“If you win (POV) you don’t necessarily have to use it, all you need is my vote”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 18-12-55-156_jpg

6:00pm Steve in the HOH
Talking to himself saying the only person that cannot win the POV is Julia. If Austin or Liz win it it’ll be fine. Steve is now questioning if he did the right thing putting Austin and Liz up he’s thinking the twins maybe were a better play.

Steve – ohh F*** if I had put the twins up and Austin had won and Saved Liz Vanessa would have gone up it would have been Julia and Vanessa..

Steve now deciding both scenarios are “Hairy”
Steve – Julia is the weakest competitor
Steve doesn’t think Julia will beat all of them in the veto.
Steve – I’m also really nervous that John is throwing HOH because he’s a twist

6:21pm Austin and Jmac working out

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 18-34-07-817_jpg

6:31pm LIz and Vanessa
Vanessa says she wanted them to play pot ball tonight because it will be good for them.
Liz says she is heart broken, Brings up when Julia and Meg were on the block.
Steve asked the twins to swear on their family they wouldn’t put him up. She honoured that by not putting Steve up when she won during the double.
Liz – he went behind our back.. I feel so betrayed by him it was so low.. I can’t get over it.. why would he make me swear on my family when he was putting us up

Liz – I feel so betrayed there’s no words to describe it if he knew I was his target
Vanessa- I’m going to play devil’s advocate.. he was going into what he thought was a 7 person situation.. he couldn’t have foreseen being down to 6 people with you 3 in that 6.

Vanessa – he’s not being easily he doesn’t feel good about it at all.. he feels terrible he likes you guys..

Vanesa – I’ll to you this.. it’s ain’t over until it’s over.
Liz – I’m in the shitest situation.. if I win Vanessa he’s going to put up Julia.. And if Julia wins tomorrow and takes me down he’s putting you up
Liz – you think he’s putting up Jmac, Hell no

Vanessa – he told Austin you’re the target
Liz – Austin, Liz, Julia I’m the glue that binds them.. Julia is closer to you than with Austin
Julia joins them.
Vanessa says Austin’s worst case scenario is if Liz wins it because Julia goes up now he’s the bigger target.
Vanessa – he’s going to fight for it hard.. don’t you dare not fight for that veto
Vanessa – if you win it you don’t necessarily have to use it all you need is my vote, you have her vote (Julia)

Vanessa – I believe it it comes down to Austin and I it’s better for you two to keep me
She warns them they will continue to be the biggest target in the house until Austin leaves.
Liz – I came into this season wanting a girl to win so bad

Jmac and Austin roll in

[envira-gallery id=”132197″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 19-16-47-202_jpg

7:09pm Liz and Austin kissing
Austin – thanks for being here with me
Liz – Thanks for being on the block with me
Liz crying
Austin – I’m going to take care of you so you never cry again.. you should only smile.. never cry again

Austin says the Jury kinda sounds fun with James running around they’re now, “No filter.. running around totally losing it.. “

Austin says James should have come to them the week Meg was going and make a HUGE deal
Austin says the reason James didn’t make it was because he was going to put them up.

Austin – you’re not in a showmance together until you are on the block together.
Austin – we get taken out of the game it will be really boring to watch
Liz – no one will watch it

Liz – Now I know how Clelli felt, and they got separated right before Jury
Austin – that’s why they were so desperate

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 20-11-49-300_jpg
7:55pm Kissing

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 20-30-21-216_jpg
8:30pm Austin and LIz making food everyone else sleeping.
8:54pm Austin, Vanessa and Liz
making turkey burgers. Vanessa asks if Austin is going to be friends with jace after the show. Austin will as long as Jace is up for it. He doesn’t think there will be a issue now that Austin is with Liz. (Liz and Jace had a early “thing”, I always thought it was more Julia/Jace)

9:06pm Everyone but Steve and Julia milling around the kitchen eating turkey burgers talking about “Audrey Hospice” and how players who were leaving would go into “Audrey Hospice” mode

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 21-37-00-897_jpg
9:38pm Chit chat in the kitchen.
They all agree Guardians of the galaxy was awesome and was totally unexpected.

