Christie “He is making it really clear that he is working with me & Tommy.” Cliff “He is saying that to everyone.”

Head of Household Winner: Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Chrsitie
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tommy used veto on Christie. Cliff nominated
This coming Thursday is Double eviction.
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8:09pm Hammock. Christie and Cliff.
Christie – I wanted to talk to you because we were up in the HOH and Tommy was saying that he wanted to use the veto on me. Thank god. I am so happy. I spoke to him about it a little yesterday and he was worried saying he didn’t want to piss off Michie because he doens’t want the noms to change. I said to him at this point in the game there’s six of us .. if Michie and Holly have each other don’t you want to have someone. Cliff – that worries me. Christie – I said I’ll have your back. Also he wanted to talk to Michie and feel out who would go up. So it obviously will be you or Nicole. Cliff – it will be me, he already talked to me. Christie – you will have my vote. Cliff – well thank you. Christie – even if you do go up, you will be safe. Going into next week I am kind of worried .. I feel like Michie feels like he is working with everyone. Cliff – I’m sure he does. I’ve been worried about that for a long time.

Christie – Michie feels like he has me. I don’t 100% trust him. He is making it really clear that he is working with me and Tommy. Cliff – he is saying that to everyone. Christie – I am not taking that bait .. even a little bit. So I just want you to know that. Cliff – I haven’t felt as threatened while they’ve been up there but they also don’t talk game strategy with me. I just have this feeling that they see Nicole and I as easy pickins.. Christie – even just the way he was just talking about how it has to be Jess to go .. he was like I know I can beat Nicole and Cliff. He was like as long as one of you guys meaning Tommy or me… please keep this between us.. I’ve always felt like you’re someone I can trust. He was like as long as one of you guys win HOH he was like we’re good. I just don’t want to sit with Michie in the end. Cliff – I have never settled to finish with sixth place, fourth place or third place. I know the writing on the wall. Christie – I think that since they’ve been in power so long he just assumes people will continue to kiss his a$$. He has nominated me twice. My contract is null and void at this point. If I win an HOH .. something needs to be done. Cliff – If he wants to think of me as easy pickins .. I am not going to make waves with the HOH. Jess joins them and the conversation ends.

8:50pm HOH room. Holly and Jackson.
Jackson – I think you and I need to throw the next two HOH’s. Holly – lets just get through one and then figure it out. Jackson – you and me go into Cliff and Nicole, Christie and Tommy .. lets say Christie or Tommy wins.. Holly – takes out Cliff. Jackson – they’re going to put up Cliff and Nicole. Holly – say Cliff goes. Jackson – lets say Tommy or Christie wins .. me and you will be the majority vote. If its Cliff and Nicole on the block .. and that’s that. Holly – yeah. If one of them comes down, then one of us is going up. Jackson – but we’ll still have the numbers. Us four me, you, Christie, Tommy. So if its you and Nicole on the block .. me and Tommy will vote to keep you. Holly – I just really worry about Christie and Tommy going rogue. I really worry. Jackson – I know. Holly – I trust Cliff and Nicole farther than I trust Christie and Tommy. At what point does Christie’s loyalty run out? At what point does Tommy’s paranoia take over. Jackson – at what point do they realize they have to compete against us. Holly – yes exactly. Jackson – but if you win this HOH and have to put up two people .. it shows our cards. Holly – yeah, no way.

9:10pm 9:20pmAll the house guests are in the backyard laughing and chatting..

10pm Jackson got his HOH snap chat glasses. They head to the backyard and do re-enactments of their episode intro dance moves.

10:30pm Kitchen. Holly, Nicole and Cliff.
Holly – we talked to Tommy earlier and he said he is going to use it on Christie. Nicole – okay. Cliff – as long as I’ve got y’all’s votes. Nicole – absolutely. Cliff – I think I have Holly, Tommy and Christie so.. Nicole – okay.

11:05pm The house guests are chatting about random life stories from outside the house.

