“Selling out your best friend is never fun but I said I was leaving my integrity at the front door”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Jmac
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 02-41-04-195
12:05am Steve tells Vanessa the moment she is referring to he was not fake with her. I didn’t expect anything with you and the veto. I was trying to be nice to you because I realize what a complete a$$hole I had been. I was trying to find a way to be nice to you and make it up. I was never expecting the veto. Vanessa says I want to believe it except it sounds like a really nice story but our plan was still in place to backdoor me. And I know it was Steve, it was, it was! That’s why when I won everyone was upset! Steve says Austin said he cleared everything up with you. Forget the game, forget the vote, I want to clear everything up with you on a human level. Vanessa starts crying and says even though all that sh*t was going on you knew how sh*tty I felt and you knew how Austin felt and you should have told me!!! Steve says you’re justified in being mad. Vanessa says I’m not mad, I’m hurt! There’s a big difference Steve!! Steve says you’re completely justified. Vanessa says you could have helped fill me in on the doubt instead you used it to opportunistically get Johnny Mac to fill my place in the group. Johnny Mac joins them. Vanessa asks him do you know when you guys made that 5 person group. Steve asks was that last week? Vanessa says let him talk for f**Ks sake!! Johnny says it was last week. Steve says then I am wrong, I thought it was this week. Vanessa asks Steve is he wants to go refresh his memory because it just looks like more bullsh*t and its not helping you. They head outside to continue talking.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 02-58-54-369
12am Austin and Liz are sitting by the hot tub with Julia. Liz says she is just frustrated with what happened this morning. Austin says it hasn’t changed anything else. Liz says it could. If one of them (James & Meg) win HOH and he’s still here. Austin says then send Johnny Mac out. Liz says Johnny Mac said he felt so betrayed by us so I’m sure that’s what Steve is thinking. They’re both coming after us! Austin says they’re just 2 people, take out the one you’re more worried about winning HOH and then don’t worry about it. Liz says but the one (Steve) I’m more worried about winning HOH, I want to stay here more. Austin says then have a heart to heart with Steve. Julia says you think we trust Steve more. Johnny Mac we just started working with last week. We’ve been working with Steve for a really long time. Austin says we told Steve we would never send him home. We should just talk with him. Austin says Johnny Mac is a waste. Who cares! I told Johnny Mac did he really think Vanessa would use the veto on you after that. She never would have. Julia says its essential that one of us win next week. Liz says you need to! Julia says me, Liz or Vanessa need to win. Austin says Johnny Mac has too many connections to the jury and so I think he should go because of that. He f**ked up he went to Vanessa with the 5 person thing.. he should have gone to Meg and James. Vanessa and Steve join them. Vanessa asks Austin when they formed the 5 person deal. Austin & Julia say it was last week. Vanessa tells Steve to stop selling bullsh*t. Steve says I’m admitting I’m wrong! Vanessa says yes after we confirmed it with everyone! Austin says oh geezzz! Vanessa tells Steve If you want me to give you a conversation, I will just don’t keep spinning bullsh*t! Steve says I had it mixed up in my head and had it wrong. Austin says I think she just wants honesty! Vanessa says RIGHT!! JUST F**KING SHOOT ME STRAIGHT!!! GOD!!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 03-13-42-811

12:15am Vanessa and Steve head to the hammock. Vanessa says that she had to stop Steve because he was already sounding like bullsh*t. Vanessa says since last week there were lots of interactions with me. You were getting me to confide in you, getting me to trust you, acting like you were my friend and acting like you had my back. And I find that SO FAKE!! Like I don’t need that in my life! Those 3 (Austin, Liz, Julia) had doubts about me but they weren’t fake. To gun for me was strategically stupid, it was dumb! It will be your downfall in this game. It just makes me wonder what is real and what is fake with you. You can go to far in people pleasing. There’s inauthenticity to it. Steve says I definitely am a people pleaser. I played this game and in life .. where I am mortified of confrontation. I swept things under the rug. Vanessa says and tried to capitalize on it just in case I won power again. What you did was really sh*tty! It was douchey! You did me so dirty over the past week. My speech today was something you needed to hear and I hope you learn from it. Steve says I want to apologize for causing you pain and for hurting you. In my attempt to not hurt you in the short term it ended hurting you in the long term. Vanessa asks what were you going to do if you won HOH? Steve says put up James and Meg. Vanessa asks then put me up? Steve says no I would have tried to clear things up with you. I wasn’t sure what I thought about you. Vanessa asks how would have been the backdoor? Steve says I would have put up a pawn. Vanessa asks who Johnny would have put up? Steve says James and Meg. Vanessa says he was after me, why wouldn’t he put me up? Steve says yes you’re right he would have had you as a target. Vanessa asks why didn’t you tell me thing with Johnny weren’t cleared up? Steve says I was still short term people pleasing. Vanessa says it was your own fear of not wanting Johnny on the block with you that is getting you or him sent home. If you hadn’t done that it would James would have been the target.

12:45am Vanessa calls over to the girls and asks the 3 of us are voting together? Julia and Liz says yes. They join them at the hammock. Vanessa says I will get over your it if we decide to keep you. Julia tells Steve that we love you and want to keep you. Liz says we didn’t have the level of loyalty with Johnny as we have with you. Liz says we want to keep you and hope we can move forward with this. Julia says you’re going to stay. Liz says so act like your normal Steve self. Vanessa say just don’t be fake. Austin tells Steve I told you going into this week you wouldn’t go home. Steve tells them that Johnny Mac and him had an alliance called “The Rockstars”. It was never a final 2. We shook hands and said we were a team. Steve says I showed you my loyalty when I sent Jackie home .. because he (Johnny) did not want her to go home. Austin says if you make a 2 person alliance how is that not a final 2. Its not like you’re going to dump it a final 4. Steve says I never saw it that way, he did. Vanessa asks Steve if you win HOH next week who would you put up. Steve says who ever comes back and Meg or James. Vanessa asks what if Johnny Mac comes back. Steve says Meg and James then. They chat about past events in the season and then head inside.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 03-39-48-875

