Tera “We should call ourselves the “beef stew” alliance.”

Head of Household: JED
The Power of Veto Players are: ?????
POwer of Veto Winner: ????
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?????
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother Spoilers – Results from the Double Eviction
Victoria voted out by a vote of 6-0. She is the first juror
Kiefer wins Head of Household Nominated Rohan and Breydon
Veto players are Breydon, Ro, Jed, Tina, Ty
Ty wins the Power of Veto does not use it.
Rohan evicted by a vote of 5-0

Head of Household competition should be today Friday.

11:30pm Bedroom. Beth, Keifer, Tera, Tina.
Keifer talks about how the whole basket ball team “beef stew’d” a guy (f@rting on his face) when he fell asleep. Keifer says when the guy woke up in the morning he was so sick he threw up. He said the guy thought it was because of his dinner but Keifer said it wasn’t. They ask him if they ever told him and Keifer says yeah and he was PISSED! Tera jokes about how they should call themselves the “beef stew” alliance. Tera then tells the story about how she pissed in the BB shower and said she did in front of Austin and Breydon. She said I’ll just go clean it. She says their faces were like the screen capture below. Tina – they were mortified that you pissed in the shower. Keifer – probably the worst people you could have said it to. Tera – and I’m like that’s what you’re worried about .. look at that shower.. I mean there’s a drain! I mean.. I’m a mom!! The looks on their faces .. and then I was like now I’m embarrassed. It was an accident! Beth – oh that’s when you did it.. that’s why you only cleaned one shower. Tera – yeah. I was like, like you never pee’d in the shower. Beth – at home I do it every single time! Keifer – EVERY TIME?! Beth – every time. And here I have to be like don’t do it! Keifer – I don’t even want to get caught! I don’t want to be that guy. Tera – after having kids I piss my pants all the time! All the time! Can’t do jumping jacks!

1am Jed and Ty put on face masks..

1:40am Keifer, Tera and Tina.
Keifer – I can’t believe there are only 7 people left. This is craziness! Tera – I can’t believe we survived a double eviction. Keifer – I can’t believe I won it. I’m the guy that won the Double Eviction HOH in season 9. Tera – yeah because there can’t be another one right?! Keifer – no.

9:55 am Friday morning
Feeds have been down for a couple of hours.

2:00 pm feeds return for a bit. We find out JEd won Head of Household

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Guy From Canada

Oh Kiefer, you horrible POS. Admitting to assaulting someone in their sleep by farting on there head, what a class act. I can’t believe I was cheering for you from your interviews, and now I want you gone more then Nicole F…..yes the reason I turned off all stars and didn’t finished my first season in over a decade. Congrats on winning that Kiefer, and the show edit so your family isn’t as ashamed of you as I am….

eddie taylor

Slow your Role Farting in Someone’s Face is not Assault dont be Dramatic Calling someone a POS is just as Disrespectful So your one to talk


Another Name reports Keifer was in his peacocking bragging mode told TNT he had a F2 with Vic. Ignoring the fact that points out to Tina (another F2 with him) that he probably has F2’s with the guys too. (I can’t with him – he sooooooooooo smug).

Keif’s pushing a Breydon/Beth nomination from TNT (SHOCKER) — please TNT tell that to Beth PLEASE — The question is since Tera & Tina saw through him last week won’t him pushing Breydon show he’s NOT on board to take out Ty/Jed? Especially since he’s not even suggesting Ty/Jed go OTB or be targeted for a backdoor.

Hopefully TNT are smart enough to know targeting Brey only plays into the trio going F3.
Honestly, based on the Beth pantry chat to herself it might behoove Brey NOT to win HOH.

HOH I’m guessing will be some sort of endurance – if it’s a small ledge standing event that bodes well for Tera or Beth to win. If it’s one where upper body strength is required look for Ty or Jed to win.

Tera hopefully would stick to her guns & put up Ty/Jed but who knows. If Beth won I think she might put up Tina/Brey which is super sketch since she has F2’s with both so maybe Tera/Brey (still sketch) but tell them her plan is to backdoor a bigger target.

If Ty/Jed win I could see a similar scenario of either TNT or one with Brey. The question is whether Beth could talk them into backdooring Keifer (pretty please).

For Brey – I seriously have no clue if he would put up Keif or try to take the shot at the boys – hence why I don’t think he should want HOH this week b/c he’d be better off if Keif or one of the guys were gone before he took his shot to take out another. Brey is in an awkward spot since he has no real F2 partner (Beth won’t take him unless her only other option is Keif). His only hope is to get to the end with at least one of Beth, Tina or Tera still in the game & to be making the pick. Suffice to say he has an uphill battle against the trio, Keif & TPTB.

As for the “special power”

WORST case scenario they try to backdoor Keif TPTB “gift” him a super power & he uses it to put up Brey/Beth with Brey I’m guessing getting ousted. Unless Keif takes the shot at the guys for the blindside.

