Daniel “Yo, if I put her [Taylor] up and she stays..” Turner “She wouldn’t because we already counted the votes.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your ranks in before midnight


4:27pm HOH room. Daniel and Terrance.
Daniel – my heart broke when you got up there. And when f**king Turner got up there and when I got up there. Obviously worst case up front. And Ameerah, mad love because she didn’t need to fight for sh*t and she went hard! For nobody! Love, respect and she even looked at me right before the final one and I was like oh go girl! And that’s why I kept looking at you like we’re good. Terrance – before we did it I was like I need you. Daniel – and she really likes you I want you to know that. Terrance – and I told her I don’t want you to use it on me just keep noms the same. Daniel – oh my god! Terrance – and she was like are you serious?! And she was like are you sure? And I was like absolutely yes! I got you. She said I got you. Daniel – and you know what that does it gives her proof she can compete, gives you love, gives me love. And then we root to keep you here. Terrance – so what are you thinking now? Daniel – I legit f**king love you. So obviously first thought in my mind… I mean I have no one. I am telling everyone please come with your ideas because i am in the sh*ttiest position possible, 3 backstage and now more people that I love that I have to put up. The immediate idea or consensus is the idea of a bigger threat in mind which would save you or whatever. Terrance – and that is what I am looking at too .. it is bigger threats than me. Daniel – absolutely. You’re only up there because of the first week situation and I had to do it. Terrance – exactly. So I am like would it be blood on your hands to be like … but it would be a hell of a resume move to do a big a$$ move off the top… which no one really does. Its got to be to the point where you can’t miss but everyone can see that its a big a$$ threat. Its something we will have to deal with whether I was here or not. I do honestly think there is a bigger threat than me. Daniel – there’s a few. Keep playing your solid social game. Whenever it feels awkward .. go harder. Whenever I see you more, I love it. You’re making us laugh and cry just being yourself. Just keep being you but double it. Because I like you just make sure you don’t stray away from that. Terrance – no I’m not going to change my energy. Daniel – obviously whatever big threats could be on the radar .. I’m a firm believer we all have our own vote. You go in there and do what you need to do for your game. I obviously have my opinion and I will do my best to persuade people ..because if I put up a big threat there is no reason why I should send you home because I am obviously f**ked. Terrance – if you put a big threat up, that person has to go home.

4:32pm Outside the HOH room. Nicole and Ameerah.
Nicole – if we can convince Daniel to put up Joe as a pawn and then we get Daniel on board with getting him out of here because I don’t want to flip the vote on Daniel but I want him to be in on it. We have to talk to him together. Ameerah – so our plan is to put up Joe? Nicole – yes. And if it doesn’t work Terrance goes home… still no love lost. We’re still good.

4:38pm – 4:50pm HOH room. Turner and Daniel.
Turner – as far as the alliance goes .. this could be a big move but we would have the votes for it. And also when else would be the time for this. If you put Tylor up no one in the alliance would be.. Daniel – I knew it. Turner – no one in the house would be mad at it because everyone in the house would be thinking the same thing. Its not even a question, we already have the votes for it. Daniel – yo if I put her up and she stays.. Turner – she wouldn’t because we already counted the votes. Terrance is an easy person to hangout with. It would be me, Monte, Pooch, Kyle, and Joe. Think about the legendary move the first week taking out a huge player and not having blood on your hands because everyone would be like facts! Daniel – its helpful knowing the votes are locked. The only other thought was me putting up Indy. Turner – oh yeah. Daniel – I have never talked game with her.

5:10pm Bedroom. Turner and Terrance.
Turner – please just between us.. if there is someone smart in this house like I think the smartest thing for anyone to do is to end up backdooring someone.. and then get a strong player out.. Umm.. not that you’re not a strong player. Terrance – no I understand. I already talked to Daniel. Turner – this is between us but you have my vote no matter what happens. Terrance – this is a game, we all want to make it to the end and we have to f**king play. And if I win HOH, ain’t no way I am looking at y’all. Turner – you don’t have to campaign to me. I don’t care who is next to you, I am not voting you out. Terrance – lets go! Turner – I am going to do what I can to keep you here.