1:05pm Cabana room – The live feeds are blocked and then return to Steve talking to Vanessa alone. He says I have not brought the game and would not bring the game to the level of lying to you about what I talked to you about. Besides the game I want you to know that was genuine and I would not bring the game to that level. Vanessa says okay but you realize that I had to consider that. Steve says I can totally respect that, I just wanted to let you know that moment.. that is genuine. Vanessa says okay, alright. Steve says obviously opinions are changing rapidly as I am sure you understand but to the best of my… big brother blocks the feeds again.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 04-46-39-449

1:09am Steve is alone in the backyard. He says to the camera “Selling out your best friend is never fun but when I walked into this house I said I was leaving every single trace of my integrity at the front door. And I meant it.” Steve heads back inside.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 04-37-30-914

1:15am Bedroom – James tells Meg he really enjoys her company. Meg says right back at you. James says I think you’re super cute and I could flirt with you all day long. Meg says I will never forget you called me a smoke bomb on national television. I mean no one will ever be able to top that! James says I bet everyone is wondering about our relationship. Meg says Steve said they’ve never had that Zing before. James says the friend zone? Meg says yeah. James brings up the kiss on the cheek she gave him during the podcast. Then during the truth or dare you gave me the perfect kiss. You keep those kisses coming! James says honestly I think you and I would have a really good camping trip! (Camping is code for $ex) Meg says oh my god James. James says you and I have known each other for a while now. I think we would giggle and laugh a lot. I know you would be prone to accidents so I would be really careful with you. Meg says prone to accidents .. oh my god. James says I would make sure you had all your safety gear on during this camping trip.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 03-58-23-670

1:15pm – 2:35am HOH room – Liz gets mad at Julia for calling Steve sneaky. Julia says its a joke. Liz says not when he is on the block. He is is a very vulnerable position right now. Austin says f**k Johnny Mac, we’re voting him out. Liz says I called it! Johnny and Steve working together. Julia says it was obvious. Austin says Steve was splitting hairs.. if you make a 6 person alliance you’re going with them till final 6. If you make a 2 person alliance you’re going to the final 2 with them. Julia says I feel very good about Johnny Mac going home. Austin says I hope he doesn’t come back and win HOH. Austin leaves. Julia tells Liz you need to know I’m an asset to this triangle! Liz says you need to win. You need to prove yourself. Julia says I came so close in that veto! Liz says you did do good. Julia asks do you love me! Liz says except when trying to wake you up. Julia leaves. Austin and Liz start studying and kissing. Austin and Liz watch the “scamper cam” (Steve on the spy tv) and then go to sleep.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 04-06-23-004

1:35am – 2:45am Backyard – Steve and Julia are talking about life outside the house. Steve talks about his schooling, Mexico and other random things. Julia heads inside. Steve heads in soon after and takes a shower. He then grabs his letter and reads it while he eats. At 2:45am he heads to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 10-09-31-180

10:10am No wake up call yet. Only Steve is awake wandering the house.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 10-37-47-961
10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return Johnny Mac is sitting alone in silence on the backyard couch. In the bedroom – James says we’re just the little guys on the totem pole. Steve says yes James you are. See what I did there? James asks are you talking about my pen!s again? Steve says no your camping gear. James says let whip it out right now! Steve says on camera no, that is more a jury house activity. James says you’re going to have to tell your friends you got beat by a little Asian guy.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 10-58-35-636
11am – 11:40am In the kitchen – Liz is making breakfast for Austin. Johnny Mac joins them. Liz says guess what day it is!? Picture day!! Johnny says its Tuesday already!? Austin heads up to the HOH room to do his HOH blog. Liz finishes making breakfast, puts Austin’s in the microwave and sits down to eat hers.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-25 11-05-46-547

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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BB Drafter

Steve is a rat. Somebody exterminate him.

Vanessa Bottoms Out

Vanessa is the most hated on every site, not just this one, for her non-stop, over the top bullying, a la Jace who’s an amateur by comparison. When clearly Austin pedaling the 3 Austwits votes to every side against her, while also people pleasing & lying to her face was a bigger betrayal. Swapping out JMAC for her in the alliance was up to HOH Austin who wanted an assassin to take out Vanessa STWBNBOHH.

She’s gotta see this right? She’s just pointing all her rage at Steve because Austwits are too powerful. It’s okay if they knife me in the back, I get it, but youuu motherf*cker sh*tty douche you are a monster who betterm stop lying and learn a life lesson about pleasing people. She’s know all about not having friends. The only play she has left is turning the cannons on the returning juror. And getting out James & Meg who’d win any vote over her. She really can’t delude herself she’s got gameplay going for her.


Vanessa can’t go off on the Austwits until after Thursday (see who comes back and wins HOH). She’s probably taking her aggression out on Steve. She thought she could control Steve with SOS but was betrayed. I think she knows she can work with Steve or Jmac to get Austwits out then go after each other all the while James and Meg silently slip to the finals. Lol


Waaahhhhh somebody wasn’t nice! They are BULLIES!! Waaaahhhhhh.

Omg give me a freaking break with the bully crap. Do you even truly know the meaning of the word bully??

Look in the Mirror

Van & you dish it out but can’t take it. Clearly not everyone enjoys her mean spirited lectures to everyone else on morality at the top of her lungs. She could be get what she wants without screaming profanities, bribes, and insults. But that would take brains. She and you don’t really influence anyone except negatively.


Hopes this helps you, because this is EXACTLY Vanessa!

Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict.[1] Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets. Rationalizations for such behavior sometimes include differences of social class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, behavior, body language, personality, reputation, lineage, strength, size or ability


So you don’t think this is Vanessa? Ha- this is EXACTLY her.

Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict.[1] Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets. Rationalizations for such behavior sometimes include differences of social class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, behavior, body language, personality, reputation, lineage, strength, size or ability


Please my boss makes this Vanessa chick look like a sweetheart. This is not what I would consider bullying. Not by a long shot. Most normal people wouldn’t.


Then your boss is breaking the law, and you should report them. I’m sorry you aren’t able to leave that job; why would you stay? Maybe it’s the culture of that workplace and you yourself are also a bully (?) Nobody wins if ***holes are tolerated.