Steve tells them he got a frozen lobster tail, “I said I loved shell fish”
Jmac tells them about his xbox name it’s Ghetto blaster but spelled “Ghetto b1aster” everyone says “Why do you call yourself ghetto lobster”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 22-09-17-795_jpg

10:07pm bedroom Twins
Agreeing they made a mistake not taking Steve out last week.
Julia – hurts because it’s from Steve, You suck that’s it you f****g suck..
Julia tells LIz if it’s up to them in the final throw the POV to her so they are both safe.
Liz says Vanessa is going to play for her life, “She could play the veto”
they agree Vanessa won’t use the veto
Julia – I have a feeling it’s that black box (Comp)
10:22pm bedroom Chit chat Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve
Vanessa asks who do they think they will be friends with out of who is in Jury.
Julia – Shelli
Austin – James
LIz – Meg
10:36pm bedroom Julia and Steve
Steve explaining why he left Mechanical engineering at cornell and went to music school.
Steve says he has a nice singing voice “It’s not amazing”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 22-44-52-522_jpg
10:47pm Kitchen Steve and Julia chatting
Julia says she’s seen some of season 5, all of Season 10, 13, 15,16.

[envira-gallery id=”132216″]

11:15pm Austin impersonating Audrey

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 23-22-31-256_jpg - Copy

11:20pm He’s Digging his HOH

11:52pm Steve taking a shower in the HOH room. Austin Jmac chit chatting.. Everyone else sleeping.

12:10am Steve making a mess in the bathroom. He got in and out of the bubble bath walking all around the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 00-31-56-625_jpg
12:26AM Liz and Austin
Liz is crying.
6:00am Sleeping

9:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..

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Zzz zzz boring....

So boring…..


Steve has a crush on Audrey!!?? WOW!!! That must have been the thing he wanted to talk about off camera to Vanessa about. Did someone else hear that conversation…please tell me you did. The camera wasnt on them a little bit ago, but it was For sure Steve and. Vanessa talking. Wow…shew thats crazy. Your secret is no longer safe Steve!


Dear Steven,
Please know that if you win this game i will sue you for every red cent. You have violated me for the last time. I am ready to expose you for the teddy bear raper that you are.
Your Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

What’s wrong with you people? You know what Steve does to me, and what he’s been doing to me for years, and what do you do about it? NOTHING! How can you just sit there at your computers and watch as he abuses me over and over? When I found out we were coming on this show, I truly believed that Someone would intervene, but nobody will. You don’t want to get INVOLVED! PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Wasn’t it a conversation Steve was having with himself. He was saying he wanted to tell Meg his secret.

I Made BB History

Get over yourself Steven, you waited 72 days to put up a Twin, 2 months too f*cking late because Van told you to before you get evicted. They threw you HOH to pin blame on and because to isolate themselves from your mad gas problem. Watching him congratulate himself for being a clown and baby talking the camera is nauseating… urp….baaaarrrrfff…you’re making BB Worst Of reels and get that teddy bear out of your pants….Stevens mommy you should be ashamed and frightened. His plan is to go to grad school so he can mooch of you for 6 more years. He’ll be alone thank god so he can’t procreate. We’re getting a clear picture of why he flunked out of Cornell engineering after only 2 years. He’s not bringing home any prize money, and not even a bribe from Vanessa he did get dirty work for free, you better not retire.


WOW! Going after someone’s mother. What, were you raised by wolves? Yeah…now I’m remarking on how your parents raised you. The only history you’ve made is figuring how to get out of bed!

Admit It the Boy's a Creeper and He Likes It

Educational professionals would intervene to support an independent age appropriate identity. Something is wrong when adults refuse to leave mommy. Its clearly a family decision to raise him this way, it’s important to Mommy’s identity feeling of importance. He brags about it so his so-called fans should just own it, but it is not healthy, and why medical professionals react. He’s the one explaining his mommy issues to feeders in his Steven show monologs all the time and Zingbot says he’s giving nerds a bad name. He likes to be known as creepy in the house and he discusses how abnormal he is, for viewer recognition or a genuine feeling of not relating to others. It gets so painful to watch some posters and house guests mused he is Aspergers, but he’d need to be tested.

In the real world what he portrays is called enmeshed co-dependency. Vanessa says his mommy issues people pleasing has got to get fixed for him to have real relationships. They spend more time psychoanalyzing his weird behavior and inability to form relationships than game strategy. He became a BB fan to get closer to his mommy who applied 10 times herself aka transference. He’s been positively reinforced to remain a child in his home environment so that its permanently arrested his development, school, career, romantic, social, economic. If your kid prefers googoo gagaing into national tv cameras with his teddy bear, do you blame producers who wrote his creepy character, his mommy or his daddy for not reinforcing a separate adult identity?

