Christian “I’m going to see if I can get you in with Britini.” Alyssa “Wait until after HOH.. if I win I’m putting her up.”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Christian did not use the Power of Veto Nominations are locked.

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11:20pm Gym. Christian and Alyssa.
Christian – I’m not playing an individual game. Alyssa – but they think that. Christian – okay, but you know I’m not. Alyssa – I just know if I win HOH, I am going to have solo talks with people. Christian – You are my number one! You know that right!? Alyssa – I know that. Christian – quit making me think that I am not. Alyssa – no, but it is making me think that I am to you and you’re not to me.. which helps your game. Christian – I just don’t want you to doubt it. Alyssa – I’m not doubting it. Christian – well it seems like it. Alyssa – then you’re taking what I’m saying wrong. I never once doubted it. Christian – opportunities that came my way were presented to me. Alyssa – I know. Christian – do your own thing but just know we’re good. Alyssa – I know, I don’t want you to think that I am doubting that. Christina – I know but no matter what if you do do your own stuff we’re still going to tell each other. Alyssa – exactly, I tell you every conversation. Did you think I wouldn’t? Maybe I am wording wrong. Christian – it wasn’t really what you said it was how you reacted when I told you about Britini. Alyssa – you have conversations.. Christian – but you know that is what happens when you’re HOH. Alyssa – I am not saying what you said isn’t true, I just haven’t had those yet so I am just hoping that I will get the opportunity to do so and of course I’m going to tell you. I don’t want you to think that is how I took it. It just makes me think that if I left, you would be fine and if you left I wouldn’t have people around me. Christian – but your best number 2, you know who that is right.. Alyssa – X? Christian – yes. Alyssa – I know, I just want to have the conversations that you were lucky enough to have. Christian – right but what are the actions you’re going to take based on this conversation? Alyssa – I just hope to win HOH so that I can have those conversations. Christian – got it! Alyssa – if I leave you still have those two other final twos.. if you leave I have nothing. I need to start having those conversations whether they’re fake or not. Christian – and I want to go back to Britini and involve you. I see what you’re saying but I only have one thing without you. Christian – I’m going to see if I can get you in with Britini. Alyssa – wait until after HOH because if I win I am putting her up. .. but we all know the chances of that are slim so maybe we need to have the talk .. I don’t know.

11:37pm Bedroom. Derek X and Claire.
Derek – what I am thinking is what does the group look like after SB (Sarah Beth) is out maybe. Like I don’t want Christian coming for me. Claire – its weird because I genuinely kind of think that Christian and Alyssa do kind of what to keep the heat for next week. Derek – I honestly believe it but at the same time Alyssa is such a great liar. Claire – I think she is. I think Christian isn’t necessarily. Alyssa is a great liar but Alyssa has not been talking about me. Derek – she has? Claire – she has not. Derek – Like I have been trying to talk more with Alyssa and I genuinely think that she wants to ride with the 8 for as long as possible. Claire – I think that she wants to ride with the 8 until the 8. Derek – no for real. Claire – I was talking with her today and she was saying that Big D should be the 9th. Derek – she said that? Claire – yeah because I was talking to her about who the f**k is going to want Big D out. Everyone is going to want to bring Big D to the end because everyone is going to be able to beat him. She was like yeah I think he should be 9th. And I’m like wait we’re having two different conversations.. Derek – like whoever puts up Big D is going to pawn’d! Claire – people aren’t afraid to put up Christian but they are afraid to put Big D up. Derek – I would be petrified to put Christian up. Claire – why!? Derek – he would win veto. Claire – so you could backdoor him. You have to backdoor him. The earlier the better. Derek – why? Claire – his chances of getting picked (for veto) are lower. Derek – yeah, that makes sense. Claire – I just don’t know if that’s what’s best for you. Derek – I know, I do think that Christian here now is good for my game because he spreads out the attention when it comes to comp beasts. Claire – for sure. But he is also a comp beast. Derek – and you saw in the video he can beat me head to head.

12:08pm Living room. Tiffany, Hannah and Xavier.
Tiffany – DX (Derek X) can get Christian out if that’s what you want. Xavier says something but its not loud enough to pick up. Tiffany – I understand that but when you want to get Christian out Derek X can do it. And then you and Ky will have to get DX out. Hannah – I would want to keep DX longer. She (Sarah Beth) is coming after me or she is considering me as an option. Tiffany – she might put you next to DX or she might put you next to me. Hannah – I know. Xavier – when we had originally talked I had said Christian but hearing that she is so adamant about coming after you I would much rather want SB gone because Christian isn’t coming for any of us.

12:20am Whitney and Xavier…
Whitney – I think Hannah plays the social game to hard.. like you can tell when she is working people. I would like her to make it far though. I don’t think Claire will last too much longer. They talk about how Britini is an easy person to put back up on the block. Xavier – I think if she goes up on the block again, she is going home.

