“Steve is rain man, Johnny Mac is taxi driver”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Jmac
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 20-53-34-810_jpg

8:52pm Bathroom
Austin – If Steve was to say and LIz won HOH who does she put up?
Austin says she would have to put up Steve and the returnee. At that point Steve will know they are not with him.
Vanessa says at this point why not put Meg OR James up they are not coming back

Vanessa want steve out this week
Austin says that is where he’s leaving now
Vanessa says she’s fine if Jmac leaves
Austin tells her they need Steve to know the girls are voting for him he’s got a lot of information that he can blow up.

Vanessa says even though she wasn’t Steve out doesn’t mean she’s a big fan of jmac “His speech was an insult to me”
Vanessa says she can pull Shelli in
austin doesn’t think she could if Johnnymac was in the house
Liz joins them.
Vanessa asks her who she leans towards
Austin – She hates Johnnymac
Liz – And Steve
Vanessa asks who they should take out next week
Austin – the returning person unless it’s Shelli.

Austin says he has a douchey bully play were they pull Jmac into a room with everybody and tell him they’ll vote to keep him if he throws the next HOH.

Austin – I feel like this secion is really important
Vanessa warns him Steve cannot be trusted.

Austin – “Steve is rain man, Johnnymac is taxi driver”
“Thursday he’ll have a f****g mowhawk, put a gun to his head.. “

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 21-12-32-296_jpg

9:09pm James and Meg
Meg suggests she might have to make a big move and put up Austin and Liz. They agree if a person comes in wins HOH and makes a play to get rid the austwins they might have to jump on board. Other wise “Just sign them the check”
James – we’re safe now we can talk all the sh1t we want.. it’s too early to jump I think
Meg – next week is going to change everything
James – the person that comes in wins HOH and throws them up (Austin, Twins, Vanessa) we don’t have to do it

Meg – who do we want to leave this week
James saying that Johnnymac is the only one that can beat him in physical competition
Meg – Steve is a wild card don’t you think
James- what about you
meg – I really don’t know
James – it’s up to us they are telling us they don’t care who goes home we can vote whatever way we want to
Meg – we still don’t have the votes
James- we’re still two votes
Meg – we need another person
James – if we voted different.. it would be 3-2
Meg laughs
James – don’t laugh at me women

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 21-34-47-786_jpg

9:33pm Kitchen Austin, Twins, James, Meg
chit chat
James – you can get flys with honey but more honey by being fly
James – you can get more flies with bullshit
James starts pretending he’s cutting cocaine with powdered nerds.
James – this here is 20 years in prison

9:50pm Vanessa talks to Johnny Mac in the comic bedroom. Johnny says I have ideas. How I feel, if I’m going to stay, I have to work with you. You’re my number 1. If I’m not your number 1 there is no point in me staying. Just send me home. Vanessa says deal, okay. Johnny says we might have the same ideas. I’ve done you dirty a long time .. you know that right. Vanessa says yeah. Johnny says you’re the devil I know! Vanessa laughs and says I hope I’m not the devil. I’m actually not, I’m actually a very kind hearted person. Johnny says yeah, I know you’re a kind hearted person but as far as the game we’ve been kind of like badgers going at each other… but you’re what I’ve got. Vanessa says I’ll give you my vote but you’ll need Austin and the twins to want you to stay. There concerns are, I’ll tell you. Johnny says if I make it, I’m going after them. We have two on the other side .. and I’ll do all the dirty work. I’ve lost everything .. my back is up against the wall. No one is on my side. No one is going to vote for me down the road. Vanessa says I tried. You didn’t owe me any loyalty. They way Steve acted and was fake to me. You were honest to my face. Johnny says I am open to talk but if its not me and you then I should just go. Vanessa says if you stay and its me and you we should cross our fingers that Shelli comes back or Becky comes back and she will listen to you.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 22-06-04-703_jpg

10:11pm – 11:04pm POt Ball

[envira-gallery id=”130300″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 23-04-28-163_jpg