Vanessa blames his being over-mothered and calls herself his surrogate mommy who’s forced to dress him and comb his hair. It’s okay for Posters to blame Twits parents for their extra-rude behavior. You can keep blaming all the people he creeps out when he does it for effect, performing like a monkey for AFP points. He says I’m the adorable baby man-boy America will love it. He got this way from his environment and if it’s an act he’s passing off as an affliction, it’s not having the desired affect. Sorry. I’m sure he’ll realize his dream of playing trombone at Disney with his masters degree and making his definition of BB history?

If You Really Cared

If you really cared you’d intervene like doctors or teachers would. If it’s an act he’s not winning fans or BB. His social awkwardness is now a determining factor in his identity and ability to connect meaningfully with others. Anyone who watches him struggle wishes him a remedy in his environment to improve his life which is detached, isolated and lonely-as described by himself. It’s been 4 years since he’s had a relationship with a female outside his mother. He’s turning to stuffed animals and inappropriate requests for hugs when he hurts people. Women will have a difficult time competing with her, as he/she likes this important all consuming role in his life.

Vanessa capitalizes on this in the BB House, pretending to be his therapist, preaching about his harsh toilet training & disengenuous people pleasing, uses him for her own and now plans to evict him. His co-dependent needs superceded his intelligence & BB expertise and don’t serve him in the game either. But we will keep cheering he evolves to be his own man somehow.


You should educate yourself before spouting off – you are obviously delusional or full of guilt – there are thousands of male adult sons who despise their mothers for different reasons – why do you think there is so much abuse against women? The way a child is brought up, forms the mindset they have to work with and then as they grow and mature, hopefully their own healthy choices and environment takes over – some mothers that do not have a man in their lives, use their sons as surrogate husbands (not sexually) and the sons end up feeling so obligated to live as mommy wants them to – ever hear of mothers hating their sons girlfriends and wives??


So you are saying Steve will resent his mom down the road for her domination of his life? It’s that bad? Or after seeing him on tv she’ll start weaning him while living with her at home? Or he’s gonna get more confidant comfortable with others going away for grad school? Someone commented he was attracted to Audrey, maybe there’s something else he’s not dealing with. Anyway, he keeps talking directly to feeders and asking their opinion for a reason. I’m sure Steve, his friends and family will learn alot from watching him, listening to him talk about himself on TV. It usually is an eye opening experience, especially when they find they aren’t as famous or popular as they thought they were going to be. Disney is perfect for him he said, since he never wants to grow up. And he can give/get lots of hugs there. I hope he doesn’t have to be so physically lonely. If he doesn’t win AFP or a job as the voice of BB he was talking about he’ll get lots people to talk to online, if the real world is too much.


My lord! After seeing him on tv she’ll start weaning him while he lives with her at home?? Where do you come from that you don’t wean your “baby” until he is in his 20’s?!!


Liz said no one will watch if her and Austin leave! Bwahahahahahahahaha These people are so delusional it’s hilarious. If only they knew people want to actually stop watching because of them. CBS deleted all the bad comments about Liz from their site (as a family member probably requested) but they left Austin’s. I nearly died laughing reading them last night. People REALLY hate their guts and I don’t blame them one bit.


And the best part of all of this is Asstin LOOKS like an ASS for not throwing himself on the sword for Liz– Just. Like. Clay. Did! Clay was an idiot and we know he didn’t want to be there, but still. For Asstank to be Liz’s “boyfriend” and not even offer is the beginning of their END! NEW FLASH: YOU ARE NOT BRENDEN AND RACHEL!!!!

Maple Leaf

Clay did it because it was Shelli’s dream to be on BB. It’s been Austin’s dream too. Why should he give up on that for selfish Liz? She should fall on her sword for hi … that will never happen.


sounds great. now where exactly on cbs can i read those comments? i can’t find them…


This sh!t is literally what puts me to sleep at night.

Pinocchio Obama


11:20pm He’s Digging his HOH Great pic!


