Taylor “I’m still being lied to Monte! Nobody has owned up to voting me out of the house!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:40pm HOH room – Monte and Taylor.
Taylor – I am still being lied to Monte! Nobody has owned up to voting me out of the house still. Monte – what do you mean? You asked Brittany or Turner? Taylor – Mmmmmhmmm. Monte – what you talk to both of them recently? Taylor – not about it, just no one has said anything. Everyone has operated this week as if no one tried to vote me out. Monte – as if it didn’t happen. Taylor – yeah. Monte – yeah, I don’t know. I mean.. I find it hard to think that Turner would be so transparent about how he felt and then Alyssa trying to guilt trip him into not voting her out. And go all week confirming he is good with our final three and then decides at the last minute to flip his vote after Brittany came up to him saying that he should give her (Alyssa) and then tells us exactly that.. like that just seems too obvious that he wouldn’t do that … whereas Brittany the whole week acting shady. Threatening me and from her game perspective it makes the most sense for her to want to vote you out because you would have been the next best competitor in the HOH comp. If you weren’t here, she would be in final three. That is the reality of it. So I think she knew that would have been a possibility if you were to have stayed and she tried to flip her vote. Taylor – but at that point we were so locked in that it shouldn’t matter. Monte – I don’t think so. I think she thought that the two of us were getting close enough and that when we had that conversation with the three of us in here and she saw how you were responding to her mentioning Michael’s game was compromised because of it. I think she realized that you were calling out her bullsh*t! And at that point she said I am on the outs here. What is best for my game because both of these people don’t believe me is that the one that is closest to Monte .. wants to keep her so why don’t I do the exact opposite and get rid of her so that I have less competition for this HOH comp. Whereas I was trying to do the exact opposite and trying to make sure there was more competition against her for the HOH comp so that she would not proceed into final three so easily and then have a choice of who is being put on the block. It makes too much sense to me. And then for Turner to say in his goodbye message that he made it very clear… Big Brother blocks the feeds. Monte – his actions and his reasoning and how much he communicated to the both of us not just to me but to the both of us about where his head was at makes it too obvious that he was not the one to do that. I think it was best for Brittany’s game to try and get you out this week so that she could win that HOH.. and fortunately she didn’t because Turner stayed true to his word and voted Alyssa out against what he would have preferred. Taylor – that logic just doesn’t… like I see the path you’re painting here but for Brittany to vote me out and secure herself in the final three then what do you think would happen .. her and Alyssa.. so what she beats Alyssa for veto .. keeps Alyssa and get rid of Turner? Monte – no gets rid of me. Taylor – she gets rid of you? Monte – yes Taylor! I am telling you its been so obvious that she’s been wanting me out of this house. it seems like very obvious. She would have booted me out in a heartbeat. Turner joins them and the conversation ends.

Taylor – oh my god I was so stupid last night… Turner – what? Taylor – dropping the headphones and shuffle (ipod) into the tub.

1:26pm – 1:54pm Taylor, Brittany and Monte are sleeping in the HOH room.

2:30pm Bedroom – Brittany talking to the cameras.
Brittany – If I would ever get the opportunity to play this game again which I would absolutely love someday at least I couldn’t hide who I was. I would just be myself and I would just be who I am. There would not be a lot of growing pains that I would not have to over come should I ever get this opportunity again. And if I get to continue doing this, I get to just be myself. It was so fun getting to share that with people that truly do know me. And know who I am to my core which is the same Brittany that they’ve gotten to know. And now I am just excited to share that with Taylor and Monte … and not so much Turner because I don’t think he likes me anymore but that’s okay. I don’t think he ever really liked me. Taylor and Monte were just really excited to get to know me and get to know me that way. I think ultimately it was a good call sharing. I think where I would have done things differently is to have not shared with Michael. I only shared with Michael because I thought he know and I thought it was eroding our trust but now I am realizing that I gave him pretty strong ammunition to use against me on his way out. That literally never crossed my mind which shows how naïve I was gullible maybe.. I don’t know. He used my help to set himself up better but ultimately at the end of the day people didn’t care about the those things as much as him winning comps. He should have been strategic about which ones he won. Brittany starts talking about how badly she wants a family. I almost wish my why for being here didn’t mean so much. I think my why for being here is strong that it is literally like in my mind and I need to work on this because I don’t know if this is 100% true .. it feels like in my mind .. losing big brother is no family. No babies! No having kids.. because I know that I need a large sum of money to have those things given the infertility things that I have been dealing with.

Taylor talking to the camera in the backyard.
Taylor – this has is giving me the most difficult path to the final three. I have no choice but to win all these comps. So I need to be studying .. I need to convince Monte and I need to be studying every single day. That is my game… win! Part one I have to win and Part two I have to know everything about this game. I need to look at that memory wall every single day and know everyone’s score card. Thank god I am HOH so I can just stare. If Brittany goes week it is better for my jury management. Its a harder road if she goes this week but if she goes this week its better for my jury management.

3:20pm Backyard Upper Level – Turner and Monte talking about Tesla and Elon Musk.

