“He walks in the room with us and just sits down.. he doesn’t even ask – ohh can I come in”

Head of Household: JED
Nominations:Tera and Tina
The Power of Veto Players are: everyone but BReydon
POwer of Veto Winner: ????
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?????
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother Spoilers – As of right now the targets are Breydon or Tera.

9:30 pm Kief and Ty

They’re talking about getting Tina to take a shot at Breydon not at Ty if she wins next week’s HOH.
Kiefer says he’s “pretty sure” Breydon will put up himself and Tina.
K – I don’t think he will come for you and Jed
Ty – you will survive on that one.
Kiefer agrees “there’s a lotta outs on that one”
Kiefer says the only time it gets interesting is if Tina wins the Power of Veto but he will bet on them winning that one not Tina.
Jed joins them.
They talk Breydon going up if one of the T’s goes down.
Jed – I don’t know what the better situation moving forward. Him or one of the T’s
Kiefer – I would rather compete against both the T’s, Tera has already given up.
Ty mentions if they keep the T’s and one of them wins HOH
Kiefer – we’re actually f***ED
they laugh
Jed – if it was a random chance.. with buttons we would be F***ED.. if Breydon won we wouldn’t be f***Ed
Kiefer – I’m doing the math and there might be another double
Kiefer called to the Diary room

Jed – after all this time, Me you, and Beth he thinks he can insert himself like that. like he’s been here.. he walks in the room with us and just sits down (The nerve of BReydon what an a$$hole. )
Jed – he doesn’t even ask ohh can I come in
Jed – if you don’t do that and he wins..
Jed – you can let him be Butt hurt let him win and all of a sudden…
Ty – you got to keep him happy
Jed – he’s just so annoying. In any setting socially. Doesn’t catch social cues. Why do you feel you can walk into another alliance that has been built since day one (the nerve)
Ty – I don’t know
Jed – and you’ve been on the side that has been gunning for us the whole game
Ty – I know
Ty – when we joke about things.. he was in the ruse
Jed – I know
Jed says he’s considering sending BReydon home this week
Ty says TnT aren’t going to win sh1t
Ty – I just want to get rid of him before he gets a power
Ty – we can get away with pulling Tina down and making it look like a loyalty play
Jed – yeah, But who can pull her down?
Ty – it’s not a loyalty play if she was never going to go home
They agree Kiefer will have to win the veto and do it.
They agree it has to be Tina, Tera or Kiefer that win the veto.
Ty – do we get rid of him and bet on ourselves or keep him in case.. If we keep him and he wins we can’t f**Ing get rid of him
Jed – I know.. that’s true cause next week we wanna get rid of him and if he wins
Ty – he could win it’s not like it’s impossible he’s been close every time.
Ty – he’s decently athletic, he’s pretty smart
Jed – he remembers sh1t quick

Jed – now he wants to be a puppy to Beth.. it pisses me off to the MAX
Jed says Breydon can’t be alone. brings up a time when he was “hanging” with BEth in defender about family stuff. “He pulls up is like Ohh I’m going to talk block… Talk blocking… I was CHEESED”
Jed – I don’t know how to navigate it obviously if I’m Cheesed I’m going to be a D1CK
Jed – if this keeps happening I’m going to have to say something

10:30 am Jed and Beth

Jed complaining about Breydon coming into rooms.
He goes over some of the scenarios he went over with Ty and Keifer a bit ago.
Jed – if we Keep Brey and he wins we can’t get rid of him.. If one of the t’s win we’re f**ed
Jed says Breydon will be the person that Canada gives A power to.
Beth – if we do it now we find out and it’s done
Jed – the way those powers work you’ll never see it after the vote
Jed – if someone comes down he’ll go up I’ll tell him.
Jed explains Breydon won’t be surprised if he goes up on the Veto ceremony if the veto is played. He doesn’t think power will be played on eviction day says they’ve never done that before. So if Breydon has A power he’ll use it on MOnday.

