“Straight up I can’t beat Tyler in competitions.. he’s very tall and very muscular”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David, Kevin, Ian and Tyler
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony – Da’Vonne used the veto on Kevin. Ian nominated in his place.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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2:12 pm Cody and Nicole
Nicole – why do you want to keep Tyler
Cody – plan and simple there is no reason for me to stick my neck out for Ian. Why would I stick my neck out for Ian to go against him whose kept me safe, Christmas whose kept me safe and you to blow up an alliance that has won 5 of the 6 HOH’s and has kept us safe. Ian is not a player I’m willing to sdo that for plain and simple

Nicole – you’re not thinking long term
Cody – you are thinking so shortsighted.. the alliance is completely intact.
Nicole -our alliance is going to be at each other next week
Cody – yeah
Nicole is worried about the power doing next week what it did this week.
Cody says he’s willing to put up Da’Vonne he’s not willing to send home Tyler right now when they still have to get rid of David, Kevin and Da’vonne.
Nicole – straight up I can’t beat Tyler in competitions.. he’s very tall and very muscular
Cody points out she beat him during the last HOH
Cody – I understand the personal aspect to it
Nicole – it’s not personal it’s strategic I can convince Christmas. I don’t think I can convince Memphis
Nicole says Christmas thinks the boys will come after the girls once they get down to final 6
Nicole – why not take a strong boy out. She’ll want you out before she wants Tyler.
Cody – yeah and I will send her home before Tyler.
Nicole says Tyler will go after her before he goes after David “I’m concerned about that”
Nicole – Enzo or Tyler who are you keeping?
Cody – Enzo
Nicole – that’s what it’s like for me this week
Cody – I am unwilling to blow myself up
Nicole says her game is getting blown up right now “When I don’t vote for Ian I’m going to look so bad not only out there, in here he’s my best friend I am a monster to everybody”
Nicole – if I can do that I can cut anybody throat at any time
Nicole – Ian told me that .. he’s coming for Da’Vonne so I would think Tuesday what if I told Da’Vonne that and was like.. doing her a favour what should we do?

Nicole saying she feels regardless what she does this week she’s blowing up her game.
Nicole – why can’t Dani break tie
Nicole – I have to vote him out.. I do I have to
They talk about the vote being a 5-3 or a 6-2
Nicole – I need David to Vote Ian out because Da’Vonne promised me that she had his vote so locked in she said it will be 4-4 Nicole I promise you
Cody – what has Dani been saying to Da’Vonne.. what makes Da’Vonne think 4-4 Ian will stay
Nicole – Dani told her
Cody – then she needs to tell her the other way..

Nicole says when Da’Vonne won the veto she tried to play her told her she had to use the veto because David is voting to keep Tyler.
Nicole – today I said you can’t use it because David is going to keep Tyler and she said Ohh no no.. I said but you told me that.. And she said that came from Tyler
Nicole – She said I talked to David and he’s so biter against Tyler for the bayleigh stuff
Feeds cut..

2:33 pm David, Kevin and Da’Vonne
Kevin brings up catching Christmas in a lie. Enzo told him that she kne whe knew she was going up as a pawn. When he talked to her she acted like she didn’t know she was going up as a pawn and made a big stink about not wanting to go up.
Kevin – she just flat out lied to my face..
Kevin – do you think Christmas will vote out Ian
Da’Vonne – no, you’re going to have to work hard.
Kevin isn’t going to waste her “Credit” her “Plus one” and vote Ian out.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
They’re talking about how they can maximize the benefit by voting to keep Tyler.
Da’Vonne – he’s going to be attached with Cody, Dani and Nicole. He’s attached to Cody..
Kevin – Cody’s got so Much (pregamed alliances?)
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
Da’Vonne – Ian is already on the campaign trail.. he needs to catch up and wake up

2:36 pm Tyler and Cody
Cody saying they need to make sure David votes to Keep Tyler over Ian. They can’t have Da’Vonne trying to sway him.
Cody saying he wants to vote to be 6-2.
Tyler – if it’s 3 to 5 that would be good
feeds cut

2:51 pm Da’Vonne and Kevin
(They’ve been talking about the vote which doesn’t really matter all that much as they control only 3 votes)
Da’Vonne says getting rid of Ian means getting rid of the other sides ‘Snoop’ they’re little “mole” their “telephone operator”
Kevin – Tyler is their comp beast.