3:46pm Backyard – Taylor and Monte.
Taylor – I guess I have just been wondering if you are so locked in with me .. why make the journey to the end more difficult than it has to be. I just don’t see Turner as competitively more of a threat to you and I making it together.. than Brittany. Monte – Based off his 3 HOH’s .. yeah that is fair. Taylor – and I’ve said it since I won the HOH. Like I don’t give a f**k who I trust at this point, its who can I beat. I just think the odds are greater… like look I am locked in with you and Brittany so if we’re both working against her who is arguably a weaker competitor considering the comps that we’re likely going to do… Monte – you don’t think you can beat Turner? Taylor – I think it will be significantly more difficult for me. The only thing I beat Turner in was.. the fashion comp. Brittany joins them and the conversation ends.

4pm Backyard – Brittany and Taylor.
Taylor – I am working it. Brittany – yeah, any progress? Taylor – we keep going back and fourth on how is going to be a bigger threat in a mental comp. Brittany – when I talk to him .. any points you think I should have counter points on .. not arguments but be ready for? Who is going to be a bigger threat in a mental comp? Taylor – yeah. That is the biggest one. Brittany – I can think of plenty of examples where Monte has beaten me in the mental at the end. Monte joins them and the conversation ends.

5:34pm – 6:20pm Quiet evening in the BB house.. Workouts / eating and relaxing.

6:19pm Hammock – Brittany talking to the cameras.
Brittany – I have to prove that I am not smart / a mental threat .. but my first inclination to prove that is to not .. as a smart way to show it which shows that I am smart which is not a smart decision. Taylor is saying not to show the Crafts .. not until the end of the week but then Monte came in right after she said that so I need to hear from her why she thinks that. I was also doubting if Mental comps are the thing that he is most worried about. Ohhhhh… man its hard not to give up. I am not giving up though. Or I should better word it that I am continuing to explore arguments .. continuing to explore facts that help my case. I feel like I should trust Taylor and her judgement on this.

6:58pm Turner has the HOH camera. They plan to make more tie dye shirts.

7:03pm – 7:42pm HOH room – Taylor and Brittany.
Brittany – are you playing with M&M’s too (used to study the days/events/comps/votes with). Taylor – yeah playing with votes.. Brittany – I don’t think I can do the M&M’s (to try and convince Monte to keep her) .. I think it proves the exact point that he (Monte) is most worried about. And you know Monte.. Taylor – yeah. Brittany – he will take this whole thing and eb like AH HA! This proves what I was.. and then he will be like I gotcha! You know what I mean? Taylor – yeah. Brittany – so I can’t do it.. but it also sucks because its my strongest argument. Taylor – what if you do the exercise WITH him instead of saying look at all the work I already did. Say lets do the work together. Brittany – it takes a LONG time. Taylor – because then he is the one doing all the thinking and not you. Brittany – yeah, could be an idea. Clearly the math shows that it makes sense… but in doing that it shows that there is more of a chance.. it shows that is how my mind works and that I am a fan of the show. Its show don’t tell. Its always better to show and not tell. Taylor – you have all the time. Thursday is still far away. We’ve seen what happens when someone pushes too hard too soon. Brittany – I do want to do my pitch and then let him ruminate over it. Taylor offers to show the “graphs” to Monte since she is already guaranteed to be final 3. Brittany – you would really have to be careful not to push one side or the other. You would really have to look at both of them and give them equal time. That’s the beauty of a visual you can talk about both equal but the visual will show it. Brittany heads down to rest.

7:56pm The feeds are on FIRE!

9:15pm Backyard – Turner and Monte doing tie dye t-shirts again.. Turner is recording the process.

11:15pm – 12:26am Monte, Brittany, Turner and Taylor are chatting and eating out in the backyard. Taylor heads in to have a bath.

12:30am Turner and Monte play a game of pool.

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Brittany is Hungry Like A Wolf for Monte. Like chasing him and chatting him is going to change his mind. Give it up gurl! You going to jury Brittany the patience that Taylor and Monte give you has me rolling my eyes more than Turner! It is eviction day yet?




Oh, so Mama and Papa are not happy but just showing patience with Brit?

The way this show reveals all of society’s ills is pretty brilliant.

Those who buy into the alpha male patriarch’s scorn towards the high strung odd ball.

Some people love their daddy figures.

I’m sure Brit will be fine once she gets back to her real life.

Captain Kirk

“The way this show reveals all of society’s ills is pretty brilliant”
My thoughts as well.

This show (BB) is nothing but a microcosm of real life outside that “house”. Watching the show is, to some extent, food for thought.

AMAZING how people (and corporations) are willing to LIE, STAB, CHEAT, AND SCREW YOU AND OTHERS for money AT ANY TIME in daily life. CONSTANTLY.

The phenomenon is particularly crystalized in politicians, the healthcare industry, the insurance industry, Congress, and by our “friends” and “family” members.



I see it more as revealing people’s psychological distortions, and how that leads to rationalization of behaviors and hypocrisy.

That includes viewer interpretation.

Certainly there is also that piece where the pursuit of wealth leads to some very ugly behavior.

I just don’t believe that is a prime motivation for most people in the day to day.

I think there are plenty.of honest people out there.

