Steve “Liz thinks she is the target .. but she is not! If I were you, let Julia evict Austin”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-05 10-01-07-475

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the kitchen Liz and Steve find ant eggs in the sink. Lix OhHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAA!!! Liz asks is it ant season? Steve says its always ant season in the big brother house. Liz says Austin leaving his eggs out, that’s what caused thissssssaaaaaa!!! Liz and Steve attack the eggs. Then Liz says now that is settled can we talk. They head into the cabana room. Liz says that the reason she was such a baby yesterday is because he pulled at her heartstrings. They hug. Liz says I just needed my little Audrey hospice moment. Steve says I know it was hard for you. Liz says the reason I was such a blubbering whale was because you made me tear up because of the cutest things ever. Steve says well I’m glad I could… was that a good thing? Liz says YES that was a good thing! I can’t believe you were bring team Steiz (Steve + Liz) into the mix right now. Liz says and when I cry I am an .. my mom is an ugly a$$ crier and its like Niagara falls. Liz says this is hard when friends have to go after each other. I just had to have my moment. They hug again and leave the room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-05 10-07-28-836

10:15am – 10:35am HOH room – Steve heads up to the HOH room and starts talking to himself. He says if Liz wins (veto) I have a lot of work to do. I told the twins everything that you (Austin) promised me .. and he told Vanessa he is throwing it. Liz thinks she is the target .. She thinks she is but she is not. So Liz is coming down.. I know you would never scumbag me. I am telling you and my way of proving that to you is that she is not going home… Austin is! I know, I know I told Austin that because I was trying to cover my butt. It doesn’t matter he is going! I am not a voter. You are the bigger threat. If I were you, let Julia evict Austin. They already made a huge mistake by ..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-05 10-14-10-153

11:25am All the house guests are back sleeping..

12:35pm The sleeping continues..

12:40pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return all the house guests are awake and moving around the house. Vanessa gets up and starts running to the bathroom saying oh my god oh my god! I need the bathroom, I need the bathroom! She comes out and says well that happened. Johnny asks are you okay?! Vanessa says its that time of the month. Johnny says oh okay. Liz says no more picking players! Everyone’s playing. Johnny says I pick Meg! For old time’s sake. Even though she’s not here! Liz asks how many times did you pick her? Johnny says 4 times.

12:52pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights.. The Power of Veto competition is happening now.
All of the house guests are competing in today’s Veto competition.

2:45pm Still blocked..

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Bunny Slipper

Go Dawg,go! You can over take Jmac!


Really Dawg! We’ve never been so proud!

is it just me

careful, i saw vanessa talking to simon about making a big move next week and taking out a big target

Dawg for President

Hysterical. I HOPE that you will make sure to broadcast this all over twitter at the end of the season so that all of those dipshits will see that none of us liked them. The game is pretty much over now that James and Meg are gone. We just have to watch Vanessa manipulate them all to the finish line πŸ™‚


Wait for the real JMac….mmmooooohhwwwaaaaa

James Loves Frankie

I support Dawg but James and Meg are gone for a reason.


Yeah because production told van their plan.

James Loves Frankie

Actually it was because Meg can’t win anything and James choked the veto comp big time.


Vote Dawg, and only Dawg.


Lol! I’ve been doing that for days.

Dawg, looks like you might be in the final 2! If not, Dawg for AFP!!! Go Dawg!


It’s hilarious how dawg drags out the words like ohmygadaaaaaayeeee lmao sounds just like them


What is wrong with you people on this board. I don’t get everyone’s obsession with Jackie Meg and James. For Jackie and meg they didn’t do shit all game and they complain that people took out there friends. Well you guys only won one competition combined between the two of you you laid around the whole summer in your delusional minds and did nothing. Those two were garbage and everyone of this board can’t deny it. And everyone’s blaming and hating on jmac for teaming up with Vanessa well it’s paying huge dividends for him now. Everyone was dissing on him and Steve for not saving a worthless player like Meg, when you all should know that Jackie, meg, and James did it to themselves by voting out shelli instead of Vanessa and no of you haters complained about that back then. There’s no consistency amongst you bloggers. Jmac and Steve teamed with Vanessa bc it gives them the best shot to win the game. Now everyone hates on those two. Its ridiculous nobody cared when the goblins did it, now everyone’s hating on those two and how the seasons dead. Newsflash James screwed other people over too, and his alliance members Jackie and meg were garbage players and that’s a fact.


