“That’s the thing SB is in a relationship with a woman.. nothing is happening here ” **Updated**

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Christian did not use the Power of Veto Nominations are locked.

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2:30 pm Christian and Alyssa
Christian tells her about his new final 2 with Brit.
Christian – Britini can be convinced to never put you up.
Alyssa – helps your game
Christian – doesn’t hurt your game to keep her in
Alyssa – I wouldn’t get her vote.
Alyssa – They’re both going up regardless. If I win HOH it’s Azah and Britini. It’s not going to be hannah and it’s not going to be BIGD.

2:35 pm Hannah and Azah
Hannah – I wanted to talk to you about next week. I think the teams twist is going away. I’ve been trying to make an inventory of who is coming after whom.
Hannah – If someone is coming after the 6 make sure the other person up isn’t part of the cookout.
Azah – I haven’t heard of anybody.
Hannah – Did you tell Christian you’re coming after him next week?
Azah – nope
Hannah – no?
Azah – I told him I had him as an option this week.
Hannah – I’m concerned he might come after me. I’m concerned he might come after you
Azah – did he say anything about me?
Hannah – he said you were coming after him and if you won HOH next week you’re coming after him. He said that came out of your mouth
Azah – that’s not true. What I told everybody else I said my target this week was Whitney
Hannah – but he was being considered an option
Azah says her plan was to put him up against Whitney but Whitney was her target. “that was for this week”
Hannah – he misconstrued your words
Azah – purposely misconstrued he understand what I said when I talked to him.
Hannah – be careful around him
Hannah – I am concerned If Alyssa were to win next week she would put me up on the block. Christian put me on the block this week so it’ll be easy to put me on the block again.
Azah – everyone that’s not a king wants to go after a king. I would be surprised to be on the block next week
Hannah – if you aren’t on the block with me or BIGD there’s the 6
Hannah – cookout to final 6

2:49 pm Tiffany to the camera
Tiff – I don’t even know who I am in this house for real. I am a puppet master.. or not. the minute you think you are better than you are the minute you fall. Pride comes before the fall. I have no pride in this game. I’m giving it my best effort. I’m trying my best to keep us all together. Do I want to win absolutely am I trying my best to position myself to win Absolutely however I’m really just trying to make sure us six gets further ahead in this game and we stick together so everybody can have a better opportunity at winning”
Tiff – did you all see Sarah Beth come wake up KY to go work out? cause he was laying on the couch with me
Tiff – jealously doesn’t look good on anybody not even me. I’m just being observant.. BYE.. (LOL she loves Ky)


3:07 pm Bodybuildings

3:10 pm kicks
brit – panda kung foo kick

3:30 pm

3:20 pm DF and Christian
DF – I’m thinking Hannah and Sb
Christian – I wouldn’t be upset by that
DF – I know you wouldn’t I know you have to pretend.
DF wanted to do Claire but Claire go that safety.
DF – it has to be 2 girls on the block.
Christian – I’m happy to compete in the veto and not use it
DF about putting up SB “I like SB. I just don’t know what girl to put up in this situation”
Christian – so as a pawn?
DF – correct
Christian – as a pawn you need to put up someone you trust and won’t come for you after or someone you think is weak
DF – the two people you put up was smart for your game and my game. I need to make sure I have you covered. I need to see who is coming after Christian and who is coming after me. That means.. I hate to say it even if we turn individual and you turn on someone on my team. We have to look at the individual
Christian says he trust Brit more than Azah, “Azah told me in our One on ONe that she would put me up
DF – that was dumb.. she owes you one. you didn’t put her up
Christian – Azah is someone I speak the least to
Christian says if he wins HOH again he doesn’t think he’ll put Azah up.
DF – I’m trying to make it to top 5 and figure out the best way to get there.

3:51 pm Xavier and Claire
Agreeing that teams are over on Thursday.
X – we still have our coalition of royalty
Claire – I don’t think our coalition will last past the double. If it’s not a double the coalition will last.. it will last until the double whichever point that is.

