Big Brother 17 Week 11 Power of Veto Results “Everyone is scampering”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Austin Wins VETO

12:50pm Big Brother switched the feeds to the live feed highlights for the Power of Veto competition to take place. As we’re down to the final 6 all of the house guests are competing in today’s Veto comp.

3:09pm Feeds come back Austin wins

Vanessa is freaking out. Austin caught whiff of that Vanesas and Julia were trying to get him out. He tells Jmac in the side bedroom this says he’s got Jmac’s back moving forward.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-05-45-176_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-05-17-826_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-08-54-531_jpg

3:11pm Vanessa telling Julia that she knows thing That doesn’t and Austin want to get rid of the twins.
Vanessa says Julia is staying over liz 100%.
Vanessa – the vote is joynnymac and I, I mean it’s a really easy play
Vanessa goes on about how they cannot trust Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-20-35-802_jpg

3:14pm Austin and Liz

Austin says Vanessa set this all up before to take him out of the game..
Liz starts to cry
Austin asks her if she knew about the plan
Liz says no.
Austin – Steve and Johnnymac think I’m cool with you guys going, I was trying to cool everyone down so Julia wins POV and I can convince them to put Vanessa on there block

Austin – I believe the who time I was the target.. The whle plan was to taek me out.
Austin – James and Meg were f****G right we should have stuck with them
liz – he was going to take us out
Austin – he would have honoured it to 5..

Austin – you are everything to me.. LIZ.
Liz – is there something that Vanessa knows..
Austin – what am I trying to take you guys out
liz – no I don’t know
Austin says their plan was to take them out Austin first Liz second, “You have to believe me.. she is your twin sister this is the second time in the game she almost took me out of the game for saying stuff, not trusting me”
Austin says all Julia had to do was pick Johnnymac then they would have been able who wins the veto..
Austin says Vanessa is capable of convincing Julia anything.. “Now unless Vanessa votes for you Julia just sealed your own fate”
Austin – you know Vanessa has been gunning for Steve a long f***G time… you go up to that f***g HOH room say Austin comes down you put Her (Vanessa) Up
Liz – I’m over this.. I’m over this game.. the plotting.. I’m going.. going out

Austin followers her “Liz that’s not how this game works.. do you really want to give up”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-25-34-764_jpg

3:22pm Liz, Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa says her feelings are hurt by Austin for saying she was trying to get him out.
Julia – He wasn’t going to throw it to me
Vanessa says he wanted to win it
Liz – I’ve learnt he’s pretty selfish and he’s no clay no knight in shiny armour
Vanessa says she’s put her hand on a bible she’s never made a move against them
Vanessa crying says she’s a good person she doesn’t do evil
Vanessa – I kept my mouth shut because that’s the person I am..
Vanessa says the only person that would get in the way of Julia and Liz going home is Austin.
Liz says Austin thinks Steve and John wanted to separate the twins and that was their plan all along.
Liz – If it came down to me and him he would have probably tried to take me out
Vanessa – he has to, of course..
Liz – I’m like I never want to talk to him again

Liz says what hurt the most is she thought Austin would use the veto on her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-35-33-266_jpg

3:29pm BAthroom Austin twins and Vanessa
Vanessa start to cry says how upset she is. They get into a discussion about the drama around the POV Competitions. (It’s hard to piece together)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-33-23-385_jpg

3:31pm HOH Jmac and Steve
Jmac saying they should take Julia out
Jmac – Vanessa was setting herself up so she’s good with the twins
Steve – She isn’t now
They agree to let it sit for a bit..

Jmac – the one thing we don’t have to worry about is a vanessa austin final 2
Steve – they hate each other now

Jmac says Vanessa was using the POV to build her relationship up with the twins so if they don’t win the HOH she’s good.
Jmac adds Vanessa was telling Julia to take out Austin because if he won the veto she would go up. Adds that Vanessa didn’t want Julia to win because she knew she would go up if she did./

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LOL So I’m thinking J-mac is going up.


