“one of you is going regardless.. so umm.. obviously it sucks for you guys”

Head of Household: VIC
Nominations: Breydon and Austin
The Power of Veto Players are: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin, Ty
POwer of Veto Winner: Ro
Power of Veto Ceremony: Rohan did not use the veto.
Have nots: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin

11:30 am Roshow and Breydon
Ro – if it’s the boys, tina, Tera, and Beth in the end that’s f***ed

Ro says if one of Breydon and Austin are going anyways why would he rick pissing off the house.
Ro – the conversations we had on the couch before. I fully intended to use it. I thought I could work myself around this.
Breydon – find a way out
Ro – find a way out to use it on Austin or on you. So I genuinely did think that. The only thing I didn’t share with you guys is what I was thinking.. like what are the consequences of this.
Ro – I thought I could have ironed them out but obviously that is not the case. Obviously, I should have shared it so one of you went out to win.. but I was in a different mindset at the time. There’s an invisible HOH we kinda think it’s TY but at the same time, anything can happen.
Ro – I’m sorry fr talking all the time. It’s like me airing out my conscious
Breydon says Ro is the only person in the house he can trust now
Ro – I hope that trust is still there that I didn’t portray it

Ro asks if Austin is really mad at him
Breydon – She’s mad she’s mad at herself and pissed off at the fakeness of the players
Ro says he sees that he doesn’t want her to think this decision is him playing into “them”
Ro – Or playing the same game they’re doing or getting stuff done for them. It’s not that we all know what is happening here we will do our best to win and get them out of the house
Breydon – she’s like I can’t stand the fakeness..
Ro – one of you is going regardless.. so umm.. obviously it sucks for you guys you have to play against each other. If she comes down you are going home
Breydon – for sure I told her that..

They hug it out.

12:00 pm Austin and Roshow
Ro – Did you sleep ok
Austin – I didn’t sleep much
Ro – I didn’t sleep either for what it’s worth
Ro – Ok I just want to start with the conversations we had on the couches prior to the veto and LIke want you to know I genuinely did want to use it on you and when you guys asked me about that I thought that if I did win I could iron out whatever needed to be ironed out and use it on you to be taken off. I thought I could deal with the consequences and make sure that it didn’t affect me negatively. Obviously, I was wrong in that line of thinking. It’s not that I sat that and lied to you on the couch I genuinely did want to pull you off the block.
Ro – I got way over my head
Austin says she would have appreciated honesty more when it came down to the three of them and he wanted them to throw it to him
Austin – you said YEAH 100%
Ro – yup
Austin – I asked you probably 4 or 5 times.. and you said 100 percent.
Ro goes over many talking points outlined above. Adds that he will do everything with Breydon to them “them” out of this game (the boys and their ilk)
Ro – If I win HOH this week they are both going up (heard that before)
Ro – I don’t want this to be seen as me doing what they want me to do
Ro says he wants to pull Austin down but “she” and “Jed” have been very clear they will vote to evict Breydon “One of you two will go home regardless of what happens”
Austin – yup
Ro says if one of them is getting evicted anyways he doesn’t want to damage his game by using the veto.
Ro – the best game decision is not to use it. I can’t apologize enough I know this is a game I didn’t think it would be this hard. I’m not going to ask you to forgive me I hope will be over it given time.
Ro says the boys are saying Austin is “hard pitching” to Ro to use the veto to put up Tina and Tera.
Austin says she’s already being ignored by the house
Ro – I am not going to seclude you from the house.
Austin says she’s used to it especially among girls, “I’m used to it I’m fine”

