Terrance – “I’m ready to go to war.. My best bet is to go with (Keeping) Kyle”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Big BroChella SIDE

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, and Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Dyre Fest SIDE

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner Kyle
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, and Turner
POV Winner: Terrance
Veto Ceremony: Terrance used the power of Veto on Turner.
Havenots:  None this week

The Sitz

As of right now Joe and Jasmine will be evicted. The outsiders have a new alliance called the afterparty.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

1:00 pm Alyssa and Turner
Alyssa – his campaign to me is no matter what he’ll go home before me so if I’m on the block he’ll volunteer to go on the block next to me. That’s such bullshit.
Alyssa – you and me (Joe) need to go in there and pretend we’re not working together.. BULLSh1t. Do you feel any other type of way after talking to him?
(Turner doesn’t have his microphone on hard to hear.)
Alyssa says if it’s Turner and Kyle on the block she’ll pick Turner to stay “I genuinely like you as much if not more.. ”
Turner – okay sick
Production tells Turner to put a Microphone
Turner – this whole entire summer I’ve been in one alliance at the time so If I’m “Afterparty” that’s all
Alyssa says she felt least betrayed by turner because of that fact.
Turner – we made a group that’s what I was in.
Alyssa – Going into next week iF Monte is there I would put up Monte and Taylor
Turner – I would put up .. I might do the same thing or put up Michael and Taylor. Actually, I wouldn’t want to put Michael up first it wouldn’t work in our favour
Alyssa – If Monte is gone they we have Jasmine and it’s 5 V 3
Turner – so dope (LOL)
Turner says if Monte is gone he would put up Michael and Taylor
Alyssa says Taylor is the bigger threat over Brittany

Alyssa asks if they are going to act like it was Kyle and Joe all the time. Turner isn’t keen on this idea because then people can use the excuse that he’s never been up when looking for a pawn.
They go over what to say. Turner and Joe were the initial nominations. Terrance won the veto and Joe outed the alliance.
Turner – when joe outed it he took me down and put Kyle up to see if there was any more information from all three of us going up
Alyssa – perfect

They call Terrance over. They explain the new pitch to tell the inside half that Turner was an initial Nomination.
Turner – I don’t want to be put up next week because I haven’t been on the block when I have been on the block.
Terrance wants them to have a clear story walking back into the house
Terrance – at the end of the day it’s just us. you know what I’m saying. I know I can count on Turner I know I can count on you (Alyssa) and you have Kyle.
Terrance – there’s a lot for me going into the house
Alyssa – we need to be united we need to be a unit.
Alyssa says she was never taken seriously in any of the alliances she was in.
Terrance feels the same way. Afterparty is his first alliance.
Turner – You, Alyssa, and Kyle are the only people in this house that I will trust with my game.
Alyssa – I will do anything for each and every one of you
Terrance – I’m ready to go to war I just want to make a plan
Alyssa says Joe’s pitch is “not realistic.. I’ll go out before you, I’ll volunteer to go on the block.. I’ll go home”
Alyssa – that doesn’t make sense to me.
Alyssa – you say you’ll go on the block but they might not put you on the block. You just don’t go on there.
Alyssa – he said last night that Taylor, Michael, and Brittany asked him to be in a four thing and he said no. You will never say no to something. That means he’s locked in with them too.
Terrance – he’s fully locked. My best bet is to go with Kyle
Turner – 100%
Terrance – everything else is just bullshit
Alyssa thanks him for not putting her on the block
Turner – I have this line. As soon as he put me on the block I wanted to kiss his big bald head (Yikes this is a family show, Turner)
Terrance says he wanted to have them in the best spot going back into the house so at least they have a fighting chance. In my mind it’ll be a single eviction next week then it’ll be a double
Terrance – I want us to be aligned and ready

Terrance brings up how he was played during the Ameerah vote. Alyssa was the only person to give it to him straight.
Terrance- even with the Daniel situation

1:18 pm Afterparty food

2:10 pm Brittany and Michael
They talk about Telling Jasmine she’s going to Jury. Brittany says jasmine is still salvageable as a Jury vote as long as everyone stays nice and friendly. Jasmine will have a couple of weeks in jury to cool down.
Michael thinks she’ll be the most pissed at him.
They talk about what Jasmine did wrong in the game.
Brittany says Alyssa is worried if she does make it to the end people will say she didn’t have a game and just rode Kyle.