They talk about never being able to talk because BReydon is always around.
Jed – I told Ty man I don’t care if you are here
Beth – just tell him to get the f** out without him getting BUTT hurt
Beth laughs
Jed laughs “Exactly”
Jed – maybe it gets to the point where I’ll have to have a conversation
Beth – If we are just chilling we just say it straight up.. we’re talking about home

Noon Tera and Beth
Tera campaigns to Beth says the only reason she wanted to break up the trio is to get closer to Beth. Tera says the other side all thought the Boys ran the house. Tera highlights that the boys will have the Jury votes. Spicey V will never vote against the boys.
Tera – if you make it to the end they will say you were carried I know that is not true but they will say that.. BReydon being in Jury will be good for you he sees you as stronger
Tera – do you think they will give you credit for getting out Vic? They will say it’s Jed’s move or Ty’s move.
Tera – the only way I make it to the end is yo I will never put you up.

Beth tells her she has a lot to think about.

4:30 pm Tina and Kiefer
Kiefer says he’s influenced the trio throughout this entire game.
Kief – A lot of their moves were my moves. things I had suggested.
Tin – I hope you get to final 2 Kief and I Hope you win it. I think you deserve it.
Kief – I hope you’re there with me
Tina – I would be happy with 2. Gotta say. Can you imagine walking into the house together than walking out.
Kief – that would be my dream Teens (Tina) that would be my dream. What a story. Legends
Tina laughs
Kief – I’m Two HOH’s away from winning this game.
Tina – let’s get it done
Kief – I need to win the four and I need to win the three
Tina – what a crazy ride…

7:00 pm Sunsetters

Kief – Best case scenario is blue line wins POV and pulls Tera down Brey goes up and we vote him out
Jed – she will never do that but that would be hilariously sick
Kiefer – wouldn’t it
Jed – didn’t I say that last week. That would be the most GOAT move take someone else off the block
Kiefer – we would all be part of history the sunsetters why not make this the most memorable POV ceremony of all time
Jed – whats the perpos
Kiefer- to f*88….
Jed – there’s not way Tina will do that
Kiefer says he can talk her into it.

9:36 pm Feeds down for Veto..

11:00 pm no feeds

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another name

At this point:
I’m Breydon for veto and using it.
Make Kiefer sweat as replacement nom.

Won’t happen because it doesn’t fit, but what I want.


This is exactly what production wants so yes I see Breydon winning and Kief up. I don’t think it will matter since I think all the Sunsetters realize they will not win if they have Tina, Tera or Breydon sitting beside them in the final two. The four have to stick together or they have no chance to win.

I don’t want Breydon to win POV…haha I want one of the Oddballs gone!! (Tina, Tera or Breydon, out!) 🙂

We will see what happens!

another name

I still don’t see how the math works where production isn’t doing everything in it’s power to preserve the sunsetters edit. It fits with what they do in the episode edit every season since season 6.
The whole sunsetters are underdogs premise doesn’t hold water.
They were underdogs for ONE week.
Underdogs don’t have 5 HOH’s in a row. That’s not how Underdog works.
That’s how steamroll works.


I am saying the Oddballs are the underdogs (Vic, Ro, Kyle, Austin, Breydon, Tina and Tera.)

The Sunsetters ARE NOT underdogs, so I do not feel Big brother wants any of the to win. (Sunsetters: Beth, Ty, Jed and Kief)

another name

BBCAN hasn’t been about the underdog for a few seasons.
Actually, not since season 3.
It’s been about the alliance that gets the most air time in the first week’s episode edit ever since.


I have not liked the last few seasons of Big Brother (US or Canada) so have not been watching live feeds or the show. It has been a while since I have enjoyed a Big Brother season. This year I like ALL the cast and was split for a while on which side I chose. This is a good season, regardless of edits, IMO. I really see Breydon, Tina or Tera winning.

