Tera – “Ahh did I f** us over?.. I should have just put Ty up”

Head of Household: Tera
Nominations: BETH Breydon and JED
POwer of Veto Winner: Jed
Power of Veto Ceremony: Jed uses the veto on BETH
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

Big Brother Spoilers – Jed used the power of veto on Beth. Tera nominated Breydon. I’m shocked by the amount of Kraken.

10:17 am Tera and BReydon
Tera saying that Jed is planning on using the veto on BEth and she’s thinking of putting him up as the replacement.
Breydon – should I act annoyed?
Tera – act annoyed.

Tera – if he uses it on himself Ty goes up.
Tera – I think this is the best opportunity to make sure he goes
Breydon is just unsure that they have to trust the other people.
Tera says if he goes because of this move she’ll be right behind him.

Ty joins Breydon leaves.
Tera – Jed’s going to do it.. this is a dark plan.
Tera says she’s aware they could be f***ing her over evict BReydon and protecting their three.
Tera – I am trying to build trust because I would like to move forward with you in this game
Tera brings up hearing Jed, Ty, and Beth in the kitchen before the noms talking sh1t about her.
Tera goes on about how she’s trusting Ty with a lot here.
Ty – Tera I have to make this move.

1:00 pm Feeds return
Tera is freaking out that Ty, Jed, and Beth are clustered together scheming.
Tera – Ahh did I f** us over.. did I just f** us over?
Keifer – you might have.. but probably not..
Kiefer goes to “break that up”

Breydon says they would be idiots not to vote Jed out.

Chit chat..

2:00 pm Tera, Kiefer, Ty and Breydon
They predict Wednesday is when does Beth starts trying to get Jed out.

3:30 pm chit chat outside lockdown.

4:30 pm Ty keeping it all in his head… .

Breydon joins him
Ty – there’s no doubt in my mind this has to happen.

6:41 pm Breydon and Ty
Ty is saying he was conflicted about this plan to get Jed out yesterday.
They talk about Tera and Kief both putting BReydon up now giving him easy noms if he wins HOH.
Ty – no one has put me up
Ty – with him gone it feels like the finish line is right there
Breydon – easy money
Ty – I always knew his downfall will be Beth..
Ty explains that Jed is always talking about the guys but “he’s not that guy. he still loves his guys but his girl will always have his heart”
They start talking about their final 2 plans.
Ty – all we need is the next HOH win and potentially a veto at the four.
Ty – I can taste it
Breydon – it’s so close
Breydon – I have to keep pushing to Kief I’ll take him to the end
Ty thinks Tera will want to make a deal with him for the end game.

Ty – we need each other 100%
Breydon – Wild, with both of us in final 2 you know a black guy is winning.
Ty – do what you have to do
Ty says he wouldn’t have done all this and not vote Jed out.
Ty – Breydon I would never have done that (what Jed did)
Breydon – I was shocked when he did it
Ty – I’m surprised they didn’t kiss

10:00 pm Breydon, Tera and Kiefer
Tera wonders when Jed leaves where will Beth sleep.
Tera – will I get destiny to myself?
Kiefer depends on who wins HOH
They mention there are only 15 days left in the house.
Kiefer can’t wait to see the look on Bluelines face when Jed walks in.
They talk about crying in the house. Kiefer says He’s cried every day in the house.
They talk about Jed.

Kiefer – power changes yo uhe was in the HOH for two weeks.. two weeks
Kiefer – I don’t want to toot my own horn but I kept him in line.
Kiefer adds that Ty also helped keep Jed and Beth calm. Goes on about how they were always popping off about the game.
Kiefer mentions Jed/Beth coming to him about the move today.
Kiefer said – honestly this feels like a f***ing movie.. I said this could be the greatest move in the history of the game
Kiefer – I’m still trying to figure out why they put me on the block
Breydon – they wanted to get rid of you
Tera – yeah
Keifer – then why did they keep me
Breydon – they were worried they made a mistake
Tera wonders what changed their mind
Breydon said it’s from Kiefer swearing on his kids
Tera – I just hope we’re not wrong about Ty.
Kiefer – I think he would rather take his shot with us than them.
Tera points she’s worried when it’s the of them hanging out and Jed/Beth/Ty hanging out. \

