“It’s my own guilt having to look at [Claire] and know that I potentially put her in a position where she didn’t have a chance”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Christian did not use the Power of Veto Nominations are locked.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Whitney is still being evicted. I wonder what happened between Tiff and Ky for her to change her tune.

10:20 am DF, Brit and Azah
DF saying they have to win HOH this week. If they don’t win they are an easy team to put up if someone wants to avoid blood on their hands.

10:25 AM c1Tiffany and Claire
Tiffany talking about getting SB out.. Tiffany says they have to get one King out. Best for them to split up the duo or take out SB
Tiff – I think me and you can beat Alyssa anytime. Christian, I don’t know about that he might have to go out in a double.
Tiff thinks Ky will win the veto and pull SB of the block if he has a chance. “that’s the only reason I see him sitting next to her is a benefit but I also don’t want to risk losing him”
Tiffany – the strongest team after the kings is the queens then the aces than the jokers..
Feeds cut..
Tiff – I don’t think the jokers would take a shot at the queens
Tiff says if a King wins they might take a shot at Hannah and DX she feels she could easily go up if Veto is used.
Tiff says being an emotional wreck is working for DF and Azah. Nobody wants to put them up and have to deal with it
Claire – Who the hell will want to put BIGD up?
Tiff – nobody unless you want to have your goddamn head spinning around on a swivel all week.
Tiff – Imagine walking past him
Claire – BigD has to go on the double. He was sitting on the couch yesterday complaining about the potential of being in the Jury. I’m like that is so annoying that seems very ungrateful.. I don’t have my phone, I want to watch this show I want to talk to friends. You can do that from HOME
Claire is worried that the jokers will be seen as perfect to bring to the end for an easy win. Tiff could see that happening with Britini.

Claire asks if they take SB first on the double who goes after that?
Tiff – DX needs to get out Christian
Claire – Christian or Alyssa.. they’ll want Christian out especially for the double

They wonder if DX, Ky, X have teamed up.
Claire – when do you see DX talk with X
Claire thinks the guys are going to take each other out and make a run to the end with a girl.
Tiff points out Guys have won all the HOH’s and Vetos
Tiff – I don’t know we might have to take out all the guys.. and let the girls battle it out.
Tiff mentions that Alyssa won’t like that idea she would rather guys be in the house “she doesn’t even like girls”

10:46 am C1 Hannah and Claire
Hannah – who do you see yourself working with moving forward?
Claire – I see SB leaving
Claire – I really really really like, You, Tiffany, DX.
Hannah – what about Ky
Claire – possibly Ky we talk a lot of game. He’s just tight with SB
Hannah – SB has to leave..
Claire says a KING has to do next week but after that, she wants a Joker. “Whos going to want to take out BIGD? Nonone.”
Claire – at not period of the game will someone want to put BIGD on the block. Everybody will be afraid to do it because he’ll start sh1t. He’ll try and stir up whatever he can, He’ll be mad, Pissed off, He told everyone he just wants to make final5.
Claire brings up BIGD complaining about Jury yesterday “that really rubbed me the wrong way”
Hannah thinks she can beat DF in the end.
Claire points out everyone in the house feels that way.
Claire goes on about how everyone will bring bigD over them to the end.

10:48 am BIGD telling his teammates today he’s laying low because these next three days people will start talking about who the next target it.
Brit leaves..
Azah – we reach out to the queens we make an agreement if each of us wins HOH we put up a King and the other as a pawn. If a King goes down we put another in it’s place and we vote them out.

