Tera “Trust tree.. out of the two boys, which would you want to go first?” Keifer “I don’t even know if I could trust you with that information.”

Head of Household: VIC
Nominations: Breydon and Austin
The Power of Veto Players are: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin, Ty
POwer of Veto Winner: Ro
Power of Veto Ceremony: ??????
Have nots: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin

11:40pm Jed, Roh and Beth.
Beth – we are just making a plan like if Breydon comes to me. Jed – what are you feeling? Roh – I am not going to use it. As soon as I won it, I never intended to use it. I was like I am not using it. All this chatter around final 6 was around and so I wanted to get this cleared up. Jed – we ah never said that you know what I mean!? Like obviously we talked to you about us four but then we never have pitched a six to them. Beth – and I don’t even think that is an issue anymore. Jed – it was an assumption but it’s fine. Its good that we talked about it first before that happened. So like what kind of rationale are we talking about here? Beth – just like in the meantime like when Breydon is coming to ask like what do you do? Will you keep me if Roh uses the veto? Roh – well like what I did was I heard her out .. both of them came and talked to me .. because I do have to hear them out as the veto holder and what I told them is from a game perspective is basically it is not smart for me to use the power of veto right now. And I told them that is likely what I am going to do but obviously on a personal level. I love you as a person. I would hate to see you leave this game so I told them at the end of the conversation that I have not made my decision.. BUT I have, I won’t be using it. That is what I told Beth but I was you to be prepared for them to come to you .. like for instance if Breydon comes and asks you if Roh uses it on Austin will you keep Breydon in the game. I would obviously like that it wasn’t looked at like it’s totally up to Roh. Jed – like you don’t want it to be fully on your.. Roh – I don’t want it to be fully on my shoulders.. so if they come to you like that what is the best thing to say? Would you just tell Breydon out right .. like no you wouldn’t keep him? Jed – so like this is in the case that you take Auston of the block and someone else goes up? Roh – its because I told them I haven’t made my decision. If I had told them that I have made my decision, then they wouldn’t come to you. Jed – I think the best thing to say would be .. we don’t have the numbers to stave you. Or do we? Roh – no you would. You would. Jed – it’s a relationship thing with the house .. because so many people want one of them out so if we save them it exposes us. Beth – we could just be straightforward and say by keeping you here none of us no longer have relationships with the remaining four people. But they will also say we have a final 6 we can get the rest out. I have no issue kind of being honest and saying in the long run marathon of this game, I don’t know if that’s the best move. Jed – at the end of the day I don’t think I can trust them in a final 6 situation. If it was us four, I do think I would trust you.

Keifer and Tera.
Keifer – she has got to go. Tera – Trust tree.. out of the two boys, which would you want to go first? Keifer – I don’t even know if I could trust you with that information. Tera – I am not going to say anything. Tera – I can’t trust Ty. Kiefer- I can’t read him. My number one pick.. I built a relationship with Jed on day one. Tera – do you think those guys actually have a final two relationship with each other. Keifer – I think they don’t .. but I think its unspoken. I think Beth is their three and I would be their four. Tera – we just have to survive this week and see what happens with the HOH. Keifer – exactly. I am going to go for it f**king hard! Tera – well at this point if I don’t start winning sh*t, I might as well just go home. Send me home, its embarrassing.

Jed and Beth laying in bed chatting about needing wins..

9:44 am Early start for some..

9:48 am Ro and Vic
Ro says he’s not contemplateing using it.
Ro – there’s no way I can use it
Ro – its sucks I don’t want to keep playing the boys game. I feel like we just keep doing favours for them but our hands are literally tied we don’t have any other choice.
Vic – I know, Me, you, Tina, Tera and Kiefer that’s 5 we could take over the game.
Ro – I still think we could get Breydon too honestly
Vic – for sure
Ro – you know the boys are trying to say this is your HOH right?
Vic – yeah, It’s not me.
Ro – ohh I know it’s not you
Vic – it’s Ty
Ro – yeah pretty sure
Vic – what a$$holes.. like f*** off. I know they are trying to pin it on me that’s why they put me on slop.. good one
Ro – do you think if Kief won he would put me up? I don’t think he would put me up
Vic – I don’t know I don’t think so. I think he wants you to stay to make a move against the boys
Ro is going to try and ask Tina and Tera to work on Kiefer because they have the best relationship with him.
Ro – Breydon can see right through those guys too so there’s no way they can flip him
Vic – that’s all the numbers we need to control the game
Vic – I think the boys will go after Tina and Tera. I heard something.. getting annoyed how they are just cruising through pretending to stress out when they’re not even in danger. I can see them going after a duo that’s not us.
Ro – were they saying that in a room by themselves.
Vic – no a room.. it was me… Jed..
Ro – if you were there you just didn’t overhear them.
Ro says the boys say Tina and Tera because it’s an easy thing for them.
Vic – Jed, and Ty will make it all the way unless someone makes ma move (if only someone had the power)