It is funny to me that you think the edit is to better the Sunsetters, I think it is to better the Oddballs. To me that is saying BB Production is doing something right!!

marianne martin

if you think production runs this part of the show then why watch … unless everyone applying for this show are actors … but since they are NOT .. there would be a major law suit if production is fixing the show … comp wise .. geesh ..

another name

reality entertainment programming does not fall under the same rules and regulations as lotteries or gameshows. Everyone cast for a season is under contract. Check out one of the contracts if you get the chance some time. It’s very illuminating. The winner’s money is basically a contractual stipend to continue their association with Big Brother as a brand ambassador for a year.
Heck, check out the rules for fan votes. when you get to the part about production retaining the right to alter vote counts during or after the voting period, ask yourself why that’s actually included.
Just because I think it’s manipulated, and can provide multiple instances and examples over multiple seasons to support my assertion doesn’t mean I don’t want to be entertained.
I do want to be entertained. I don’t want to see the inner workings of a production visibly. I want them to come up with new and unpredictable storyline and editng models. I was SO happy for the first two weeks of this season to be wrong about the eviction order. You have no idea how thrilled I was, thinking perhaps the storyline style of following the course of one alliance from episode 2 to the finale might have been altered. I was positively thrilled. And then, it started to fall into a fairly predictable story again, the same one we’ve seen for a few seasons.
If you actually believe the timing of a popularity contest comp isn’t suspicious at final 7, I’m never going to convince you otherwise. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m pointing out what I’m seeing that is deterring me from being fully entertained, and thereby entertaining myself by pointing out every single trope and trick being used.

Guy From Canada

62 pages from BBcan3. They give you 24 hours to fill out since you don’t have time to review, and there are some doozies in there for suing the applicant for disclosing parts of the process. I’m sure they have added some since. I wish I save my application but I have my old application email, but the contract is password protected under a link in the kasting website. Why so much secrecy? Cause it’s production influences to create a reality based show.

another name

Here’s where we’re at.

another name

Fever dream that NEVER happens.
So picture it. Brey or Tera win veto.
the other of the two finds a brittnee veto.
noms become Kief and Jed’s choice between Beth and Ty revealing his pecking order.

Okay. in season 2-5 that would have actually happened. as of 6, not a chance in hell.


Right On Yes!!!

Guy From Canada

I actually want the surviving TNT to win next HOH otherwise I 100% agree


I totally get why the Sunsetters are annoyed with Breydon…but I do think they forget they have a fake final four with him. 🙂

The Sunsetters are noticing that out of the last nine people, there are five Oddballs and four Sunsetters. No matter how you play those numbers they really only have each other. All their fake final twos and final fours do not matter. It is always annoying to realize you have put yourself in a corner! Some might think VIc is on the fence, but I would be shocked if she is not bitter when it comes to the final vote.

The Sunsetters would have been in a better position now if they chose Ro instead of Tina. The Sunsetters taking in Tina was their main error. Would have been a totally different game.

I still find it hard to see a Sunsetter win this season of Big Brother…the odds are against them. Yet I still hope it happens! Haha Sadly, I feel a twist will pop up that will go to whatever Oddball is left in the game at that time, that will force a break of the four before the final four. If that happens an Oddball wins.

Yup I would be annoyed if I were Jed, Ty, Beth or Kief! They will get over it, but for now they are all seeing the corner they are in, noticing if they don’t win pretty much everything until Brey, Tina and Tera are gone none of them will win the game.

another name

Here is the thing.
Should they be annoyed?
Beth has been stringing him, and Brey has been stringing her since week 3.
So, she’s saying she wants him to be her new bestie, until he’s not of use. (and until a 20 minute d/r call).
Ty has started a fauxmance with him, ensuring even more he’s going to always be around them. It’s not being viewed well by social media.
Don’t get me started on Jed comments (from early in the season) that already had me thinking he was garbage.
Not even with Kiefer. I’ve already pointed out just how many comments that he has made that are repugnant.
The trio are the victims of their own overgaming. There was NO need for the thatkevinmartin move. There’s no need to blame Breydon for it now.
The way they have talked about Breydon? Especially in terms of said fauxmance, has me saying they are human trash. Sure, play a dirty game, but don’t blame the person you are humiliating for your actions.
That’s what it amounts to. The sunsetters are entitled brats whose go to move has been intimidation, followed by humiliation.
A lot of social media points out microaggression based on race. This season we’ve had accusations of said racial microaggression a lot. I’ve found one of the examples to hold water. The other umteen? projection. However, there is a LOT of work to do concerning microaggressive comments based on sexuality, especially about males, and treating sexual preference as an insult. There’s been many microaggressive commments based on gender bias. There is a LOT of work to do concerning double standards. The fact that Beth is slutshamed while Ty and Jed are doing what she’s doing, only more? I want them to get equal callouts for manwhoring.
If we’re looking at the contestants as a slice of our society… there’s still a lot of really funky shit that needs to change.