BEST case scenario – Trio +Keif try to oust Brey but he finds the power himself & replaces noms with Jed/Ty or whichever of them isn’t HOH plus Keif b/c he knows the girls wouldn’t vote out Keif (yet) saving Beth to keep her close & then wins HOH the following week to take out one of the two guys remaining making a deal with the other for safety through to F4. That’s the best situation for Brey who would then need to gun for F4 HOH & win out. Suffice to say Brey’s path to F2 is far from easy.


Your worst case is what I fear production will make happen it fits in their fantasy storyline.

It’s fascinating to see how the community is split on Keifer. People who watch a lot of feeds can’t stand him people that don’t like him. Even among fans that are plugged in most season or keep active in the twitterverse. Shows you how powerful the TV edit still is. People should know how bad the edits are.


Simon, I watch the live feed and do not hate Kief. 🙂 Granted I am a girl who has only brothers and even now in their late 40s they are still obnoxious, like Kief. Funny thing is I can easily ignore it! Some boys are boys ALWAYS and who am I to judge them!? 🙂

I personally think that the house is split between emotional players (oddballs) and non emotional players (Sunsetters)…it is ALWAYS hard to mesh the two or to like both types of people! I personally would go crazy hanging around the oddballs, but that just shows we are all different!! No need to hate someone who is different than ones self. 🙂 I like ALL the players but yes I cringe at how some of the Oddballs think and process stuff (generally I cant watch them on the feeds…lol), however will never say I hate them or the sort! Show love always people!! 🙂


That makes sense. I’ve seen houseguests before that everyone disliked but they reminded me of my sister or friend which numbs me to their unlikable traits. totally get that.

Mr George H Lewis

I think people don’t like people because of his complete arrogance, saying he would win Canada’s favourite vote by a landslide and saying he has two locked jury votes out of two jury members (he just needs to humble himself and take a step back to realise the reality of the situation, no one hates him personally but he sure as hell is not the overwhelming fan favourite this season).


Agree totally with you Mr George H Lewis 🙂 There is so much that annoys me about Kief. He lacks the ability to be humble, for sure. I do think this is somehow a strategy? Maybe? Really not sure…it annoys me so I would assume it annoys all the houseguests. Makes it hard to take him serious, so maybe that is what he is trying to do? Who knows! He almost lost my support when he was using the ‘Ro has money’ angle to get people to vote Ro out…trust me I do agree with you! It simply comes down to I prefer the people on the Sunsetters side and really do not feel that the prodgremlims are pushing for a Kief win or Sunsetters win! The Sunsetters may not be a thing if Beth convinces the boys to put up Kief, even as a backdoor…he may be gone if he does not win the POV? But I like to think that the boys will stay loyal to him and that the Sunsetters make it to the final four! haha IMO Jed should set their target on Brey and not let his lady or Ty to alter his decision.

We will see what happens this week…it may be the end of Kief!

another name

For me, It was his arrogance, his misogynistic tone to women, his constant pushing for the boys and earlier the whole group to intimidate and force.
He set that tone, giving Jed and Ty a sort of permission that it was acceptable in week 2 to corner people. It was Kief pushing heavy for the rest of the sunsetters to go to Vic in week three to intimidate her about the veto…. while he stayed behind. He’s always pushing for the intimidation factor. WHO was saying they should just reveal the sunsetters and show the house that they are the boss? That was Kiefer, then parroted by Jed.
His complete desire to look like Canada’s victim player for two weeks bringing up the staged pantry incident. HOW MANY TIMES DID RO APOLOGIZE to the wart? We were up to 12 last time I counted. Still not good enough, because he had to milk that victim of bullying (effect) to get Viewer Sympathy, while being confronted for being a backstabber in the game (cause). AND MILK IT EDITING DID.
They further tried to silk purse the sows ear, production did, by giving Kief the staged expedia reveal. They gave him shout outs and D/R input on weeks where he had NOTHING to do with the storyline.
When you add the character traits I find deficient to the episode editing of a golden edit production pet… IMA GONNA HATE.


and I WANTED to like him – I try to cut them some slack initially – like Beth is growing on me – I don’t like her edit but she’s doing more lately that I can at least respect from a game perspective (minus all the dramatics) but him – I just can’t. lol

East coaster

Kief is rude af. I hope that neither him or Jed get much further. I can’t stand either one of them. Not really a fan of any of the trio. At this point I don’t even really have a favorite, but I do know I’d like the trio and keif to get out. Which I know also is very unrealistic to happen. But one can dream lol TNT and Brey are higher in my list of who I hope to win but TNT have done nothing essentially. I don’t like kief but I wish he would turn on the trio and get with TNT and brey to get rid of them but I don’t think that will ever happen. He’s to far up the boys asses to see anything but that.


Kief is rude AF that pretty much sums it up. Dude’s going to be insufferable when he gets out.


