Steve “I’m voting against the way they want me to! We control the votes (to keep Shelli), its done!”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-06 10-20-04-079

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10:15am The live feeds return. In the bathroom – Vanessa is talking to Steve. Steve says that he talked to Johnny Mac and he is on board. Vanessa shakes her head and says they tricked you. Don’t you see what they’re dong? He’s telling Johnny Mac to tell people he’s on board but in reality he’s voting the other way. And he is acting all mopy and sad as if he’s going home. Steve says he has the 5 votes! Freaks and Geeks are on board. Vanessa says I know but I don’t think he knows you’re on board that’s why. Steve says that Clay told me that Johnny Mac was on board (with voting Clay out). Vanessa says Johnny Mac was told to act like he is on board but he’s not. Steve says got it. I don’t understand Johnny Mac. That’s strange. Vanessa asks do you not realize how much its a big deal they’re pushing. Steve says I’m voting against the way they want me to so. We control the votes, its done. Vanessa asks do they know its coming. Steve says I’m considering telling them. I have a story. Vanessa says theres no reason not to. No need to blindside.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-06 10-21-37-795
10:15am Comic bedroom – Becky is talking to Johnny Mac. The twins tell James they’re voting Shelli out. They tell that to his face but we know Austin works with Vanessa and Vanessa works with Shelli/Clay. Johnny says maybe I should talk to the twins then too. Becky says that Shelli and Vanessa are really close. They’re spending so much time together. What I’m really frustrated with is that I won HOH with Shelli and she said she was getting rid of Audrey and you’re telling me the whole time the plan was Day. Then last week we were told the whole plan was Austin and I agreed to go up on the block and then they changed the plan to Jason. And that sucked because I was really with them. They lie to me and switch the target.. because it benefited that Vanessa/Shelli/Clay target. Johnny says yeah. They didn’t tell me. Becky says I get nervous.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Becky says he (Clay) can’t get mad at you for keeping him in the game. Johnny says yeah. Becky says I can’t necessarily turn on Shelli. When can you look at Shelli and vote her out, when its too late. She’s the stronger one but they’re not keeping us in the loop. You were in the loop about Jason, I wasn’t in the loop about Jason. I think they’re freaking good and have convinced the whole house into keeping a stronger player in the game and we’re believing it like zombies! But no one can be mad at you for keeping them in the game. Johnny says yeah. Becky says just tell Steve .. its between Amanda or McCrae.. which would you keep? He would keep McCrae if he had to play against them. Johnny says yeah Steve and I have to win today or we’re in trouble. Becky says and yet the quite guys decide who goes home. Why isn’t Shelli telling you she will work with you. Clay cornered and bullied Steve last night that’s not okay. Johnny says I think it will blow up both ways. Like where is my pecking order is both ways. Becky says Clay is going to hurt short term but he won’t get rid of you because he still needs you. Shelli is going to hurt you in the long term and cost you 500K.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-06 10-35-13-082
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10:30am Clay asks Steve are you voting me out? Steve says yes, I promised you. They head to the kitchen. Steve comments to Becky you heard Amy (Production) right? Becky says yeah in 40 minutes. (HOH lockdown). Alone in the kitchen. Clay says to Austin – you’re voting to keep Shelli? Austin says yeah, we’re going to do it. Clay says Steve’s on board with it too.

10:45am HOH room James and Meg are in the HOH room. Meg says oh god I want to win today. James says if you win I’m going to give you a big fat juicy kiss! Meg says if I win I will not hold back I swear! And freak out! One day, one day, one day you heard it from be America! James says Enzo even won a POV. Meg asks why can’t I win anything?! James says You won a battle of the block. Jackie joins them. Meg says I am so over this! We’re going to be played for fools again this week!!

10:55am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the HOH lock down.
12:05pm The live feeds are still blocked.

1:10pm The live feeds return. The HOH lock down has ended and the house guests are making lunch, getting ready for the live eviction tonight and cleaning. In the kitchen – Meg comments on how she thinks one more person will go and then jury starts that’s why they brought you (Julia) in last week. Steve says he is 70% sure tonight will be a double eviction with next week being a 20% chance. In the bathroom – Jackie comments that she’s allowed to wear clothes for tonights eviction / HOH competition.

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So ready for some fighting if Shelli stays.

Going to be entertaining.


Honestly I couldn’t care less which one of them goes, BUT I would LOVE to see the fallout if shelli stays. I will be up all night on the feeds. Lol


Exactly my friend. The feeds will finally have some life. Fights! Let see some people screaming at each other.


BBuh! fuggish!

Canadian Kevin

I want shelli to go just because of her sense of entitlement.

And Vanessa, the bully, lying about everyone else bullying her side, deserves to have a closer ally than Clay expunged from the game.

PF the B

You know when Julie announces Clay has been evicted, Vanessa and her minions will look at James, Jackie, and Meg for their reactions. I wish James and his team would smile at each other and gives a thumbs up sign. Quite possibly Vanessa’s head would explode trying to figure out why they didn’t look upset!

