Julia – “I’m playing for second place you’re playing for first”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 19-08-19-259
I see pain in that teddy bears eyes..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 19-08-05-259

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 19-10-16-260

7:07pm Hot Tub Everyone hanging out..

Julia says if she was back home and it was labour day she would be wasted on a boat..

Everyone does the hourly shout out to @NikolaPoe
Jmac – Follow Vanessa, Steve and Johnymac at @NikolaPoe

Jmac says Dentists make as much money as medical doctors but it’s way less ‘Hectic”
Vanessa – (MD) they work more don’t they
Jmac – They’re a slave to insurance..

They go into What Dentists are certified to do and where they can do it.
Jmac – I could pull your tooth
Vanessa – you sound excited
Jmac – that’s what I do best ya, RJJJJArwhsysuiofghokd’;R

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 19-43-53-838

7:41pm kitchen twins, Austin and Boy
Steves says the strange thing is they wanted him to have a glass of wine but they drank it all already.
Julia – you snooze you lose
Steve – but you wanted me to have a glass
Steve – I even gave my bottle of wine
Twins – I know you did, Very nice of you
Austin brings up pot ball tonight. Brings up getting the glory hole 5 times yielding a score of 600

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 19-47-43-834

7:49pm backyard Vanessa and Johnnymac
Vanessa thinks the next HOH involves balancing, they agree Austin and Julia will not do well at it.
Vanessa points out that Austin is making it clear he’s protecting Liz and Julia.
Jmac wonders if maybe Julia should go
Vanessa says with Julia in the game they have a 66% chance to win HOH. If they take Liz that drops to 50%.
Vanessa – with Julia I’m a favorite.. plus Liz can win the game why not get rid of someone that can win the game right now
Vanessa – Austin and Steve are favorites to win,, can you see that
Jmac – A lot of what you are saying I’m thinking

Steve joins them
Vanessa- I’m trying really hard to win this HOH that is why I’m working out and not drinking

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 19-56-46-600

8:02pm Backyard Jmac, Vanessa and Steve
Jmac – “You ever see Back to the Future Part 2? It was in the future, I wonder if we’re past that date yet”

Steve leaves..
Vanessa tells Steve he doesn’t have to worry she’s doing everything in her power to get Steve to the final 3 and if they can get to final 3 they will go to tfinal 2.
Steve says he’s thinking about Jury votes and he thinks he can win.
Vanessa – You can win Stephen you can definitely win…. Maybe one day I’ll come to you with a business plan to invest with..
Steve – you can give gifts but you can give cash
They agree Johnny Mac, Austin and the twins have a lot of fans in Jury,
Steve- I’m actually your best shot.

Vanessa says if she wins HOH she’ll put up Austin and the remaining twin.
Vanessa – you better f*** win the final 4 veto..
Vanessa- it’s better if johnny wins but if he can’t I will

Vanessa asks if they should bring johnnymac to the final 3
Steve – I don’t know I’ve been thinking about that
Vanessa says if they bring Julia they’ll have to agree to take each other.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 21-03-24-812

9:05pm – 9:20pm Chess Austin Vs Steve
Steve – I’m very sneaky
Steve wins

9:09pm Hammock Twins
A twin – “I’m so full I’m going to throw up
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 21-25-36-832

Vanessa – are you sad
Steve – no
Vanessa – are you nervous you can’t play in HOH
Steve ya
Vanessa asks him who does he want her to vote out. She thinks logically Liz should go.
Steve – who do you want to vote out
Vanessa says Julia staying in the game is dangerous because everyone will ant to take her to the end.
Steve – You mean scumbagging.. In this game it’s never happened
Vanessa – people say what they are goign to do
Steve – ya
Vanessa says anyone is foolish to think Austin will take anyone other than Julia. And Vanessa believes Julia would bring Vanessa, ‘They got to be broken up”
Steve I feel like I didn’t do much
Vanessa – you broke up Austwins

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 21-30-35-599

9:32pm Hammock Austin and the twins
They are saying Vanessa is sneaking around with Jonnnymac she caught them talking game the other day.
Austin tells them even if Julia stays the house still thinks they are a couple, They know Austin and Julia won’t put each other up. Liz is un-sure. Austin is certain they will be just as big of a target regardless of who stays.