Ya Steve is going to put up his only allie in the game more then likely Julia is going up with Liz going unless Steve takes Vanessa out but game wise Liz is his better move. I am not sure what happened in the POV but Vanessa screwed herself with Austin the only reason jmac and Steve wanted him out was because they thought he would team up with Vanessa now that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Van used the POV to get close to the twins and pushed for Austin to go and it backfired lol


I hope you are right but if you expect the worst you are no let down so bad.
I hope J-mac wins I don’t like his game very much too much throwing comps and sleeping for me but he’s more likable than the others.
I would be happy to see him be able to pay off his student loans and get ahead.
The others would blow it in a week on crap and Stve would give it to his mummy.


how many times does it take for a witch to say while bawling “I’m not an evil person,” before everyone says scratch, scratch, who says that? Unless they’ve been caused 1000times before???? Jesus


I strongly believe that if you have to keep saying “I AM NOT EVIL” then you probably are and you are trying to convince yourself (along with others) otherwise. Vanessa is totally weird.


Steve killed this season.




One of the twins are going home

Double D

Put Julia up. Send Liz to jury. Everybody else wins if Julia is next to them in final 2

Tired of the crying!

I agree! Julia has no right to even be there.


Her gentle personality gives her the right bro.

Real Man

So Stevie, who ya gonna put up? Your crush? Your Mom? You bud?
Time to see if you’ve grown a pair.

Amanda queefs slop

Peace out you moronic twits. Byeaaaaaa


so julia is the replacement nom?


It looks like a twin, probably liz, is going bye bye. Lowkey want steve to be stupid and put vanessa up there just so she goes home lol but im satisfied with liz going as well.

Ahhh SNAP!

Well now who will Vanessa…er…I mean Steve put in his place?
Will Steve go out on a limb and finally get rid of Vanessa or will he go Julia and then Vanessa and jmac vote Liz out? We will see if he can actually think for himself…


Why would Steve take out Vanessa? She’s currently a number on his side. He’s been working with her for a long time. It’s 3 vs. 3, Aus-twins vs. the other three. Steve would be a fool to make it 3 on 2 not in his favor.


Ye, but this bitc#% is wildfire. Whoosh, your burned buddy. Love how she told Steve “I know where your stuff is cuz I’m like your mommy in here”. Weak manipulation freak. Steve smarter than that. Is he?


You were right the first time. Haha


Uuh. bye bye twinies!!!!

Pinocchio Obama

So does Julia go up or does Steve take a shot at Vanessa? I’m guessing he will put Julia up if Austin uses the veto on himself. If Austin takes Liz off Steve will put Julia up. Let the drama begin.


no way steve puts up vanessa. he knows the threesome needs to be split up. julia is the replacement nom.


Logically. He will put up Julia and then Liz will be evicted. If Austinks doesn’t win HOH next week and veto, He’s done like dinner. Julia will gladly vote him out. Karma’s a b1tch! Julia and Vanessa final two! Girl power!


Liz and Julia on the block together. This is going to be great!! Can’t wait to see them squirm for the next few days.

Willie Useit

At this point I don’t care who wins but if Austin isn’t smart enough to use this on himself then they need to just cut Van a check and shut it down.

Gordon Ramsey



Since James is gone, I’m only here to vote for Dawg.


Me too Gizmo


Nothing would please the jury members and myself if Steve really works with iMac and shows Vanessa. A seat up front. It would make the whole season worthwhile to see Vanessa go!!!!!

freud's cigar

Austin will try to get Steve to put up Vanessa.
The only problem: Steve and Jmac were worried Vanessa would join up with Austin.
It appears that is no longer an issue.
If Steve is smart he will want to keep Vanessa so that both Austin and Vanessa are focused on each other as targets.
So who will Steve follow, the ogre that didn’t know he was a target? or de facto mommy?

Chill this Town

best result, anything but Julia.