To me, it’s more about the judgements, bullying, adherence to traditional interpretation of roles, stigma against mentally unravelling women in favor of the cool and calm male deity, etc.


I think either they need to have a come to Jesus meeting lol. And ask the question to both of them. “Who voted me out?”
Or privately, Taylor needs to reveal to Brittany she knows she flipped the vote to vote her out. I know it’s hard for her to believe Brittany did it and she may lose her jury vote. But she needs to outsmart the “hypnotherapist” and call her out on her bullshit. ITS TIME TAYLOR.


Sure, potentially lose a jury vote based on self-righteousness. That’s not exactly outsmarting. That is suicide.

The core reason Brit voted out Taylor is that she felt abandoned and paranoid after Taylor seemed to start shunning her (whereas in actuality, Taylor was just distracted in starting her showmance with Monte).

Pretty sure once they talk that through after the game that Taylor will let it go and move on with actual life issues.


Ty for your prospective! I agree and understand where you are coming from. She definitely need her jury vote. Confronting her isn’t a good idea, it’s suicide like you said.
In my head I wish she could. I love drama lol!

Bald Elvis

Neither of them owe her anything…she put them both up.

Captain Kirk


But remember that there is always an escape clause to cling onto or an exit to take (to justify yourself on BB) because it’s only a “game”.


Nice try Taylor. Monte is not buying your BS. You know Brittany voted against you, as if it even matters now anyway


I know that they all end up talking to each other after the show but somehow I think that Taylor is going to have a huge huge issue with Britt voting her out. I don’t think that’s something that’s going to be quickly forgotten.


Taylor isn’t going to like Monte going to Final 2 with Turner. And, after the show, it will be painfully obvious how Monte just wanted to empty his stuff, by faking an interest in Taylor. She knows at a deeper level that Monte is not choosing her either inside the game or outside in the real world. To be used on national TV is humiliating, even if you consent. Alyssa felt that too. Not blaming the guys, but society has a great appetite for a classy romance, and a great disgust for the fake coupling with deception at its core.


Confused!! Once this week is over, all 3 left have an equal chance to decide who is final 2, right?? Monte is not guaranteed final 2 at this point any more than Taylor or Turner??? Or am I really missing something?

Captain Kirk

“To be used on national TV is humiliating, even if you consent. Alyssa felt that too”

How does that song go again?

There’s some hoes in this house
There’s some hoes in this house
If you see ’em, point ’em out
If you see ’em, point ’em out


Possibly, but Taylor seems to be the quickest to get over things. They ALL have used situations to their advantage but she was the least shook by the reveal. I’m sure it bothered her, but she was also the one that recognized and verbalized it kept both her & Monte in the game & brought it up on several occasions to Monte.

I’d even argue Taylor’s betrayal of Michael was much more sinister. I take you back to week 2 when he really didn’t want to win the POV bc he’d won the week prior. Michael desperately tried to throw that comp to her literally waiting & waiting & waiting for Taylor to take her shot & only after she missed did he decide to win it so Pooch couldn’t bc he knew Jasmine’s preference was to evict Taylor which wasn’t what he wanted. Remember Michael REPEATEDLY told us he wanted Britt, Taylor, Indy & Jasmine as his F5.

He NEVER put her OTB and kept her safe even risking putting up Monte as a pawn to reinforce his commitment to their F3. As Taylor sits in the backyard complaining to the feeders about how this situation is not ideal for her the reality is she could’ve avoided this if she’d invested just one more week in Michael. All it would’ve taken was pointing out Monte’s preference for working with the alpha males & by removing Turner he’d be less likely to take the shot if F6 was a DE bc he’d be left with three women & Terrance making him the main target. These recent comps have been weird too so there might’ve been another opportunity to get Michael (although unlikely lol).

Playing devil’s advocate I do think Michael would’ve been more open to taking a bigger shot if BOTH Britt & Taylor shared their concerns. However, the irony is I think he still would’ve kept his promise to Turner & instead put MONTE OTB bc then he’d also be separating him from Taylor!

Turner is also someone who wants a shield so all Michael had to do was share how Monte had been saying his name since week 3 & he was saying it again so with the potential for a DE he couldn’t risk it but that he still wanted to work with Turner. In the event that had occurred, Turner likely puts up Terrance & Britt at F6 HOH, and with Monte gone, Michael wins POV (bc even with the belt malfunction he was right behind Monte in that comp). They vote out Terrance and move to F5. What we know is Michael had said he had NO DESIRE to win F5 HOH so Britt wins & she puts up Turner/Ally & they take Turner out & drag Ally to F4. Would Michael have won the fashion comp? Not sure, but I bet he would’ve won the POV so in hindsight it was probably right to get him out in the DE but she can’t have her cake and eat it too!

It wasn’t a risk Taylor was willing to take bc she wanted Michael gone but he was a much more loyal ally to her than Monte is. IMHO the ONLY reason Monte wants to take her to F2 is bc he believes he can beat her in both the comps & the jury vote.

Again, I understand why they wanted to take out Michael but I’m short on empathy for Taylor in this specific situation bc Monte had backed off targeting Michael & it took at least four conversations from Taylor that week to get him back on that tangent. Suffice to say, her pushing Monte to take the strike is precisely why she’s in her current dilemma.