11:30pm Holly to Jackson – what are you going to do when you see me outside of here without studio lighting. Jackson – run! Holly – crows feet. Nicole – they’re actually called buzzard feet. Jackson – ZING! Nicole – sorry. Holly – never apologize for a good Zing! That was one of the best zings I’ve heard you say.

12:13am Bedroom. Cliff talking to the live feeders.
Cliff – Tomorrow is going to be kind of a rough day. EEeee.. sort of .. veto ceremony.. I am pretty certain I am going up on the block. But I am also pretty certain I will be okay on Thursday. And if not .. well then I’m getting played and nothing I can do about it at this point anyway. The bigger concern is the HOH competition on Thursday. No wiggle room .. I have to win. Or put another way there are certain people that can’t win. With 6 people left .. you don’t have a whole lot of targets to pick from.

12:28am HOH room. Jackson and Holly.
Holly – I am starting to continue feeling nervous about.. Jackson – Jess? Holly – yes, but also Tommy and Christie not having suspicions about keeping Cliff. I think they’re going to try and push hard. I can’t help but think they’re going to have some suspicions about keeping Cliff. I worry that a lot. Jackson – but I’ve said since the beginning Jess was my target.

12:40am – 1:15am Backyard. Nicole and Jess.
Jess – I just hope that LIKE the person that is being voted for at the end of that .. at the end of that.. is someone that LIKE is someone that I want to vote for.. LIKE LIKE I will vote as a gamer .. because I told myself coming in I am not going to vote emotionally. I do not want to be a bitter jury .. and if I leave.. and I cannot in any way LIKE if I leave on Michie’s HOH LIKE and he stays and he’s LIKE final two or whatever that I don’t give him my vote. I don’t think that I would want to… obviously I wouldn’t want to but I don’t want to be a bitter juror and I don’t want to be LIKE Jessica went out on his week.. Nicole – But I think it depends on what you think was good game play and if you feel that someone .. Michie feeling safe and not acting on it .. and blowing smoke up your a$$.. if that’s not good game play. Like watching this show I was always like you can’t be bitter, you can’t be bitter. Its subjective of what you think is good game play. Jess – but it is good game play in the sense that .. no not the lying and all that other good stuff and the manipulating of information or whatever it is LIKE .. we can all omit things or say things to incriminate other people. But LIKE.. LIKE to me LIKE the game play is LIKE Michie has pretty much been a target and been on the block since week 3. Nicole – if you think of the jury house .. Sis is going to say Michie sent me here, then Nick walked in and said Holly sent me here, and now one of us is going to walk in saying Michie sent me here. And the Jury is going to be like AGAIN?! Michie, Holly, Michie..

Jess – I don’t want to campaign. Nicole – you have to and you will. Jess – I don’t know if I have to .. we all know each other. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I know Cliff’s strengths and his weaknesses. And Ummm.. I feel LIKE we are all equally good competitors. I feel like we are all threats in anybody’s eyes. We all serve pretty much the same purpose. I can’t speak for Cliff and I don’t know if he’s talked to you or where like his thought process is and who he wants to take out. Nicole – no I haven’t talked to him about that yet. Jess – I don’t see a next week and anybody having a chance unless someone puts them two up. Nicole – yeah. I see it. Believe me I see it. Jess – so they can do that with me and they can do that with Cliff. It just comes down to whether they’re going to let Michie break that tie. Jess and Nicole head inside.

7:27 am everyone still sleeping.

9:25 am Wake up

Cliff should shave that back.

9:41 am Tommy alone talking to the camera saying he misses his family.
T – I didn’t think it would be hard being in the house I thought it would be fun
Tommy goes on about it being a dream come true being on Big Brother.

9:52 am Tommy, Christie, and Jess
Hammock chit chat.

9:57 am Nicole wishing us a happy labour day!

