Jed – “This is a great week”

Head of Household: JED
The Power of Veto Players are: ?????
POwer of Veto Winner: ????
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?????
Have nots: ?????

2:10 pm Beth, Ty and Breydon
Talking about Tera getting really personal in her conversations with Ty. (I think she mentioned her dead brother seeing how they all ganged up on her.. or something to that effect..)
Feeds cut, when we’re back Keifer has joined them.

The camera keeps showing this door propped open with a ball

Sounds like There was an argument with Tera during the competition. She says they were ganging up on her.
Jed – this is a great week
Mostly chit-chat. Tina eventually joins them asks Jed what music did he pick.
Jed says most of his music is “Rap and R&B.. New Sh1t mostly”
Jed – pretty much my workout songs..

2:30 pm TnT
Tera says Kiefer will be the replacement nomination.
Tera says Vic was a f**ing idiot during her Invisible HOH “They sent her home the very next week”
Tera – Jed is going to win this game.. I don’t care what Keifer is saying..
Tera doesn’t think Kiefer is going to make it to final 3 like he thinks
Tera says even if Beth is playing a strong game but everyone is going to say she hide behind the boys and not give her a vote.
Tina thinks Keifer has a chance to win at the end.
Tera – I wouldn’t be surprised they take him out this week.. I wouldn’t be shocked. If Keifer doesn’t win that veto he’s screwed.

Tera says Jedson needs to have something on his resume and putting TnT on it isn’t enough.
Tera knows she’s going out if Kiefer wins the veto otherwise she feels certain it will be Kiefer.
Tina thinks if BReydon had won he would have taken a shot at Keif
Tina thinks the two of them would go up.
Tera – Beth, we should have taken you out early.. they’ve had so much control. Gross..

4:00 pm Sunsetters
Talking about taking Breydon to Final 6 along with Tina.
Beth brings up Ty needs to offer a final 2 with Breydon
Ty – I’ve been putting in work
The plan is to convince Breydon to put Kiefer and Tina up instead of Jed and Ty.
Kiefer – I’m game..
Jed – whoever wins HOH at that final 5 will be at a bit of a disadvantage..
Beth – surviving the double that was great.
Kiefer – we picked the right swaud..
Jed – I don’t know who
Ty – it fell into place so perfectly we only lost one person
Beth – we picked the chillest mother f**ers in the house
Jed – we’re the most random much.. we are the oddballs.

Breydon joins them…

4:30 pm Beth, Ty and Jed
Beth in heat goes on about how attractive Jed is “You are so hot”

Beth – I literally want all three of them out I’m so bothered by them
Beth – it’s getting hard for me to act normal in here
Beth is pissed because Tina wasn’t studying with her.
Beth – she won’t give me anything she said what is Jedson doing.. I’m like you are probably hitting the block one way or the other
Beth laughs
Ty – she’s no on our side..
Beth – all three of them.. actually for some reason I can’t stand Breydon
Jed – right now?
Beth – I’m having a really tough time around him he’s only around to get info he’s taking it all in he really hasn’t been on our side this entire game.
Beth – he’s been part of people that only wanted to take you two out
Ty – I know always
Jed – I’ll take him out
Ty – mathematically it doesn’t make sense
Beth – But I want to. I genuinely think next week… I’m praying that it’s holding something then guarantee you or I am winning it
Beth – guarantee.. that is another reason to get Tera out this week that comp is coming.. it’s always tiny girls that win that.
Beth goes on about they are the ones that have been playing since day one.
Jed – for this week put up the T’s and let the veto decide. if we win the veto, one of us and technically Keifer we could backdoor Breydon if we wanted to.
Jed says the only decision they have to make this week is if they want the T’s in the final 6.
Beth says after what Tera told Jed today she doesn’t trust Tera.
Jed mentions Tera saying she would put him and Ty up, “She said how couldn’t I have”
beth – tell her I’m pissed.. can you do that for me
Jed – should I tell her she’s going up
Beth – YEs
They are “Cheesed” at tera because she told them she wouldn’t put them up.
Ty – there’s no game to talk anymore.
Beth goes on about how TnT have been carried this entire game.

They talk about how good Rohan would dress. Ty says Rohan is slim so everything looks good on him. (As opposed to being ripped like a Greek statue? wtf)

Beth – we are so close Ty.. It’s at the point where if one of them got me out I don’t think I could forgive myself. It’s a disgusting thought
Ty says Tera has got to go.