HOH room. Daniel and Nicole.
Daniel – he (Turner) was like yo, we’re all on board with like Taylor going home. Nicole – f**K! Please sh*t! I am clueless with girls. The fact that Brittany was like yeah the girls hate Taylor. I was like holy sh*t! Daniel – yeah I’m not around any of that. Nicole – but it makes sense, she is very solo and independent and she only ever talks to me. Daniel – and she came from the pageant world where you have to do your own and fight for yourself especially against other beautiful women. He is the thing, how good is she for our game though… no one else. Nicole – she is f**king smart. Daniel – she came up immediately after the veto .. the first one and was like how do you feel? Nicole – I put her on the same f**king level as Paloma. Daniel – and if the girls don’t like her .. imagine her winning HOH and us saying we got your back. Nicole – she already does have our back. Daniel – I am cool to ride that out without people knowing and if people hate her then dope because we could use her as an ally. And then when we want to get her out we would have the votes. Nicole – or let the girls do it. Nicole – so Ameerah and Jasmine are like this! Its going to be really hard since you and I are like this with Ameerah.. its going to really hard to get Ameerah to keep Tylor. Daniel – No I am saying I won’t even put Tylor up.. its me going the Indy route.

5:20pm – 5:30pm Bedroom – Tylor talking to herself
Taylor – I don’t care who ends up on that block tonight or whenever we vote to evict someone .. that is going to be a loyal lasting vote and I don’t see myself as someone that would ever vote with the house. That is just boring. So unless Nicole is the one that ends up on that block, I am keeping that man (Terrance).. because he is going to ride for me. Ain’t no cookout this season! But I can’t do that to that man this early. And if there is an alliance in this house that got started without me .. these people are stupid! Stupid! Too much coombaya!

5:55pm Bedroom. Turner and Pooch.
Turner – maybe I am paranoid about what I am about to say but Indy goes make sure I don’t forget about my mess. And I am like yo, I’m on my bullsh*t… and I get dead eyed in the face. This might be the first aggressive sh*t. I get dead eyed in the face by Taylor and she goes you’re always on your bullsh*t! And I was like hahaha okay! Pooch – you’re solid. Turner – oh I know I’m solid but like f**k you! I am sorry but! Pooch – and I hope this doesn’t look like we’re targeting her and bullying her. Turner – no one is bullying anyone. Pooch – I’ve never seen someone on big brother put on a dress and be like this is my finale dress .. on day 3! Turner – that is crazy! Pooch – its just hard to live around. She said I think we should have a house meeting to talk about chores. Which I don’t think is a bad idea but if everyone just does there part we’re good.

6:05pm Kitchen – I just want everyone to come up and talk to me because I legit don’t know what to do. I don’t want anyone to think shaddy stuff is going on.

6:17pm HOH room. Jasmine and Daniel.
Daniel – If I put up a so called threat to me or someone else or someone that people don’t like .. now the votes are really going to matter where this person better go or this person better stay. I don’t know what to do. My only question would be .. I do really like Terrance. Like his chill vibes or whatever. He is someone I get along with. The two options are.. not even two but .. to keep it fair game .. if I wanted Terrance to go home who would go up next to him? I don’t know if there is anyone that would no matter how likeable. The natural thing in this situation would be to put up a big threat. What I want to ask is .. I don’t want people to say names but if you are comfortable with it.. Jasmine – I am really trying to think .. I am really open and honest. I don’t bullsh*t. Daniel – do you like Terrance? Jasmine – we have the married connection but I think there is a possibility to get out someone who is a threat. I want you to know that I have your back no matter what you want me to do. Daniel – for sure, for sure. Jasmine – yeah. Daniel – then can I just be honest with you with names.. Jasmine – yes. Daniel – I am going to give you two names and you just tell me your thoughts. If she is like the homie .. then tell me. So how do you feel about Indy? Jasmine – Ummm.. she goes to bed really early. Is she playing the game like .. you know she watch the Brazil Big Brother.. does she not know or is she just pretending. Personally she is not someone I would go Oh no! I wouldn’t even.. but like she is a great person. Daniel – right before we went out to play the veto she said I am going to use it on me. And I was like yeah you’ll be safe. And she was like no I’m going to use it one me. Either she really doesn’t get this or she is playing a genius game. Daniel – Ok, your thoughts on Taylor? Jasmine – I trust you. I don’t know legit split. I sleep right beside her and I still don’t get anything. So if you chose one of the two .. you would want Terrance to stay. Daniel – yeah. Jasmine – I think that would be good. Would you have a preference of the two? Jasmine shakes her head no.