10:47 am Jess talking to the camera.
Jess – so confusing.. this game is so much harder than it looks like. seriously like.. This isn’t a piece of cake or a walk in the park.

11:12 am Feeds went down for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

11:45 am Feeds back Tommy used the veto on Christie. Jackson nominated Cliff in her place. Jess the target.

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Just a heads up. Updates between 12-4pm today will be late to hit the presses. The POV will be used on Christie. Cliff will be the replacement Jessica is the target.

Last Season was Better

Jackson telling Holly let’s throw the next 2 hoh’s is saying Let us both get evicted next. He really knows nothing about this game.


Jackson knows this years winner will be determined by a watermelon eating contest; the dude has been training all summer.

Shoopa Koo

Right, even the fat ones can’t beat him at an eating competition!!


I’m dying


If Holly doesn’t win, one of them (Jackson Holly) is gone. Duh


Not really. If nicole or cliff win they will put up Tommy and Christie.

I have no bird, I have no bush

I don’t think Jackson is this smart, but maybe he’s encouraging Holly not to win so she would go on the block next week and get evicted, so he doesn’t have to do it later on? I think Holly wins next to Jackson if they go final two.

Chichi Riviera

They have to show their cards eventually. What are they thinking? Do they think the jury vote will be a blind draw? Jackson is a dumba$$.

Miss Conception

They are talking about their business cards when they get out. Jackson,”Watermelons are us’! Holly,” Buzzards are us”!

Sakura Haruno

Why does Michie and Holly think they are in the middle? I never saw any indication that Tommy and Christie plan to target Cliff/Nicole. Nicole is started to get superstitious about them. Cliff has more loyalty to whoever gets HOH. I just don’t understand how Michie thinks he can be on noman island few weeks ago and now he thinks he’s under the radar.

What happened to Michie? Few weeks ago he had a decent read on the house. He knew where everyone stand and how he was view in the outside world. After his first HOH, he starts to trust everyone and his read on the house declined a lot.

I don’t know if it was his ego taking over after being in power for so long or if the DR is stringing him to the wrong direction.

Michie is better than this.

Just a game

He got really blind to Christy’s game
And was always blind by tommy
Both of them will put him and holly


Succinctly put.


I remember several times Tommy, and Crusty talking about taking out Cliff. Crusty might say she loves Nicole then behind her back wants/wanted OTB on more than one occasion. I’ve never thought Jackasson has had a good read n the BB house. Other HGs talk to him then it seems he takes the ideas as his own.

I think Jackasson thought BB was played more perhaps like SURVIVOR? I think he, and in his mind Jack, were going to run to game all summer to the insidious 5 then see where it went from there. He just didn’t know, or remember that Crusty came first in Jack’s importance, and not the watermelon king.

Jack leaving and Buzzarda, improved his game. Changing his mind about Crusty? Well, that’s what has everyone down this road of perdition.

BB fan since it started

Could you please stop with the Crusty-her name is Christie. Holly’s is not Buzzarda and Jackson is not Jackasson. Why demean and insult these people-what’s your point? Don’t you get enough name calling and insulting from political tweets? Can we please be adults and comment or critique without being childish? Thank you.
Ps-for the most part it’s been much better this year overall. Thank you.


I thought the nicknames were funny. I didn’t have to post. Humor was the only thing somewhat keeping this entertaining but consider this my last opinion. Jackson, Holly, Christie have acted horribly to get $500k. The root of all evil is not money but greed and what you do.

I’m sorry I don’t have respect for what I’ve seen. This is a reality show. Not a game show. I would think they’d remember that. So I don’t see myself as political. You are not my parent. You have a good day policing the internet.

Franks fumes

bbfanbeforthismess it’s PC culture seeping into every aspect of life……the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


My nicknames are pretty tame compared to others I’ve read. Thanks Franks fumes my nicknames will continue unless I get bored. I did not originally call Holly a Buzzard. Zingbot did that. I just put an A at the end and turned into Buzzarda.