12:55am – 1:25pm Bedroom. Tiffany, Claire, Derek X and Hannah.
Tiffany – so how do y’all feel about the upcoming HOH? Claire – I’m in a weird spot. I think I want to know.. is it teams based. If its individual and I don’t get team safety, I don’t think I should win it because I don’t need it. I’ve I’m being very honest with you. Tiffany – no I understand that. Would you throw it to me? Claire – yeah. Hannah – would you throw it to me? Claire – yeah. Big Brother switches the feeds away and back. Tiffany to Derek X – you don’t have to throw it to me. Just make sure I get to sleep in that bed. Derek – of course. Tiffany – keep your a$$ down here with Hannah. You’re going to have three girls in your bed. Derek – I’m going to sleep down here then. Hannah to Tiffany – do you really want the HOH? Because its your birthday? Tiffany – yes, because its my birthday, because of my son, the letter. And I would put her (Sarah) up for you and I would hope that she goes home. But I hope I would get to compete against her in the veto. Derek – I think the jokers would pick me for HG choice. You would pick me too. Tiffany – she (Sarah) would pick Ky, unless she picks Christian. Hannah – she would pick Ky. Tiffany – if she was smart she would pick Christian because she doesn’t want to show her cards. Hannah – but would Christian pull her off the block? Tiffany – I don’t know but I would bust my motherf**king a$$. I will beat Christian’s a$$ in a veto just because I am mad at this point. Claire – if that was the case you could always threaten him. Tiffany – win if you want to but if you do your a$$ is going home next week. Sarah joins them.

1:40am – 1:50am HOH room. Alyssa and Christian laying in bed chatting. The others are also heading to bed.

2:30 am Kyland and Sb working out

3:00 am 3:47 am Kyland studying

3:50 am everyone sleeping

9am Big Brother is waking up the house guests..

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I won’t be updating the site today. I will return on Thursday before the endurance HOH. Dawg will be updating this evening at his regular time.

What I predict we’ll miss
a) Tiff wakes up after a fevered dream and forms a final 2 with DX she then plots to take Hannah out next week.
b) Tiff forms a whole new layer of alliances that are same as the last ones she’s made except for slight changes in the order people get evicted.
c) Sb and Ky work out together pissing Tiff off
d) DF stays put

What I’m looking forward to on Thursday
a) DF being the first to fall on endurance resulting in another week of slop
b) Alyssa or SB winning endurance causing Tiff to reshuffle all the alliance and restructure the boot order she spent the last 36 hours formulating.
c) DF stays put


Fingers crossed SB or Alyssa win the next HOH and targets Hannah and Tiffany.


Just a quick observation – I get Tiff is playing WAY TOO HARD lol — but — have you noticed much of her recent overplay & strategy shifts all came after feeds went down for a long time plus after every DR visit?

Like Another Name used to note – long periods of feeds being down or shift right after DR visits are suspect & this recent Tiff craziness (shifting BACK to the Cookout right after she was ready to abandon it, target on SB – less trust in Ky, new ties to Hannah) all followed a long feed block & multiple DRs.

I mean she’s definitely overthinking this to the nth degree but we can’t ignore that feeds/DR dynamic.


Ok I missed it, what did SB do to her legs?

I want her in top shape for the endurance tomorrow so she can put Hanna and Tiff on the block.

if one wins veto, I think she would put up Azah, I think she knows about the cookout, because my probably told her.

just my opinion


Lets hope so I want to see Tiff flip out


I liked Tiffany, but once she threw Ky’s name out there, she pissed me off! I’m not happy. I also think she needs to sweat a little!


SB scraped her leg on the astroturf outside while working out. Like a razor burn.


The good news is SB have been working out everyday with KY. Should be ready for tomorrow for endurance HOH comp.


Do we think that teams are over this week? Or will they continue one more week until jury?
What happened to SarahBeth’s legs?
I am hoping for Alyssa to win because she will put up Azah and Brittany. Oh the melt downs. And it would probably reveal the Cook out.


The Wildcard comp is over at least leading to the impression that if Teams aren’t over after Thursday they will be the week after

double d

I sense the teams are over. The numbers are getting low making things harder when 3 or 4 are protected. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the “teams” still stick together.

Feeds Follower

They should re-shuffle the teams like they have done before on Survivor still keeping the winning team safe in the house. That may throw some chaos into the alliances.


That would have been cool.

Would be iconic if Julie said after the eviction on Thursday that her friend had something to say:

“Drop your buffs; it’s time for a team shakeup” – Jeff Probst


Not sure it would reveal the Cookout b/c everyone has said if Brit goes back on the block then she has to go.

Teams probably last one more week (when jury/DE starts) esp b/c of Claire’s WC bonus. Assume we’ll find out on TV episode tonight or prior to eviction on Thursday. I could see Julie sending them to endurance with that message (teams are over) OR telling just the viewers “next week is DE & teams will be over”.


Sara Beth lays all
Over everyone nothing wrong with it just noticed lmao


I hope Sara Beth wins HOH and Hannah wins Veto.

So in that scenario hopefully Derek F goes home although it would probably be Britini. I’d be really sad if Derek X went home but he could potentially be on the block with Hannah initially so if he doesn’t win Veto he could be in trouble come Thursday night (especially if he isn’t next to Britini because The Cookout will save Azah or Derek F).

I also would love if Sarah Beth nominated Hannah and Derek F but Hannah or Derek X won Veto and saved her. This lead to SB replacing Hannah with Azah thereby weakening the Cookout. Hopefully Derek F would go home.

We shall see later tonight. I doubt Sarah will win HOH since her knees are all f*cked up and so many others are targeting her. For her sake the Veto better be something that she can win.