Jed “I know you’re riding to the end with me. I know where your head is at.”

Head of Household: Tera
Nominations: BETH Breydon and JED
POwer of Veto Winner: Jed
Power of Veto Ceremony: Jed uses the veto on BETH
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

Big Brother Spoilers – Jed used the power of veto on Beth. Tera nominated Breydon.

12am Bedroom. Jed and Keifer.
Keifer – Brey just pitched to me. Jed – oh yeah, what did he say? Keifer – he was just like .. you know this is your chance to get out Jed. He’s a strong competitor and if you don’t do it .. it will be dumb. Jed – it will be dumb? Keifer – yeah it would be dumb. He was just like you know he is just going to cut you next week. He is going to drag Tera to the end and win against her in the final two. I was just like Breydon! Chill bro! Jed – what the f**K! I mean obviously, is his going to have to pitch but.. he just doesn’t know what is going on. Keifer – no. Jed – Well thanks for telling me. Appreciate it!! I got you this week right? Keifer – oh yeah. Jed – I know .. obviously I don’t know if I should be running around campaigning to you guys but you know what it is with me. I made this move for us. Keifer – yeah, hell yeah. Jed – that is my goal ..get to the four right. Keifer – he (Breydon) was like Jed is going to win this game. He was like you guys can’t beat him.. and I was like you know .. I don’t know. Jed – you can. He doesn’t know that we’ve been together. And obliviously he never talks game. He doesn’t talk game with me .. he doesn’t talk game with you. Obviously its a last ditch effort. Keifer – I was just like .. you know what man my hands are tied this week. I am going to vote with the majority. And if you can get Beth and Jed.. and get out of an awkward situation .. then?! I just wanted to let you know. Jed – yeah I appreciate it. I know you’re riding to the end with me. I know where your head is at. They hug it and leave the room.

Tuesday morning
There will be no updates until this evening. I predict lots of waffles over these next 2 days.

6:00 pm I’m back.. updates incoming.

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Question the key around Tera’s neck is that the HOH key ? If so why was she wearing it during the HOH comp ?


She’s been wearing it all year like a latch key kid. It’s not for the Hoh room.


Vic used to wear it as an earring.


I’m so confused…
Who’s lying to who?
But if Jed doesn’t get evicted, Tera is the worst HOH in the history of BBCAN.


Right so am I lol like wth is tera doing??? Lmfao it’s actually comical looking at the numbers she had to guarantee one of the 3 goes yet she puts up brayden??? Lol I hope this is an error on the site and not true haha omg what an idiot she is


Part of me is actually hoping Jed stays now just so that Tera can feel dumb. I get the whole scheming and cool plans but it didn’t need to be complicated… put Ty up and you get one of their alliance members out… simple!


Well I hope you come back on Thursday after Jed is evicted so we can all laugh at you and your lousy prediction skills. Go Tera! She has a bigger set of cajones than all the “boys” combined.

Marcie Roy

But she didn’t want to put TY Up because she didn’t want 3 days of flack. She is a coward and deserves to lose because of her stupidity. Sad I was rooting for her but this is such a dumb move. I can’t believe she fell for it.


In fairness – she had NO CHOICE. They called her to DR at least three times & when nothing changed -the powers that be (TPTB) shut down the live feeds.

An hour 34 mins later they returned to Tera suddenly saying – I’ll promise on my kids that Brey goes up. As Another Name has outlined this isn’t a coincidence it’s happened the entire season. It happened during Vic’s invisible HOH, it happened during Beth’s – take out Vic blindside. Vic confirmed the DR “bananas” told her she was going up. Ditto for Keif OTB last week he was told prior — coming out of DR angry & frantic. After a few more live feed shutdowns & his threats to self evict suddenly he was staying.

It’s one of the worst seasons ever for production interference & a sign of what Big Bullshit has become.