Taylor doesn’t forget or forgive from what we have seen. She wanted Alyssa gone because Alyssa took the trip (that Jasmine took next) and she went on and on and on about it. She has a target on Turner for putting her up — even though it was Turner who said no to the bullying and saved her to begin with.


Yeah the trip thing is spot on. I was thinking more along the lines of situations like her telling the feeders not to be too hard on Daniel. Or giving Terrance COUNTLESS opportunities right up until he tried to keep Kyle over her. Overall, she’s shown more grace than the rest of them combined.

As for Turner – I find him performative – at first it was entertaining but as the season has progressed (and specifically after Dyre Fest) his mean streak was more apparent.

In terms of the bullying Monte lit the match but Turner was also tossing logs on that fire in week 1 (I just recently was looking for something from that week & I forgot how aggressive Turner (& Pooch) were about getting Taylor out & talking smack about her. The bullying narrative was only created to isolate the Pound & give the trio (Britt/Tay/Mich) a purpose behind the Leftovers.

Another Name wrote a post earlier that outlined it perfectly.

Captain Kirk

Brittany voting priority will be Turner, Monte, Taylor respectively.


Yeah and if I am Brittany I don’t give a sh!t what Taylor thinks of my vote against her. Not sure Taylor will either if she ends up in final two anyway.


Do people lie or hide information from each other in BB ? OMG I never new or suspected such a thing. Shocked I tell ‘ya.

Taylor, it’s a little late in the game to worry about such matters … jeez, who the eff cares (certainly not Monte), give it a rest.

un autre nom

Couple trying to hide a showmance, where one of the couple has been lying about his role in the other member’s storyline, and his past job experience, and the fact that their initial alliance was a fraud to cover for an all male alliance… and the other has never told her final 2 the only reason she wanted her around is she’s an easy 2nd place in front of jury….
and they’re worrying about lying? But only when it affects them, not perpetrated by them you say? Uh huh. Whatev.

Captain Kirk

“Do people lie or hide information from each other in BB ? OMG I never new or suspected such a thing. Shocked I tell ‘ya”
Good point.

It seems as if both are one and the same on BB. NO distinction between the two.

An example, is Michael and Brittany and how the pair chose to cast the spurious intel to others on Kyle that caused the FAKE uproar.

un autre nom

What is historically one of our biggest complaints as fans?
When a houseguest lays down and dies instead of doing everything they can think of to stay? Oh yeah.
So because Britt is annoying, and a whackjob and a liar…. people are saying give up.
If she did? We’d be saying see… didn’t even fight to try to stay.
I see.
Meh, she isn’t staying, but I’m going to respect the attempt because I’d be more disgusted by blanketing and a bed coma complete with whining and bible verses.


Yup. Spot on!


Thank GOODNESS for the mute button! Her mouth moves but all I hear is:
Dog goes “woof”
Cat goes “meow”
Bird goes “tweet”
And mouse goes “squeek”
Cow goes “moo”
Frog goes “croak”
And the elephant goes “toot”
Ducks say “quack”
And fish go “blub”
And the seal goes “ow ow ow”
But there’s one sound
That no one knows
What does the fox say?
What the fox say?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THURSDAY COME TOMORROW any days like today will be more than I can bear!


Omg! This shit was funny af!!!


At least we figured out today that Britt is VERY good at her job. I listened to the feeds for about 15 minutes while she was going on and on and on about it. Came back an hour later and the whole dang house was hypnotized, even herself.

The Beef

Taylor can come up with all the reasons in the world why Monte should evict Turner and keep Brit, including that she thinks she can beat her easier than she can beat him in upcoming comps, but we all know the real reason why she wants her to stay.

Taylor knows Brit will take her to final 2 if she wins the final HOH comp.

No way Brit takes Monte over Taylor in final 2. It’s that simple. I don’t blame Taylor for trying to sway Monte to keep Brit, but Monte only does it if he’s a complete fool because Monte knows Turner will take HIM if he wins the final HOH comp.

Monte may choose to take Taylor to the end or he may take Turner if he wins. He’ll take whoever he thinks he can beat (obviously), but if he can’t choose, better to know you’ll at least have a chance sitting in one of those chairs, then to have Brit choosing and know you won’t, OR to have Taylor choosing, and her choice be between him and Turner vs. him and Brittany. I think she chooses Brittany in the latter choice because she has a much better chance of beating her over Monte, and it’s pretty clear Monte knows that too.

So despite all the recent showmance interaction between the two (which I think is a lot of game, maybe by BOTH of them), I believe Monte is still thinking with the right head here and will vote to evict Brittany, much to Taylor’s chagrin.

Captain Kirk

” Monte knows Turner will take HIM if he wins the final HOH comp”
That’s the LAST remaining drama or chaos left to wait-and-see what happens.

un autre nom

Monte discusses the showmance with Turner.
He says he feels he may be criminalized for it, because women often hear things that were never said. You mean there were worse things than what WAS said? oh gawd.
The discussion of who is easier to beat has come up.
Monte thinks the final comp is purely mental. It’s usually based on juror knowledge… but there’s been a slight shift in that, not enough to make it a concern.
Who knows the jurors better? Turner. Sorry. Turner. All day, every day.
But Turner is better for Monte’s game… so why let something like the reality of the final 3 HOH comps interfere with plan?
I think it IS smarter for Monte to take Turner to final 3. It just IS.
I’m just sick of his clean game moral bullshit.