Meg's Twig Legs

Nope, you know Meg is going to cry if Clay gets booted.


Cause Clay is “her dude”.. so awkward when she was telling Shelli she was jealous Shelli had someone fighting for her this whole time… ummmm Meg

canadian bacon

Yep, Meg will cry and eat a whole bag of Cheetos. Does production sneak Cheetos in for her? She’s always got orange Cheeto dust around her mouth and on her shirt. Does she have a BB Special Deal concerning Cheetos?


That actually would be great. It would mean Vanessa has no clue what is going on and she would have to think quickly to concoct some elaborate scheme to counteract it all the while panicking.


Yeah it’s obvious they’re pushing hard to get Shelli out but they will somehow convince SS that they don’t care. You have a lot of Big Brother day dreams like this?


Shelli is gonna stay. Only way to get her out would have been to take clay down and put up someone else like jmac. I called this days ago! This is one of those times I really wanted to be wrong.


Whatttttt???? JMac would have than been evicted. James should have taken down clay and put up Vanessa. Now, for sure, Shelli would have gone home.

BB ever

Hi Simon & Dawg,
Can we have a poll for the most stupid BB guest? I would vote for Clay!!!


It was said that Shelli had came out of the DR and said they were questioning her about Clay’s and her relationship and that they would probably be asking Clay about it too. At that time they were both starting to campaign against each other. Next thing you know Clay wants everyone to vote him out again. I wonder if maybe production told them not to worry because whoever got voted out would go to jury or that there was going to be a twist.

Maple Leaf

lawon would get my vote! Special power… LOL


Poor ole #drunkmeg. Who will she uncomfortably straddle now that Jeff & Clay are out the door? Look out JohnnyMac.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Meg is going to be an emotional wreck tonight if Clay goes: 1) because of another blindside move by Vanessa & Co, and 2) because she was counting on cuddling with Clay for the next few weeks. If Shelli stays, I think Meg will be shaken and will do poorly in the HOH competition which at the moment she seems so confident that she’s gonna win. Good luck to her though – it would be a fun week ahead if she or Jackie did pull it out.


Blindsided? She wanted Clay and Shelli on the block. If she wanted Clay to stay they should have put up a pawn. There is never a guarantee how votes go down. She should know that was the risk if Clay is up on the block.

Beast Mode Cowpie

I meant blindsided in the sense that Vanessa and the twins met with James, Meg, Becky, and Jackie the other day and all agreed (except for Vanessa) to evict Shelli. It was kind of like “Dark Moon Version 2” though and Meg will be surprised again when that turns out to be just another short-lived fake alliance that doesn’t include her. Fool me twice … Anyway, you’re right about the votes being unpredictable and even though James and Meg wanted Shelli to be the target, they were naive to think they could control everyone’s votes. Looks like they got played again.


They did not all agree.


Shelli is staying.

The outsiders will continue to dwindle.

Shelli and Vanessa will continue to run the game.

The house will cobtinue to be blind and push them forward.


I really hope you are right.

I survived last seasons BB

A typical 24 hours in the BB17 House….updated

1:00 am Houseguests are all asleep
1: 03 am Vanessa wakes up, takes a double dose of meds and starts scheming
5:17 am Vanessa wakes Austin, Tells Him that in Her sleep She had a vision of a purple monkey that sounded just like JohnnyMac …told Her if Austin voted Her way, Julia would fall in love with Him (
5:22 am Austin “You mean Liz, right ?
5:23 am Vanessa ” Yeah Liz, whatever”

6:15 am Liz and Julia are arguing which of them is more like the Wicked Witch of the West and which of them is more like the Wicked Witch of the East
6: 22 am Austin enters Tells the Twins to hold off on voting out Shelli
6:24 am Julia rolls Her eyes
6: 25 am Liz says “ok honey, now go guard the front door against invisible ants”
6 27 am Austin leaves, falling over His tongue on the way out
6 :29 am Liz rolls her eyes

8: 14 am JohnnyMac awakes from a nightmare that Audrey becomes His Dental Assistant and all His billing records have “Empirical” stamped on them\
8:16 am JohnnyMac decides to sleep in till Jury

9:13 am Shelli asks Clay if female Viagra really works
9 :16 am Clay finishes eating applesauce out of His Texas A & M sippycup
9:25 am Clay gets called to Diary room
9:27 am Shelli starts crying about how much She misses Clay, then starts figuring out how to get the 5th vote to get Clay evicted
9; 46 am Clay learns in Diary Room that admissions have dropped 46 percent at Texas A & M due to His BB appearance

11 :55 am – 1:15 pm Lunchtime..The Houseguests agree that Wiley Coyote could beat up Tony the Tiger

1:15 Austin plays ping pong vs Judas….No one wins

2: 10 pm,,Still on the purple theme, Vanessa becomes paranoid that Barney doesnt love Her but loves Everyone but Her..She runs to Shelli for support