No it’s called paying bills. My boss is a complete asshole but he’s like that to everyone. I personally could care less as long as I get my paycheck. I played football all through high school and got called names (we all did), screamed at and went through pure hell for 4 years lol. My boss is nothing compared to highschool coaches.

So I just shrug him off, we all do.


Omg you people are a bunch of marshmallows. Lol. I have no clue how you get through everyday life without feeling “bullied”.

I would easily handle Vanessa by just telling her what she wants to hear, then doing whatever I want in the end. She’s all talk. Obviously she’s not going to physically harm someone. If that were the case then yes, I would feel “bullied”. I mean did you people watch evel dick? Lol


Evel Dick would have done took Vanesa down a notch or two!! Too bad he’s not in the house!!


Not the people here……………….and EVERY season goes downhill lol.


People have a hard time accepting assertive women who stand up for themselves. Everyone’s a lot more comfortable with women who sleep and giggle all day.


Actually, you’re misinterpreting her nasty, aggressive and hypocritical behaviour as being assertive. I’m sure she is quite capable of asserting her perspective in a assured, confident manner without having to resort to insults. Meg did a great job when Vanessa confronted her.


Shut up, how about a overbearing woman to a chump. and overbearing as a stretch when you are imposing your will on a balless kid. poor guy, putting your foot on the back of his neck because you got penis envy, and you want to take it out on a so called man. see this is the problem with big brother they put in docile “men” in the house. politically correct pussies, who wouldn’t dare tell her to shut the f*** up , for their own sanity, but they won’t do it because she’ll get emotional, and how dare you speak to this female that way on TV. anyways any time she opens her mouth and wants to talk to you this just throw water in her face. again it’s okay to get in your face but don’t you dare say anything wrong to her. Vanessa would run away talking about he said this to me he spoke like this is to me blah blah blah oh my god oh my god this is uncalled for. It’s bullshit But none of these dudes are going to say anything back to her, there Unix. BB17 strong enough for a man but made for a woman

operation golden flow

Instead of water they can just pull it out and pee on her. That will back her off and tell her can you do that.

R. Kelly

Peeing works peeings good


You’ve done a great job of proving my point. Nobody thought Derrick was a bully when he ordered people not to talk to Donny or ranting about how people were taking food out of his daughter’s mouth. Nope, they called that brilliant gaming.



F**K Vanessa

I want to punch her in the face for the way she is talking to Steve. It’s hard to watch him continue to be respectful towards her as she yells and hurls insults at him. Somebody needs to take her out ASAP! If there is ever a time when it’s just her and Austwins in the house. I refuse to watch anymore. This is total BS.


Forget game. Something tells me Steve hadn’t had is ass kicked before. Somebody outta teach that boy some respect.


He’s the Worst!

Steve: We Gotta Come Up with a Name so I can Rat You Out

Twins: We’re gonna get tattoos and go on Amazing Race.

Sobbing Vanessa: you stupid little man boy Motherf*cking, douche, sh*tty ass, two-faced – you got my back now right?

Steve: Mommy in the camera, are you out there mommy? I’m gonna stab my best friends mommy. I’m scared of the witch mommy. I’m trying to kiss Julia mommy.

Thanks BB for another horrible start to the day!

Go Steve Go!

Vanessa is the whinniest lesbian I have ever seen. In the HOH room she told the Twins and Austin, that if he did not want to go on the block with Jmac then vote him OUT! She has not been loyal to anyone in this house!

Pot Kettle Black

Ready for Steve to go also. But, to keep a three person alliance in tact this late in the game is insane. That is three votes which is all you need to stay or go now. If they are all that scared to put up one of them, then they deserve to lose.


Do people really think Vanessa has gotten whomever she wanted out of the game? That she is that powerful? I ask this because I read it so many times from people. This is so untrue. If you think about it, Austin’s been playing a great game.

1. Austin wanted Jeff out. Austin threw the BOtB and got Jeff nominated and evicted.
2. Austin was to be backdoored, “betrayed” by Jason. Jason got backdoored. This couldn’t have happened without Liz campaigning for Austin tho.
3. Last week during Liz’s HOH, Austing squashed James backdoor. (Remember, Vanessa and Julia wanted James gone instead of either Becky or Jmac.)
4. This week’s HOH, again Julia, Vanessa and Steve wanted James on the block. Not only did Austin manage to keep him off the block but not be backdoored. (Liz is sticking by her man because I believe she was pretty much indifferent.)

Let’s see how good Vanessa is with getting what she wants. Let’s not count her or Shelli’s HOH’s since those were mutual.

1. Vanessa had zero say in James 2 HOH’s.
2. Vanessa had zero say in Becky’s HOH. The 2 people fighting the hardest for Vanessa to stay over Shelli were James and Meg. (It worked out well since James is still in the game.)
3. Vanessa wanted James out last week.
4. Vanessa wanted James out this week.

hmm… the only people she was able to manipulate were Steve and Julia (kinda but not so sure since Julia never liked James) and Shelli and Clay.

The reason Shelli is more dangerous than Vanessa because Shelli is better at all comps than Vanessa. Shelli’s social game is superior.


I disagree slightly. Vanessa most definitely wanted Becky out last week over James. And she wanted JMac out this week. Vanessa has had a lot of say as to who goes out most weeks. But I do agree that, I believe, Austin is playing the best game so far. I definitely see him as one of the final 2!

GeekSquad McGee

I don’t think a 2 person alliance has to mean final 2.

If I were in the BB house, I would have final 4-5 deals with single players. I’d help take them to the ten yard line where it becomes every houseguest for themselves, but I won’t promise them that if there’s a Meg or Victoria there that I won’t take them instead. That’s a fair deal and an honest deal; as opposed to most final 2’s which are bullshit.

People throwing around final 2’s can’t be trusted, but if you tell someone you’ll go final 4 with them and then all bets are off, they would have less reason to doubt you.



Pot Kettle Black

I can just hear their voices!!! James ah, Steve ah. They are not annoying at all, said no one ever!!!