10:00 am Kiefer and Tina

Tina warns him about Vic says watch what you say around her. Keifer thinks Vic is most likely to make that big shot (Against boys) says she could be the secret HOH if she is she very well could be a comp beast because “That comp was tough”

Kiefer – I’m at a point in this game I truly think no matter who wins OH I don’t touch the block.. why would I win? The only one that might put me up is Breydon and that is a MIGHT

11:15 am Vic and Kiefer
Afreeing their each thers final2
Kiefer says he’s close to Tina but tina is also very close to Tera.

Vic says they have to win the next HOH “it’s a way to prove our loyalty again to both side”
Kiefer – I did have a really good talk to Tohan.. he’s just so hard to read
Vic – I”m worried about Rohan it’s f**ing smart as hell
They talk about how great Rohan did in the POV competition. There was a puzzle and by the sounds, it was very difficult.
Kiefer – in my mind he’s a F**ing genius
Vic – we made a good move taking Kyle out first
Keifer – it broke that four they’re broken now. Ro’s not with them. He would use the power of veto if he was and try to rally
Kiefer adds if Kyle was here, Ro would have used the veto on Austin
Kiefer adds he feels that Jed, Ty, Kyle, and Ro had an unspoken agreement.
Vic – wow, Tina said the same thing.. I didn’t think so because of the way they went after Kyle
Kief – did they go after Kyle or did I go after Kyle?
Vic – true.
Kief – they were very excited that Ro won the POV..
Vic – Ro, and Breydon need to go next (Sigh sounds like fun..)
Kiefer agrees “And then it’s a fight”
Kief – then we pray Tera wins HOH
Vic -that would be amazing she would not put us up.
K – Tera or Tina
Kiefer – if it comes down to a memory comp there’s no way I lose… There’s no way.. I got it. and Ty and Jed know I’m a savage.
K – hopefully game respects game when it comes down to it. I don’t see myself getting past final 4 with them
Vic – me neither
K – They don’t take me to final 2 no matter what
V – why not? you are good at the game everyone loves you?
K – yeah.
V – no one will take me to final 2
They go on about not caring about winning just caring about getting to the finale.
Vic – one cool thing now is Since we know I’m the f***ing thing we can see how people lie
Vic – like I can tell now that Jed and Ty are telling the truth. what’s their go to.. it’s kinda cool
Vic – people have narrowed it down to me but I’m still denying it
K – deny to the death, people still think it’s Ty.
Vic – I am planting amazing seeds.

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another name

at this point I don’t really see the point in what I thought was going to happen.
What would the point be in unveiling a secret power now? To attempt a season 3?
No. Neither Brey nor Austin have been important enough to storyline in episode for that.
Seriously, Breydon’s function in the edit is to pop into d/r once in a while to make a comment about what another houseguest is doing at a party or wear a costume. He is invisible to the edit otherwise.
Austin? Gets the occassional nice girl moment that has nothing to do with game.
Even during her HOH.
Did they throw the veto to Ro, or did he gun against them, then go back on his word to save one of them? This becomes important next week. Neither is good for Rohan.

Ro not using the veto? well. He’ll get that villain edit he wanted, maintain the Vic is a mastermind chaos player edit, and make himself the next big target.
Vic is using him.
He’s already been clocked trying to peel Beth off the triangle.
He’s on Kiefer’s craplist because Kief resents he has money already (hey, that’s the basics of what Kief said).
Only Kiefer vendetta more shallow is wanting Brey gone because Brey got a costume and a slop pass, and Kiefer doesn’t want competition for air time. No really. That’s his reason.
Silly Kiefer, without those moments… Breydon gets no airtime. Tera and Tina sit gets more airtime.

Vic told Jed she has a slop pass? Or Vic told Jed she’s the HOH? I think both.
After Ro said the boys were telling everyone Vic is the HOH, I guess this is her move. Vic was unable to use her slop pass, because she didn’t lock it in beforehand with production? I don’t know.

Kiefer is currently lying about day numbers and comp names to people like Tina and Tera. Futher, he’s told them there are 96k balls in the pit, he’s done the math. Reminder: the ball pit started with 160 k balls.