I agree with you about thatkevinmartin move. Totally against it. I am in NO WAY justifying what they are doing. They will regret that choice when this is done.

I do not see them, or any of the houseguest, as bad people.

There has been tons of rude and not kind moves done this season from both sides. The Ro/Kyle vs. Kief thing was your typical bully situation…for one example. It was then that I chose my side and chose the Sunsetters. I think all of the houseguest have their issues, but this is just because it is impossible to think EVERY human on earth will think or value things the same. Will NEVER happen. We are just humans after all? We ALL can do better and should always try 🙂

another name

The Ro /Kyle pantry situation was not bullying. It was confrontation. Bullying was the spin because feeds were down for 45 minutes and returned to Kiefer whining that it was bullying. It was Totally a set up. The actual tension was subsiding when LaToya (who had been listening at the door for the right time) came in and amplified the situation. It was NOT a bully situation AT ALL.
The house against Josh house meeting was far closer to bullying.
Jed and Ty literally cornering Tera to in their words, show her her place, in week 2? FAR closer to bullying.
The entire group of sunsetters going to the HOH with the express purpose of a show of force and ganging up with numbers against Vic in week three? Far closer to bullying.
The entire pantry thing? Let’s get crucial. The cause was Kiefer being caught playing both sides and lying. The effect was Kiefer being called out for playing both sides and lying. That’s not bullying. That’s ill advisedly confronting.

Saying it’s impossible to change all people? To me that doesn’t mean we excuse or give a pass. If we don’t demand better of people, things will definitely never improve. We hold them to account. That’s how change is affected so that we don’t have to say well you can’t change all people. Alter behavior by deterrence rather than apathy.


I think we will see things different due to the side of the house we each chose. I see that situation different.

I am not excusing their behavior. I clearly said I do not agree with what they are doing. It is so odd that we live in a time where you are no longer given the chance to learn and grow from your mistakes. I see SOOO many people always trying to do and act better. I give these houseguest the chance to do the same. It is impossible to change all people overnight, no matter how many people get called out or cancelled. It will happen if we can figure out a good, kind and clear way to do it. Not giving people a chance to grow and evolve with the very fast changing times, will not make anything better, in the long run.

Sorry but to say just the Sunsetters are bad people and horrible humans is unfair. None of them are perfect.

another name

No, it’s not unfair.
It’s unkind or impolite, but fair? In all honesty:
It’s judgemental. And I’ve often admitted over the seasons that I’m judgemental. I’m sitting in judgement of the actions and character of people that have signed up for limited celebrity and money to have their actions and characters judged. What else is the point of live feeds?
They have all put themselves under a supposed 24/7 microscope to show us their character as people.
If I find their character wanting or lacking in a fundamental fashion, unfair would be giving them a pass or making excuses for them.
If the behavior is not good behavior… it’s bad behavior.
if we are judging their character through their actions and their comments, and those actions or comments are repeatedly bad, well then, why is it unfair to call a spade a spade? because it’s not nice?
Unfair would be if I judged different people in the house by different standards. I’ve been willing to call out every single one. Repeated offenders have gotten to my nope list, which means i will never support them in the game. That’s my choice.
In terms of people I’d choose to actually speak to from this season… I’m not interested in talking to any of them. NO really. not a single one.
In terms of game dynamic, I’m not team oddball, I’m team anything but a steamroll that the edit has been predicting since episode one and two. I’ve called out the game errors of every evicted houseguest, all with the same candor.
What I want from a big brother season: change the storyline pattern, it’s been done to death now.