Julia – Liz I want you to stay.. You deserve to be here Liz you f****G killed it
Liz – She sacrificed her identity for me.
Austin – pay her back with 250 thousand dollars..
Liz – then I get Eliminated next week
Austin – Or I get Eliminated next week

Austin saying this is Liz’ season she’s been so dominating..
Julia – I’m playing for second place youa re playing for first
liz – not if you win
Austin – If you are in final three with Steve you are F***d we’re all F*** Steve’s too good at that stuff

They agree Vanessa has a deal with JOhnnyamc that is why she was so against putting him up last week.

Austin tells the twins it’s all about them winning the competitions it doesn’t matter which one stays if they don’t win the next competition one of them will got home.

Julia really wants Liz to stay in the game. Austin tells them they will win America’s favorite if they don’t win the show. Austin doesn’t know if he’s popular but he hopes he is he’s been trying to be funny.
Austin is worried that religious people might not like him because of his Judas persona.

Austin and Julia thinking that Steve, Vanessa and Johnnymac have a final 3 deal
liz – you think Vanessa would do that
Austin – YES of course it makes sense.. we’re the fortress.. It’s smart game move on her part
Austin – I’m so worried about pissing her off she gets so angry
Twins- And cries..
Austin – I just don’t want to go through that anymore

[envira-gallery id=”132649″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 22-15-48-192

10:15pm Hot Tub Twins..
Saying they are trusting Austin more than Vanessa. They believe her to be playing the entire house.
Vanessa joins them. They say this decision is stressing them out.

They start talking about Steve in the final 2. Liz says that Steve will beat them all.
Liz says she won’t vote for him.
Austin says if it’s Steve and johnnymac in the final 2 he’s open to hearing Johnnymac’s speech. “I just might pick a key randomly this is the zest you can taste and smell”

10:32pm Hot tub Steve comes out and everyone but Vanessa leaves.. Steve complains about it halfheartedly

11:02pm Liz and Austin playing pool..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 23-39-11-899
11:23pm Hammock
Liz – I was really sad the other day when we were fighting
Austin – me to.. I love you..

11:52pm Chess begins the twins Vs Austin.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 23-55-38-829

11:56pm Gears grinding

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Hopefully if Austin and the Twins agree that keeping Liz is the best for them and then notice Vanessa is not on board it will alert them that she is NO longer with them… I hope they will finally notice but probably will not find out till Vanessa votes out Liz with Johnny Mac on Thursday…..

Steve's a Kinky Baby

Vanessa is scared when Steve’s excited about putting candy bars up his ass. She calls him and his porn references and feces fetish make him kinky. Steve says don’t pick on him for being a baby, it’s his dad’s fault, his mom is the breadwinner, dad was a stay at home dad that spoiled him and your same sex parent has the most influence on you.

He said mom thwarted his high school romantic life, all the girls had his mom as a teacher. His first grade teacher treated him bad because she had his mom as a teacher. Julie says her mom’s catering biz is the breadwinner and starts in on step dad before it gets cut. Vanessa says her parents got divorced and she has issues, cut feeds. Vanessa is really pissy at Steve tonight, foreshadowing his demise.

King gordy

I think I got a boner


Does anybody remember the movie, Monsters Inc.? The bad guy, Randall, looks like the twins’ long lost brother…

Tattooed Finger

Once Liz is gone I would be happy to help Steve out. I need a place to stay warm


BTW followup to my previous post about the Austwins deciding that Liz should stay. Did Vanessa not say that she would agree with whatever Austwins decide?