What does this do to the board in terms of the alliances of the season, if no secret power is revealed?
This move effectively defeats the Oddballs side (leaving the Misfits to either be absorbed into the middle group, or for Rohan to be tricked by the sunsetter group).
So, the middle is now the other side with this move.

What would be the state in the game for each remaining?
What happens to Breydon? Breydon staying becomes Beth’s puppy when it is revealed conclusively to Breydon that Vic is HOH. Or he joins the Tina Tera group to become comedic foil with Kiefer. Both options disgust me.
What happens to Austin? She remains the big target of both sides. This is real low in probability, face it


bbcan9 WEEK FIVEB.jpg

Disappointed in Ro — If it’s true he asked Austin to throw it to him — I’m not impressed. That means he relied on her to ensure he’d be safe by winning POV but now that he has he won’t use it on her. That’s a dick move.

As Another Name said he’s got a terrible read of the game & THIS decision is sinking a bunch of people’s games not just his own. I get TNT being scared to make a move but Ro?

Hope EVERYONE votes for Austin to win Skip the Dishes so it’s a not so subtle message to Vic that we were hoping for a different target.

I’m going to hold out hope this week is the “April Fool’s” joke b/c it doesn’t make sense this BS week would count (with a predetermined winner & no chance to truly make an HOH argument to fight to stay).

Too bad — this season had the makings for a good one – but it takes one step forward and then falls off a cliff backward. Big time BOO – over this production-led plot change. You’d think they would check the sites to know this will cost them the most popular person in the house (in polls).

Does anyone have a read on how true Ro is going to be with the trio? This decision not to use POV is helping them but based on comments that the group has made it seems both Vic & Keiff are ahead of Ro –am I wrong?

So he’s making this big gesture with the POV to take out Austin/protect Ty/Jed/Beth when the reality is — all it does is MAYBE move him in front of TNT (if that).

I really wish Kyle had stayed instead of Ro — his read & decision-making truly are that bad.

Oh well — I hope it comes out today or tomorrow that Vic is the HOH — I’d like to see Breydon rip her a new one. Vic has/had potential to be an amazing player but she is driven by tiny little things that make her emotional. (Did she really think Austin should say yes keep Vic & evict me? — like come on).

It feels very much like how many previous seasons play out with the females never able to get along & always targeting each other.

another name

do we have any idea why they were locked in hoh a lot? Tina had said that they had been locked in hoh for a long time and called out one by one.
Nom cover? invisible hoh cover?
that was my original reason for saying there might be an invisible power release. that’s how they had the powers found in two seasons: while there was an hoh lockdown.


so you think (Brey/Aus) might’ve gotten a secret power that replaces them OTB? or just saves them? I still think it’s the April Fools joke -b/c in the event something similar to what happened with Britney & Sarah they have to replace the noms which would mean they’d have to say Vic is the HOH & therefore safe.

another name

I think production wants feeders to think it’s a possibility.
Closing the house today and limiting them to the back yard.
Having them in the HOH for hours, while feeds were down as reported by Tina.

I don’t think it would be a direct copy of the brit sarah thing. but an invisible power that replaces a nom with a person of their choosing, or puts up a third nominee as an invisible veto takeover option.
IF they were to do it.
Which i still doubt because of edit.

another name

I’m STILL of the opinion that Austin and Breydon are oblivious… BUT… Rohan takes the cake in the bad read society.

  • He’s been told by Austin and Breydon NEVER say anything to Beth that you don’t want the boys to know. Millions of times. He goes to Beth with a plot to take out the boys.
  • He’s been told VIc is the HOH a million times. He’s telling everyone that knows the HOH is Vic that Ty is the HOH. Everyone knows now. Except Rohan.
  • He thought the deal with Jed and Ty was on the up and up until Kyle convinced him otherwise. THREE times.
  • He thinks Kiefer is fine with him now. He was the one that misread fireworks leading to the stupid pantrygate. He was the one that convinced Kyle that Kief was on their side. Kyle wanted to roll with Brey and Austin at that point, but that plan didn’t come together for a week longer because Rohan was busy spilling things to Kiefer and insistent that they HAD Kief, so didn’t need Austin and Breydon.
  • He thinks Vic is his partner now. I mean. Really?

The guy cannot see the motivations of others, because he only plots a course of actions where HIS motivations are shared by all.
The boys want Rohan gone as early as next.
Vic and Kief want Rohan gone if he won’t take a shot at the boys.
Tina and Tera have trust issues with Ro and always did (they trusted Kyle, tolerated Rohan).
Not using the veto actually decreases his place in the game. Especially when Austin blows her top by Thursday and talks loyalty and trust. You can see by the look on Austin’s face talking to Rohan. Even as he’s justifying without apologizing for not using the veto… she’s upping her defcon level. At some point, someone is going to shade her and she’s going to go into a truthbomb tirade.