eddie taylor

It was aggressive game play which rightfully cost Josh his eviction Everybody plays off of each other Josh thought he could be a Bully and attack Kiefer but hurt his own game instead lol

another name

Josh, at no point we are aware of, attacked Kiefer.
Josh spread rumors to the house about alliances, without having a stable social game or anyone stable having his back. His closest ally was Vic… look what happens to Vic allies.
Josh was the one shunned by the house, attacked verbally by the house, belittled and openly disrespected as a human. Josh was the closest thing we’ve had to mob mentality bullying victim this season.
Kiefer? Kiefer play acted victim for fan sympathy. It was obvious.


Out of the final 9 Big Brother Canada cast, I see that the following will vote together:
Vic, Ro, Breydon, Tera and Tina – If any of them end up in the final two they will get the four votes from the ones that are not there.

Jed, Ty, Beth and Kief – If any of them end up final two they will get the vote of the three votes from the ones not there.

So based of me thinking votes will to that way, if Brey, Tera or Tina make it to final two they win. Here are how the votes go:
Brey vs. Jed – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tera and Tina) vs. 3 (Beth, Ty, Kief) – Brey wins 4-3
Brey vs. Ty – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tera and Tina) vs. 3 (Beth, Jed, Kief) – Brey wins 4-3
Brey vs. Beth – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tera and Tina) vs. 3 (Jed, Ty, Kief) – Brey wins 4-3
Brey vs. Kief – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tera and Tina) vs. 3 (Beth, Ty, Jed) – Brey wins 4-3

Tina vs. Jed – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tera and Breydon) vs. 3 (Beth, Ty, Kief) – Tina wins 4-3
Tina vs. Ty – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tera and Breydon) vs. 3 (Beth, Jed, Kief) – Tina wins 4-3
Tina vs. Beth – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tera and Breydon) vs. 3 (Jed, Ty, Kief) – Tina wins 4-3
Tina vs. Kief – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tera and Breydon) vs. 3 (Beth, Ty, Jed) – Tina wins 4-3

Tera vs. Jed – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tina and Breydon) vs. 3 (Beth, Ty, Kief) – Tera wins 4-3
Tera vs. Ty – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tina and Breydon) vs. 3 (Beth, Jed, Kief) – Tera wins 4-3
Tera vs. Beth – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tina and Breydon) vs. 3 (Jed, Ty, Kief) – Tera wins 4-3
Tera vs. Kief – 4 (Vic, Ro, Tina and Breydon) vs. 3 (Beth, Ty, Jed) – Tera wins 4-3

Clearly this is MY prediction, so no guarantee this is how it will pan out!! 🙂 I have been terrible at guessing what Vic would do all game! Haha I think Vic will vote for an Oddball, since she already has said it is partly her fault that Ro is in jury, she will feel it is her fault that any Oddball is in jury. If they stayed/been an actual alliance, they could have gotten rid of the Sunsetters. Vic is the one that screwed over the Oddballs. She feels quilt, and I am thinking she will give them her vote. Not the boys she ‘loved’, who ultimately where the end of her game.

The only way I see Ty, Jed, Beth or Kief coming out with a win is if they are against each other…or if Vic would give her vote to one of them. I mean right until the final episode we will be guessing!! ALL Thanks to VIC!! I am thinking for that alone she deserves Canada’s favorite!?! …even thought she drove me nuts and played dirty, she played a huge part in this season and her moves caused drama and confusion for all!

