Spencer’s HOH room: Living like a KING – Beef Jerky in one hand and j**king it in the other..

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda
Have Nots


12:55am In the living room – While Ginamarie and McCrae go into the diary room to get handcuffed together. Judd asks Spencer so what’s up? Spencer tells Judd that he will nominate Ginamarie along with McCrae to keep up the boys alliance. Judd says that it sucks we can’t talk with Gina now without McCrae being around. Spencer agrees but says it’s just for 24 hours. Judd says if we don’t win that veto it is going to be hell. I am not going to feel good unless one of the four of us get it because then it will be perfect. Everything that happened today was perfect. Andy agrees. Spencer say yeah but those are the nominations, them two. Spencer says that he won the HOH fair and square. Ginamarie didn’t throw it to me. Andy says he is so glad its McCrae still here. He deserves it way more over Amanda. Spencer says I am so glad that bit*h is gone. We finally get a chance to know McCrae without Amanda. Andy says he has already slipped up a bit commenting to McCrae that Amanda will be pissed at me. Why would she be pissed at me you know. Judd says it’s okay even if we do let it slip to McCrae. Spencer says that next week it’s the power of veto, that’s all that matters. Judd says and hopefully it’s just us three (Spencer, Judd, Andy) after that. Spencer says I wish there were two money things because I feel like I broke Ginamarie’s heart by not giving it to her. Spencer tells Andy he can down play it and says it was really hard and that you only won like $2. Spencer says we need to win the veto to keep the nominations the same. He says that he told Gina to go for prizes if there are any just so that she gets something.
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1:05am – 1:30am Ginamarie and McCrae come out of the diary room and yell “who wants to see our friendship bracelet?” Ginamarie says they’re not friends with benefits bracelets, they’re only bracelets! Spencer asks what are the rules with them. McCrae says um we’re attached. Ginamarie says we can’t take them off. Andy asks can you cut it? Gina says no. McCrae laughs. Gina says even if McCrae goes into the diary room she has to hold the diary room door. McCrae says or we can put my end on the door and you can sit on the couch to wait. Andy tells Gina that she is going to have to stop screaming in her diary room sessions or McCrae will hear. Andy talks about his chance to win $1 – $5000 in the next 24 hours and hopes he wins more than a couple dollars. Gina tells Andy guess who is coming to our dance party in the morning? (McCrae) Andy says Yay!! The others laugh. Gina asks McCrae what his routines are? McCrae says I like to sleep and poop a lot.

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1:35am – 2:10am Andy, McCrae, Spencer and Gina talk about Big Brother 11 where they had the groups – Athletes, Off-beats, Popular and Brains. They talk about what group they would be in. Gina says she would be an athlete. Andy says I would be an off-beat. McCrae would be an brains or off-beat. Andy wonders what would Candice be? Gina says dead! Andy comments that Candice would be a popular because she was a beauty queen. Ginamarie says where’s your crown bitch? Oops, I forgot you never won an HOH! Gina laughs and says she sucked at everything! Andy says final five guys, final five! McCrae says final four (for Spencer). McCrae says that’s huge! Gina tells McCrae that he really needed to separate himself from Amanda and to have guy time. Like Nick and I weren’t always together so that we could build our own relationships. McCrae agrees and says he was behind Amanda and wanted to be looked at as the nice guy. Gina says you deserve it to be here more than she was. Spencer says she played a fantastic game. McCrae says he thinks Amanda played a better game than I ever could have. McCrae talks about the fight the other night between Gina and Amanda. He says he wasn’t going to stick up for Amanda in a fight that she started. Andy says that one big flaw of Amanda’s is that she could dish it but she couldn’t take it. McCrae agrees. Spencer is in the diary room. You can here someone tell Spencer okay enjoy your HOH room. Spencer says should I hold the key or put it around my neck? Spencer then comes out of the diary room holding the HOH room key up and yells who wants to see my HOH room?

CBS Interactive Inc.