11:04 am Tiffany and Azah
Azah – I want to talk to you Kyland and Claire. If this fits with any of your strategies then we can do this.
Azah – what do yo think about we make an agreement. We as jokers you as queens. we both have three players on the team.
Azah explains the plan that she talked to DF about this morning.
Azah concludes this is a way for them to have 5 votes locked and send a King home.
Tiffany – that’s what we are going to have to do anyway. I like it. It makes sense it hides our cards and we still get what we want. We have the votes.
Azah – the aces have a reason to come after us. they could have a reason to come after Kings. I Don’t feel safe making deals with them. I do trust DerekX.
Tiffany – You realize that Hannah is part of the 6 right? SHe won’t come after us
Azah – When thinking after the 6 I don’t know if either of us can beat her.
Tiffany – can we beat Ky or Xavier?
Azah thinks she can beat them mentally
Tiffany – you think you can beat Ky mentally?
Azah – I think so
Tiffany – Ky is very smart.. I’m just saying.. If we’re comparing who we can beat out of the six our odds are equal with her and Xavier/Ky
Tiffany – at 6 it’s anybody
Azah – I don’t have a relationship with her. In my head, she’s the first one out
Tiffany – ok. once we get to 6 I don’t have any .. My goal is to make sure the 6 got to 6.
Azah – I thought it was 5 plus Hannah
Tiffany – well it’s 5 plus Hannah only because Hannah was so young I didn’t want to say anything to her I didn’t know if she would be able to hold it.
Tiffany – if we’re talking about keeping people of colour safe.. well Hannah’s a person of colour I’m not excluding her (DX, Alyssa?)

Azah – you think Claire should go before DerekX?
Tiffany – yes because she’s very smart and will figure it out. She’s very close as it is.
Azah – I feel opposite to that man.. DerekX is smart
Tiffany – but DerekX is on our side as well and DerekX is going to have to get Christian out. If DerekX goes who’s going to do it? Ky and X can’t they can’t compete against him. Nobody is at Christian’s level other than DerekX
Tiffany – Derekx has to say until Christian is gone
Azha – how long will Christian .. you want Claire to go first in Jury ?
Tiffany – preferably (Yikes)
Azah – before Sarah Beth
Tiffany – Sarah Beth has to be next week..
They agree they can beat Alyssa in competitions
Azah – she’s not smart..
Azah says she will put Alyssa up over Sarah Beth. In her mind, one way or the other a girl King has to go. If Veto is used on Alyssa she’ll put up Sarah Beth
Azah says she found out that Brent tried to use her as an option to put up.
Azah – Hannah is close to Whit she never told me .. you get what I’m saying
Tiff – the trust is not there.. that’s understandable you feel that way
Azah – I trust DerekX more than her.. he warned me she (Hannah) never said a thing
Tiff – I love Claire to death it would not be my own personal game to see leave.. I would keep Claire all the way as long.
Azah says out of everyone in the house Claire will understand. “She’s got a good career for herself, She’s very forward-thinking she will be the least bitter out of everyone”
Tiff – it’s my own guilt having to look at her and know that I potentially put her in a position where she didn’t have a chance
Azah – I feel the same way about Britini
Tiff – how long do you want to keep Britini
Azah says he wants Britini as long as she can “I don’t have it mapped out yet”
Azah – I want to keep her as long as I can keep her

11:45 am Kyland and Tiffany
(this conversation is about the building tension between these two. I speculate Tiff had a crush on Ky and his closeness to SB is pissing her off)
Tiffany grumbles that she said good morning to everyone this morning and nobody replied
Ky – I’m sorry I didn’t hear it
Tiff – thankyou You finally said it.
Ky – why are you.. why is there conflict
Tiff – It’s not don’t take it that way
Tiff – it’s very off-putting if you enter and you speak and nobody says anything. You say it again and nobody says anything
Tiff – in my upbringing I wasn’t raised like that..
Ky says she’s insinuating that he’s insulting her raising and family when he didn’t hear her.
Ky says this is a misunderstanding he wants to solve it.
Tiff – I don’t want to have a conflict at all.. that’s why I said it’s ok
Ky – I wnt to get to the root of it and solve it
Tiff – how do we solve it
Ky – well an intention to solve it would be a good first start
Tiff – it is resolved..
Ky – it takes two people
Ky says for him it’s not feeling resolved. “you said something. I didn’t hear it so I didn’t respond and you felt ignored”
Tiff – it is resolved. I don’t want to spend any more time on this situation. You and I are good. I completely understand what you said. I’m sorry I made you feel like it was directed solely towards you.
They start talking about how they want to win HOH.
Tiff – I think a king should not win.
Ky – that’s how I feel as well. That is why I was confused when I asked for help studying and you suggested a KING

After some chit-chat.. they hug.