You like my sense of humor, or not. It’s the internet. I could wear a blue shirt and 50k people might hate it just because they can hit dislike.


It’s actually technically a game show.

An ornery mouse

It’s because your HOH week distorts reality — everyone kisses your ass and tells you what you want to hear. Now, multiply that by 3 in the case of Jackson & Holly.

They’re just not good enough players to realize this simple truth of the game.


Wow, Jackson and Holly are really dumb if they plan on throwing the next two HOHs. The other four are smart enough to have figured out the three sets of pairs in the game and that the two of them have a final four deal with both of the other pairs. I’ve all but given up hope Nicole will win a damn thing this season, so let’s just assume her losing streak continues. That leaves Cliff, Tommy and Christie to win HOH and double eviction is the perfect time to take a shot at the power in the house. If they are smart (jury is still out on that), any of those three should nominate both Jackson and Holly. Jackson will probably win POV. Will he fall on his sword and save Holly?? or save his own butt?? Either way, one of them will follow Jess out the door on Thursday….I repeat this all hinges on if Cliff/Tommy/Christie are smart and Holly really does throw the HOH comp. I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to Jackson/Holly on finale night simply because of the number of comps they’ve managed to win and control they’ve had over the game. Whoever takes out Jackson has a huge card to play on finale night…my two cents.

Analyse the Nincompoop

Jackson wont fall on his sword for Hoe lee. He’s been adamant about how only one person will get confetti , and I dont think he was talking about the person who called him a curse word in front of the other houseguest and the rest of the galaxy.

Zingading ding

This may kick both him & Holly in the buttocks just like Paul…all this I love you crapola is just that, becuz they want their votes as they send each other to jury. I see jury voting for anyone but Jackson & Holly, so they better take each other so one of they has to win.

Franks fumes

A word to the wise don’t kick Holly in the pants it’s a good way to get your foot eaten.


I’ll cross my fingers. I’m not sure I have enough confidence in Cliff to nominate Jackon or Holly.


It will show our cards? Like really? This is going to be hilarious on Thursday, especially if Jackson follows Jessica out the door, but it will be even more funny if it’s Holly following her. That veto in the double eviction is usually something physical and quick. Jackson will probably win it but just to know that they are going to throw the HOH and then sit on the block is going to be the best laugh of the season. Showing your cards is something you worry about when there are 12 people in the house, not at this point. You have no cards. What idiots

Franks fumes

Yes by all means Holly don’t win HOH and risk showing your cards…….Bawhahahaha!


Seriously, Thursday will be good…I can see it now (dare I say manifest it?)…Holly throws HOH, gets put on the block with Jackson. Jackson wins POV and uses it on himself -> Holly goes to jury all because he told her to throw it. LOL.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Except it will be cliff that goes not Holly.

BB Casting Call

He’ll win veto, Holly will be evicted.


Rather see Holly win veto and Jackson go. But she would probably save him if they are both up lol.


Once they hear Julie say double, they won’t throw it.


They aren’t going to throw it once they hear DE.

BB Watcher

am i the only one who doesn’t hate christie? Like I don’t like her either but compared to other house guests games, she’s pretty good. However, this is the only season of BB where I am not rooting for anyone. Last season was better than this garbage, I mean who would throw two HOHs when you have two allies who don’t win anything and the rest of the house gunning for you. This cast is just UGHHHHH

Franks fumes

I think it’s just a case of attrition…..when things get to this point in the game(fewer people)you notice some of the better qualities of some of the houseguests……even when it seems that would be impossible as in Crusty’s case lol.