2:10am All the house guests head up to the HOH room to see Spencer’s HOH room. They check out his HOH basket and then Spencer starts reading his HOH letter from Marilyn. In the middle of the letter the whistle is blown and Judd is told to do 15 jumping jacks. Spencer then finishes his letter and starts going through his HOH basket. He has beef jerky, marinating sauces, and some “pu$$y a$$ organic tea”. His CD is Nirvana – Nevermind. The whistle blows again and it tells Judd “Give me 10 sit ups little girls!” Judd gets on the ground and starts doing the sit ups. Ginamarie starts punching his stomach as he does them. Gina grabs the Cinnamon Toast Crunch box and says hey look it’s Candice on the box – That b***h is always trying to haunt me!


2:45am – 4:30am Andy, McCrae and Ginamarie all head down stairs. Spencer and Judd talk. Spencer tells Judd we need to stay tight. Judd asks what do we do after he (McCrae) leaves? I don’t even know if we should talk about it yet. Spencer says I am the solo vote I would not vote you out. Gina and McCrae come back up. Gina takes a shower while McCrae sits out side the shower down chained to her. Gina finishes her shower and they head back down stairs. Spencer, Judd and Andy talk about how perfectly everything worked out tonight. They talk about past events and other random things. Spencer says that next week I have to win the veto because I can’t play for HOH. McCrae and Gina join them again. The talk about random things.

4:45am While all the house guests are in the HOH room. Big Brother announces “You’re one day closer to $500,000 dollars!” They house guests comment how weird that was. Judd says that freaked me out! They wonder if they will hear that every day.


5am – 5:15am Judd, Gina, McCrae and Andy all go to bed in the rainbow room. Andy says f**K Elissa Reilly! Oh my god I hate her!!! Gina sings ding, dong the witch is dead. All the house guests go to sleep..

6:15am Still sleeping..

9:10am – 9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return all the house guests are now sleeping with the lights on.


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Spencer is the most disgusting, vile contestant BB has ever had.


Excuse me, that would be Elissa. The most vile bitch ever save for her dog-faced sister Rachel.


What has Elissa done or said that is more vile and disgusting than the things said and done by Amanda and Spencer? Their behavior and thngs they have said have been bad and nasty and by is much worse than anything Elissa has done.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

THats what I want to know, what did Elissa ever say or do for Andy and Co to call her a bitch and a cunt? Anyone can win but that red rat bastard Andy

Dawn Boone

Say what u want about Elissa but she will LEAVE with her head high the way these vile and disgusting people have talked about her.GROSS Let’s not forget these “boys” have called the women bitches and c** ts where is that ok!! Let’s also not forget Spencer and his comment about little boys. AND Rat face keep running your mouth and see if u get another teaching job!!!

Fawk BB15

These GM Andy Spencer Amanda Aaryn etc have made TOTAL ASSES of themselves and will not soon live down their 15 mins of shame…the stench will live on long after the asses are off tv.


I am starting to wonder if Elissa was a bad person, I mean for everyone to hate her all season long, was there something we didn’t see, maybe there was another side of her that was very rude or annoying or bad. Yes there are some racist and bigots in the season but as far as I can tell she looks white, kinda, or possibly white hispanic. What reason would they have to hate her. I think she may have done something production edited out.


hernanday if you watch people like these idiots they hate people for the stupidist reasons…Elissa doesn’t need the money (hey this is a game show- not a showabout who needs the money… Elissa never stooped to their level so they said she walks around her lkie she is etter than anyone else…. yes she is !!1 better than all the other idiots left!!! Amanda called elissa every name in the book.. insulted her family her body but when Amanda got a taste of her own medicine she cried like a baby.. thats how these kind of peole act. Look at all of the ones left none of them could hold a candle to Elissa… would you take the word of any of them????


No. But some of things she said were extremely condescending, especially about working hard and making it. And after yesterday’s interview, I have no doubt that she knows nothing about the game and pretty much had everything handed to her.


She’s just a horrible c**t.


Nothing! It’s just like their screen name implies, they’re a HATER! LOL Jealousy is an ugly trait….