The twins are so annoyingly, they agree with the person that they are talking to. I get it from Liz cuz she has comp wins but Julia talks shit about Meg not winning when she is a garbage player whereas meg has a decent social game


Yes and she is truly the biggest floater of the season. Meg has more game than her and is socially better. Julia has done nothing I mean cooooome oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn……….

Meg the Mastermind

“Meg has more game…” If you only knew. After I win this game, you all will have to go back and see how it happened. My gameplan is both simple and subtle. Get to F3 with Julia and anyone else, win the final HOH, take Julia to F2. Game over. This game is easy!

Steve is almost done

I loved when Steve was getting grilled, he thinks he’s some mastermind that had this game on lock


It sounds kind of like Steve, when he said that weird thing abut Becky :) to me. Idk :P


Really? I think Van needs to get off her soap box. Like wtf was she doing while Steve was throwing her under the bus? She was throwing Steve under the bus! Steve has given her more valuable information than she has given him! She is really a class act… Like she hammers on him, he fucked up, he is on the block, he is toast even if he does stay, like cut the guy some slack. But she cant let that happen, she has to make him feel like shit, then she will turn around and act like his forgiving savior. He may not be a great player, as I am sure most of us wouldnt be either, but he has proven himself to these guys. His personal segment on TV was really good, and his parents are adorable. It changed my view of him, so it pisses me off when Van is being so high and mighty. She is being very calculating… She knows he isnt the only one behind this backdoor, but hes getting shit on for being NICE to her? Austin was nice to her, liz was nice to her, julia was too, everybody was!!… I couldn’t imagine being in a real life relationship with this woman, she is 50 shades of green beanie. The mad hatter mastermind has got to go!


I’m not a Steve fan at all AND I’m not a Vanessa fan, but I try to look at both people’s perspective. I do believe Steve definitely betrayed Vanessa first when Vanessa and Shelli were on the block. Steve gave absolutely zero effort to try to save Vanessa. Steve’s final 2 at that time were Vanessa and Jmac.

Here’s the thing about Vanessa: Vanessa would’ve tried her best to save Steve if it was Steve and anybody else except Shelli. I believe Vanessa was loyal to Shelli foremost especially after Clay left. Before Clay left Vanessa was loyal to Steve the most (rightfully so).

Steve could’ve so easily have persuaded (and goblins didn’t need persuading at all) the votes to save Vanessa easy. Remember, the goblins saved Vanessa, not the Austwins like people think. Austwins were fine with Shelli. Only the thing the Austwins didn’t like was their side was being attacked.

Now putting our faves aside and if we were truly honest and being objective from each person’s game, taking out Shelli was the best thing the goblins did, with the order of evictee to be James and Jackie. Shelli would’ve played both sides as she was good with the twins and Jackie and GREAT with Jmac, Steve and Becky.

Now back to the current situation. Steve was the guy that I cannot get behind but he is playing smart right now because much to my surprise, he’s not throwing the Austwins UTB to Vanessa and taking all the blame. That’s his only chance to stay cause if he threw the Austwins UTB with the 5-person alliance, off he goes to the jury. Vanessa is still working Steve to try to get the Austwins to vote out Steve because I believe wholeheartedly that Vanessa has this weird thing about Jmac and that’s who she wants to go to final 2 with. (I don’t know if it’s popularity thing but there’s something weird there because anyone else who had all those blowouts that Jmac had with Vanessa, they would’ve been dead to her but here she is playing game FOR Jmac. Vanessa, I believe wants to be liked MORE than win the game.)

Now, if Jmac really wants to stay and not wait for other people to make that happen, I believe he could easily do that. Talk to the goblins and bring everything out on the table. It’ll take a little work (but very little) because Austin already told James and Meg about how Jmac told him about James saying that Jmac has nothing to worry about with James and also pushing hard to get James on the block this week (but James is not personal and he understands this 100% as Jmac was just trying to save himself). Jmac has to tell James and Meg why he didn’t trust them because they turned their backs on Becky. If they explained that new information came between their changing mind, that Becky was ratting them out the week prior to Shelli and Shelli just not being able to forget about James taking out Clay that she took back Clay’s sweater while she was on the block, etc., I know Jmac would’ve understood and pretty much think that James would be stupid not to vote out Shelli. (Remember, Jmac knew who Shelli’s target was: James, Meg, Jackie.)

Whoever breaks up the Austwins will shoot up in popularity poll but will have no chance to make it to to the final 3. Whoever breaks up the Austwins is just setting it up for someone else to win so I get why they are not targeted. James is in the worst spot with his final 2 being with Meg and because James really sucks at anything mental.


People will only be persuaded if they respect your opinions. Nobody in that house respects Steve. They call him boy and lose their shit whenever he stands up for himself and doesn’t want to be used however they see fit. Steve is an apologist and doesn’t have the authority, numbers, or backbone to lead any change in the game.


Where your and I opinions differ, is that I dont think Steve owes Van anything. I am not understanding your point about how Steve should have stuck up for van more to the goblins? Van didn’t need saving, as obviously she is still in the house. He has no persuasion with anyone. Look at his futile attempts to get off the block… With the most spineless person in the house!
Steve was never her number 2 in her tiers of loyalty B.S., NEVER! She is with no one, but yet with everyone. She doesnt want the money, she wants to show the world how smart and manipulative she is. She is really good at this game, but she is exhausting, and I personally cant handle the way she pushes around people, and makes herself look like a victim with no control. When she has the most control out of everyone. I dont like how she and Shelli brought the twins into this game.
There was a fence between jmac and van. He hopped off that fence to vans side, by evicting Jackie. (Becky, im sure would have been backdoored.) That wasn’t his biggest mistake though! His big mistake was jumping back to jmacs side… He should of went all or nothing with one side, instead of trying to make everyone happy. Thats why he is in this position. I am sure will make him her #2 again though.. Ha!


