Power of Veto Results “They all stay in Jed’s mind”

Head of Household: Tera
Nominations: BETH and JED
POwer of Veto Winner: Jed
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

Big Brother Spoilers – Jedson won the Power of Veto. Lots of interesting maneuvering going on. Tera, Ty, and Kiefer are trying to convince Jed to use the Veto on Beth. They are pushing to him if he uses veto on himself Ty goes up if he uses it on Beth Breydon goes up. Jed for some reason thinks this is a huge GOAT move to do. This could be one of the most ridiculous things. I love it.

10:30 am Feeds come back on after 15 hours plus downtime.

10:40 am
Breydon and Tera
Breydon talking about when he was on the block with Austin JEd went on about how cool it would be if the person on the block used veto on the other nominee.
Breydon says Kiefer is trying to think of a way to tell Jedson if he uses the veto on Beth then Breydon will go up.
Breydon – In his mind he would have Beth, Ty, and Kiefer. They all stay in Jed’s mind
Tera – what do I say if Jed uses it on himself I put up Ty?
Breydon – sure. If it works it works.. can you imagine?
Breydon says Jed is an egomaniac he might think nobody will vote him out it might work.
Breydon leaves

Kiefer joins her “did Breydon tell you?”
Tera – yeah, do you think it’ll work?
Kiefer – It’ll be the biggest move in Big Brother history if it did. IT’s worth a shot. If he doesn’t we just vote out Beth if he does we vote out Jed and it’s US against BEth.
Kiefer – they are going to pitch BReydon hard..
Tera asks who does she put up if Jed uses the veto on himself?
Kiefer – Tychon
Tera – and we vote out Beth
Kiefer – Tychon is our only hope beating Jed in a veto.
Tera – he is.

*missed a bunch of feeds today..

4:42 pm Beth Alone studying.. Jed joins her. He goes on about him using the veto on Beth so BReydon goes up is a GOAT move. Jed brings up always thinking that would be the ultimate move to be on the block use the veto one the other person and they both stay.

They have trouble believing Tera is sincere in this move.
Beth thinks no matter what she stays this week if hit’s her against Ty or Jed. She also thinks Jed stays against TY. Jed seems to be agreeing to all this.
BEth – I thought she wanted to split the trio up really she just wants me to stay.. (LOL)

Beth says Tera is like spicey V says this is the messiest HOH every. Tera had no plan.
Jed – so messy I don’t understand
(Jed is very much considering using the veto on Beth I still don’t thin it’ll happen)

6:24 pm Kiefer and Ty
They’re talking about being more capable of winning the competitions against Tera, Breydon and Beth.
Kiefer brings up breydon’s abilities in a recent comp “39 minutes holy sh1t dude”
Ty – I don’t think he’s good under pressure.. I think he’s smart just not under pressure
Ty – if he stays and Jed’s gone.. holu sh1t. Final 3..
K – Easy, [Beth] doesn’t win the veto.. She’s way less likely to win HOH
Ty – you know the loss of confidence with Jed being gone? Her mindset ..
K – ohh yeah. All she thinks she’ll have is Breydon and she doesn’t have him. That’s why I think if I won I would put up Beth and Breydon. To make Beth think that all she has is Breydon.
Ty – or Beth and Tera.
K – we can’t tell Breydon this
K – it’s going to work… Beth’s going crazy right now with the idea of Jed pulling her off the block
Ty – I asked her. she said Jed’s still adamant to make a deal another way.
Ty – I haven’t had a chance to press them yet. You haven’t spoken with them yet and they value your opinion too
Ty – when you come in with your wisdom it’s usually a home run after that
Kiefer is going to tell Jed him using the veto on Beth is their only shot of not having 2 sunsetters on the block.
K – Why are you not taking it. You have me and Beth and potentially Tychon voting if it works like we stay we go to the final 4
K – We literally make it out with two of us having gone on the block this game is like a movie man and this is just one of the ending scenes like let’s go.
Ty – Jed, Takes the risk.


6:37 pm They’re trying to get Jed to use the veto on Beth..
Kiefer – if you use it on yourself one of us goes home if you use it on Beth there’s a glimer.