3: 15 Like,,Jackie is umm,,like…ya know,,like in the HOH bedroom
3:21 pm Megs boobs enter the HOH room
3: 22 pm James enters the HOH room
3:22.5 pm..The rest of Meg enters the HOH room
3:24-4:30 They chat about random things..literally about the word random
4:45 pm They decide they need to talk to Becky about Tonights vote, James asks if anyone has seen Becky, or Her boobs ?
4:47 pm Jackie says,,like,,not since,like,,the day we moved in
4 ;51 pm Meg leaves the HOH room
4:53 pm James and Megs boobs leave the HOH room

5:15 pm Jazzercize

6:25 pm Dinner…The Houseguests agree that Meg is about as New York City as a California Roll Sushi

8 :13 pm Steve scares Himself..No actually Vanessa scared Steve..

8;44 pm Vanessa calls a secret meeting with Austin,Liz and Julia
8;46 pm They agree to evict Shelli
8:48 pm They agree to evict Clay
8:49 They agree to evict Shelli
8:50 They agree to evict Clay

8:59 pm..They agree to make a decision later and call them self the purple monkey alliance

11:10 pm Julie Chen asks for the remainder of Audreys Meds

Midnight BB Production mercifully blocks the feeds




By far the funniest reply I have seen while I have been on here..still wiping away tears of laughter! I need to read it again!


Lmao……too funny…..great assessment.


Hilarious!!!!! Hahaaaaaaaaa

Oh Brother

LOL, oh my God I can’t breath. Thank you so much for this.


PLEASE do this everyday!!! Love it!


Pure gold! Austin plays ping pong with Judas. Too great!

Twistin with the twins

Great summary I survived…not far from reality lmao

Lucy s diamonds

Here’s what happened. James got Pandora’s box. In there was a white board with a message on it. James opened the note and it said “if you don’t like what here you can get rid of it”. James erased the message. Right after, BB began to say the message these are the good ole days. James didn’t tell anyone about the box. He thought nothing happened. He did not understand the message from BB. Tonight Julie is going to tell the house guests that the message meant that this week was erased. They will compete live in a hoh. Shelli will win. She will put James and Jackie on the block. They will play a live pov. Clay will win. Clay will keep the nominations the same. James will be evicted. He will walk out with his mouth hanging open


U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I survived last seasons BB

Thanks Y’all for the replies..I will do a couple a week, God knows they give Me enough material..LOL…At least CaptainWedgie might nominate Me for All-Stars

Linda in Texas

I enjoyed reading. Keep posting. Loved it. . .


Was funny but can you do it again I think you shot your load dude


Right on.. lol

Nancee Luv

Lmfaooo I read it twice and I’m sure I’ll laugh just as hard the third time LOL


Lmao! Purple Monkey Alliance is a great name. You should use it.

Dude Bro

I hope that Shelli goes home because Clay would have no idea what to do without her. But as it is, I would be happy with either one of them going. That being said, there better not be any kind of twist that saves them both, if that happens, im done with the show.

Just me

But Shelli is the only one who can interpret what the heck Clay is saying. lol

AKA Twistin' ....

Just like a mommy and her baby!

Captain Crunch

The best GAME MOVE would be to vote out Shelli but these knuckleheads is gonna let Vanessa manipulate and influence their decision to keep Shelli to help HER GAME smh.

Also tonight i don’t want Vanessa to win HOH b/c we all know whats gonna happen, its gonna go to her head and shes gonna try and make more deals, which at this point idk if she can make any since she has a deal with everyone in the house. I guess she’ll make 1 with production, the camera crew and fish next.


If Clay wanted to stay he could have. He has begged the entire house to vote him out. This one isn’t on Vanessa, it’s on Clay. If he wants to leave so badly, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Agree with Captain Crunch on this one – I think most of the house realizes that Shelli is the bigger threat, but Vanessa has managed to manipulate enough votes to save Shelli anyway. Example, Austin and the twins were on board with getting out Shelli until Vanessa worked her magic. I think Vanessa had more influence on the votes than Clay’s lame attempt to be the hero for his lady. Just my 2 cents


Why the heck didn’t James just take Clay down and put up Liz if he wanted Shelli to go home so bad. He could have told the Austwins he was going to do it to insure Shelli went home. Austin and Julia would have voted out Shelli to save Liz and add that to Jackie, Meg, and Becky’s votes and the wicked witch would have been DING DONG DEAD!


Why didn’t James put up Liz?

Because James isn’t very bright. James’ “big game move” that has everyone so excited, will land him in the jury pool within two weeks.

With apologies to the Waco Kid from Blazing Saddles please allow me to sum up James and his “teams” critical thinking abilities.

“You’ve got to remember, these people are just simple game players. They’re people of TV land. The common clay of the U.S. You know…



Vanessa is the one who really controls this house. I can’t believe no one is picking up on that.
Vanessa is really good at playing people and making them do what she wants what is good for her game.
I wish everyone would just play for what is good for their game and not for Vanessa. LOL. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. She always finds a way out of any mess


Jackie knows, but there isn’t much she can do about it being all alone in her knowledge. Even when she tells others they are all like, but Van is my ride or die.