I don’t understand the hate for Vanessa. This isn’t a truth telling contest. This isn’t summer camp like Meg, James and Austwins think it is. Doing nothing like Jmac and Steve hoping to win the war of attrition is a fad strategy. It’s Big Brother. The idea is to target and remove players from the game to move yourself towards the prize. As entertainment this show is dead with out Vanessa. Who do you think is going to take out the Austwins? James might have an outside shot but even he is saying it’s not time yet. It’s going to be Vanessa. She’s the only one who has the balls and she doesn’t need HOH to do it.

Nobody Important

Apparently, you didn’t hear James tell Meg he is putting up the twins if he wins HOH.


Apparently you don’t read more than one sentence

James – the person that comes in wins HOH and throws them up (Austin, Twins, Vanessa) we don’t have to do it.

James has no intention of putting them up. He has no intention of winning HOH.


Not happy to see Jmac go. However, the game needs a power shift. I hope whoever comes back is looking that the strong known alliance of 3. The annooooooying Austwins.

Canadian Kevin

Can i just say, i hate Austin?
Not only is he a cheating scumbag immature manchild, asking someone to be his girlfriend – but the fuck you Johnny Mac bothers me too.

But i’ll admit it’s because i like JMac, and unless there is a twist, he’s done.

God, i hope we can all bear witness to the shock Austin is in for when he realizes how much the outside hates him and the twins, and adores Jmac.


Agree. I feel the same as I did with Donny last year. A part of me kind of wants him to be voted out so the others can hear the cheers when he leaves the house and think: oh shit, people really like Johnny? Oh man, I’ve been talking so much shit about him. Damn, that probably means they don’t care for me too much.

And yes to all of the above even though that is merely one reason people do not like you.

Tattooed Finger

I am really hoping to be staying “under cover” next week. I am going to try to hide in my Lizz-ard cave and try not to be exposed

Min O'Pause

From that pic of Asstin I’d say you got competition from the other hand. Unless he’s showing the twits he can handle both of them at the same time?


I hope Vanessa is true to her word and teams up with Jonny Mac. If they get the goblins on board the returning house guest, who ever it will be, will side this them and it would be easy pickings to get the Austwins out. The only one to worry about winning HOH is Liz. It would be a smart play to shift the power in the house.


Van is just covering her bases. She is pretending to have a deal with him, just like every other deal she has made, and she will conjure up a reason not to stay true to her word. She wants jmac to go to jury and let them know to go after the austwins, not her. Her word means nothing. She needs to go, yes, even before the austwins. Liz and Julia can be swayed if you are fun… Van is more dangerous than 3 dummy block votes.


I f’kin can’t stand Steve. He tries to hard & thinks he’s some kind of genius when all he is deep down is a wimp & a cringe inducing mental case. I really wish he was leaving this week instead of Johnny. Still not over him evciting Jackie. I hope she comes back in, wins HOH & puts him and Van on the block with a Austin as replacement. Now that would be some F-WORKS!!!

Modesty Blaise

Someone got slammed a couple weeks ago when they said Steve gave them the creeps, but I will stand by that assertion. He reminds me of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. All he needs is a bottle of lotion and a pit to put his victims in.


It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again


I would definitely rather see Steve go than Jonny Mac


The show is going to get good when Austin and the twisted sisters start to fall.

Bob Cobb

Steve acts like a little puppy with his tail between his legs while Sacmessa is grilling him. Hey Steve, how ’bout growing a pair and bite back at her!


Yah, that would be really smart… To attack the vote to keep him, and she also controls twins votes. Hes doing it right, let her be the victim, and blow hard… Then she will act like she is the only one in the game that wants to save him. But then I think he will be happy that he was saved…

Like...I'm Jackie

The problem is everyone acts like a puppy with their tails between their legs when it comes to Vanessa. Jmac has been the only one to stand up to her and she flipped out! If nobody is willing to put her in her place she will continue (just like the whole game) to intimidate everyone in the house because they let her.


Becky was the one that stood up to her and Vanessa couldn’t take it, not John who was on the defense with her.


It would be a travesty if jmac wins America’s Fav. Player …as James deserves it the most.


I like james as a player. I would be happy if he won big brother. However, Americas favorite? He’s disgusting. Have you forgotten that he said his “type” was Megs face with a better body? And the way he talks about lizs’ body? And all the disgusting things he says about women that I will not repeat? Gross. Just gross.

Vanessa the Bully

yes Steve can’t really defend himself that well… But honestly Vanessa you’re a huge bully!!! You’re talking down to Steve for having other alliances while you have your stupid Austin angels alliance that you never mentioned to Steve. Steve please grow some balls and just defend yourself rather than getting hits by fucking Vanessa and feeding her ego. She needs to go big time, it is sad to see you being bullied like that.


Wahhhhh nessa’s not being nice. She’s a bully. Give me a break. I’m not even a nessa fan but I am sick to death of people crying bully just because someone’s not being “nice”. Also it’s annoying that you don’t seem to understand what’s going on and yet you comment on it like you do…

Question: was austins Angels formed to target Steve? Lol THATS the difference. DUH.


What is really annoying is people calling that bitch ‘nessa’.


You may not be NESSA fan. I think nessa is great. NESSA is awesome.


Are the twins also gonna be on Bad Girls Club 14? I checked wikipidea of BGC 14 and their names are there as a replacement bad girls.. apparently they will be on episode 10 to 12. So they did shoot BGC then before they went on BB. is this right? I was so shocked to see their names os BGC14 wiki


I swear BB is losing creditability by going out and recruiting these players. This should be a game were ordinary people apply and if selected then fine. They go out and get a Professional Poker player a set of twins that have already recorded a reality show and football player etc…. whatever happened to the normal ordinary person wanting to be on a game show like this had to send in videos and applications?!?!?


I really wish production pushed Vanessa to use the VETO on Steve and then they backdoored Vanessa. Can they do that? It would have been the first time ever!
I hope Steve goes over JMac. I just hope JMAC stays and wins HOH. Now that would be the power shift this game needs.
I don’t understand why no one is going ofter the power couple — Austwins. I would put Vanessa and Julia on the block!
I’m so sick of Vanessa’s game — they all see it but everyone is too scared to do anything. “why would you want a bitter player in the jury house” shut up vanessa

a real fan

you call yourself a a fan of the show?
if van is not on the block and won veto- she is safe. thats it- if she use it or not.
you said “taking a shot” on austins. (i agree. even thogh from the hoh winners it was only becky that should have.) and then said ” i would put julia and vanneca!” ??
so whos your target? the smart thing is liz and ausin on the block…


Wow how about you shut up bb “fan”, you don’t even know how the game works.