7:00 pm Ty and Jed
Ty working on Jed to use the veto on Beth.. (OMFG)

Ty says stuff like this has never been done before. “Sounds” like Tera really wants Ty and Beth to stay. It’s the only way they can keep 3 of them off the block.

Long pause of silence……
The silence is broken with them laughing at Tera “She’s two weeks behind”
Jed says Tera’s plan was to get him out. “It’s sketch to me.. her whole plan is to get me out it’s her life goal to get me out”
Jed – there’s a reason this has never been done..
they laugh
Ty – it’s risky..
Jed – I just don’t trust her to put Breydon up.. I feel she will get so much satisfaction putting yo up
Ty – f*** she could
Ty – part of me thinks she doesn’t care for Breydon. Because Breydon can’t guarantee her sh1t.
Jed says if he keeps himself on the block and she puts Ty or BReydon up Tera will still try to convince people to vote Jed out.
Jed – she knows I’m coming for her next week no matter what I said

11:30 pm Kiefer, Breydon and Tera
Tera says Jed is using the veto on Beth and She will put Breydon up.
Kiefer – we did it yo did it oh my god
Keifer says they have to play it up all week that Breydon is going home
Tera says it’ll either be a blindside for Jed or me and Breydon.
Tera – this is our only shot.. if we lose this opportunity.
Kiefer – why would Ty put in all this work to flip..
Breydon – we’ll see tomorrow..
Tera – Beth is hyped
Kiefer – oh my god we’re all going to hell
Breydon says Austin is at home shitting her pants.
Keifer – there’s shit everywhere adult diapers are flying off the shelves.
Tera – this is a team effort
K – HUGE team effort
Tera – I just want to tell you guys the good word. I honestly can’t believe that you cooked this up and it’s going to work. (Kief)
Kiefer – I’m telling you Tera I made every f***ing move they made it was me.
K – It didn’t even take 24 hours

Kiefer – this is called a blindside.
They talk about once Beth goes down Ty goes up Beth will spearhead the charge to evict Jed.
K – that’s what I’ve been saying.

Kiefer – I feel like I can accomplish anything. You to. YOu might be the greatest big brother player in the f**ing game Tera..

12:10am Bedroom. Breydon and Keifer.
Big Brother switched to the bedroom feed. Keifer – orchestrates a flip. Breydon – I would assume but I don’t know. I would hope so. I don’t know what she is telling me is real. She will tell me that of course. Keifer – me and Ty are for sure voting one way. Breydon – unless Ty flips. Keifer – It just wouldn’t make any sense. Breydon – yeah but things don’t make sense in this game. You know!? Keifer – I think Ty wants to be a part of something crazy. Breydon – I think he does too but its crazy not too ..if you think about it that way too. We convince Tera to put Breydon up. Keifer – no, I’ve been in this too deep with Ty for too long. Breydon – I trust you Mr. Keifer. I just fear this will be a rogue vote situation. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Breydon – and then they pin it all on you. Keifer – I just don’t see why we would leave him in the game. Breydon – I don’t see it either.. and if this works and you guys keep him… then you’re all idiots.. and I hope you all lose the game. Keifer – me too and I will lose the game if we keep him. That is why I need to get rid of him. Breydon – you I get.. I just worry about the other two. I am not stressed out about you.. I am stressed out about the other two. Keifer – well you only need to strass out about one.

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BETH gotta go, good odds she would not win her way back.


At least this means a weaker competitor will be competing on behalf of the trio in the battle-back comp meaning if tera/Breydon/kiefer a better shot if the comp is not rigged (because it can’t be).


Muffin man(Keifer) has gotta go
after Beth

eddie taylor

Aww Cupcake don’t like Chief Kief Suck it Up Butter Cup May the BEST Player Win


Tera does not like CHEF Keifer, slop muffin maker
I like Tera.

East coaster

So it sounds to me like Tera, brey and kief are going to try and convince jed to use the veto on beth. Replace Beth with Ty and then vote out jed. That my friends would be awesome. I would even keep watching if that happened hahaha I don’t know if they can get in jeds head enough to convince him he’s safe. That would come down to ty and kief. Any guesses when the veto ceremony will be ?


If this wasn’t a hinky fake DE I’d say that was brilliant —- BUT — I have a feeling the playback comp will be geared toward him winning –whereas if Beth goes out no matter who she faces (Tera/Brey whoever) I think beats her to come back in.

