Brittany “I’ve been trying to chart a plan on how to finagle myself out of this situation I am in..”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

4:24pn Backyard – Brittany alone.
Brittany heads up to the HOH room, knocks and then enters. She realizes Turner, Monte and Taylor as sleeping and then leaves. She then heads to the hammock in the backyard. Brittany – ohhhhhh… god I am so nervous! Please dear lord! Why?! Hello.. it is Saturday afternoon and everyone else is napping together.. which is not a good sign but I have been trying to chart a plan on how to finagle myself out of this situation I am in through logic and reasoning of which as a hypnotherapist I know are not always the things that people use to make decisions but I know Monte…. I know Monte and if there is anyone left in this house that I could appeal to their logic.. it would be Monte and Taylor. So that is precisely what I am going to try to do. So I just spent the last 20ish minutes or so … maybe longer mapping out all 25 competitions we have played this far and looking at the data in different ways. Looking at it by who did the best between Monte, Taylor and I. And who did the best out of Monte, Taylor and Turner. Who did the best just looking at Monte and I. Who did the best based on Monte and Turner and then just for reference who did the best between Monte and Taylor which they are already locked in so there isn’t much you can do about that. And the results are pretty astounding unfortunately for me… Monte up against me he nearly always wins. Monte up against Turner it is kind of a crap shoot… and when you throw Taylor in the mix. I will have to look at that. I wonder what it looks like if you do Taylor plus Monte versus Turner. If that looks overwhelming that doesn’t look good for my argument. Needless to say the point being unless he wants to take Turner to the end just makes sense to compete against me… because if he wants to take Taylor or if he wants to take me.. it makes sense to take me so that he can win his way there. Now if he wants to take Turner, I hope the data will show that that is not such a smart idea. It would be a toss up but there are some key points where I feel he and Turner really differ. Brittany heads inside to the back bedroom.

5:35pm Exciting feeds – Turner paying with cards.. Turner heads up to the HOH room to join Taylor, Brittany and Monte.

5:45pm – 6pm Big Brother tells the house guests to check the “store room”. They all head down and see that Big Brother gave them wine and a kit to do tie dye t-shirts. They heads out to backyard with it and start making the tie dye shirts while they drink the wine.

6:46pm Turner shows off his finished shirt that still needs to dry.

6:47pm Monte and Taylor kissing in the kitchen. Monte – don’t get too ahead of yourself .. the kids might poke their heads in. Taylor – That’s all you. That’s all you. Are you serious about going to the end together? Monte – Yes! I said it once, I will say it again. What must I say woman. Taylor – I’m just in my head today. Just X and his final twos.. Monte – I’ve said what I’ve said. I haven’t said that to Turner.

7:47pm – 8:32pm They continue to tie dye t-shirts and then head inside to chat and hang out. Its a quiet evening.

8:50pm – 11:10pm Cards..

11:12pm – 12am Backyard – Monte and Turner playing pool. Meanwhile Brittany is sleeping.
Turner – I really don’t think they (Production) protect images at all but if they did I wouldn’t be surprised. I feel like they don’t give a f**k also which is good. Monte – the thing is is that like I just don’t see how you don’t mention how everyone was suspicious around the timing of when it was shared. Do you literally just say we’re going to show people that Kyle was clearly thinking some racist sh*t and then just leave it at that? Turner – yeah right?! Monte – and then neglect the fact that he .. like the back story of when all this information was shared. Turner – I mean the worst part is .. if he had went to jury we wouldn’t have said it. Like what the hell!? That is not a good thing to say. Like that is even worse. Monte – yeah like we thought it might not even be a big deal or something or worth sharing. Its like what do you mean?! You’ve got two people of color that you’re working with .. not to mention and everyone else in the house that doesn’t want to condone the like being associated with it. Like after people could have came at you. Turner – yeah combined with the names he mentioned in that .. like that is a bad thing for literally everybody. Monte – and to not say anything about that is quite disturbing.