Ty says he’s been working on Breysdon “Cuddling all night.. it’s a lot but.. ”
Beth – I know it’s a lot
Ty – It’s a lot
Jed – take one for the team bro.. (LOL)
Ty – you have high expectations I don’t know if I can meet them.
(I think they are laughing at Ty proposing he’ll throw the HOH so he doesn’t have to share his bed with Breydon”
Ty – I would rather he wins so I can decide.. alright I’m going to bed ceya
Feeds cut when we’re back Breydon is in the bed with them.

Beth talking about Tera “Her attitude.. I want to stay in this room because I’m about to kill somebody ”
Feeds cut.. when we’re back..

6:40 pm Jed and Tina
Tina – obviously Tera is going up
Jed agrees
Tina campaigns for Breydon to go up he’s better at competitions than her. Says if she’s on the block there is always a chance of her going out.
Tina – unless you are planning on getting rid of a sunsetter
Jed – I want 5 sunsetters in the final 5 you are included in that
Jed tells her she’s safe this week if she’s nominated everyone plans to use the veto on her.

9:20 pm not much happening on the feeds. TnT are going to be nominated.

9:40 pm Ty and Beth
Beth and Ty are congratulating themselves for playing such a great game. Ty can’t believe they dodged the block.
Beth – it’s so funny Ty
Ty – it’s almost like we are invisible
Beth – we made people feel good in this house we made people feel comfortable (ZOMG)
Ty – they felt they could trust us they could come talk to us, trust us. We had their back we wouldn’t burn them.
Beth – you know what our thing was? we never mixed up our stories. We always had the same story and we never got caught. Our biggest piss off in this game was when Kiefer opened his mouth too much

Beth – we always knew whatever we decided was the right choice
Ty – she thought we needed her to get Ro out (Vic)
Ty – the way Ro went out was so BANG BANG, Kief wins HOH I win Veto ceya buddy
Beth – Jed wins HOH are you kidding me? We started winning when we needed to. Boom Boom Boom Boom
Beth – I can’t believe we won 4 in a row, Me, Kief, You Jed
Ty says the HOH competition was individual but it really was “A team comp”
Ty – That comp could not have been more perfect to just seal it

Ty – we took HUGE risks and they paid off..

10:50 pm Family dinner

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another name

Tera’s talk to Ty.
Let’s just put it all out there and call every spade a spade.
She’s being 100% honest. She’s 100% correct.
She called them all cowards during the HOH comp, which has Kiefer seething. He had no problem stepping to a woman 1/3 his size, but cowers at the thought of a guy 1/2 his size yelling at him. Come to your own conclusion.

So Tera told Ty:
I think you guys are loyal wonderful people, but I never believed that I was one of your people. And if that causes my demise, it causes my demise. That’s how I felt. You’re no shittalkers, but you would have never worked with me & you never trusted me.
You guys put all the balls in my thing… how could I trust you? There were so many back-and-forth conversations last week, exhausting. With all due respect, of course you guys would be a big target for me. You guys have so much control in the house.

She continues to say last week was supposed to be an easy week with 4 votes promised to her, but it was a back and forth where there was debate and everyone had to get Ty and Jed’s say so on where to vote, when there should have been no debate at all from what they promised.
She’s not actually wrong. Just none of the flipfloppers would want to hear it put out there to them. When you promise someone they are a pawn, then debate the safety of the pawn for three days completely out in the open, is the pawn beholden? I say no. But she shouldn’t be saying so much truth to people that live in a glass house of entitlement.

This is the talk that bothered Ty. She called last week for what it was, a flipflopping week where the boys were constantly trying to get promises to never be targeted by anyone, EVER, after they’d already given their word to their chosen pawn.

EDITED TO ADD: who didn’t think Kiefer would be pushing for a Breydon backdoor this week? It’ already happening. Without Beth present. Not the backdoor. the discussion. It comes to this: Kiefer thinks Brey is a better comp competitor than Kiefer. If that’s criteria, just about everyone is in those endgame comps.

This is big brother not fair brother

Ummm… This Is big brother… She needs to stop crying just bc the ball isn’t in her court. If it was the other way around shut would do the same.. Hell even admits she would be going for them… So that is she crying about?! Girl bye!

another name

Oh I think she’s sour grapes x 100.
Does that in any way shape or form make anything she said untrue?
Not in the slightest.
How many times have we as viewers wanted people to be called out to justify their game?
Like ALLLLLL the time. We salivate over it.
Tera is bitter as hell and wants to see the manager,
She’s right.

The corey's

And just like that a great season goes to waste. When Jessica wasted her hidden HOH on middle of the oack players cause she wanted to play a floaters in the middle no alliance game the house went from easily getting out the main alliance to ANOTHER season falling victim to a 6 team squad.

There is no way 80% of these people have ever watched big brother. There’s simply no excuse for mistakes made across multiple seasons and multiple countries it they had.