As much as I’d prefer them to take out Jed using his ego as bait I’m still uber suspicious of TPTB.

Yes I agree

There is a better chance of Kief missing a meal than there is of Jed using the veto on Beth and not himself.


Hee hee – good one — I don’t know — him & Beth are talking & Jed is considering it (his ego- to “make that baller move”.

The sad part is he’d get F’ed but walk right back in – it would only truly be good if he didn’t come back after using it on her.


You are an ass!


no they would replace beth with brey not ty lol


So not suspect at all — FEEDS CUT for 1 hour & 34 mins & now Tera is putting up Breydon — this is complete & utter bullshit

I NEED to see the convo between Brey/Tera alone – she swore on her kids (but that doesn’t mean anything) – she said she wouldn’t do it & Beth said if she put up Ty she wouldn’t work with Tera moving forward- STFU – you’d be lucky to be staying —-

I just hope this is bullshit bc it sure seems like TPTB stopped feeds & said NO TERA you are putting up Breydon — read your contract.

If she does this & Keif/Ty vote him out – this season will be even more of a joke than it already is

Ty is the one I’m not sure of — he seems to be on board & is saying he can’t win versus Jed & they need to do this- what makes it somewhat believable is he really didn’t like how quickly Jed/Beth turned on his this week & really doesn’t trust Beth. Plus he has said he DOES want to win – & believes that each of Keif, Brey & Beth would take him F2 if Jed leaves (not sure what he believes about Tera).

Also – he seems to think after it happens that Beth will come to him & Keif & say ‘it’s time to take out Jed so they can pin this on her”.

Bottom line – Production is setting this up for either Jed to be evicted (and a comp geared for him to win in the battle back is already in place) or for the trio to stay.

I was hoping Beth would go b/c she’s the easiest to beat in the battle back. AND I’ll be pulling for her to leave in the DE anyway b/c I want one of them going to jury.

BB production is really ruining what could be a decent week.

another name

Tera getting 3 d/r calls in a short period of time added to the long feed cut is even more suspect.


I’m exhausted by this season & TPTB constantly inserting their fingers & ruining any gameplay. Why couldn’t they just let it play out? There’s literally NOTHING organic left in this show anymore.

another name

Going to pretend I don’t know about the oddity talk of the competition regarding confusion about time… because it’s an individual time comp and… every one of you knows about my individual time comp tirades already. I mean… really? Show me the recording of the whole comp on a live feed break uncut and I’ll believe it, otherwise, choose your own adventure production, we know, you have a storyline to maintain.
So Jed competed first in the veto. Hours later (1am or so) Breydon competed. So the really did a BBOTT Kryssie on them? Remember the free Kryssie pantry meme? Jed broke one of the puzzles during his run, further making everyone else’s run later.
Hey, they threw in a prize for Jed. A trip. Isn’t that… completely expected.

The take Beth down and pass her around ninety eight bottle of stupid on the wall plan…. really? That smells of the 12 year old storyline writer. Why would Brey even be interested in talking about that plan when he just said he heard Jed tell Kiefer they all had to push for Breydon to be renom?
The doesn’t matter who goes up conversations? so they’re down to 44 bottles already. It sort of doesn’t actually. It’s 99% a revolving door if it’s one of the 4.
The Kiefer already back to kissing the sunsetters where the sun doesn’t shine… pass me one of those bottles. Totally expected. Keep making those muffins suck up. Could get him on the block and then the whole trio stays. Seriously… Kiefer is cooking for them as have nots? Why?
I’m seeing we’re still gettting that oddballs eh crap. only louder and more derisively. Oh yeah. Gee it’s closely timed with Tera saying she’d rather go to the end with Brey because Oddballs.

The convince Jed to remove Beth and throw Ty up instead of Breydon plan? Only marginally better than the convince Jed to remove Beth and throw Brey up plan. It’s too convoluted. It’s too Kiefer in it’s plot.

Oh good, I was already muting Fessiejed for his let’s threaten em talk… and now he’s on to threatening and mocking in group convo…. why is production so enamored of this shitstain personalitied dickhead?