Well dam what’s your opinion? Most of what you have here though harsh is basically about 100% correct. You appear in the minority regarding JMac in particular. I’ve said a couple time returning HG not the target the Van alliance has paid dividends for sure.

Most things you do in game these days seem to be centered on getting the HG farther. JM and steve on the block together now squeaky clean til next HOH.

Hurry up with the POV please…….. best result same noms.

Bunny Slipper

Are the twits supposed to be sexpots? Cause I kinda think not. They are just so off putting.


They have a resemblance to Scarlett Johanson, but with sexy lizard features.


I saw a pic of Juju with dark hair and she looked like Juliet Landau Drusilla from buffy.
She looked 100 times better with dark hair.

The twins ARE sexpots!

They are the all time BB google females.

They are beautiful, smart and in amazing shape.

The total package times 2



Where your glasses is? πŸ˜›

Look a troll! πŸ˜›

Wordz Of Wizdom

U can’t be serious………the twins look like characters from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas………haha


lol…110 thumbs down? they are pretty hot in their bikinis…no? Austin wants a sandwich for sure!
too bad about the wrap party tho…few drinks the jealous rage will surface…and Jace and Jeff will be laughing hysterically (im sure they planning to screw with him now)

Historical Move, Whaa?

Steve’s huge BB history-making move is getting Austin out, according to feeds, Liz isn’t the target, and he doesn’t want Julia to win POV and take him off, as if. He apparently thinks Austin is a threat in physical comps and he can beat the girls. Jeeeez he’s still taking cues from Van who said Austin is holding back his wins til now, riiigght, and keeping her real F3 the Twits in, to vote Steve & JMAC ou.

Steve is a social misfit he hasn’t actuality hasn’t talked game to anyone but Vanessa so he’s clueless that Julia & Austin are the only ones that were open to voting with him against Vanessa. There’s only 3 reasons he’d play the game so poorly and leave the Van Twits to vote together for the rest of the game: he’s seriously delusional afraid of Van; he’s seriously unable to function without approval of mother (that’s why they call him Norman Bates); or he’s seriously shooting to win 4th place like his hero’s past, never imagining someone with so little self esteem could actually win anything.

Austin was Van’s target. He was willing to vote with James, targeted Julia who Van wants to take to F2, and drives Liz who Van can now control. This doesn’t help his game at all, neither did his eviction of Jackie except to prove he’d sacrifice his game to mommy Van. Crazy. Dont worry Steven, you can’t be confused with Ian, you’re not cool, funny or smart enough to be the King of Nerds. You’re making the wrong kind of BB history.


Steve thinks that by removing Liz, Liz and Julia will vote out Austin? Over JMac? or Over Vanessa? They will tell him whatever he wants to hear, but they will NOT vote out Austin. He said, “Let Julia vote Austin out.” What the hell? Steve actually needs Vanessa to strategize. He is a complete baffoon without her!!

Member of the Ant Farm

Yummmmmmmmmmmm…Austin does make good eggs!!


I have a quick question, I think I might have missed something along the way. I keep reading, if Liz comes down off the block, Vanessa is in trouble ? Did Steve say he would put Vanessa up as the replacement ?

Also do we really believe Steve has the guts or balls to put Vanessa up next to Austin ? If he did, I would make sure when he gave his Veto speech, ( Vanessa, Austin, it looks like our plan to get the Twins out Failed ).

Now it is our issue, Me, Austin and Vanessa, this was not just my plan, so it is only fair that the entire house is aware, the choice to get the twins out, came from Vanessa, she was the mastermind behind this plan and Austin and I agreed. Austin then came to me and asked if we can make sure we keep Liz.

I’d like to see Vanessa explain her way out of this if Steve is bold enough to do it, I don’t think he is.

Double D

If Julia wins, the twins control the vote and whoever goes up next to Austin goes home. If Austin or Liz wins, Julia goes up, and VAN and JMAC control the vote.