You just know the House will explode if Vanessa votes against Liz on Thursday….

Big Shocker

Lol the house, you mean Austliz.


Well, the bathroom was trying to make an alliance with the kitchen to backdoor the hot tub, but the stairs wanted to target the kitchen.

Pocket Aces

Vanessa has been as much of a mastermind as Deerick was last season only she uses less subtle and more annoying tactics to get her way.

What is most similar is the ignorance and stupidity of the other house guests. I mean Austin and the twins remind me of Frankie in the sense that they are so narcissistic and delusional that they think they can be Americas favourite. Hilarious and disgusting.


Derrick never played the LBGT card for his actions, Derrick never went against his side and finally Derrick was a very Likable person that many people looked up-to being a Police Officer unlike Vanessa that just lies to both sides then cries when they do not believe her….

Vanessa is Not God Like, She's Not Even Good as Derrick

Derrick never cheated on comps and Derrick never had to offer bribes to everyone. Derrick never had to brag about degrees to get respect he convinced others by being on their same level, Vanessa is a egoistic elitist and condescending. Derrick asked questions to lead people, Vanessa lectures, rants, screams.

Missing Ranceypants

Yeah, Derrick just played the, “you’re taking food out of my daughter’s mouth” card every other week. Please. Derrick was a tool that could never play his game ever, EVER again. If he’d been honest about being a cop, he’d have been gone pre-jury. I hope they bring him back for all stars so I can watch him walk out the door week 1.


Derrick used his daughter practically starving to keep him in the game. Also he used a nasty technique called “Gaslighting”. He showed dirty cop tendencies in various ways. He DID use prayer with Jacosta regardless of him denying that fact. I didnt like him for many reasons. Vanessa’s manipulations are a bit sloppy and not on the same low level that Derrick went to IMO


Yeah he was a bad egg and nasty too


Most of Derricks comments about his daughter were made in the DR. Praying with Jocasta I believe was real to him. Just because you lie about some things doesn’t mean EVERYTHING you do is a lie! He never back stabbed Cody and never pressured anyone or cried to get his way. Derrick played a much cleaner game than Vanessa has and only really lied about what he did for a living. Vanessa isn’t even close.


Vanessa is off-putting. The big difference between Derrick and Vanessa is that many people sees through her game. Becky, Jackie, James and Meg, Jeff and Audrey were targeting her. John and Steve sees what she’s doing. John doesn’t care because he knows she’ll take him. Steve is too much of a coward to take her out; he just wants to talk to the feeders and tell us that he doesn’t trust her and that she lied to him.

How many houseguests said they hate Vanessa’s shouting and crying and her dumb reasons? Vanessa is still in the game because they’re all hoping that she’s a bigass shield.

All the houseguests liked Derrick while they were in the game and as they were getting evicted except for Donny.


Really Austin…..You think your Judas’s persona is making people dislike you……That’s the best reason you can come up with. LOL AHHHHHHHHH, how about the girlfriend at home?????? {only one of many}
Austin……”You girls are favorites of the viewers”,………..What parallel universe is he in???? Has he heard their voices???? Does he listen to anything that comes out of their mouths???? This man has to take most delusional player of BB!


Oh My GAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDD. What do you Meeeeeaaaaannnnnnnnn people would be annoyed by the twins’ vooooooiiiiiiiiiccccccccccceeeeeeee???
Dawg and Simon are consistently higher in the polls than any of the Austwins. How is that not the most hilarious thing EVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr? As JMac would say: Bwahahaowepuroaknf;aliydfoihaskfna;sdgoi

BB leak

My prediction for f2 is jmac n vanessa!!! They have had the most production interference and seems like the show revolves around them. Plus vanessa tells jmac what she really wants to do and strategy getting people out whereas steve she tells half truths n same with austin.