11:04pm Post pot ball candy fight (Jmac and Vanessa don’t participate)
Meg takes a shot to the eye she thinks she’ll have a black eye now.
Her back is covered in red welts from the chocolates.
Jmac alone near the hot tub

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 00-00-05-671_jpg

11:57pm Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa telling him she pissed that last week he tried to get her nominated.
Vanessa says Steve is full of sh1t.
Vanessa start to cry “I’m so hurt by you HURT”
Steve – Vanessa can we forget the game for a minute
Vanessa – ya
Steve – I had a lot of doubt put in my head about you..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-25 00-06-27-432_jpg

12:05am Austin and the twins hot tub

Trying to decide who to get rid of this week.
Austin – I have a better relationship with Steve
Liz – Me to
Austin – But he can win

Austin is leaning towards getting Jamc out.
Vanessa and Steve join them. Vanessa tells them all that Steve is giving her more bullshit. He’s spinning shit and she’s had enough of it.
They head to the hammock to chat.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Cassandra Hilson

“JUJU and James celebrate sinking the glory Hole in Pot Ball”, while johnny mac and steve look sad in the background. Vanessa’s integrity is like Clay’s butt hairs.. nonexistent. gosh darn, the things i would do to be clay honeybutt’s butt hairs. Also janelle’s outfit is looking hella fine tonight.

the coreys

If the next hoh doesn’t put up the twins (pending it’s not someone on their alliance who’s hoh)

Then that’s all you need to know about this season in a nutshell.


You’re right. That’s why people with common sense would never had let Liz stay in the game when they found out she was playing with her twin sister

Roll Tide

If James/Meg doesn’t win HOH on Thursday, this season is basically over. Bad wins again. I know if Liz, Julia, Vanessa or Austin get a contract for show (they are hoping for a TV career), I definitely will not watch it.
Good won last year. Derrick played a good game. The twins call other houseguest disgusting names and talk horrible about them. CBS could have found some nice twins.
I am sure the nighttime camera crew do enjoy Liz and Hairball’s sex. I know America doesn’t.

What move ruined the season?

Here’s my pick: Backdooring Jason instead of Austin.

Which 2 players do you wish were still in the house?

My two are Jason and Day.


I think the worst game move was getting rid of Shelli instead of Vanessa! Im really hoping that Meg or James can pull off the next HOH win because if Steve or Vanessa wins hoh they will not put up the Austwins. I just don’t see them having the balls to do it.


Steve’s HOH during double eviction. He got rid of someone who will not go after him until Vanessa and Austwins are out. Even if Liz won last week, Steve will stay over Jmac and James would’ve potentially win this week’s HOH. He has the right ammo against Vanessa and the twins so he can guarantee himself safety and possibly knock Jackie’s place (since James likes him) in the gremlin triangle (or better yet align with Jackie for a final two). He has been trying to squeeze in the austwins lovefest but only dumb player can’t realize that there is no wiggle room on a showmance more so a blood relative. Considering he is a fan it seems he didn’t watch BB8 when Kail tried to get Dick voted out by campaigning to Daniele and numerous other seasons including BBCAN where showmances rule.


They were the most entertaining people in the house this season. These people bore me to death. Especially Johnny Mac. All he does throws competitions left and right, allows people to use him as a puppet, sleeps all day and hardly ever talks to anyone. He’s also said numerous times how he doesn’t want to be there anymore and doesn’t care. Yet people continue to cheer this guy on.

the coreys

“Meg suggests she might have to make a big move and put up Austin and Liz”

Oh magnificent and great big brother player, tell me how you plan on pulling that off with you zero wins.

Too Funny



Meg . . . she’s the Ed McMahon of BB17, she drinks a lot, and laughs at everything.


Meg might not win comps but she keeps trying no matter what. And she doesn’t sleep 23 hours a day like JMAC. Meg’s social skills have helped her get further in the game then comp winners like Shelli.


You Go Meg!!! Lolololol


So Austin, Steve is Rain Man and JMAC is Taxi Driver. Does that make you a lying, has been wrestler who bullies people? In real life you have a whole agenda on fighting for Anti-Bully yet you just said tonight to Scaressa, “If we keep JMAC we’ll tell him he has to throw the next HOH or he goes this week. Then YOU SAID…A BULLY MOVE, which you are suggesting. HYPOCRITE!


