Monte – “When it comes to staying the night here I don’t feel comfortable doing that NOW just to be honest with you.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation – Monte and Taylor appear to have broken up .. Brittany is still the target On Thursday.

2:00 am Monte and Taylor
They are talking about Taylor making a comment about Monte not seeing his goddaughter. We start the conversation late.

Taylor apologizes “I am so sorry for that Truly.. you are not someone I want to deeply disrespect”
Taylor – I am not a person that will throw personal things into someone’s face with the intention of harming them. I did that unintentionally but I did that and I am very sorry for that.
Monte – I’m not going to say I don’t forgive you for what you said. Makes me know you have the capability to be more warm and not so cold. So toned deaf to sensitive things or rude and joking. I know that is not you all the time so to see that side come out today. I’ve seen that side come out before but honestly it didn’t care about it that’s Taylor that is who she is.
Monte – now seeing you revert to that it’s confusing and frustrating

Taylor – it’s a subconscious reaction too. We’re laying in the bed together in front of the house. Maybe it’s a subconscious effort so I don’t Look like that lovey dovey girl that doesn’t think of the game and throws everything away. That has nothing to do with how I talked to you about a personal thing like a child in your life.
Taylor – I don’t want to be defined by my relationship to a guy it is highly likely I will amp up the colder aspect for the sake of not being tied together. That is a big fear of my. Look at how we talked about Kyle and Alyssa.

Taylor – I think about how fans of this show talk about women in this game and I think about my experience in this game so far. I am target from the jump I am berated publically by a man and my existence in this game is saved by a guy, Turner. Until I started that fauxmance with Joe I wasn’t able to really be allowed to create friendships or be given the benefits of having conversations with people that didn’t want to talk to me. I developed this very deep trust with Joe and I was thrown under the bus when he was at Dyre Fest.

Taylor – I came here to be this awesome competitive person like a really strong women whos got space with everybody who gets along with everybody but so much of my game has been defined by relationships both positive and negative. The way I have alienated intentionally and unintentionally the women in this game. So now that you and I have gotten closer in a intimate way there is a fear how that is perceived to the outside.

Taylor – that part about your goddaughter was uncalled for and unnecessary and I apologize to you all day. I hurt you and it was unnecessary.. Period.

Monte – You wanted to show you were this strong independent women that is all about you stuff and doesn’t need anybody else. Or doesn’t have to have this stereotypical soft and warm character that you know most women would play in this house. A lot of time it’s phases when you are on the block it’s like a lot softer in communication less condescending, less those types of jokes that rub people the wrong way. From me personal I have never felt that way. I don’t know the types of conversations you had with people before hand. Jokes, Maybe this wasn’t the first time it has happened. If it’s happened to be of all people who I believe you would someone care about this moment. So this is just something I am observing that I want to share with you because I am like. I think this happens subconsciously in the game when you feel more comfortable you become more sarcastic.
Monte says when there is less certainty with how she is in the game it’s a different version of Taylor, “More the Taylor I see in here when we’re together”

Taylor says she tries to not hurt people but at her core she is “SO Sensitive”
Taylor- I know how easy it is to be hurt
Taylor – I don’t want to hurt people I don’t care about I don’t want to hurt people I care about.

Taylor asks him how he’s doing. Monte says he would have reacted in a much harsher way if he wasn’t on TV and have other people around. ” that is why I just needed to work out and blow off some steam”
Monte – I have a very low tolerance for disrespect when that happens it’s such a turn off at times.
Monte – when it comes to staying the night here I don’t feel comfortable doing that NOW just to be honest with you. I want to talk and have these conversations with you as friends. My emotions are heightened when I am intimate with someone that I feel is treating me a certain way. I get more frustrated
Monte – as a person and a friend I feel no differently towards you. From a game perspective this doesn’t impact any of that.
Taylor – I feel we were way too physical I hate that this is the circumstance that makes us pull back a bit. I would like to know you more. I don’t know enough given how frequent we’ve been going there was a gap between sleep overs and us getting to know each other.
Monte – I agree
Monte said what happened today showed him he has to take a step back and figure things out.
Taylor agrees. “This game is a lot”
Monte – it’s fair and natural for us to have a lot of pent up sexual tension and they acted on it.
Monte – I don’t criminalize the both of us for that
Taylor – no I never did It will be different for you how it is received. I know I will have different consequences but I made a decision
Monte – that sucks because of how society is set up I wisht that was different.
Monte says that Turner know about them he guessed it.