12:20 pm Tiffany talking to the camera
“I like Christian and Alyssa I just really don’t want to be on their radar so me working with them is to keep myself safe in their eyes. I love Christian to death I don’t want him to go anywhere. I know he will out-compete me in any type of physical competition. ”
“Someone has to take him out I personally cannot do it. ”
Tiffany says she feels more personally connected to the final 2 she has with Hannah over Ky
“I know Hannah is very smart she can outthink me in those mental comps it is what it is.. If baby girl wins baby girl deserves it”
“I want to take her”
Tiffany says originally she wanted to take someone to final 2 she can easily beat but now she feels differently (HUH ky easy to beat)
Tiff – I want to play a game when I walk out the door I am proud.
Tiff goes on how she loves Azah “she will never come to me to make up I always have to go to her and I am a peace at all costs person”
Tiff – on a game level we think differently and I have to STFU. If I remember to do that America I will be fine.
Tiff says she let it slip today when talking to Azah that the next person to go is SB. “That wasn’t too big of a mistake.. I know she doesn’t agree”
Tiff says she can’t discuss her game with Azah. “She wants Hannah out first and I completely disagree with that. Hannah is someone I can work without of all the 6”
Tiff – she wants DX out and I really don’t want DX out I know he’s a hell of a player but I respect that. He works with me and he has my back .. I’m not in a rush to get him outta here.
Tiff says Claire is her best friend in this house. “There’s nobody else in this house I have like Claire but I made this allegiance to the 6 that is where my ultimate loyalty is”
Tiff boot order is “SB, Claire, Christian, DX, Alyssa, Britini”
Tiff – my final 3 for the 6 is me, Hannah and X (YIKES Ky really dropped)
Tiff- I don’t think anyone else is thinking as much as me in this house

1:00 pm Brit and Christian
Brit tells him he kept his word with the jokers and her team is happy about that.
Brit – I know you had mentioned in our one on one about a final 2. I’ve been thinking more and more about this. Are you down
Christian – Yeah
Brit didn’t want to bombard him this week because she knew he was busy with the noms.
Christian says offers are coming in already.
Brit – if you wanted to do that I am down.
Christian – I would love that. do you think we hang out too much that people suspect it?
Brit – not at all.
They shake on their final2.

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The Beef

Strategy is important in this game, and getting the people you are working with to “move along” with you is part of that strategy, including your side alliances. But when you’re talking to people in your main alliance, you have to remember they too have their side alliances, and their strategy in who “moves along” just might not match up exactly with your own. That’s why you have to be careful how you talk to them about those things and use a little diplomacy. Azah, who we already know is a bit lacking in the strategic area, now shows she is also lacking diplomatically, as instead of “smooth talking” with Tiff, she just pretty much selfishly demands that not only does Tiffany’s main side alliance person (Claire) need to go as soon as jury starts, but that her main Cookout alliance person (Hannah) should be the very FIRST person out when they get to the six, and once again reinforces her opinion that Hannah isn’t really in the alliance anyway! Yet she wants Britini to be kept for “as long as possible”, even though she has done nothing to help the cause, other than be a pawn on the block (and not a good one at that). This strikes me as extremely selfish on Azah’s part, once again shows her total unwillingness to work with her alliance members for the good of the group (unless that “good” is her good), and is throwing more gasoline on the fire to get her eliminated earlier in the game, as I see it, and by earlier I mean I could see her as the first of the six to be evicted if they do in fact all six make it to final six. She’s not doing herself any favors by refusing to even consider anything other than her own selfish motivation, or at least pretending to do it (that’s what I mean by diplomacy).


Agreed. Azah doesn’t know how to read the room.


1) DerekF is like JC from BB20. Everyone avoided putting him on the block because they said that he would freak out. He made it to final 3, so maybe DerekF has a solid game plan after all.

2) Brit making the final 2 with Christian is painful. Anything with Brit is painful. But she remains in the house (oblivious to it all) because she’s not a threat.

3) I have zero interest in the Alyssa/Christian showmance. For me, it’s on the level of Matt/Raven in BB19.


Isn’t Raven supposed to have died from one of her incurable, undiagnosable, and incomprehensible diseases?