another name

I don’t know.
The way I see it:
Vic votes for one of the sunsetter guys or her final 2 kiefer. hands down. She votes for who she wanted to work with, not who she used on the way. She has no respect for tnt or beth. She’s thinking who would Canada want to win, from her own bias.
Rohan votes for one of the sunsetter guys or the guy that was the hoh to evict him kiefer. he only votes breydon if breydon wins 2 or more comps. He’s been infected by the comps are what matters thought process. he has no respect for tnt or beth. He’s thinking who won out with comps over adversity (who played like him).
Beth always votes for a man. she didn’t want to even work with women as a stated strategy. She always votes for Jed or Ty in the end, if one votes her out at 4, she votes for the other.
Tina and Tera are the wild card votes. depends on who is nicest to Tera before she goes. Tina? NO idea. It’s all in her head.
Brey is the unknown vote. I think he votes for anyone but Kiefer, because he doesn’t respect Kiefer. He’d vote Ty, Jed, Beth, Tera, Tina, Kiefer most likely in that order.


I can see that as well…thank you! haha The Sunsetters may be better off than I think!? 😉 haha

another name

Everyone except Breydon is playing in Veto.
Tell me again that this doesn’t stink to high heaven,
when we KNOW production picks veto players long before the comp, and has the costumes ready (and accidentally delivered before the veto picks in season 7).
Come on,
I dare you.

another name

I know you didn’t watch season 6, but that was my point about that season. Three weeks in a row, HOH’s said let’s nominate Paras to their crew. Immediate d/r call. came back a half hour later saying let’s nominate anyone but Paras. It was like clockwork.
Or season 7. Every week between veto sat and veto ceremony Mon, all the non prettyboys would put the puzzle together. They’d all agree to a course of action.
Monday morning after D/R calls, and every person involved would be obi wan’d into saying ‘that’s not the alliance you are looking for’.
This is feeling very much like the Canada’s veto vote on 6. The edit showed Ryan talking to Canada for 1/2 the episode. Never revealed that the alliance wanted to backdoor Erica, a fan favorite. They vote to save Ryan and are completely floored that Erica leaves because the edit left out she was in danger, not the guy on the block with her that wasn’t in the alliance.


what a crock


I’m pretty annoyed right now-

TPTB – KNOW these conversations are occurring & KNOW the trio have been playing on Breydon’s feelings for Ty. It’s one of the most disturbing situations I can recall in BB history. Brey is such a nice kid & even was hesitant to make any moves on Ty. I still recall him telling Austin how Ty encouraged it & he was still hesitant. If that trio embarrasses him on the feeds by telling him he’s unwelcome in the HOH or his advances on Ty — I’ll be disgusted and will blame TPTB for essentially encouraging it & not clamping down on it as soon as it started being discussed. (they warn them about other sh*t so WHY NOT this?).

They better be planning on giving Brey the DPOV instead of shoehorning their preseason SS crew into F4. If any of the above occurs without intervention I’ll be done with this season & strongly reconsider my interest in BB at all.

This whole thing has left such a bad impression on me – sure these people sign up to play a game — they DON’T sign up to be publicly humiliated and laughed at!

rip nikki grahame

rip nikki g


rip nikki grahame




Hmm — So every move by the trio was YOU telling them what to do Keifer? So that also means the reason TNT are on the block this week is b/c YOU suggested it right?

Will the usually mute Tina ever break trend & share that intel with someone who could use it to their advantage? I wonder what Tera would do if she knew that little bit of intel — would she tell Beth?

Nah — b/c she a good soldier who does what production tells her to do.

So two weeks in a row now we have Beth then Keif bragging how they are the masterminds of this season & taking credit for things they did NOT actually have full control of. When will Jed & Ty have their moment of how THEY were the masterminds? B/c we know it’s coming. Oh wait – no that’ll be TPTB making sure to ram it down our throats in the totally unedited & unsolicited, without cue cards DR sessions.

I knew it was inevitable based on the set-up by the national shows & Another Name keeping us straight on what REALLY happened but it still doesn’t make this pill any easier to swallow.

I feel like I wasted my valuable time on this season. Apologies to the SS fans – this shade isn’t directed at you – — it’s directed at TPTB.