Taylor wants to understand what is comfortable for MOnte in terms of Cuddling, Flirting and visiting the HOH late at night.
Monte – Of course I want to keep talking about stuff like this and getting to know each other on that level is very much more important the way we’ve been getting to know each other.
Taylor – it’s been fun
Monte – us having one on one conversations like this. I think the intimate stuff can convolute things and make things more complicated.
They agree they “Need to chill out”

Taylor – Ohh Monte
Monte – Ohh Taylor
Taylor – I am glad we had this conversation
Monte – me too it helps us get closer
Taylor – hard conversation help people get closed I would rather have this conversation than not.

3:20 am They kiss. Monte heads downstairs to sleep.

5:00 am zzzzz
8:25 am Zzzzzz
9:45 am zzzz

10:00 am Feeds blocked for wake up.
11:40 am lights Brittany in the shower everyone else sleeping.

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Monte to Turner –
Monte: Yeah my biological needs overtook me.
Turner: Well at least you only have to deal with the breakup for 9 days.

Monte to Taylor –
Monte: Taylor you said this and that and it is your fault I don’t want you anymore since Turner found out because I said I was going to the bathroom and I snuck up to sleep in your bed. I can’t handle your beauty and strength and wah wah wah but I still want you to give me s3x
Taylor: I am fighting all these Brittany germs she coughed over me. Too bad when you were saying that you could be the man I could trust Monte, I really knew you are Terrance 2.0 you can’t have my HOH shower or the food I cook or the compliments I gave your swampy @$$. You take what I give you. I will win this 750 all by myself. Go breathe on some trees. I will be alright. I am too good for you and I know you can’t handle this strong woman. When the time is right my king will know this queen, just as I am and see me wonderful. Thank you. Next.


Amen to that!

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Wow! What a cluster f*** this season has been. 7 days and what’s next?

Indy's Booty

You’re wrong! This season has really lived up to the expect the unexpected aspect. This is the best cast and season since 20. Also, season 10 is the best season of all time. And will never be topped! With Dan Gheesling being the best winner of all time!


Lol this season has sucked. This show is progressively getting worse. Once again being “progressive” in the name of politics, feelings, quotas…etc made things bad, again. Shocker, Hahaha!


that was the shortest relationship ever

Karen kay

Prick teasing and being sleazy.


Yes, Monte should be ashamed of himself.

The Kats Meow

Wowzers aren’t you just a bright light of sunshine, Good God I hope you never sit on a jury with that screwed up view of women. You have condemnation and scorn for Taylor, but not Monte? He’s not an innocent little boy, he’s a damn grown man. He wanted his sexual needs met and so did she. He wasn’t tempted by forbidden fruit or dick teased. After 70 days he wanted to f*ck a woman he found attractive. He was actively participating and very happy to.


What a convenient time for this to happen. Now that they will be in the final 3, either can feel free to take Turner to the finals. They were using each other. I hope the sexual release was worth it. Taylor, you’re toast..


Did he apologize already for all the things he said about her all season long?


So, even when Taylor is in the wrong she’s still the victim. Right on brand for her.

Captain Kirk

It is precisely her type that poisons the well for all

Mad Max

ding dong…….Monte came to his senses……..the showmance is DEAD! Yipee!

Karen kay

Not soon enough he helped get her to the final three.


So here it is……Monte found the “out” with her. She is a fool. He has played her to do his bidding all along and she will struggle to make it look like she didn’t fall for it.

Karen kay

Wrong… Taylor was going to sleep her way to the finish line. She used Monty not the other way around.


Ah, you’re the type of woman that would be bashing another female from the go. You’re the kind that keeps women down because you are jealous and petty.
Men have used women like personal property forever so what if she s3xed him up? What’s wrong Karen, you can’t get any?