I don’t hate Christie, I don’t watch the show and just check these updates, however, my problem with her lies in the fact that production put her in a cast with someone she’s had at least 7 years of history and they’ve actively acted to protect that secret. Some places I saw suggested they knew each other before Christie started with the aunt. The fact that Jackson’s about face regarding Christie during his first HoH doesn’t seem natural and was probably due to production is another issue. Cliff was trying to get Christie out, as the biggest threat, but with the veto not his control if Christie played her power. His refusal to take out her and the power when the opportunity was there looks suspect given all the other protections Christie had. Tommy’s been pretty good staying out of the target but every time she gets targeted something happens that saves her. She’s never done it herself and that reeks of producer manipulation. I am jaded and she’s the focus of that jade this season.


I do not hate anyone but Christy whines soooooo much about everything it is amazing she forgets how rude she was to anyone that was not apart of the 8..kinda 9…then down to 6 …she is fine with anyone else sitting on the block but can’t take it when it happens to her ….very irritating ….


Yes this.

another name

Their current cards:
a three of clubs. A 1982 kmart topps baseball card. A five of pentacles tarot card. an appointment card for the free clinic. A two for one watermelon coupon that expired last week.

Franks fumes

Has anybody else been horrified by the constant soap opera auditions going on in the HOH……Jackson as a leading man I would rather dig my own eyeballs out with a melon baller than watch him lecture poor inferior Holly one more time. Oh speaking of Holly her acting reel only consists of crying…curling up in a ball and then bouts of pathetic begging for forgiveness from the superior one. Maybe they could do one of those unintentionally hilarious Lifetime movies like “Mother May I Sleep with Danger?” starring the immortal Tori Spelling……I smell Emmy’s or is that just $hit on my shoe?

another name

IF this were a regular season:
*There would be discussions without the HOH present between the rest of the voters about what is best for them, not what is loyal to the HOH.
*Christie would be using the deal Tommy made as leverage with Cliff and Nicole (they don’t know about the deal Jackson made that is getting Cliff on the block). That is the downside to the casting of people that know each other.
*Jackson would have been gone by jury. Christie would have been gone a couple weeks ago.
*A pair with a total of one standard comp win (battle back wasn’t a comp everyone had the option of participating in, neither was the field trip, or each of the whackadoodie comps… so they don’t realllllly count in my mind) would not be thinking lets go to final four with a showmance that has won 6 standard comp wins. They just wouldn’t.
*the least capable person left in the game wouldn’t be the target of the Alpha. That whole Jess is gonna smash bbcomics argument was so ridiculous. Zipline Jess: i can already predict another fall meme. With 60’s Batman show Bam! Pow! Biff! graphics.

Franks fumes

Dear God that would be heaven Jess on a zip-line above a tank of starving sharks….


There’s been a lot of fat shaming against Jess on this website. Not cool. People here criticize the character of HGs, but take a good deep look at your own.

another name

I wasn’t fat shaming Jess. I was over-acting every time she falls in a comp shaming Jess.

The first comp of the season was a higher fall than the wall comp or the wire comp. The squeels in all three was like she was falling 10000 feet.

SD Bird

5he wanted to counter the Snoozefest Zing with the Dramatic Scream. She had spoken about her inevitable fall & how to be relevant. All that earlier talk/discussion about how to properly fall + the planned drama confused her.


If you think it’s normal for someone in their 20s who isn’t a mother to be 300-400 lbs then you need to get an education on health and many other issues.


I hardly think she is 300-400 lbs.


Remember last year there was only one short zillion e as they looked at a video of the cards then ran and knocked down the wrong pic. So technically Jess could hang on for that. As I do not see it being like the old days when they had to look at the cards as the zipped past then drop and match up on the bottom the order.
Given this is a double the first HOH will be Q and A not comic, it should be comic after the double.

However given this clueless group they might flip it for good TV just so it takes awhile.

another name

there was still the little zip line they had to cross last year to get from one barrier to the next wasn’t there?
I thought that new fangled bbcomics last season was a crock. Not because of the format change to the comp… but because they made it sooo much easier, but because they made it even easier to rig. And for an individual time comp, to make it even easier is something.


Crusty machinations begin again.

I see Jackasson is still playing Candyland with checkers pieces thinking it’s called chess. Won’t they all be surprised by the double eviction.