I have been thinking the same thing lately, that Vanessa seems to be really being upfront with JMac when talking strategy. Just wasn’t sure because its so hard to keep up with what she says to who. But since he came back into the house she seems to tell him things she doesn’t tell Austin or Steve. Like she tells JMac things she talked to them about but I don’t recall her telling either one of them anything JMac has said. I know she has f2 with everyone and this is Vanessa I’m talking about but it’s just a feeling I’ve had the last couple weeks.


The only reason van is upfront with jmac is that he is the only one smart enough to see through her bs. She sees that & is upfront with him.


It would be nice but Vanessa may Be 2nd place if she takes JMac.

What if Vanessa is not a real competitor but she was put in the game to prove her strategy by taking who she wants to final 3? No? You are right I must be tired….

liz tics

vote liz out

Easy E

I think at this point the only ones that can beat Vanessa is Jmac or Steve. There is no way any of the other idiots deserve it. Maybe Austin because he is playing but I don’t want to see him win BB, I just don’t like the guy. Not a big fan of Van either like her or not shes been playing since day one. I would like to see those 3 at the end.

I cant believe no one bothers to catch on to Vanessa’s game, and if they do they still let her slide by…Wow.

Steve Isn't Playing

Austin & Vanessa ate the only two left playing, reviewing scenarios and skills. The Twits still don’t know how to play the game, have no idea how finals work and haven’t talked to anyone but Vanessa to find out, and since she’s using them they’re not even getting that right. Steve is on another planet, hiding beside assume invented character, babied by his dad, ruminate by his mother so he sees no corrie for himself but spewing BB trivia at Disneyland, showing people his BB souvenir washcloths saying I saw Jeff at a wrap party. His googoo gaga teddy bear virgin with a fecal porn addiction is off putting at the least, his inappropriate social cues, talking to feeders and talk of hating the game, make you think the only thing he had in common with his slave owner Vanessa is mental illness. Glad his mom is the breadwinner and gonna house him through his masters degree in music because he’s not ready for the real world much less the BB House.


Sometimes it’s better to just be quiet and not say anything.


LMAOOOOOO AUSTIN SAID THE TWINS AS AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!! that’s hilarious. The Tom foolery is insane. Can’t even beat DAWG with all 3 of them combined


In a few years he will be the crazy hermit living on the hill that screams at all the people walking past.


The full conversation around 9:30pm with Austin and the twins was hilarious. Austin going on and on about how much America must love the twins and even thinks he is well received. Couldn’t figure out if he was just trying to hoodwink the twins or if he is really that delusional.


Hi, my name is Austin, aka Judas ,& reside in the land of Delusional. I grew my hair long, allowed my beard to grow out of control to make me look like a hard core tough guy wrestler. I am totally clueless to the fact that I scare & sketch people out despite my rock hard abs. I knew eventually stalking Liz until I gave her no option but to be dependent upon me would pay off. I really could care less about winning bb17, because I consider myself already a huge winner by bagging Liz & putting myself on the map to the wrestling world /obtaining 15 min of fame. I even have a great shot of being put on my favorite tv soap: The Bold and the Beautiful. I have screwed over my ex-girl on national tv,humiliated her & her family with my classy acts of making out sessions with Liz under the covers-what’s not to love about me feeders / viewers?! Bahahaha, no Austin, you are not liked nor are your bratty,mean girl duo twits! No shot in hell as AFP. P.S. James was the entertaining guy on the show & brought pranks/fun to the house. Epic fail in that department too Austin!


“Julia really wants Liz to stay in the game. Austin tells them they will win America’s favorite if they don’t win the show. Austin doesn’t know if he’s popular but he hopes he is he’s been trying to be funny.
Austin is worried that religious people might not like him because of his Judas persona.”

Comedy. Effing. Gold!


Vanessa didn’t play a good game, she just got lucky with the stupid ppl that were left to play BB. Anyone could play her game living with those fools!!!! #hAtevanessa


Twins self evict u ruined the season enough. GTFO


I wish the eviction would hurry up this is boring.