1:35 am Monte, Turner and Taylor
They rename their alliance. BBC = Breakfast burrito club
Taylor – BBC it’s what the people want
They have a good laugh from the name.

2:30 am everyone is either in bed or getting ready for bed.

3:00 am Zzzzz
9:00 am Zzzzzzz

11:00 am Zzzzzzzz

11:20 am Houseguests getting up

11:50 am Chit chat about brain waves… Turner looks excited.


Brittany won’t shut up about Hypnosis it’s almost like someone gave her a triple dose of Adderall

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I’m loving the Monte & Tayler pics! Just kickin it!

Paul Sucks

Oh Brittney, just self evict and end the misery.

Dean Gulberry

Speaking of Misery. Doesn’t she remind you of Kathy Bates in that movie?

Paul Sucks

Yes! Now I can’t stop thinking about her standing over Monte while he sleeps with a crazed look.


Like this?


That is creepy….lol


Yes. Omg. Yessssss.

Captain Kirk

I’ll give her credit for not giving up and being a fighter.

Well, even better: Hopefully Monte can understand the logic to her argument, but it might be too much to ask for.


I think Turner should go. He has been so sneaky and hasn’t kept his promises. See if the girls win.


Taylor can’t win if Turner stays. No one seems to see that in the house, though. Monte is solidly promising F2 to both Taylor and Turner. I can’t see Taylor winning over either of them.


You don’t think Taylor would beat Turner in jury vote? There are a few ppl pissed at Turner right now in that house.


I’ve said this from the beginning. Lol glad I’m not alone


The fact that the word therapist is in her job title is a scary thought.

Captain Kirk

LOL…..oftentimes, the therapists are more of a nut job than patients….. lol




Does Brittany really think she has a chance in hell to make it to Final 3?

I hope Monte sends Brittany to Jury this week, then Monte, Taylor & Turner battle it out.

I’ve changed my mind on who I’d like to see in Final 2. I hope Taylor & Monte are Final 2.

I think Taylor will win against Monte, based on how many times she’s been on the block, and she made it all the way to the very end. Taylor has been the target since week 1, and she has been on the block 5 times, and she survived.

I know Monte has not really made any enemies, but I think the majority of the people in the Jury House will vote for Taylor to win, Jasmine, Indy, Alyssa, and Brittany wanted a girl at the very end, and I think Michael will vote for Taylor over Monte, so if they are not bitter, I think they will give Taylor the win over Monte.

Taylor has a more impressive record than Monte, when you really look at who had to fight the hardest to make it to Final 2, Monte didn’t have the majority of the people in the house against him from week 1, Taylor has been fighting, and she has won HOH 2 times, yes the first HOH was a total mess, but hopefully they will cut her some slack.

Brittany is a fool if she thinks she has a chance going any further after this week. She’s been blowing up her own game for the longest, and I think the majority of the people in the Jury House, feel Michael is the one who carried Brittany.



Game fan

, so if they are not bitter, I think they will give Taylor the win over Monte.
tottaly the opposite
tylor was never saved from the block by her own actions or game
it was actauly a lot thanks to monte in her last noms , and when she was part of the left overs thanks to the guys asking her to join them. (not her OWN idea of alliance)

monte handled his 2 hoh so much better, actually getting his targets out , 2 womens who were against him in this game. (he wanted alyssa even before brittany won veto)
tylor didnt manage to even get her alliance to listen to her in her 1 hoh when she wanted terrance to go..

michael eviction is also monte move not turner’s,

indy was close to monte. she and jas hated taylor, if they vote for her against monte its rigged.

she was on the block cause she was expendble and almost always as a pawn. this is like victoria from s16 or spencer s13.. not danni s8
she survived as a target twice
once; cause paloma quit and eviction was cancalled – so thats not even something to put on her rasuma .. (and if paloma wasnt quiting some twist would have saved her prob- but not the house)
twice again not game related .. things brought up about kyle that is more so about the outside world // people think kyle would of vote out monte this week i think he wouldnt have.. monte joined the after party and they were all in for breaking michael- brittany- tylor threesome.(turner didnt even seem to want to put up monte ) it was also michael and brittany who came with the info that saved tylor , again she did nothing with turner this week.