At this point, you’ve got 5 degraded pathetic people living in the house. It reminds me why I don’t watch BB any more and only caught on this season by luck of seeing something exciting in Michael early on.

Taylor using sex to last this long is the most degraded of all. She represents her race and as such is a horrible role model. If I were black I would surely not be proud of her.

Turner and his lies and scumminess comes a close second! And so on..

un autre nom

Showmances have been using sex as a strategic tool for many seasons.
I don’t mind that either / both are using it for game. I just want them to own it.
One little cam talk saying time to flirt to get my way.
That’s all I want, the game ownership. Otherwise, I really don’t care.


Its called prostitizing yourself

Carlito's Way

So Monte basically admitted to Turner that he used Taylor for sex (“biological needs”, and game, which he did not admit). Of course he pontificated, bloviated and used prettier words, but let’s just say, he’s just not that into her. Taylor is going to feel like such an idiot when all is said, seen and done. She blew her game for him. Her desire to project an independent, strong woman – Not happening. She blew it big time by getting involved with Monte. Their whole vibe is so awkward and inorganic. Ugh. Let’s get to Thursday already and forget this whole season which took a total nosedive since Michael was evicted.


How did she blow her game for him? By the time they hooked up he was controlling the game with his comp wins. She’s been focused on wanting to evict Turner and keep Brit. She’s just had no power bc she’s not a competitor.


Nah, the nosedive was when Turner put Kyle on the block to virtue signal instead of because it was good for his game (and that move is mostly Michael’s fault)


Thank you! Perfectly said!

I stopped watching ten years ago but lucked upon the early weeks and knew that Michael would breathe some life into this pathetic show. It was wonderful seeing his skill and intellect and enthusiasm. As soon as he left, I stopped watching. Just from reading the feeds I can see it’s returned to it’s being so lame.


I really do hope Monte is not going to let Taylor convince him to keep Brittany, and send Turner to the Jury House this week.

Getting rid of Turner this week, Monte would have Brittany for sure trying to evict him, I also feel Taylor wouldn’t have an issue with Monte going to Jury next week, and then it would be Brittany and Taylor as the Final 2.

I am going a little crazy, one minute I think Taylor would not betray Monte, but then I feel Taylor would be ok with Monte being evicted, as long as she does not have to do it.

With that said, I feel Monte feels the same way, he is ok with Taylor being evicted and sent to Jury, as long as it is because Turner sent Taylor to Jury.

I know that Monte and Turner need to be studying like crazy, I’m hoping Brittany is evicted this week, I trust Turner more than I trust Brittany.

Does Taylor not believe Turner when he said he did vote Alyssa out, and Brittany was trying to make him look bad by voting to evict Taylor, then she could say Turner tried to evict Taylor.

All I know right now is, I’m really hoping Monte sends Brittany to Jury, then Turner, Monte and Taylor fight it out, I kind of get the feeling if Monte kept Brittany, Taylor would not have a problem with Monte being evicted next week, Taylor and Brittany would be Final 2.

I think Taylor likes Monte, but winning 750k is the goal, Taylor wants to make good TV, Taylor has said she wanted to be the Ice Queen, Taylor would send Monte packing and take Brittany to Final 2.

This Monte & Taylor Showmance, I would not give up 750k, lets be real, once they are outside of the house, Taylor & Monte will not see each other again, so I’d do whatever needed to be done, and I’d give 100% to winning the 750k.

I also think Taylor is more into Joseph than Monte, the possibility of a romance seemed more genuine to me with Joseph & Taylor.

Romance with Monte & Taylor, I don’t think will last out in the real world, Monte & Taylor to me, it feels like 2 grown adults, satisfying their sexual needs, in a confined environment.

I hope they make it to Final 2, as long as Monte does not let Taylor convince him to drag Brittany’s annoying butt to Final 3, kick Britt to the curb/jury house, Keep Turner in Final 3.


Having watched the POV competition, I don’t think any of us would have fared any better


A lot of it is about not letting your psychological vulnerabilities interfere with your focus.

Brit saying she was certain her numbers were right. Reverting to randomly changing the total, over and over again.

Whereas Monte realized his math was correct and that the error had to be one of his days.

Brit wasted so much time at the end instead of stopping to think.

She deserved to lose that comp.