LOL I’m happy to say I don’t dig it

Hairy Balls

Can we just end this and give Vanessa the money


If these people have any intelligence and that’s a big if, than Vanessa may have ruined her game with the comment to Liz about not using the veto on herself, big mistake any other year besides last and maybe this tear

B-bad owl

I said that when Audrey went on the block. Just write Vanessa, Shelli, or Austin the winning check.


@ Hairy Balls ….Please change your name it reminds me of Austin’s face


Missed another show. yawn
Vannessa will win. That’s how it was planned by the producers from day one. I haven’t seen this much manipulation with the outcome of the show since Evil Dick slimed his way to the end.


I’m just happy Steve did it (not that there was really many other options at this point). I certainly think the last several weeks would have been more interesting if they were broken up earlier, but it is what it is. I’m still hoping for a Jmac / Vanessa final 2. Throw all the tomatoes you want.

Bye Bye Twins

One Twin is going home so I am freakin happy. Good Job Steve!!


I still think he will put up J-mac if he doesn’t win veto lol


There’s no way Steve puts up John.


I prefer if Austin goes home.


Looks like Austin is the real target, though. Van may end up going home if one of Liztin wins veto. That scenario wouldn’t bother me at all. Any of the 3.

Unless Steve chickens out and puts up JM.


Think Lizard is crying excessively? Just wait until Vanessa is on the block, then the real waterworks will begin.

Escape Hatch

Perhaps they’re tears of joy. One way or another, there’s a good chance that in a couple of days she won’t have to pick pieces of pony beard or whatever Austin has eaten in the past couple of days from between her teeth.


Vanessa is a jackass-of-all-trades: actress, law school dropout, poker player, DJ, dental assistant, freak, bug-eyed, janitor, burger flipper, dog walker, bus driver, psychiatrist, stock broker, lesbian, construction worker, computer programmer, police officer.

Van +

…mind reader, preacher, nutritionist, aerobic trainer, witch (something about the eyes, nose and moles/zits) and model (ha!)…

She must be such an asset in her social circles.

Cut from Honey

The green beanie is still alive. Why? Whyyyyyyyy?

Holy crap!

Yes Austin and Liz…everybody has been watching this season just to see you two!
They are so full of themselves! I can’t wait until they find out they are two of the most hated houseguests ever!

Gross out

You are right Julia, what kind of girl will bring a a guy home like Austin. I think he is into men. His body language the way he walks ,eat with his front teeth …disgusting.

Vanessa says

Feel my mist!!

Northern Lights

That’s not mist, that’s the spray from your tears bwaaaahaaaa


Mist from tears and the bathroom cleaner spray she uses in her hair….

Dark & Twisted

That shit was priceless!!! I still lmfao thinking about it


Umm that’s Botox leaking but call it what you want


Oh wait.
Is that clipper disinfectant instead of hairspray again?


I just….ugh no words on how lame this season is…. come on Pandoras Box….or anything really to make this worth watching!

I Agree

But honestly I would be kind of pissed if they decide to do a twist now. They lied about a summer full of twists and takeovers. It would be way too convenient for them to do a twist right when one of the Austwins are about to get voted out. If they interfere now, we all know who they want to win.

Blah, blah

So tired of “worse season ever”, boring cast, won’t watch again, stop feeds etc etc etc. So don’t watch. Just shut up. Does everyone think anyone really cares if “you” stop watching? Comment on the cast-NOT YOURSELF!!!


Maybe Pandora’s Box could be that the remaining house guests get evicted and the current jury members get to come back into the house and finish out the season. Go James!

Jury House Jamesy

James is going……….home.


It would be so funny if Julia wins veto. I’d like to see Steve throwing up again and pissing himself. LOL


Austin is doomed. And oblivious. Can’t wait to see the look on his face when Julie says, “By a vote of 2 votes to 1, Austin you are evicted.”


I really don’t care who gets sent packing, BUT I want it to screw up Vanessa’s plans. But she has plans with everyone. With none of the players even talking to each other about Vanessa it looks like she will go to the final. Hopefully the jurors know what’s up now that they have been played by Vanessa and they don’t give her any votes ! James for fan favorite!! House is boring without him.


Isn’t that the point of Big Brother? Who can play everyone else the best? It is a game, ya know. Why would you want the jury not to vote for the best player of the game you are watching?