Tera talks about how much she hates the smell of slop. The have nots are making so much slop.
Keifer- they eat so much they are going through bucket after bucket..
Breydon – think of how much they eat Kiefer every day they ate eat 4 or 5 eggs each for breakfast.. now they’re eating oats..
Tera – Beth eats a lot of a girl
Keifer – Beth eats a lot.. So do I

Kiefer – what do you think Beth is going to scheme and cook up these next 2 days to make it seem like her move?
Breydon – I told her I said Beth if you get this I said you’ll have getting Vic out and you’ll have getting Jed out on your resume. No one in the jury house will say that Jed carried you anywhere. I said if Jed stays guess what he saved you again for another week.
Tera – YEAH
Breydon – I said Blueline already talked to you about this what do you think I’ll say when I get there.. I’ll literally say what happened happened.
Breydon – she said BReydon you better f**ing get Kiefer than.. I’m only one vote Breydon you’ll have to get one of the other ones.. she said Work on Kiefer, Work on Keifer.. she said Ty likes you he might listen to you. Just say he can’t beat Jed in the end. You’ll have to try Breydon.
Breydon – I was like OK I’ll try.
Kiefer – they shouldn’t have f**ed with me this didn’t have to happen

11:00 pm showmance

11:11 pm Kiefer and Breydon
Kiefer – ohh well.. it’s like. I feel like no matter what. no matter the end of my story however it ends I will always be one of the greatest (ZOMFG)
Breydon – ohh 100%
Breydon says if the game ended now Keifer would be known as one of the “Greatest players”

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another name

preamble: added the update chart for all of the deals I’ve seen. If I missed one, sorry, things are subject to change.

RECAP: Reactions as they happen to what voice guy says.
Mullet man and the Grim Kiefer and whatever other nicknames they come up with. I’ve got a few… not sure it you’re allowed to say them on tv. Eyeroll.
D/R’s game saving miracle really came through didn’t it.
The thorn in the sunsetters side? More like the Karen calling the sunsetter’s manager.
They’re playing Tina’s eviction moment for the second time. The exact same clip. twice.
Kiefer D/R wants team David, not team Goliath now.
Beth D/R. Screechy cackles for absolutely no reason but hey…. pUPpeT MasTeR.
Tera won. Everyone is Hella worried. Actual quote.
The Sunsetters are made Have nots. Yeah. that 24 hours of slop before getting special meals 2 nights running. Such a tragedy for them.
Kiefer tells Tera to act pissed off, should be easy for her. Gee. Um.
Pantry talk. A celebration. Not many celebrations for an Oddball this season. So I’ll give it to them.
The Sunsetters lament. How do we get out of this. I don’t know, a questionable veto and an hour and a half feed block seemed to help quite a bit.
So they plot for only one of them to be on the block. mmhmm. (yup, I think I’m still a wee bit salty. Like saltier than the Willamette River Salty). They joke about Tera going next week.
Yup. Jed is already going the threat route. It’s always the threat route with that asshole.
Tera hears them. This is similar to the Vic moment in the way that they are so damn entitled they don’t think what they say out loud matters. Ever. Parallels without the actual: Do you think she heard us? Nope. YUP.
And yet, she totally goes against her mission statement in a few days. Thanks feed cut.
wHo wANts To sEe My hOh RoOm. I hate this tinkly music thing for HOH reveals.
Oh good. Suspense music : PupPetMaSter has to be about to talk. Eyeroll.
The Braintrust of spazzing pUPpeTmAstEr with egotistical Asshat Plot:
We have to come up with our biggest lie yet. Let’s remember how much this more hands up her dress than a Muppet totally spazzed and deathspiraled. PupPetMasTer.
What ever you need done I’ll do, says Beth.
Kiefer and Tera pump tires… Brey joins and more celebrating. Let’s do battle…. by putting one of us up post veto. sideye turned my head.
They have to be dismantled. Kiefer doesn’t know the trio has a name. But knows the Sunsetters. Tera can’t resist the Sunsetters,eeeh?
Kiefer tries to recruit Ty. Hopefully Ty gets a D/R to show us his actual thoughts.
Kiefer tells Ty that Brey and Kief are Ty’s best bet.