Nor is it a coincidence Jed won POV on a “timed event” that he was the first to do but for “some reason” production made him wait 30 minutes to start”. Again – NO PROOF of this b/c they no longer show these comps on live feeds or offer access to them to confirm the veracity.

The best explanation is what Another Name pointed out in week one — The ONLY alliance ever spoken about on the national TV show was the Sunsetters – they pushed it repeatedly ignoring all the other alliances b/c they were NOT predetermined as the group production picked to go deep & from which they had already picked a F2 & a winner.

The ONLY time there is any opportunity for a hamster to go against production is during a DE (and even then TPTB rig the comps for those they want to win— in the DE HOH you could see Keif mouthing the answers over & over — even before the questions were asked & in the POV ONLY Ty/Beth’s sword moved easily through the tracks (not surprisingly the lanes are assigned — so Rohan, for example, couldn’t walk up to Ty’s lane & pick that spot to play). There is always the chance of a “clown shoe” error during a DE but less so in this new era of overly manipulated entertainment BB (gag).

Fans shouldn’t be angry at Tera they SHOULD be angry at the producers who think we’re all f*cking idiots who can’t isolate precisely when they force their plot on the hamsters & ultimately down our throats.

Yes I agree

What happened to what started out as a great season?


Every season starts with great potential. Then Production steps in.


Keifer “i am going to vote with the majority” DOH, his math sux whats the majority when the other two votes are split. meoff


Wait…. what????????? Why is brayden on the block?? Lol if this 3 really got people to be that dumb, I really hope one of them wins. Like wth is Tara doing not taking a vote away from them and putting up Ty?? This is so fake and scripted now.. I’m so confused wtf


How did he use the veto on her? I thought he was sitting next to her on the block? Can someone fill me in plz lol


They talked him into thinking the only way Beth, Jed, Ty can be safe was to use the veto on Beth.


Which looks like it could be true…

another name

Ty Brey Kiefer late night.
Brey and Ty agree Beth would have cut Jed without a thought, and Jed would have cut Ty for Beth. I believe Kiefer has informed Ty that ‘Jed told Kiefer to remember the final three with J/B, if she’s on the block with Ty, cut Ty’ (this is something we have no verification of actually being said, only Kief’s word… so if it was said, it could go back to last week… you know Kiefer Kiefs).
Ty wonders what would have happened if it HAD been Ty and Beth on the block. Brey and Kief said everybody would be chilling, because Beth would be gone without a thought or remorse.
Ty tells Brey and Kief about his day 1 final 2 with Jed.
He tells them that it didn’t feel like a real thing once he got deep with Beth, and he didn’t get a reassurance from Jed that it was still a thing because it was always all about Beth.

I don’t know if it is smart for Tera to tell Beth that Jed is being voted out. On Tuesday. That’s a waffle Wednesday talk. But, she did. Because why not give them time to waffle when she put her guaranteed vote on the block instead of the maybe in her mind on the block. sigh.

Ty and Beth discussing the vote is almost cringe as well because neither actually trusts the other. And then we have Jed campaigning to the triangle and Kiefer, and changing from I did this for the three of us to I did this to the four of us (gee, all that’s missing is inviting Tera in too, and say for the five of us).
Expect either Beth or Ty to crack to create a scramble is what I’m saying. Beth should not have been told until Wednesday.

Kiefer has decided Beth is this season’s Sabrina. It’s true. He’s decided she’s the lay up to take to final 2 because nobody respects her game and nobody on jury likes her much. He’s said it to Tera, now he’s said it to Ty. Kiefer has told Tera they should target Ty, Breydon they should target Beth, and Ty they should target Tera now. Any chance any of the three communicate?

