Talla getting fired up – Andrew “i’m about to change my vote.. Rub my Feet.. I have a couple of bunions”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


9:10pm Bathroom The Stooges

Talla: “you know what Peter is trying to do.. he’s trying to get Jillian to go against me”
Andrew: “I know she’s mentioned it to me.. I said talk to her for gods sake.. don’t worry you are good”
Talla: “I talked to her.. explained” (It’s in the previous post)

Talla: “Look you think I would say sh1t to Peter like he’s the one that pulled me aside” She continues about how he was asking her for her final 3 and she didn’t know because she hasn’t thought that far ahead. She asked him who final 3 was and he told her the exact same thing. Later he told her that Emmett and Andrew would be her best bet for a final 3.

Andrew explains to her not to worry about it because they are going to the final four. Jillian just got a little stressed because she’s been HOH a lot.

Talla: “He’s trying to talk to me.. I don’t know why.. all I want to do is rip him one”
Andrew reminds her to keep her cool and just know Peter is playing the game to stay in.



9:49pm Kitchen everyone but Peter

Talla: “I’m fucking ready to tear a strip off him.. all i want to say to him is Do you think your chaos theory is working.. he’s doing the exact same thing that Alec did last week”
Talla: “I’m really f***ing pi$$ed off”
Talla: “nobody is going to say something to him but I will.. Why the f*** would I talk final sh1t with you when you are not even in my F***ing alliance.. why would I talk to him out of all the f***ing people”
Andrew: “Just cool it… Please you are getting fired up like usual ”

Andrew: “Don’t worry about it for Christ sake”
Talla: “why does he think he’s so smart to try and pull off something like that”
Emmett: ‘He’s going home, If you were going home you would be fighting to. That is why I don’t mind he can do whatever he wants”
Talla explains that she knows it’s a game but doesn’t like what Peter is doing “He shouldn’t be throwing my name out there like that.. “
Andrew: “You need to chill out because i’m about to change my vote.. Rub my Feet.. I have a couple of bunions”


10:00pm The house is silent Jillian I assume is trying to listen on Peter who is in the Diary room. Emmett comes down from the HOH. She tells him she doesn’t trust Pete. He doesn’t trust Andrew and Talla.
Jillian: “Who do you trust”
Emmett: “You”
They head up to the HOH do a bit of game talking and a bunch of milkmancing.

Talla comes up and joins them in some game talk. Talla and Jillian explain to Emmett what Peter is doing. Talla says she wants to throw his nuggets in the pool.

Emmett gets called into the Diary room Talla leaves
Jillian tells Emmett Peter is trying to turn Talla against her so he can run back to Jillian and tell her Talla is against her.
Jillian: “He talked her against me.. Snaky snaky shit that he’s doing.. ”
Emmett: “That’s why I tell you not to get worked up.. ”

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When Peter was in the DR tonight speaking in his regular voice and BEING HIMSELF.. He was very likable.
He should have been that way the whole game. Now it’s too little too late.


I used to like Peter, but hes throwing himself a huge pity party in the hammock right now is just awkward. The problem is, he dug this hole, and insulting people doesn’t help him. The problem is he thinks he is among the best and he’s not….if he just realized he screwed up he would be more likeable.


I’m loving the pity party in the hammock. “I played the perfect game” BWAHAHA!

The Shield



I agree to a point. It’s hard to tell what this guy is all about. Is it the guy who admits he hates everyone, the guy who could care less about talking to his family, or the guy that seems to care about people as he did that night when he took care of Talla. For some reason he finds it necessary to throw up this dumb facade. I would give him major props if it somehow helped his gameplay, but it doesn’t. I think it’s probably some combination of the above.
While all this floundering should be an embarrassment for him and Alec, no doubt the “shield” will continue to pat themselves on the back.
I for one am glad that their disillusioned self-entitled gameplay is finally coming to an end.
Turns out the shield was a wet paper towel all along.


Emette is really working Jillian to keep Peter ,and she is so stupid I bet she sends Lala home.Peter sickens me,he constantly calls everyone else stupid and hes a genius .The guy is so selfish,and a egomaniac.


I’m back! I just watched the episode tonight and I can’t wait until Peter gets evicted and Gary returns (I hope)! I agree with bbk, I liked it when Peter was himself in the diary room, it made me feel bad for me. The reason why he plays this big character in the DR is because he is so insecure in the real world. I would have changed my mind and started cheering for him, if he didn’t also say that he played a “perfect game”… huh? your closet ally got evicted and you didn’t make any big moves and you didn’t even realize that people were making final 4, 3 and 2 deals behind your back. The only reason why you are final five is because people view you as less of a threat – but then, how is your game any different from Talla’s game then?? She’s actually been playing the better game, because she made a final 4 deal and kept it hidden, whereas, Peter’s deal with Jillian and Emmett gone out there. At this point, it would be great to see Andrew and Jillian make it to final 2. I actually think that they both have compelling arguments and IF Jillian doesn’t break down in front of the jury, I think they would actually vote for her to win. If she doesn’t acknowledge that she lied her way to the final 2, then she’s toast. At this point, I really don’t know if she will, at an emotional level, be able to withstand it all. Whereas with Andrew, he can say that he made big moves and saved himself and managed to get to the final by himself. That’s a pretty compelling argument. I feel like the only way Emmett will make it to the end is if he wins all the remaining competitions. He’s everyone’s main threat, which is why he’s trying to convince Jillian to vote out Talla and not Peter…. looking forward to tomorrow and I really hope Gary comes back and bring the drama and glitter! 🙂