12:00 pm Tina and Tera
They bring up Ro mentioning if they can get the votes to save Austin. Tera says Vic wants Austin out this week there won’t be a flip.
Tera – she wanted her out last week
Tina – we need four votes.. if it’s me, you, Ro
Tera – I was what about Keifeffr but Keifer is too close to Breydon he wouldn’t do it.
Tera adds that Ro wants to have the conversation with Vic and She doesn’t want him to know there is no way Vic would flip. She’s wondering how to stop him.
Tera – I told him to wait about it I don’t know how to say DON’T tell Vic otherwise it will travel to the boys
Tina – it’ll go to the boys and put a target on Ro’s back
Tera – targets already on ros back
Tina – it’ll be more
Tina – Ro can’t have a conversation with Vic it will blow it up completely
They contemplate if they can get Kiefer to flip.
Tera – he won’t make a shot against them (Boys)
Tina – he won’t.. .he’s teetering now
Tera – he won’t make a direct play against them while both are still standing say one of us wins HOH..
Tina – we take one of them out.. yes
Tera – if one of them come down he will vote one of them out
Tina agrees
Tera – that’s the only situation in my eyes he goes against them and even after that he might not be fully against them he might go with the other one and try to grow that bond.
Tina – I don’t think so
Tera says Vic is playing both side but has to know she’s better off with them, “Those guys are full of bullshit she HAS to see that”
Tina says it doesn’t matter who Vic is sitting next two beside either Jed or Ty. Vic is winning the season.
Tina – it’s not going to f***ing matter. Vic’s game is a lot stronger and if she’s the invisible HOH it doesn’t matter who she is sitting up against she’s going to get jury votes.
Tera says the boys will not take Vic to the end.
Tina – she will go to the final 3 with 2 of them
Tera – no she won’t she’ll go with us.
Tina – I don’t know
Tina says Vic will take one of the boys and she will win.
Tina points out that Vic lies to them.
Tera – you don’t think Beth wants Ty outta here?
Tina – not yet..
Tina thinks final 6 is when that group starts making a move on themselves.
Tera – which means we are f***Ed. They will continue pegging people. It will start with Ro then whoever is left. Or they might flip the script and put us up because we are the last pair
Tina – that is what will happen
Tera – we have to win at this point.
Tera laments not winning the HOH, “I would have put the two boys up and on slop including Kiefer”
Tina – I would LOVE to see them on f***ing slop
(give TNT an HOH ASAP)
Tera – I don’t think it’s Ty I really do think it’s Vic
Tina – I agree, I had it down to Beth and Vic but… I think it’s Vic
Tera – I’m so over their arrogance
Tina – what I wouldn’t give to walk in a room and see a fancy veto for me to take and throw their asses right up quick.. Swap out the two.
Tera – that would be so amazing
Tera – the worst part is we will have to take the shot then we’ll be in serious trouble the next week. We will feel all the heat for that.
Tina – if one of us can get it and get one of them out
Tera – you kinda have to go for it
Tina – you have to take that chance
Tera – between me and you, if it’s a double situation. you almost have to take out Vic
Tina – you have to take her out one the double or backdoor
Tera – she will go insane the house will be so uncomfortable, She’ll go nuts. She is playing dangerously both sides.

3:30 pm Feeds are down…

6:43 pm Feeds had been down for a good while. No idea why.

Rohan still not useing the veto. Austin still the target.

6:51 pm Ty and Beth
Comparing notes about Tina trying to protect Tera.

7:00 pm Tina and Ro
Tina says Tera and Ro are people she 100% trusts. Vic is lowest on her totem pole out of her inner group. (none Beth, Jed, Ty)

9:36 pm Apparently they already had the Power of Veto Ceremony. Rohan didn’t use it.

10:30 pm Breydon has been talking with beth. Kiefer is in the ktichen.

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Please keep Austin.

She’s gorgeous.

Guy From Canada

Is Vic really a super fan, or a couch potatoe that watches the show? When there is a clear divide in the house, why remove a solid pair on the other side? Is she looking are breaking up pairs so the singles all target the trio? She does realize if the singles are sheep (which they are acting) then the singles will play it safe and take out singles cause it leaves less blood on their hands for the following week. Put the trio up, get two people gunning for you, put the singles up have at least 1 possibly two people gunning for you…….. what horrible game play…..