4:16 pm Dani and Cody
Cody – how much do you see me around Tyler
Dani – a lot
Cody – barely..
Dani – a lot
Cody – you’re projecting
Dani says Da’Vonne literally thought Cody would screw her over to save Tyler
Cody – yeah but Da’Vonne is as clueless in this game as f**ing Christmas
Dani – I’m saying from an outsiders perspective.. that is what they see
Cody – people only see what they want to see
Cody – you are trying way to hard on getting me onboard with Da’Vonne. I’m just not
Dani tells him to squash his beef with Da’Vonne so if she wins HOH she doesn’t put him up
Cody – you’re telling me if I don’t talk To Da’Vonne she’s putting me up over Memphis or Christmas. If that’s the case I don’t feel like talking to her anyways.

Cody – this week no matter is going to cause there to be no trust in our group
Dani – I know
Cody – so it’s like..
Dani – I know I know it’s going to be bad. bad. bad. bad

Cody says Da’vonne folded and panic under pressure
Cody says when Da’Vonne isn’t under pressure she blows sh1t up for people.. she tells you all this information only to blow up a relationship
Dani – please don’t say anything. I told her crap too
Cody – I know you opened up to her.. she can say sh1t about you
Dani – I know

4:49 pm Ian and Cody
Ian – just to confirm I would have your vote
Cody – oh yeah.. I gotcha
Ian – perfect .. cool
Ian – I would need four or five
Cody – yeah, have you talked to anybody or are you just waiting.
Ian says he’s doing the preliminary pitch.
Ian – I’ve talked to Christmas, you, Enzo. A little bit with Kevin.. he’s cool
Cody – receptive
Ian – yeah definitely

5:20 pm Dani and Enzo
Enzo points out they know “those three” have no powers left so the house should just target them.
Dani – Kevin is 100% coming after possibly me.. possibly but I think he’s coming after Nicole and Cody. (Kevin for HOH)
Enzo – I’m not worried about Tyler he’ll do whatever he needs to do
Dani – I wodner what Tyler would do though, would you put up Da’vonne
Enxzo thinks so sayus he doesn’t give a f**
Dani says Tyler is really concerned with how he looks on the outside he might not put DA’Vonne up
They talk about how he was a mess after the Bayleigh thing and wanted to quit
Feeds cut.. when we’re back they’re talking about how the eviction is a long time from now.
They wonder who Nicole will put up.

Enzo points out that Memphis was never put up on season 10 or this season.
Dai says there’s still alot of time left
Enzo – that’s crazy to me.. and Christmas was nervous you’re going to put her up
Dani – why though
Enzo – I dunno.. she was like she better not put me up..
They talk about Da’Vonne saying she felt bullied to not use the veto. Dani doesn’t see it as bullying Dani just didn’t want the veto used because she would have to nominate a fourth person.
Dani – it’s not like people were threatening her
feeds cut when we’re back..
Enzo talking about how he’s not as close with Da’vonne.
Dani points out that Da’Vonne keeps playing put that her and David aren’t working together. “Give me a break”
They talk about how DA’vonne is isolating herself with Kevin and DAvid.
Enzo – she’s like I’m putting my eggs in the basket with these two.. she said she’s down with the sly five.. she said that.. She never told us about the POV she used the POV put us in a bad spot..

Cody comes in .. “i play the game to bro”
Dani – we’re having a final 2 .. can you leave
Cody starts to leave
Dani – Sit down..
Enzo – who would Nicole put up as a third nominee
Cody – you (joking)
Cody says Nicole will put up Tyler.
Dani – I forgot Tyler is still here.
COdy says if they get rid of Tyler than Nicole doesn’t have a third nominee ‘Maybe it will be you”
DAni – who do you think Tyler would put up
Enzo – Da’Vonne ..
Dani – you really think
Cody – Da’Vonne or Kevin or DAvid/Kevin easily.. (LOL)

Cody – if we’re not sending Tyler which we’re not at this point we’re going to completely blindside multiple people if we can’t flip David to come on the other side and it’s going to be a blindside. Whether or not the votes are like 6 to 2
Dani – even if you flip David to the other side it’s literally the only reason you would do it is to spite me.. that’s not good
Cody – Da’Vonne will be like what happened.
Feeds cut .. when we’re back they are trying to figure out who Da’Vonne will put up.
Enzo says he’s worried Cody is a target.
Dani – I’m kinda nervous she would put you and I up.. she always talks about how close wee are.