Personal feeling: Something I’ve felt for a few years, and since it will be germane this season, I’m going to share. As a juror, I could never vote for a return / battle back player to win. Reason: they got got. Their game was deficient enough in some way that their ass got evicted. Even if they battled every damn applicant and evicted houseguest of the season while simultaneously arm wrestling Arisa to get back into the house… don’t care. They failed to keep themselves in the game and got got in the first place. Once that happens… nope. Won’t vote for you. Should have corrected what ever deficiency existed that got you voted out the first time, so that’s a no vote from me. I mean: would you vote for a brand new house guest that showed up in week 7 if they made it to final 2? That would be silly. But winning their way back in is supposed to wipe the slate for the fact that they already failed once? Why? Game sucked enough to get evicted, but won a comp to come back? Does that mean the game didn’t suck enough to get evicted anymore? Nope. Honesty: The entire comp wins over social prowess is propagated by the notion that a comp win can correct an eviction. Even if it’s my season fave, don’t care. Got evicted. You lose. Come back as many times as you want… you still lost. *Exception: Instant eviction people. The nominate, no veto, voting is in one hour evictions. No chance to save themselves with a veto or campaigning? If that one returned within 2 weeks of their eviction, I’d say they weren’t evicted by gameplay, they were evicted by production, so fine, I might consider it.

another name

Only took a couple of hours. Beth has told Jed that Ty is lying to him, and plans to vote him out.
Btw, everyone has been getting D/R calls since Jed got one earlier that sent him into stressed out gotta campaign mode.

Why is she ratting out Ty and saying Kiefer is the swing vote? So that if Jed stays he only trusts Beth and always chooses Beth over anyone else.

another name

And they closed the backyard down. About ten minutes after Beth let’s the cat out of the bag, proposes they strike a final three with Kiefer (like… the… one they made…last week). After Beth left, Jed started practicing cannibalism on his fingers. going to be putting his whole hand in there soon.
But expect a blow up and waffling and all of this… because Beth wanted to jury manage and claim SOME move this week since she couldn’t take credit for getting Jed out and keep his jury vote.
At least… I’m sure that’s what D/R told her.

another name

Beth thinks Kiefer will keep Jed, and if she tells Ty she’s not down with voting out Jed, that Ty will fall in line as well. They plot taking out Ty next because the two of them… Jed and Beth are the most loyal in the house. Did they change the definition of loyaty?
Meanwhile, Brey and Tera were cleaning out the fridge. No, it’s not important to the current plot thread, but considering Tera’s the idiot that told Beth a day early… I thought it would be nice to show you how oblivious she is that she’s playing russian roulette with Breydon… and there’s only one empty chamber left.

another name

Feeds down as soon as Beth went to find Kiefer to campaign for Jed’s safety, bash Ty, then bring Kief before Jed in the HOH so that Kief could hear about Jed’s loyal game…
Yeah. they’ve been down almost an hour. You know what that means.


I read you detailed opinion. Many gre t points. Still find it all that’s going on very confusing. House guests seem to be playing a knee -jerk type of game. Mostly reacting to information without digesting it first. Beth is always desperate and in survuval mode. No one is safe around her, under any circumstances, The HOH should have let Jed use the veto on himself and put up TY. No one knows how the upcoming HOH will play out with the surprise of nomonies on the block doing some sort of battle.back. No itdea what that is about. Production is behaving like the HQ. Off the wall trying to do big moves for the jury and or faithful watching the show. Not impressed

another name

Production is the houseguest nobody invited to play as an extra houseguest.
What is freakish about Beth? Desparate mode… when she’s been 100% safe for six weeks. Imagine if she’d been in peril.

While feeds were down, Beth pitched to Kiefer. She told him Jed suspects.
Brey and Ty reported he knows. because Jed gave them both stink eye.
Kiefer wants to tell Jed 25 minutes before eviction, just like they told him 25 minutes before being renom.

The reason the placement of the battle back is so wonky this season: Usually it’s a fight to get someone to want to win the final 5 HOH. Because if they win the final 5 HOH, they can’t play in the final 4, can’t win automatic fast forward to the final 3, and must depend on their social relationships and veto. So Five is a gamble. By making them do five, and then have a return to make them do Final Five again? They are cutting out the odds of mass throwing in the Final 5 HOH.
At least that’s the purpose logistically on paper. The reality? A way to protect certain preferred house guests.