3:50 pm Claire and Azah
Azah telling her about the plan for the Queens and the jokers to get together to take out a king.
Azah says if she wins HOH next she’ll put up Alyssa.
Azah – I think Xavier’s cute.
Claire says if it’s Kyland and Alyssa. Sb will vote out Sb.
Claire comments on how close Ky and SB are.
Azah – I didn’t notice that at all them someone came to me said they’re like joined at the hip.. YEAH
Azah – I just see Sb being in a relationship
Claire – that’s the thing Sb is in a relationship with a woman.. nothing is happening here
Azah – Ky is a beautiful man
Claire – he is beautiful
Azah – but I also view him as asexual too
Claire – I DO AS WELL
Azah – he’s very hot and he’s a very nice guy and he’s all these things..
They talk about how on day one they were drooling over him but after a week they stopped.
DX joins.

4:08 pm Hannah and Alyssa
Hannah says she never talks game with Sarah beth she doesn’t know where she stands.
Alyssa – she’s very vague with Christian and I she doesn’t give any information.
Alyssa – she was the only person that said your name.. Whitney and Hannah caus I [sb] don’t talk game with Hannah and I don’t know where he heads at.
Alyssa – I’m doing one on one tomorrow so I’ll use that as an opportunity to talk game with these people.
They talk about the Jokers being the easy play. Hannah asks why do they take out the members of a team that doesn’t have any strong competitors.
Feeds cut
Alyssa talking about the nomination meetings – “BigD said Whit, didn’t say your name.. Britini said your name, Azah just said she wasn’t coming after us. She said whit. That was the only person that said your name out of My team. Obviously, we had to think of options your name was brought up.
Alyssa – the queens never said your name
Hannah – SB didn’t object to me going on the block
Alyssa – correct, She could be a potential pawn.
Hannah – what capacity did she push me
Alyssa – she didn’t push you on the block she didn’t push to have you off the block
Alyssa – she didn’t say what about Hannah but when we brought it up but when we said what about you and Whitney she said that would be the smartest thing
Alyssa – me and Christian said well we have a good bond with Hannah. She didn’t say anything.
Alyssa – mainly me and X were like Okay what are the other options. she just wasn’t hesitate. I don’t know if you have anything to worry just let you know so you can talk to her a little more.
Alyssa thinks britini will put Hannah up before SB.
Hannah brings up explaining to DerekX the concept of a shield in Big Brother.
Alyssa – I swear Derex is your Christian and Christian is my Derex because I have to explain things to Christian a lot.. it’s funny you do that.

4:44 pm Chit chat

5:19 pm Claire
Claire – Tiffany has way more than I do going on. She talks to X a lot, She has Hannah, She has DX closer. But no one will ever tell me if they are saying Tiff’s name.
Claire says winning the wildcard felt so good. does happy dance. She doesn’t plan to win the HOH.
Claire – I’m a little nervous. the thought it’ll be Whitney, SB then Britini.. I mean a little nervous.. I’m next in line.
Claire – Tiff is playing a masterful social game she is talking game with everyone.. I need to talk more game with everyone.. Honestly, I am playing a bit of a floater game. my issue is I don’t trust anyone on either side.
Claire – I don’t want to work with Kyland super tightly. He is one of the smarter people in the house. Tiff is smitten with DX which is fine. I do like Hannah age is BIG in this game. Hannah in 4 years would be a killer player.
Feeds cut. When we’re back. Claire says BIGD and Sb are money-focused they’ll do whatever it takes to get the money at the end.
Claire – Hannah will be motivated with wanting to make a big move. Be a mastermind. I can let her do that. Let her think she’s the mastermind.
Claire – Brit will also want to do that. Azah I’m not sure what she’s motivated about.
Claire – DX wants to win but he also wants to be a character. BIGD wants to be famous..
Claire – Tiff.. she does love the game she’s playing to win.
Claire – she could be playing me but I’m going to choose she is not.
Claire – Alyssa is here to play but she’s been dealt a bad hand.. X I dunno what he’s here for.
Claire – I hope next week is messy and not boring.
Claire says she wishes she could Ky more. “You have to give trust to get trust. Maybe I should give him some trust”
Claire mentions how the pawns are getting taken out.