Too bad, this was my fav season of either north american big brother in quite some time.

another name

Watched Rohan and Vic exit interview on ET.
VIC: this show is totally unscrpited and not rigged.
even ROHAN sideyes her in the interview. He’s like… oh honey that isnt’ fooling anyone workshop that line in his facial expression. LMAO. She is 100% obligated to say the show is unscripted and not rigged in EVERY interview.
The interview goes over the stupidity of the IHOH move. Vic admits it was stupid.
Ro thrown in an i told you so.
The interview goes over the Ghost Peppers. Vic admits it was stupid.
Ro throws in an I told you so.
The interview goes over the move to evict Vic. Vic admits Beth is stupid.
Ro throws in an I told you so.
The interview goes over Ro’s game. Ro admits he was screwed.
Vic takes partial ownership for Ro’s lot in the game.
The interview goes over Ro’s veto loss. Ro admits with five minutes not days to change minds, he was screwed.
Vic takes partial ownership for Ro’s lot in the game.

Other interviews reveal their pecking order for winners:
Kief beats Jed beats Ty.
Reason: say what you want. comes down to a mixture of hubris and comp wins. Continuing the BBCAN tradition that social game is less valued than comp wins, they have less confidence in the others. What gets me: 2 people that came in saying social game was their ticket to the win, are valuing comp wins over social game. Is what it is.
Toss in a small amount of valuing Jed’s social game with a showmance while knocking Beth’s social game with a showmance: I think we still have to work on some equality and diversity issues when it comes to Jury in BBCAN.


Sick of this steamroll. Vic you ruined the season! and I’m pissed at Austin’s weak HoH move.

another name

Austin’s HOH. Was it a weak move.
Analysis: she gave LaToya her word LaToya was safe (under the stairs after the comp).
Austin thought until after veto that she was in a four person alliance with TY, Jed and Beth.
Ty and Beth were actually considering making that their priority alliance until after Veto.
So was her move to go for Josh a weak move, in week two? Given where she believed she sat in the game? NO.
Austin THOWING the HOH to Kiefer in week 4 however:

another name

Beth is now all in on the final four with Jed, Ty, and Kief.
She’s mad that, in her words, Brey has been in her back pocket the whole game, and it annoys her that now he’s playing the game and being social with the HOH’s.
whodafuq knows.
She’s mad at Tina too. She asked her questions about days, and Tina didn’t know. How dare Tina not tell her the answers.
Okay, so Beth has become entitled bratty Beth that she was in week 5 all over again. Grrreat. Because that Beth wasn’t grating as hell.

Okay, slow ur roll there Beth.
I’m wondering if she’s just peppering the guys with what they want to hear compared to her alone chat last night?
Oh wait, that alone chat was contingent on Brey winning and making the move she wanted.
He’s not useful anymore. Riiiight.
She continues to bash all of Tina and Tera and Brey for being carried in the game by the trio when she’s along with Jed.
When did Beth go to D/R? LOL.

Meh. whatever. We’re getting to week 8 level of season 7 annoying anyway. The week where the prettyboys were talking about parades and merch sales and superstardom. Not that the winner of season 7 wasn’t called at the beginning of week 2 by the edit that had everyone forget they’d discovered the boys alliance for the first time. Sideye.

I hate special powers. I also hate obvious production as a houseguest manipulation.
I hate production playing as an invisible houseguest more. I still hate special powers, but the man behind the curtain revealing himself is my BIGGEST pet peeve. Therefore, I’d allow a power this week (but would hold it against the recipient in the jury).

another name

Maybe she just put on Jed’s underwear instead of Brey’s magic underwear this morning, and his Mr. Flippyfloppy (no, not the one that is so much smaller than Ty’s) attitude has infected her.

another name

The trio discuss the thatkevinmartin fauxmance plan they’ve been pulling on Brey.
They think if Brey goes for a Ty final 2, then obviously they keep Brey to 5.
Ty discusses how it’s been an ordeal, but he’s been putting in work to convince Brey that they are a showmance. He says he’s afraid to win HOH because Brey would be coming in at night expecting some action in the HOH room. (I’m getting skeeved out because of how he’s laughing about it).
Beth is cheering it on. She’s cheering it on and laughing. (more skeeved out)
Jed is joking well he’s gotta take one for the team and let Beth join him in the HOH bed.
Tells Ty to take one for the team. The three nearly piss themselves laughing.. like laughing at Brey for falling for it(Really, skeeved OUT).