If you win the veto, you are safe even if you use it on someone else. Duh…and your name is BBFan4Ever? Is this your first season??? Oh– I guess you watched and loved Frankie last year. Bleeaaahhhhh


Unless you are on the block…if you use it on someone else while on the block you are a moron and can still get voted out. Other than that the Veto holder is untouchable.

Hate Vanessa

I’m so over the austwins and Vanessa this bb season is the worst. None of these house guest know how to play the game.. They aren’t even as good as some of the worst bb players


Why were the feeds blocked during the Steve/Vanessa convo? Seems fishy.


Julia might (I said “might”) be the smartest of the Austwits. By not winning she is less of a threat. She has two meat shields to hide behind.



do you think any chance Liz will take Austin to final two instead of Julia?


There is zero chance of Austin going to the final 2 if both twins are still in the game at that point. The twins will take each other before Austin.

Asswuss and the hooters

One of the most unlikeable characters in bb history, Vanessa. Yes she can read people, WHEN THEY’RE PLAYING POKER! Yes everyone thinks she is a lawyer ,big whoop, she didn’t finish! She has a histrionic personality (google it) who intimidates, and is soooo condescending to all of the empty headed non confrontational little children in that house. And that is why she is this years best player so far. Thankyou my rant is over.

Steve Lost

A power soft would mean Steve’s gone. He’s a classic floater that thinks he’s a mastermind. He tells everyone what they want to hear, makes no power moves and is so bad at strategizing to move forward with a team. He loves to play cat and mouse, dangle his swung vote, then try to play stupid, so the end result is going around in circles. Vanessa had got to know everyone was talking sh*t about her.

If Austwits got turned against her and Steve did, and James/Meg, than who the f*ck turned their heads. JMAC did all that? No, they’re more intimidated by JMACS independence so out he goes, even though Steve is more treacherous. I’m just a people pleaser so I went along, blech. That’s why they don’t like Johnny, but at least he shoots straight and follows through. He’s not having 15 imaginary conversations and alliances and love affairs in his head like Steve.

Vanessa is more hurt angry about Steve’s betrayal not the Austwits who she created from the beginning? More drama from the psycho factory. Why is everyone able to talk strategy without sobbing except Vanessa? Steve is a douche for all that ridiculous camera monolog b.s. He just got done speechifying he was gonna play a clean honest game, now he’s saying since the beginning he’s left every ounce of his integrity at the door? You never entered rooms or spoke for 50 days. Where does this big talk leave him but at bottom of pile again. I bet his secret that he tells Vanessa during morning music is about his meds.


1) Vanessa doesn’t have a final 2 with Austwins

2) obviously she knows none of the 3 would take her to final two if it came down to it

3) she thought Steve was the one person she had in the house

4) she did the same thing to Austin so there’s not much she can say


Why are they all intimidated by Vanessa?? its mind boggling – Get some backbone – Fuck Vanessa!!!!


Just wondering… Was it Mcrae who introduced the term Meat Shield to the BB lingo?


Here we go again with the Vanessa interrogations.. GET OVER YOURSELF VANESSA! It’s a game and YES everyone in that house wants YOU out!! The only problem is nobody has the frickin balls to do it. Austin is going to wish he’d BD’d her a$$ this week. I’m sick, sick, sick of her!


This is the most unstable alliance in Big Brother history. Austin was going to be backdoored by his alliance, Vanessa was going to be backdoored by her alliance now Steve was going to be sent out the door. The Goblins are more loyal to each other and would not throw each other under the bus like this alliance. Also I hope Steve does not bow down to his alliance and realize that he doesn’t owe them a thing for keeping him. Austin and the twins come out smelling like roses with Vanessa but Steve gets all the chastising!


Seems to me goblins is a catchphrase for anyone allied with Meg. Jason and Meg were the goblins. Then Jackie and Jason and Meg were the goblins. Then Jackie and Meg were the goblins. Then Jackie and James and Meg were the goblins. Then Jackie James Becky and Meg were the Goblins. Now James and Meg are the goblins.
Are they really that loyal?
I guess it’s pretty easy to be loyal when only one actually wins comps and has to make a decision for the two, and the other is just somebody to flirt with in hopes of taking them to final two for the easy win.
They aren’t very loyal at voting time. They voted to evict Jeff, they voted to evict Becky (twice). They complained that everyone should do what the hoh wants, then one week later said screw the hoh (one of their own allies) to vote out Shelli over Vanessa.
I don’t see any indication that they are playing the game with any moral superiority. One of them breaks every deal he makes, the other is useless except for moaning into the camera that all of her friends go home. They just happen to be on the short stack of chips which makes them the dark horse.


I totally agree w/ you. I don’t like the Goblins on a game level, but personally I cant help but root for the underdogs . I was hoping James would be BD’d just so the others would finally be forced to turn on each other. I also think Meg is secretly trying to get James OTB. Her crying after losing the veto was very suspicious. She had to know by now how a paranoid Vanessa would perceive that. Her crying started Vanessa’s whole “why wasn’t anybody happy I won” which led to her thinking she was a backdoor target. Meg is super emotional, a crybaby and I’ll be curious to see how hard she tries when she is on the block. She’s now on Vans radar.


I really don’t think JMac is going home. This is Vanessa’s MO. Steve has been desperately seeking Vanessa’s attention and approval since the blowout. She was finally kind to him again to gain every ounce of information she could so that she knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE. Each and every HG has bared their soul to her. They are all in fear. lol I’d be willing to bet that by Thursday she will roll with JMac and vote scamper Steve out. JMac and V will do a solid F2, he will stop throwing comps and they (with the returning HG) will slay the Austwits.

