“Putting him up and not sending him home… I can say that’s the biggest move of my game”

Head of Household: JED
Nominations:Tera and Tina Kiefer
The Power of Veto Players are: everyone but Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Tera
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tera used the power of veto and Kiefer was the replacement

Big Brother Spoilers – They want to keep Kiefer now it’s funny.

6:10 pm Jed and Kiefer
Kiefer starts off saying he will take Jed to the end he’s not confident Ty and Beth will. “I don’t think they think they can beat you”
K – I am a guaranteed final two never cut you EVER
K – I know this decision was made on its own it was a three-person decision I’m not putting all the blame on you,. It just hurts man.. Your people if it was you or Ty? You don’t even get a chance to fight for yourself.

Kiefer – what is best for your game?
K – I feel like it’s too late
Jed – I said this all week. If Tera comes down I see you and Tina as a strong pair
K – I would cut Tera and Tina in a heartbeat for you guys I told Tera to her face she would go up in the double.
K – I swear on my family and my kids I would take you Jed

K – to be the best you have to beat the best
Kiefer – Ty doesn’t win against you
Jed – I know for a fact he doesn’t (for a fact?)
K – that’s why Beth will take him
Jed – ty won’t take Beth.. I actually don’t know what will happen
K – I’ve never been disloyal I’ve always had your back.

Kiefer – you have to win out without me you don’t have to win out.
Jed – I really have to consider that.
Keifer – I’ve never said your name
Keifer goes on about how he’s never swore on his family in this game and he’s swearing on his family now.

Kiefer – to be cut by you it stings different
Jed – I got caught up with the size of the move
K – it’s a big move if you take me out and make it to the end you do win in this game.
Keifer says Jed’s odds of getting to final 2 goes down

Jed – you’ve done the most honestly you’ve done everything I had dreamed of like you literally have
K – I just don’t want to go out like this.
K – I want you to see it how I see it because I haven’t been wrong yet..

Kiefer brings up the conversation with Beth where she told him JEd and Ty are making a mistake taking him out. Keifer says she’s doing jury management.
Kiefer says he needs three votes
Jed – you need two votes
K – you would have to break the tie
Jed – I would be comfortable with that if I had to

Kiefer says he got way too comfortable. Goes on about wanting to beat the best and not go out “by f***ing Rohan”
Keifer says if he went out when they hit the final 4 he can hang his hat on his performance “be so proud of what I did”
k – No matter what happens as soon as I walk out of that door my life will be instantly better doesn’t matter if I win or lose
Kiefer – I’m actually alright leaving at the 7 I feel like I had an impact on the game I feel like Canada potentially loves me

Jed – If Tina went home I think it still helps my game.. maybe it’s not a big move but keeping you is a big move.

Kiefer swears on his family and kids he’s not after Jed reiterates keeping him is a big move for Jed.
Kiefer says they could have put Breydon up and vote Tina out. “That’s why I said If I’m going on the block I’m going home”
k – Breydon is aiming at you man
Kiefer – I would never put a sunsetter up unless I was forced to by a power of veto and I’ve proven it

Jed – I’m sorry I put you through this I really am.
K – I feel like you’re my best shot and I’m your best shot
Keifer brings up the early days of the Defenders when the two of them shared a bond.
K – the struggle of staying off the block and getting me off the block.. you know what I mean
Kiefer- I would be proud if my son grew up like you (ZOMG)
Jed – that’s real sh1t

Jed – Kinda fires me up.
Kiefer – If I do go you got my vote, If you get there because you’ll have to win out
Jed – at the end of the day .. like first of all it’s nothing personal. It really killed me to do it like I said before this isn’t set in stone and at the end of the day mistakes can be made.
K – I feel loyal to the squad still

Jed is going to call a sunsetter meeting.
Kiefer – for your game it’s good to keep me, For Beth’s game, it’s good to keep me. For the four scenario
Jed says he respects Keifer “You’re an inspiration for me”

Jed – I don’t think you would swear on your family LIke V and go back on it.
Kiefer says he wanted to go the distance with Jed and LT, “LT was real as f*** I can’t be fake.. ”
Jed says there’s a chance Kiefer stays
K – I want to get to that Final 4 I know the odds are stacked against me. I don’t know the days that well..