But would you want to be Jackie or Becky’s ride or die though?
Jackie is loyal and direct but hasn’t done enough to protect her people well.
Becky is the rat if the house who throws comps and has never played for anyone but herself.

These two are onto Vanessa, and I still think they have a chance to get rid of her double eviction night, or even next week, but they are not the best HGs to side with.


Everything you said about Vanessa is true…..and that’s how you win BB


vanessa hasnt been in trouble because she always finds a way to blame someone else.(clay/shelli got 100% blamed for jason being put up and evicted). she is in some kind of trouble now that she got exposed… but what are the chances of jackie winning HOH? 1/10?


James, during the big HOH room meeting, between snores because he kept falling asleep, says ‘vote how you want. I know i want shelli out”

vanessa, freaking out afterwards, ‘james was up there basically BULLYING everyone into voting shelli OUT!!!’ and then spends next 2 days running around agreeing with others who are now saying that james was basically bullying for them to vote a certain way.

oh okey dokey


Come on Steve!! For a superfan you sure are dumb! Do you really think that Vanessa will drag you to final 2? And even if she did, do you seriously think you can win against her???? Steve and Jason are the biggest disappointments of the season. I never expected Meg to do anything, but I had hopes for Steve and Jason. Just goes to show that with a few exceptions, superfans leave their knowledge of the game at the door. At this point the only hope is if Judas or one of the twins goes rogue.

I survived last seasons BB

Actually She will, because He is too weak to lose to..But if Steve is the 5th vote for Shelli, He wont make it

Ariana Grande stinks!

If Steve really does it tonight and show as a ballless Vanessa’s little b!tch, I’ll hate him as much as I hate Vanessa.


I LOVE your name!


FINALLY! Becky understood how naive and bad of a player she’s been being loyal to Clelli!


Actually I think Becky made huge mistake taking sides one week too early. Jmac and Becky were in the same position. Jmac can still slide either way, depending on who wins HOH. Becky is now stuck on side with less numbers.


Becky, Johnny Mac or Steve are due for a win. Meg is useless. If Johnny wins and targets the weaker side of the house it will be a waste of his HOH. I can see him putting up Meg and Jackie. These houseguests are all over the place and Julia entering the house gave her and Liz an unfair advantage. The twins and Austin will always control 3 votes as they vote as a unit. It doesn’t help that the twins are so flaky and can’t think for themselves. The twins hold all the power on deciding who goes home for the next couple of weeks because whoever they support automatically has three votes. When you think about it it’s totally unfair. People are now afraid to put them on the block because they’re thinking about Jury votes. CBS should let all the past BB winners be the jury and vote based on who they thought played the best game.
Battle of the Block and this twin twist nonsense messed with the game this season.


Jmac has said on the feeds his noms would be Julia/Jackie, with Jackie being his target.


If JMac manages to get Jackie out I’ll hate him forever. Jackie might not be the sharpest tool in the box but she is SO much more fun to watch than anyone else. Rooting for a Jackie/Meg HOH.

Btw when did Becky decide to align with the outcasts? I kinda missed that.


Becky floated to James side middle of the week. Funny since she was feeding Clelli info before POV. Once she knew James won POV, she was on the outcasts side immediately hanging out up in HOH all the time. She is the number floater in the game.

The other side of the house has major dirt on her. Including her wanting to form an alliance the prior week, with even creating the name “generals”. No one took her up on that, maybe that pissed her off.


If Clay goes, you can bet Meg wins HOH driven by her fury only to take out whoever “took her man away”!


You know who really should have done something about the twin twist?


The twin twist doesn’t seem unfair to Vanessa, or Austin or Shelli. They’ve figured out how to use the twins. The twist is only unfair to the morons in the house, you know, James and crew.

You know what, to make the game more fair, perhaps we should partially lobotomize Vanessa and Shelli. What do you think, 60% – 70%. That should just about even it up, right?


The problem with James and crew in regard to the twins is that they decided the could wait until both twins were in the house to try and real them in. Too little too late.


I don’t think that’s correct gypsydar.

If you remember, the prevailing logic was it would be better to let the twins into the game because if they voted Liz out a previously evicted player would be permitted to come back into the game and the geniuses didn’t want a previously evicted player coming back.

None of the “James Gang” looked to reel Liz in and try to form an alliance with her before Julia entered the house. Jason and Meg were busy naming them “Cruela” and “Helga”.

In this game one needs to bee PROactive not REactive.


That’s what I said, they didn’t think they needed to build relationships ie: reel them in until both twins were in the house as you said they were to busy making fun of them… they knew there was 2…and yes they did not want an evicted HG to return but they also had conversations about using them for numbers when both were in the house.