I have not cared much for Vanessa’s type of gameplay because she never “owned” her style of play. Lie, manipulate, psychological coercion — do it all to win, I don’t care. But own it in the DR sessions… talk to the viewers and confirm what we know– that you are a BEAST. Don’t cry in the D.R.’s and act shocked that people are figuring you out your lies…

Own your shit and I will love you as a HG. Own your shit and I will think of you as another E.D. or Dr. Will or Dan. If you don’t own it, I see you as a Derrick—- an average but super intelligent player playing a game with a house full of half-wits. You’re welcome!


Maybe Twinstins will get super paranoid about putting all the guilt on ‘Boy’ and and end up voting him out because ‘he may turn on us’. I’d like V and JM to ally together,- unlikely duo, openly mistrustful of each other, but each knowing their game relies on enemy ties?? Might be interesting…

Pleeeeze James Stop

James begging Meg for sex is awful. Just when you want to root for him because there’s no one else, he’s gotta turn back into Creepy McCreep Meg calls him. I would hurt you during sex. You wouldn’t mind sex with me. We would laugh alot. It would be nice. You kissed me during spin the bottle. After doggjng her the whole game, starting the grandma routine she hates, and hitting her in the eye, she’s just saying calling her a smoke bomb is the nicest thing he’s done. But he calls everyone a smoke bomb and more. Please put perv Steve in a box and concentrate on not sucking Austwits d*ck either. You should have kept Goblins together and brought in JMAC & Becky and now look where your at. Begging for p*ssy on national tv you ain’t gonna get. Even when she’s drunk off her ass at the Wrap Party.


Since jmac is leaving I wish ha would aleast tell everybody that when Vanessa was suppose to be interrogating him she actually ask him to be in a final two with her and to tell her everything they say and that is why he told her about the 5 person alliance. That would at least open up everyone’s eyes again to how Vanessa plays. She is the fakest of fake calling the fake, fake.


I bet that Vanessa fakes her orgasms!!!


James has me dying laughing with his flirting with Meg. Really cute.


I seriously fast forward when ever Vanessa is on a screen, ANYWHERE. Every time she opens her mouth, fecal matter comes out. What kills me, is that she’s spun this web that she’s a straight shooter, swearing on Bibles, and her loved ones, saying she’s alone. She strategically set herself up like this because she has NO social game. Anyone remember when she was bawling her eyes out week 1? How she wanted out? She knew then, she was an outsider. Those waterworks got her Austin and she’s used them every time she gets in trouble. She is one of the BIGGEST liars I’ve seen on BB. And, I’ve seen each season. The difference between her and lying well, is that she has no social game and to the viewer it’s COMPLETELY obvious she’s lying. The others are just too naive to know the difference. Or, they’re just too afraid to do anything about it. Frankie was in the same position last year. I’m glad to see Dawg is above the AustTWITS in the poll. And, despite how much I dislike Meg, James, and Johns game play I’d rather one of them still be in play near the end than the other side of the house. And, Steve, PFFT. Just Man up and tell that duck faced beanie wearing crazy eyes Orange is the new Black psycho to take a flying leap.


If Vanessa were in the DR saying that these are her tactics (crying, yelling, bullying) than I would respect her more as a game player. However, I think she truly believes the BS she is selling. She acts very entitled and thinks that everyone in the game owes her some kind of deal. I felt the same way about Shelli and Audrey. The best case scenario is Shelli come back into the game and teaming up with James, Meg and Johnny Mac or Steve (whoever survives). This is the only real way to break up “Austin’s Angels”… even though it will never happen.


I hope we see some paranoia about ‘Boy’ run rampant in the Twinstin’s head. They fed him with guilt about being fake while on their pedestal of ‘we had reason to doubt her but you didn’t’ . Let it simmer and brew that ‘Boy’ will feel they fed him to the wolf and they let him take that hit alone, then vote him out. I’d like to see V and JM plot together. An unlikely duo considering…. but would make for some interesting viewing to see how they work it, openly mistrustful but having to rely on enemy ties to get them furthest.


Is integrity the new word of the week? James and Meg are the only true alliance on the show. They actually have each others back and I hope they make it to the end. Vanessa has gone against everyone in her alliances. Austin has talked about maybe having to choose to take out Liz at the end with James. Liz has
talked about getting out Austin at the end. Julia has. talked to Vanessa about starting to playing the game for. her self eventually.


No body would win sitting next to James beside Van. Every body else are worthless.


Does the returning HG get a week of safety? Think when Judd came back he was immediately sent packing and feeders thought it stupid that the returnee doesn’t stand a chance unless they win HOH. Yet in prior years I thought they were given a safe week. Anyone remember?.


I don’t think Nicole was safe last season and was sent packing.


Didn’t they give a safe week on BB Canada?
I think they should give one free week or it will just be in and out and what’s the point of that.


Wondering who Dawg hopes to take to final two. To be fifth in the poll is an amazing accomplishment. Congrats.


These people. It’s a toss up for who I dislike the most at this point. Vanessa or Austin? Austin or Vanessa? Crazy Narcissist or Stupid/Delusional/Shit-Talking Coward? Where does CBS find these people? The entire casting department should be fired.

*Slams head on keyboard*

Doran Martell

Damn I miss bb16


Ok let’s not get too carried away…


Lost respect for Vanessa. I don’t think she needs to us bully martyr tactics. It’s unbecoming.


Vanessa doesn’t know how to let things go. She already has the info she needs to come up with her next strategy in the game. But instead of coming up with her next strategy, she keeps beating the same dead horse (i.e., Steve) over and over again.

Austinks and Lizard have sex every night.

Am I the only one that thinks Austin is too good for Liz? Yes he smells and is a pathetic creepy immature little bitch. But it’s Lizard and even Austinks could do better. He is somewhat intelligent. Lizard has no positive qualities at all.


I don’t understand why everyone gets mad when the person on the block tried to do whatever to stay in the game. Austin is with everyone, so he screwed himself winning HOH. So don’t be mad at JMac for telling Vanessa about the 5. The twins are nasty ugly girls with the way they talk. You don’t have to say such nasty remarks about someone, just say its better game ways to get so n so out. The Camera is on 24/7 and these people have a rude awakening when they get out in the real world. I have heard JMac say one nasty remark, just all game play.