Just slightly over stated lol

What happened was Steve was gonna nominate Austwins al along so it was only Van’s plan to the extent she kept boy and JM safe so they could draw blood on the twits. There are only 6 people left who was he gonna nom Van and JM? Use your thinking cap! Van did explain this, rather than putting the twins up leave the weakest of the 3 off so it’s less likely they win veto and remove a nom. Steve was think of not nominating Austin originally. Thus Liz and Austin get the noms. Julia was deemed the weakest of the 3 HG’s.

Steve Evicting Austin for Van

can’t believe Steve’s evicting Austin believing he’ll be Van’s F2 now. what’s wrong with him? guess he doesn’t need the money if he’s still at mom’s. maybe he wants to write her book with her and do appearances. or he didn’t like to be called Boy. wait till he sees all the other things they’ve been calling him and how long they’ve planned his eviction.

Ant season

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic!


gotta go to Krogers. Be back soon.

The cure

It’s Friday. I’m in love.

top gun

OMG Steve the girls turn on the water works and you lose it, come on man, grow some. Who has been on fire winning HOH’s lately! You have to break up the twins!! Don’t be stupid!

Stevie's care bear

K roger

Cruel Cruel Summer


Stevie's care bear

You mean k roger


They already made a huge mistake by…..please finish the post….please.


I could be wrong, but I believe the post is finished. That paragraph is a summary of Steve talking to himself(which he does quite often). Either Steve quit talking at or he started whispering to the point they could no longer make out the words. It sucks though, I know where you’re coming from, bc I’d like to know what he was going to say too. That’s Steve for ya.


TY Willow.


I read that as Steve trying to come up with an argument for Liz not to use the veto on herself if she wins…ie the let Julia take Austin out


If Steve is dumb enough to think Liz and Julia will forgive him, he is a fool. Liz will say anything at this point to stay in the game. Once Liz and Julia are safe, they will be gunning for Steve, Vanessa has covered her tracks and I do not think the Twins are smart enough to put this together, that Steve worked with Vanessa on who should be put up on the block “Austin & Liz”.

I still cannot get over seeing the picture of Steve last night cuddled up with a Teddy Bear, I am not being heartless when I say this, but i really do think Steve has mental issues, and it may not have been such a good idea to have him on Big Brother. He seems like a nice guy, but there is something off about Steve, and Vanessa is using this to her advantage.

Please let JMac win the POV, keep the nominations the same, and I hope Liz is voted out, voting out Austin and leaving the Twins, I think that is a mistake, the twins along with Vanessa have been saying it is time for a woman to win. I just do not understand how Vanessa thinks Liz or Julia will take her to Final 2 ?

Sometimes it looks like the Twins are not really trusting Vanessa, but then they fall back under her spell. JMac is making me nervous because I really do not think he is giving 100% to winning the comps, JMac keeps thinking he is ok, and he will be protected. I have been watching Big Brother since Season 1, JMac needs to understand it is too late in the game to not give 100% in all comps, win and make sure you are safe, do not depend on other people to keep you safe, you need to make sure you guarantee your own safety.

I’m trying to root for JMac and Steve in the Final 2, but JMac needs to stop playing up to the DR camera’s, and start kicking butts and taking names. He could be the first Houseguest to be evicted, and then come back and win the game, but he has got to stop being so weird, earlier he said he was onto Vanessa, what happened to him wanting to get her out ? It is just a matter of time before Vanessa gives the orders to evict JMac, because she is going to turn on him, please people, wake up, get rid of Liz, Vanessa, Austin and Julia!!!!


RE: STEVE….its all for the cameras…he thinks we love him…since Day 1…he has been trying to show us…like hes awkward like Ian…like hes just an innocent naive guy…he isnt and it has came out in real convoes..with people..not camera…he slipped up few times…
been an act since Day friggin 1…


Take a good look at that teddy bear. It sure is in good shape for something he’s grown up with, if fact it looks nearly new. Oh you sneaky Steve.