I don’t think the twin twist is unfair to any of them. They all knew or suspected about the twins and kept Liz in the game for fear that if they didn’t an ousted houseguest would return. They also all believed that letting the twin come in would give them a bargaining tool with Liz and Julia. I’m not sure how the twins are going to vote tonight. If Liz really doesn’t like Austin, keeping Clay makes sense because he would target Austin, evict him and the twins would be free to play their own game.

Not Diggin' BB Twin Twist

The HGs are to blame that the Twin Twist became a part of the game. Since most of them either knew or suspected that there were twins rotating into the house at different intervals, someone should have acted on his or her knowledge or suspicion of their presence. Playing the game of BB would tell the HGs that if both girls were in the game that would have an impact on what happens in the house. If only 1 of them could play, they wouldn’t have the potential power or influence on the game they might have if both would have an individual vote and voice. Obviously, we now see that with Austin they have 3 votes….and influence and power that they don’t deserve. Liz and Julia were turned into “important players” not because of their skills as good game players but because nobody even tried to stop whatever the “Twin Twist” would mean to the game. Just like you’d imagine, some HGs are cool w/ both of them there and others would like to see them gone ASAP. I would prefer to see them both gone ( along with the incredibly annoying Austin/Judas) right away and NOT in the Jury House. (Yeah, I know it ain’ t gonna happen!)


Maybe if someone other than Shelli and Vanessa had won an HOH the twin twist would have ended there. I honestly don’t see how having both twins in the house helps anyone but Liz and Austin. If both twins had gone out week 5, there may not have been a DE unless an evicted guest in jury returned. Since that didn’t happen, and since there are still 9 HG after tonight that need to be evicted, and only 6 more Thursday evictions and the final eviction on the Sunday, they will need 2 DE’s to get to the finale with 2 finalists. Any way you look at it, keeping the twins made it harder for everyone to survive to the end.


Gosh, we need to start forgiving Becky for her snitching. She thought it would be best if she were a mole, but I don’t think she is wanting that anymore, you gotta find out what works for you. I think she could head the charge, and that side needs a smart leader. I think Becky can do it!


haha jsmes so dumb he couldnt see what was on!



Big Daddy

Tune in next week when Vanessa separates Austin from the twins and the survivor feels indebted to her!

Like...I'm Jackie

I can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong with all these people for believing that they owe Vanessa and Shellie anything. Not only are these some the stupidest houseguests, but they are a bunch of pussies that bow down to Vanessa and Shellie. Now if Shellie stays…will Vanessa be able to pull the I saved you crap with her? I hope clay stays! If anything just to piss those two off????

Big Daddy

The ONLY way Vanessa gets put in her place is that little ankle biter Jackie can actually do something besides bark. I can see the house uniting to ‘settle all debts’.


Steve Becky or Johnny Mac has to win HOH this week


I think it would be fun if by some fluke Meg wins HOH. If just to see the everyone else’s reaction.


And when the houseguests ask how she pulled it off, she replies: I learned how to do that when I was part of Operation Black Briar.


Has any HG ever been so excited to get evicted like dufus Clay? If Becky,Jackie,Jmac or even meg win HOH, it is almost a slam dunk that chiclet teeth or Vanessa go home. The a$$ kissing will be at an all time high. Hopefully Austin or 1 of the twins changes their minds in the next few hrs. Liz threw a curve when she voted to keep Jeff. Maybe she does it again and puts the blame on either Austin or Steve.


If Shelli stays I’d love to see her right back on the block with Vanessa. The craziness would be priceless. But I don’t have much hope in Jackie or Meg winning. They haven’t been studying much just bowling eating and sleeping. If Becky wins it would be interesting to see who she puts up. Johnny Mac would put up Jackie and James/Meg because he doesn’t want to create any waves. Steve would put up whoever Vanessa tells him to. The twins would put up Jackie and James as Julia seems to have a little secret deal with Steve…weird. Vanessa would put up herself so she would be guaranteed a chance to play veto as she is highly paranoid about being backdoored. But then she would talk herself out of her own plan. I seriously think she’s unstable . Shelli would obviously put up James and Jackie. Austin would put up Jackie and whoever Vanessa tells him to. But whoever those twins want out would be who gets evicted. They are sitting pretty right now and probably will make it to final four if the other houseguests don’t get it together and realize what’s going on.


Vanessa, Austin, the twins, shelli always studying. Meg is always sleeping and idk what the hell Jackie is doing. I would be really shocked if Meg or Jackie beat any one of them if it’s questions.


Tonight’s episode is going to be one for the books!! It’ll make or break the game!! So excited to see what happens!


I think this is tipping point. Becky now start realizing it and JM did that too. Whether Steve did and prentending not to? It is hard to tell. Overall atmosphere may drift to evict Shelli!


Honestly, Shelli is the stronger player…everyone in the house should see that and KNOW they are going to have to beat Shelli to get to the money…including Vanessa. Shelli is ready to throw your booty under the bus when things don’t go her way too….keeping her is not a smart move on either side.


Keeping Shelli is a smart move for only 1 person in this house, and that’s Vanessa.
If Shelli stays, this would be less of a testament of Vanessa’s skills at persuading people as it is a testament at how clueless Steve, Austin and the twins are about the house dynamics.