This is true. By Peter’s standards of a “perfect game,” Talla has played a better game than him.
I don’t agree with Kupac above though when he stated the flip side of Peter is when he took care of Talla.
I’m sure “taking care” of, touching, and carrying a beautiful woman is something any (straight) male would do, no matter his personality.

Kyle Wakeup

I actually can’t stand Talla. She hasn’t earned her place in the house at all and her parents probably paid the producers to let her into the house cu they’re is no way they would let someone as unintelligent as her in. She has no respect for the game and hasn’t won jack shit and somehow she’s in final 4…get the f**k outta here. I wanna join bb Canada next year and see if I can make my way to final 4 by bitching,complaining,whining and arguing with everyone. She jumps to whoever is in power and rides them like a fly on sh*t. Everything that comes out if her mouth makes me think she’s from a mental hospital, she could be one of the stupidest people I’ve heard talk, you could probably hold a conversation with a chair longer then you could have one with her. And now she’s getting pissed off at Peter for campaigning…b**ch life ain’t the way you want it all the time, the guys trying to win 100k he’s gonna say everything he can to win, at least he’s putting in an effort to stay unlike you who’s sitting there with her finger up her ass trying to make cheers. I hope Gary comes back and him and Emmett vote to save Peter and send Talla home. She’s a disgrace to humanity and is to dumb to insult.


I agree with you 100%, I dislike Peter and feel he’s played a weak social game but Talla is actually dumber than Ashley from BB14 and needs to go. I can’t believe production has aired some of the stuff she’s said. She makes 1st graders look like geniuses. I like what you said about her making it to final 4 by complainin, whining, etc., she truly has not earned her spot in this house and treats it like a vacation. The only person deserving in the house right now imo is Andrew, he’s played a great social and physical game and has kept as many promises as possible…unlike Cruele de Jill.

Kyle Wakeup

LOOOOL Cruele de Jill. And ye I’m not a fan of Peter myself and hope that Andrew pulls off the W too but none the less Talla needs to leave, straight fu**ery how’s she’s been in the house this long. Lord of the Big Brothers please send this chick home tomorrow.


I never like to put people down or anything but seriously Talla is an absolute MORON. She’s entertaining to a point but so irritating to an extreme. She can’t complete a conversation and needs speech therapy lol. What a waste of a cast member. So many real fans in Canada who would have done anything to play the game with people who understands the game. I don’t think she knows the difference between night and day LOL WOW I’m baffled shame with our EDUCATION SYSTEM GEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ—–US.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.



I am so scared for Andrew I really believe he thinks he and Jillian have a final two deal. PLEASE BB GODS DO NOT LET EMMITT WIN HOH TOMORROW!!!
Andrew needs to win and put up E/J with the agurment that if either one win Veto they will take the other off. If someone else comes back and gets to vote the HOH can break the tie if there is one. Jillian Karma is gonna kick you in the ass … i hope it’s this month.

The Watcher

Ever noticed how Jillian would take one cookie or chips or whatever snacks they have and be the only one in the world to take 3 hours to eat it by taking small mini pieces by pieces off of it with her finger up to her mouth while contemplating to eat more or not…..LMAO

Annoying but kind of cute I think!

Maybe she saw the movie Clueless and believes in the eating small bite of a big plate wont get you fat…..


I’m not going to argue the points about Talla perhaps not being as intelligent as the other house guests, but Ido disagree with folks and say that I think she does know how to play the social game. She feeds information to the right people and is careful with the right people – at the right times in the game. If she didn’t have a good social game, she would have been voted out long ago. She knows who were friends are (andrew and jillian) and she knows who to watch out for (emmett).


heres the deal, love her or hate her, love or hate her game, talla IS playing a specific game that will get her near the finals. Here’s the thing, I hated Jordan, a lot…but I was one of the only people. Jordan was a ditzy dumb girl who couldn’t win comps to save her life….the DIFFERENCE between her and Talla is that Talla has managed to get thus far on her own where Jordan got carried by Jeff most of the way. Jordan won big brother….if Jordan can win big brother so can Talla imo. Might not be my favourite type of game play, but it isn’t like she would be the first one in big brother history and she wouldn’t be the last. I also would argue she knows a LOT more about the game of big brother than she lets on and i do believe she is playing that part up to them. Talla and topaz had some pretty in depth convos about big brother that made me believe she knows what she is doing in the game…I don’t think she is a mastermind genius….but she made some conscious decisions (ie feeding information and throwing some of the comps – im adament she would have won the endurance over jillian if she had tried) that have got her to where she is.