Okay I don’t like Austin but dont try to compare the context of strong-arm bullying in big brother to bullying kids do in school…

You cmon...

I didn’t know that there were certain kinds of bullying that was OK.
Bullying is bullying!
You’re logic makes no sense…


So Vanessa scared and bullied you, AUSTIN, now you’re bullying JMAC and Steve. And Steve had the guts, while on the block, to tell you that V and Austwins are a fortress. YEAH! You gotta go. And if you think Scaressa and your “girl Liz” won’t take you out when it fits their game, you’re delusional. Julia and Vanessa are already talking about it. PS. If you can’t tell the annoying twins apart, just look where Austin is standing and you’ll find Liz. He’s up her butt every step she takes…And she’s just using him.


Woot!! Johnny Mack and Vanessa talk about working together…finally!! (9:46pm, Cam 1) He says he wants to be her #1 and “do the dirty work” of putting up Austwins. Let’s get ‘er done!!!


Gee if Steve is “Rain man” and “JMac” is Taxi Driver, Austin must be “Sasquatch”!!


I”m just here so I don’t get fined! (just kidding ) Looking forward to Thursday’s episode. Cant wait to see who comes back into the house.. At this point I don’t know who is getting evicted since this cast is made up of very indecisive people ( flip floppers). The concensus right now is JMac, but you never know




Oh come on………….Vanessa is crying again!!!! That girl can turn on the waterworks like no one else. “Poor Pathetic Me” YUCK!! I guess I should look on the bright side, California does need the water.


Guys, can you please explain who will stay during the eviction as of now?

Austin's finger

smells like tuna!

Grandma G

Simon. Why didn’t you cover the convo between JMac and Vanessa about working together and taking out Austwins? i was having trouble hearing some of it and came here to get your take on it.


I went back and added the conversation. Its difficult for us to catch absolutely every word/conversation. We do our best.

Grandma G

Thanks Dawg. you and Simon do an awesome job, It’s why I came to you to check it out. I was hoping this show hadn’t made me delusional and I was just hearing what I wanted to hear. Even though it looks like Steve is staying at this point I’m going to be tuned in for signs that Vanessa is trying to flip the votes. I do not see her letting the Austwins off the hook for forming an alliance against her.


Stop with glorifying the runt perv James. He’s a dick. Talking shit about woman.

Guy From Canada

Im so conflicted. I really think Vanessa is the best player left, but I can’t bring myself to root for her….. Maybe Team Meg and cheering her for second place is the best way to go for the remainder of the season 🙂


At the rate Meg keeps hurting herself she’ll never survive the rest of her time on Big Bro. Did they not check her for a concussion after the hit she took during OTEV and who gets a black eye and welts from candy? That poor klutz.


I will not be happy until the cast members who have been running this show since the jump get evicted. If that means we get stuck with a Becky, Jackie, Meg, James winner, I’ll stomach it. Despite complains about last season, I was pleased Derrick won. Never on the block with BOB, impressive.
It was great to watch. Of course, this is all hindsight so maybe we’ll appreciate this season more when it’s over. What I remember is how Frankie, Caleb, Cody, and Derrick got down to it when they made F5. They were all beasts. And, as much as Liz and Austin are killing it, Steve, Vanessa have their own strategic style of game play. The problem with this 5 is that they are completely UNLIKEABLE. Reminds me of s15. More than anything, I can’t wait til Vanessa get’s evicted. If she wins this game, for me this season is a bust.


Vanessa is a piece of work. Vanessa’s plan was to get Steve or James out. Gives her an extra week keeping John in the house. Funny thing is Steve is the only one in the house who had her back. Basically she traded winning the game for fourth place. Because she is scared of losing three jury votes. Just another selfish move going after Steve. Too bad that’s the move that costs her the game.