What’s so rude Kief did


The way he talked about Ro/Kyle. His general personality when talking to people. and a healthy dash of arrogance.


The endless loud belches. His unkempt hair,body. His rude comments to Rohan or anyone trying to cook. DOI really need to go on? When does the dude bathe or brush his teeth?


The waffling this week is going to be unbearable.. The last person that talks to Jed will have the influence.. lol


Might get a bottle of Kraken for the weekend…..


Jed’s best move would be to take Keifer out but will he?

another name

depends on how many times Beth showers.


Jed’s best move is to get out Brey.
Reasons Jed must stick with the four to even have a chance.
·        Tina, Tera and Brey WILL NOT take him to the end.
·        If he can pull Kief to the end literally NOONE will give Kief a vote…that IS exactly the person, he wants to keep! …and Jed can even use the story of how loyal he stayed to the four all game to get points…People inside and outside the house seem to not like Kief! Haha
·        Brey is very loyal to Jed’s lady Beth. If he gets rid of Brey, Beth will remain loyal to the four.
·        Sure, maybe next week Tera or Tina could win an HOH…but even if that happens only one of the four would be gone and T&T would remain just a duo, who would be easy to nominate and vote out, without much guilt.

If Brey goes this week, it will be a simple game until the four. Getting rid of Brey is his best option…but I am sure the prodgremlins will be full force since I feel Brey is who Big Brother wants to win.

Jed better stayed focused!! Haha Somehow I feel watching feeds is going to be annoying this week!


I also think there is good chance for a bitter jury this year. If Brey, Tina or Tera make it to the end they will win. None of the four should think taking any of those three is a good idea for them…each of the four will have better odds against someone that they worked with. IMO 🙂

another name

Social game reliant HOH. Mmmhmm. Let’s just state the OBVIOUS:
Basically large group eats the small group, then they go after each other exposing house pecking order for anyone that hasn’t been paying attention all season.
That is usually played pre-jury to expose alliances. Like season 8 it was the first Sheldon HOH comp. The Minh targeted Angie comp.
What annoys me: Kief can still think he’s everyone’s favorite because he wasn’t eligible to play.
Playing it at final 7 is production ensuring a steamroll continues.
But congratulations Jed, you have a showmance and a bbbff.
Beth later admits it: Of course we let Jed win, we’re an alliance.

Odd thought this morning. Listen to Vic’s goodbye messages. Notice anything?
Beth didn’t mention the sunsetters in her goodbye message for the first time.
None of them mentioned anything, they said you’ll see when you watch back. In a jury message.
Smells like prodo is keeping the door open for a return of Gary 2.0 when i look at it that way. Why wouldn’t a juror call out their game in a goodbye message? Shenanigans.

This morning Jed told Ty that Tera will be the target, but also told Ty (without Beth around) that Brey should go before Kief. So Beth’s going to have to put those magic underwear that fit both Breydon and somehow Beth to work to get Jed to see her way.
My flippyfloppy is HOH. Okay, everyone get in line to be the last person to talk to him… how will that work?

Tera has openly told Ty she would have put the boys on the block because she sees how the two of them buried her in that comp. Tera told Jed she’d nom the two boys and replace with Beth if veto was used. Now they don’t want to even talk to her… how dare her say she’d put any of them on the block. She lied last week. She said last week she’d go after Brey and Ro targeting Ro. Ummmmm, were you there last night? That plan is dead. Did they expect Tera to go after Tina or Kiefer? You can’t say Breydon with Breydon RIGHT there handing you smoothies. Lots of entitlement talk. However, a houseguest openly saying I’d target the HOH to the new HOH? That actually makes me laugh my ass off. Tera’s almost complete lack of guile is so confusing to the trio.

The comp might have taken place in the ball pit. Tera HATES the ball pit. at last level of balls, they’d be up to her boobs. The three guys over 6’2″… not so much. At least we now know why Jed and Ty have been using the ball pit as a resistance sprint oval.

Oh. Kiefer, who spent last night telling Tina and Tera how he’s the obvious winner of BBCan9, and spent 0 time with the sunsetters, has entered saying Tera has to go, he’s tired of her. blahblahblah croaking from a flatulent toad blahblahblah.

Somehow…. Tera tells Tina she thinks Jed will target Kiefer. Sideye. what conversation did I miss? Has Beth been prepping Tera behind our back? After TELLING Ty and Jed she would have nommed them, she thinks Kiefer the double agent is the target. whogonnatellher?

We learn that production is present while they are making tiktoks. A PA said something about Ty’s dick last time they were doing tiktoks.

What won’t happen, but might be fun. Beth and Brey whisper about getting out Kiefer.
Beth or Brey (she’d prefer him) win Veto, and take Tina or Tera down, Kiefer becomes the only viable replacement that Jed would put up.
WILL NOT HAPPEN. Just my desire to be rid of the toad seeking Jozea scenarios.