We might see Crusty, making the watermelon king paranoid and think that Jess will be the better target to keep, “That can easily be voted out next HOH” so perhaps Jackasson, will see ‘logic’, Crusty’s manifestation, or really what Tommy has always wanted, and have Cliff voted out with Jess followed right after.

I honestly hope they stick to the plan and get Jess out and by some luck, or stroke of genius Nicole would win and somehow vote Tommy out leaving Crusty in the minority.

I know that would take a lot and I’d be dangerous for Nicole the following HOH. Cliff doesn’t have a backbone. Jackasson and Buzzarda can’t be trusted. Add Crusty crying, and whispering into their ears and it’s a volatile concoction.

We can only cross our fingers and wish.


Maybe the watermelons are spiked…Jess would be a beast in BB comics?! I swear the government must be experimenting with psychotropic drugs using this cast.

Zingading ding

I don’t believe Jess would have the energy to get through comics as fast. She seems to get winded easily.


How would she get winded?!? She’s a healthy marathon runner

Franks fumes

Jess seems to think being grossly overweight can be a healthy life choice somehow……she said so many times. How she wants to prove America wrong……. it’s her right and good for her but she’s completely wrong.


Exactly what I’ve been saying. Thank you.


I believe jackson is telling Holly to throw it because he wants her gone. He knows the two will go on the block together and he is so confident that he’ll win the POV and she’ll be the one sent packing. I think she is his biggest competition to win the 500K in the end.


I think Jackasson believes the 2 couples have his back somehow although he has doubts. I not defending his logic. He’s under the impression Cliff/Nicole/Tommy/Crusty would not form their own alliance against the watermelon king and Buzzarda.

Which we already already aw Cliff, and Crusty comparing notes. Nicole seems to have Jackasson’s plans figured out so he’s too confident so it’s not idea to throw those comps for those rooting for Jackasson/Buzzarda final 2.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I think you must have been eating a watermelon as you typed this.


My mind was somewhere else. When I wrote the post, I didn’t explain that he never he expected to go up. He just expected that Cliff/Nicole/Tommy/Crusty would all only go for one another as if he somehow had a barrier protecting him and Holly from OTB.

Roll Tide

When Jackson and Holly find out it is a double they will not throw it.

loveme some nicole

Like like STFU! Lol


Why is no one taking Tommy as a liar? He had already switched votes and three people he was working with he turned on.
Its obvious it’s a duo, he and Christie (even though he was trying all night to deny it but then admitted to Jackson n Holly that Christie is his plus one. That’s a pair or duo Tommy duh)
No one is questioning why he campaigns so hard for Christie all the time but no one else. Then he PROVED to Jackson n Holly he couldn’t be trusted.

In conversation about using veto:

Jackson – what are you thinking about with veto?
Tommy- I don’t want to use it because I will be a target but I am scared for Christie
Jackson- Because you are a duo. I get it. I don’t care if you use it. I’d rather you not but I understand. I want to see from all sides.
Tommy- well no you guys are a duo or couple but she is my plus one
Jackson- that’s a pair
Tommy- oh not really but I did tell Cliff he had my vote if he went up
Jackson- ok
Tommy- But I didn’t give Cliff my word
Jackson – telling him he has your vote IS giving your word
Tommy – but we didnt shake on it
Jackson- shaking is not your word. But you DON’T have to say “I AM giving you my word” to give your word. Telling him he has a vote IS GIVING your word Tommy!
Tommy – oooohhhh ok. I didnt see it that way
Jackson- yes that’s giving your word

Tommy’s game is so transparent yet they walk around with game blinders on.

They have to evict at least half of Chommy on the double

BB Casting Call

It’s a good thing that they evicted Sis….