Joel Mammah

Yuup. Monte’s pitch still have to be pretty much exclusively his comp resumé, since that’s his only real stand-out quality. He’ll have to figure how to spin ‘I should have been the target from day 1’ as more impressive than ‘I actually was, randomly, tho’.
Taylor’s had it harder and managed to survive despite having frankly terrible instincts for the whole strategy/game portion.

Game fan

he has game moves.
was in pos back protected yet turn on them and created the leftovers
in the final 8& 7 was playind both sides beind brochelle yet with turner side targeting michael
he didnt just won veto a 6 but USED it to take out the number 1 theart
after he already made a f3 with him
at 5 he managed to keep tylor with the deal with turner- a move that benefits only monte
its not just wins but what you do with them
he is sitting pretty in the f3 despite being well liked and strong in comps


Game move: sleeping with Taylor and lying to get to final two. Winning comps when there are almost no houseguests left. Monte is going to win, but do I like him? No, not much.

Game fan

Tylor isn’t making monte safe, he won veto or hoh since DE including DE . he won hoh week 3 and he won against Michael. So not only against a “few” HG. Lying? yeah it’s a game and you also lie in order to get by.


The only reason Taylor is making it all the way to the end is because she started sleeping with Monte. Otherwise she would be out.


I agree I also wonder if the jury will know about them being together before they vote?


Ummmm… She started sleeping with him when there were 5 people left in the house. He was HOH… Then she became HOH. So… She didn’t sleep her way to the end. Make what you’ve said make sense!!


“ The only reason Taylor is making it all the way to the end is because she started sleeping with Monte. Otherwise she would be out.”
The fact that over 38 people liked this dumb ass sexist comment is disgusting. Thank you @Liz! She She earned her right to be here now. Not because of some dic*! And @bbChaos your comment was on Point! Took the words out my mouth!


Taylor/Monte are two ADULT single people that are horny, bored and in close proximity of each other so why not? An itch that needed to be scratched.

Why are people so readily to burn Taylor at the stake with the Scarlett Letter tag for having a consensual sexual relationship, yet Monte gets a free pass? As if a man wouldn’t use sex to advance himself in the BB game (Jackson-Season 21; Drew -Season 6)? To those that only want to have an issue with Taylor’s sexual behavior miss me with that hypocritical BS!!

She did NOT chase him down and force him; if she was using this as a way secure a better position she would have done it BEFORE the renom during his HOH. Trust and believe Monte is FULLY aware of what those optics would look like and no way PRODUCTION wouldn’t be in his ear about that. Yes CBS wants good TV but they don’t anything that gives the appearance of supporting previous accusations that caused them to part ways with Les Moonves! She SECURED her spot in F3 by winning F4 HOH. She is well aware that she needs to win Part 1/3 to SECURE F2.


Taylor would not even try the haunted house ! Just quit and she is so useing monte ! I hope him and turner kick her out !at final 2


I’m Proud Monte made it this far. He is a G. Could’ve been gone long ago, & did damn great. Gotta just think w/ the big head, & not the little one. Don’t put the pussy on a pedestal, to quote 40 Yr Old Virgin.


I am SO ready to move on to Survivor and The Amazing Race. I’ve done my time on BB.

Backseat Driver

You took the words out of my mouth…..


I can’t wait for amazing race and survivor. Well done CBS.


F*ck y’all!


Me too, can’t wait for Survivor & The Amazing Race.


F**k y’all!


1000% agree!! I moved on from watching when Michael left. Nothing left to watch with these losers. Let’s just pull the bandaids off and get it over with!!