I wanted her to make it but at this point it’s about coming through in crunch time.

un autre nom

Sunday episode: Final 4 Nom and Veto.
PREAMBLE: probably lots of opinion mashed in without ED. this time. I’ll try but… I’m having a strongly opinionated not editing myself day….
Recap: Monte doesn’t want to go to the finals with women, ED. cus mysoginist opinions expressed since day 1?
Britt gets cold shouldered.
The twist to what Turner heard vs. what Alyssa said so that he had justification is glossed over and edited to support Turner’s version. EDIT CHOICE.
HOH Taylor.
Taylor: a fashion comp instead of one of the usual Final 4 HOH comps.
Monte: pretty close all game ED. I’m biting my tongue.
Turner: Britt is slimy. ED. For doing what Turner did.
Britt thinks Taylor has pulled away. ED. She did.
ONE DAY BEFORE EVICTION called just before Flashback.
Britt thinks Taylor should go strategically. ED. Truth? Wouldn’t have been a bad move for Britt.
The sympathy vote plan.
Turner calls it a flip vote. The sympathy vote.
ED. Turner doesn’t like anyone playing Turner’s game long game.
They want Taylor to go on the attack at Britt.
Continue the trend all season, my target has to be your target.
Britt feels the distance again. She’s lying to Taylor.
Taylor thinks they are both liars, but doesn’t know which one lied this time.
Monte gives marching orders. Turner joins to add to the witch hunt. Sure they are right, but let’s be serious. This here is a game long pattern Taylor never realized, take 50% truth and add moral outrage.
Every decision is worth 750g… ED. so good thing you are showmancing the house ringleader starting week 10. Hey, good move, own it… someone PLEASE own it.
Game changing Black woman in game talk.
Discussion of the final veto being important.
Noms will be the 2 liars? Taylor thinks she can control Monte. WHATEVER.
Her read is bad here.
Monte comes to showmance and push agenda. AGAIN. Taylor says Turner Britt are noms. Oh Monte says justification. Monte says she keeps Turner. She hates them both so…
Turner Britt CHAT:
Turner is mad he got payed the way he’s been playing everyone. You used my friendship… ED. He used member of LGBT for the same reason.
Britt calls out he has backstabbed every one of his friends.
Most manipulative non loyal person, ED. says the one that has been backstabbing every friend? Oh. Now he’s pissy he got got. OH the tears. Realizing he just tanked ANOTHER jury vote.
Taylor wonders if it’s an act… ED. it was partially. He’s trying to secure Britt as target. He already knows they are both going on the block. Performance? Partially yes. He admitted it D/R, he’s got to go immediately to HOH to get the target on Britt.
Britt and Turner. Someone lied about a vote. ED. This veto has more weight? Like the winner determines who is telling truth and gets to make the house oral history?
Turner wants to win veto to be pissy at Britt.
Monte that evil Britt is so unpredictable.
Britt: nobody is saving me if Monte or Turner win.
Taylor Britt post noms talk
Britt is trying to cover tracks. She has to lie.
Taylor d/r it doesn’t matter who lied. Get in the game. Because you are the house final 2 goat, ED. only the boys are too stupid to see it because you’re female. Go back to week 8 talk held by the Exec. Branch and the pool table pre-Gentleman’s Agreement in week 9… tell me i’m exaggerating. I’m not.

Separate rooms.
Photo of events. Add the days. must add total of days. days and total must be right.
Wall comp is 37,
Taylor is what is she doing almost looks throw? Ameerah eviction 23.
Otev is day 32. day 44 is the split house hoh.
Snoozefest. 65.
Day 16 Turner won HOH FESTIE BESTIES. Double EVICTION day 65
Pie fest was day 9. Zingbot. Day 48
first veto is day 4? Off pattern. noms were day 3 not day 2. veto was 4.
Turner 4 off. Monte 2 off. Britt 2 off changes the Ameerah day. Britt off for day of first veto.
BRITT PANICS. Turner still 2 off. Monte math off, snoozefest off.
Turner is happy. Britt: Day 4 was the problem she sees. Taylor happy it was Monte if not her.
Taylor is giving Britt a pep talk. Britt thinks she’s easier to beat than Turner. One day off.
She knows Monte has been out to get her for 2 weeks.
Taylor is trying to get Monte to save Britt. ED. Good luck. eyeroll. like please.
So she goes into showmance mode. not manipulating with that at all.
Enemies to lovers final 2.

Taylor needs to figure out how to keep the goat. Monte isn’t changing his mind.
Taylor has to convince Monte. Britt says not looking good, be logical. not giving up.
Turner is happy he was accepted as a bro. Monte has to decide… easier to beat Britt, not confident she’d take him. ED. He can beat her easiest… and the stumbling block is SHE wouldn’t take HIM. Think about that logic chain.


Watching Taylor’s last DR, she reminds me of Yvette Nicole Brown who admitted that she is very competitive whether it be a game night or other type of competition. Taylor won’t hold a grudge if Monte takes Turner to Final 2 because of Taylor wanting to take Brittany over her “snuggle buddy”

un autre nom

Taylor, fresh from being evicted by her showmance and voting within a half hour?
That Taylor? Ummm, what is said in d/r is not confessional. It’s situationally directed and in some cases scripted. If she’s said that d/r in a tone that didn’t evoke what the storyline producers wanted, they’d have stopped her and told her to repeat it in a tone that conveyed what they wanted.
That’s how d/r works and why we usually depend on camtalk…. only production has coopted cam talk by telling houseguests like Kyle and Turner to camtalk about what they’ve been saying in the d/r to them to explain their current public feedback quotient.
We can’t trust d/r. And this season we can’t trust cam talk. It’s really quite sad.

un autre nom

I don’t actually trust final 4 vetoes. Season 21 individual timed veto? How about Cowboy in season 5. refused to study the events, wins the final four individual time veto…. based on house history. Still didn’t know day events in final 3 HOH. mmhmm.
But then again, instead of what the bleep or before and after HOH (the historical staples)… we got an online fashion catalogue. Just saying.