What I’m learning: Tera is a different player without Tina feeding her passive energy. Brey’s energy is amping Tera up instead of subduing Tera.
Fact of the matter: as much as Tera ruined Tina’s game (she did, Tina got way too passive and stopped playing in order to sit with Tera and feed her Kiefer protection lines), Tera’s game was also hurt massively by Tina. Without Tina, Tera would have formed much closer bonds to most of the outsiders sooner, and wouldn’t be indecisive in terms of house dynamic because of Tina’s spin control. Tina made sure that Christmas never came… and I’m sort of pissed. A dramaspewing hate machine would have been welcome entertainment. She’s just been a Karen with an attitude until now. I’d have enjoyed seeing more BBCan5 Karen and BBCan6 Plur mashup that Tera could have been, rather than the BBCan5 Jackie BBCan6 Alejandra mashup we’ve been seeing.
Without Tina, Tera has a healthy mistrust of Kiefer, and doesn’t trust his big masterplans. This is actually smart because Kiefer’s masterplans have never been good for Tera.

Reality: barring some d/r calls, this put Brey on the block renom is dead in the water. Ty has the greatest probability, but Kiefer pandering to the trio to get back on their good side is pissing Tera off.
Ty was never on the Tera Breydon Kiefer side, Ty is saying anything and everything to try to keep himself from touching the block, end of story. Thinking otherwise will only be a fool’s errand. He’s following the get Breydon as renom script, that alone is proof to you that Ty is still a triangle, and still with Kiefer, not Brey and Tina.
If Beth and Jed go through with their planned talks with Tera, I see Tera definitely doing the opposite. Tina isn’t there to push Tera to sink into the woodwork anymore.
Only reason any of this matters? Who is going into the battleback, not who is going to jury.


Yeah – Tina totally cramped Tera’s abilities & instincts – Brey is like everyone’s best partner. He makes Keif more palatable, Tera – trusts her instincts (without being talked out of them), plus is much more decisive & he gets Ty to see the big picture – where he can’t beat Jed, Beth or Keif. Although, I do believe Ty falls prey to the typical loyal guy who doesn’t want to break up his first alliance & only realizes 5 mins before he makes the F2 chair that he has no way of winning.

The problem is TPTB who don’t want him in the game or on camera (UGH).

So – Jed (from the early chats at least & may just be placating Beth) seems to be considering using the POV on her – you can see the wheels turning of “how cool he would look to save her & still stay”. To be fair Tera has nothing to lose b/c if he doesn’t do it then she can say I thought you were his F2 — and if he does then she’s just outplayed them both.

The funny part is if he ever did it & then she put up Ty you know Jed/Beth would lose it— & at that point Tera could say – “Oh – so it’s not the same thing as getting Brey & Jed to volunteer to go up so you (Jed) could be backdoored & you (Beth) could cut him — that was your grand plan to get me to do what you wanted right? So only you two are allowed to lie, scheme, go back on your word and play the game? Wake up — it’s Big Brother!”

I kind of want to see it happen just so they get called out for their hypocrisy, how entitled they act & to show them – people aren’t as smitten with you two as you think.

I can’t believe the countless pitches/arguments they make where they contradict themselves every two sentences…

  • “Keif has F3 with Beth >>>> Keif wants Beth gone”,
  • “Brey does everything Beth wants >>>> “Brey doesn’t have Beth’s back”
  • “Ty wants Brey to stay over Beth” >>>> “Ty would vote out Brey vs. Beth”
  • “Keif wants Jed to himself” >>> if you put up Ty he would keep Beth”

It’s the spaghetti strategy — throw it all at the wall and maybe one thing will stick.

another name

Well to be fair, their HOH’s were spaghetti strategy.
Let’s put up A and B. We’ll tell A they are going home. Then tell B to pick a fight with A if they want to stay because they could be going home. Then A wins veto and they were always a pawn, it’s that awful B that was the target. Now who to put up as a renom, could we get C to volunteer because we really hate them and wouldn’t it be awesome if C went home? Oh but that leaves us with D and D isn’t even like playing the game and we’ve been playing the game since day one. Hmmm. So let’s shun D, tell C they are going home…. and evict B.


Right lmfao


Pretty funny listening to Tera & Jed talk — she repeatedly keeps explaining to him why Brey can’t go on the block & he literally ignores what she says & just keeps pressing for Ty not to go on the block ‘because that will ruin her (Tera) ability to work with him’ .