Ty D/R: don’t know if I can turn against my alliance. Ty is chessing. Jed is the Queen anything to protect the king. Beth is the King no interest in protecting anyone. Tera is the rook straight shooter. Kiefer is the knight tricksie like Golum. Brey is an expendable Pawn. Ty calls himself the bishop, to work with others to take out the king and queen or checkmate.
This is the first look at Ty considering a move, but is the move sincere is still the question.

PupPeTmaStEr’s Brilliant Scheme:
I find if you play Benny Hill’s Yakety Sax while she’s talking this episode… You get the full pUppEtMaStEr experience.
Parascam stuff. Oh now add Jed to the mix. Let’s get the Ty and Brey thing going, with a Jed backdoor. Oh right. The everyone volunteer to go on the block plan. THAT WAS A MENSA LEVEL PLAN. Beth tells Ty that Brey and Ty need to be confident going on the block.
Ty D/R: Why don’t u volunteer Beth? Ty doesn’t like the idea of being expendable.
Beth thinks Breydon is gonna be hunky dory peachy keen to be a block volunteer.
Kiefer tells Brey. Beth comes to make it sound like a Wild n’ Caaaraaaazzy plan… let’s backdoor Jed… but, maybe you’d enjoy being a pawn.
So Brey… go volunteer. This goes on your resume. If he went to any employer with that resume… he’d never work again.
Beth: I’m so brilliant.
Everyone that talks to Beth: Okay clown.
Tera is pumping the tires too. Beth says I weirdly trust you the most. Rewind what she said about Tera that morning. nice contrast if the episode had done it.
Tera and Kiefer talk about the backdoor plan Toostie the clown came up with.
So who sits next to Jed? The debate that went on forever.
with Ty. She wants to pick his brain.
Ty says he can’t beat some people. Ty calls himself the dead wheel on the tricycle.
Beth gets bus treads for once. Usually she’s driving. Oops.

Time twist to the Brey Kief Ty talk.
Backs against the wall, and Beth throws Ty… Ty wonders why she deserves to be there more. aka when puppets compare strings?
Screendoor reference.

Beth and Tera talk. You’re goin on the block Geppetto. So Beth is pissed. And tossing everyone under every damn bus she can find. I thought we were best friends. Beth says she threw the veto. Puh-lease.
Beth D/R. So Ty didn’t do his part in the plan.
Beth and Ty and Jed talk. Worst case scenario in Beth’s opinion. Hey Toots, It wasn’t so bad when it was Ty. What happens when entitlement ends… for a day.
Tera and Kief talk and Tera worries about a blow up for the first time. Won’t be the last.

I need to make sure I don’t miss when I take my shot. Well then…. post veto let’s put one of your guarantee votes on the block. oops. skipped a page again.
Jed: Powerful and Influential, you sent Tina home.
Beth: Love to trust you, you are equally as powerful as Jedson.
You both put my ass on the block, so go play in Veto.
Jed D/R. threats.
Beth D/R giggles. derision.
What a nice young couple… of douchecanoes.
…PuPpEtMaStEr Edit Exeunt.

bbcan9 WEEK 8.jpg

Well Tera, you are dumber than I thought. WTF? BUT!!!! They don’t know it, but Production shot itself in the foot, pulling a made up fake double eviction to save Jed/Ty & Beth. Now Breydon will be evicted & Tera is next, Tera & Breydan face off to come back. Best case scenario Tera comes back, wins HOH, puts up Jed/ Ty and bhu bye dynamic duo. But unfortunately, Breydon will come back & be back on the way out, so this week will have been for nothing. End up with Debbie and her Dallas Boys to duke it out.


Ty would be the biggest dumbass ever to vote Brey out, but would be funny seeing production’s rigging of the game backfire with Tera or Brey coming back and taking out Jed or Ty

another name

Not saying nuffin. Pass the Kraken. The case not the bottle.
going to skip out on feeds for the rest of the day so that when I watch the episode I don’t turf my TV out the window.
… The commercial is calling Beth the puppet master. So. Much. Cringe.