I hated this when it was thatkevinmartin doing it twice. But. He owned it that he was doing that as a dirty game move. Anyone saying (monotone idiot voice) ‘sunsetters have played a clean game’ needs to listen to that conversation. It’s not a clean game. It is game. I KNOW that. It’s social manipulation game. Totally get it. It’s the ownership that it’s dirty that i need. It would feel just as dirty to me no matter who the fauxmancer and fauxmancee were in that situation. As long as the fauxmancer doesn’t say clean game and loyalty a lot… and owns their game, I’m better with it. It still skeeves me, but I can see it as game move. This clean game spouting for the edit while being a dirty gamer. ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME.
With production sanitizing the feeds and the episode edit to deny the existence of this particular part of the trio’s game… I’m ticked off. I mean, we are all well aware of the parent companies bias (it was a subject of note in one of the complaints and settled lawsuits), But I’m thinking more and more that it is being done in order to Sanitize the Image of the trio. Not a fan.


Not cool at all.

another name

Things of note for oddness today:

  • Ty stroking Kief’s ego saying the guy that had week one immunity was the original underdog in the game. And still no mention that he was in on the plot to get out LaToya. Or that everyone threw the veto when he was nominated. An underdog doesn’t have the house throwing the veto. To be succinct, JOSH was the underdog before Ro became the underdog.
  • Tina telling Jed to target Breydon. Followed by Kief telling Jed that TIna says they have a final 4 with Breydon. How does that logic work? That don’t make anyone bat an eye? Even Beth who has to be wondering if Tina heard her pantry rant.
  • Tina pulling away from Tera. TIna refusing to acknowledge the sunsetters to Tera, who has known about the sunsetters since week 3. Tina refusing to acknowledge that Kiefer was never dumping the trio. TIna’s back to playing Tina’s early game, only now she’s even shutting out Tera, and not getting D/R so good luck figuring out her game.
  • The trio discussing getting rid of Breydon, then discussing taking Breydon to final 5 ten minutes later in a different room. Splain me. Please. Just splain.
  • Knowledge that Kiefer is safe no matter who had won HOH (except Breydon), but still acting like Kiefer is an untouchable. Big Red Flag to anyone that actually uses logic. Okay, that knocks Jed out of contention.
  • When did we miss multiple D/R calls that got everyone in synch with these conversations today. Shush. We know they happened. So many for the episode conversations. Too many for my liking. You can almost hear the intrigue music soundtrack.
another name

I think noms and veto are tomorrow. At least if house convos are right.

Therefore, I’m thinking of analyzing the game errors that cost each evicted houseguest.
week one: JULIE. couldn’t keep her mouth shut. chicken with head cut off overgamer.
week two: JOSH. what social game? admitted himself he lacked one. too many rumors without forming cover or strong relationships to protect him.
week three: LATOYA. Overplaying and condescending. Wanted to lead the team, not be a member. Dismissive of social game until she wanted to order people to flip a vote. Her way or the highway player. The highway won.
week four: KYLE: Waited until week three to align strongly, then ghosted for deniability. Then made it obvious he was the leader of the pack.
week five: AUSTIN: Threw the week four HOH, destroying her alliance’s chance. Tried to be invisible while coming in 1st or second in multiple comps. Failure to adapt or fake it.
week six1: VIC: screwed herself by playing to be #1 to Jed and Ty. Proved herself to be unreliable and chaotic with a big mouth. You can’t strategize chaotic, you have to remove it.
week six2: ROHAN: inability to read the motivations of others as differing to his motivations led to him never being on track. Wanted to lead without communicating to his troops. Didn’t use a veto to save an ally, then attempt to save the other. Made himself the underdog once too often. You can’t count on winning every veto.

This may seem harsh or cold, but it’s a dispassionate view from my perspective on what actually caused each person to be evicted. Doesn’t matter if they are my faves or I didn’t like them, In each case, the player that left was evicted because of their own failures in the game.

another name

You mean a comp manipulated by production to ensure a specific winner screwed up the game? Anyone that wants to convince me it wasn’t a prodomanipulated comp better have a receipt of the entire 42 minutes of the comp, as well as any precomp diary talks on hand to convince me. Otherwise i’m comparing the still photo of the half way to the end result and calling bullshit.
There are so many things that are off. Not season 7 level off, but more than season 6 level off. If they want us to buy what is going on, they need to do a better job of hiding their fingerprints. They’re still pulling the first named alliance on episodes as the alliance of the season. They’re still putting comps in the order that will ensure specific outcomes. They’re still having 20 minute feed blocks that return with conversations taking an opposite turn. They are still golden editing.
But I guess we’re all stupid and don’t notice any of that…. biiig eyeroll.

annnnd… Kief is back to making queerbaiting comments about Kyle and Rohan, as if it would be an insult if they were a couple. Somebody please tell me why they like the pustulant bag of shite. Because I just can’t see it. What a toxic asshat.