LMAO — I mean she’s NOT stupid – she’s not going to put up Brey & let the SS stay together.

The other big thing is there was a comment made about how “Jed said they made him wait an extra 30 minutes outside before he could start” — this b/c Tera was certain Ty had won. And Brey thought he finished in under 20 mins while Beth took forever.

Meanwhile, the order was Jed, Ty, Keif, Beth & Brey.

Sure sounds like Jed struggled & TPTB told him to say “tell everyone you had to wait 30 mins to start.” I mean he might’ve won fair & square but it sounds extremely suspect.

As for the plan to try to get Jed to save Beth — that’s NOT going to fly he didn’t bite in the least when she mentioned it & quickly changed the conversation every time she tried, focusing it back on “Ty will be mad”.

And I’m sorry Ty but you’re the only one that hasn’t been on the block – have a seat.

Jed’s argument makes zero sense and quite frankly gives Tera every reason why Ty has to go up:

  • Keif is desperate to vote out Beth.
  • Jed said his #1 is Ty NOT Beth
  • Ty wants Beth gone b/c then he’ll have Brey to himself
  • When Beth asked Brey if he had her he said no.

If I was Tera I would’ve said – thanks Jed – that argument confirms that Brey would NOT keep Beth, neither will you since Jed is your #1 and Keif wants her gone. So even if you aren’t sure about Keif you are sure about yourself & Brey saving Ty so he’ll be safe.

another name

The human body pillow is talking about not respecting Tera for lying in the game.
Does she actually believe she’s played a loyal, humble, honest game? I mean… her pants have been on fire most of the game (and not in the ‘they make a cream for that and don’t forget your penicillin’ kind of way).
Can she be so wrapped up in her Parascam edit that she doesn’t know?
Reallllly? Entitle. Brat.

The talk between Tera and Jed was farcical in my point of view. Oh yeah, Tera said it would be Ty on the block how many times because the trio HAS to be broken up?
And what does Jed do? Pushes a final three with Tera and Ty? Really? Pushes he’s going to win every comp now? Pushes Breydon as renom? I mean, how many red flags?
To me that talk was as silly as the time blow up doll barbie told the douchecanoe that Tera had a huge crush on him. She’s only been raising her hand and saying Jed’s name since the Monday of week Two. Sideye. She liked that he was cleanly one day. That’s it.

Did this happen?
Yesterday, did one of the sunsetters say they always thought Tera would have worked with them if BETH hadn’t been a sunsetter?
Let’s review. Tera felt that Jed and Ty were constantly trying to intimidate and corner her. She didn’t like Beth. She didn’t know Beth was in the group when the group approacher her. It was LaToya, Kiefer, Tina and Ty that were present, and telling her Jed was in too. That’s why she was annoyed during the vote debate of week two. The sunsetters sans Beth approached her, she thought it was a new alliance (they told her it was) and then they deferred to protecting Beth’s relationships in the vote debate. Then they deferred to protecting Kiefer’s relationships, then Tina’s. THIS is why the vote flip week two was dismal. the Sunsetters were trying to find extra votes… so that some of them wouldn’t have to actually vote with the alliance. The way they handled that situation is what led Tina and Tera to leave. Intimidating, ordering, and acting like a master and servant class alliance. Tera didn’t work with them because of their behavior, not solely because of Beth.

Check the look on Kiefer’s face when Tera tells him that if Jed comes down, or if Jed pulls Beth down, Ty is still the replacement nom. Absolute confusion. It’s like, but thaaaaat wasn’t my masterplan… what are you doing? Kiefer was pushing Breydon renom… to Tera and Breydon.
He looked gobsmacked that the two wouldn’t jump allllll over that plan.

another name

I don’t have the tolerance you have for to even entertain the notion that an individual time comp is anything other than prodo. The more snippets of retells i hear, the more I have to tell myself ignore, and happy place.

Did Beth actually buy the get Jed to use veto on you pitch?
Did Jed actually think it’s brilliant? The alpha move? The GOAT move?
If even for a second… just… just… okay, this isn’t slop brain. This is just idiocy.