Enzo – if we keep Ian who does he go after
Dani – he told Nicole Da’Vonne.
Dani – Ian thinks he’s 1000% safe..
Cody mentions how he told Ian he is voting for him. “he can’t be running around going crazy this week”

5:48 pm Ian and Kevin
Ian is worried he’s the target.
Kevin – Enzo would have been a good pawn he’s likable
Kevin – if you stayed you would remain with Nicole you wouldn’t align with other people
Ian says he would stick with Nicole and work with other people. Says he would have to see the people that voted for him to stay.
Ian adds that he has a friendship with Nicole but if he’s getting played then they have a problem.

Ian – I would never put you up until final 8.. we had that 8 deal.. Even as a pawn.
Kevin – I think this power thing accelerated the congealing and separation of people.
They could votes..
Keivn – Me, Nicole.. hopefully Da’vonne
Ian – Hopefully Christmas.. I’m trying to get more solid with Enzo..
Ian says the Cody/Tyler thing has been rumored for awhile so he’s feeling like he couldn’t get Cody’s vote.

6:03 pm Enzo, Nicole, Dani and Cody
They explain to Enzo that Memphis was on the block 4 times on this season and he won the Veto a bunch of times.
Enzo – ohh ok I respect him ..
They talk about Da’Vonne making Dani nominate 4 people whit week. Nicole says if Da’Vonne is willing to do that to Dani she’s willing to do that to her.
Cody says if she’s willing to do that to the girls that means he’s going on the block

Dani says Da’Vonne’s game isn’t comps wins “her game is running her mouth… so she thinks she can come talk to me mend everything fix it like sh’es done nothing wrong”
Feeds cut ..

When we’re back Dani is talking about how horrible the slick 6 meetings were.. they go on making jokes about it.
feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Nicole talking about wanting to give Ian to get at least one vote. “It’s going to be 3 to 5”
Enzo – it’ll be crazy if it’s four and Danielle has to do it
Cody – what did you just call her
Nicole – can we blame it on David..
Enzo is eating something.. (we all know how Enzo eats.. he has gotten better since season 12 still bad)
Cody – why do you eat the way you eat
Feeds cut.

6:22 pm HOH crew..
Dani – Nicole after this week losing one of our numbers David or Kevin have to go .. have to we can’t take out one of our numbers that is the silliest game ever
Nicole – this is already the silliest week ever in my opinion. Ian won’t touch any of us.
They go on about putting David and Kevin up next week, “take two”

6:40 pm HOH crew..
Wondering who Da’Vonne and David will pick for have nots.
They wonder if David has the balls to put Memphis on Slop. (He already said he will)
Enzo says Have nots should have their own kitchen he’s getting sick of seeing the have not pickles.

6:44 pm Ian and David
Ian – If I go I’m going to be really bitter..
Feeds cut..
Ian – I could be the first one to jury if i’m .. .
feeds cut
(Ian has been threatening to walk out of jury feeds cut when he talks about it)
David – I would be surprised if you left.
David goes on about liking Tyler and Ian. “There are some people I don’t like in this house for obvious reasons
David – I didn’t expect this really
Ian – I didn’t expect this.. it was a surprise to me. especially the one round where i said I do not want to go..
Ian – If i’m the first one to Jury I can tell you now..
Feeds cut
Ian says the votes could be locked and there could be a twist and his a$$ goes out the door
Ian – if I go this week two things. 1) if it ends up I have to stay in the jury house to get paid then in the final 2 I’m going to vote out against anyone who had anything to do with sending me there. With Dani being number one.