Feeds Gold

i blame vics stupidity more than the twist itself

Feeds Gold

please give me a tera vs beth fight

if i was tina, tera, brey i would keep reminding beth that she has zero chance in f2 against any of ty/jed/queefer

also i would be reminding jed/ty of queefers mental comp prowess and how dangerous that is in the end game, and that it would be a mistake to take queefer much further, and that he currently probably has ro and vics jury votes locked if he was sitting next to ty or jed in f2

just try to do anything you can to create doubt and cracks and paranoia in that 4 who are sitting way too pretty and cruising

another name

For some reason, at the moment, it almost feels to me like Beth was making some of those arguments to Ty. She had brought up how Kief revealed he knew Vic was IHOH and never told them. She had brought up how she keeps feeling like Kiefer is going to screw them over, especially at 4. She brought up how they have been playing a great game except when Kiefer ran his mouth and they had to duck and cover. She brought up that even if they threw final 5 hoh to him so he couldn’t win final 4 HOH, he could still win the veto and screw them. His mental comp bragging is her weapon right now. Even when Jed enters, they continue with the question of how to deal with Kiefer in the final 4, and get their trio to the top 3.
I’m thinking she’s just brainworming, not actually trying to push.

another name

With this jury?
If you consider the jury to be Vic, Ro, Brey, Tina, Tera?
Production is already pushing Vic and Ro to say Kiefer. What, it’s just like having Vic say it’s not scripted or rigged in every interview.
Normally that’s a kiss of death announcing who the next juror will be (anyone else noticed that in exit interviews of previous seasons? When asked each week who is playing the best game/ want to win, it’s inevitably the next person evicted?) But with this season I think it’s different. Nobody has given the standard single answer, it’s always been who they think followed by who they wish.
Realistically, with the big ‘watch each others back’ ‘undercover brothers’ episode one reveal between Ty and Jed, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see that Final 2.
Between the 2? Jed wins according to the episode edit. Currently 40ish d/r vs.15ish d/r.
So production is trying to build up Kiefer to an insane degree, Beth is getting the Paras edit, Jed is getting lots of mastermind d/r… Ty is the also ran in episodes.
I say they would love to see Kiefer or Jed as the winner.
Let’s just ruminate on this: Kiefer in jury NEVER votes for a woman to win. Not even Vic if she’d made it. He will always go bro’s bro.
Beth in jury never votes for Kiefer to win, and votes against whoever voted her out. Oh, you think BETH isn’t going to be bitter? Watch 10 seconds of feeds. ANY 10.
Breydon in jury never votes Kiefer. He doesn’t respect Kiefer’s game in the slightest ever since week 4 (the safety lie).

Feeds Gold

looking at breys chances to win…

if hes against jed/ty/beth/queefer in f2, the other 3 of those 4 in jury vote against him…ro/tina/tera perhaps vote for him(its less likely he beats queefer but if tina/tera are bitter that queefer played them all season it could happen)…then vic is tiebreaker – vic hates beth who also backdoored her, but vic likes the 3 boys…so i like breys chances against beth, but not against the 3 guys

in the unlikely scenario of a brey v tina or tera f2, i think brey gets the win versus tera 6-1(only tina votes for tera), but brey against tina theres a decent chance the 4 sunsetters vote for ‘sunsetter’ tina to win, in addition to teras vote making it 5-2…but if sunsetters arent set on ensuring a sunsetter wins including tina, then he could have a shot against tina if he turns it on…queefer would for sure vote for tina, but im less sure about ty/jed/beth in that scenario, they may vote against tina for leaving them for oddballs

so as it stands maybe breys only solid chance is to sit next to tera or beth…and if tera goes this week, his main hope is to sit next to beth(ro putting in ‘pro brey/anti sunsetter’ work in jury on vic is key)

re the 4’s chances to win in my opinion…

right now in order of likelihood they win – jed, ty, queefer, beth

if actually in f2 likelihood they win – queefer, jed, ty, beth(however if tina/tera are bitter queefer was playing them the whole season, queefer loses vs jed or ty, but he beats beth)…beth is least likely of the 4 to win, and i think brey/tina have a good chance to beat her…even tera if she survives this week could beat beth in f2 as she is so disliked, where ro/brey/tina vote for tera, and vic who hates beth the wildcard vote, could get revenge for beth backdooring her to make it 4-3)

obviously things can change, people get bitter for being evicted by allies, but thats how i think it stands right now


(warning – long post)

Others might not be bothered by the trio laughing AT Breydon & over the Ty flirtmance. Personally I find it really disturbing. I wonder if that convo — (video was posted on social media & understandably is receiving strong reaction) will push TPTB to ensure Brey is safe READ: not a good PR look.