Agreed regarding Sis. My only point was that Tommy “seems” sincere and loyal and loves everyone but his actions speak otherwise except for when it pertains to Christie,


Considering half of them have been told they better have a really good reason for targeting Tommy or Christie after the backyard thing, I’m sure that feeling is spreading through the house. The producers have been heavy handed this season and it’s making folks passive.

Franks fumes

If you do as your told by production they reward you and punish those who hesitate.

Ovi's tongue

Watching Jess and Jackson tagteaming Nicole’s bacne in the BA late last night was fascinating and revolting at the same time.


Here is my wish for Thursday.
One Jess is evicted
Two Nicole wins double hoh
Three nominates Thumbalina tommy and watermelon head.
Four watermelon head wins veto
Five after using veto crying ? crusty is put up and Thumbalina Tommy is voted out.
Six crying ? crusty wins second HoH and puts up hookup holly and watermelon ? head.


How could Holly crawl back to Jackson like that? It was hard to watch.

BB Casting Call

Old buzzards always circle back for the scraps…

Franks fumes

Lol good one bb casting call !


It was awful watching that. He is gaslighting her, making her think everything is her fault. Then she cries and begs for forgiveness…this is how abusive relationships are formed, very sad to see. Is that what she wants for her future? Someone who talks down to her and ignores her when they have a disagreement? He also did this to her earlier in the season when she commented on him losing his abs. If all of his ex’s have called him names, maybe he should realize that he is a f**king a $$hole, Ugh!


Oh please, they deserve each other.


First…they didn’t have a “disagreement.” She called him a f’in as$h^le (in front of others) and basically said she regrets having been with him. He did NOT respond by slapping her, kicking or punching her, viciously antagonizing her or calling her nasty names. The accusation that he has been abusive, physically or mentally, TO Holly is just coming from people who are miserable themselves and just want to pile on and add false personal attacks on top of some attacks that may be fair about him. Believe it or not…some people enjoy being miserable and ugly and project that onto others; it makes them feel better. It also muddies the waters about other accusations about the person. If you can label him being abusive every time he opens his mouth…then the original accusations MUST be true. Second…you can take it 2 ways (the fact that his exes have called him names)….either he did something that warranted the name-calling OR the types of girls he has dated are the types who like to name-call. My guess, since I don’t know them (I know, that’s a tough thing for someone to admit), that it might be a mix of both. And just to be forthcoming…I am not a fan of people who abuse or enable/encourage the abuse of others, either mentally or physically. But I am a fan of due process, and unfortunately that is something that I see being chipped away, minute by minute.


Thank you


I know! The only way Holly can redeem herself to me is to see the light and win HOH and put him up! This is too easy for him to remove her as a competitor and end their tv relationship.


I wonder if Cliff knows the hand sign he is throwing up means 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink?

BB Casting Call

He did, you know, before the wife…

Ovi's tongue

Sure, he’s Cliffie Three Fingers…..


Well played

SD Bird

The Jessica Loop

“I don’t know WHY. I don’t know How I am going to . . . oh, well.”

another name

Dear Jessica,
Why tell Tommy it matters what Jackson thinks? He’s only got a vote in terms of a tie.
Here’s your campaign: Make it known Jackson called you a threat, don’t diminish it. USE IT.
Tell everyone you will be a vote to evict his ass, Cliff won’t most likely. Tell everyone you didn’t have a target, but now in the chance you win an HOH, Jackson will be your top nominee. You want to complete your set of douche evictions.

Or hey, whine about how incapable and non threatening you are. Your choice.


I stopped reading any conversation involving Jess because all of her “likes” are getting on my nerves. She is predictable anyways and I just don’t want to hear it.


I don’t know how Nicole could translate Jessicaspeak. She must have a “like” dictionary.


How could like production like even like pick her to like be on the show? I would like have passed like on her like after like the first like interviews

Franks fumes

I thought the same…….why is casting even bothering with her she brings nothing to the table and takes up entertainment space that could have gone to Sam or Kat.


Lol! People don’t like Jess because of her overuse of the word “like.” Okay, there are a few other reasons.