I too think Steve is entirely acting, either that or he has multiple personalities. I also think JMac is covering his real style. When he and JMac are talking – not all the time – but sometimes, they are both their ‘true’ selves, i.e., not goofy and level-headed. The only time I’ve heard JMac use what I think is his real voice is with Steve. He’s doufusy with everyone else and playing a low key ‘whatever you say’ with Vanessa. Keep that up! I’ve been pulling for JMac all along; he’s been keeping me interested because he’s enigmatic. My one big question now is who Steve would take to F2. If all of them are equally savvy, they would ALL want to take Julia – the easiest win for each of them. I think all of them would/should protect her. My preference would be for LIz to be evicted of the 3 Aus-twins because she’s the biggest comp threat of the 3.

Backseat Driver

Your post is EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking…….thank you!

Steve's Big Sis

Steve is a little different, but aren’t we all. He said that he was really growing socially. I believe that. He is socially immature, actually young, and has been overprotected. But compare Steve with Victoria who was also overprotected. He’s not spoiled. He’s making bold moves. He’s growing. He’s being exposed to tough situations and other zany people in a stressful environment and compressed time frame. This summer is going to benefit Steve – forever.
J-mac FTW.

is it just me

its not a matter of the twins taking her to the final 2 its a matter of if its them in the final 3 vanessa has a better chance to win and pick the twin she wants in the final 2
she can beat them in physical and mental comps thereby controlling her destiny but if she was in final 3 with steve and jmac and one of them wins she knows there is no chance they take her to final 2

I survived last seasons BB

Liz is the biggest threat of the three Austwins


Steve is a f*cking idiot, he wants to take out Austin and leave the twins when the twins will 100% no matter what have each others back over his when Austin already offered him a final 2 deal. He deserves to go home next week for being such a dumb ass


Wake up Steve, you cannot fall for the fake tears from Liz. If you could only hear the nasty vile names that her and her sister have been calling you, if Liz stays, you are the #1 target for Liz and Julia, they will not forgive and forget.

Vanessa has misted them, and they have doubts about Vanessa, but by the time she keeps spinning this, you will be painted as the worse person in the world by Vanessa. Vanessa will also bring up how 2 weeks ago you turned on her, so she can relate to how the twins feel betrayed by you, Vanessa is not on your side Steve, you need to break away from her, she is playing on your weakness and social issues with dealing with people.


Steve and jmac are dumber than I thought if they don’t get a twin out, Vanessa has them doing what she wants again


your right Vanessa, Jmac, Steve final 3!!!

Pinocchio Obama

The plan will become clear after we see who wins veto today.

Stevens care bear

I think for next season it sound all be people like Simon and dawg and other fans that have blogs, super fans….and at least both of you actually care about the game instead of a few sofa surfers n a gothic poker player


This power is starting to go to Steve’s head. He just needs to shut up and pretend ” to keep drinking vanessa’s Kool-Aid.” If she smells blood, she will corner him and just start bombarding him with her “master plan and professional pointers” if he keeps stirring up anymore mud. He’s been living with these twits for over 2 months now, he should know by now they will keep quiet if things are going their way, aka hope that there’s a chance of them staying over another potential bigger target. vanessa is only quiet right now because she thinks steve is “sticking to her master plan” but…..*sighs* little does she know, steve has other options. Now if only, he can shut up.


Steve does need to keep his mouth shut because Van wants a twin gone this week. She won’t be happy just keeping herself safe, it has to be her pick that goes. Where is John’s head at, and where does he really stand with Steve? It is getting down to a group of incestual co-dependents, projecting head cases, and shame/guilt cycle surrogate mommy/daddy psychodrama teleplays that bounce around the house and shape the decisions and attitudes of the HG’s.
Time to pick a side Steve.


If by some miracle, Julia wins and takes her sister off, then there is only 1 other option as I am hoping that steve will keep johnny mac safe over vanessa. And boom, the twits will have another grand opportunity to take her out by some unfortunate circumstance they could not help, as vanessa would “truthfully” say. Come on karma, lay it nice and thick this week!!!!!!! it’s time to for some sweet and juicy payback!!

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

18 DAYS LEFT !!!


It’s nice to finally log on and see game talk as opposed to hg bashing. I should enjoy it while it lasts because the Van bashing should resume shortly.