As for the hamsters & house dynamic..

Beth: Admittedly, prior to last week I thought Beth was a wannabe Pavati (Survivor). But I’m always open to giving credit where credit is due. To wit, I thought she had a strong HOH– she wanted to take Vic out (may have needed the nudge from Brey but we all know those two weren’t besties), set her up for the backdoor & executed.

She also did the BB 101 work b/c neither of her initial noms would’ve nominated her had they won DE HOH (I think Tera might’ve used her as re-nom -but Ro would’ve put up Keif). She also accurately assessed Keifer has to go next BUT…. Now that Breydon didn’t win HOH she’s shifted back to the Beth of the pre HOH days & I’m not a fan of ‘that version’. It reminds us why she won’t win the game unless she sits beside one of TNT – her house guests like live feeders see her as riding coat tails, planting lies, being 2-faced and generally unlikable when she acts like she is this week.

Keifer: The irony is he plays a similar game to Beth in terms of the lies, multiple alliances, and spewing nonsense about his targets — he’s just better at it & whether it’s his personal ability (TNT/trio believe him), luck (winning comps & not having to show cards — like if Ro or Brey had come down in DE he would’ve had to put up one of TNT & they would know he was full of it but luck allowed him to avoid that happening AND the big one the fact his role in LTs eviction week remains the most illogically kept secret) or TPTB influence (last week when trio got mad at things Keif was holding back, feeds cut & suddenly he was tighter than ever with the SS again).

At this point Keif has both Vic/Ro’s jury votes so we’ll see if TPTB want him to get to the end or if they prefer one of the guys from the trio to win. How this week (and next) plays out will confirm what TPTB want. I’m not a fan of his methods but (since F8) recognize he’s been able to get deals with everyone left other than Brey. While I’m not a big fan of his “style” or personality – there is no denying he’s got the resume to win the game – arguably the best resume to this point in the game. With Beth back onboard with SS and him pushing to backdoor Breydon will there come a point this week that the trio stops to have the conversation about how perfectly positioned Keif is – i.e. Tera or Tina will put them OTB before Keif & if they boot Brey will Keif actually take out one of TNT or switch & target them? (as I was writing this I see Another Name notes the trio are beginning to discuss these points).

TNT: One constantly complains & isn’t great with her communication (what to say/not to say) the other is quiet & slides by mulling things over inside her head instead of sharing.

Tina: It’s interesting Tina seems ready to part with Tera this week now that she feels a bit of stress. Two questions for Tina – Does she seriously believe she can do any better than 2nd? AND – How much faith/trust does she really put in Keif (or Beth for that matter)?

Tera: shouldn’t have told Ty/Jed they were her targets –she’s not wrong but her delivery was terrible. Perfect contrast was how Vic navigated her HOH – particularly how she forced Jed not to use the POV. Afterward, TJ said they understood & respected her game play. Tera isn’t nearly as adept at the vernacular. Another Name noted her chat with Ty — she’s definitely Bitter Betty but she’s also correct in her points – it was a do as I say not as I do situation. She was a tool with an expiration date to them. She had opportunity to win and DID NOT. She had opportunity to influence vote shifts and COULD NOT. But I do understand why she’s annoyed at being jerked around last week & felt intimidated by the group who said “you’re safe- you’re a pawn”.

One note for Tera – at some point this week she needs to tell Beth or the trio that Keifer intended to take TNT to F3 & the goal was to break up the trio. It might be the only way she saves herself.

Ty/Jed: Yes, Jed is HOH but Ty is his ride or die (isn’t he?). Interesting feedback from Ro/Vic via interviews, positions Jed at top of trio with the perception he calls the shots (which is hilarious given he vacillates the most). Ty has a better social game but with what happened to Vic perhaps Ty lost points. Ty needs to add comp wins likability won’t do it alone. Jed is the biggest waffler of the group but perception is everything. Here’s the question — if Ty/Beth were OTB is it a given he’d save Ty (when he knows Beth is the easier hamster to beat)?

Breydon: Has a harrowing path to get to the end. While he was the best player in the house during Beth’s HOH that quickly shifted – is Keif that good? or did TPTB demand the plot shift? Is there any path that changes his ability to get to F2? Perhaps — he either has to be lucky & win OR he needs to ensure he gets to F3 with Keif/Jed or Jed/Beth — in those scenarios I could see Keif or Beth recognizing Brey would be easier to beat if they make the choice. Whereas I think Ty rolls the dice with his allies.