Couch potato. It’s impossible to be a superfan
and supposedly employed in Canada because the live feeds are only up 6 hours a day.


These people are dumb as dirt. That’s why Austin offends them so much. She smarter than all of them combined and more beautiful rolling out of bed in the morning than the other women after hours of makeup and brushing and re brushing their fake hair. I’m hating this season.

another name

During the feed outage:
It’s gotten back to VIC that Tina and Tera were talking about a vote flip.
Either Tina and Tera went to Jed and Beth about it
Kiefer went to Jed and Beth about it.
Vic knows and is adamant that Austin has to stay the target.
Beth is saying Vic all but admitted she’s the HOH by the end there.

The convo between Kief, Tina, Tera and Vic is an interesting one.
If I’m Tera, I’m low key picking up that Vic is saying Tina and Tera are the next house target.
If I’m Vic, I’m picking up that Tera is saying Vic could be a target for her comp wins (she included the team HOH first comp that everyone has been forgetting).
If I’m Tina, I’m totally picking up that this “Rohan might use the veto” is not the actual subject of the conversation… that the real conversation is ‘vote out Austin.’

What i don’t understand, When Tina and Tera talk afterwords is their confirmation talk about Vic being HOH. When VIc told them they were safe this week as feeds returned, and talked about the slop pass… that boat sailed. This feels wrong, like for the episode edit of reality level wrong.

Something is off. Since the last feed return. Something smells off. Not Dr. Penfield I smell burnt toast off, and not Shakespeare’s Denmark off… but somewhere in between.


Ro STOP going to Austin & looking for her to make you feel better about not using the POV — like grow some semblance of decency. She’s already feeling shafted by Vic & now you too so STOP IT == it’s not up to her to make you feel better for screwing her over. I can’t

another name

Here is what I’m having the most trouble with this week:
In the promotional image of the HOH comp, all of their screens are visible in the 310-349 range. Tera has 310. Vic has 340. Everyone but Ty is in the 322-336 range.
Explain how Tera and Vic were within 1 number of each other when it reached 688.


I’ve been saying that OVER & OVER – -this was NOT a won HOH by Vic this was handed to her by production -it’s bullshit – just like this fake season. I mean how in the world are Ty & Jed getting this ‘super strategist comp beast edit” when ALL they’ve won is ONE POV? Seriously? How?

Cheryl Z

FYI. That’s against the law. They can’t fix anything. Any competition show must follow the same rules as set out by the olg . Everything is predetermined ahead of time to have a totally random winner

Guy From Canada

It’s not in the US. Much reality tv is scripted. I feel like Survivor (maybe the challenge) is the least scripted, then everything else is worse. Bachelor, production keeping people. Big brother rigging stuff (Cody winning the first HOH was televised rigging, ignoring the blow horns ect). Reality tv is very scripted unfortunately, I think it’s game shows that are against the law as a competition show.

another name

actually, no law is being broken because it’s classified as a reality entertainment program and not a gameshow, no.

another name

Well… remember how hard they had to dig through weekly feeds to find comments from Pilar that made her sound even 1/2 way cognizant for episodes in season 3? They had to dig deeeeeeep.
Remember how they edited Paras to be a mastermind when literally every time she hatched a plot in her designated camera talks(no really one of the cams was paras talks to the feeders for the better part of the season) the opposite would happen?
Remember how they edited it that nobody knew about Prettyboys?
The show chooses a storyline, develops it by the end of week 2 and will move hell or high water to make sure that storyline is followed. They’ll call people into d/r and tell them not to nominate specific people. They’ll move up a ceremony.
They’ll manufacture or delete an advertised twist, or alter the power of the twist after it’s been voted on.
It’s reality based entertainment.