Damn & you’ve just proven what kind of woman you are in volumes :/


What did Taylor say to Monte that made him mad?


Dang, he’s obviously not the easy going guy I thought he was. It was her opinion why would he get so uptight!

Carlito's Way

She didn’t have to say anything, really. He was looking for a way out if you review his convo with Turner yesterday. He got the sex he needed for his “biological needs” (this was all Taylor’s fault too – he said she was giving him signals). Then “the relationship” was starting to get in the way of the jackpot, so he had to start to finagle out of it. Don’t want to scare Turner off. This sounds like gaslighting to me. Typical Monte the asshat. Point the finger, act hollier than thou, preach about his high morals and then blame someone for what he has been doing. It’s called projection. Abusers use this technique too. And Taylor looks like a whimpering dog that has just been kicked and comes back to be petted. Apologizing. Monte is the worst imho. I tried to like this guy when he started consciously “acting” like a nicer guy. But I am stuck with my first impressions. Didn’t like him – he was a mean boy with the mean girls. Don’t like him. Not the decent guy he works so hard to portray.


I agree with all of this

un autre nom

If it wasn’t one thing it would have been another.
He’s been looking for a reason to kick his bootie call to the curb since he won veto.
His complete pattern is find some bullshit that morally offended him, exaggerate and repeatedly talk about the exaggerated offense until everyone knows that it’s the other persons fault for being morally reprehensible….. and backstab.


Yes you have to remember that he told Taylor he would respect her wishes for her HOH but he wants to get out of that too I’m keeping Britney so Another way to get out of it

un autre nom

It’s more than that. He promised final 2 and he doesn’t actually want a woman in the finals because he has a complete and utter disdain for women… except his mother.

The Truth shall set you free!

While watching this show, I think we sometime lose sight of real life encounters.What happened between them happens a lot. A guy sees a woman he finds attractive. Thinking about her gets him sexually aroused.

He makes some moves and she expresses interest. If he gets some too quickly, then his interest in her wanes fast! Afterwards, he doesn’t want any strings attached, because there was no real interest in getting to know her as a person. He does whatever it takes to move on… unless and until that feeling returns and the game starts all over again!


And vice versa


Well…. That was quick! Lol


Taylor needs to get out. Cant stand her.

Agree!!! She needs to go!!


She’s too good of a story for CBS. I’ll bet anything she wins.


I was thinking the same thing . CBS wants her to win


Agree she uses e1 and the way she pretends to be the victim of my gosh! I wish they woulda taken her out a long time ago! She’s crazy…they got all over Kyle about the remarks he made…but Taylor can use the race card whenever she wants? Just wrong…wish she would be able to get kicked out!

Wolf pup

Thats what Alyssa said to Ky, I thought??!! lol

The Kats Meow

Kudos, that was comic gold lolol


I really don’t understand why Taylor has always wanted Turner out of the game. Turner is the first person who defended Taylor and saved her in this game. Monte is the first person who wanted to get rid of Taylor, and told Daniel to put her on the block. If Taylor happens to win the final HOH, she really needs to pick Turner. Turner really deserves to win this game.

Rob Smith

I don’t agree with your Turner deserving to win comment.


Who has Taylor said she wants to see win the game this year? Does Turner fall into any of her qualifications?

Game fan

He was in the plan to bd Tylor in his first hoh until people like.. monte.. gave him another plan


I often think of how Monte was along with Paloma to get Taylor out in the beginning. He even made a comment about it being hard for him to vote out a black woman… With him being a black man. But I dunno if Taylor knows that. She was sleeping with her enemy. Good riddance Monte.




I think Brittany deserves to win. The other 3 are just rude and mean. Especially Turner

Joyce Ciotti

Turner should win!


Monte ugh.


My respect for Monte just went way down. He had a change of heart and used an opportunity to gaslight Taylor. Just say you’re not interested anymore like a big boy.


They should of just had sex with no emotions… just to release stress.


