Vic and Paul will be in the driver’s seat if Nat or James win HoH cause they can simply ditch Corey and Nicole.


Once again I found Paul and Victor to be quite entertaining on last night’s show with their “we are missing the girls and dating profiles” segment. I find both these guys to be funny …. do not agree with everything they say as they can be rather disgusting at times but overall, I think they have added a lot of entertainment value to the show.

Tonight on 2020

This is the thing about the final four with Nicole Cory Victor and Paul .no matter what Nicole or Cory will be leaving because Paul and Victor is the deciding vote ..The only way for that not to be is for Nicole and Corey to win the power of veto.. because if Nicole or Cory win hog and put up Paul and Victor and one of them comes down they are the vote for who leaves . Now the question is who will Paul or Victor take Nicole or Corey if I was them I would take Cory .


They will take Corey I bet. Vic especially after he gave him the 5g Nicole won’t stand a chance with them. Tho I’m glad Paul n Vic are in a good position, Nicole is an idiot to not take out Paul! Lol she is so jealous of other girls and focused on attention from Corrreeeyyy that she’s playing a idiotic game. It will be awesome when this all blows up:0


Surely, BB is seeing Michelle taking others’ belongings, right? Hopefully, they will make her give back what she’s “borrowed” on live TV tonight so those who only watch the shows can also know the type of person she is.


Lots of people have complained to CBS about it; trying to get her expelled from the show altogether. She admitted to Nat the other night on the live feeds that she’s been taking other HG’s stuff in hopes of selling them on EBAY

The Big Brother Paradox

Forgive me if I have missed anything, took the last week off of Big Bro and it has been amazing! I don’t know about anyone else but I had enough…yet curiosity brought me back. I figured this is the last Big Bro I am watching because I am done with shomances and done with these “actors” or “house guests” or whatever you want to call them….maybe production slaves?

The paradox here is Big Bro has been running for 16 years now and it has drastically changed, I get it change happens all the time, yet if this is what Big Bro has come to I’m done. The house guests complain about everything that is Big Bro. The whole situation that Big Bro has turned into is no longer what I have come to know and love about Big Bro. The casting directors only cast 20-something and throw in one “old” person who is usually the first to go. The guests don’t represent the WHOLE of society anymore….why don’t they cast a whole range of people….it is always the “poster” children. Does anyone else notice this, where are the “real” people that were on some of the very first Big Bros, now it is all want to be actors/actresses that are highly insecure about their appearance, highly emotional about the very things that make the game of Big Brother….who plays victim to being lied to in Big Bro….it just seems to be the normal now.
My comments are that these people fully know the game of Big Bro and yet the whole season turns into a whine and complain fest for being in the house playing Big Bro. Until the casting production starts to represent the “whole” society and not just the 20 something I won’t watch another season.
I am even a 20-something but get tired of just watching these people….I want to see a mix (not just 1 token older person) of all ages!!


I was over watching Big Brother a few years ago … however, my wife was complaining that I never watch or like any of the shows she enjoys and it limits some of our conversation topics with me being that way. So, with this in mind, I had to make a choice … Big Brother or General Hospital …


have to say though, not sure even watching has improved things much in the way of having more of a conversation … I say one or two things about the show after we watch it … she agrees with me, and the conversation is over in about a minute … 😉


Casting is a problem every year because of several things. The season is nearly 100 days now. If you add in pre and postseason interviews and required outings, you can have a third of the year blocked off. Not very many people can afford to take that much time out of their career/family/life for the possibility of $500k. The risk/reward isn’t worth it.
So that leaves casting with looking for regular people who either have great flexibility in time off, not in careers, or otherwise can drop everything for more than 100 days, and out of those they need to find people who would be entertaining. So there isn’t a large pool of appropriate candidates. That leaves casting to look for people to fill the gaps. They go after friends of previous cast mates from whatever reality show, people trying to be famous, or become actors or entertainers. This means we end up having to watch people prance around and show how entertaining they are. Everything becomes contrived and rehearsed. Nothing seems genuine or real. It’s like professional wrestling but less fun.