I do enjoy your reply to your own comment, like it’s an amendment or modification to the original thought. It’s nice to post & then just think about it.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

wait she really doesn’t realize it’s Brittany? wow.


Taylor knows. She just needs reason to keep Brittany because she can beat her easily; pretending she can’t prove who voted against her gives her a reason to push for keeping her and moving on to win BB. She knows that Monte will take Turner unless she wins everything, going forward.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

taylor wont lose to anyone. think about that jury. all the girls will vote for her. and michael. likely joseph as well. so will kyle if she is against turner.


I think it’s admirable that Brittany isn’t giving up, but the jibberish that comes out of her mouth is cray cray and maybe thinks she gets paid by the word.


I think I’m pretty tired of skin clolr.
If Monte and Taylor are to work out, out side the game, great.
We all know she just secured her 750…
alot of women have slept for men for less.


If Brittany goes, then Turner is the obvious choice to bring to the F2 apparently. & Monte, I believe, is a Bro. I do not foresee a POC (male) to bring another POC (female) to F2 so that the girls & history can be made. Monte wins, takes Turner b/c Monte wins. Taylor wins, takes Turner b/c Taylor wins. Monte knows that Taylor is trying too hard, & he knows that & she knows that the other isn’t dumb. Chill out Taylor, you are projecting too much. Nobody should forget that the actual final two HOH comp, is just assuming what the Jury members think about certain things, and that’s a crap shoot like no other.

uncreative department

Hiding your very wealthy parents (while wearing an enormous diamond and letting slip Dad was CFO at AT&T) to the other HGs and talking about how much you need $40k is one thing. It’s a little different when she’s talking straight to the feeds.

Her parents with a networth of tens of millions is going to be like “no, I will not pay for or loan you money so that you can have a family, the one thing you want more than anything, and I can have grandchildren”? She literally parties with the Rockefellers and lives in a new Austin McMansion she helped design.

I don’t even think she’s trying to be dishonest in saying she “needs the money,” she’s just that detached and oblivious to her immense accident-of-birth privilege.


Who’s parents are wealthy and what was it Taylor said to Monte that made him mad?


Who ARE you talking about!???

un autre nom

Every time Monte is going to do something ‘villainous’ or against his word within the game, he comes up with some convoluted justification that makes him the hero, and the other person a slimeball. It’s his tactic. EVERY time. It’s a tactic I’ve questioned on here a whole bunch of times since week 2. I think here we go again.

He’s talking to Turner about ending his showmance because of something Taylor said.
Here he goes. Gotta make dumping his showmance for the other man justifiable in his mind, and he hopes the viewers’ minds? It follows pattern.
So either he’s lying to his boy…. or he’s preparing to backstab his showmance.

He’s one of THOSE. The slimeball that justifies his misdeeds with false and flimsy justifications. He did it with Targeting Taylor week one for talking to him as an equal, he did it with the situation week two, turning on Ameerah and Nic for daring to talk back to him and say no to his plan, he clung to the reveal of the information as his reason to get rid of everyone else involved, while forgiving his buddy Kyle for being the subject of the information. Now? Taylor has a bad attitude again. And now he can feel perfectly heroic about everything he’s done in the game, because he created an exaggerated narrative of moral indignation in his head that justifies betrayal an backstabbing.
What a peach.
Does this fit his pattern as I’ve repeatedly stated it? I think it does.
Finding out from D/R that not all of the public was jazzed on a week 10 showmance. He, as her bully, is still hiding the fact that he created the WHOLE week one situation intentionally to create false justification… he’s gotta come up with a justification that allows him to think of himself as the hero still? Is that what this is?
Let’s remember…. hours after this incident he still spent the night in HOH. mmhmmm.


Spot on!! He played her and now is making it look like it’s her fault for the knife he is about to twist.


I agree overall with your assessment, but want to clarify as to Week One.

His outrage towards Taylor began bc he believed Paloma’s story about Taylor being shady. From there was the trigger for his moral indignation, put all eggs in that basket and everything she does from thereon is interpreted via his confirmation bias.

Was there something in the way she approached him that week that also triggered his alpha superiority complex?

He thinks he has a right to treat others harshly when he believes they are in the wrong.

He’s a victim of his own false self. Protect his ego and bury his insecurities via psychological distortions.

Now he is feeling uncomfortable to have made two F2s and then vote out his showmance in the end. So his brain had to find justification for that.

He’s trying to convince himself he’s not a hypocrite. Which is exactly what you are saying, as well.


