TERA WINS the POV! Jed “Breydon OR Keif?” Ty “It’s Keif!” Beth “Its so bad, but its so good!”

Head of Household: JED
Nominations:Tera and Tina
The Power of Veto Players are: everyone but BReydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Tera
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?????
Have nots: ?????

12am The Live Feeds return from being blocked for the Power Of Veto competition. Tera won the Veto!
Games Room. Breydon, Tera and Keifer are talking about the veto competition and how it had to do with memory and math. Keifer – I’ve never seen a veto that had to do with memory. Tera – the fraction got me big time. Breydon – me too! Keifer – not the comp for me!

12am HOH room. Ty, Beth and Jed.
Jed – I am going to talk to Tera and ask what would you do? Who do you think is best to go up? I am actually curious what she says because she was talking about Keif. Like how are you going to get out Keif. He is going to beat you all. He’s not taking me to the final two. He’s all about the boys. She doesn’t think that we’re in an alliance .. she thinks that we’re close but doesn’t think we’re in an alliance. And she actually is quite rational. So I would love to hear what she says. Ty – yeah I would be curious to know too. I would be curious to know what Tina would say too. Would Tina and Tera say the same thing? Jed – I don’t know. Tera talks different than Tina. Ty – Tina would never bring up Keifer.. she would say Breydon. Jed – the thing is, if I put Keif up with Tina .. at least one of those three are going home. It matters but .. at the end of the day one of them needs to go. And at the end of the day Tina has not done anything for us in this alliance so why are we showing crazy loyalty. You know what I mean? Ty – no, we don’t need to. Jed – but ideally if Keif goes up .. he is going home. Beth – yeah f**k! Its the same thing with V! If Keif goes up .. he goes! Ty – holy sh*t! Jed – Breydon OR Keif? Ty – Its Keif Jed! Jed – it is Keif. I hate to say it but it is. Beth – I don’t want you to ask Tera .. don’t give her the satisfaction of knowing she helped make this decision because she will go to the jury and say that. Jed – okay. Ty – that’s a good point. Beth – no this is your move Jed. Ty – are we letting him know? Beth – I think this is different than V… OOHHHHHhh F**K! I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know! That’s your guys call. Ty – I would say yes. Jed – let him know? Beth – this is different.. OH F**K! Ty – what is your gut telling you? Jed – I think I would let him know. Beth – he is the kind of guy you let know. Beth – its so bad, but its so good! Jed – what are the odds this guy has a power or some sh*t? Ty – high.. he would find it.. I don’t think he’s found it yet because he would have told us. Beth – he wouldn’t have.. he doesn’t tell us anything. Ty leaves.

Storage room. Beth and Breydon.
Beth – everyone is gunning for you to go home. Breydon – I know. Beth – I just went up stairs and said no! We have to put Keifer up. He is going to win this game. Breydon – what do you mean everyone is gunning for it .. like Ty too? Beth – no, no .. the three (Tera, Tina, Keifer). Breydon – oh yeah I know they are. Beth – Jed was like lets just put up Breydon and I was like no.. because the votes are so weird .. Put up Keif and vote him out.

Bedroom. Tina and Tera.
Tera – I don’t know if he (Breydon) is pitching to not even go on the block. Tina – he is probably pitching Keifer. Tera – honestly now .. we will see if the boys are actually loyal to Keifer. A part of me wouldn’t be surprised if he did it. Tina – god! I really don’t want to go up against Keifer. Tera – I know if you go up against Keifer .. you would stay. I part of me would not be surprised if they did. Its not the outcome I would want to see but I still don’t trust those guys. I mean but we’ll just keep going with our pitch for Breydon. They’re going to do what they want to do at the end. I don’t know if they did put us up there together so that they could do that to Keifer. And they’re telling us its Breydon to keep him (Keifer) calm. This will determine if Keifer made the right call by trusting them and protecting them. Tina – they’re so adamant about being loyal. Tera – yeah but who do you think they’re loyal to? Tina – it depends on if they actually made a final deal with him. Tera – I don’t know.. I honestly think either way you’re fine. Tina – I hope so but stranger things have happened. He needs a resume move.. I’m not a resume move for him.