Yip once the only amazing player left, it was not worth watching. None of them deserve it. Tired of Big Brother the past 2 years. Ridiculous

Cee Dee

Only the last 2 years huh? The other years of predictably and disgusting players you liked though. Lol

The Kats Meow

Brittany is her own worst enemy. She allows herself to be frantic, panicky, or motor mouths to the point that it’s painful to watch. Over the past couple of weeks it’s just become tedious to watch her. She’s one of those people who go into the therapy field as a form of self help. I’ve admittedly not been a fan of hers. Mainly because she would act as if she and Michael were equally pulling each other forward in the game. I really believe she knew better than that, but just didn’t want her to see herself as a leech stuck on his back. Since he’s left the house she has just lost her own narrative. I actually feel sorry for her now, because she seemingly has no ability to ground herself before these episodes happen. I really hope I’m totally wrong about my read on her. I truly do, because that would truly be such a miserable and sad trait to carry in life.

un autre nom

analysis for the sake of making people think i’ve lost my mind:
Game instinct.
Better read than her game moves suggest.
Wanted to gather the people pushed aside or not considered part of the popular crowd. This would have been good, if any of the disenfranchised considered themselves outsiders… but they all thought they were cook kids.
Was wary of the connection Michael had with Kyle from the off. Wanted to push them apart, thinking Kyle’s logic processes were only good for Kyle, and called Kyle on it for 2 weeks before the Cookout idea ever got stated to her.
Knew the Kyle reveal should have happened long before it did. Even d/r calls that had her coming back and agreeing with Michael didn’t stop her from bringing up revealing sooner at least 3 times. With diary calls right after she’d try. Every. Time. (don’t tell me production wanted that reveal. They did not… with wall yeller knowledge there is no way in hell Monte would have entered a final 3 with Kyle without production saying ignore it).
Knew that Michael should target Turner of Monte on his final HOH. Knew what the house was saying, and how they were plotting because they’d been bold enough to say the plots to her. Warned Michael. Look what happened.
Getting Taylor out would have been good for Britt’s game. She knows Taylor has the underdog story sewn up for the jury. If she’d succeeded, she’d be HOH right now.

So her game play? Horrendous. Her game instinct? Actually not bad. The disparity is jarring, and lines up clearly with one fact: while the other disenfranchised didn’t consider themselves to be socially rock bottom, ALL agreed Brittany was rock bottom from day 2 on.


why does the jury want to vote for an underdog? this is what i don’t get. feels like production feeding them. if they all have such big egos, which they do, you would think they’d vote for a big ego. hopefully taylor doesn’t even make final 2 and this is all moot.

un autre nom

It’s always a thought that an underdog game is rewarded in jury. Is it actually something the jury takes into consideration? not necessarily. But every season houseguests that had what they consider to be a rough go believe the jury will reward them for survival. The fanbase similarly believes that the hardest journey should be rewarded. While i see the logic, I don’t consider that (other than week one and two) ANY of them had a particularly difficult time in the game. All three were carried as part of an alliance where one member won six comps in six weeks that kept their alliance safe.


the jury will take it into consideration maybe if that player pulled themself off the block maybe but if they were left of the block because the jury considered them a non-threat (which is more taylor’s game), i don’t see why that perception would change and they’d reward them in the end. taylor’s resume is still way more appearances on the block than comp wins which is not a ratio worth rewarding imo.


I thumbed up your comment & my brain still hurts.


I see Taylor as rock bottom for sleeping her way to the F2. Having sex with Monte is her ticket to money now. Lost all respect for her. Terrible role model for her race. She could have played it legit, but choosing this route for money is low.


I disagree. Taylor said on feeds, that she has feelings for Monte, and would like to see him when this is over. She changed her plan and decided to take him to final two instead of Brit. Monte, on the other hand, is sexually feeding off Taylor and is lying to her face because he will take Turner to final two. I wish he did win final choice so everyone could see how deceptive he is; and self-righteous, deflecting how bad Michael and Brittany are, while being a lying hipocrite, himself. They all lie, but others are more likely to admit it. Not Monte. Further, Turner was scummy for lying to Alyssa. Alyssa who he supposedly aligned with. At least he showed Kyle to his face, that he had turned against him, but he did Alyssa dirty. So the only lasting bond in the game is between Turner and Monte. It leaves a poor taste in the mouth though. I did like Michael most, upon reflection. And Taylor I see as rather lonely, but I am not rooting for her.