Austin now will use it on Liz or piss her off by using it on himself.

and one of the Austwins goes home. finally. FINALLY

Cliches hurt my head

Fare thee well, Twin A or Twin B. I hope that Liz is the one to go because then it really will be 5 individuals left in the house. Well, sort of. Steve does what Vanessa tells him to do. Julia hasn’t had an independent thought yet. Johnny might start playing the game soon. So really it’s s showdown between Vanessa and Austin at this point.


Steve does what Vanessa tells him to do. Julia does what Vanessa tells her to do. JMac does what Vanessa tells him to do…Austin does what he wants then APOLOGIZES to Vanessa. What logic tells them all that Vanessa is the one to obey? I just don’t understand her appeal to these lame ass HG’s. I struggle every year to understand why the ‘biggest’ liar/manipulator/sleazy person skates along, without anyone challenging their position. They always seem to convince themselves that someone else is a ‘bigger threat’ at the moment they get to choose amongst threats that are left in the house. STEVE…replace Austin with Julia to break up the showmance/triumvirate, and hope that the she devil doesn’t win HOH. Whoever does, should send V packing. Cannot stand the woman. (oh. I suppose you may have guessed that already!!)


I really can’t deal with Vanessa and her innocent act anymore. Yes Austin you should hve stuck with Megan and James!


They don’t do what Vanessa tells them to do. She just blurts out the strategy they wanted to use anyway.


Vanessa will convince Steve to put up jmac. Vanessa wants to keep the twins so it can be a final 3 Woman aliance


Liz will be furious at Austin and Steve. She’s the best jury member possible for Vanessa as long as Julia isn’t beside her.


yes Austin won veto that’s what I wanted so now what


Now we watch the fireworks 🙂
Steve could do anything. By going from his other nominations it will be the worst thing possible.


Liz should be the target now, Steve shouldn’t take a shot at Vanessa yet, otherwise he leaves a 3 person close alliance in the house. All I can say is, it’s about time.


Best move would be put Julia up if Austin takes himself off block. Vote Liz out. Hopefully Jmac wins next hoh and he puts Vanessa and Austin up and one of them goes. Sending Liz home will be best way to break up power trio and give Jmac a chance at finals!!!


Austin won POV….well doesn’t that just bite the big one 🙁


Time to start crying, vanessa. You are so alone in the game, “I took bubble baths in giant vats of blood for everyone.”

Roisen Dubh

Simon, Dawg, how’s it going? congrats on everything, you guys still rock. I watched the 1st episode and stopped. I knew Vanessa was going deep in this game. She’s a pretty solid poker player in her own right so that’s a huge advantage, like Derrick, a person that reads people. If she doesn’t win I’ll be surprised, she should’ve been booted the first month. I knew these guys weren’t the brightest bulbs when ole girl who was a poker dealer had no clue who Vanessa was. I catch your updates like once every two weeks, as usual, they are top shelf and the people that comment are more passionate about the game than these muppets in the house for the passed 4-5 seasons. I kinda surprised that James lasted as long as he did. This twin thing is just obnoxious. the only thing that keeps me somewhat interested in this game is your website. God Bless.


Thank you. That was the first thing I looked for in the game. When Danone said she was a poker dealer in LA and then didn’t know who Vanessa Rousso was, I knew she was a fucking moron.


If Steve was really the great bb player he thinks he is, he would take a shot at Vanessa. There is no one that would be able to beat her in the finals. The only way that would happen would be because of the bitter jury. Steve’s main concern shouldn’t necessarily be the Austwins this week. I would love to see Vanessa go by the hand of Steve.

Cut from Honey

Yes yes yes. I’m rooting for that but Vanessa’s so far up his ass, it’s very unlikely.


You would have to be a window licking, mouth breathing, moron to do anything other than break up the threesome this week.

Chill this Town

Austin the romantic will use the POV on Liz

I hope they then put up Julia, and vote out Austin for being a moron.


I wish I could say that Steve is putting up Vanessa, or Julia, but since his balls haven’t dropped. He’ll put up Jmac, and they will vote him out, than Steve next week. Then we have the worst most vile final 4 in recent bb history.