So now, as Ro tries to convince Tera the HOH is Ty, when Tera KNOWS the HOH is VIc (and told Austin)… does he think he’s doing something? Tera and Tina talking about thinking Vic is the HOH… Tera more than thinks. Vic was less subtle to Tera.
The entire ‘maybe we should keep Austin’ talk between Ro and Tera is suspect to me. Yeah, they’re clocking Breydon gluing himself to Beth. But, if they can’t agree on the HOH premise *again, because Ro can only see his own motivation and believes he is a better judge than everyone else… can we even momentarily take this convo seriously?

Rohan’s game bothers me because Rohan is consistently Rohan’s undoing. Think of the position he sits in if he didn’t have that target the boys conversation with Beth.
Think of where he sits if he uses the veto instead of believing he gets the remainder of the pair, and gets to sit in the middle between the TIna Tera side and the Sunsetters. He gets none of it because of their OWN motivations that Ro is UNWILLING to read.


yeah — it’s why I’m thinking this show is FULLY scripted now b/c Ro was told over & over last week how Vic was being & just kept ignoring it. He’s’ heard Aus/Brey were her targets both from the boys AND from her.

The fact he has ZERO influence with Vic should scream yo – buddy – she’s not your F2.
He either elects to put blinders on to information he doesn’t want to hear or this is the script.

Either way – him requesting the POV be thrown to him & Brey/Aus saying “are you sure you have no problem using it b/c we don’t want to look like fools?” is running on Twitter now making Ro look like the smarmiest of everyone in the house.

That conversation with Austin on why he wasn’t going to use it made my skin crawl- — I mean just shut up Rohan – you F’d me I get it — you’re game is more important — he just kept going & going & going until she cried. I can’t. Just shut up Ro.

Question— does anyone have a time stamp for Vic complaining that Austin won’t talk to her? Or when Tera confirmed to Austin that it’s Vic who is HOH?

another name

Vic complaining about Austin in the bedroom was somewhere around 1030 am i think.
Austin talking to Tera in the bathroom is somewhere around 925 am.
Austin says “well we know who it is” and Tera whispers. Austin says “yeah it’s ty or vic.” and Tera does a heavy exhale then as the conversation goes on says ‘why would Vic do that,’ or ‘i’m sorry Vic did that.’ it was before 945 am when i poured coffee.

Joe Franco

If Vic is HOH, what a wasted HOH. She could have broken up Jed and Ty.
Honestly her and Kiefer as Super Fans are quite disappointing

Mr George H Lewis

How is Rohan even considering not using the veto, his only two close allies are on the block. He is obviously the next target if Austin goes. Eyeroll.

Mr.george lewis

Rohan is so stupid use the veto rohan

Mr George H Lewis

This is an imposter named Thomas


Bye austin shouldve kept Josh safe 🙁 now the bros you kept safe turned on you 🙁


This is sooo good literally austin kept Rohan safe and evicted Josh now it came back to bite her I told you Austin


Josh my bb this is for you <3

another name

Austin is going through with her plot to begin burning people, it seems.

  • Austin knows Vic is the HOH. silent treatmenting Vic. VIc is livid.
  • Austin told Tina and Tera the trio are after them for not playing big brother.

Meanwhile, Breydon is gluing himself to Beth. Noticeably.
Kiefer has decided Brey has to go next (All based on perception of who is getting air time… ffs you KNOW that’s why).

Pretty foregone conclusion now that between Kief, Vic and Austin (Brey is ineligible) Austin will get the skip the slop. I don’t bother voting for such things, but come on. Knock Kief’s ego down a peg or 20. please.

Fast tracking the POV ceremony to today. mmhmmm.

Vic says Austin has to go because they were close and then Austin got closer to Breydon (so… jealousy / scorn?) this is a false justification… it just has to be. Or maybe not.
We know Kiefer’s motivation: who is getting airtime, in his opinion, must be the next eviction.
Austin is silent treatmenting both Rohan and Vic. Quite happy to talk to Brey, Tina and Tera. Her anger at Beth is growing as well.

Quick check, and yes the official account has Kyle telling Ro to use the veto.

another name

As Tina and Tera talk to Kief about keeping the bigger target (Austin) so that the next HOH doesn’t say Tina and Tera to split up a pair… Kiefer is THIIIIIS close to using because she’s a bitch as his reason to not want to keep her. Look at his body language. Look at his face. He’s that close. He’s covered it up around the women in the house for the most part, but what he says to the bros is far more telling.
The way I think about it: If Jed is a douchecanoe… Kiefer is the paddle.