6:46pm – 7:10pm HOH room. Daniel and Kyle.
Daniel – I am trying to keep this short .. but its tough. I will tell you the same thing that I told Monte because I feel like you two are on the same level. Up front, I have no plans to backdoor a strong male because I want to prove to you that I do have your back and I hope it is returned. I don’t want it to be a guy vs girl season. I don’t want to backdoor a f**king dude. I’ve heard light murmurs of people kind of trying to pitch that. So basically what I want is to get your thoughts on two people. I do want him (Terrance) to stay. Who would I want to go next. So what are your thoughts on Indy. Kyle – yeah she is definitely one because that I thought. Its less blood on your hands. If I were in your shoes she (Indy) would be my number 1 or two. Daniel – and what do you think about Taylor? Kyle – one thing that she said that really rubbed me the wrong way. Was when she questioned you not having a backup. I would say trust your gut. Ask everyone who you vibe with most / who do you vibe with least. Then when you put someone up you can can say that their name came up the most and that will defect the decision off you because they heard you ask them that as well. Daniel – I want you to know that I am not putting you up. And I told Monte that too. Kyle – and I think our games go further the longer we’re each around.

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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Am I correct that Sundays are normally a “down” day for the houseguests with little or no planned activities?


Daniel better not put up Taylor or his BB super fan status is seriously in question…

Indy isn’t really a threat but if he wants Terrance (another non threat) to stay then she makes the most sense to try to get out. At least Indy is someone who isn’t a house target and someone he isn’t close with.

For Daniel’s sake though Paloma (her name is misspelled as Palomar at the top btw) or Alyssa will go home due to the Backstage twist.

That would get no blood on his hands really and unbeknownst to him Paloma really wants him out and she is the leader of the girls it seems so basically most of them probably do too.

Girl's Girls=Karens

I just refer Paloma as Palm Oli, Palmolive, or Pandemic

un autre nom

Before noms Daniel: one of my intial nominees has to go (in his head he is saying Michael has to go).
Post noms Daniel: whoever i renom has to go, I want Terrance to stay.

Keep this in mind for EVERY opinion Daniel has. It’s not moving and adapting. It’s lack of commitment to any strategy whatsoever.

The old school strategist in me is thinking right now I support anyone that’s going to blow smoke up mr. wishywashy’s ass until veto ceremony is over, then tell him to go take a seat in his HOH room he’s barely left, his job is done, now it’s up to the house to decide which nominee goes home.

I say this because we just got a front row seat this afternoon to the reason all of the physically imposing houseguests slide through week one. Step one: he could make the big move. Step two: more than one person suggests the big move. Step three: but they’ll come after me. Step four: They’ll have my back if i don’t touch them.
Anyone wondering how the brosquad makes it almost completely intact to week four? That’s it.

The only thing important we will see:
Will Daniel cave to EVERY bro saying Taylor because she talks to us like she’s equal to us, or will he stick to the decision he and Nicole made hours ago?
Hint: He has YET to stick to a decision made with his ride or die, and has followed the bros in every decision so far.
Still: this is where we learn which he wants more: if he values his ride or die (noms Indy) or wants to be a bro (noms Taylor).


The fact that Daniel is even considering Taylor has me questioning his gameplay. He admitted earlier that her loyalty to him and Nicole could fly under the radar for some time. He also knows that the girls don’t like her, so keeping her in the house gives them a target. First HOH is always tricky, but never nominate someone who would benefit your game by staying just because the “House” wants them gone.