Beth and Jed think Tera is the messiest HOH. Messier than Vic week three.
Reminder: week three was planned to have one target from the start to finish. Every week a sunsetter has been in power? Everyone takes a turn as the target.
On their weeks:
Beth engineered an argument for entertainment purposes, held wishy washy debates for hours AFTER promising her pawn (Tera) was safe. And her pawn knows it.
Jed gave THREE people the ‘you’re going home speech’ in one week. And convinced himself keeping the biggest target in the game was an excellent game move….after telling him he was going home….

Yeah. Tera’s the messy one. mmkay.

Oh man feeds are gonna get blocked for a looooooong time to sort out this mess.
They’re actually going to have use hand puppets, aren’t they?

another name

Okay. now i’m replying to my own instead of the person i intended to reply to.
Apparently those 99 bottles of stupid on the wall i was talking about earlier are infectious.


G’dam funny, go go geez,ha ha the pain
you write for Larry David???

another name

oops. hit reply a second time by mistake. sorry.


Can kiefer stop using “it will be the biggest move… or you will be the best big brother player in history” can he notttt, if I hear one more time of this nonsense ughhhhh

It’s only a great move IF IT WORKS OUTTTT!!!
It’s all talk and no action geez. If it benefits your game ! Yes ! If it’s just an assumption? NO.

Tera better put Ty up, please for the sake of everybody ! Trio GOTS TO GO for their game !!!
She has been saying everybody missed the shot ! Well guess what ! ITS NOW OR NEVER ! JUST DO ITTTT! Stop playing hide and seek, wondering what’s going to happen next week. Aim and shoot ! Plain and simple

another name

The web of lies is getting confusing.
I’m going to give my take on what is occurring.
Tera told Breydon she was having some trust issues with Ty, and with Kiefer. There was no way he was touching the block, it would be Ty as renom no matter what, and she was willing to sell any lie she had to in order to get a member of the trio out this week.
To me this is the salient point Everything after is the web.

She told Kiefer that Ty would be the renom and Kiefer was spooked / shocked / confused.
She told Beth that she wanted her to stay, and would put up Brey if Jed used the veto on her.
She told Jed that there were options this week after Jed threatened her with Both himself and Ty coming for her if Ty touched the block.
She inferred that Breydon could be the remon to Kief if Beth came down.
She told Ty that Breydon would be the renom if Beth came down.
She told Breydon Ty and Kief that if Jed took Beth off Breydon would go on the block (she didn’t say this to just Breydon, she said it to the three).

I think Tera is ultimately going too far in the web of lies, but… I don’t think even Jed is stupid or cocky enough to Marcellas himself, so the promises are moot
Breydon and Tera already set up that Breydon had to act worried and stressed to Beth.

Unless Tera tells Breydon in a sit down alone that Breydon will be renom, I’m sticking with the salient point from early this afternoon.
There have been a couple of longish feed blocks.
The swearing on the kids is worrisome.
But until she says it to Brey, I’m still thinking she’s playing them because she said she’d lie her ass off to get what she wanted (Jed gone).

By the way.
Jed, who put Kiefer on the block last week says “putting somoene on the block is the same as telling them to their face you’re fine with them going.” To. Kiefer.

Hmmm. Kiefer is there. Is she still playing? NOW I”M GETTING CONFUSED.
I’m still holding on to the conversation where Tera told Breydon she’d be telling the whole house Brey is the renom, including Kiefer. I think that’s why Brey is so calm too.
Unless the prodo talks on that last feed outage before all the promises really got to them and Brey and Tera are just ready to say fuq it.
Brey even brought up a return twist. Sideye.


One hour & 34 minutes of block feeds followed by Tera shifting totally to saying I promise on my kids — if she does it — it’s ONLY BECAUSE PRODUCTION FORCED IT —

I mean we can’t even have this part of the week play out without their interference. Every single time any semblance of actual gameplay happens the producers shut the live feeds down & force-feed their plot objectives.

If she does this — & Brey leaves then we can just tune in after the finale for all of Jed’s congratulation interviews. B/c if they can’t even let this play out without interference (knowing they’d have a prearranged battle back for Jed to win anyway) then why bother?

Man – it’s one thing to fix comps (like they have), to manipulate the National show (like they have), and to help their pets (like they consistently have) but this is taking away every single semblance of gameplay.