Girls be catching feelings. 😛

It's me

Hate Showmances
Hate Shoutouts
Hate competitions like Julie’s fashion show where it is a guessing game
I always thought Britt was playing a good game. I never thought she was on the coattails of Michael
Do not like Taylor’s game play – can’t vote for a black woman
I want Monte and Turner final 2

The Kats Meow

How is this nonsense about her saying she won’t vote for a black woman still going around. Not only was it on the feeds, but it was also on the TV edit. She said she didn’t want to be responsible for putting a black woman up during her HOH. But even if you truly believe that’s she said, she’s already voted two out. Hug reality, sport

It's me

I stand corrected. However, still not a fan of not putting up a black woman on your hoh. You should put up a threat to your game whoever it is!


I agree with the sentiment about it being a dumb game move, but do you have this same energy when the guys/gals are blindly aligning/voting based off gender, which happens and has happened as long as I can remember? Idk lots of big brother players make moves that frustrate me, theres players that refuse to lie because of their ethics in BB which i find crazy but it seems like none of these others are brought to light until a POC wants to make a stance about something.

Not saying it’s you bc I dont follow who’s saying what here minus a few regulars, but even the idea that some of the POC might join or have joined together after the Kyle incident, as if that would somehow prove his point. Just seems like a self fulfilling prophecy to me. Guy targets minorities based on them being minorities. People bond over shared experiences, especially emotional ones. POC then feel closer and think, hey, thought we were past this maybe we should look out for each other. Even then, that’s not even what happened as we’ve seen 0 “cookout” type alliances this year, but that’s hardly stopped people from flipping over the idea of the two last black people working together, or god forbid making the final two ?

Again whole 2nd paragraph might not apply to you at all, more a rant on all the racebaiting bs I’ve seen here the last few weeks especially, as someone that hardly comments but has been a daily visitor for years, I’ve just about given up for this season. Love what Simon & dawg do for all of us and I know they cant control all the flood of ppl that come in, just gets tiring at least the discussion parts of it which I usually enjoy reading.

Tari abbott

They tore Zack apart called him every racial slur they could come up with. But why is saying won’t vote out a blck woman not racist. She is saying she will only vote for white people. That’s not racist? No one is tearing into her


How can you say Brittany was never on the coattails of Michael?

It's me

I believe she stragiezed (this is part of the game ) and worked with Michael. A comp or 2 they won togethe as a team. Maybe Michael did not always take her advice. However she played the game with the info she knew, not the info we know.


I agree. Bb used to be real in my opinion. Now there’s actors as contestants. Any of u remember the dr session where Taylor sips wine? Sooo fake


Taylor never said she can’t vote for a black woman she said she would not put a black woman on the block putting on the block and voting is two different things

It's me

I said this anove too – I stand corrected. However, still not a fan of not putting up a black woman on your hoh. You should put up a threat to your game whoever it is!


I totally agree except Brittany and Michael did Kyle dirty for game play to save Taylor who was part of their final 3. That all would not have happened if BB hadn’t let what happened last year happen. No one else would have gotten away with that.. they did because no one else thought that way..but now look.. everyone will be suspicious of that happening again but will be afraid to even suggest it because of what happened to Kyle. Thank GOD ( literally) that kid’s strong.. they could have caused a suicide. I can’t imagine being in his shoe’s groveling for forgiveness..he’s truly a good kid and shame on Michael and Brittany for doing that to him for game play. Monte and Terrance have much respect for the way they handled it and they saw what they did.. they are good humans…


Taylor comes off as very weak and submissive. Why didn’t she just tell Monte he was being a pompous ass?


Because the first thing that would have been said was how aggressive and defensive her reply was. The optics of being viewed as the ‘Angry Black Woman’ is what comes to mind. Throughout this entire season EVERYONE has been waiting for her to ‘blowup’ when there is conflict.




Simple: she’s afraid he would evict her. Monte had all the power now—single vote to evict. Thing is, everyone except Taylor hates Brit; Taylor just disrespects Brit.

IMO, if Monte really wants to win he should grow a pair and evict Turner. He’s correct—the girls would evict him given the chance, but the odds are low they would have that chance and Turner is an overwhelming risk to Monte’s game. His reticence to evict Turner (Turner, again!) is as bad or worse than Michael’s. I guess some people just can’t learn.