Yeah I think he will put up J-mac Van will brainwash him.

well its about time we see some exciting play

well its about time for this game to get out of the slump its been in


Steve needs to grow a pair or Vanessa will win it all.


Vanessa will never win she got 5 people in the jury house who
hate her guts. You only need 5 votes to win you those
people in the house if they want 500,000 take Vanessa to the
end .


Austin must use the veto! If he does not he is toast!
Steve cannot put up van next to Liz because Austin and Julia will vote out Van.
Steve must put up Julia then John and Vanesa will vote out Liz.
Liz is a stronger player than Julia.
The threesome is broken.


Not that I am a fan of the trio, but this was the BEST case for them, Austin can use the Veto on Liz, Steve will put up Vanessa, then Liz, Julia, JMAC vote out Vanessa. WIN/WIN for them. Even if Steve puts up JMAC, the twins still have the vote to vote out JMAC and still be a trio with a great chance for final 3. If he uses on himself, Liz is gone, he will loose Julia and he will be gone next and Vanessa takes Julia to the final.

Mini Me James

Steve will put up Julia if Austin uses the veto on Liz.


Dollars to donuts he gets talked into putting up JMAC.


I can not believe that I’m about to stay this but I’m kinda glad Austin won. Steve will now have to put up Julia as the replacement nominee. Austin will vote out Julia. JohnnyMac will vote out Liz. Vanessa is the swing vote (You gonna have to get more blood on your hands Van). I wonder if Liz feel that Vanessa should be more loyalty to her than to Julia. I hope so. That way come Thursday after Vanessa votes her ass out, Liz can take all that venom and bitterness to the jury house. Shelli and Liz (sorority sisters) can further bond over their equal dislike of Vanessa. See you can always find that silver lining.


This is the best case scenario. Van will not only get blood on her hands, but will have a very tricky decision. If she keeps Liz; she risks her and austin together again, when they are fuming mad at her. She could keep Julia; then Austin will align with the bros so she may turn into target #1. I think she will keep liz. It keeps austin away from the boys, and she can try to say she is not as big of threat as the couple… fun either way!

Austin's Rat Nest

IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR AUSTIN TO BE EVICTED? THIS FUCKER HAS PLAGUED OUR EYES FOR TOO LONG. He is so sure America is in love with his finger-banging, washed up WWE wannabe. I cant stand to watch him strut with the pov around his neck even further. To makes matter even worse if he makes it to the finale theres a good chance that he wins.

The golden power of cheeto

If austin has a brain, he will use the veto on himself, send a twin home, and make a final 3 bro alliance


Vanessa’s crying? That NEVER happens.
But unfortunately, the way this season is going, she’ll be crying all the way to the bank with that BB check.

Cut from Honey

“Vanessa crying says she’s a good person she doesn’t do evil”. Seriously?? Again with the self victimization and personal stuff. I so want this nut job OUT.


are the twins that delusional to think Austin is going to be a knight and just hand them $500000. Don’t think so, this is a game, anyone that puts a twin up they will call names and not understand it. That is the name of the game.


Austin you keep that veto. You know what others thought of clay. Liz and Julia need to go on the block. That’s what you wanted.Steve will have to man up and really get his hands dirty!!


I’m not an Austin fan but I’m glad he won just so that Steve’s idiotic plan didn’t come to fruition. What on EARTH is he doing wanting Austin gone when Liz is clearly the glue that holds the Austwins together. She leaves, I’m not even sure Julia and Austin talk to each other let alone work together. If Austin goes, Steve has the twins squarely after him and Vanessa ready to turn on him should the twins come into power. With Liz gone,Steve would actually be the one with the most allies in the house. I don’t understand how this guy thinks.


Van swearing on the bible is so wrong she has no honor.

Double standard

If she did that with the Quran she would be in big trouble.

Dark & Twisted

I’m surprised every time she picks up the bible and it doesn’t burst into flames, lmfao….