6:00 pm Sb’s wounds

6:35 pm Azah and Claire
Talking about Frenchie.
Azah – Did I get misted by Fnrehcie
Claire – Frenchie was saying whatever he needed to whoever
Claire the slaughterhouse was the same as Frenchie’s kiss..
Claire told her day one he wanted to form a big alliance called the slaughterhouse then she heard about it and she wasn’t in it. (LOL)
Claire – I need girls to start winning some comps.

Azah – how do you feel about SB? I like her
Claire – I like her a lot
Azah – I haven’t been talking to her a lot lately
Claire – that’s the thing. I talked a lot of game with her the first and second week. I feel like sometimes when I talk game with her she doesn’t give me anything.
Claire – that makes me nervous but I like her and I don’t think she’s coming after me anytime soon. If she’s not talking game with me who is she talking game with KY, her team, I dunno.
Azah – she’s with her team but she has suspicions in her team too
Claire – I like her I wish we talked more game
Azah – me too
Claire says SB hides her relationship with Ky.
Azah – that thing about Kyland being a-sexual cracks me up
Claire – I don’t know what that is.. he just doesn’t flirt..
They agree the other guys all flirt.

Azah brings up SB saying she dated a 1/2 black guy. Claire says tiff’s theory is that Ky is that person.
they laugh.

7pm Bedroom. Xavier is studying the days / events of the season.

7:27pm Bedroom. Tiffany and Derek X.
Tiffany – I think Ky feels me coming for SB. Derek – you think he does? I had a really good talk with Ky last night. Can you keep something between us? Tiffany – yes. I swear. I promise. Derek – His ordering for the jokers is: Christian first, Alyssa, X, and then SB. Maybe it was Sarah Beth and then X but I want to say it was X and then SB. And I was teasing the idea of.. Tiffany – you should just go along with it. You don’t want to surprise him if you win HOH. Derek – basically I explained to him my logic of why I would put up anyone from the kings. For Sarah Beth I said basically I want to keep Hannah in this game and she has made it clear that she would come for Hannah. So for me she is the only one from the kings that has mentioned personally attacking someone that I work with. He said yeah that does make sense. One thing that he did say is that … he might actually be on to you because he said if you or Tiffany decide to take a shot at Sarah Beth, I would get behind it. Tiffany – he is on to me. I know he is because this morning he said I felt tight with you in the havenot room but a couple days ago he was like I don’t feel like today we’re that close. And truthfully we’re not because whenever I am with Ky, Sarah Beth is right there. I am uncomfortable with him because I know how women can be because I don’t ever want her to feel intimidated by me or jealous of my relationship with him and I don’t want her to feel like that he has with me anything that he has with her. So I am really trying to stay away from him. So that she doesn’t view me as any type of personal threat. Derek – that is smart. Tiffany – but I can’t tell him that. His pecking order is funny because as smart as she is .. she is last for him. Derek – me and Ky don’t think Alyssa is a threat. Tiffany – you guys don’t need to take her out, we will. You guys got to worry about Christian. Derek – the way I think about the house, me and Ky are keeping the house balanced against Christian and X. Tiffany – yes. Derek – and I think which ever is able to take a shot at the next will go much further.

8pm – Christian and Alyssa cuddled up in the HOH bed. Sarah Beth and Britini are playing a game of chess.

9pm Living room. Xavier and Azah.
Xavier – if someone from my team were to win I don’t think they would take a shot at the jokers. I don’t know for sure because things can change over time but right now I have no reason to believe that if someone from my team were to win, they would take a shot at anyone of the jokers. Azah – do you want someone from your team to win? Xavier – it depends on if we’re still teams or not. If we’re still teams I selfishly would want it but if teams are done then na, I don’t know because it wouldn’t probably benefit.

10:50pm Most of the house guests are applying face masks… In the bathroom – Hannah and Sarah are studying the days / events of the season so far.

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I’m not sure which is funniest?… Tiffany thinking she’s not jealous, Whit thinking she has a shot with X, Alyssa thinking she’s a strategist, or Azah thinking that Britney is a helpful ally.