Where’s the heck! is the “Golden Power of Veto”? Where the heck! is a “coup dae ta” , whatever the heck you called it? where the heck! if “Pandora box” Production sureeee love to used that to save Jeff. Let’s make this interesting please…

I survived last seasons BB

Don’t worry Y’all…Meg is gonna save the Day !!

She plans a BIG move Thursday..Which means She will finish 5th outta 6 in the HOH Comp

The ONLY hope for this season would be the returning Jury Member win HOH, or maybe James..Because if they keep Simple Steve, He will go after James/Meg like His Handlers want Him to

This Season turned for the worse when James flipped the House to keep Vanessa,, Shelli was no threat after Her Clay Pigeon flew the coop. So they kept the real threat and now it’s code red


Why hasn’t Johnny Mac talked to James and Meg???? He needs to get their votes, and Vanessa’s, and stay! Then the four of them join forces with the returning player and get out the Austwits!!!! Easy-done-put up Austin and Liz w Julia as replacement if they have to! Somebody grow a pair already. Geeeezzzz


Agreed. Disappointed JMAC gave up so easily.

Jmac and Steve are idiots...

Here’s what they should do. Say if you keep me I will align with you and together we can recruit the returning hg from jury and get rid of the real thread in the house – the austwins alliance. I you send me out I can promise that you won’t get my vote at the end, and I will do everything in my power to poison the other jury members with the truth of your actions. Oh, and I’ll make sure to expose you to the other hgs before I leave. Take your pick. And if you want to cry and scream, be my guest, but you’ll have to do it on your own, because I won’t stand here and take it.


wasiffthegrid…I would like to see Julia just start to play the game period!!! That girl is just pure dead weight with a huge mouth. She hasn’t done a damn thing yet except yell and scream JAAAMMMMMEEESSSS the whole time in the house. I had to turn off BBAD last night because of it. She is a “legend in her own mind” and seems sneaky and entitled all the time.


I can’t believe it’s happening but Vanessa has turned me, I didn’t used to like her and I am still not her greatest fan but I hate Austwit and the twins more. Please Vanessa flip and vote with the goblins and get Steve out. I am so sick of Austwit and twins thinking they are in control of everyone’s game they have the size of a pea brain the 3 of them, they are more annoying then Clay and Shelli were. Ugh this game would have no one likeable left if Johnny Mac goes!


Steve isn’t Rainman, They’re both Taxi Driver.

another name

There’s something about the houseguests that are cultivated by production to be favorites that always leaves me wanting. It’s nothing against the hg’s personally. I admit part of it is because i feel like i’m being manipulated and coerced to like somebody instead of forming my own opinion. Yeah, i’m the guy that didn’t think Donny played a good game, and didn’t care about his homespun hick with a heart of gold schtick. I’m the guy that didn’t like bbcan 2’s Adel the underdog storyline. Wasn’t a fan of bbcan 3’s Zach Captain Canada either. For that matter, i had a hard time reconciling my thoughts about that season’s d/r performer Godfrey. The more the show edit tries to push their heroic figure on me, the more i resist.
A lot of the golden edits this season have made me roll my eyes. A lot. for some reason, I’m having a hard time being supportive of the house guests that the episodes are telling me i should support.
So, this has been part of my issue with Jmac this season. He’s the d/r darling that does very little for weeks. Great. He gives colour commentator comments. But for weeks, that’s about all he does in the game. I don’t hate him. I don’t see the big draw. If the only game moves made are the comments in the d/r, it gets boring and stale pretty quick for me.
This is also part of my issue with James. For weeks they’ve been playing up his edit as the underdog hero more and more. Sorry, I still think of him as the over the top perv guy making derogatory sexist foul mouthed comments that breaks his word every time he pledges it. Playing the villain’s game to get further in the game is cool with me. Playing the villain’s game while being portrayed as the hero bothers me. The fun little practical joker is still the creepy perv fun little practical joker. Playing for the money is cool. Doing whatever it takes to win the money is cool. But spare me the underdog hero d/r spin.
Am I the only one that watches the feeds, then watches the episodes and wonders if i just imagined an entirely different week filled with entirely different people doing and saying things for entirely different reasons than the diary comments would lead one to believe?


Thank you totally agree. I’ve also said it before: Jmac’s fake persona in dr and his edit reminds me of Peter Brown.

Everyone is the House Calls Her Bully

Tantrums are tantrums. She can play and does play as dirty, nasty, backstabbing, drugged, bribing as often as she likes. It just isn’t working for her. And nobody likes to watch it but you. She’s not done, she’ll won’t learn any life lessons she preaches out of the Bible. Those rules are for every one else. Right now, she’s having a screaming tantrum at Steve, because everyone lets her, glad it’s not them, taking Austins beating for him, with a knife behind their back. What is she persuading everyone of exactly? That’s she’s unbalanced? Or a winner? She’s got a good heart if you let her win, she says.

brotalk to human dictionary

I have a serious question. I’ve been reading some of the strategy comments today, and i’m scratching my head.
Pretend you are Vanessa (without the stupid hat and repetetive high speed delusional talk).
How does it make sense to jump from the bottom of a 4 person alliance to the bottom of a five person alliance? Whoever comes back is closer to James Meg and John than Vanessa. It succeeds in getting rid of people the viewers hate.
It doesn’t increase Vanessa’s odds in the game. Are any of the five going to actually take Vanessa any further than the Austwits? No, they use her for the week and dump her.
Vanessa is a secondary target if she stays with Austin and the twins. James already stated he was thinking they had to take a shot at them if they get power.
Best bet for Vanessa is waiting to see who wins hoh and who returns from jury, then either play dead or start crying about how alone she is and everyone turned on her so she has no real allies act broken and defeated and pledge her vote if asked.
John hasn’t campaigned to James and Meg. James wants him gone for the same reason he wanted Jace, Shelli and Becky gone. Physical comp domination. If Jmac can’t secure the deal, why should Vanessa stick her neck out?