Don't fly

That point of view really doesn’t fly because they all get paid while in the house, or at least making jury. I believe earlier some house guest talked about making more in the house then their every day careers. I understand that many people are not interested in such an idea of being captured on camera 24/7, but I can guarantee you a house full of DIVERSE cast members will be ever more entertaining. With all the drama going on in todays society, CBS and shows like big bro sound look for a bit more diversity to represent what society truly is and thus society will be more in tune with big bro. It would work both ways.
How about Big Bro 20 be a complete multicultural diverse cast of all races, ages and sexual identity, that would be a better representation of America today.


I havent seen a lay down and die this blatant since Audrey. Even the F4 alliance members are baffled as to why no one has even tried one bit. How th hell do you call yourself a superfan and end your season by essentially self-evicting?? I cant wrap my brain around it. As far as Jatalie, I think James is taking his cues from the DR, being silent about it and just knows, hey tonight, we gotta win or its done. Corey and Nic are in a great spot and do not even NEED this HOH. Corey would be stupid to win it. They need to continue to let Paul/Vic and Jatalie take shots at each other and pick up the remaining person at final 5, where they would then have a 3 on 1 advantage in that HOH comp. Having said all that, the reality is, they wont do that. They’ll be dumb, just like Nicole will be by keeping Paul tonight. If these final weeks arent a microcosm of dumbest cast ever, I dont know what is. When you can have a year where a two-time evictee is going to win the show or AT LEAST come in second, that tells you all you need to know about the epic dumpsterfire that is Season 18.


Audrey’s “Lay down and Die” was better than what Meech is doing. She absolutely has no excuse. The other house guests aren’t going to fight on her behalf


Veto is everything now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


big brother 18… ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

It’s simple: Meech wants to go to the jury house. She has talking about it all summer and does not want to play the game. She knows that the fact that Nicole and Corey haven’t said told her she is safe means she is going home — that’s EXACTLY why she is not talking to them.

If Vic is in final 2 with any of them, he will win, hands down. Of the remaining guests, he is most liked, a comp beast, and has come back from the dead twice. Think about who on the jury would vote against him.

Paul most deserves win if he makes it to final 2, because he has played every day since the beginning and adapted his game week to week (how smart was he to be a pawn this week?). That said, I think he is also smart enough to know that he will lose to Vic if they are final 2 — so he will get Corey or Nicole to get rid of him before final 3.

It is clear that James is not playing to win — he is playing for AFP. If he does not win HOH, he is going home next week. He will go before Natalie only because he is viewed as the bigger threat and will not campaign against her. I could even see him winning POV if he is on the block with Natalie and taking her down (instead of saving himself) in order to try to shore up AFP votes.

Pretty confident the Final 4 is going to stick and it will be Paul and Nicole at the end. If that is the case, Paul wins pretty easily.


I don’t want Nicole to win because she had too many advantages by Production same with James. If it wasn’t for Paul the 4 alliance would of not happened and now she believes she is strategic because of it. I would love Corey to sit beside a girl and play with a girl’s hair the way Nicole does with the guys, she would not be able to handle it. Also Corey did nothing to Nicole that she did not allow.So I don’t feel sorry for her. He never promised her anything. The relationship she has with Corey is a fantasy that she created and not him. Don’t like that he is using her, but she could of taken her time with him gotten to know him outside the house before allowing all this to happen to her.

Reality Check

After confirming with Simon, we are witnessing history. Meech has gone 140 hours (since the Nicole HOH nomination of Paul and Meech) of not campaigning (yet 10 hours to go before the live tv show). Paul wants to campaign but seeing Meech do absolutely nothing, he decided to sleep, rested up for the entire week and get ready for today’s HOH competition. The non stress week for Paul might do him very well tonight on the competition.

Reality Check

If Meech thinks she should be boo by the audience when meeting Julie, then she should be boo for quitting big brother.

Don't count on it

I know that there has been a lot of talk between V/P about getting rid of James next, but I’m not convinced that will happen. With Day and Paulie saying to get James out, people might start thinking that it might be more strategic to take James to final 2. If “everyono in jury wants James out” as V has mentioned they might think there is no way James wins in final 2. Personally, I think Day said it to strategically help James, but who knows if anyone left in the house would think that way.


I wouldn’t kiss Nicole’s ass either super fan or not. Some things you already know in your heart that’s been done have gotten to a point of no return. Meech gotten to that point several times over and refuses to bow down and beg Nicole for anything ever! But she do have some juicy stuff to take back to jury most definitely. She will be on point as well

It's a F*cking Pelican!