Here is how Jed and Ty got in their position:
They’re floaters.
Tell me about oh, they can’t be, their one of the power sides in the house. I say:
This season has floater alliances that suck up to HOH after HOH. An entire alliance whose function is to suck up and occupy an HOH room until after the veto ceremony, then ghost.
Week two: they want a fourmance alliance between the triangle and Austin. until after the veto ceremony then they ghost her.
Week three: they tell Vic they want to work with her (and as someone that felt neglected or ostricized from the coolkids, as she had previously TOLD them, it’s music to her ears).
Week four: they occupy the HOH room of the disposable they voted out. Preach loyalty at him until the end of the week when they tell Kief they’ve got to make it look like they aren’t a strong four… and ghost him.
Week five: they flatter Vic by telling her she’s their new fourth, taking Kiefer’s place (until her HOH is over anyway). give it until Tuesday, and the distancing will occur again.

Cheryl Z

My strategy if I was playing, would be to focus more on the counting then the button. If the number I ended up with on the board didn’t match the one in my head I would have reconciled it at the end with the button really fast. By adding how many I missed. I know I would have had a hard time keeping up both at the same time. Not as easy as it looks.

another name

Dear Rohan,
Use the veto to save Breydon.
If forces the invisible HOH to show their true colours to the house.
Keep thinking it’s Ty if you want.
Everyone else knows better.

Tina tells Rohan to be careful sharing information with Vic. Rohan gives Tina sanctimonious smarm in response. Tina tells Rohan they have to target the trio. Rohan says we need Beth even though she’d fake and shady.
Rohan tells Tina he’s with them and unwavering…. ummm, the last time he used the word unwavering was right before the veto comp to Austin and Breydon. And Tina and Tera know about that conversation.
Oh. I’d be so sketched if I were Tina. SOOOO sketched.

SO Rohan’s view of the game: Tina gets Kiefer on board, Breydon gets Beth on board, and Rohan talks to Vic. All to go after the boys. Raise your hand if you think this is a brilliant plan. Put your hands down. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Wait. Did it finally sink in to Ro that Vic is playing both sides?
Breydon and Austin tell Ro that Vic was called to d/r and then they called in Ty for a second.
I doubt it… that’s not a part of Rohan’s sanctioned action plan.


Since I can’t have nice things — I’m hoping for different ‘dramatic” things to play out this week

Vic is apparently upset that Austin is giving her the cold shoulder (sorry but that’s funny you can F your “BFF” but she can’t shut you down for “F’ing her” lol).

Therefore, I kind of hope Vic does Vic & lets this keep building up to a point where she blows up about Austin cold-shouldering her — like how dare she — & so she’ll mess up & say something to which Austin & Brey can bury her with —

Brey can say — just so you know Ty/Jed/Beth — this nonsense about LaToya’s eviction was ALL LIES. — SEVEN of us were protecting Vic’s lies b/c she targeted LT to go on the first day & even your boy Keifer knows that b/c he bragged about how good his acting was all week pretending he was leaving. LT had to go so Vic could take her spot & word to the wise Beth— be careful b/c now you are in her way with them — But hey she’s an equal opportunity throat cutter… Like this week Ty — you’re getting buried as the invisible HOH — the problem is we know it’s Vic.

Austin can chime in — you’re such a narcissist Vic you couldn’t stay quiet it was KILLING you not to share. Even though you’re working hard to pin it on Ty– I mean she sat in a room with us saying how much he hates us & how disgusting it is he put us on slop & OTB– But see Vic that’s the problem neither Ty nor Beth have the same cruelty gene you do — you sat there saying those things winking at the camera. It’s not enough for you that we’ll lose, it’s not enough for you to position us as unworthy & unlikeable nope — you NEEDED to humiliate & embarrass us.

But listen Vic — has reality set in yet??? — That you just threw away two jury votes? That NO ONE believes you can be trusted to work with & that you’re uber petty & jealous? & it’s not b/c you wanted to renege on a F3 alliance it’s the fact you needed to be cruel in the process.

I mean why would I want someone in my life who went out of her way to humiliate & embarrass me for what — an extra 5 seconds of camera time? Here’s what I think of the camera’s Vic — (walk right up to the cameras raise her middle fingers & say) “Enjoy your 15 mins of fame Vic –I hope my humiliation, embarrassment & friendship was worth it and btw go F*ck yourself”.