So I guess they gave up on the have nots after Jackson made a mockery of it?

SD Bird

Jess’s campaign to Nicole is going to be interesting.
She is so jealous of Nicole. (yet, ‘Her People’ again as of yesterday) Jess cannot get past the Past b/c she ALWAYS wants to know WHHHHYYYAA. Her relentlessness for answers prevents her from being adaptable, let alone effectively proactive.

Meanwhile, that Nicole can move on – annoys her. Nicole is everybody’s sweetheart. But, IN Jess’s mind, Nicole has done nothing noteworthy – really, really, annoys her.

Excruiatingly Painful – last night when Jess was trying to get info from Nicole on how to campaign
Nicole’s, “I can see that.” is savvy Nicole.
She acknowledges the thought/feeling, yet remains non-committal.
Until the very end, Nick missed the fact that Nicole’s major was Child Psychology.


What needs to happen is Jess, followed by Jackson, followed by Christie/Tommy. Christie has been give a free ride to the end and Tommy hasn’t even been nominated. I want them gone over Holly, Cliff and Nicole


Can we just keep evicting them until they are all gone and give the money to charity?

Franks fumes

Give the money to the Ovi/David/Kimmie trifecta that will piss em’ off for sure.

loveme some nicole

Christine already trying to talk to everyone to keep Jess…she pulls this off she should win cause they are idiots


Holly and Nicole, won’t happen…Nicole has been with Cliff from the beginning and if Holly goes against what Jackson wants, she has no one even though it’s rocky between her and Jackson.


“Jess talking to the camera.
Jess – so confusing.. this game is so much harder than it looks like. seriously like.. This isn’t a piece of cake or a walk in the park.”

That’s Jess’ quote sunning in the backyard.

WTF? Hahahaha

I work from from home basically looking at PC screens most of the days.

Jess is a plus size model, right? Isn’t that what she kept saying. Like, I don’t don’t know like right, I mean like she has like caused like nothing, but like chaos, and like uh like was a backstabbing trouble maker and like in the background, and like what else, she like kissed Crusty’s behind, and like blew up everyone’s game, and like betrayed Cliff’s Angels, and like, what else, like tried to teach Spanish, and like sat, and like starred while she put on makeup and like said the word like, and pretended to listen to Nicole but like has be mad at her because of Nick and like, talked about all the adult photos sent to her and like, she would show them to her husband, like she eats, like I can’t remember her being so exhausted because BB is so hard.

Like I’m ready for all the dislikes.

Ovi's tongue

It must be hell to be Holly, having to constantly maintain that plastic Kidman twit face 24/7. Last night she was horrified that she might have had a small piece of olive in her teeth while she was telling the story of when she pooped her pants.


At this point, I am sick of my own damn self for caring!


OMG! CC is playing the game just like everyone else. Nicole tattled a few times, and she’s still a saint. Yes, one with an increasing daily fowl mouth. This is Nicole’s game, just like this is Cliffs game. Both are insipid floaters., and they have done nothing
lately or nothing at all in Nicole’s case. You judge Christy for game play, and not Jackass, and old looking, hair picking mattress-back…please! CC chews funny, big deal. Square head is disgusting the way he crams his mouth full, and eats with frig door open with his fingers dipped into covered dishes.
Look at the game each is playing and quit being so hard on CC and TT for playing the game.


Welcome to your first season of BB, you obviously don’t have a clue.


Jackson will be the next out if he plans to throw the next couple of HOHs with Holly Tommy or Christie will win most likely throw them up. I can’t believe it’s looking like Tommy, Christie or Cliff will will win this game ugh


Holly to Jackson “what are you going to do when you see me outside of here without studio lighting?”

Jackson – run!

Holly – crows feet.

Nicole – they’re actually called buzzard feet.
DOH! Drag her Nicole!
Beth walked right into that one, didn’t she?
The incessant insecurity is NOT a good look for Beth.