7:00 pm Kiefer and Tera
Tera – do you think it’s set in stone
K – I dunno Jed is a hard guy to read.. He did say he felt he made a mistake.
Kiefer – I don’t think I am staying I don’t think he believes I won’t put him up.
Kiefer tells her if he stayed it’s because he promised them he wouldn’t put them up. That means he would have to put up Tera and Breydon. Tera would go if Breydon won veto
K – I don’t want to be in that position
Breydon joins them.
They talk about the party tonight. Kiefer says he’s heard there will be margaritas
Breydon leaves..
K – yeah I would rather just go. (then betray TnT.. lol)
K – he did say he thinks he made a mistake. That’s probably the last talk I’ll have with him though.

7:10 pm Jed and Beth
Beth goes over her conversation with Kiefer brings up the part where she said she felt Jed got caught up with wanting to make a big move after her big move.
Jed – I told him that. I told him I’m not too prideful to be like. Oh, I did it so I have to go through with it.
Beth – came with Vic last week
Jed – I’m not Vic on her HOH I’m not flipping on my HOH. I don’t care at this point.
Jed – To me if putting him up and not sending him home could be a bigger.. a big move.. in my mind. It is a BIG MOVE. The decision to not send someone home and to take a risk and then somehow down the line he ends up saving us again. I can say that’s the biggest move of my game.
Jed – I don’t have too much pride to take him down now after putting him up
Jed points out by keeping Kiefer in the house there’s a “bigger move” in the house over the two of them.
Jed – taking him out is a bigger move than us.. Like it hit me like it just hit me.. Even Tera said that to me today. She said yo know Kiefer going makes you and Beth really scary. I was like yeah.. I know

They hug and kiss.
Jed – I’m trying to do what’s best for us.
Jed slaps her a$$ “I think I love you”

7:45 pm Beth, Ty and Jed waffling again…
Ty – our concern originally was three of them being here.. sending BReydon home was the wrong move.. Putting Keifer up as a replacement.. we never said he was going home

Jed agrees
Ty – breaking up a duo and a Trio at the same time is a big move to me
they laugh
Jed – I made sure to say you’re not the target. I think that is why he can bounce back with the loyalty.. (ZOMG)

Jed – I really don’t think it’s better for our game if he goes
Beth brings up Keifer whole “Self eviction” game he’s been playing
Ty says he’s in full agreement with keeping Keifer “Tina has never done anything for us and she never will”
Beth – she never will
Ty – I still think we go Final 4 with Kief and just fight it out
Jed – at this point I’m down ..
Ty – he’s beatable
Ty says in every scenario keeping Kiefer is better for their game than TnT
Ty – we don’t need Breydon’s vote but we should get it.
They agree they should keep Kiefer now.

8:40 pm Tera and Kiefer
Tera tells him when they put you on the block they make you suffer
Tera – they will talk it over for hours and hours.. they really know how to f* with people
K – I don’t think there is a chance they keep me
Tera – I think they are thinking about it. they’ll talk about it for hours and hours
K – And nothing will change
Tera – painful
Tera – they really do just like to f** with people’s emotions
Tera – if they change their mind don’t be f**Ing loyal to those f***ers I can see them doing it though
Kiefer – I would have to be loyal to them if they changed their mind
Tera – you don’t have to be anything to anybody.. you say what you have to say in the moment
Kiefer – I don’t know
Tera – nothing is written in blood in this house. You play your game for Kiefer
Kiefer – I think I can beat them if they keep me. If they keep me this week I’m going to win this game
Kiefer – Surviving a backdoor. I just added a HUGE thing to my resume I would have to win every..
Tear – oh there’s music “party time!”
Kiefer – soembody’s phones range..
Feeds cut.

8:45 pm Tina and Tera
Tera brings up that the trio really likes to mess with people “Play with their emotions”
Tina – makes you wonder if all the tears were crocodile or not.
Tera – with who?
Tina – everyone
Tera – I really hope we can trust Breydon.. I think so
Tina – I honestly don’t think so. The same gut feeling I had with Vic I have with Breydon
Tera – do you think he’s up there telling them what we said
Tina – not to the extent Vic was doing it. I don’t think he’ll take a shot
Tera – he has to know he’s the next on their list
They laugh
Kiefer joins them.
Tera – day 46
K – Christ I can’t wait for day 48. These people are cold-blooded savages. They have no hearts
Tera – they don’t
K – It’s insane.. I’m going to be f***ing pissed if they keep me
Tera – they just toy with people that’s how I felt during the whole thing with Vic. I felt like a fat mouse and they were just f***ing with me trying to decide if they want to eat me or not
Kiefer says he feels like after this week he’ll be a cold-blooded savage.