Chill this Town

slow down folks, think about it

this is Austin’s DREAM. he in his mind gets to be the hero, who saves his Damsel in distress.

he will use it on Liz. and they will vote him out. a Marcellus level move is incoming.

Funny thing happened on the way to the POV

It’s fucked we already know who won veto yet the episode on Sunday will rehash the DE and HOH/noms, then wait until Wed for the damn POV. I wanna see this shit Nnnnnoooooooowwwwwwwaaahhhhhh!!!! It’d be bad ass if Austin, Steve and JMac just team and Pick. Those. Bitches. Off.

skeptical onlooker

Austin winning Veto was the best scenario possible. In order to split the 3 headed monster.
Julia should go up. Liz evicted..that way..the showmance is broken up…the twin loyalty is done.
Kill two birds with one stone. ( sorry birdies 🙂
The real problem comes with the next HOH. Whoever wins cannot play in the MOST important one. The 4th.
Veto becomes the lhe do or die.
Vanessa will now HAVE to pull the rabbit out of the hat.
We’re going to see one hell of a week. Manipulation..crying..whining…threats…bullying….bribing…OY VEY.
I have a feeling that Austin just MAY see the light at the end of the day.
Liz will show her greedy self..he has to know she’s taking her twin to finals if that occurs.
She already identifies with Rachel. That Austin should give her the veto.
The Clay sacrifice for Shelli.
Because..dont’cha Knoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww….she’s the bomb. The love of his life.
The point is……..Austin is a fan of the game. He knows how it works. He’s for winning for himself. And..IF he and Liz were together..she would benefit. To a degree.
But..Liz will show her hand. And it’s not going to be pretty.
Fire up the popcorn. Have side bets on who will cry more. Vanessa or Liz. Julia will certainly not help things. She hates Austin…and will be in Liz’s ear like a FLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


I lllloooooovvvvaaaaahhhh your post! Soooah correctaaahhh.

HOH's Before Bros

Steeeeeeeeeevvvvuhh! I will be sooooo happy not to here that again uh


Wow! When I saw that Austin won veto, I thought Liz will feel betrayed by Vanessa after she votes her out come Thursday. But Vanessa is good. She’s really good. She’s already got Liz pissed off at Austin. He’s the bad guy. He’s the reason your game is over with come Thursday. Wow!

Operation bye bye

Bye bye liz! Julia will go up n jmac n va n will vote out liz austin givin his girl a pitty vote… austin will be mad n julia will be mad but will work with van cuz she doesnt like austin n let the games begin!!!


Liz is joking right now, right. She should know that it doesn’t matter if she believes Austin right now or not its between her and Vanessa or her and jmac. Vanessa told her not to use the veto on herself, Vanessa told her she could spend the money after Austin wins it for her. That should be enough to let her know Vanessa thought she was leaving too. She keeps Austin that will still be a meat shield for her another week. Although I can’t stand the twins and want them to go too. I really want something to finally backfire on Vanessa. I want jmac and Steve to go to the final 2 even though they have been a real disappointment lately with the ass kissing and throwing of comps. But since that’s all we got….


Every time Vanessa thinks she’s in jeopardy of going on the block she cries then says..”I have information” but she has integrity so she isn’t telling them what she knows, she will tell the right person at the right time. Has no one ever noticed that she never tells the information? Why does no one ever call her on that? It’s down to 6, get some balls people, call her ass out!


Oh my goodness! Did Vanesa just say, “I have so much information on Austin”. There she goes …….. Crying…. ” I’m not evil”. she is sooooo desperate because she just got caught.
Pleeeeaseeee. Is it possible that john and Austin can convince Steve To put up Vanesa? Soooo sweet.


Oh snap! I’m loving JohnnyMac conversation with Steve. Vote out Julia. JohnnyMac peeping out what Vanessa is trying to do. JohnnyMac please please please vote Julia out. But JMac you got to set it up where Austin and Liz are both pissed at Vanessa. Vanessa still alone in the middle but this time instead of being cool with both sides she’s actually the primary target of both.