Bullshit. This is a perfectly good move for Austwins. ADC have indicated that if they win they’re not going to waste their time getting out Clay if he stays and will go right for Vanessa. If Shelli stays that’s another target at the top of their list. Austin breaking his deal with James does no further damage to them because they are going straight for the twins once their done with those they deem the leaders of the other side of the house. They aren’t going to buy any long-term loyalty from James. Shelli is also more likely to win comps and go right after the people most likely to nom Austwins. It’s a divided house right now and neither side can afford to give away a competitive advantage for some illusory cease fire.


I hope Steve wakes up and realizes Vanessa is playing him.
This BB has been so strange this year. When did you ever willing let another person back into the house?? {Especially twins.} ” Let’s keep a good player in the game”!! This is one of the dumbest moves in BB history. If you play around with fire you are going to get burnt. Shelli came to play, and if you are dumb enough to keep her in the game, you deserve to lose, and she deserves to win!!!


I don’t think Vanessa is playing Steve to hurt him. She always planned to combust Austwins and Clelli later on but needed another single to join with. She genuinely likes Steve, and the others too somewhat, but she is really hoping for a partner in him through the game. I think they would’ve been friends in college whereas I don’t think Vanessa would’ve been close to the Sixth Sense in another setting.

Angela M

Hold on to your hats kids, it’s going to be a rocky ride this week!


I hope Becky gets into JMAC’s head going forward. Shelli will stay,it will suck,but if James,Meg,Jackie,Becky & JMAC band together(even temporarily), they have better odds getting rid of the others. Becky is very observant, makes strong points,plus JMAC is not a fan of Van. Talk about bullying, Van & Shelli have told him to throw comps, who to target & vote for, & jeopardized his game this entire time so how dare people make this false claim about James?! It’s a joke! James has never told him to do any of that!
That is what he should keep in mind because those scathing hypocrites will continue to control JMAC’s game & cut him loose as they spit him out. James can be gross, immature,says messed up crap, but has a soul. He does NOT flip flop,is the ultimate straight shooter, plays hard, loyal to his people(unlike Van who was willing to put up Austin) & is the nice, thoughtful guy that made Audrey food when in the house & she was not eating much.
Now let’s look at Shelli & Van,the two faced,shit talking,we love Audrey & hurts my heart to vote her out,so called true friends that disposed of her in a blink. Yes Audrey was a handful,crazy, dramatic,etc.,but Van & Shelli were her so called friends,not James & he treated her with more kindness then those vipers. The hypocrisy is real! Seriously hope Becky & JMAC help take Van & Shelli out!


James was only nice to her in hopes she would show him her transformation. Like all of the other girls/guys/ and in between he just want to get in their pants. He is so desperate to hook up I would not be surprised to see him spooning with Austin when Liz leaves or breaks Austin’s bubble. James doesn’t appear to be very picky. Anything with a pulse is his type. I bet if you check with the local farmers in his hometown you will find they have all had to chase him out of the barn on more then once!


James can be obnoxious at times, but do agree with you that he is loyal and does seem to have kinder soul than Vanessa and Shelli.


i hope and pray one of the twins maybe liz throw a curve again and vote shellie out Buiserbrody i was thinking the same thing watch vanessa have a panic attack lol


I’m so happy it looks like Shelli is staying! SHelli FTW!

BB Drafter

Vanessa, keep JMac’s name out of your dirty, lying mouth.


I wish the houseguests that are not in freaks and geeks and sixth sense would realize that the one controlling everything is Vanessa and the best way and possibly the only way to get her out is insure the final noms are Vanessa vs Liz if they did that they would insure Austin and Julias vote AGAINST Vanessa instead of for her! Why can they not see this! Come on People Wake Up!!!!

I want to see shifts in alliances!

I hope the twins vote out Shelli. Even if Becky, Austin, Steve, and Vanessa vote to keep her with the twins they can vote out Shelli.

This would be great for BB, I would like to see shifts in alliances. This could work for the twins to move away from Austin that’s been needlessly clinging like a parasite.

Even if the twins don’t completely ally themselves with James, Jackie, and Meg completely you’ll have various smaller groups and not just one ginormous power group controlling everything.

I just hope isn’t dumb enough to fall victim to Clay and let him infiltrate her alliance. So far she seems to know when she’s being lied to but since she’s got a thing for Clay and with Shelli gone I hope she doesn’t allow him to use her for information to help Vanessa.(In the scenario if and hopefully when Shelli gets evicted).

I survived last seasons BB

My order of preference for HOH

1) Jackie…due to Vanessa dislike
2) Meg….Would go after Shelli, but I know Meg is weak, I just hope She gets a fire inside when Clay goes
3) Becky…Well look who finally woke up
4) JohnnyMac ..Hoping Becky can persuade Him to take out a Twin or Vanessa\
5) Austin….He is the best of the worst case scenarios
6) The Twins
7) Steve
8) Shelli
9) Vanessa


Sometimes I have to stop and remember that not every conversation is made general knowledge. We get to see moo the conversations, diary room, and side deals. We have a much more complete picture of what’s what. It’s like screaming at a QB for not seeing the open receiver who happens to be the third option in the play.