They speculate what to do if KYle goes. They think Alyssa will not have any options other than going with them.
Michael says Alyssa won’t go with Tyalro after the London debacle
Britt – MOnte and her aren’t good
Micheal – she’s got to realize that Joe is closer to them than her.

2:30 pm Joe and Terrance
Terrance says he doesn’t have a vote unless it’s a tie.
Joe is saying it Terrance is “Building a team to go after the unknown” he would value Turner over Kyle.
Joe says if he stays and it’s because of Terrance he will do everything he can to make sure Terrance goes as far as he can.
Terrance – I got to talk to Turner when he comes here.
Joe – I’ll walk away

2:53 pm Terrance and Turner
Turner is telling him that Michael and Brittany cannot stand Jasmine. he’s pretty sure she’s on the block.
Turner said there was a time when jasmine dropped a glass on the ground and never picked it up, “Brittany is so anti-Jasmine it’s insane”
Terrance – I’m in the same boat bro.
Terrance talks about the Ameerah vote and how they did him “Dirty as hell”

3:15 pm Chit chat with the inside crew.

3:39 pm They have built out a sundial. Apparently, it doesn’t really work

3:39 pm HOT
Kyle, Turner, and Alyssa are talking about having less than 24 hours in the backyard.

3:45 pm Alyssa and Kyle
Kyle – if Turner flips.
Alyssa – there’s no way
Alyssa says since they’ve been outside she’s noticed something different about Turner’s personality.
Alyssa – there is no way (he’s going to flip)
Kyle says this is their last 24 hours “I already won I met you”
Kyle – If I go you have to go next week so we have a full month in the Jury house. You down?
Alyssa – yeah I’ll be there
Kyle doesn’t see how if Turner flipped they can go back into the house thinking they are unified after blindsiding Alyssa.
Alyssa – he wouldn’t do that
Kyle wonders if he should campaign more.

Kyle says Joe is “Straight up better at everything. I really think he’s the best player in the game. Seeing how he can lie to people and manipulate people and have no remorse”
Alyssa – he’s not going to stay over you. I know Turner. Turner will never do that. Maybe I’m an idiot for thinking that.
Alyssa – I wholeheartedly believe that.

4:23 pm Turner and Kyle Chit chat about cameras.

5:13 pm Taylor, Brittany, and Michael tell Jasmine she’s more or less going home.
It’s a boring conversation… Jasmine cries and is delusional
Jasmine – I’m going to Jury it’s not a big deal..It’s okay it’s really okay
Jasmine- I’ve done a great job. I came into the game and made my dad proud.. I really do respect each and every one of Ya’ll I think if he was here he would be proud of me for how far I have come and I am really happy I have come to be able to play with you guys and get to know you guys and meet you guys.
Jasmine – Now I feel like I have a family for life.
Jasmine – I’ve very proud of Ya’ll I am really routing for Ya’ll.. just don’t let Turner win.

They laugh
Jasmine – please do not let Turner win.
Taylor – not on my watch
Jasmine – I can’t wait to make it to Jury and tell them how great you are all at this game. Thank you for being honest with me and being upfront with me and being transparent. I love you guys I can’t wait to see what we can do outside.

Jasmine goes on about how her “relationship with god is so good” when she prayed she knew she was going out.
Jasmine – if it’s not for me it’s not for me..
Jasmine – I fought hard with an injury and I’ve tried the best that I can. I played for the honour of my dad I’m hoping that I made him proud when he’s up there”

Jasmine asks them if they know who is going out on the other side.
None of them know that is what has them so nervous.

Jasmine cries more. Says she’s proud of herself “I could have given up a long time ago”
Michael – you had an ankle injury and you’ve taken out a strong male player.
Jasmine – I never thought I would win HOH so I thought I would have to depend on my social game.
Jasmine – I feel so blessed I got to celebrate my birthday and my dad’s birthday (LOL)
Taylor – OTEV.. trip to London
Jasmine – Zingbot give him a hug for me.