8:48 pm Feeds down for a party

11:12 pm feeds down for party
12:07 am No feeds 4 u

1:46am Still blocked.. tune in tomorrow to hear all about the party BB wouldn’t show us 🙁

10:00 am Wednesday morning.. Feeds return they had a party last night. Buckle up for none stop waffling.

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another name


The oddballs all just gave Kiefer the finger.

Feeds Gold

good point simon, i hope brey tells them

Feeds Gold

who flipped?

Feeds Gold

look at that dumbass look on fessys face

i cannot believe the challenge have had him and josh on multiple seasons

another name

After watching a total of 20 minutes of a challenge episode about… 5 or 6 years ago… I can….
what season was it… family members season with some daft nimby embarrassment of a woman shouting cousin every twenty seconds. All I remember before saying nopelist that series.
How many bigbrother wannabe celebutards have they brought on? And have they started bringing on Survivor and Amazing race hasbeens too? I mean, with the network deal ratification, they have to have by now. I mean, the original ones i saw have to all be Tina’s age by now.

Feeds Gold


another name

JC is Production? Explains EVERYTHING.

another name

I’m quitting.
I’m leaving.
Let’s just vote now.
Guys, we were the sunsetters, kill them.
I can’t believe i’ve been saving their asses all game.

Stage direction: Goes to D/R.
Stage direction: Feeds down for an hour or more.

I’m gonna win.
Sunsetters for life.
I hate those Kyra’s.
I’ll keep that trio safe and be loyal because i owe them.

This episode brought to you by: a twelve year old plot writer with an undescended testicle that had to wear a helmet and oven mits to walk home after work every night, even before the pandemic.


if Keifer survives so will BBCAN

another name

Recap while they have a fiesta that Kief the linguist keeps calling a siesta:

  • Tina is still saying that Breydon would take a shot at TNT. She’s really hoping that sunsetters strong thing exists.. even while she’s on the block with Kief, a fellow sunsetter. Go Tina. No, go, tina. Go take a nap. Those 3 D/R you had on Monday really screwed with ur brain. I mean, you could actually have a game talk with Breydon. No, you could. Well you could have before Kief decided he’s sunsetters for life, ‘cus if you do now, he’s running back to Jed and telling them everything you say. But don’t campaign. No really. Why would you? To Fessy and the flipflop flippers of fouttecanada?
  • Tera is pushing If Kief stays and she wins HOH, Kief and Jed on the block. Everyone once in a while I say Tera for HOH. I’ll say it again. LOL. Production has taken note, Tera will not win the HOH.
  • Production and cam operators are still blocking Breydon talks about his sex life… while not blocking Jed and Beth talking about doing it via the backdoor in the shower. If Brey ever mentioned his backdoor…. cams would be off like 30 raccoons blew a transformer for at least 12 hours. What. It’s true. Hey, they blocked him cam talking game, for god sake, he’s blocked unless he is a listener in every conversation.
  • Ty thinks Kief would be down to target Beth. So he’s fine with the flip. Kief isn’t down to target Beth anymore, he wants Ty to do it.
  • Jed thinks Kiefer would F3 with Beth and Jed. So he’s fine with the flip. Kiefer would take Jed to the finals, because he’s that guy.
  • Beth…. has stopped thinking for a while, the D/R hasn’t given her a Parascam update in 36 hours.
  • Kief is going to have tinkly piano moment added to that bad fight music loop in the edit. woe is me on a couch followed by the What was I thinking , then the heroic campaigning ending with him saying sunsetters for life and a D/R that was recorded before his what was I thinking speech where he says he’s still going to have to act sad, but he’s a sunsetter for life. You know, the Linda Blair Exorcist Pea Soup plate special from the edit department.