Steve makes me wished i bullied nerds in high school.


That’s so bad! Makes me ashamed I laughed! :-/


You’re an idiot!


Just when we think Steve’s balls dropped, they get sucked right back in his vagina, why the fuck is he protecting the Double-Ment Twits?


This is such a tough season to have a favorite besides Dawg.
Twins: Annoying as hell..entitled bitches
Jmac: Too passive..but smart
Steve: Immature
Vanessa: Just looking for another notch on her bucketlist belt.
Austin: What can I say.. ‘highschool musclehead idiot’
So if I had to cheer for someone it would be Jmac by default

Steve's Revenge

Revenge for all the “Boy” comments and putting him up with Jmac and talking Van out of using the Veto to take him off the block to keep James safe. Voting out Jmac. All beefs with Austa$$. I don’t think Liz’s tears have anything to do with it. As long as Steve busts up Autwits he is good. Van will throw the next HOH because she will again be sitting pretty in the middle of Rockstars and Austwits. Jmac has to win and then plan to back door Van. Then Rockstars vs this weeks survivors of Austwits. Steve wins next HOH and his best bet is to ensure Julia goes to final 3 then win HOH and take her to final 2.


Do you really want a Steve / Julia final 2???

Steve's Revenge

Don’t really care at this point. I was just thinking in terms of Steve’s strategy what would work best.


I just wanted to say thanks to Simon and Dawg for blogging their little hearts out all summer, I am broke as a joke after paying for all my school books so I can’t donate at the moment, but I plan on it! πŸ™‚ Was wondering if you guys are gonna post an America’s Favorite poll soon?? I mean obvi Johnny Mac will get it by a landslide but I’m curious to see who the two runners up will be? I’m hoping James and Da’Vonne.


JMac was an early favorite – but he has steadily gone downhill. It was very touching when James showed kindness to Audrey by taking her supper. Go ahead and bash me – American’s Favorite has no set criteria, and I’m voting for the HG who is my favorite (hence the name of the poll.) My vote goes to James.

Newbie Girl

I’m in the same situation but I’ve posted on FB & will encourage my friends to make any Amazon purchases through Simon & Dawgs site. It’s only thing I can offer bit hopefully it helps a bit. I think I like this site better then watching the show!

Mommy Issues Rule

Vanessa adopted him for a reason though he drives her bat shit crazy…his dependency on Vanessa’s approval is his Achilles heel. If he were after Van he would have frontdoored her to avoid making 3 enemies out of Austwits and everybody plays POV so there’s no backdooring.

Anyway even bio mom wants surrogate mom out by now. Steve’s made himself more of a target with her than against her because he’s refused to even talk real game scenarios with anyone else. Steve’s missing America in his camera monologs for AFP money. Too bad his bio mommy didn’t mic up his teddy bear to give him pointers.


The HGs are being paid to protect the twins, all the signs are there. PERFECT opportunities to take them out and every time, they get saved…. If they wern’t being protected, Julia would’ve been evicted Thursday. Twins are the biggest threat in the game because there’s 2 of them, and they’re the only HGs that no matter which one wins, are free to share the money, because they’re family.

Vanessa fans should be pissed..


AGREED; Twins should have been split long ago.


I concur Illmatic, it is sooo obvious they’ve been told to keep the twins, and nobody has the balls to Just Say No! What would happen if they went against production? Did their contract say in it somewhere where they will be told to make game moves and abide by what they’re told, or else? I mean or else what!?!? I just can’t figure that one out.. The only conclusion I can come up with is that they really are that DUMB!! Sheeesh!


Many former hg’s have admitted/ complained about producers trying to influence the hg’s gameplay.
Ian Terry said that they kept him locked in the dr for over 2 hrs trying to talk him into using the gpov on Dan. He had decided he didn’t want to and wouldn’t budge. When he finally exited the dr, he repeated said it over and over so that livefeeders would hear and know what was going on.


If I’m not mistaken Steve & jmac are the ones who really want Austin out bc Steve said it to himself before van said anything. It may be a better move to get out a twin now but I can’t stand Austin & if Steve gets to be the one to send him out that’s even better. It would be awesome to see Steve say ” get to steppin.. BOY.”