(The monster they are for voting out Jasmine on her Birthday month.)

5:35 pm cornhole

5:43 pm Jasmine alone
“You did it Jasmine be proud of yourself you have overcome some crazy odds in this world so you be proud of yourself I really got to play Big Brother I’m okay going out like this”

6:16 pm Checkers

6:27 pm Jasmine and Monte
They’ve been talking for a while about the game. With everyone knowing she’s leaving now they can speak a little more relaxed. Jasmine mentions Joe would come to her and say he’s not working with Monte and he felt like it was bullsh1t.
Jasmine – is that true.. ya’ll not really close or are you close?
Monte – what do you think?
Jasmine – yes
Monte – whatever you feel makes the most sense in your head may or may not make sense. I know he’s still in the game.
Monte – do you think joe was playing the game or was floating?
Jasmine – guess time will tell
Jasmine says during Mciahel’s speech he called her a social threat “ohh thanks that really means people think I am a social person”

6:41 pm Taylor, Brittany, and Michael
They are talking about the hilarity of Jasmine, Turner, and Indy being in the Jury house.
Taylor – she does not think Alyssa is going AT ALL
Brittany – that would make sense she doesn’t know any of the things that would suggest she’s going
They talk about Joe could never do any wrong in Jasmine and indy’s eyes.
Brittany says Indy and Jasmine have blinders on they haven’t been able to clue what he’s doing
Taylor – they don’t think he’s smart.
Monte joins them. They go over what Jasmine has been saying today and how ridiculous she is.
Monte says Jasmine played too hard just like Nicole and Daniel did.
They agree Jasmine has Alyssa’s back still.
Michael says they have to make sure that Jasmine doesn’t leave a message for Alyssa using makeup.
Taylor – like an arrow towards a bed..

7:00 pm Joe alone.

7:08 pm Alyssa and Kyle
Alyssa cries. Alyssa says she’s angry and lists some reason why
-He lied to her for a month.
-She had a panic attack last week and she couldn’t find him he was probably with the leftovers talking about getting her out of the house.
-I care about you so much
– I feel like my heart is broken and this is how the game has gone
– Angry that you told them stuff that I told you.
– I’m angry you said you would vote me out
-I’m angry when I’m sitting in a room and all I can think about is how lucky I am to have met you all all them are daying how bad they want me out.

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Only Reading Feeds

Terrance was funny tonight. After he nominated Kyle, he said I Drive a bus and he will let them keep throwing each other under the bus.


Don’t get Terrance’s strategy. He finally had something resembling numbers then he puts one on the block and is back to just hoping people don’t notice him


That’s not what’s happening.

He’s basically playing ‘off the hook’, unhinged.

Not much to lose since he was at the bottom of the barrel prior to his HOH.

Openly playing chess to see where the pieces fall for his next move.

The amount of info he can gather this way is invaluable.

He’s emerged as leader of this new alliance. No one is questioning his moves or abilities.

Kyle and Alyssa literally have no other hope beyond Terrence and Turner (if the latter does stay loyal).

Turner is just grateful to be off the block. He’s also a very cool player and will use this opportunity to his advantage.

I actually think Terrence has revealed himself to be an A1 gamer.


I agree with most of what you say. However, Terrence is really a C3 gamer. He has been clueless until Kyle spilled the beans on the whole alliance. Wonder if he can keep the momentum going when they all unite.


This is the most stupid twist ever, how do you come 2nd in a comp and become HOH? It doesn’t make sense whatsoever that Dummy Terrance has the same power as Michael! ZERO sense, these guys are destroying the Show with ridiculous ideas.


I dunno, I wouldn’t necessarily say that Kyle is the dumbest person this season, although I think it was a pretty dumb move to expose the LOs. I think that he likes P#$$y a lil too much though, but I strongly believe the dumbest guy is Terrance.


Nope I think it’s you


I think Kyle would be gone this week if he doesn’t come out with the leftovers.


By putting Turner & Joe up, Terrance proves my point.He doesn’t see the reason Kyle exposes the LOs to him is because he wants to save his ass & Terrance is too dumb to see that.Everyone knows u gotta go after the showmances if u wanna go farin the game. unless yo are in an alliance with them.