For all the crying Michelle did when Bridgette got evicted, she sure isn’t fighting for herself now. Bridgette didn’t get a chance to fight or scheme or make deals when she was on the block in the double eviction, and she fought hard in the jury buy back. Michelle is squandering her chance to stay in the game, while others would kill to have this chance. I started to like Michelle a little bit. Now I think she’s ungrateful. Not as ungrateful as Paulie, but still pretty bad. I love Paul and wouldn’t want to see him go, but come on, Michelle! Advocate for yourself! Make it interesting! Plead your case!
Oh, and James ruins everything good in your game. Why anyone associates with him is beyond me.

So anyway...

If Paul is in the final 2 he will win and deservedly so. I like Victor the best but Paul has been the brains. I don’t want Nicole to be in the final 2. She thinks she’s been strategic but not until the end she floated most of the game.


I’m sorry, but no one can even REMOTELY defend Meech on this! Klepto Superfan quitting the entire last week is reprehensible! I dont care if Nicole told her 4 seconds after she won hoh, that she’s goin home! doesnt matter, you fight! And you dont lay around and wait for James or Natalie to do it for you!
It is a freakin slap in the face to the thousands upon thousands of fans that try out each year for this show! I hope she catches complete hell from the ENTIRE online BB community and her “fans”…whoever the hell they are at this point. smh.
And the Chenbot better blister that ass on stage tonight in her exit interview, too. Disgrace.


Since when in Big Brother does the HoH approach a Houseguest and make them feel safe? Especially a Houseguest that has called them a snake and said that she is a target. The answer is never. Meech isn’t showing integrity she is showing that she wants to go ho home (Every time I type Meech my autocorrect changes it to Beech… LoL it is saying something). Campaigning is part of the game and Paul is the only one who seems to notice. I am trying to remember when this whole thing about snoozing instead of schmoozing thing started. Was it Season 16???? It was one of those Seasons when people started saying ‘it is what the house wants.” and would not even look people in the eye when they were the target and ostracize them…. or people started staying in bed when they went home. People started to stay up all night and sleep in the day so they didn’t miss any game talk… now you can have game talk at 11 am because everybody else is in bed.

I think Paul and Vic should win because other than being the only people keeping the house from being a pig sty (Season 15 the most disgusting Season of all of them… not just the racism but the House itself got completely disgusting.) Paul and Vic are the only team playing the game on all levels… I hope one of them wins.


They might as well hand the check to Victor or Paul right now, no way even if Nicole and Corey get to final 4 with Vic and Paul they will beat them in endurance or physical. The best move long term for Nicole was to get rid of Paul, Vic or even at this point James. Getting rid of Nat and Michelle are a waste of a HOH. Nicole’s playing emotional, and just dislikes Michelle. Nicole and Corey’s whole game rests on being able to beat Paula and Vic, if they have chosen James and Nat they could have had a chance of beating them in the final 4. The only question now is does Paul have the guts if given the chance to cut Vic at the end because if it’s Paul against Vic I am betting it will be close.


Dear idiots: Nicole will have Michelle evicted, a girl who’s target was mainly Nicole. Then in doing so she still keeps good with P&V and kept her deal with James. Now if any of those 4 win hoh they go after each other, not Nicole or Corey, for the next week and double eviction. It was strategically a very smart move. Now please stop screaming about it being a wasted hoh because you would clearly suck at this game.

Go Vanderbilt

The boys know Nicole is good at mental comps, Corey and James are not. It is better to take one of them. Victor is full of revenge against James and Nat for voting I’m out. Which turned out best because Paulie would be back in the house and Paul would be up his butt. Vic would be alone.


Vanderbilt= Rape U.

Western Illinois University

WIU=party school

Nicole's Nasty Bird Nest

Are you forgetting Corey and Nicole wanted Vic out at both evictions.


YAWNFEST – Let’s just get this eviction over PLEASE !!!! and move on. I can’t stand watching Nicole go through the notions of trying to run a HoH that is truly being run by Paul and Vic the HERPE TWINS.
But what is worse than SAD is watching COREY try and be HUSBAND material for VIC. – Get a grip ( no pun intended ) !!!!

These people

I am so looking forward to Michelle leaving. What a waste of space in this house. James is a fool, never liked him so it’s no skin off my back when he leaves either. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like Paul or Victor either even though they’re better without Paulie I can’t forget how awful they were. Not many choices left.