A fake DE, a predetermined POV win, a live feed stoppage to save both and take out the guy they’ve been trying to keep off camera all season anyway. I mean we knew they were going to ensure their outcome but this is OVER KILL.

They need to stop calling this Big Brother — bc it’s NOT — it’s a scripted show that preselected a cast and predetermined their salary. In fact — I think the more accurate description of BB Canada isn’t a reality game show –It’s like This is Spinal Tap— a mockumentary of what reality game shows USED to be!

And that’s not even fair b/c This is Spinal Tap was a great movie — now that TPTB has removed all the reality & gameplay portion from the mix -it’s just a SHIT FILLER show that has lost all credibility and unfortunately — now — likeability.

Social media was blowing up — in a way I’ve never seen with BB before -typically you get a good percentage defending what’s going on — but EVERYONE is crying foul today & pointing to the fake DE & the feed shut down & sudden shift from Tera. The jig is up!\

Maybe we should just start a “Reality Steve” style website (the guy who spoils the Bachelor) b/c there is no longer suspense in Big Brother – just scripts & sponsors.

(YEAH — I’m heated — LOL)

another name

Well. First the show was taking heat from fans saying a Fake DE was made to protect the sunsetters from losing a member.

Quick change in plans, they give Jed the veto.
Then they cut feeds and change Tera’s mind.
Then they toss in the stupid Marcellas thing.

Now production can look at the episodies saying bullshit and say…. see, we didn’t make the fake DE to protect the sunsetters..
Just watch. That’s how they’ll spin it.

As I said I think last week, I think I’m going to be giving the US version this season and the next Can version a pass.
After predicting the winner of 6 by the premiere edit, picking the winner of 7 after the first day of feeds, picking the winner of US22 before the first episode aired, and lest we forget warning everyone about the winner of 21 during the premiere episode, recognizing his withdrawal symptoms on first day of feeds, and predicting what production would do to attempt to fix his image as much as they could (the week in have not without cams most of the time with detoxing and psych services) by the end of week one? If the racial overtones hadn’t gotten so MUCH national media attention, they’d never have had the call out on the finale. They’d have thought they’d gotten away with it.
By the way, I still contend that the order that BBCan had the houseguests leave during the season 8 ‘finale’ was the order they would have left in the game. Carol first called. Rianne leaving a half hour later… and they shared a plane home? That was odd, and led me to suspect they were spilling.

I’m thinking I need a break… or the Big Brother storyline people need new blood and new material. Both can’t coexist at this point.
I don’t think I’ve written this yet, but if it weren’t for the pandemic and needing something to fixate on to feign normalcy, I’d have been out of this season during the 22 hour feed block on Invisible Week. I’m running on the fumes of feigning normalcy at this point. And I’m getting really bitter about it. LOL. When we can reasonably expect that production is interfering, and point at how…? Where’s the game. What game? It’s all convoluted storyline, and I think they still make soap operas for that. I’m half expecting somebody’s kid that went to Swiss boarding school three weeks ago to show up 20 years older in a twist next week. The role of Breydon will now be played by Karen Singbeil or some shit.


Does anyone know how these battle backs usually work? Are they gonna try and cram the whole DE and battle back into Thursdays episode?

another name


another name

So battle back is gonna be Breydon vs. Tera?
Or is there still play acting going on?
Tera just watched the trio hot tubbing and laughing and joking around. Not a care in the world. Come on.
The feed blackout for over an hour and the D/R calls… with no call to Breydon (that’s unusual for someone being mentioned as a nominee…. no D/R reaction call? mmmhmmm).
In bed Brey is expressing his block worry to Kiefer.
Realistically, guaranteeing the vote by putting up Ty is the only play that makes sense.
But this is the week where they are trying to make doing a Marcellas a big move in a positive way. sideye.
So… are we meant to believe any of this as being in any way logical?
No really. This makes about as much sense as waterwings in a desert.

Let’s think about the battle back. If Breydon touches the block he’s out.
Ty kept Kiefer for sentimental reasons. Ty never votes out Jed. EVER. So…
In the fake DE the hoh will be the four sunetters.
Four sunsetters trying to save face. They don’t know it’s fake, but it’s irrelevant.
Tera is the most likely to be evicted by far.