Ian – if I go this week Dani will never get my jury vote ever.. it’s her fault.. feeds cut..
Ian – I’m hoping to have your vote to stay
David – I’m weighting all my options

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Houka Inumuta

I can’t believe Dani actually put Ian on the block.Ian wasn’t even going after her. I’m starting to wonder if Tyler is actually getting evicted this week at this point.

Tyler eviction party is still on as of now.


If Dani put Enzo up, their alliance would be over and probably Enzo, Memphis and Xmas would get ride of Dani in the double if they win HOH.

Miss Impression

But Tyler and Enzo will probably do that anyway so why not strike first?Seems like a missed opportunity and what changed her mind about taking Tyler out this week?

Rockstar's Daughter Birthday

I smell the Houka Curse raising its ugly head again.

Golden Gate Granny

Nahhh. It’s just a basement & the smallest Veto ever causing almost max. damage in one week. With half the end results that should have happened weeks ago.

Dani really should quit her bitchin’. She could have ended up having to nominate yet one more person this week and her “trash” power may ultimately save her ass (hope not, but whatever).

Any beloved BB stat nerds know of the record amount of HG’s nominated in one week?

Golden Gate Granny

P.S. Your name cracks me up as much as It’s Jake…. From State Farm.



Thumbs Down!

Miss Impression

Oh Houka, right now I wish I lived in whatever reality your in.Ian’s my favorite and he’s going before he started to play.But I respect the game move by Day and at least it’s getting interesting watching that alliance melt down over not having all the power.

Miss Impression

By the way Houka, I blame you for Ian’s eviction.

The Beef

Wow! When will you ever learn Houka!

#1 Your prognostication skills suck and always have.

#2 There is production “guidance” in this game/show, and we all know it, although we don’t like it much. It’s pretty apparent that is much in play this week by the way things changed so quickly during the past two or three days.

#3 Who knows what may change between now and Thursday? Maybe somebody else will get pissed off and threaten to leave, and we’ll have an entirely new story line “introduced” to us!

I’m not one of those who have said I’m sick of this and I’m never watching this show again, but this interference with the game play by production is getting tiresome. I hate the whole pre-gaming issue, but I hate production interference just as much if not more. LET THEM PLAY THE GAME, and let the damn chips fall where they may. If the favored children get picked off, so be it. I’m sick of “cheating” or “fixing” to protect them, no matter who it is, and Tyler IS one of my favorites. Just let them play.


Wow. Just wow. Such vitriol. These people know that they are being shown on video right?

Team New School

I do hope Ian is the one to go. He is a previous winner, and he hasn’t done anything this season. Besides, it will hurt Nicole and Dani too! Win – win!


I think not doing anything was Ian’s plan because he’s a previous winner. He wanted to be forgotten until much later in the game.

Wesley Sims

I can’t see them keeping ian though this is a big chance to get out Tyler

Moon Crickets

I bet Grodner is bursting a vein since these are two of America’s favorite players.

My 2 cents

First 4 out were officially AFPs from their seasons. Kaysar was becoming an AFP on this season. Don’t think she cares, as long as Cody and Nicole are safe.


Sorry Ian. You’re delusional if you think for one second Cody is keeping you over Tyler. Your ass is grass unfortunately a victim of the twist this week

Master Plan

Lmao facts it’s wraps unless they get Nicole to flip. Then Nicole has to flip Dani (which won’t be hard because Tyler is her original target).
Either way gonna be an interesting week with cards shown.


None of the guys this season are muscular. Cody has a nice little body, but that`s it.

Ian Schooled Dan

Xmas has the best muscles of all of them.


Yup, with no Kaysar at there is definitely no eye candy. Just weird little man boys with hairless bodies and no muscle tone.

Ian Schooled Dan

Kaysar looks like a rat with a bee sting.

Sheila Schepp

Haha. Nailed it.


Except Cody wears women’s pants! Ugh!


I don’t understand the shaving–why was cody shaving his forearms the other day? Seems like some of these guys shave more than the women.

Bounce em Both

I think Dani is as big of a snake as Day.


How is Day a snake?