The picture of the poor bear is so sad! the horrors it must have seen, the pain it has endured! 🙁


Its an easy vote it should be Liz hands down she’s won a lot of HoHs and it breaks up her and Julia and her and Austin. What is wrong with these people it’s such an easy choice does anyone but Vanessa know this game at all!

Too Funny

OMG I was dying laughing at who said Austin will go out next once liz is gone cause he cant let her have any fun… lmao… hes what you call stage 5 clinger u cant get away from them, he is up her a** all day all night and im sorry to have to say but a nasty a** douchebag!!! He suffocates a girl to death. He is dillusional to think him n frankie are the two celebrities to be on bb… Ive never heard of this guy and I have watched alot of wrestling. That pony tail beard is all i have to say, NASTY!!!


LOL! I never thought of that but you’re right. He won’t be able to stand not knowing what she’s doing every minute of every day. Bet he bombards Julia with “what do you think Liz is doing? What do you think Liz would think about…? Do you think Liz is…?” Never ending questions. Hey, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe she’d self evict just to get away from him.


“Stage 5 clinger” <—–Are you kidding me….I almost spat my coffee out. High larious dude. He totally is. She cant be more then 5 minutes out of sight and he HAS to find her and sit there and be there doesn't matter what the conversation is about he will just sit there anyway.
Doesn't matter if I am attracted to him or not, its completely annoying to be on someone like that. I know its a small house but jeez. Always laying all on top of her with his big old self. Telling her shes "Janelle" (Ya okay then) and dominating this game? When was that?
Vanessa has done a good job.
2 elastics in his dumb beard now…Who wears elastics? Ouch!!


We haven’t even had a episode with warnings. The house guests are all boring sheep.
BBUK is way better BBUS is too politically correct.
I haven’t even had many laughs and the comps sucked even when they do go crazy they don’t show it.
What kind of show are they trying to make?


There is no way Vanessa will take John to final 2 unless she wants second place. She knows she won,t beat him. Everyone likes him, and if she gets out Austin or the remaining twin before Steve or John she probably won,t get their vote over John as well. If she wins the HOH this week, she has a big decision to make, one she has to stick with.


Why would jmac win over anyone but Julia? His entire game is throwing comps. And if it wasn’t for Vanessa, he would’ve been sent right back out to jury.

I mean I like him and all. But as a true big brother fan I definitely don’t think he deserves to win. He simply hasn’t done much and was basically saved because of another players influence.


Vanessa thinks the next HOH involves balancing

If it does I’m calling it rigged %100.


There are patterns in the game. It doesn’t have to be rigged to catch on, especially if you’re as analytical as Vanessa.


Anyone who gives Van money to invest is crazy. She is a straight up crook.
IMO She is going to lose it big time after this season.

The Crying Game

Simon and Dawg, I think you should add Coco the teddy bear to the favorite HG roster. Austin is beyond delusional thinking that the twins can be AFP. I almost lost my adult beverage on that one…..lmao


I hope Liz goes out just to see the audience booing her for being such a bitch and ho
Liz: Is your girlfriend back home prettier then me?
Aus: No. No one prettier then you
Bitch please stop!!!!!!!!!! your not all that
Austin is such an asshloe


I cant wait to see what the other twin does if BB lets the audience boo. Because we know they can hear it 🙂
Please let them boo BB


Austin, grow a pair. Stop worrying about upsetting Vanessa. You and the twins just hit the nail on the head, Julia said she thinks Vanessa has a final 3 deal with Steve and JMac, Winn the HOH and put Vanessa and Steve up, work with Julia and JMac to vote out Vanessa.

Who gives a shit if Vanessa cries, gets upset, grow a pair and eithe you or Julia put her ass on the block, if you don’t, Vanessa is going to have you evicted, and your dumb ass will be sitting in the jury house saying you are voting for Vanessa to win, because you don’t want to upset her.