Elissa said awful things on AD and live feeds, they never showed it on the TV show because they already had plenty of villains and the producers needed a good girl to even it out. They would even try to cut to commercial on AD when she would start her comments. She said over weight women are pathetic, people who take adderall are on synthetic heroin, if you didnt have expensive material things your life sucked, people who couldn’t afford nice clothes were trash, basically everyone in the world is trash except her and her family. You could have made a drinking game out of every time she said someone was trash. Just how self centered she was on the aired TV show without all the comments I would have thought was enough to show people how stuck up and high and mighty she thought she was but people love her for some reason maybe they are just like her and dont see it? Helen helped her so much and all Elissa could say when Helen proposed a plan was “what about ME, but they hate ME, but they’ll put ME up.” Not once did she say what about you Helen, This is a women who threatened to quit the show after Helen left if she was voted out next so the producers let he call home and gave her a nice fluffy blanket for the have not room and all of a sudden Elissa plays ball. She did egg Amanda on and she was the one who started the riff on week two, Amanda actually handled it like an adult that week but turned juvenile after that. I would have gone off too after all the snide remarks she made, Amanda & Elissa were awful but the worse two in the house were Aryn & GM..

Not a PHD Student

Who knew McCrea looked like Geddy Lee? After 2 1/2 months of having his face up Amanda’s azz we finally get to see what he looks like!!


just in case some of you young guys don’t know getty lee lead singer bass player for rock band rush and he could pass for his son easy wow saw them in 1978


Just because you like a no good b—–d who cound’t win without a fix and who has a month that need to be sewed shut give you no right to put elissa or anyone else down this show what kind of person you are a no good b—- and in case you can’t figure out the workd look them up


Maybe you should complete a third grade English class before trying to write.


confused – what are you saying??

Real Scandals Phony President

Spencer is no prize but I hate Andy even more than Spencer. It is really a shame that any of these five people are going to win the money.

Pinocchio Obama

What we learned last night!

Well, we found out a lot last night. One, there was no grand plan by Elissa with this ill fated switch at the last moment to save Amanda. Two, these evictions are getting way to nasty. Gina telling Amanda get to stepping wasn’t necessary. Gina, you won, Amanda was evicted. There was no need to rub salt in the wound. You couldn’t be gracious and let Amanda leave the BB House. Three, Gina is really spiteful. That eviction message that she left to be played for Amanda said more about Gina then anything else. Four, Elissa had a great read on everyone until Production got involved. You can’t three weeks ago want to get rid of Amanda/McCrae under Aaryn watch, then place McCrae/Aaryn up under your watch, then this week you decide that its better to keep them. Elissa saw Amanda/McCrae be loyal to no one. She saw Andy be loyal to no one. Amanda who promised their undying loyalty to Elissa, tells Elissa just before eviction that McCrae wants to take Elissa to the final two. McCrae was just covering his backside just in case Elissa won HOH. McCrae never had any intention of working with Elissa. McCrae thinks he has a deal with Andy and he trusts Andy. Whether that trust will be proven to be misplaced remains to be seen. Fifth: All these last minute shenanigans, just made Elissa lose focus. Elissa obviously was surprised by Amanda being voted out, why she thought Andy was going to do the right thing is total mystery. She didn’t know how to approach Amanda about the ring as Amanda left the BB house. She went into the HOH comp distracted. She is surprised that McCrae puts her up on the block.. She is campaigning for votes with people that know she tried to flip the house. Production should of just stayed out of it. Elissa was doing fine by herself.

Now we are stuck with a remaining cast that are just so hard to find anything to like about them.


I got no issue with anybody rubbing salt in Amanda’s wounds. I have always been supportive of Amanda because she was one of the few that was really playing the game, but anything she got she did deserve. “Get To Steppin” is a BB throwback though, I didnt find it out of line.


The only way the prodcution will stay out of it is if everyone stop watching the show and let the rating go down.
None of the one left in the house deserve to win I hate everyone of them and would like to slap andy and spencer ugly face.
They all make me sick and bb is fix otherwise Elissa and Amanda would still be there. I would rather amanda win than any of the ones left and that is saying a lot as I do not like amamda. Eliss is the only one who did use ugly worsd and people did not like her because of her sister and because of her money. get off you lazy butt and go to work you might have money too


I think you mean lay on your back. Thats how ellissa got HER money. On her back and on her knees.