HOW DID TERA NOT PUT TY UP??? Dumbest move in the history of bbcan… I’m so annoyed


where you been? under a rock?

another name

Just goes along with this season’s other obvious ridiculous moves that don’t make sense as anything but bullshit.

  • Everyone but Josh throws POV comp 1 on week 2.
  • Austin throws veto to a non ally week 4. The one she trusts least in the house.
  • 22 hour feed outage after Invisible HOH comp that took 42 minutes to complete.
  • Rohan doesn’t use the veto on either of his only 2 allies Week 5.
  • D/R tells Vic in advance she is going on the block Week 6.
  • Trio strikes at Kiefer, who threatens to quit, and then miraculously save him.
  • Twist occurs just after the first strike within the alliance that 90% guarantees all make it to final 4.
  • Feeds go down for an hour and 34 minutes. Tera decides to screw her plan and put up a 100% vote for a hinky maybe vote.

Are we buying it when they are all lined up together? Cus when you put it all in a list it’s pretty sus.


Biggest dumbass move was the one where 1 girl cant remember her name vote for the wrong person to win


Season one. Girl voted for other girl by mistake and Gary lost BB by one vote


Right!!!! This is the dumbest move I can remember.. it didn’t matter who won POV, there was a powerful trio and she could easily put the other up to lock in 1 going.. yet she put brayden up?? I still can’t believe this lol lol she says to build “trust” haha omg.. or is this production paying on the hush for this to happen?? Like. Wtf. This. Is. Insane. Ppl always so scared lol they just laughed in her presence about how they can pull through and basically laughing in her face omg lol


Stupid move Tera.

another name

But.. according to her… It’s everyone else’s fault if Breydon gets voted out.
Not enough eye muscle function left this week for another eyeroll. My eyes have been eyerolling so much this week, they’ve become slot machines that never pay out.


The greatest move in BB History getting ruined by production’s rigging of the game aka “twist”


The twist was announced at the end of the last eviction episode that next week whom ever gets evicted will be fighting to get back in.

Yes I agree

So many stupid moves at one time, you’d almost think it’s fixed.


Tara literally just got bullied into the worst move in bb history


LMAO Tera is the one who spearheaded the move, and if Ty isnt dumb, this will go down as the biggest move in BB history

Just Sayin'

I can’t believe in a week where someone on the block used the POV on someone ELSE, I am sitting here saying the HOH made the dumbest move of the week! Wow. Like just wow. Tera?! What, noooooo. Breydon?!?! Nooooooooooooo, this could honestly be the dumbest move in bbcan history


You obviously missed the coordination,the scheming, the strategy, the planning, the acting, the gameplay that went on to get Jed to use the veto on Beth, and for Breydon to be the replacement.


And the trio having the same discussion so they can the trio.


Both sides are scheming, acting and strategizing right now. Tera, Brey, Ty and Keif made a plan to keep Jed on the block (Jed using veto on Beth), all the while Jed, Beth, Ty and Keif made a plan for the trio/ four to stay ( the push to get Breydon on the block in place of Ty to ensure the whole trio stays). It was a confusing weekend and it could honestly go either way at this point, we really don’t know how this will pan out until Wednesday but I hardly see Ty voting out Jed. His words last week that he doesn’t want any one of them(Tina, Tera, Brey) winning any money.


sooooo spicy vic was right !

she doesnt deserve to play this game whatsoever, you aim and you missed sis.
jk let me rephrase that, you didnt aim, you basically just missed the entire season.

thanks. i was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you.
well.. ehhh not really but at least you “tried” LOLLL

another name

I expect Beth starts trying to info dump her game to Breydon by about 6pm, so that he can go to jury and extol her virtues as a … barf… puppet master.
I expect Kiefer’s nightly talks to Brey become about every game move he masterminded.
How did nobody notice that Ty was still with the showmance when lights went out, in order to give us the talk between Brey and Kief.
Why would Tera overhear the trio… and still put Breydon up?
Cus this is all Kraken level bullshit.

The reason they are giving us for why Tera nominated Brey instead of Ty:
she didn’t want Jed to know he was being screwed over until the votes were read because she was afraid of him bullying her and yelling at her. She said to Brey she was afraid of taking that heat for three days.