Question for the people on this site, last night whe Liz and Julia were talking, did you hear Liz say she wonders if “R” has a girlfriend ? And Julia said no, he is still going to be waiting for you when you get out. So it looks like Austin has a girlfriend, and Liz has a boyfriend, so they both are scumbags !!!!

Vanessa is a Multi-Millionaire !

Yeah I saw that– it would be funny if R was a girl, but I think they said “he”


Liz is dating a guy named Ryan. She told Julia Ryan is a better kisser. She also said early on that she was going to break it off with him. I’m sure he has moved on, what guy would stick around knowing what Liz has done with Austin.


Are they really going to let the twins decide which one goes and which one stays? I have seen Vanessa voice both the pros and cons of each of them to others but unless I missed something Jmac nor Steve seem to care which one goes.

They're Too Bored

It’s all a snow job, she’s repeatedly said she wants Liz out and taking weak Julia to F2. Round and round they go with Vanessa’s scenarios which will improve her game don’t disagree or you’re acting suspicious and you’re next in the block. It’s all yeah yeah yeah uh huh mmmmmm yeah yeah yeah. No one is allowed another point of view or to play their own game to win. She’s playing like she doesn’t care thinking is going to give away who’s she’s working with. Only Steve whose so deep into his retard character can’t figure out who’s with who. He thinks he’s going to F2 when he’s next on the block. He turned out to be a real dud. Even the Twits have figured out she’s playing all sides and said they’ll kill themselves if she’s been playing them the whole game. Get your gun and rope, when you watch the feeds girls.


The HGs have been talking about the shovel competition. Does anyone know what that is? I’m sure I’ve seen it but just can’t remember what it is right now.


I believe it was the one where they had to carry objects on a shovel and walk across a beam that was teetering and fill up a container on on the other side. If they fell off they had to start all over.


I’m probably wrong, but I remember a comp from last season (towards the end f5 or less?) and there was a giant shovel set up like a teeter- totter, thete was a basket of balls at one end and the hg’s had to run back to get one? ball at a time , then run back to the shovel end and place the ball in the shovel. It was a balancing act to place the balls in the shovel without them falling out as the shovel end fell to the ground from the weight. First one with all of their balls in the shovel won.
There’s a great chance that I’m wrong, but it’s the only comp that I can think of involving a shovel.

I want to see the pressure cooker comp, to this date it’s still my favorite. Tied with the who wants it most comp; would love to see any one of the Austwins shave their head; I guess that I’ll have to settle for dreaming of that one?


You’re right, that’s the shovel comp.


Right, what they said.


Thanks for confirming that Dawg.


Yep, I do remember that one now. Thanks!!

Austin is so full of himself



I miss james. BB should sneak James in the house so he can scare the crap out of them.
One year they should show America all the interviews and let America decide who gets to come in the house. It would be fun to see what kind of people would end up in there.


BB should completely change the games every year so that the house guest will have no idea what to expect. No studying, no practicing, just get out there and play the game.

Vanessa is a Multi-Millionaire !

BB (&AG) want the Poker after dark celebrity to win for publicity ya think? So many reasons really-we’ll you can figure out (I don’t have to list them—abhor long posts-usually skip over them on here)

BB Logic

Nooooo. CBS would never skew the results of BB just to promote their other shows. They’re not even invested in poker, right?

Oh wait…

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

15 DAYS LEFT !!!

NYC Goblin

I can’t but laugh reading Austin comments about Liz been Americas favorite. They have been in the bottom of the polls the whole game. All 3!! I wonder if this poll results are consistent with other online sites, I only follow this one and one other on FB and pretty much it’s the same, James was very high, and Austwins were very much disliked. I know I will be voting for James. I hope they vote Liz this week and then Vanessa or Johny Mac, Vanessa even I recognize she has been playing the best game from the ones left its just ridiculously annoying for her methods of been always crazy mad when she’s exposed and J-mac like I have repeated a thousand times I don’t get why he’s liked, his game has been erratic just like his speech.