I thought about that too (them all gunning for DE HOH) but— the thing is they won’t say it’s a ‘FAKE’ DE therefore Keif prob feels safe plus he has F2’s with everyone remaining — meaning winning HOH would expose him since he’s told each hamster a different target & a different set of noms.

I also wondered if TPTB could have any other mandate — for example: have they created a battle back that Jed can’t lose for the drama of his eviction knowing he’ll walk right back through the doors. It seems less likely given how much they’ve gaslight us all season with this ridiculous display.

Presumably, Beth would gun for HOH as will Brey/Ty if Jed does leave or if as expected they force Jed/Keif/Beth to keep Ty to meet their predetermined plot then, of course, it will be a Jed HOH win with Tera likely leaving.

I’m insulted by production that they are playing it this way by removing every organic part of the original concept. I mean at this point I’ve accepted Big Brother is dead – this shit we’re watching isn’t anything more than a scripted show in the guise of a reality game show.

OBB is a great cross-section of fans & we can see in the comments many people are confused b/c they don’t see the logic. And they’re right – there IS NO LOGIC.

It’s not their fault — they don’t know Production shut down feeds & called Tera to the DR – pulled out her contract & said “you WILL put Breydon on the block”.

I wondered if you had a strong strategic mind – like a Dr. Will, or Dan — someone of that ilk – if they offered a counter to TPTB if the situation could change but it’s pretty clear production doesn’t give a F.

The only thing I’m left to wonder is whether the hamsters are told as they go or if they know prior. It NEVER made sense to me to back away from Jed/Ty going up initially b/c in that scenario Beth goes up – then the counterargument to TPTB would’ve been – if you stay on the block you’ll protect Beth & we’ll vote out Ty. But TPTB pushed for Jed/Beth up first removing that option. ALTHOUGH then they would’ve “SAID” that Beth won POV. There is no beating production.

I used to spend my time considering hamster strategy — the new ear Big Brother is what plot change TPTB will pull to ensure their predetermined winner. Like you — this isn’t a show or concept I’m invested or interested in supporting so I’ll be backing off Big Brother moving forward. I’m sure if I have extra time I’ll check in to see how ludicrous TPTB are being but yeah — this week was my ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ moment.

another name

I do think some people have been able to go to production and counter offer a change in storyline short term. I have always suspected Season Three storyline was altered around week three / four, and the alterations worked well enough that they just went with it. Promos were so heavy on the Zach and thatkevinmartin love… that I really don’t think the original intent was Sarah. That was a rewrite. I’m thinking right around the time Sarah did the gummi bears thing… that was when the storyline alteration kicked in.
We know that BBOTT had it’s little litigator threatening lawsuit over a comp, and then TPTB changing rules for a weekly fan vote… after the vote ended to help that same player… and she wasn’t even the winner of the fan vote I don’t think. They added a plus one safety at final… was it final 6 or was it 5?
So, I think a smart person, good at debating and pitching an alternative could alter a storyline in the past… but I also think they screen those people out in casting now. That’s why the US version gets so many wannabe brand influencers and wannabe insta celebutards.

While they won’t say it’s a fake DE, they will announce it’s a double eviction.
A double eviction at final 5 will have at least 3 trying to win. Kiefer would think he was being pretty smart to throw that HOH. So, they get rid of someone, and everyone thinks final four… only to have a return, meaning back to final five with someone that has been evicted once playing in the HOH. Nobody is throwing the second final 5 HOH with a return player. I don’t even know if I’d call it fair play to make the HOH from the fake DE sit out in that HOH. But… that could be the point. Who knows.


Smart Keifer!! He told Jed he was voting with the majority and Jeds ego read that as a vote for him lol


no waffles on the menu for this week


This show should be reported as a fraud on the public.