I simply pine for the OG version of BB that I fell in love with not this new-age premeditated, highly produced version,

In that style of BB – without interference we could’ve potentially had one of the best seasons ever with two distinct factions in the house battling each other & a middle group of floaters that would keep it interesting. I feel like we got robbed of that (and I wouldn’t even care which side won – I just wanted the purity of the original version of the show). Now THAT’S a show I would’ve been happy to invest my time in instead of this crap.

another name

I feel like apologizing if my bitchiness about production manipulation on BB is turning you off the show you love. Sorry.

Guy From Canada

Bananas apologizing was weird even for the casual viewer in the double


No – lol -no need.

I’m just really disgusted by these current chats. You know I prefer the underdog but I didn’t really have a horse in this race. It’s more than the fact we got robbed of a season that had the potential to be great (I love when two sides go after each other).

It’s one thing to ask us to swallow the heavy hand of production but the way TPTB are cutting the feeds whenever the guys get too close, (of that whole banana business) is pissing me off. Now that they are laughing directly at Brey and also suggesting he’s unwelcome to hang out with them just hit a raw nerve I guess.

TPTB are annoying in general — but let’s be frank — they created this beast. Breydon signed up to play Big Brother not be ridiculed and humiliated. As you’ve pointed out even with production essentially posing an additional deterrent for the “unchosen” hamsters to overcome Kyle, Austin, Ro & Vic ALL made choices hat helped lead to their own demise.

BUT THIS (what they are allowing & doing to Breydon) is intolerable. I’m pissed off and feel bad for him b/c it was totally unnecessary. TPTB can stop the feeds to pull the hamsters in the room and warn them to stop saying/doing things that aren’t being perceived well by the public or to tell them to shift direction to meet their predetermined plot line. But they aren’t stepping in to stop THIS.

You don’t need to apologize Another Name – my favorite part of this season is our interactions. BB Production is who should be apologizing b/c the fact they’re allowing this SH*T to continue happening is unacceptable.

I don’t know I guess it just really rubs me the wrong way.– maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the bed (shrug).

another name

Sort of Lighter note sarcasm (that could get dark, not sure, i’m running stream of consciousness on this one).

Beth and Jed are discussing their sexlife.
Beth is so happy Jed picked her over Austin. Jed says Austin wasn’t his type. I can see that. I’m sure Jed doesn’t like women who say no. It wasn’t his choice. She turned him down. He went to Beth because she’d made it clear she wouldn’t say no.
um. Yeah, Jed CHOSE her. And at the after party, he’d have chosen two or three more if they were having the after party they had until 7. C’mon. We ALL know the stories of the back alley behind the bar where they do the afterparty, and the alley and bathroom stories at the second afterparty on the weekend.
Beth says LaToya warned her about the slut talk that would happen in the outside world because Beth was concurrently showmancing two guys. Still think LaToya should have sat Jed down and said trying to get it on with Beth, LaToya and Austin all in one 24 hour period would lead to slut talk. But that never happens. I really think something should have been said about boundaries, perhaps a little D/R chat about respecting others. But hey, I guess evicting the two that said no works… just…as…well. Eyeroll. Gee explains why Breydon is suddenly problematic… shhhhh, don’t say that it might be true. sideyed my head into actually turning.
So the first night they shared a bed and made out, with people complaining about the smacking noises, they were having sex. In a room with 6 other people present. Not gonna judge that. Just reporting it. Tera was right.

Beth is Nicole

Really good info another name and you are right

Beth is Nicole

Season started out great and was exciting to watch. Now it’s a crap shoe.

another name

Kiefer reported to Tina that the ball pit room is still locked. Has been since HOH comp.



God Dam, Can’t they play this game the way we want ???

another name

Feeds return…
Tera won veto. It was a memory mixed with math comp.

We’ve crossed into wtf is going on territory.
Jed and Ty have decided Kief is the big move to evict this week.
Beth is nervously agreeing (while doing backflips in her head)…
Jed wants to discuss needing loyalty promises from Breydon.
Ty and Jed are angry about something to do with the comp. I have no clue what, but they are very ticked that they have lost the power to decide what is going to happen.

I have NO CLUE what is going on.
The ballpit is still locked.
They should be having d/r calls in about fifteen minutes.