You are spot on, on all three points! DerekF is like JC, although DerekF isn’t nearly as bad as JC, not yet anyway. Brit with her final 2 W/ Christian is just cringe, totally freaking clueless.


Is Tiffany loyal to anyone?

Paul Sucks

Does Brit really believe she has a final two with Christian over Alyssa?


Who in the world makes a final 2 with someone already in an established showmance? Seriously, she can’t be that stupid.

AZMDW GIlbert Arizona

I really hope Claire, Hannah, Derek, Xavier and Ky remain in the house as long as possible. I like them, Tiffany is playing the game, but I am just tired of hearing about POC the “6” now all of a sudden she is including Alyssa and Derek.

Well that makes 8, which is correct, but if I were playing the game, I would want to compete against the people “No matter what their Race” are actually playing the game. I don’t care about your. skin color, I love this show and I’ve been watching since day 1, play the game, forget the race, play to the best of your ability and game play.

No matter what Race you are, this is the game, the people who make it to the end, should be the people who deserve to be there. Why would you want to take BigD to the end, he is nice, but he has no game, seems he can win comps, why are people afraid to put him up BigD ? Put him up, let him throw a fit, make a fool of himself, who cares, he can’t win the POV, and you have him out.

If the 6 really wanted to do something to make Big Brother History in my humble opinion, they should have played the game with whoever they connected with, who had a good game plan, who was able to win comps, who you know has your back, forget about the color of your skin.

This is the first time I’ve seen this many people of color play, when Tiff said they are making it hard for the next group of people of color next year, then do the right thing, knock off the POC crap, show the people who play next year, how this year with a great mix of all races, they played the game based on Skill, game play, race had nothing to do with who you vote out, that to me would make BB History, maybe the people next year will use this season as a role model.

I hope next year we have another group of people that reflect what America looks like, and they all say they do not want to play this season based on Race, let’s all get to know each other, and play based on doing what you need to do to be successful to make it to the end and Win.

Forget about Race, I would not want to win just because I’m a person of Color, and I know that I would be offended if I were on the Show and all of the non people of color played based solely on the color of my skin. Message to the 6 make history and knock off this style of play.

Think about the you are out of the house, some have said they want to have relationships with everyone in the house. Well when you are all out of the house, and I have had time to watch the season, I’d have an issue with believing your intentions of creating a friendship outside of the house.

Also, the 6 needs to think about their jobs, when they are out of the house, people are gong to look at you like, Wow, I never knew you had such issues with non people of color. What to you think your job, work associates are going to think about you when you return to you everyday life ?

I’m sorry, but I’d feel like you are a Racist, Reverse Racism is still Racist. Be the example on this season that tries to set a new standard to stop voting out all the people of Color, make a change.


Reverse racism doesn’t exist. Caucasian people are not oppressed people due to their skin colour. BIPOC are always oppressed by non BIPOC because of their skin colour. I’m saying it again, reverse racism is not real. It is something non BIPOC have created to feel like victims. Besides this, I love the diversity of this cast and I think that the cookout and wanting POC to move quite far in a game is not wrong. They are showing the nation that POC can do this and fight against stereotypes. If you’re tired of the race idea, maybe you’re just racist, ignorant, don’t want to be educated, or don’t want to see it in a different perspective. We live in changing times and diversity and inclusivity means a lot. POC being represented everywhere means a lot. Kudos to this cast ans CBS for casting them.


Racism is racism homie. Judging and treating someone based solely on their race is racism. Look we have been treated unfairly for quite some time and it is definitely time for a change, but if I start treating white people a certain way just because they are white then I am being racist. We are starting to see that change in society (its slow but it’s happening) that I was talking about earlier however if we keep bringing it up at every turn people will start to turn a blind eye to it or worse yet if we are in fact racist ourselves that change is not only going to stop dead in its tracks but it will start reverting and we could have a race war and I certainly don’t want that.


What has any member of the Cookout done to lose their jobs or make anyone think that they don’t like non people of color?? They’re playing a game.


I can’t believe in a year when all the women are still left and have not been picked off as usual is the year they don’t have a solid female alliance?!! This could’ve been the year for a female takeover. Agggh!