I would live for Brey/Aus to put her on blast.

As for Ro— if I were Austin & Breydon I’d sit him down & say — just so we’re crystal clear – you want to work with whoever stays — but we can’t ever rely on your support or help to save us right? You refuse to see the obvious that Vic is HOH as well so you must have some fake F2 with her I guess. And as for next week if you’re on the block & I win POV you wouldn’t expect me to use it on you b/c if I did that would only increase my target with people who don’t have any intention of working with me anyway — RIGHT? Like that’s what we’re doing here today right?

I mean he’s so selfish & blind – I think they have to make him see just how selfish he’s being.

another name

oh ffs.
Someone please tell me that Rohan’s insistence doesn’t have Austin back to thinking Ty is the HOH.
Rohan. Go sit in a corner somewhere.


Probably — but all she needs to do is talk to TNT & they’ll straighten her out — doesn’t matter b/c it’s STILL going to come out & when Vic turns on Ty it’ll be TV gold.

I mean – I’m not sure about you but that chat between Vic/Austin about the stupid hair ties was played up like Austin was talking about Beth re: can’t stand girls who just take down other girls — but I didn’t buy that for one second – it was Austin letting Vic know “I know what you did & I know who you are!” (IMHO)

FWIW — I STILL think Austin isn’t going anywhere on Thursday — I think it’s going to be the April Fool’s Day joke. Another reason why I believe this is on the Wikipedia calendar there are slots for seven evictions leading up to the finale & the last 3 standing — BUT that would mean no double or triple evictions — which is highly unlikely.

So I’m clinging to my delusions that Austin stays and one of ARB WINS HOH. I also think before Thursday Ty will sit her down & confirm he was NOT the invisible HOH & want her to know before she leaves b/c I don’t think it sat well with him being pinned as being someone who would put AB on slop & also nominate them.

If I’m right I’m DYING for a close-up on Vic if (WHEN) that happens…I’m speaking it into existence. I’m also super keen to see Jed, Ty, Beth on slop — I’d also put Vic on it as payback but she’ll have the slop pass so that’s a waste — knowing how tight Keifer is with them they just need to put him on it. But something tells me it’ll only be 3 people on slop next week –even if Austin & Brey stay — maybe I’m wrong but that’s my instinct.

another name

It’s spreading.
Beth told Breydon that Vic is the HOH by saying “when Vic put you guys on slop” while they chatted in expedia.
Breydon told Austin that Beth is trying to frame Vic.
Rooooohan. bad Rohan. Bad.
Breydon had the entire house dynamic sussed out when he talked with Rohan earlier, and Rohan just had to keep flapping his yap because Vic’s style of game doesn’t line up with how Rohan thinks everyone should be playing according to his powerpoint presentation.
wagging a finger at Rohan. Bad.


Yeah – he’s UBER annoying — he doesn’t read the house he paints it with the narrative he WANTS it to be. It’s sooooooooooooo annoying.

But — still— I do believe before Thursday it will be outed by Ty to Austin that Vic was the invisible HOH & in a way that isn’t shady – one where he’s simply clearing the air so she doesn’t leave feeling he would do that to her or that the trio would.

Then WHEN both Austin/Breydon stay & one of ARB wins HOH the sh*t will hit the fan as Vic panics — tossing Ty/Beth UTB & they’ll likely have to call her out publicly in an effort to save themselves. Not that it’ll matter b/c the only nomination that can occur if ARB or TNT wins is Jed/Ty with Vic as the backdoor option.

Although we know Ro won’t do that – until he learns Vic is targeting him & that he was due to be OTB if she won HOH & even in that scenario I’m not sure he’ll believe it — it’s more likely he won’t believe it until Vic actually puts him OTB then he’ll finally stop and realize how bad his reads are. — and by that point he’ll be sitting outside talking to Arisa.


There goes Rohan and Kyle’s relationship.