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Feeds Gold

wow clutch tera! ro gave her his party shirt which gives the wearer veto comp ability powers!

and as another name pointed out in the previous post it breaks a streak of 15 veto wins in a row for guys in bbcan if you dont count the maddy win in the cancelled week 3 last year – sheldons hoh which was redone/replayed

one surprise comp result and sunsetters have a crucial decision to make…

its gonna be
queefer backdoor
brey backdoor
queefer backdoor
brey backdoor
considering pitches, considering pitches
pros and cons…cons and pros
scenarios, scenarios
well what about this? well what about that?
do we tell queefer, do we blindside queefer
weve been with queefer the whole game…but brey is easier to beat
back and forth…forth and back

if they tell queefer hes going up it gives him more time to persuade them not to…i hope they dont tell him, and fingers crossed brey stays safe…theres still 36 hours to go until ceremony

if queefer goes, its then brey/tera/tina vs jed/ty/beth…(brey still pretending to be with the trio)…and next hoh 3 on 2 for breys side

good to see a little bit of life, and unpredictability, breathed back into the season

another name

I think it’s 13 in full seasons.
because there was no veto played in the final week of 7 (final HOH)
and no veto played in first week of this season.
but still, it’s a long time between Kiera taking herself off the block in the double, and Tera this week.
There was some sort of throwing / shooting involved in this veto. They were calling Tera trickshot Tera in the destiny room.

Jed is still saying he’d like to give Tina a head’s up because she’s a sunsetter… whu? He said earlier alone sunsetters haven’t existed to him for a long time, it’s all about the triangle. Odd.
They aren’t sure what they’ll say to Kiefer, or when.
Tera and Tina have discussed not saying a word to Kiefer that he could be put on the block.
Tina says they should still push Brey. Tina doesn’t know that Tera has privately pushed Kief to Ty. Hmmm. Odd as well. Tera is starting to play her own game independent of Tina, and Tina is getting further into her own head with defense posture. It’s odd not to see them samebraining.
I’m not sure which said it, but one of TNT says if they win the next HOH they nom Jed and Breydon. One step forward and two steps back.

Feeds Gold

i had a look at wikipedia and i was counting hiras 2 vetos last year, the 2 weeks that had a veto result that werent replayed, that would be 15, but if not 13 as you point out, either way thats a pretty impressive streak from the guys

another name

With Hira, you are correct for sure.
I’m so iffy on what counts with s8, and what doesn’t because of the whole quit, evict, eject, eject, end thing. LOL.
I checked back on stats and wiki information the night before this season started to refresh my memory. I’d forgotten quite a few of the curses (which were active and which were defeated). Btw, if Beth wins she’ll defeat multiple curses.
While Tina entered first out of 14, Beth entered third of 14 or first out of a group entering (1st and 3rd curses). I’m not sure how the team win in week one (no HOH week) affects it, but Beth is the fifth individual HOH. I don’t think anybody in North America has won after being the fifth named HOH (absolutely true in BBCAN).


I remember Tera said previously putting up Jed & Brey (for the DE HOH – but she didn’t know it was a double) & I was like WTF? So one of the trio wins POV pulls down Jed & then they have the votes to take out Brey (and this was when TNT were still working with Brey).

Who knows.

Btw – Beth/Ty are STILL saying having Brey around is annoying – Can someone PLEASE explain to me how having Keif around isn’t annoying but Breydon is? (maybe it’s just personal taste).

Also – part of the reason why the trio are annoyed at Keif is he was grandstanding a bit. He told Ty how Brey grabbed some portion of the comp (a ping pong ball) & gave it to Tera as a memento of her win & Keif said yeah that was sweet he can tell them all in jury about it- a place I’ll never be going to & then laughed. Ty was telling Beth & then she (gag) said “see we’ve ALWAYS been humble- I don’t like that” (barf). Plus he asked if Jed was telling Brey he’d be going up & out when Beth said Brey went up to talk to Jed. (that also ticked them off) THEN— Tina came in & essentially said the same thing.

As for Tina and Tera – I think Tera started to see how tight Keif/Tina are & noticed particularly last week how Keif did NOT have her back & while Tina did – it was clear (even to Tera) that Tina was actually closer to Keif.

I wonder if the next HOH will be an endurance for tiny people (good shot for Tera to win) but I hope Brey gets closer to her this week so they can all get on the same page. TNT & Brey (IF he stays) need to forge something where none of them touch the block.

Also not sure you saw – but I asked on previous page if you though TPTB would really give Keif the power when he’s told everyone he’s getting it— wouldn’t that be similar to Vic saying DR told her she was getting backdoored (and ticked off TPTB).
AND — if Keif did get put up & got a power — does he take the shot? Put up Ty/Beth OR does he put up Brey/Beth & just try to make amends? Beth would stay b/c TNT won’t take her out & neither would Ty I don’t think.

It makes no logical sense but production has them trying to sell us BS this season so Keif acting all kumbaya even after getting shafted would be right in line with how they’ve treated the plot this season.

another name

The reason I think prodo might just give Kief a power is due to season 7.
Schlumpy Eeyore. Between whining fits and temper tantrums and plotting to get another houseguest drunk so she wouldn’t say no to them, Eeyore was also begging Canada for a power weekly. Then talking about how they deserved a power. Flash forward to to Blood Veto. Kyra was first called into the room to make a plea for Canada to vote for them to get the power, the schpiel had Immediate and thunderous complaint on social media. Feeds go down, and viewers assume it’s so that others would make their pleas for the episode and a fan vote. Feeds return and they have had the Blood veto must be assigned by unanimous house decision debate. They did this once before, to ensure the side or team they were focusing on in edit would not be harmed by a twist. They did it in season 4. The set up for the fan vote between Kelsey and Loveita in the secret suite, that was then cancelled so that they could have a feed blocked unanimous decision debate on which should reenter the house.
TPTB have done stranger things is what i’m getting at.