Big Baby

During CHRISTMAS HOH may I remind you who both put BAY & Day on the block…
She threw Bayleigh under the bus to Christmas by telling her that bayleigh wanted Tyler’s head on a platter after Tyler said he was willing to leave.

Day is inept about this game because she doesn’t realize that telling someone about your final 2 is strictly game and NOT PERSONAL!

Keep Whining Kevin

I love that Nicole caught Da’Vonne’s lie but will she be smart enough to use that information and keep Tyler?

My 2 cents

Da didn’t lie. Tyler did tell her he had David’s vote. Nic just assumed David had told her.


Well apparently Da’Vonne used the veto to get Ian on the block as a bigger target than Tyler or at least an equal one. It looks like she, David and Kevin are going to vote out Ian in the hopes of getting Tyler to come to their side and work with them. They think that the rest of the house is going to vote out Tyler so they are going to work them and meanwhile the other side of the house is going to work on David so that they don’t have to worry about Nicole’s vote. It’s really crazy…apparently Da’Vonne thinks that Ian is part of the big alliance and Tyler is not so the plan is to vote out Ian by EVERYONE.

Moon Crickets

Who will be the last survivor of the Bottom Feeders alliance Day, Dani or Kevin? I’m guessing Dani but I think all three of them are on life support.

Miss Impression

Is that a typo?Dani is part of the unholy3some with Cody and Nichole that are controlling the game.

The Beef

It’s either a typo or a nominee for “Kevin’s Best” post of the day!


Nicole says she can’t beat Tyler in competitions because he’s tall and muscular. Only half the comps are physical. And as Cody pointed out to her, she beat him in the wall comp.

fruitloop dingas

also is cody not more muscular then her lol

Ian Schooled Dan

You know Dani is very pretty for being so ugly on the inside.


She uses the word “hate” so much, it has to make her an ugly person on the inside! “I literally hate x,” “I totally hate y,” “last time I literally hated everyone…” I was always taught that “hate” was such a venomous word and to never, ever use that word. Maybe she needs some lessons like that in her life. I bet she would be a much happier person.

Golden Gate Granny

Like literally. *snarkyface*

Sage advice. Lose the “like” and “literally” too. Oy. It’s like they’re 12.

The Beef

Yes she is for a Skeletor wannabe looking woman. I particularly liked her look when she was wearing the crocheted doilies top the other day. Very chic.

PAblo BB Fan

Ssssscole: When I don’t vote for Ian I’m going to look so bad not only out there, in here he’s my best friend I am a monster to everybody. Seriously ssssscole believes the outside would see her as a fake abd s billy cause she’s getting cozy with Ian? LOL

At this point the biggest fools are ssscole Dani Enzo Xmas they are going to evicted so fast I can’t wait to see their faces

Ian Schooled Dan

Are you related to Houka?


I’m amazed at the complete lack of self awareness in these people.

Of all people, Memphis was the only one to be a voice of reason for Da’Vonne last night… he was the ONLY one to see things from her perspective.


It is amazing that you are considered dumb, stupid, mean and not worth the upper crust time when you are not playing the game their way. Seeing as Day is really not in your alliance and none of the upper crust final 2, I am so glad she used that veto. I have actually stop watching the show physically, I come here to read the results because I get sick just watching them on TV. Most of them are hypocrites for this just being a game and only 1 person is going to win this game and unfortunately one of them so called upper crust is going to win.


Seriously??? Why are the Feeds going down all the time??? Nothing is being said that Production is trying to hide from us. This is BS


dani and nicole are playing so scared right now, this is a perfect time for them to jump ship.. they could grab day kev and david and the 5 of them could take control of the vote, save ian and they would be 6 strong.. they would have a good shot at one of them getting the next hoh and they could be unstoppable.. enzo cody memphis xmas would be shaking in their boots and could’nt do a damn thing about it.. besides dani or nicole would stand a much better shot at winning 500k by dragging that sorry ass crew to the end than they will against enzo tyler or cody so they should just do it before it’s too late..