Captain Kirk

“Taylor said on feeds, that she has feelings for Monte, and would like to see him when this is over”
Same for Joe too, eh??

How does song go again???


How did she sleep her way to final 2?? I’ll wait…. What did Monte do differently then? I’ll wait again?? Did you have the same energy with Alyssa and Kyle or is this different?? “For her race?” Wow to you and everyone agreeing with your BS!!!!!


This comment is low. I wish I could thumbs down this dumb ass comment. Please stop being sexist. Taylor is an amazing role model for every race. Stop boxing her in.

Captain Kirk



Disliking Taylor for game is your prerogative. To try and slut shame her is wrong on multiple levels and sexist at best. For days you’ve complained about her actions and stated you were done watching after Micheal left, yet daily I see your same attempt at slut shamming comments regarding Taylor. Give it a rest and please pick a new topic/BB houseguest to complain about, because this same rhetoric screams gender bias.

I say it again for those that have a problem with Taylor’s sexual behavior PLEASE keep that same energy and self righteous indignation for past, current and future MALE BB houseguests that want to “scratch their itch”!

And to even mention her race! She is Not a disgrace to Black Women! I call BS on YOUR racist triggering comment. As a black woman I will be EXTREMELY proud for her to be the winner with the title of 1st Black Woman for BB USA non celebrity format!!!

Captain Kirk

Some people’s standards are lower than others, and there are many socioeconomic reasons for it.

“You know what i mean?”

Cee Dee

“Terrible role model for her race” first of all why do POC have to be perfect in everywhere so they can be role models. No other race has to do that. She is a regular person. And how would you know if she is a Terrible role model for her race? Are you black? Don’t break for black people. Sounds like you’re judging all black people by the act of one. If that’s the case you’re the problem. Kick rocks b*itch

Lady Taylor the Upscale, Classy, Debutante

I would have thought Brittanys profession was a burglar. She’s always wearing that dirty baseball cap…..even to bed. A dunce cap would look more appealing on her & I wouldn’t question her about wearing it 24/7.


And don’t forget that , old jean jacket she wore every single day!

un autre nom

This monte turner talk at the pool table?
This is some bullshit. LIke piles of it and shovels.
Why? They knew about the wall yellers.
So… knowing about the wall yellers, Monte STILL entered a final 3 with Kyle and Turner (I think they changed the name from Pound to Executive Branch) that was only ruined because of the reveal. Monte must think that reveal makes him look like a perfomative ass. Because HE’S the one bringing up the wall yellers but still making an alliance with the subject after they returned.
Monte still entered a final 3 gentleman’s agreement with Michael after the reveal but before the double. He was SO offended that he entered an alliance with Michael? Oh. uh huh. oh the moral indignation. shakes head.
So what is this shite? This is Monte trying to excuse his actions by pushing the narrative that the wall yellers didn’t happen (Monte brought it up to Terrance 3 times), and justifies Monte turning on his agreement, as well as placing the whole blame squarely on Britt.

He’s saying this to someone (Turner) who, knowing about the wall yellers AND the reveal, wanted to keep Kyle. He’s saying this to the person that PUSHED for the gentleman’s agreement knowing that Michael had made the reveal. What it covers for Turner? That Michael’s reveal saved MONTE AND TAYLOR.

This feels like post d/r narrative fix. It’s crap.
I repeat, this conversation is complete shit.


Agreed. I am so sick of this “timing” argument BS. And then to talk about image and try to basically harm Michael’s image with their discussion? Particularly when they have to know Production more than likely had something to do with the “delay”?