I don’t get what you are saying. Terrance has to make a real alliance. He feels closest to Alyssa. Alyssa is close with Kyle and it appears Turner. Terrance has hope with them. If Joe stays his only hope is someone else abandons LO’s. Something he is out of control of. Therefore he most put sone hope in Kyle. And honestly at this point after turning on LO’s Kyle had no other choice. Sending Joe home is his only move. Joe won’t turn on LO’s. Anyways. Joe serves Terrance no purpose.


Real alliance? It’s too late for that. Feel closest to Alyssa?.Terrance is not even close to his ownself lol man is all over the place! After he was told that he was also (HOH) that he needed to pick who he wants to be in Dyre fest with him , he wasn’t sure what to do then Turner whispers in his ears,” u need to pick people that you want out”. Remember he told Turner that he was safe and that Turner was his boy and he felt very close to him etc. This means plan was to put up kyle and I assume ( Alyssa or Joe) because he meant it when he told Turner that he wasn’t going to put him up .Then kyle went to Terrance and snitched on the LOs .he gets angry and decides to put up Turner & Joe
Which is an emotional move. I mean it when I said Terrance is probably one the dumbest people that I have ever watched play BB. If someone just watched the last 2 episodes of BB ,they’ll probably think Terrance is an ok player but if you’ve been watching from the beginning…he’s unable to win( how do you come 2nd & gets rewarded HOH) ?( Also Joseph may have thrown that veto comp), unable to play a good social game , made alliance with bad players etc. Being the oldest he’s also the dumbest! man is Terrible…


I agree with everything you said. Terrence is horrible at this game. He doesn’t pick up on any social cues. He decided to trust someone who just proved he is loyal to no one but Alyssa. Now, Terrence and Kyle are emotional players. They literally put him in the position where he wouldn’t get any wind to blow over those lightweight styrofoam containers. Come on, what a set up that was!


A good game move for him would have been to nominate Alyssa and Kyle with Alyssa being the target then throw kyle under the bus. With Jasmine projected to get voted out on the other side,The LOs would be going at each other next week anyway and by doing so, because he won’t be able to compete next week and since it is EXXXTREMLY UNLIKELY he will win an HOH comp (considering that he didn’t really win this one) , AND because he’s not a threat, some members of The LOs would likely want to use him as a number and this would be the only way for him to get far but because of this dumb move, he will be the PRIME TARGET for next week! This guy Smh


Exactly! And Joseph would likely promise him safely for several weeks for taking him off the block. It’s a win/win. Send Alyssa home to buy you at least three weeks to reset your game. Too bad he is not a strategist….


Also, it looks like Joseph may have thrown the veto comp as he was trying to get kyle to win it for some weird reason and not knowing that kyle had revealed the LOs alliance…I am not sure if I heard correctly as I was distracted while watching it. (So if that’s the case Terrance didn’t win the Veto comp either, was just handed to him)


Michael and Brit had a strategy conversation about putting Terrence up next. Once Kyle is gone, they would not be taking each other out until Alyssa and Terrence were gone.

He’d have done the LOs dirty work for them.

He’s been playing his best move options this week.


And start Turners plummet in the rankings in 3. 2. 1. Go


Nope. Jasmine’s “Please don’t let Turner win” had the universe take note and prepare for a Turner win, lol. Watch if and how he shifts his game once they are back inside. Once they are back inside you will see who is truly loyal to who and who was blowing smoke up others’ asses (besides Terrence)


Jasmine is delusional as always, but she’s taking her upcoming eviction remarkably well. As for the outside group, Terrance is playing emotionally. His argument is that he’s upset he was blindsided on the Ameerah vote. He should be thinking strategically about future weeks, not fixating on the past. I’m also surprised that Turner is not more proactive to broker a deal with Joe and Terrance. Both Kyle and Joe are physical threats, but Kyle has an ally on the side with Alyssa. So it makes more sense to keep Joe and secure a deal with him as the LOs turn in each other.