Spend more time with my friends
I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’
Plus, I met someone else
We’re havin’ better discussions
I know they say I move on too fast
But this one gon’ last
‘Cause her name is Ari
And I’m so good with that (so good with that)
She taught me love (love)
She taught me patience (patience)
She handles pain (pain)
That amazing (yeah, she’s amazing)
I’ve loved and I’ve lost (yeah, yeah)
But that’s not what I see (yeah, yeah)
‘Cause look what I’ve found (yeah, yeah)
Ain’t no need for searching
And for that, I say
Thank you, next (thank you, next)

Taylor will be fine the Queen she is. Monte or Terrance 2.0 cowardice won’t break her. The comments about how TAYLOR “whored” are really stupid and foolish. It was mutual. The roles were reversed nothing would be said. You don’t like the show STOP WATCHING IDIOTS you look so dumb commenting on “society ills” this is a SHOW!!!! Go watch Wheel of Fortune maybe that’s more your speed.


No need to be rude to everyone here.
— it’s a free country and we all are entitled to our own opinions.
I like Taylor and I do not consider her a whore.
I do however wish, really really really wish, that she would have won this game without sleeping with Monte. It makes me sad.


Taylor is such a Ho-bag ! Can’t stand her. Haven’t liked her from the beginning. I guess when your butt is on the line, up for eviction, the best move is to “sleep” with the HOH. Who does that. She’s trash in my book. I believe the whole show has been scripted for her to win and if she wins, I am DONE with what used to be one of my favorite shows!

uncreative department

Who could have guessed Turner is a Rogan and Musk bro? Monte is also a Musk fan and Turner told him to check out Rogan. Bromance seems legit.

With love and peace and completely performative progressivism, but casuals will mostly buy it.

un autre nom

Has Taylor realized yet that throwing her lot in with Monte was the biggest mistake she made in the game?
No really. Allowing Monte into her game strategy is her biggest error.
Gave up her principles of not targeting a woman because Monte said so.
Decided she had better odds with Monte than with Michael… when Monte’s devotion level to her was to quit the leftovers and join the after party THAT SAME WEEK.
Now here she is… The final 4 hoh with No power whatsoever… going into final three with a final 2 that has been tight since they both lied to her after the house split… and she was put on the block after being promised safety. And she didn’t believe Monte knew when she was told he knew.
That never got much weight because of the moral indignation of the reveal, did it? Sideye.
She trusted them… and found her ass on the block in a complete betrayal, and what does she do? Joins them. It was Taylor’s own dog drinking coffee while the room burns meme. Everything’s fine.

This is the problem with Taylor’s game, and I’m going to get called racist for saying it. I’m not. I’m just seeing her as a person and a Big Brother player, not a messiah. The problem: She has got to be the WORST judge of the character of others that has played this season.
Think about it. She lusted after Daniel. Elvis. All because he self-reportedly has a big dick. No really. That was why. She refused to put Jasmine on the block for a principle that Jasmine didn’t share… and Jasmine was actively against her and most of her alliance. She changed her target from foul mouthed trashy Terrance to a woman after promising safety because boys riled up her petty streak. Terrrance wasn’t a big enough move… but Indy or Alyssa were? Nope. They just don’t have penises so don’t deserve to be playing this game (that OASIS talk from week one REALLY ticked me off, so much so that it’s last week and I’m still wishing I’d just noped the lot of them night 2 over that discussion). She turned her back on her final three to join a final 2 that has lied to and backstabbed her from week one… and she KNOWS it… and still abandoned loyalty for scum because…. they hadn’t won as many comps as the guy loyal to her that she backstabbed. Worst judge of character this season.

So, she’s finally starting to realize that she’s being played? What was the first clue?

Another thing i’ve been afraid to say for five weeks but I’m saying it now even though i’m going to be dragged as prejudiced for it: Monte is Big Brother US first black final 3 ‘villain’. He’s just careful to make himself look the hero while he’s doing it. He’s not. Quicker everyone gets it though their heads that he’s always been playing a dirty game and been a ringleader villain the better.
Go back to his night 3 talk with Kyle. He told everyone then. Just nobody paid attention. He was going to sit back and be the Derrick, and thought Kyle would be his Cody, then Joseph would be his Cody, now Turner is more than happy to be his slimy little shit covered Cody. There’s a reason I thought they were being alpha douche week one. It wasn’t because of the muscles, it was the attitude week one and two that still exists. Says he’s playing the Xavier game? Other than considering Tiffany a hood rat… I don’t see where their attitudes match at all.

Captain Kirk



“You know what i mean”

“I gotcha ya”


It's me

Hate Showmances
Hate Shoutouts
Hate competitions like Julie’s fashion show where it is a guessing game
I always thought Britt was playing a good game. I never thought she was on the coattails of Michael
Do not like Taylor’s game play – can’t vote for a black woman
I want Monte and Turner final 2


Brittany should have, right after Alyssa went home, admitted to the vote. She could have said that she didn’t want her to leave thinking (knowing) that Turner had turned his back on her despite supposedly being her support all show and she knew that Mone would send her out anyway. . They all know that Brittany has a big, soft heart and would do that for someone she felt bad for. I think Taylor would have accepted that explanation much better than nothing at all, even if it was a lie.


They don’t see her that way. To Turner and Monte, Brit is devil reincarnate. Born of jackal. Will run you with her little 3-wheeler to tumble down the stairs to your death. Then smile sweetly and blame it on Turner.