Cut from Honey

You can be a good player without being a bully. Vanessa is a bully, I don’t care what anyone else says. She plays with people’s emotions and makes things personal. That’s where i draw the line. Derick was a mastermind but did he ever bully the others? No. You can still lie and cheat while respecting people’s emotions at the same time.


OMG delusional much. No one will watch if you GUYS leave WOOOW

Pinocchio Obama

A lot of questions will be answered tomorrow after we see who wins the veto. We could be in for a ton of drama if Julia wins it.


Will be much better if Austin wins it




Do they really actually think that people care about their “showmance”? I am so grossed out by those two. Watching them makes you want to throw up


No Balls BB17 ’nuff said 🙁

Amanda queefs slop

hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Poor twins, boo-freaking-hoo. Doesn’t this just suuuuuuuuuckaaaaaaa?


I cannot believe that Vanessa just told her not to use the veto on herself and instead count on her vote. Liz should have said “BITCH PLEASE” ARE YOU F#*KING KIDDING ME!” Liz deserves to go if she does’nt see that Vanessa only said that when Liz said he could put Vanessa up. Nobody in their right mind would not use the veto on them self. Vanessa is usually a little bit sneakier but that time she came right out and said it and Liz was still oblivious to it. Is it me or did Vanessa just change the target to Austin? If she did does Steve know?


I honestly believe Austin has always been expendable to Vanessa, he is a byproduct of the twins, and he got lucky with the showmance (In more ways than one). Vanessa has always claimed she wanted to go to the end with the twins. I do not believe she will vote one out. Her sights have been on Austin for awhile and been laying the ground work with the twins. I still dont understand why she wants to go with the twins to f3… but her game play certainly points to f3 w/liz and julia. Maybe she thinks she can win the comp over them? I dont know.

Night Owl

By taking one twin to the finals that leaves only 2 votes in jury instead of 3. No one else has any logical reasons to vote for a twin except the other 2 leaving the rest of the jury to vote for the other finalist. If you have all 3 in jury then all three of their votes will go to the same person giving one finalist a huge edge over the other. No one is sure who all three would choose so it is a safe bet to bring one to the finals. Most likely Julia because she is the weakest player of the two and has no real game argument for final 2.


The argument for taking a twin to the final. they haven’t been in the house as long as everyone else. It was said earlier by one of the goblins, the twins, both of them are at least 20 days down, didn’t have to endure a full week of slop or sleep in the dentist’s chair. they had an unfair competition advantage those first 5 weeks.

Wake Up

Wow I love how Liz swears and is so shocked to be on the block…she seriously thought she’d never be put up!? WTF how stupid are you…in a house of 6 you are in a team of 3 of course you are going up idiot!


Moment of truth.
Julia wins pov
Takes down her sister
Will Steve have the balls to put Vanessa beside Austin??
Or will he turn on his buddy jmac and have him sent home??


EWE! UGH, I miss James!


House just isn’t fun to watch now that we can’t watch Meg sleep and James….ummm what did James do? Oh ya nothing. No fun if we cant see James eye rape all the women in the house and Meg do her best Joker impersonation.


Liz and Austin live in a dream world, they think if they are not on the show, nobody will watch the show? Are you kidding me, the majority of people on this site, and friends and family that I have talked with, they want the twins and Austin gone.

Vanessa is a snake and I cannot stand her annoying ass, but if Liz wins the POV and she can talk Liz into not using it, because Vanessa and Julia will vote Austin off, then Liz is the biggest fool of the season.

I could not believe the picture with Steve in bed snuggled up with a teddy bear, REALLY Steve! I hope JMac wins the POV, I don’t see Steve putting Vanessa up if Julia wins POV and takes Liz down. Vanessa would go apeshit crazy on Steve for putting her up, JMac needs to stop throwing comps.

I have never seen anyone this late in the game that is willing to throw comps, what the hell is wrong with JMac, he needs to make it to final 2. From what we are reading on here, it looks like Vanessa may be playing Steve for s fool, she is already working on what seems like being partnered up with the twins, I don’t know why, because they will not take her to the end.

But she keeps throwing Austin under the bus with the twins, and if Liz was really into Austin, why doesn’t she share this with Austin ? I just hope we finally see one of the twins walk out the door, and hopefully the next person out of the door is Vanessa. I’m rooting for JMac, don’t care if it is Austin or Julia up there with JMac at the end, I think the jurors will vote for JMac over Austin or Julia, they know that would mean a victory for the twins if the vote Julia for the win.