As noted, Brey is in a corner especially with Keif ramping up the “back-door Brey” talk. At some point won’t the trio stop to consider what that means? Apparently Brey put two balls in Tera’s tube so he played along with the trio & I think he was second in the comp so came just short of getting HOH (but I’m not 100% on that).

He needs to get picked to play POV — WIN — & remove TERA so Keif goes up. He can tell trio he’s committed to F4 & hopefully finds out from TNT that Keif is gunning for him & then spill the LaToya secret (FINALLY) & say Keif has F3 with TNT so given his comp ability he needs to go to help their F4. The trio might not buy it but who cares – at this point he has to win & make moves. Its too late in the game to roll over & wait. (Keif would implode if that happened).

Finally— with the HOH occurring in the ball pit this week TPTB plot line is set up for a “special power” to be in the ball pit

Breydon NEEDS to be the one to find it. And presumably the power would be something similar to what Britnee found that allows both noms to be removed & for the holder to select the replacements. Several caveats would affect this situation:

  • How long the power lasts. — That’s important b/c if Brey avoided the block & the power was good for two weeks he could hold off using it until next week (even if he won HOH) & make a dramatic move on eviction night.
  • If it had to be used this week it would depend on who wins POV on whether there would be options for re-noms. Ty/Beth/Keif would only all be eligible as replacements if Jed, TNT or Brey won POV to remove one of TNT.
  • In the event all 3 were eligible as replacements could he garner favor moving forward by keeping any of them off the block?

The presumptive thinking would be to take out Ty to break up the trio but Breydon’s worst enemy right now is Keif.

With that my favorite scenario would be for Brey to win POV, save Tera AND find the DPOV with a 2-week lifespan. That way he could get out Keif this week & Jed (or Ty) next week. Especially if he found a way to win HOH put up TNT (tell them TRUST me – YOUR BOTH safe – don’t say a word). And then put up Ty/Jed on eviction night to oust Jed.

But of course that latter scenario is a dream since we never get to have nice things lol.

And for what it’s worth – it’s not that I’m dead set against the trio/Keif or that I think TNT deserves to win (they do NOT) — I’d just like to see things not run so smoothly for the SunSetters whose current banter is nauseating. Let’s face it nine times out of 10 — I just prefer the underdog story.

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i just did a brantsteele simulation featuring a 28 player bb us/bb canada/bb over the top custom season featuring the likes of karb, the ball smashers, jaysar, emmett/jill, cody/jess, tim/cass, dan, will, derrick

and with how much of a steamroll bbcan 9 is, it was the most bb fun ive had since karb was still in the house

karb dominated the season, austin won 5 hohs and took ro f2…austin won the jury vote 9-0

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another name

This is how the edit is playing:
If Breydon doesn’t win veto, Breydon is going to jury.
Just putting that out there now.
The number of times that Jed has brought up little Breydon comments today, after each time he speaks to Kiefer?
Definitely Breydon gets veto or Breydon is gone (without an intervention of special power).

Reason to think there should be a power?
traditionally in each season, a special power has shown up after each special eviction.
except for season 6 where it showed up before, because the triple eviction was SO late in the season (from top 8 to top 5).
Week 6-8 has been the most common time for a power, always coinciding with right after the special eviction.

another name

If the working theory is that production wants to ensure that Kiefer makes it further in the game, the obstacle that must be removed is Breydon.
Nobody finds the trio dumping Kiefer and pulling in Breydon, only to flip their decision after a feed cut last week suspicious? I mean, to say that Vic and Kief sank Breydon’s game when Breydon already told them ‘here’s the crap she’s going to push to get you to target me?’ Suspicious. We listened to the argument from Vic and Kiefer. Did it actually sound as damning given there was advance warning, as the reaction has been?
And the current logic that Breydon is more dangerous to the trio that Kiefer because Breydon has come close to winning in comps… but Kiefer has won comps (yes 2 were thrown to him, but he hasn’t told THEM that)… that works for y’all? Sideye.
Not me. I’m smelling the prodogremlins trying to carve out a mastermind edit for their pet.
I’m not buying the attitude changes of the last week. EVEN from the flipfloppers.
Something smells.
If i’m prodo and I want that Kief edit, I’m pushing for the Brey backdoor so that either way, Kiefer is safe next week. He’s covered by TNT still being there, and he’s covered by the trio.
So Beth has dumped her masterplan in the pantry, and isn’t pushing her Kiefer idea on Jed in the HOH room when they’re alone? Really? Since when does Beth not do that with Jed, the one that is easily manipulated? Since. When?
Does this make sense to anyone else?
So special power or veto or Breydon is jurybound is still my working theory of storyline.