Tina and Tera actually do make a valid point. If the entire house hates her, keeping her means that the house has a unified target. Won’t happen. They lost the numbers advantage and now they’re just a pair tilting at windmills, because every one of their allies is kneeling at the receiving end of covid sanctioned gloryholes for the bros.

Kiefer however, anyone that is buying that Kiefer wants to honor his final 2 with Vic, and anyone that honestly believes that Kiefer wants to go to the end with Vic, Tina and Tera… allow me to remind you: Kief is a guy’s guy in the bad way. His go to is thinking “he has the women” and they’ll do what he tells them.
Don’t believe for one second that Kief is turning his back on the boys. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Since I’m not a huge fan of twists… I don’t REALLY want another this week.
Let me explain: I don’t want another to be thrown in because I think Au / Brey have played well. They haven’t.
a twist like an invisible veto or invisible nom replacement diamond curlyfries power of whatever?
I’d like to see how that is maneuvered.
Why? The invisibility cloak is dropped since Vic has told Kief and Jed she’s HOH. She’s inferred it enough to Tina and Tera that the only word she hasn’t used is HOH, but she’s said everything else.
So… If Vic (who has gotten a golden opportunity without repraisal… when does bb do that in bbcan) has to choose… who does she choose?
Let’s see her try to blame someone else.
For that reason alone, I’d be okay with a twist on a twist week. For the drama ONLY.


So — the big powerful trio of Jed, Ty & Beth have all of ONE POV credit to their names.

No HOH wins but also never been on slop. WHY is everyone so afraid of them unless TPTB are telling them — sorry that’s not in the script?

another name

Dear Production,
If you give Kiefer a secret power, as he has told Tina he will be getting…
we’ll be having some words. Most of them bleeped.


No F***ing kidding!


So – got the tea in playbacks —

Rohan BEGGED Austin/Brey to pick him as their houseguests choice & then to throw him the POV — Austin asked him FIVE times to confirm he’d have no issue using the POV & that he wouldn’t see that as hurting his game & he said 100% every time & even suggested they throw it to him. As soon as he won he shifted to 110% I cannot use it on you.

What a loser – not impressed. I feel for Aus/Brey who KNOW Vic is screwing them too, not sure they know she has HOH — but they know she’s full of crap.

I want so badly for both of them to be saved & tbh – at this point I’d rather see Vic, Ro, or Keif on the block b/c of the nasty, low-brow manner in which they play their games.

another name

The conversation between Tera and Austin in the bathroom. When Austin said ‘we know who the HOH is’ and Tera whispered “VIc” and Austin answered Vic or Ty. I’m 99% sure that was where it comes from. Added to the trio saying Vic, to now have the other side saying Vic?
Austin was starting to lay out how Ro had asked them to throw him POV and had promised 5 times. She told Tera that the trio had been pushing a 5 alliance on Au/Brey, saying that it isn’t fair thatTera and Tina are not even playing, but they’ll make jury.

I don’t have a problem with Ty’s game. I was sussed out by week 2 and his involvement in the whole flirting for showmance thing when it looked like he and Austin were a showmance about to happen. At that point Ty was weighing sunsetters or showmancers as his priority.
He chose sunsetters out of loyalty to LaToya. I prefer Ty alone to Ty and Jed because Jed in a room with anyone just makes the other person more of an asshole.
Jed? he can go. nope #1.
Beth? she can go because her edit is not her game. I hate that.
Kiefer? nope #2. Big time. sorry Kief fans. another edit protected houseguest.
Ro? not surprised by his actions. He plays like it’s a business meeting and he’s an outside contracted team leader assigning tasks without knowing the logistics of the task, or the office dynamic of his team.
Vic? Are we shocked? She was ALWAYS going to want to be the third to Jed and Ty. She said so week 2. Everything else is smoke.
I don’t have a problem with TIna, other than I don’t see her being able to make it to the end.
I don’t have a problem with Tera in theory. But in execution Tera is a MESS.
I don’t have a problem with Au/Brey as people. As gamers? Oblivious.

In terms of how they play the game? Ty and Tina are my best options as respected.
In terms of how they are edited? Beth and Kief can kick rocks. they won’t. They should.
In tems of my gut level disdain? Jed and Kief need to go. So they’ll likely stay forever.
In terms of likeablity? Why bother, every season the ones i like go long before the final 5.