The race is on for how fast the D/R can get Breydon and Tera to disregard everything that Kiefer told them yesterday. Just like Tera successfully forgot about learning about the sunsetters in week 3. Just like Breydon and Tina and Tera forgot that Kiefer was in on the evict Latoya plan. What could D/R possibly offer them for silence at this point?


lmfao really,my stomach hurts
wtg no name, you and TTOTambz compliment Simon and Dawg,


All commenters compliment here!!!


Right – Well apparently they (TPTB) were NOT happy Tera won the POV based on Brey’s comments so you know I’m puling for Tera to go crazy & pull out the HOH just to hear her nomination speech that made me giggle:

Jed take a seat — Keifer take a seat— Apparently you two are the only ones who can win the game so have at it. (LMAO)

Even if the F3 end up being totally production based I think that ^^^ speech alone would be worth it.

Feeds Gold

it would be a monumentally moronic mistake for someone like beth to want to keep queefer…another strong male player she would have no chance of beating in f2, and evicting tina one of very few she could potentially beat…queefer doesnt respect beth or her game

it will also make jed look weak to the jury…he had the chance to fry the biggest fish, but then got soft at the crucial moment…pissing away a potential game winning move, losing respect with the jury, and making queefer even more of a favorite if he survives until f2

the switch, if not just waffling, could be production reacting to queefers threats to vote against the trio if they are next to someone other than themselves

remember production is absolutely desperate for a poc/indigenous winner…by keeping queefer, who would then remain loyal to the trio in the game or as a jury member, because of his obsession of wanting to be in the greatest alliance alltime, production maximise the chance this happens, as its then 4 poc/indigenous guys all with a decent chance of winning if in f2 against 2 white women with neither having much chance of a win

beth, brey, tera should all see they need comp threat/f2 threat queefer gone and tina to stay who is easier to beat in comps and in f2, for their own individual games, comp win chances and f2 chances and vote that way

another name

Getting Tina out was a smart move for Jed and Ty, never Beth, before the trio talk with Kiefer, nom speech, and 24 hours of bitterness. That talk, that speech, that time, made it a stupid move to keep Kiefer.

Before the veto ceremony it broke apart Kiefer’s other option while at the same time split up a duo that would always vote together. Now, it’s a weak move of a coward afraid to pull the trigger and have to fight next week to stay. It makes Beth’s HOH move bigger because nobody on jury says “yeah, putting a big target on the block and keeping them IS the biggest move of the season, you’re so right, Jed.”
If I’m a juror that’s how I see it.

The bitterness has exposed the alliance, including name. That’s not good. It puts a target list in the air.
And Ty should knows it’s a bad move for Ty, which is why he’s saying they should bring Breydon in on the vote so that it doesn’t go to a tie. I think part of Brey’s talk to Ty about Ty being in the worst spot in the trio sunk in. He’s trying to keep Brey in the loop because Brey is the only person that has expressed wanting to see Ty in the finals, without wanting Beth there too. Tera’s talk with Ty reinforced it: who takes who to finals after winning final 3… and is anyone taking you? He’d be stupid to ignore that.

What it does via editing and production talk with jurors (shush, production talks to the jurors, this is widely known, they are prepped before they film the jury spots it’s a fact).
It makes Kiefer’s case to win better because he talked himself out of eviction.

What is SHOULD say to the jurors: So wait, they tried to evict you twice and you still exclaimed “i have to be loyal to them, I owe them?” and you didn’t target them… twice??? Kaywhateveryousayidiot.

It’s Tuesday. This group usually flips nine times on Wednesdays. If they bring Breydon in on the plan, Breydon will subtly steer them back on course for one reason only: Kiefer around is competition for the fourth seat that Breydon isnt willing to share. Brey has enough truth bombs about Kiefer now to incinerate him. The fact that they are 24 hours old? It was irrelevant because nobody was talking about keeping him before, he didn’t want to kick someone when they were down.



?Do not see that enough!


Current scenario feels uber ‘production’ directed.

I get why Keif would pitch he’s loyal to SS but WHY on earth would he honestly do that if he stayed? — Like Another Name pointed out Keif played the middle ground (and to be fair he did it well) with Vic & Tina BOTH believing they were his F2. His shift now to say he was ALWAYS SS loyal doesn’t match his prior commentary – specifically about having Brey, Ro, Vic and/or TNT to cut them. He repeatedly said taking Tina to the end was a winning proposition AND we KNOW he wants Beth out.