Tera is the first full season female veto winner since day 27 double eviction of season 7.
Maddy won a veto in season 8 on week 3 (the week that was cancelled due to expulsions).

Beth whispers to Breydon, who answers in normal voice. Beth tells him Tera Tina and Kiefer have been pushing HARD for Breydon to be evicted. But they want Kiefer to hit the block instead. She’s prepping Brey for his interview allegiance and complete loyalty oath to Jed.

Brey and Jed talk. Brey feels he’s close to a win, and tells Jed nobody in the house puts up Kiefer if Breydon goes. He says Kiefer has the option of flipping on the trio if he wins, and still be protected by having TIna and Tera as his other alliance. Jed is saying does he want the house to potentially be split into 3-3 by evicting Breydon, or 4-2 by evicting Kiefer, that’s what it comes down to.
Breydon is spilling everything he knows about Kiefer’s talks to Ro, Tina, Tera, and his own game talk with Kiefer. Jed had informed Brey that Kief said he’d never talked game to Breydon. Breydon is shocked by this…. flabergasted i say (he’s laying it on pretty thick when he’s saying some of this in his impression of Kiefer voice).



Feeds Gold

wow guys were on a streak of 15 veto wins in a row in bbcan if you dont count that maddy veto win during the cancelled week last year


My guess is you’re right on all counts.

Keif likely SAID he threw the comp (with the potentially he OBVIOUSLY threw the comp) & the trio know.

He prob said something off & b/c as you note above the trio turned so suddenly & maliciously on Brey today it sent me into an anger ball (sorry about that lol) – I mean it made ZERO sense to me they were talking about him like that when Jed/Beth really seemed to enjoy having him around so I got pissed thinking last week was all just an act. Maybe today was all just an act (shrug).

Sooooooo here’s my question— HOW do TPTB get around Keif telling EVERYONE he would be gifted the special power? They didn’t like when Vic told feeders she was warned about being backdoored so won’t this tick them off too

AND more importantly—

If Keif lands on the block — I assume the power would be used on eviction night which means there is no waffling time for the trio. BUT would Keif put up Beth/Ty as punishment for backstabbing him? OR Brey/Beth?

This stupid plot would likely have us believe they could try to backdoor Keif & he’d still be BFFs with them – right? OR NO?

another name

Not 100%.
I’m surmising.
If I am wrong, I apologize in advance.

Kiefer may have either:
boasted he threw the comp (like he is want to do if he doesn’t blame a winner cheating in a comp he lost) because he wanted Tera or Tina to win so the backdoor would happen.
gone off on another talk about how Tera winning is perfect, and it just sets up the perfect final 6 once they get Breydon out.

He would have said this to Jed. In the kitchen. after the veto comp.
It set off a HotheadJed chain of thought.

Either that, or they’ve decided getting Kiefer to face adversity before finding a secret power is exactly what makes the story perfect in the storyline writers office, and have had the d/r prodogremlins push the Kiefer backdoor to the trio.
Choose your own adventure

I know I sound insane. I get it. I said it was weird that after a feed block and diary call, Beth and the boys suddenly being so anti-Breydon/ I said that was off because it’s out of nowhere. Another comp feed block that includes diary calls after the comp is complete… and they’ve flipped the script to Kiefer with no lead up and seemingly out of nowhere… also sounds off. Something is just off about this whole week and I can’t put my finger on it. the disjointedness and out of nowhere mind changes without discussion… it’s WEIRD off.
The rational and intuitively logical part of my brain is being done in by the random conversation shifts without basis. This week is weird.

Amanda Schram

The ‘shirtless wonders’ will never win this game! Worst players in bbcan history .. If that’s what it comes down to, Beth will get the vote, although she didn’t do jack either, sure she played two best friends against each other.. safest move… too bad they havent won much!! And really guys… put a shirt on for once, for the love of god! I’m tired of looking at your arm pit hair ?


Someone seriously needs to split up that trio; who’s left crying ? One of the boys or beth , can’t wait to see that play out haha