But don’t get me wrong. I think the focus on the “delay” is ridiculous period. It shouldn’t matter when you look at all the facts and circumstances.


I wholeheartedly agree. The spinning is in overdrive. Is it about game play or is it Monte and Turner attempting to justify their hypocrisy to others?? To themselves?? Probably a little of both! Regardless, they can’t seem to let it go (especially Monte, who has played such a “clean” game. Cough, cough!).

Sending Michael to jury was a smart game move on their part. (I hated it because damn it, he has become one of my all time favorite BB players.) Up until that point, he smoked their asses. The LO made it as far as they did because he protected them. As someone stated before, they all rode his coattails, not just Brittney. With all of Michael’s comp wins plus, I’m pretty sure he would have no problem laying out his game to jury, I just don’t think even a bitter jury could deny him their vote. That’s reason enough to want him out. Being the one that took him out gives you points and bragging rights. Everything else is exactly what you said it is, bullshit! The more they talk about it, the shittier they become. Just own it!


When you see Taylor zoning out I wonder if she is thinking this?


The BBC alliance is born! (Breakfast Burrito Club)
MT(Turner) +
MT(Monte) +
MT(Hale) =
MT Cubed

uncreative department

Turner and Monte still hating on Britt when she’s a lock for eviction and will be reading all this. Monte is a bad guy, but Turner is a sociopath.

Captain Kirk


Gotta be something outside the “normal” to be willing to sign up for this BS….lol

Donna P Lessien

Doctor (therapist) heal thy self….

un autre nom

Hours later. Actually a full sleep later, and… yup. still sort of miffed that 2 guys that used faking an anti-bullying sentiment as a game tactic (one of them was the progenitor and leader of the bullying for God’s sake) think they have some moral leg to stand on after they aligned with the guy that made the comments KNOWING he’d been called out by wall yellers. Oh they were outraged… can’t you tell?
That there just made me change my stance on giving up noping this season.
Both are noped. Monte and Turner. So morally outraged by the reveal…. that highlights the fact that both are performative asshats… eyeroll. They can both gtfo with that noise.
One may win, both may be final 2… i don’t know. Doesn’t matter to me. They’ll both be assholes with more money if that happens.


On the money. Taylor’s win despite the rampant misogyny in casting is only tainted now by being forced to sexually entertain aka literally F Monte to be his F2. If Taylor doesn’t get the ET Hosting Gig she covets, will CBS let her replace church lady JulieChenMoonves or at least their Problematic Zing Bot? BB needs a Jeff Probst for mid-game therapy and sermonizing stat – casting undercover Hypnotists Lawyers and Cops to gaslight HGs with racist misogynistic impunity isn’t working.

(As far as racism, prejudice and discrimination among Production & HGs is concerned, BB would have to air Mike Britts Kyle’s Turner’s Jasmine Ameerah’s Pooch flashbacks as well as months of feeds where Black and POC call themselves ‘mixed’ HGs argued openly about who is really ‘Black’, most injured and whether California & Canada’s Reparations programs will allow all POC to be considered equal. Eradicating misogyny Jeff Probst is gonna need to negotiate those convos for Viacom, bc BB DR ‘handlers’ and prime-time edits only create division. Despite decades of tolerance training and fired Moonves, BB showrunners throwing in Julie’s closing Bible
verses don’t cut it.)

Captain Kirk

“feeds where Black and POC call themselves ‘mixed’ HGs argued openly about who is really ‘Black”

Discussion about “colour” are always, well, as you might have guess, colorful.

Nothing that gets posted here (or elsewhere) will ever change anything about colour. But it’s always peculiar how “race” and “ethnic origin” is always mixed, confused, and intertwined with each. Ignorance has its fallacies.

Decades ago, former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall went on and on about how he disliked the term “Black” to identify, well, the Black race. He noted that his preference was to use “African American” — a tip of the hat towards placing emphasis on ethic origin, while at the same time, maintaining racial identity. But prior to the use of “Blacks”, the term used was ” Negroes”. “African American” soon became the nee buzzword. Thus, part of the blame for the identity crisis may fall squarely on Marshall’s shoulder.