Pretty sure Austin has hair critters

Jmac is liked because he is funny and says off the wall shit. He is the person you would want to have at your party so you have someone funny to talk to! He is also the most realistic, (for the most part lol). He applied for the show and wasn’t recruited which is also a plus. James was cool too, and I wish John and James would have teamed up because I think they would have done great together!!

Austin Is A Lard Ass

I love how Austin thinks he can win the shovel comp. If anyone saw that comp last season you know it isn’t easy. There is no way his big clumsy lard ass is winning that. He may be strong but that doesn’t help you in that comp. Being a huge lurch is a total disadvantage in most somewhat physical comps.

That being said. I thinl Austin deserves to be in the final two with Vanessa. These two have played the game throughout. The others remaining are undeserving and are still there only becase either Vanessa or Austin has gotton them there.

Steve asked “I can’t believe I got this far. How did I do it?” Ummm Vanessa held your hand and walked you through every step of the way. Steve with his little sheepish grin acting and thinking in his own head how great he is. You he paces around and says to himself “god you are the greatest player to ever play this game. BB fans will worship you for all eternity. You can get your own BB show and fans will pay money to talk to you and ask you questions” The kid is sick as fuck. His mom should be jailed for raising this fool this way. I want him gone. He will be shocked and cry if he doesnt win. He has had momma give him everything he asked for since birth. Now she told him he will go on BB and win. Vanessa got him this far soon it’s time to cut his dependant ass loose.

Pretty sure Austin has hair critters

Austin says no one is prettier than Liz. Lmfao If Austins ex girlfriend is chelsea vanmeter (a beautiful girl) ….. he really must have been desperate in that house! Apparently looks don’t matter to him! (I guess That’s apparent anyway by the way he keeps his funky hair)

Pretty sure Austin has hair critters

Austin says no one is prettier than Liz. Lmfao If Austins ex girlfriend is chelsea vanmeter (a beautiful girl) or Jen Palacios (also beautiful) he really must have been desperate in that house! Apparently looks don’t matter to him! (I guess That’s apparent anyway by the way he keeps his funky hair)

Chill this Town

disappointed in a lot of the “gameplay”. I now want MAC to run the table, even if it means letting everyone else make moves, I don’t care, maybe a bitter jury hands him the money. either way, I feel 100x better with him taking the 50k for F2 than Julia. at least MAC knows he is in the game and has done a heck of a job since he returned. he really doesn’t get credit for what was a seamless transition into taking Meg’s place(Julia still in his way but if I were him the second Liz leaves I’d start selling how scary it is that Liz is in jury for Julia, guaranteed vote, actually, no, I’d wait until Austin is evicted, THEN I’d say she has 2 votes already in jury, and I(MAC) have none) as the person people feel comfortable taking to F2, made a deal with Vanessa, and has shown he can admit his faults(losing comps when he was actually trying to get Vanessa out) and ditched that strategy and went back to Dr Will’s “throw everything” strategy.

he very well may end up in the final 2, which might salvage some of this pretty disappointing season. I still don’t understand those saying its worse than last year, last year was just brutal.

Chill this Town

I still think its funny how they all seem to think MAC has friends on jury. WHO? Shelli? I guess so. Becky? yes, sure. but is that really a bigger deal than Austin having the twins, or Julia having Liz/Austin in jury? I mean really, it is likely that Julia has 2 votes if its Vanessa or Steve vs Julia, she only would need 2 sour jurors…MAC has 1 vote locked in because Becky won’t vote for Vanessa, won’t vote for Steve…won’t be voting for a twin…but that is it. all these “friends” like James were not really that good of friends with MAC. he just doesn’t have enemies, but to say he has all these friends is kind of silly.