David is with the boys. Not even Day trust David. If Dani and Nicole were to tell David anything he would run to the boys and throw them under the bus. Dani and Nicole cant even trust Day as she’s close with Enzo


Let’s be serious though, they would have zero chance of winning the next HOH

The Beef

Exactly! They could do that and likely never win another comp for the rest of the season! Let’s face it, the best competitor in the group he mentioned is most likely Dani or Ian, with one comp win between them so far this year. Day has won 1 comp in 3 seasons. Nicole is best known for throwing comps and hiding behind men. David has won 1 veto and found 1 power in 2 seasons. Kevin has surprised me with his competitiveness this season, but still won only 1 comp so far this year. The two of them would immediately become #’s 1 and 2 on the hit list for the other group if they did this, so no, it would not be a smart move at all on their part.


That’s not how Derrick planned it. Dani and Nicole must follow orders and stick with Cody.


I agree with old school, especially since it’s on the table that Nicole doesn’t want strong guys in the house while talking to a strong guy…that she pregamed with so why can’t they just ditch Cody if they don’t like what he is saying and switch it up? There is still enough people in the house to do it

another name

So, part of the reason feeds were down last night? a booze delivery to calm down the house after being called in for an indoor lockdown. Given they had to do a 15 minute segment about the effect of the last booze delivery (christmas ‘talks’ to the nominees )… we got punished in case another fight arose.
We got BBCanada’d. Feed block for booze.

another name

There’s some spoiler idiot on twitter that puts out all sorts of supposed inside information messages about what production thinks.

How to know it’s crap:
this spoiler idiot says Grod is not a fan of the Committee alliance.

Let’s think about that. Committee had ZERO involvement with weeks 3 4 or 5. Roll back the recaps for episodes of week 3-5. Listen to what Julie said about Memphis being the mastermind behind the committee at every opportunity. Listen to the d/r asking about the committee. approximately 200 mentions in 9 episodes for an alliance that fundamentally ceased to exist until the feed block last week and this week.

Yea spoiler asshat…. Grod clearly hates the Committee.
Too many eyerolls to count.

another name

Meanwhile Dani has talked about production sometimes rearranging the comps out of order. What, were some people given a schedule of comps for the season in order? Did they get helpful hints too? What is this whole Dani spouting production stuff and why is she doing it this week? A lot?

Sheila Schepp

An someone please tell me what “grod” means?

another name

Exec Producer Alison Grodner. nicknamed Grod.

Miss Impression

Allison Grodner is the executive producer of BB aka TPTB.


Allison Grodener runs the show

Golden Gate Granny

TPTB=The Powers That Be (Grod)

(Oops… this morsel was meant to help follow up Miss Impression. Shoulda just replied on hers. Oof.)


oh nicole. all she wants to do is get no blood on her hands at win at the end because everyone did her dirty work and took out who she wanted out. what a baby.


no different from he last win….sad


That was something else on her hands.

Golden Gate Granny

She gots to GO! I’d rather see ANYONE win besides her or the real Evil Donato. Sooo over their whiney sniveling. Feed them to the ants already.

another name

Dumb play: pick a fight with someone before Veto (Tyler’s original thought).
Smart play: pick a fight with Cody after Veto. The house sees Cody as the centre of the monster. picking a fight with Cody (that the committee knows about) ensures votes.

Dumb play: Ian opening up to Dani that the underdogs will vote according to who is least close to Cody.
Ian, who clocked the house dynamic 95% a couple of weeks ago thanks to a wall yeller, now doesn’t know why he is the pawn chosen. um… okay. I guess he needs a drone with message, or Ika to sit him down in the bathroom and repeatedly say “you are going home.”

My Two Cents

I wonder if Cody’s fiance and/or Dani’s hubby are bothered by their non-stop flirting and they way they stare at one another? It definitely seems like there’s some chemistry between them.

Golden Gate Granny

Just because you’re on a diet, doesn’t mean ya can’t drool over the menu. Just don’t eat.

hernanday oleary

Don’t worry, they will take out their frustrations in the jury house on each other, where they can do as they please with no cameras.


day should listen a Chinese song name”Sunshine rainbow white horse” this song is Chinese people for day


How can people pay for feeds and every time the convo is getting good BB cuts the feed. Like WTF! It’s annoying even reading and having these gaps.