“Can we backdoor Keifer do we have the numbers? he’s the next Victoria in the house”

Head of Household: ??
The Power of Veto Players are: ?????
POwer of Veto Winner: ????
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?????
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother Spoilers – Results from the Double Eviction
Victoria voted out by a vote of 6-0. She is the first juror
Kiefer wins Head of Household Nominated Rohan and Breydon
Veto players are Breydon, Ro, Jed, Tina, Ty
Ty wins the Power of Veto does not use it.
Rohan evicted by a vote of 5-0

They say the next Head of Household competition is tomorrow.

10:24 pm Jed and Ty in Expedia working out. Breydon is with them. Chit chat…

10:28 pm Kiefer, Tina and Tera hanging out Chit chat.
Kiefer – I think I’m in a good spot here. I don’t think I go this week.
Kiefer is worried about the week after.
Kiefer – what do I do now I just have to keep winning

10:36 pm Beth’s been doing BB math.
Beth – Ty has to make a final 2 with Breydon
Beth plans to talk to TnT.
Beth – If I win tomorrow and I get Breydon out what will you do for me
Beth – if Both tina or Tera stay they are taking Keifer.. Tera will take him
Beth – Breydon takes a hit at us. Ty needs to make a final 2 with RBeydon right now.
Beth – if we took out Keifer next week holy sh1t
Beth – OH my gosh.. the move it to take out Keifer next week..
Beth mumbles some scenarios.. with some “Oh my gosh” mixed in. She’s talking about getting rid of Kiefer next week.
Beth – Holy sh1t the move is to take out Kiefer next week..
Beth – if Breydon goes it’s those three vs us three.. Tina and Tera won’t take out Keifer so one of us goes home can’t have it
Beth – If Breydon wins Tomorrow we need him to take out Keifer.. he puts up Tina and Tera one of us takes them down and Keifer goes up.

Beth – he’s the next Victoria in the house
Beth – Can we backdoor Keifer do we have the numbers? we have the votes to do anything
Beth – Breydon’s next big move is Kiefer we need to convince him

11:30 pm just more chit chat..

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Beth is Nicole

This game has gone downhill

Yes I agree

I’m not sure what that means but it sure has been an exciting season.

I can’t believe the bold moves they are doing.

Go Lief go?

Guy From Canada

Vic screwed this season. By attacking both sides, needlessly instead of picking a side and having everyone battle it out, she ruined the season. Being told by production, admitting it on the feeds, and doing that scripted exit interview comment, so downhill. It was needless.

Ball Pitt

What was Vic told by production?


HILARIOUS — I just finished writing this & went to post & saw this new page was up so I moved here to post it instead (check out my bolded section below)

Okay – so the trio has been so topsy-turvy all season long b/c TPTB keep shifting the plot (and sorry Vic – but that “Nothing is scripted” – was the WORST planted line of all time.
Vic did seem like a production pet but as Another Name suggests she may have gone against what they wanted & paid the price this week.

TPTB clearly had their fingers all over this week as we’ve touched on – b/c it makes zero sense the ONLY thing not outed last week was pretty much everything Keif related especially the LaToya eviction week, Keif’s role in it & acting like he was going home then bragging about “said acting”

Obviously they want their SunSetters storyline —- BUT just as they did last week to Vic – could they throw another curve this week with Keif vulnerable & FINALLY have Breydon out the Keif/LaToya storyline? Could the trio suddenly get worried about how well Keif knows his dates & how safe he is EVERYWHERE (except with Breydon)?

I mean stranger things have happened & even if they did try to backdoor Keif it wouldn’t surprise me if he miraculously won the “special power” BUT would he target the trio for setting him up? (we know he’d go after Beth anyway) OR would he just go after Breydon to get back in with them & be all forgive & forget?

It’s not unusual for TPTB to support a player no one likes/unpopular & while I’m biased about Keifer he also consistently performs either dead last or bottom 3 in the polls.

This season is spiraling into WHO CARES really fast so we’ll see but based on how the last four players evicted were IMHO the best players of the season it’s hard not to envision Brey’s days being numbered. You’d think just once TPTB would do something out of the box – like how about a season of strong women who all work together? I mean if you’re going to fix the outcome into totally unbelievable situations then why not at least do something we can invest in.

another name

What I want: Breydon gets a power. Just because he’s the only person in the house without a Kiefer deal. Anyone not in a deal with the flatulent toad is okay in my books.
What I expect: Kiefer gets a power. Just because production knows it will make me curse my head off. I don’t care what they do, I’m not going to like him. Nobody has EVER gotten off my nope list once I put them there. Jed’s there too. But now that he’s only attempting to molest Beth and she’s willing, he’s just on the nope list for his past comments and actions, not current activity. Kiefer is actively on the list just by breathing.