The Beef

Without consideration of who wins the comps, his odds of going to final 2 go from 100% to 33.33% if he evicts Turner instead of Brittany. In what world is that a smart move?

You can’t win if you’re not sitting in one of those two final chairs, so you’ve got to ensure you’re sitting there FIRST, before all other considerations. Monte is doing that by taking Turner over Britt. If he takes Britt and Britt wins, she takes Taylor to F2. If Taylor wins, she takes Britt.

Turner takes Monte over Taylor. If the choice is between Monte and Turner, Taylor probably takes Monte, at least she did before the breakup, but that really doesn’t matter since she’s not part of the choice anyway. She’s in regardless.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Get rid of Brittany. Turner or Monte win the final HOH, evict taylor. Taking each other to the finals is only chance of winning with that Jury.

Teleia McCabe

Anybody that takes Brittany to the F2 will win, because the jury perceives her the same way that many posters here do – just an appendage of Michael. If Monte takes Turner he runs the risk of losing.


Hope Taylor wins the final HOH and takes Turner


Simon I would love to see that even though I am not a fan of Monte or Turner

It's me

That would be fun!

The Kats Meow

I can totally get behind that!


Oh my gosh, that would be poetic justice. If Turner ever decided to link up with Taylor, all he would have to do is tell her what Monte has said about her this week. Seeing the look on Monte’s face when Taylor picks Turner over him would be hilarious.


I would love that.


In that scenario who do you think would win?


I think that Taylor might win against whomever she is in the F2 with


Monte is a scumbag anyway for telling Terrance in his Goodbye Message that Taylor is the reason why he(Monte) is voting him out. He said he couldn’t change Taylor’s mind. So what does Taylor have to do with Monte’s vote? Absolutely nothing. He could have voted for Terrance to stay if he wanted to. Can’t wait for Taylor to see what a dirt bag Monte has been since day 1

Game fan

Stupid to vote against Alyssa when he knows she stays , and he need her


Welp! Looks like now Monte has a “legitimate”excuse to Not take Taylor in the F2 if he wins the final HOH, in which I don’t believe that he was ever going to take Taylor anyway


Yeppers !

Backseat Driver

Why no jury house reports?? Two people have been sent there since our last visit!
Love to see their reactions when Michael walked in….(and Alyssa).


They usually only do that when Julie is there. Thursday

Teleia McCabe

Alleged insiders say there was a blowout with Michael & Terrance, & Kyle & Alyssa were on a 10 Second tour the day she walked into the jury house.


Yes I read about that blowup too and Terrance had to be removed from the jury house , but the brought him back the next day or day after next


Let’s hope that in nine month’s the ChenBot doesn’t make an announcement, “I’d like to introduce you to the first two babies conceived in the BB House”.

un autre nom

Woman gets into a showmance week 10 to attempt to socially manipulate the man, and get some needs met. He’s gotten off, and she has no game leverage left.
Man gets into a showmance week 10 to attempt to socially engineer the woman, and get off. He’s gotten off, and he has all the social leverage now.

Try to convince me there was more to it.
She’s been talking about being horned up since sippy drunk girl final 2 with Alyssa waaay back in week…2?
He’s been spouting his philosophy on women being evil second class creatures since week one.

And we’re surprised?

un autre nom

Dear Britt,
You’re a woman. Monte isn’t going to listen to you no matter how… shockingly… logical your campaign.
Should have shoved a sausage down your pants and spit a couple times telling Monte you were born a man….
At least then he’d actually listen.

Before anyone says this isn’t the way it is: name ONE time where Monte gave the words out of a woman’s mouth even 1/10th the weight of a belch from a man’s mouth? The guy cried and forgave Kyle… and says Britt is the she-devil for the reveal. Come on.