I wouldn’t say Steve “had her back”. Not in the last 2 weeks. He threw her UTB with the whole Jackie eviction. Was part of an alliance to get her out last week.


I think Vanessa likes Johnny and wanted to work with him. She and him had one issue that blew up and it’s just too bad. They have strengths and weaknesses that work and I think both have just been on different sides. Johnny is too honest/quiet and Vanessa is too delay/mouthy so they have a nice balance, plus they are both in big trouble. I think John also understands her actions after realizing Sixth Sense. She also did decent damage control and finally acknowledged that she deserves for him to be mad at her.

I think this would have been a really really cool duo but unfortunately Austwins want Steve/Vanessa to take each other out.

I feel bad for Steve but he is not going to benefit anyone for long.

Vanessa is stuck in a hole without Johnny, I hope he comes back.


I actually feel really bad for Steve right now having to deal with Vanessa’s passive aggressiveness. It’s painful to watch, switching from “Game aside, I’m giving you a life lesson right now” (which I find to be absolutely ridiculous by the way to flat just calling him names to his face, with her crying “I’m so HURT” voice going on and off like it was a game of Pong. You could flat out tell her you don’t trust her and she’ll say you’re completely full of shit, all while making the biggest scene in front of the entire house. Yeah, you can say she’s playing a good game and that she’s dictating a lot of what’s going on in the game, but she’s a total wacko. I guess that’s why she’s on so much medication.


Steve needs to team up with the goblins and promise to keep them safe if he stays. Then he needs to win hoh and put that bitch Vanessa up with Austin. One of the twins for replacement nom…..probably Liz.


Most of you are mad at Vanessa because you know she is going to win the game. I have even seen people here say “I think they should all ask her to not talk game for a few days” lol. Because she is steam rolling all your fav players. Damn that Vanessa I wish she would shut up she is going to win the game if she keeps talking. So yeah
you would rather watch two hours a night of boring pot bowl than watch Vanessa talking game? If that’s the case turn the show, the feeds, BBAD off now because you don’t like BB.

Vanessa is winning. If your personal weird feelings for her make you not enjoy the show because she is owning it than I feel bad for you and go watch Bachelor in Paradise in your spare time. But those of us that love the game of Big Brother enjoy watching Vanessa. If you can’t admit she deserved it when she wins finale night then please do yourself a favor and stop watching now. It’s a game and don’t hate her because she is playing and winning.


I doubt if she wins the game because her hand has been in every eviction thus creating a bitter jury.

Jury House

More times than not, all is forgiven and the jury usually respects smart game play. Even Becky said she would vote for Vanessa.


all these so called supper fans (HG) can’t remember that the returning HG is safe for one week, every time the twins speak I say “Lord give me strength” I keep watching because I love big brother but, these HG are making it hard, I shake my head every time I have to listen to them debate who should be evicted. At this point I don’t care who goes I just want the returning HG to win HOH and put up any combination of Vanessa -Austin-twins, just imagine the entertainment of Julia or Liz being on the block, the tantrums will be epic. My wish is that they shut down the live feeds for the next 3 days and save us all from feeling compelled to watch / listen to any more of their childish immature behavior. And yes I do know I have a choice to change the channel and believe me I have, I PVR every show and watch an hour episode in 10 minutes, however, I have been a fan for 17 years and it’s a bad habit to break…….

April in Paris

Why can’t Van James Meg secretly plan to keep Johnny Mac ?- make a 1 week deal to get rid of one of the trio, and play like who cares who is coming back in next week, because Van is like oil and can’t mix with water babies (twins)


Yes Meg and Johnny Mac! Target Austin and Liz next week. One of them need to go!!! Vanessa is a very strong player, but she’s still just one person. Her game and emotions are SO easy to read. Taking her out would still leave a very strong trio, which is stupid!


I dream of the day Van goes to jury but before then I want to see her take the Austwins out, more specifically Austin and Liz. I am hoping whoever comes back gets on board with Meg and James and they can somehow flip or at least shake this house up. A Van JMac duo combined with a week or two with James and Meg just might change things up. Ok so it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. I find myself watching less and less of this season lately.