This can’t be happening, Tera really can’t be that dumb can she? Production must have misted her or something…. someone really can’t be this dumb…..


Biggest mistake putting Breyden up! You need to split up the trio!! Beth needs to go , why did Jed use the veto on her ?


its part of the plan for the greatest move in BB history. Tera , Kief , Ty and Brey have a plan to get Jed to use the veto on Beth, Breydon goes up and Ty and Kief vote out Jed. Half the plan is done now its up to Ty to vote out Jed. Will Ty make a dumb move and vote out Brey? or the smart move and vote out Jed? Ty seems to know keeping Jed would be handing the game to him.


Can someone confirm which way the votes are leaning this week? Is it for sure Breydon is going? TY is just blowing smoke with Tera?


i can not see Beth and Tychon voting their squeeze/bro. No Way!


Sweet Talking Guy(Ty)
The Chiffons
Sweet talking guy, talking sweet kinda lies
Don’t you believe in him, if you do he’ll make you cry


Sorry i meant vote out.


I think they will vote out Breydon.
During the chat this morning between Tera and Ty (before the veto ceremony) when Tera left the room, I am certain i heard Ty say “Fuck Off, Tera”

another name

I think He said Tera could fuqin ruin this.


She caught him and called him out. Ty needs to man up.

another name

Kiefer wants Jed out because he doesn’t think he beats him at the end, and because Jed and Ty being so close is a problem for Kiefer’s final three options. But if Kiefer gets wind that Ty is keeping Jed, then Kiefer keeps Jed as well. So, Wednesday we’ll know for sure.

Ty… will debate all the options, waffle hourly, get pissy a lot, then waffle some more. All in his head because he doesn’t have anyone to discuss it with. His vote won’t be known until maybe Wednesday at 7pm. While feeds are down for the veto episode.

Beth… Beth knows her bread is buttered on the Jed side, but wants the Allison Irwin season 4 cut your showmance after he saves you moment as well. She’ll consider the flip multiple times today, then decide she can’t do it unless Ty is doing it… she’ll think Ty never does it and she won’t discuss it with him, therefore will not flip because Beth is a consensus player who depends on showmancing to continue in the game. Without Jed, and without consensus with Ty, she has no showmance option, and therefore declines.

The big laugh of it is: Ty could easily flip, blame Beth. Beth could easily flip, blame Ty. Kiefer could easily polish off an entire brisket as an appetizer, and still go either way.
The bigger laugh of it is: Tera nominated Breydon instead of Ty because she was scared of Jed going in on her for days. And that hasn’t raised a single eyebrow to social media… other than that one woman that calls Tera microaggressive when she wakes up in the morning.


That is a big laugh about Keifer and a brisket, he would put Homer to tears.


Ty put in a lot of work to get Jed to use the veto on Beth, Why would Ty go along with the plan if he wasnt going to vote Jed out.

A lot of these comments today seem to not know whats actually happening. Let me tell you now that the gameplay that has happened as been monumental, This will go down as the greatest move in BB history

another name

Ty put in work to get Jed to use it because he was told, by Tera, that if Jed used the veto on himself Ty was renom, but if Jed used it on Beth, Brey was renom.
HIs action wasn’t in furtherance of some big plot. He was guaranteeing his own ass didn’t go on the block.


looks like you missed the feeds too yesterday

another name

What was Tera’s declaration to Ty, later confirmed to Jed and Beth?
If Jed saves himself, Ty goes up, not debateable.
If Jed saves Beth, Breydon goes up.

Ty has been playing middle to see what happens.
BUT when Ty and Kiefer made their final 2 this weekend,and discussed possiblitlies: what did Ty say. If Jed is on the block we keep Jed. Sucks, I’m going to miss Brey. Almost exact words.
Could Ty vote out Jed? Possibly. But, what is Ty’s weakness? Senitmentality. He was the decider with Jed on targeting Kiefer. He was the bawling crybaby after Kief went on the block, he was quick to switch to keep Kiefer.

He put in work yesterday to push Jed to take Beth off the block because he didn’t want to be renom. Period.
Everything else is up in the air, because Monday Ty is 50 waffles from Thursday Ty.