The Kats Meow

I think it’s pretty telling that so many people go after Taylor as if she’s Satan incarnate. If she shows weakness or gets her feelings hurt, you blame her. If she’s strong and plays cutthroat, you blame her. It’s at the point that it looks like even her breathing or existing is something “some” of you take offense to. After all that time in the house she hooks up with Monte, who was as single as she is. But to “some” of you she’s somehow a user and a wh*re. Yet somehow Monte isnt. Nor was Jealyssa a wh*re to you when she was banging Kyle on a pool floatie on the floor while having a bf at home. I really think deep down your issues with Taylor don’t have anything to do with her actions in the game. It’s the fact that she has audacity to be a non stereotype. And when your world revolves around only seeing minorities as stereotypes it’s an afront to you.

L j

Agreed…I couldn’t have said it better myself.


So true, I agree with you. From day one they have disliked her and wanted her out and why?

un autre nom

Sounds like we’ve not gone full circle for Monte and Turner:
Taylor is vile and not deserving of any human respect.
Brittany deserves to be humiliated.
Monte and Turner are lamenting PALOMA leaving (and almost agreeing with Daniel’s perspective that her departure was Taylor’s fault).

Good thing I’ve already noped these two sacks of shit.


Woof! Nichole totally twists what Taylor says tells Daniel this twisted trash and he goes freaking berserk on Taylor. I’d say she held it together pretty well on account there was absolutely no reason for his assault!!


Fast don’t last.
That’s usually how it goes.

Surf all day

They both wanted to fuck!!! Just like Alyssa and Kyle wanted to fuck!!!. What is wrong with you people. All four of those people are GROWN!! Get over it….


Yes they are all grown. And nothing wrong with sex. BUT not on televised/streamed TV…thats just crass


Yes I’m sure they’ll be very concerned over how crass you think they are Gloria. Get over it, people have sex oh no they put in the open what the whole world already knows happens, two consenting adults the horror ?

Boomers gonna boom

Teleia McCabe

…and Whiners gonna whine. Who ushered in the sexual revolution in the US in the 60’s? Who got laws changed & fought for gender equality & made it illegal to discriminate based on gender, sexual preference, race & age? Just a brief history lesson & reality check.


She’ll regret it, when later down the road, someone says, “Hey! Anyone miss the footage of Taylor trying to sleep her way to the end of a TV show?”.
And then pulls up the soft core porn she’s now made.?????


Considering that there is no footage of Taylor sleeping with anyone on BB, that probably can’t happen. All they have ever shown was them kissing. And if that is soft porn, then everyone who watches TV or a movie is into soft porn.

Denise Gomes

really hope the jury doesn’t pick Taylor she as slithered her way through the game using people and playing the poor little victim

Brian white

I can’t wait until Taylor wins the first round of HOH this week. It should be endurance so it has her name written all over it.

James Bailey

The biggest problem with race relations in American society is the pathological vanity of black women. There is no bottom to the depths of their hatefulness and spite. Shonda Rimes has made a fortune exploiting it.
Taylor compulsively pursued a sexual relationship all season, especially when Alyssa bagged Kyle. Taylor was desperate to prove black p**** matters.
I admired her for weeks, but starting with her HOH, she has really debased herself.


I am so sorry that Taylor got week and sold her self cheap to A man who don’t respect her.He was one of the main person who hated on her initially.Monty is a good actor who lack respect for woman ..He could have found a way to protect their intimacy…he is such a tool.
It’s all about money and I hope he don’t see a cent ,I would rather the back stabbing Brittany win than Him ..I am not condemning Taylor,but she did not act smart…she is there to play a game…..not to be used to meet the sexual need of a man boy… I am so mad ?..


summing it up..Taylor is toast…she has been kept this long because she has no jury votes…. the bromance will be F2…and turner will win… as he should…Monte used Taylor because she was easy prey, but he never planned on taking her anywhere. even on a date..


Taylor is not really a feminist ,IMO, she just acts like one because she thinks that is cool.. She is fake like most pageant girls… She has been trained well..fake smile, fake stances on issues, fake responses…all the things it takes to be a pageant girl… monte has her under his control for the good of his game..he is playing a smart game but turner will win..

Jeremy R. Stewart

I think Monte is a weasel and he a back dabbing jerk