Calling Steve ‘Boy’ has always bothered me this season. Austin should go just for disrespecting Steve.


I would like to see the final two be Van and Julia….only to see the way Austin would vote. Would he vote for Van knowing she fully deserves the win over Julia? Or would he be to much of a coward and give Julia his vote so he doesn’t piss off his whore Liz.

another name

Let’s pretend Julia wins the veto.
Vanessa is on the block against Austin.
It’s not unfathomable that Vanessa is not the only one campaigning for Austin to leave.
Austin has been asking both Vanessa and Jmac for their votes, and saying he’d prefer if Julia left to Vanessa and Austin and Steve.
If Austin remains the target, it could become a case of the entire house telling Julia that Austin has been pushing for Julia to go when the time is right for two weeks.
Liz may looooooveah Austin, but Julia doesn’t. She said she doesn’t think Austin is good for Liz less than a week ago.
Julia already kept Liz in the dark about the plot to get rid of Austin during a twin change in week five. Is it crazy to assume she might keep her mouth shut again until just before the vote?
If Austin remains the target and Julia is the swing vote, Does Julia absolutely vote for Austin to stay? That’s something i’ve wondered for weeks.

WatchingBB Aaaaaagh!

Has anybody else wondered if Van paid Mel to be her girlfriend gor the summer so she could fend off any showmances? seem the perfect cover and would explain her clothing choices–all them cool hats!!


perfect time for a how bad do you want it pov.
the twins would be stamping their feet and saying, “Gawwwd, Can’t you just give it to usssssssss?”
Austin would be saying, “Anything but my hair.”
Nobody’s had to wear a costume for a week in a while.
There’s probably plenty of slop left for some lucky houseguest to eat this week.
It won’t be, but it’s about that time, isn’t it?


This is what I would hope will happen- Julia wins the VETO and saves Liz and Vanessa is the replacement nominee- then she gets evicted- Then austin wins next weeks and nominates steve and jmac and steve leaves- then one of the twins wins and then evict jmac. and it would all be GOOD for them for NOT evicting Julia when they had the chance to do so. This is by far the most dumbest sets of houseguest in the history of BIG Brother. There are a set of TWINS and a Treo working together and you don’t evict anyone of them when you have the chance??? Are you kidding me!!!!! Then, when Steve wins HOH he still doesn’t put the twins on the block! This scenario would blow but it would be so awesome to see useless Steve, Vanessa (ms you have to get permission to vote out Julia from Austin first) and just dumbass Jmac who wanted to target Meg all go to jury while the Doublemint twins and creepy Austin all make final 3-

James Loves Frankie

I heard from an inside source that the veto comp is questions about Miami.

Chill this Town

for the last time.

why do you remove Meg if you can pull it off?

MAC GOES HOME IF HE SITS NEXT TO MEG. every. single. time

why is this so hard to understand. steve will now be voted out if next to him. Vanessa? gone. I agree he should have tried to go at twins earlier, but as he stated how do you do that when you are seen as a comp threat and aren’t backing it up?

he used Becky to go to Vanessa, it backfired…ON BECKY. he is now in an alliance with Vanessa and Steve, and will have a 3-2 advantage going into next week, and has people convinced he can be taken to F2

this narrative that he is a bad player is laughable. I am not in love with his style, but in a season where the strong went early, his allies fell…he has been a true chameleon.


For me, just to sum up Van and this season, drop Van into any of the previous 5 seasons with or without allstars, Van would have failed miserably.

Trump 16

Dawg I voted for you but only because Deez Nuts wasn’t a candidate .


Perfect final 2 would be Austin and Vanessa they have played the best game and wonder who the jury would vote for. Steve annoying, jmac an idiot, Julia useless, and Liz not sure what’s going on there


I want Austin to win so both twins can be up send the twins home

James Loves Frankie


Can you please tell me how the video screen in the HOH room works? Does it let you see everywhere in the house and does it have sound?


James Loves Frankie

Thank you Dawg!


House dynamics.

Well we are about to start hearing end game strategy after this POV thank god. Sorely lacking this season so far.