You never know, there might be another pie eating comp next week. But seriously, it sort of makes sense for her to be delusional being next to a guy like Monte. If she was likeable, some would probably consider voting Montre out first by breaking with the LOS since she’s no treat.


Ok, watching the live show tonight, all I can say is Joseph is not very smart. Why in the hell is he hoping Kyle wins the Veto? Joseph, your life is on the line, and you are hoping someone other than yourself wins the Veto? Are you really that stupid !!!

Joseph needs to go home, Pooch was right, you are an idiot, Joseph can go home, he is really not very observant, Kyle is never going to go against Alyssa, Dude he showed you that last week, Alyssa is his showmance, you need to save yourself, you have never won a competition, Kyle is not giving up Alyssa for you, get off the get Alyssa evicted Train.

You threw your game away, Why didn’t you give it your all, take yourself off the block, then it would be Alyssa or Kyle on the block, you would have been safe, but noooo as always you want someone else to win, you want someone else to get the blood on their hands.

Kyle is playing the game, he did all he could do to make sure he and Alyssa were safe. You should have done all that you could do to make sure that you were safe, you should have won something for once, stop depending on everyone else to save you, have fun in the jury house with Indy and Jasmine.

Next time, play the game, win shit, stop running around worrying about jury management, make some moves, cover your ass, spy game is not the way to go, you need to work on learning how to see when you are being played, you looked so helpless tonight.

I felt sorry for Joseph for a minute, Joseph’s game play as the spy, was that all he had ? What a disappointment, I thought he was throwing comps on purpose, but after seeing him compete tonight, Joseph’s built, in shape, looks great without his shirt.

Joseph needed to be able to turn it on and kick ass when he need to win, make sure he was safe, this is not “Top Model” put your damn shirt on, win a comp, you let Terrance the old man, out of shape, he beat all of you, that’s sad.

Oh well, guess we are losing Joseph tomorrow night, Jasmine I will not miss at all, as always, her Accent during the Veto comp, she rode my last nerve, why, why does she think the exaggerated accent is cute, it’s not!! So glad after tomorrow nights show, you will no longer hurt my ear drums, you and your eyebrows, your accent, you will be gone.


Im dying everything u said was on point


Jasmine’s diary room accent is so bad!

Just Sayin'

I’ve noticed this poster always dumps on Joseph and loves Kyle….. I’m starting to suspect Kyle’s mom? Lol

Mad Max

His mom has bigger problems to worry about other than posting! lol


People saying Terrance should keep Joe are dumb that would just make Joe get back with left overs and him and Alyssa be the targets. Now he has Kyle and Alyssa and the left over gunning for each other while he can fall back. Curious what Turner will do but if he’s smart he’ll throw hoh and then he can be loyal to whatever side wins between the showmance and the left overs


I think you are right, that is the best strategy for Turner. I hope he uses it.


There is still the smallest of chances that the outside eviction will be cancelled. The Frye fest was cancelled and money refunded. That would be so much drama! I still want Joe to go to jury though.


I doubt it given the Finale is on Sept 25th (a Sunday this time) meaning they’ll need to do this double plus another to stay on schedule

Just a viewer

Not buying Terrance’s dumb act (even though he’s good at it) at all. Him and Daniel recognized the 7 ( LO) were working together and the 4 ( The Pound) were aligned as well. Kyle silly ass just gave the Leftovers targets ahead of Terrance. It’s like old guy Terrance said ” a guy like that”, everybody’s going to know what he is. Micheal, Monte, Britney and Taylor will immediately know Kyle’s a snake and cannot be trusted at all.


How do you go to war when you don’t even know how to Aim?




I really really really feel bad for Joseph. I believe he’s genuinely a nice guy. You can’t be a nice guy in this crazy world that we live buddy or you’ll get burnt.


Terrance is not very aware, the leftovers called him up to the HOH when he was on the block against Ameerah. They told him he not going anywhere, he’s safe, they were going to vote out Ameerah, the entire Leftover Alliance was in the HOH with him.

Terrance totally forgot that??? But yet he wants to brag and say he’s a disrupter, even after Kyle threw the Leftovers under the bus, told Terrance who all 7 members were, dude don’t you remember they saved you and voted out Ameerah.