The other buzzword that has come to fruition recently is “Person of Color” or “People of Color”. Who is hell is THAT supposed to be? Last time I checked the color spectrum, white and black were “colours”.

It seems as if the contemporary usage of the acronym “POC” is an attempt to short-hand minorities (regardless of race or ethnic origin) into one group of “Leftovers”. It’s also peculiar that the ethnic origins of “whites” never comes within the definition.

So, going back to the beginning, it’s no wonder Blacks are at a lost in terms of answering a fundamental question: Who am I ?

Moreover, it’s been observed that, typically, the individuals most likely to use “POC” are BLACKS. For example, the term is almost never used by individuals who are WHITE by race, and Latin / Hispanic by ethnic origin.

Finally, it could very well be argued that the term “POC” is nothing but strategic legal reasons BY A FEW to broadened the legal protections afforded under the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. The MAJORITY use the acronym POC out of IGNORANCE.

illegal smile

I must say it’s been a fun season. How many seasons before have we had to endure krakenfest? I would never have thought these would be the final 4. Glad Brittany isn’t giving up, little weird with the late showmance and Turner is gas. Ha! Right now I couldn’t say who would win sans Brittany. I do believe Monte is the frontrunner, unless Taylor gets the female vote. All in all it’s been so fun watching and seeing everyone’s comments. Thanks Simon and dawg.

Lisa Gormley

Can’t wait for the finally after Michael left boring don’t care who wins the best never win but should be interesting to see how Joseph feels about Taylor riding Monte to the end classless


Was Alyssa riding Kyle to almost then end while she was already involved with someone else also classless?

Daisy may123

Michael is disgusting along with Brittney to take a sentence or 2 and make it out to be this big racist thing is horrible. Did they do everything and say everything exactly right? That’s why they are in jury and Brittney better be on her way, I have no respect for either one if them! They ruined the show and act holier than thou.


I would love to see Britt get herself out of this tight spot but I think both Monte and Taylor know that Turner will not win jury vote in final two. Therefore, it would benefit either of them to take him to finals. Britt is done I am afraid.

Don’t care

Wish it was Taylor going home have not cared for her since day I don’t watch anymore probably time for cbs to hang it and try to come up with something new

Captain Kirk

I hope so. Brittany is the only one “playing” at this juncture.