You won’t be a target if Austin is gone, you are better off with me here, not Austin…we’re voting out Austin don’t hate me for organizing this is for your own good, vote for me in Jury….zzzzzz….thank god you’re not on slop and on the block….let’s eat.

6 Stages of Sobbing Grief by Liz Nolan
1) Shock – How dare that nerdy mcnerdster last longer than me, cry
2) Self Pity – What did I ever do to that little dumbass motherf*cker, sob louder
3) Anger – Go play in traffic sh*tty little backstabber, I’ll kill your teddy bear in front of you when I put you on the block, pound fists
4) Reflection – maybe we shouldn’t have voted out Meg, James, Jason, Becky, JMac, Jackie, Jace, Production, whine & wimper
5) Realization – Hey Vanessa you’ve been up Steve’s ass the whole game, you planned this…cry some more
6) Acceptance – I’ll write a book about my strategies for pimping myself out for 5th place titled Vanipulated how a strong woman wins by surrounding herself with stupid men, take a $10k bribe from Van, prance, smirk
7) Resurgence – public appearances at strip clubs as Judas Priestess, silicone endorsements, Price is Right model, DJ Twins, clean Vanessa’s house for extra cash, strut, resting bitch face


Price is right won’t have her, Bob Barker is no longer there.


Lol Price is Right model. She wishes.


Wait your kidding right . Your still going to watch this ? C’mon . Austin gone . Vanessa uses Steve and jmac to physically or mentally beat twins out . Those 3 left . Then watever from there . Can’t fully predict that but 82.32 chance it’s Vanessa + Mac or Van Steve . This show ended after jason left . Mathematically and fun wise . So predictable . I’m not that smart so the cbs math guys must have shit their pants weeks ago . What a bust . The twin – aus – van being buddies / and the jason eviction dropped the probality from 1 and hundreds of thousands to way less . When was the last eviction wen u weren’t sure who was 95% going ? U can’t answer that cause it was June . The twin twist ruined the game … In so many ways


Actually I think this is one of the better seasons in recent years

Jake K.

There is a lot of end game left to play…


They are soo fucking stupid. They had so many chances to send Vanessa home and now its coming to bite their asses


I believe I, and several other people on this site who are gone now because it got so boring, said about 5 weeks ago that they needed to get Vanessa out or she and the Asstinky twins would roll to the final 5. We all called it and unfortunately it happened, completely due to the fact that the rest of the house was too scared AND too dumb to make a move! Only James was available to do damage, but he never made it back to HOH. So now we’re left with the worst of the rest and need the twins and Vanessa to go, in any order, but 1 twin has to go first so they don’t have the votes to keep their snobby little mean girls with Asstink alliance alive.. Ahhh, stoopid people, I just love em


“Austin – I’m going to take care of you so you never cry again.. you should only smile.. never cry again”



Liz’s mom did say she was an ugly cryer…



At the end of the day

Liztin. You are precisely the reason I shut off the feeds.


Only 6 HGs left and I’m still confused. Who is the target? Has Vanessa told Austin he has her vote? She didn’t tell Liz she would vote for her, she just said ” don’t use the veto, you just need my vote.” And haven’t heard Van tell JohnnyMac who to vote for yet.


What happened to the twists every week that was promised from Julie? This is another predictable year this year Vanessa steamrolled her way through and last year Derrick did the same. Mix it up and give us something different next year BB. Otherwise it’s the same show over and over. A bunch of dummies with one smart player.


They figured with Audrey already performing the off-off broadway Phantom of the Have Not Room mixed with Clay and Shelli trying their best to perform a sequel of Harold and Maude in a double feature with Liz and Austin doing their best to emulate Joe Dirt… All the while Vanessa is making everyone put the lotion in the basket or they get the hose again.
Who needs weekly twists?


Awesome insigh! I can barely type from laughing so hard… It puts the lotion on!!!

JMac's Complimentary Floss

This recap few!

JMac's Complimentary Floss

Best encapsulation yet – FTW!


Vanessa’s plan was always to get rid of Austin before the twins because they will be easier to beat in mental or physical. She is riding the middle pretty good.