Sometimes I wonder just how stupid the HG’s are when they can’t see that Vanessa has not stuck to her original target yet as HoH. And She and Shelli have both reneged on deals with everyone and have been the HoH for 4 of the 6 weeks and Vanessa and Shelli always seem to be in the know.


I’m sick to my stomach. Vanessa now has these 4 people going for her: Jonny Mac, Becky, Jackie, and Meg. Jonny and Becky will only go after Vanessa in a double eviction. And Steve thinks that tonight is a DE. Oh my. The show just would not be the same without Vanessa. Only 10 people competing tonight and 4 are against my girl.


Is he really saying that to Vanessa when it seems he’s eating whatever she’s feeding him. Steve is not as clever and he originally thought.

He has been on a slow decline. He hasn’t been winning the competitions he thinks he should be winning. He had a very different idea about himself and where he stood among the other Houseguests and still has yet to prove he is anything he thought himself to be. He thinks he’s doing this solo thing but clearly he’s being manipulated just as easily as the ones I’m sure he’s laughed at for being played.


This is definitely a strange season. I don’t particularly like any of them but I don’t dislike any of them either. Every year I am so passionate about one side that I find myself ready to quit watching if one of my favorites goes home, but not this year. It’s weird.
– I like James. I think he’s really trying to play and he’s definitely not afraid to shake things up.
– I like Vanessa. She is playing a methodical game and is using her poker skills to her advantage. However the target on her back is getting bigger and she is one double eviction away from being sent out.
– Shelli screwed herself out of winning this game. Unfortunately even if she stays tonight, she is number one on the radar and would never be taken to the end. She should have taken responsibility for her actions and they probably would have forgiven her. It’s easier to justify your actions than it is to completely deny them. Just makes her look dumb.
– Clay is just a boy who fell for a girl. He’s not a bad person or a bad player but he stopped thinking with the right head.
– Same with Austin. This dude is funny to watch. He jumps in and out of this game more times than I can count.
– Julia over Liz any day of the week. Letting these two play together was one of this casts biggest mistakes
– Jackie makes me laugh. I keep forgetting she’s even in the game
– Ditto with Becky. She’s on the BB raft just floating through the game
– Steve could very well float his way to 500k. Watch out for the quiet ones.
– JMac is a hoot! This guy could have his own show. I think all his personalities are entertaining!

I’m just going to sit back and watch the season unfold. Maybe near the end I will have a favorite……or not 🙂


“– Shelli (…) should have taken responsibility for her actions and they probably would have forgiven her.”
That’s the 1 main thing I can’t understand: They sit in this house with so much spare time that they have nothing better to do than play out endless possible future scenarios and talk about them ad nauseum.
And Shelli&Clay never once asked “what do we tell them (James and co.) we knew about this?” Never once?
They never thought this question might come up?
This is mind-boggling to me.


Steve is not quiet. He hasn’t thrown competitions he just can’t seem to win any. He came in on a high horse and he’s frustrated because he thought he’d be BOSS in the house and he isn’t. He has no game physically, mentally or socially. He’s having trouble connecting with people at a level which will win over and form real alliances that will have his back and he hasn’t won any solo competitions or been ever so slightly close. He mocked Becky for not winning the POV over Clay but at least she was close. Just like she was runner up again on this POV with James. And she has won HOH! So now he has another camel hump because a houseguest he’s not fond of is higher on the hierarchy than he is. He’s second to last, Meg is last.

So I’m surprised you think Becky is a floater.

Clay has won POV and so has proven he’d got something to offer BB but he’s whipped! Perhaps he will live up to his potential when Shelli is gone.

I’m surprised Austin doesn’t rub you the wrong way. I’m sick of him and his Judas alter ego. The one real info Shelli gave James. I hope he uses this wisely.

I prefer Julia over Liz but I think they can make waves once Austin and Judas disappear.

Johnny Mac is an enigma really!
I also like that even though he’s into Becky I have never seen them do what these other people do in the BB House like getting in bed together and petting and all that other scandalous stuff in these “showmances” they always make my eyes roll. Seriously one of these days they’re going to get stuck. All he’s done that I’ve seen is that weird kiss while counting shoulders or something.

Vanessa is starting to lose it! She was a smart player until she felt the target on her back. She too is on a slight decline. She is not doing so well under pressure. Instead of laying low she is making a bigger target of herself. When feeling a target on your back the last thing you should do is make a spectacle of yourself.

I do forget that Jackie is there at times, it’s so weird! She’s not dumb and she has gained a strong alliance with James and Meg so she doesn’t feel like she needs Jeff anymore and she’s quite good at competitions but there’s something about her that’s so forgettable. Don’t know what it is, she’s definitely not dramatic or a big crier maybe she’s being overshadowed by all of that?