Feeds Gold

rip nikki grahame

Marcie Roy

Heart breaking she was one of the biggest BB contestants. I think every country knew her.

Feeds Gold

Cassandra Morris(bbcan4):

“When many of us think of BB around the world we think of Nikki. She was bigger than life. She was such a bright light, always radiating joy & warmth. Nikki had the biggest heart. She was real, never anything but herself. I am blessed to have called you a friend. We love you.”

Feeds Gold

Tim Dormer(bbcan4):

“Backstage(bbcan4) before we entered together I still remember you grabbed my hand and you looked into my eyes and said ‘please look after me’…and in that moment I knew I meant it when I said ‘I will’. You were my kindred spirit, beautiful flower, sidekick of mischief, iconic superstar and true friend in hard times for me.”


ATTA GIRL TERA!! I am soooo happy she won! Thats my girl!!

Feeds Gold

tera can dedicate her veto win to her brother, with the 14 year anniversary of his passing the day of the veto ceremony, on monday, that will feature on the wednesday ep

i also hope theres some time to spare on thursdays show for arisa to give a tribute to nikki


Surprised they’re going after Kief..

Feeds Gold

i know, some good work from brey pointing out to the trio how well queefer is positioned and that he wins if f2…also brey pointing out to beth her chances are slim if she is with those 3 guys in f4

jeds boot order he just said is queefer, tera, brey, tina

jed also said last night if its him, tera, brey f3 hes taking brey f2

very good news for brey

if they do go through with this i will be very interested to see queefers reaction, especially if they tell him before the ceremony…if its tonight it could get crazy haha…thats when the waffling may start

with the trio taking him out earlier than expected, will queefer be a bitter juror?

backdooring queefer puts jed fave to win

eddie taylor

What is Queefer supposed to mean? Part of your ignorance? Please Explain!

Feeds Gold

they did a song the first part of the season where each player had a line

and one line was “okay quee-fer” instead of saying his name

they all laughed including him

so i call him queefer

New Kid

It’s extremely frustrating to watch the trio make such stupid moves when they have power. Vic kept them safe for 2 HOHs and they turn on her and then Keifer keeps them safe after 2 HOHs and they turn on him. Where the hell is the loyalty that they preached so much about? How do they not realize that this will burn them in jury not to mention, they get rid of Keifer then it’s just beth and ty competing in the next HOH against Breydon, Tera, and Tina. With those odds Breydon or TnT will win and put the boys up. They’re just thinking about resume moves and not about the numbers anymore. By taking our Keifer they’re cutting the one person in their alliance who can actually win clutch HOHs (Ty has proven he’s crap in comps) not to mention Keifer was actually loyal to the boys and probably would have gone to final 3 with them over Beth. So for Jed and Ty to make this move in getting rid of Keifer is just as stupid as them getting rid of Vic who ALSO was 100% loyal to them over Beth.

It’s pretty much the first time in bb history where black players have actually been in a majority alliance and made it this far and now they’re looking at jeopardizing everything by getting rid of an alliance member who actually had their back.

At this point no one will EVER get rid of Tina and Tera. It will be the two of them and Beth in final 3. If Beth wins final HOH she takes Tina and wins and if Tera wins final HOH she takes Tina and wins.

So productions strategy of pushing diversity this season and having a non white winner has gone completely down the drain due to the stupidity of Jed and Ty and the players who were blindly loyal to them such as Keifer and Vic. Such a huge disappointment.

another name

shocked. More shocked it hasn’t flipped back yet. I mean… Jed hasn’t flipflopped in 12 hours. What’s going on?
Tina and Tera are annoyed with Kiefer’s bragging right now. They’ve decided to keep their mouths shut. Kiefer is convinced Breydon has already been told he’s up and out. His boasting is increasing.


They are showing off their true colors now keifer should go home dumb move last week.

East coaster

Ummmm dream scenario for me. Keifer goes. Brey or TNT win next HOH and put up jed and Beth on the block. If one wins veto take out the other one. Beth and jed have done better in comps than ty. The smug attitudes of keifer, jed, ty, and Beth needs to be taken down a notch or 50. I think brey has been playing a better game when compared against TNT. But at this point I am anyone but jed, Beth, keif and ty. My 2 cents on the brey and ty thing is ridiculous too. Ty encouraged brey with the snuggling and then the trio are pissed brey is around them ? And laugh about it ? That’s enough right there for me to hope none of them make it to the finals. Loyal to the soil my ass. Lol