I think the coming week is going to be interesting, but it all depends on who wins HOH. Everyone in the leftovers inside the house, has been HOH except for Brittany, everyone outside that will be left in the house on Thursday, “Terrance, Turner, Kyle & Alyssa”.

Turner & Terrance have been HOH, Terrance and Kyle have won a veto comp, Alyssa has yet to show how good she will be in future comps. If Turner does not flip and go back over to the Leftovers, and stays with Terrance, Alyssa and Kyle, both sides of the house will be somewhat balanced.

* Leftovers – Michael, Monte, Taylor and Brittany. Britt is the weakest link based on if it’s
physical comp, if it’s Mental I think Michael and Britt will kick butt, maybe Taylor also, I’m
not sure about Monte on mental challenges, he might be good, he might be ok, not sure.

* After Party – Turner, Terrance, Alyssa & Kyle. Terrance might be the weakest link based
on a physical comp, if it’s mental, I think they are lost. I think Turner might fair well with
mental in regards to remembering days & dates, Kyle, Alyssa & Terrance NOPE !!!!

If I were Turner, I’d be a little weary about the After Party Alliance, he’s number 3 with Kyle and Alyssa, I don’t buy what Alyssa told Turner, she said she would vote Kyle out, and keep Turner, I don’t see Alyssa doing that, her and Kyle both are like teens in Lust !!!

Alyssa is weak, even though she said she’s upset with Kyle, I bet 100%, she will get over it in the next 15 minutes, and she will be back to making out, throwing her game away for her showmance.

I like Turner, and I wouldn’t mind Turner or Michael winning the 750k, I just feel Turner has a better chance of getting closer to the end with the Leftovers, Terrance won his HOH by default, he came in 2nd place against Michael. Terrance did do well in the Veto comp, but I still feel the After Party Alliance is less threatening than the Leftovers.

I want Turner to make it far, I just don’t think he can do it staying with a showmance and a Bus Driver who tells everyone, “I got You”, Terrance doesn’t even have himself, he has been a follower most of the entire game, Nicole & Daniel game him orders, than Daniel had him throw his game away trying to target Monte, while Daniel was on the block.

Turner, is a hard read, I don’t know if he is really going to blow off the leftover’s, Michael will hopefully explain why he picked the people that he picked, stop letting Kyle get in his head, Jr. High School thinking Kyle, I just think he wants to make out, have sex, and then go back home and live with him mother.

If Kyle gave a damn about Alyssa’s game, and wanted her to have a chance to win 1st or 2nd place, why would he tell her, if he is evicted next week, she has to be evicted the next week.

He said this will give them an entire month to be together in the Jury house, once again, Kyle is only thinking of himself, and his 10-second pleasure abilities. If Alyssa is paying attention, why didn’t she question him saying that? She just agreed and said she will do that, she’s willing to also throw her game away to go to jury to be with Jr. High Kyle.

This is why I don’t want Turner with the After Party Alliance, they are not the best choice, Turner needs to play along with the leftovers, fake it until you make it, I just feel Turner’s chances are better with the leftovers. Turner don’t throw your game away working with Showmance & I Got You, Wannabe Disrupter Terrance.

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid Turner, After Party is DOA!!! Terrance means well, but I just don’t trust Kyle or Alyssa, they will always leave you out in the cold, and then apologize, go back to making out, don’t trust them.


I hear you but consider Turner goes back with a leftovers foursome that is fully bonding for a week without him that’s a lot of bonding time. He would only be a number and be the first of 5 voted out. Dont Be the 5th wheel. By the time he realizes it it will be game over. If they go back in 4 vs 4 the next HOH determines the game outcome. I think Turner realizes this and will not fliP based on his statement I’m only in one alenance at a time and that is afterparty.

C wade

Has nasty Turner taken a shower all week?

Mad Max

I asked this before but can anyone explain why Tubby wants to protect Alyssa all the time? Thanks!


I think Terrence enjoys looking at her. He may have a crush on her. He definitely isn’t protecting her because she is steamrolling through the game. She has absolutely nothing to offer in this game. Turner better go back to the Leftovers. Telling them the truth will protect him for at least 3 weeks.