POV winner not Julia then she becomes replacement or noms the same. Julia wins I have great fear Van can bully Steve to get rid of Johnnie Mac. Sunday could be very bloody indeed.
I’m hoping it’s Liz going but Van might vote with Julia to vote out Austin even if the guys disagree. It makes her a target but it’s 3 girls versus JM for HOH. Need a diamond veto hidden in the DR for JM I think.
Van seems to be pushing a twins F3 option for herself. Liz connects the dots logically she has to go. F5 is so dangerous if a person not on the block wins POV they take down a nom and those are the 2 votes to evict. Going to be very tough for JM/Boy.
F4 in a perfect world just get JM/Boy to there. Then they are both responsible for their own fate.
If they get Van up this week twits F2 and run the table. I’m thinking it’s more likely than not the season will end badly.


I agree about Vanessa and Austin playing a better game. I was OK with steve too even tho Liz actually played a better game. I still hope Vanessa wins. I can’t stand steve at all anymore. JMAC is a pitiful BB player- so I CAN’T root for him. Don’t get me started on Julia….UGH.

we need a miracle

Please Julia win POV and save your sister so Vanessa can be replacement nominee and can get evicted
I will have a good laaaaaugh if Vanessa is voted out by her twins

Cut from Honey

That would be EPIC. As much as I don’t like the twins, there’s something about Vanessa that irritates the hell out of me. I’d love to see her go this week.


Vanessa will tell her she doesnt have to use it…thats when she throws Austin under the DOUBLE-DECKER BUS!


I don’t think jmac is a bad player. I usually don’t like that type of game play but for this season/cast I think he’s doing good. IF he had won hoh he forsure would have made a big move. However he hasn’t lol. But he hasn’t played overly aggressive but has still done what he needs to do to be safe and team up with the right people to get farther even if he didn’t want to (Vanessa). He sees thru her, but she is running the show so he has to go with her until he has power. If he had voted Julia out last week. And Liz won he would have walked out that door again. I think he’s making smart moves WHEN needed and not over playing like some people (Vanessa) throwing comps is not something ilike but apparently this whole cast likes to. I also think the bob twist is stupid and that changes everyone’s strategy from what they originally planned.i k ow everyone loved James and I did too He was good and made big moves , but he really didn’t have any other option any of the “big moves” were people he wasn’t working with, so he kind of had to do it!


They’ve been told to hydrate for the Power of Veto.
Either it’s really hot and sunny, or it’s going to be a long one.
Given the endurance of this group, at least as long as the spinning rope.
A grueling 10 minutes again?


yeah, 10 minutes = a lifetime in that house for sure..If it is endurance, don’t you think Van goes out first? I mean she hasn’t worked out ,hardly, at all! If she wins an enduro comp this late in the game, or at any time in the game, I just couldn’t buy it.. The last one on the swing, sheesh, that was just a lil fishy, dontcha think? They, production, will probably set it up for a twin….maybe Asstinky


the standing on a rope and disc type comps are deceiving.
You’d think they’d be beneficial for men, but because of lower centre of gravity, and for the most part greater flexibility, women are actually more likely to win such comps. Men usually have more muscle and mass on their upper body, which means more of their mass to support as opposed to more of their mass being used for support.
Weird that Vanessa won that, but not unusual considering it’s standing in place and spinning around. She was still in game mode, the returning jurors were mostly in relax mode. They didn’t have the survival mode adrenaline surge. If it had been a contest lasting more than a half hour, no way would Vanessa have won.

James Loves Frankie

I feel bad for Meg getting voted out for being a friend of James. So was not much of a player but she does seem like a very nice girl.


lets pretend its Americas Favourite . ….put James back on the pole. πŸ™‚

James Loves Frankie

It would be hard for me to vote James after watching him choke that last veto comp so bad. Man that was weak. JMac has my vote just because he makes me laugh.

June Bug

Steve doesn’t have a vote. So it’s not in his hands who goes home.He has no power left!


No Simon in the poll, did he go to jury?

Murphy's Law

Please let Austin lose this comp & has to shave his nasty hair off if he wants to stay in the game!!!!!!!!!!