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some hypotheticals if vic had stuck with the oddballs but the same hoh/veto winners won after the invisible week(and its discovered by sunsetters vic was invisible hoh and targeted them)…

f10 invisible hoh – vic hoh…noms ty/jed…ro wins veto…keeps it the same…jed evicted

f9 beth hoh…noms vic/ro…ro wins veto…tera renom…vic evicted

f8 double eviction hoh – queefer hoh…noms ro/austin…ty wins veto…keeps it the same…ro evicted

f7 is then aus/brey, tina/tera, ty/beth/queefer…the difference compared to now is jed is gone so doesnt win this hoh, and austin is there, giving austins side a 4-3 advantage and a 4-2 advantage in this hoh and likely win if its a comp where you target people with putting balls in their bucket, which is what it sounds like it was…result of this week could well have been ty/queefer noms…one of them wins veto…beth is renom…one of ty/queefer evicted, lets say its queefer gone if hes on the block v ty or beth due to comp ability and resume

f6 is then austin/breydon, tina/tera, ty/beth…so 3 pairs, giving a much better balanced finish, and giving alot more power in jury to the oddballs side to decide the outcome


I will start by saying this is all IMHO 🙂 haha

People there is still chance for an Oddball to make it to the end!! Do not give up, as so much could still happen 🙂 the only Oddball I would want to win is Breydon and I do think if he can make his way to the end with a couple wins (HOH or POV) he could get too final two. I do not see how Tera or Tina could make it to the end…if they do, I will laugh, since I do believe if any Oddball sits beside a Sunsetter at the end the Oddball will win. Production knows this and will continue to everything they can to make sure an Oddball wins…ugh.

However, if things run smoothly for the Sunsetters and two of them are in the end I 100% do not think that the jury would pick Kief to win…you ALL need not worry!! I am sure the houseguests all feel just as annoyed and frustrated with Kief as so many of you viewers do. 🙂

If the cast fully listened to production Vic would have nominated two of the trio when she was invisible HOH. She chooses not to listen and is now in jury. While production may give them tips, I do believe the player will make the final decision on how they play. Again, Vic is the perfect example of this. So as Vic is saying now (HAHA), it isn’t scripted…haha It is all a game!!

Production ALWAYS wants an ‘underdog’ to win. This year they want an Oddball (Vic, Tina, Tera, Ro, Kyle or Austin) to win. Hence, I still think Tina, Tera or Breydon sitll have a chance.

In the jury/final two there is five Oddballs and four Sunsetters. By the time the final vote comes, Vic will vote for an Oddball to win…she will realize her blind ‘obsession’ with the boys is what got her here and she will not give them her vote. She will be a bitter vote. I do not think of Tina as a Sunsetter, at all! She will give her vote to an Oddball. While the Oddballs had little to no loyalty to each other in the game, I am willing the bet they are all bitter and will finally all stick together and vote for an Oddball to win. It will be a first for loyalty…haha I could be wrong, and they may not all be bitter? We will see… 🙂

Breydon, Tina or Tera gets to the end – 4 oddball votes to 3 Sunsetter votes. If ANY Oddball gets to the end they WIN.

Jed makes it to final two – I think Jed wins against any Sunsetter he sits beside. He has been the kindest and maybe manipulated people the least out of all the Sunsetters. The Oddballs would give Jed their votes.

Kief – Do not think it matters who is sits next to, no one will give him a vote. Not even a Sunsetter.

Beth makes it to final two – Only wins if sitting next to Kief. I think Breydon is the only Oddball that would give her a vote.

Ty makes it to the end – I also think he only wins if sitting next to Kief. If Ty makes it to final two it will be a mixed vote.

If it would be a Ty / Beth final two – I have no clue who would win…haha that would be a close one. I think Ty has played a bit of a dirty game…all his flirting and using people is annoying and hard to watch. I think he will regret behaving this way when he is out of the house.

I do not get why everyone seems to think production wants Kief to win!?!? I DO NOT SEE THAT AT ALL!! 🙂 Production does not like him…last night when he sliced his finger open, production did NOTHING. That is a serious cut, and they should have called him to the DR to get medical help. No, it was crickets. Production DOES NOT want a Kief win. No one in the house wants Kief to win. Try not to hate on him so much…he is, IMHO, a good guy. EVERY SINGLE houseguest this year had something about them that makes them not perfect…we are all different, but can still show kindness to difference!

Have fun watching the feeds!!

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when you say this below i dont agree at all and i think production have favored sunsetters throughout…

“Production knows this and will continue to everything they can to make sure an Oddball wins “