How TPTB manipulate feed experience: most houseguests are told expressly not to speak into the cameras as if they are talking to the feeders, unless TPTB tell them to. ie/ vic sounding like she’s reading cue cards to the cams and last week Ro talking to the cams for the first time (it was odd as hell). BUT… they always have that one that is given free reign to talk to the cams. Paras had that. Beth has that. I honestly thought Beth lost her spot to VIc in the storyline due to her microagression comments and eggplant language and double dipping in the showmance line against production approval. But she’s back… like glitter. The herpes of the craft world. We’re going to be finding Beth cam talks stuck to the bottom of our socks three seasons from now, and wonder how they can still be coming back to haunt us.
How else TPTB manipulate episode onlies: Ask an episodie their thoughts on Ty being thatkevinmartin with Breydon. You’ll get the oddest look. It is definitely not sanctioned by production. The feed cuts are obvious. And since when does BBCAN episodes shy from a flirtmance? They engineered one between Austin and Kyle. Now tell an episodie that Kyle and Austin weren’t actually a showmance. ANOTHER odd look. (note to women that go on BBCAN, if you tell the casting people you are willing to showmance, and arrive unwilling to showmance, you are evicted right before jury. Ask Chelsea and Kiera in season 7). If you aren’t willing to fit plotpoint, you better find a way to make the storyline, or you’re out.

What we know: Tina and Ty are less included in episodes and D/R than Josh. Josh left weeks ago. Still has about 10 more D/R than either. Tina’s game is more cerebral, so if she has no D/R, how does the fanbase support her cerebral game? Ty? Unless he pulls a Season 7 Anthony and starts misting everyone from here on out (oh wait, that’s what Breydon is trying to do, doubling his episode inclusion in one week).
Btw, just a sidenote… If Ty Jed and Kief were calling all of Vic and Austin’s comps chance or luck or cheating… was the maze veto one skill? a perspective test.

Watch Victoria’s goodbye messages and tell me they weren’t told beforehand she was heading to jury. If the messages sucked up any harder, they’d actually be living in her ass.


Where can we watch the goodbye messages to Vic? They cut them from the episode.

another name

They are on twitter. I saw them last night and this morning.
They could even get posted on the site. The only goodbye messages shown were from the sunsetters.

Feeds Gold

looks like ro gave tera his party shirt


The season won’t be the same without the RoShow but Kief’s hate boner was just too strong

Feeds Gold

i want a cam in jury with ro giving a 90 minute presentation to victoria as to why she should not have targeted aus/brey and then him reminding her hourly how dumb it was haha

Feeds Gold

haha yes

and doing the bill lumbergh ‘office space’ corporate voice

another name

It’s going to be like watching a bad stage version of the Odd Couple… with pie graphs.

Feeds Gold

the unedited version…in bold is what went to air

arisa: so do you have anything else you want to say vic?
vic: not really
arisa: yes…you…do
vic: i do?
arisa: say the show is not rigged…sayyyyy it
vic: but production pretty much warned me i was getting backdoored
arisa: no they didnt
vic: yes they did
arisa: if you want a shot at allstars you better say it
vic: you gonna do me dirty like that?
(arisa waves hand ‘these are not the droids you are looking for’ style)
arisa: repeat after me…the show is totally not rigged in any way
vic: the show is totally not rigged in any way

another name

Now do her tiktok interview with Rohan.
For show purposes she didn’t want him to go.
But she does NOT like him. In the slightest.
The voice tone alone…
It was absolutely palpable.

Guy From Canada

Wearing athletic wear for a puzzle and a quiz. What a horrible thing to do to Rohan. Make him think he has a fighting chance, and then bam, not so much.

Rohan’s exit interview, classy, educated, eloquent, respectful

vics exit interview scripted wearing her mask upside down. We are a year into a pandemic, you damn anti masker figure it out.

I dunno, Simon what’s your take on this season, has it kraken yet or will that only happen when Tera and Tina are F2?


moved to next page


If keifer wanted to be known for making a big move he should have put the boys Ty and Jed up. It would have broken up the threesome and given more power to their side. I mean really roh and brey such a week move.


Another thing why does beth get so excited about comps and she thinks she is so good at this game no beth the only thing your good at is making out with 2 different guys hoping they will take you to final 2 . All, the jumping around and smiling like you know the outcome is annoying. She kissing Th making out with Jed do these guys share everything? Do these people come into this house with records saying they have no sexual diseases and do they go out with sexual diseases because of tramping around.


Bye bye beth


Seriously, Beth is a snake. SHE needs to go. Messing around with 2 friends in the house and having no intention of even taking either of them to the end ( if she makes it) . What a douchebag.

another name

But, that’s the same thing Ty is doing.
had his flirt with Austin. week two.
made out with Beth. week two-four
had his flirt with Vic. week four – six
doing what he’s doing with Brey. week five, six.

That’s what Jed tried to do.
Making out with Beth.
Flirting and groping on LaToya.
Flirting and groping on Austin.
Back to having sex with Beth.

Why aren’t they being called a manwhore?
They’re doing the exact thing Beth is doing, and laughing about it.
Because society doesn’t judge men by the same standards as women.
All three are douchebags.