Well, I don’t like Vanessa’s game…but, you have to give her credit. She has placed herself very nicely within the players. If one of the Austwins go…we now have 5 players left. That leaves 2 sides. Austwins vs. Steve and John. Vanessa is the determining factor on who will be final 3. She is playing so good the viewer cannot tell which side SHE WILL CHOOSE!

Brad H

1 twin down, 1 Vanessa left to go. PLEASE & THANKS. Johnny Mac is the only one I can root for since Steve is just a puppet.


There hasn’t been a reason for Vanessa to make Jmac a human muppet yet, but the moment he gets HoH, she’ll be places his proctologist hasn’t within minutes.

At the end of the day

Even if Julia wins veto and Vanessa goes up, she won’t go home. Julia would be willing to vote out Austin as long as it doesn’t upset Liz. However, Vanessa previously planted the seed that Austin could be throwing Julia under the bus. Once she tells them of Austins scheming to get out either twin and using Steve to do it, they will happily vote him out and float to Vanessa. Why Austin isn’t freaking out about this possibility is beyond me.


The only thing that will save next season is if the public can vote to evict. Then no one would be throwing comps or floating because they would have to win.
Bring back have nots comps.
They also need to get better players the houseguests this year are terrible.
Big Brother also needs to enforce the rules because he hasn’t this year and any game is a joke without them.


Please BB make it like season 1 where America votes out players. Get rid of BOB. Bring back have not comps instead.


If viewers vote then everyone would suck up to the cameras and we’d want to strangle them all for being so pathetic and obnoxious.


Has anyone ever known a grown man who sleeps with a Teddy Bear? Seriously? This is one strange dude. Definitely needs to “up” his meds to get through this HOH!

too funny

Steve is playing for 2nd place. Sitting next to JMAC – steve will get 2nd. Sitting next to Vanessa – steve will get 2nd. Steve thinks he’s this great schemer but he doesn’t have a clue. He just pissed off three potential votes. What a dip shit.he picked the wrong time to win HOH.


Everything depends on the type of jury they turn out to be.
Are they the jury that will measure game as game?
Are they the jury that will measure game as personal?
Are they the jury that will vote who beat them?
Are they the jury that will vote out of spite?
All are possible. They’ve all been seen before.
If hg’s aren’t already thinking of what they’d say to justify their game to the jury, they don’t deserve to make it to the finals. Entering the house is the commencement of the trial. Everything leading up to the final two is making the case. The speech in final two is the summation.

This has been said B4

“For a superfan, he sure is a dumbshit”. While I do agree with that statement, he did make it to F5. Unfortunately for him, it was almost totally due to Vanessa’s green beanie. He needs to get that thing and burn it because if he does what she wants him to do anymore, he’s a goner.. But wait, he’s a Superfan! He’s got to know what he’s doin! yeah right

Too Funny

Watching Austin walk around that dirty a** floor with bare feet is sooo nasty!!! How does that not bother him at all with all that crusted nasty food all stuck to his feet… Steve is giving me motion sickness watching him on bbad in hoh walking back n forth non stop… sit down n chill out for 5 min… Im for Austin or Liz going this week

Min O'Pause

Awwww give Asstin a break. He just learned to walk upright without dragging his knuckles on the floor. Footwear is beyond his scope right now.


Its a wrap folks. Vanessa has this on lock. Write her the check already. Put us out of our misery.

The Education System

Does anybody in America know the difference between cheque and check?
I know its hard to learn to speak and spell 1 language but some people can do it. Perhaps if America spent more on education then they do on prisons grown people would know how to spell. Believe it or not in many places in the world people can properly read and write more then just 1 language. Its shameful that so many in America can’t speak, read or write the only 1 language they ever learned.

America is Dumb

I’m American and a teacher, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately, the French spelling and pronunciations are all but lost here. American English Dictionaries spell it checks. The language here is also evolving for colloquialisms, technology, and bleached to remove ethnic biases in favor of political correctness. Etymology is barely covered in school, as irrelevant in modern times that is trying to forget colonialism forced destruction of native people’s and native tongues.

Nevertheless, one mustn’t analyze our spelling or choice of words to conclude Americans are dumb. We compose the news on the 4th grade level on purpose so as not to exclude the illiterate, uneducated, or immigrants from their universal rights. Find plenty more reasons to deride us in our politics and foreign policies. And of course how poorly we produce Big Brother.