While Keif was always about the guys of SS – the truth is he spend FAR MORE TIME trying to secure a F2 with Ty and a F3 with Ty/Tina — so for him to suddenly be saying Jed was always his F2 is far fetched (read: production plot directed).

For eons I thought Tina’s constant mute state was her just being observant & keeping all these brilliant game ideas in her head. NOPE — it’s all a cover — like many in this cast (Ty, Jed, Beth) ALL she cares about is reaching F2. Unlike everyone else she has no delusions about winning – – just give her the 2nd place $$. In her head she’ll be the goat the trio drag to F4 & then turn on each other to keep her. I’m not even convinced if she unluckily won HOH (b/c she won’t try to win) she wouldn’t put up Breydon & Tera.

A serious question — If Blue Line thinks she’s toast & Keif is staying does she bury Keif? Does she even have 1) the ability to do it 2) enough goodies on him. (shrug on #1 and definitely on #2).

Really strong argument for Another Name’s presumption that all of Beth’s posturing is DR directed. Then again, last week she allowed the waffling to ensue all week until it was time to put her foot down to get what she wanted (Vic oust). It’s possible that’s happening again — b/c EVERYONE knows Keif is worst for her personally to keep. With the hat tip to Another Name it still might require a nudge from DR for that last minute Weds shift to oust Keif to happen (although I’m not sure it’s consistent with the new plot).

The other factor is Ty saying they should get Brey to vote “with them” which also opens the door for Brey to mist Ty & the trio. All he has to do is drop a few tiny tidbits from Keif’s game download about the trio & it would seal Keifer’s eviction.

I will say — if TPTB are on their game then the withheld Keif masterclass secret (acting dead during LT’s eviction) would be perfectly timed to come out now.

Dying to see how tonight’s bedtime chat between Keif/Brey goes given the shift in plot today.

another name

You mean Kiefer going to the D/R to bitch (literally what was happening) and feeds being down for so long before his monumental attitude shift looks prodogremlin produced? I’m shocked.

Tera knows the fix is in and Kief would actually crawl back to the Triangle.

Breydon hasn’t been told yet. Ty was in a towel stroking Breydon’s leg while Beth discussed footjobs with them… of course feeds went down. Oh I could do an hour long run on Brey says… oops feeds blocked. It’s the real story of diversity and acceptance this season. Hypocrites.

I think you’d questioned if Kief could bury Ty with the fauxmance talk and jokes. Realistically, would Kiefer? After all, Kiefer and Jed are the guys that insinuate the straight guys are gay, in order to belittle them, as if sexual preference is an insult or shameful. They’ve done so five times to my recollection. Even if Kiefer knew, he wouldn’t consider it a big deal that should bother Breydon, in my opinion.

another name

So. This fiesta with margaritas after the fouttrio decide keeping Kiefer?
gee. hangovers to block any flipbacktalk on waffle wednesday? Or reward for having the first fliptalk, because nobody is cooking them dinner anymore?

reminder of timeline today. Kief goes to D/R
feeds down for one hour, forty five minutes.
feeds return to the pump up speech on bed 3 defender
feeds down 25 minutes
feeds return to the pitch in HOH.
feeds stay on for one hour and fifty minutes.
including the pitch to ty in br
discussion of keeping kief in hohbathroom
feeds down half hour.
feeds return to the decision to keep kief in hoh.
feeds stay on for about a half hour, with the house figuring waffles are afoot.
backyard talk about waffles. hoh talk about footjobs.
feeds down for four hours and fortyfive minutes do far.
Not suspicious at all. Nope. not a single eyebrow is raised.


Yes Brey is in the drivers seat but does he know it,i think not but any talk with Jed should tip him off.

The brains

I want to curl up in a ball and die.
The trio are being delusional, keeping Kiefer.
Kiefer is being the most delusional saying he has to be loyal to Jed (mate he put you up as a target and only changed his mind because he is dumb, they don’t care about you but TnT do but for some reason you are more loyal to a guy who backstabbed you than two people who want to save you via a power.)


Do we know if there’s really a power though? But, I agree. Kiefer is quite literally the worst right now. He already spilled all the tea about the Trio to the remaining house guests and now turns his back on the ones who are trying to help him (yet again). If he really does end up in final 2, the Jury isn’t going to vote for him.

another name

Just a guess: Kraken?