Big Brother Rachel Reilly engagement Ring

Spoilage – Rachel Reilly’s Engagement Ring

Big Brother Rachel Reilly engagement  Ring

Looks like the rumors are true Rachel Reilly of Big Brother 12 is engaged to the Brendon Villegas aka the Neanderthal thats “nai-ander-TALL” for all you non Phd\s. So whats next for the young couple? Looks like they are moving to LA, we’ll probably see them this year on Big Brother 13 and most likely on allstars Big Brother 14?




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I don’t know if it’s me but that ring looks so cheap like a ring that you can get out of a candy machine.


It doesn’t look like an engagement ring. Also, them’s some man-nish looking hands. Bet the self-abuser must like ’em….reminds him of his own.


So I guess they got back together then eh? Good for them.

I just wonder what Rachel thinks of the Ring. The ring if it’s hers doesn’t seem like a Rachel ring lol.


Right, Rachel accepted that bauble!? Just in time to possibly be on BB13? Brendan, grow a pair! Hers are bigger than yours!!


Rachel’s middle finger is a good indicator of bulimia nervosa. Just sayin…