As of now, the only people doing any real, worthwhile, legit thinking in the BB house seem to be Claire, Hannah, DX, and X. Claire has it figured out. She knows that her days are numbered. Hannah and DX know that they are at the bottom of their respective alliances and need some big comp wins plus a few side deals to go much further. X is probably the best strategic thinker right now, observing, watching, revealing nothing.


Perhaps compared to all that Azah brings to the alliance, she thinks Britini is contributing. There was a glimmer of potential for Azah right at the start and then she…existed.


Don’t you think it’s been a missed opportunity for the women to create a strong girls alliance to finally go all the way seeing as they are all still there?!


I think the main issue is the women know several of the other women are serious threats and at some point they’ll need to go after each other. They are all leery of being on the wrong side when the first shots are taken so they just circle each other now.

The Beef

LOL and part of Alyssa’s strategy is to bold face lie to Hannah’s face about what SB said about her, and how badly she really fought to get the target placed squarely on Hannah’s back THIS week, instead of on Whitney’s! She apparently doesn’t know that Hannah is already aware of this fact, and her lying to her so directly about it is not only NOT helping SB’s situation with Hannah, but also hurting her own, as nobody is ever going to trust and work with somebody who lies to them like that. I’m not sure if Alyssa and Christian still have plans of working with Hannah and DX or not (that may have shifted to DX and Tiffany), but there’s no doubt, at least at this point DX is closer to Hannah than to any other female in the house, and definitely wants to keep her in the game.


i’m going after 2 girls who have really done nothing, ggrrrr
don’t touch my man buns, ggrrrr
he he he


Have I outgrown the game? Everyone’s a “strategist”. There seems to be a lot of overthinking and some missed opportunities. There are so many knots someone will get unexpectedly squeezed. But by that time I will be glad. We have the benefit if seeing it and they don’t. I wish several people would just shut up. Someone like Hannah makes me nervous cause she asks too many questions. Makes me want to scream “nunya”! I have been out of the loop a lot this season. Maybe I am getting old. Sucks

Also from Sarasota

What happened to Sara Beth’s leg? Also, is Azah’s fro a wig? I see her wearing those shower caps.

another name

Brit’s second gastro issue this week.
hmm. Did anyone check to see if the US version of slop contains milk solids?
Did anyone tell her if you undercook it, it can cause gastro distress?
Meh. Whatever.

I’m baffled by Claire. Her lack of motivation. She’s aware that she might be moving up the boot order. I believe she’s aware her place is being supplanted by Hannah. She noted bizarre exchanges between X and Hannah, X and Df, and X and Azah last week. She’s aware that Tiff deflected Claire from targeting Df the morning after Tiff was gung ho (byproduct of that weird slop brain desire to play her own game followed by her D/Ream about riding with cookout to the end). How is it that her conclusion is…. to sit back and wait for Godot? What flavor is the Koolaid in the Lucid D/Ream room?

Did I miss something? When did Dx flip back to Ky priority? His chat with Tiff earlier seemed to be misplaced given his game play this week, didn’t it? Did Dx notice that Tiff is rewriting the final four yet again? This time with Hannah in Claire’s spot? Just yesterday Hannah was in Ky’s spot. I’m getting really confused with musical final 4’s. I’m betting the koolaid is cherry.

Last query:
has everyone dropped the let’s throw hoh to Df thought line yet? I mean… I guess they could do a hold the buzzer down with your ass cheek while laying on the couch endurance comp…. but… man that would suck for endurance comp on feeds.

The Beef

Can anyone explain to me why Alyssa told Hannah she is having “one on ones” with people today? Is this girl really that delusional she thinks she is the HOH because her “man shield” showmance partner is the actual HOH, she is entitled to hold one on one meetings with the rest of the houseguests? To me, that would be a HUGE red flag and I would think would paint a big target on her back if she were to actually do that, not to mention be a big slap in the face to Christian, unless of course he was included in those meetings, which then they would be HIS meetings and not hers.

Alyssa has yet to do the first thing in this game, other than remove her pants in bed for Christian, yet her confidence seems to be high that she’s running the show this week. The way she talks about his dumb ass, maybe she is, but I swear, she doesn’t exactly come off as some kind of brain surgeon or rocket scientist to me herself.


Even while playing checkers Derek F. is laying down.