Nasty green hat

If i wear a green beanie inlos angeles in the summer and suspenders you know im a lesbian


If you want to check out Steve’s “nice singing voice” than here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WAsFS647nQ

Lol @ Steve's music

Not a Steve fan but I actually kind of like his song. It’s cute! I can see him being a music composer for children’s television shows.


The way Austin eats is so repulsive!! He shovels the food in his mouth, then takes barely a few short chews with his front teeth (weird under bite chews), then swallows. Blah! Looks like a grandpa eating with ill-fitting dentures.

Austin's eating?

Come on – give me a break. You stoop to critique the way someone eats? How ridiculous are you? Grow up.


Vanessa – “I have information that you may find useful for any replacement nomination should you need it, so talk to me in the event the veto gets used.”

Steve – “who? What is it?”

Vanessa – “I’ll tell what was said by who if that person wins and uses the veto. If rather not if they don’t!”

While the specifics of the conversations (names, POV or nominations etc) vary, she does this ALL THE TIME. It drives me crazy. I really want Steve to come out of the HOH room and stand on the balcony and just yell out “hey Vanessa, can you come up and tell me who it was that said the thing that you think I’ll find useful in the event the person we don’t want to win the Veto wins it and uses it? I can’t wait until after the Veto. THANKS.”

How Vanessa’s brain hasn’t exploded by now is a modern miracle because mine is dangerously close to it and I’m just watching the feeds.

Old man

V is a master NLP practitioner. She embeds commands in her phrases. The conscious does not understand but the sub-conscious dose and he will do exactly what she command it, without knowing it.. Is that brilliant.


Darn Vanessa is the only player. To all her haters i say “Who made you watch” The only question now is “Will Vanessa win?” Definitely. All the others suck now that James is out


James was playing who wants to be America’s favorite house guest after Shelli’s eviction. From then on, his game sucked.


As long as it’s not Austin or one of the twins, I’m fine with any of the remaining houseguest winning.

another name

So how long do you think it’s going to be before Jmac figures out that Austin lightens his own workouts and increases Jmac’s workouts, especially squats, on the days before comps in order to intentionally impede his ability to perform? Actually, he and Vanessa already discussed it, so why is Jmac allowing it to continue?
I realize his plan is to low profile as much as possible and throw every comp he doesn’t need to win, while playing out his game in the d/r, but it’s gotten to that place in the game where throwing in his position in the game has become foolish. Does he want to be against 3 in the final 5, or be against 2 in the final 5. This pov makes all the difference.
Austin may have offered him a you save me i’ll save you deal… but what happened last time Jmac trusted an Austin deal? oh yeah, eviction.

Steve's Teddy Bear

Someone please help me, this guy’s been spooning me all day!


I kind of know what jmac is playing style is the dr will in a somekind of way. I mean he is dumbing down but knows what is going on. So he is just sitting there and doesn’t care about anyone. Dr will hate everyone and throw the hoh comps remember and was not afraid to be nominate or sit on the block. Its going to be a very tight vote if the final 2 is vanessa john, vanessa steve, or john steve. The only good gameplayer are jmac, steve, vanessa. I felt that steve could of flip the vote and win hoh and pack austin/liz or van at that point. And when get to jury he will say that he made the flip and went against van wishes. He play his own game and probably will get respect. As of right now how will you vote for a guy who hangs out in the hammock room all the time and cries for your mom. I wouldn’t I want badass players who does have no fear. Steve is still a pussy and that is why he does have girlfriend and he is nowhere as to ian. Ian can stand up for what is right and is more vocal and not scared of the results.


I’m sorry maybe I am a cold person, but I am laughing my butt off watching Liz crying because she is on the block. She got so much joy putting everyone else in this position, now that thing are not going her way she is having a tantrum. I have wanted Vanessa gone for weeks but right I would be very happy to see Liz go. What a spoiled little brat!


The live feeds have been boring as hell since james and meg left. I miss them I better see james as afp. Please bb at finale can you roll some cute montage of james and meg together that will be awesome even jury house. I hope they get to compete in the luxury comp. Jmac is playing a montage of dr will in someway. But next hoh he has to win because vanessa is not trustworthy even if you give it to her. I cannot believe julia doesn’t want to use the veto on liz its the same case it like vanessa don’t worry you have the votes.For future houseguests when someone compare someone to a bb champ or legend you got to evict that person. If you see another ian in the show you know this person must go no matter what.