I keep reading that James is some perv or something but I have yet to see or hear him say really disgusting things. I like he put big players on the nomination chairs and not eating Shelli’s Bull.

Better Than Last Year

Thank you James!
This is the first HOH in a looooooooooooong time that has produced something that’s been sorely lacking in BB…………..SUSPENSE!!!!
I’m loving it! Still can’t figure out how the vote will go & can’t wait for the live vote tonite!

C’mom Jackie…win that HOH….I need another week of this!

The Truth

Steve, you are a superfan but you didn’t learn anything from BB16? You and Shelli are Victoria and Cody. You are both pairs for Vanessa — like they were with Derrick — but the three of you aren’t working together. So if the three of you make it, Vanessa is going to the end and you might not. Take out Shelli and you get rid of one of Vanessa’s potential pairs. Same with Austin down the line. Vanessa won’t pair with the twins or Clay, but she will with Shelli and Austin.

Your reasoning about keeping the bigger targets in the house is sound until the “house” wants to get out floaters — and they consider you a floater. So, are you going to make the “keep the bigger target in the house” argument when you’re up against Vanessa, Austin, Shelli or James? I doubt it.

It’s a stupid strategy and will certainly backfire. Keeping Shelli benefits only the games of Shelli and Vanessa, but not of anyone else.


Hmm, if Shelli stays there may be some drama in the two-headed snake pit. Shelli has a different way with her shrewdness than Vanessa. And their ways really don’t mesh so it will be interesting to see if they can long haul it and try to continue to adapt to each other if Shelli stays. I personally believe Shelli is the biggest snake (in the game) of the two. The depths of her phoniness, selfishness,narcissism. knows no bounds and it’s no surprise Clay snagged himself in that kind of relationship with her.Because of the flip side her ability to gain/win power and show how much of an asset she is in the game probably played a part in how attractive he thought the relationship was for him in there. The same with Vanessa, I get why she’s keeping Shelli but want to see if it comes back to bit her in the ass.

Big Daddy

Do Vanessa and Shelli actually like each other – maybe.
Do Vanessa and Shelli actually trust each other – definitely not!
Do Vanessa and Shelli actually stand a better chance of advancing with other – absolutely!

These two are without a doubt the most calculating, manipulative players in the game. It will be interesting to see who makes the first move against each other in the coming weeks though Vanessa has already successfully stripped away Shelli’s man shield.

First set to Vanessa.


what do you think hoh will be tonight


I think I read that Jackie said she can wear regular clothes tonight so it’s obv not a physical comp.


I could care less if Becky, Steve, or Meg left. I still haven’t really figured out what they are doing there. They are so boring compared to the rest of the houseguests this year.


Not a fan of Shelli’s but her staying will make the game more interesting! Want one of the underdogs to win, so it will be a more level playing field. Also very curious to see what Becky and Johnny Mac would do if they won.


I would love to see a double eviction tonight!

Mina Harker

There’s really nothing more to say. Commenters (me include) have studied, analyzed, dissected, theorized, short of a doctoral dissertation, on every houseguest, alliance, showmance, betrayal, medical condition, IQ, socioeconomic situation, and sexual preference. What else can be said until after tonight’s eviction? And then we can start all over again!!

Misty Beethoven

You’re right about looking at this every which way, except through a microscope. I wonder why I get so invested in this show, to the point of almost having a physical reaction sometimes. All it has done is convince me that there’s no way I’d ever go on this show, because it’s a given that I’d either punch someone or have an aneurysim. But every year we all get sucked in…


Becky the only time Shelli will tell you to work with her is when she needs you for something, then discard you like an old pair of sneakers! If they don’t let you into the loop of a plan means your not in the alliance and just a stepping stone to them.

Meg is a farking M-O-R-O-N!!!!

Underline and bold the word MORON!!!!

I could’nt believe she just told shelli she’s keeping her, based on clay’s wishes.. WTF????

She can’t even formulate her words to speak ONE sentece properly. She stammers and pauses all the time, just to utter a singular word.

She has an IQ of a cow. I don’t care if i get 100 thumb downs, becos she’s extremely harf to watch on live feeds, just makes me want to wring her neck.


I don’t care who wins tonight as long as they put Vanessa and Austin on the block!

Just me

When there’s a double eviction CBS promotes the crap out of it. So, I seriously doubt there will be a double eviction tonight. If there is one, it will probably be next week. They may not even do one this year and throw some other kind of twist at us.


I can’t ever recall a DE that julie didn’t announce. I highly doubt it will be tonight unless they try to call it a “twist”, which is too lame even for this production.


So annoyed Vanesda going around saying James is bullying everyone, (I hate even using that term it so ridiculous) but if anyone is doing “bullying” it’s Vanessa. Wow when she is paranoid she is off the rails! If Meg Or Jaxkie don’t win HOH we can expect a very boring week! What is wrong with Steve voting to keep Shelli? What is he thinking? Frustrated in Tennessee!