It’s only a great move if Jed actually goes to jury, which he won’t because he will almost certainly come back in which case it will be a waste.


Only chance now is Keif to win HOH and send out one of the trio


Uhh… guys.. Ty has jumped ship and is voting Jedson out. Beth is probably going to as well come Thursday. Tera/Kiefer/Breydon/Ty are pulling off the biggest (only) blindside of the season. Jed thought he was going to be a GOAT but he will leave with a similar legacy as Marcellus. Hopefully the 2nd evictee of the fake double comes back.

East coaster

I sure hope you’re right. I do agree that Ty put in a lot of work convincing Jed to use the veto on Beth and really he gets nothing if Jed stays and I think he knows it. I’m unsure of the way this goes down but holy moly I hope Jed leaves. See ya jed ehhhhhhhh

Joe Franco

Either this will be the greatest blindside or the dumbest move in BB history.
I still get the uneasy feeling that production will get rid of Breydon.


3 to 0 Breydon goes.

another name

Thursday to Monday:
Fake double veto announced.

  • So no matter what the sunsetters are safe or the triangle is safe to final 4? Oh.

Tera won, she’s going to put the boys on the block.

  • Tera didn’t put the boys on the block.

Veto, Ty’s gonna win and the trio is safe.

  • Jed wins and the trio isn’t safe.

Scheming, well Ty is going on the block no matter what. Breydon and Tera are safe.

  • Feed block. Ty isn’t going on the block. Breydon is.

Veto ceremony. Jed can’t be stupid enough to Marcellas himself to an Allison Irwin wannabe.

  • Jed Marcellas’ himself to an Allison Irwin wannabe, and Tera puts up a sure vote for a maybe vote because she doesn’t want to get yelled at.

Campaigning. That’s where we are at.

We’re meandering through the probables, getting hit with what can only be described as illogical, and somehow ending up in the exact same place.

Possibilities Greatest to Least:

  • Breydon evicted as a lay up to whoever follows him to get to final 5.
  • Jed evicted, and returns for the phoenix from the ashes arc (we already did that with the Kiefer resurrection crap last week so…. snore).

So our choices are: We don’t get feed blocks every time Breydon talks, moves, breathes or eats. Said what I said.
We don’t get feed blocks when Jed and Beth discuss sexual positions and sex acts they either enjoy or don’t enjoy. Mmmm-hmmm.

Guy From Canada

I’m so glad I’m back to work today after 6 weeks off watching these feeds on/off. This is such a messy train wreck season, I think we may need a go fund me to a liver transplant for Simon from excessive kraken consumption.

really, convincing Jed to save Beth would be a fabulous move to put Ty up and get Jed out. Then this happens. This makes no common sense. This is either CoVID craziness, or production.

I wish I was production. One feeds, 24/7 only on the Diary room. Prevent interference from meddling staff/writers. Bring us Truman show where we can see the meddling, or bring us a truly organic reality show. This pseudo reality show is just frustrating.

LMAO this season is full of idiotic moves

Does Tera have like a mental problem? I think its very possible 🙁

another name

When the people on feeds say something like:
I’m surprised the Veto picks aren’t rigged.

Yeah. they make the costumes for all 14 houeguests for every comp of the season because they have no idea who will be evicted each week,. and just so happen to make costumes that would fit Tera or Kiefer…. for every comp. If you’ve ever worked on a movie or tv production, you KNOW that kind of wasteful spending AIN’T happenin. Lots of wasteful spending.. but not for making extra wardrobe superfluously.
Oh. and yeah. the season 7 incident. I’ve mentioned it before.
Kyra the schlumpy eeyore goes to the pantry on Friday night. Thinks they houseguests have been given new clothing because so much wardrobe was confiscated by production. So the eeyore is thinking free swag.
Checks the garment bags, listing off the names out loud and has an absolute shit fit when there isn’t one for them.
The next day, Saturday, THOSE are the names picked to play in veto.


Can’t believe Tera made the dumbest move ever putting up Breydon, she is even dumber than she looks.


They should give Kiefer the money because it is costing the show more money to feed him.