So a steamroll wasn’t enough. Even when someone from the other side wins HOH they have to twist it up with a shenanigans mentioned veto, and a ludicrous veto ceremony situation that absolutely defies logic and credulity.
We’ve jumped the shark people.

To cap it off they had food delivery for everyone including the have nots. Now, we can be pretty much assured they got food last night, and tonight. So the chosen ones got slop for a full 24 hours. Yup. Shark jumping.


They sunk to a new low — I didn’t think that was possible.

East coaster

They all got food ??? I missed that but that is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t stand the trio. What a joke. Jed and Beth are the worst. I also think I’m gonna have to take a bb break. It’s just annoying to watch now. It IS like a soap. No game to it, just dumb ass story line.

another name

Chinese delivery.


Did anyone other than Beth hear with their own ears, Tera swear on her children because I sure didn’t hear that. I never heard any part of the conversation she allegedly had with Beth, other than from the liars lying mouth.

Stephanie Attwood

I don’t understand this… this is such a dumb plan. If they actually wanted Breydon out then Jed could use it on himself and they could still put Breydon up and get him out…. if Jed doesn’t see that he has got to be the most stupid player to ever play. Oh hmm Breydon only goes up if I keep myself on the block… that sounds fishy like come on!


OMG…if Tera actually puts Brey up on the block she and Breydon deserves to loose and a Sunsetter deserves the win 100%. I so dont get why she would trust them…lol Hope she wakes up and realizes they are very good liars! This is not production…this is just plain stupid and blind trust on Tera and Brey’s part!


Tara is out to lunch! Worst possible move in the history of big brother

another name

This morning.
If i’m getting my still drinking coffee read correctly:

  • Tera says she overheard the trio talking about all being safe.
  • Kiefer says Ty could flip, maybe just put Ty up.
  • Breydon says his only worrry is Ty could flip
  • Ty and Jed have been glued together from what I can see.

And Tera is going to…… go ahead with putting Brey on the block… in a pawn situation… at final 6.
Yeah, this here is some bullshit.

Meanwhile prodo office. clown music playing in the background.
Man, that asshat is determined to pull a Marcellas.
Good thing we got the Karen to do something even dumber.
Would have really made our edit look stupid otherwise.
I mean, we just put out the promo calling Beth a puppetmaster… with the words on the screen and everything.

And if we’re all on the same page that Breydon is evicted the moment his ass hits the block…
then i have to rescind my congratulations to production for having their first ever season where they didn’t use a special eviction episode to write their lgbt characters out of the storyline.
Ah Breydon likely joins the likes of S1Aneal (fanveto renom, instant), S2 Kenny (double), S3 Risha (prefeed fanvote), Johnnie (fanvote power rule change), Willow, Kevin (if he’s included? triple), S4 Mitch (secret suite return evictee), S5 Gary (reverse week), S6 Erica (fanveto renom), Johnny2 (triple), S7 Eddie (double), Kiera (blood veto weirdness).


Am I crazy or who is also crazy with me…


The power has officially gone over her head, just because you’ve won honey, it doesn’t mean you will be able to control Ty ! Ughhhhhhhhh
The best possible strategy HAS TO BE SPLITTTT THE TRIOOOO!!!! One of them GOTS TO GOOOOO

Let’s say Jed pulls off Beth, and Tera puts brey
That means Jed and ty on the block.

Who is voting ??
Kiefer , Beth, And Ty

Who the f is going to keep brey ?!?!? WHOOO?!?!?
This HOH putting Jed and Beth would be POINTLESS.


another name

Feeds return.

the sunsetters celebrating Jed using his veto on Beth and Breydon going on the block.
Kiefer is chiming in with Breydon’t block resume to Jed.
Meanwhile in the back yard, Breydon is upset.
Apparently Kief pulled Tera aside again and told her to put up Ty not Brey? (did that happen, that’s a text I got).

So… I wonder who chimed in that Tera just killed Breydon while feeds were down?

Here’s the reality:
Ty will keep Jed out of loyalty. He’d actually go to the end with a guy that was so cocky in his game position that he pulled a Marcellas, and can tell the jury about it in final 2.
Beth will keep Jed because.
Kief will end up keeping Jed and saying bygones for the whole thing.
Tera will cry and apologize and yell ‘curse them’ of something equally assinine.


It happened twice this morning before the ceremony