un autre nom

Season 24 in a nutshell… or is a nutshell?
Began with two gender based alliances forming. Both left out their prospective queer components, the women eschewing the lesbian for not being feminine enough, and the men ignoring the gay man for not being masculine enough. They did however include the bi guy, because… he’s currently in a relationship with a woman so passes the test. I guess it’s considered acceptable to know what a penis tastes like as long as you are currently sleeping with a woman…. is that their yardstick? Always was my question.
Early action in week one was the result of a whackjob running around like a headless chicken, and a moron CLOWN HOH asking the ringleader of a bullying plot if he had permission to bully their target.
The press and the fanbase quickly called outrage at the level of shunning and bullying.
The house was informed of the outrage… and the whackjob cracked when the fan vote wasn’t there to save her despite a glowing edit.
Scrap the original storyline, we’ve got to ride the victim train while attempting to edit in some redemption, while editing out some scandal seems to have been the production response. THIS MARKED THE SEASON LONG TREND OF PRODUCTION TELLING HOUSEGUESTS HOW THEY WERE BEING RECEIVED BY THE PUBLIC.
And so, the Leftovers were conceived. The three bottom of the barrels that were socially frowned upon had formed a small unit, a final 3. Week three after Turner had been an absolute douchecanoe targeting everyone he hated (that final 3 group) because the house hated them… there’s suddenly a rebranding of the OASIS men’s group as the POUND, and they pulled in all of the victims of their social gaslighting to help them make numbers. This was acheived through a simple lie: We don’t support bullying. They guys that started the bullying, gave permission for the bullying, pushed others to continue bullying, and twisted facts so that the bullying seemed an appropriate response…. were suddenly anti-bullying. And the fanbase ate it with a spoon. NOPED: DANIEL AND NIC.
Weeks go on with the edit that each target was part of the bullying (they were but they were clowns following the ringleaders’ call), while the ringleaders of the bullying sat back and got carried by one of their targets, the not man enough Michael. NOPED: JASMINE
But first,
One of the guys starts spouting off ideas that are implicit bias in their nature. Production quickly warns him, and the ones he told how the public was outraged and cancelled them. All the while Production negotiates a backup fauxmance, because oh yeah, that guy with the ideas…. he’s their showmance meat for the season.
So the two people that heard the ideas don’t want to be part of that outrage. Production continues to hide it on edit and feeds until the pressure becomes too great. The answer: bring it up casually as if it had logical merit, and have one of the two listeners say that’s not how it is. Problem solved.
Problem not solved. Moron keeps pushing the idea after being warned, and production keeps trying to hide it. Mention found feed cuts and switches any time they could get away with it… Which leads us to the next twist of the season: The split house twist. GAVE UP NOPING.
The problematic guy immediately spills about the Leftovers to stay and keep his human blow up dolll on a pool floatie in the game. Good thing the plan B fauxmance had already agreed they’d met their contractual obligation, and parted BEFORE the twist.
Wall Yellers descended on at least three occasions to make their opinions known. Production says never happened…. house guests inside and outside know about it… and talk about it. SIdeye.
So bye bye plan b fauxmance through production negotiation guy… and bye bye to another of the officially recognized by fanbase bullies inside (edit was always quite different to that status, she was the d/r clown).
The outside people joined together. The inside people supposedly join together… but the ringleader of all the bullying doesn’t want to be linked to his victims… he wants to be back with his bully boys. Despite knowing about the wall yellers opinions, he joins a new version of the Pound as a final 3 and everything looks great…. until Michael makes THE REVEAL to save both Monte the ringleader and Taylor, his victim.
Monte takes umbrage to the reveal’s timing. Morally outraged I tell you. Terrance joins him, as does Turner. Both Turner and Terrance are so outraged by finding out the racial bias allegations that they want to keep him, and evict the black woman. Sideye.
Monte, full of himself, his ego, and moral indignation… forgives the guy, but holds the revealers up as Evil. Sideye. He’s so outraged he…. joins an alliance type final 3 type thing with the male revealer, the season comp beast that was judged not man enough to be one of the alpha males. Sideyes both ways.
This brings us to the double. Taylor has been flirting and pushing to Monte that they have to take the first opportunity to get rid of Michael… who has kept them safe since week four. She’s in a final 3 with him, so is Monte. So Bye Michael. Funny they had more grace for Kyle, but considered Michael’s reveal gross. SIdeye, oh yeah, they knew and Monte still joined that final 3… right.
Taylor, seeing the writing on the wall, joins with Monte, and Turner in their newest witch hunt: Britt. She’s the one they can hold 100% responsible for the moral indignation of the reveal… BURN THE WITCH.
Taylor even starts showmancing her bully unbeknownst to her. In week 10. Sideye. So we get hours on hours of moral indignation from Monte and Turner…. and I can’t take the hypocrisy of the pontificating anymore. BROUGHT BACK NOPING: NOPED MONTE AND TURNER.
There. That’s the nutshell that is Season 24.

Captain Kirk

“Brittany “I’ve been trying to chart a plan on how to finagle myself out of this situation”

Wondering whether it’s easier to “finagle” with a straight face or a forked tongue.


Brandon Bechtold

I’d really like to see Turner go home! I wish monte could understand he would have a better shot at final two with Brittany still in the house over turner who could turn around and beat him and possibly take Taylor over him! Also is like to see a female win for once!.