Name, you must be really jealous of successful people. You probably work at McDonalds because that’s all you can do.


First off, it’s ELISSA. Second, you’re pathetic.


Thanks for the welcome to your club, Mr. President.


wtf???? that has to be the most mental comment I’ve ever read hahaha Elissa got her money by laying on her back and being on her knees??? hahahahaha what kind of a moron are you, you know shit about Elissa’s life so for you to say something so disgusting like that just makes you look like a fool..people on here, geesh


with the exception of nick gina marie never starts the argument the other girls or guys were just stupid enough to mess with her boom get to stepping I love it you know how she is before you even mess with her at first didn’t like her or aaryn liked Amanda and elissa week by week stated to hate elissa and Amanda because they started crap gm and aaryn just stood up for themselves


Well if Elissa was going to better than F 5 she had to make a deal with Mcranda or she would be right where McRae is right now( the house against him) It was a good move to get into an alliance at the last minute to try to get into F4. Andy flipped but, If McRae wasn’t such an idiot, he would have put up GM & Judd(whom he hates) until he could figure out who flipped. He was worrying about Andy flipping on Amanda but Amanda assured him Andy wouldn’t. He couldn’t get them both out, and he wanted GM out for putting them both up, so if he would have given any thought he should have known he needed the one who didn’t flip to protect him. He made a one minute decision that didn’t need to be made yet because he would have been guaranteed a player on his side with GM or Judd gone. It would have been 2 to 3 guaranteed and that is the best he could hope for. ELISSA DID GOOD. WHO COULD PREDICT MCRAE WOULD SUCH AN IDIOT.

Just my opinion

I wonder if his letter from ‘Marilyn’ was really written by him before the show and then given to his mom to mail to production. I want to see what this woman looks like. Can’t believe any woman with self-respect would even want to be friends with this creep let alone date him. If this disgusting pervert wins the $500k I hope Marilyn (if she really exists) blows it all. This red-headed pig does not deserve one cent.


That’s a funny ‘jerky’ picture, though. Good job, Dawg.


First off I am a huge big brother fan like the rest of you and I am a white man, but I think CBS is as racist as these houseguests. Does anyone else find it disgusting that every year it’s 8-10 white people with like 1-2 black people & one other random minority. I think the show would be a lot better and a lot less “trash” tv if they put like 4 white people, 4 black people & like 2 Asian and 2 Hispanics. Maybe I’m way off base but it always bothers me to see nothing but white people. Are they afraid old conservative people won’t watch if there’s more than two black people? It should certainly cut down some of the bigotry. In fact whole were on the subject why is there always one random gay person? Next year lets make it four gay people. Lets add some diversity and maybe some class to the show. I mean hey, it is 2013 right? Lets start acting like it


I despise everyone left….too bad Amanda and Elissa couldn’t have aligned sooner…none of the remaining people deserve to win anything….now we have the biggest jerkoff, Spencer, jerking off in his room for the camera…GM is a pottymouth delusional pig….Mcrea is a big nothing….that little rat bastard is still around…and that dud judd…this is really awful, there is no one to root for….well, on to survivor.


Spencer needs to be sent home he is the most vulgar & grosses man. i am sure his family and ARK. are a shamed to know him


I would imagine his father, JUDGE Clawson must be mighty embarrassed, having raised such a despicable pervert. It would be very difficult to have any respect in the Judge’s courtroom when his son is such a creep. Spencer did not learn all of his disgusting, misogynist behaviour AFTER he left home. His early home life is partly responsible for turning out such a dreadful person.


I read the local TGIF is hosting Spencer viewing parties. So I guess in Arkansas being a disgusting perv is a good thing. All TGIF have lost my business.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they are just like him

Proud to be from Arkansas.

The people I know in Arkansas are nothing like Spencer or any of the other foul mouth haters that have been in this game. Did BB screen these people, then pick the most nasty people out of all the applicants? I don’t think in all the years of BB I have ever heard so many filthy mouthed people. This is not good TV, it’s just stupid, people behaving badly. They don’t have enough sense to realize just how awful they look. I personally would be ashamed to show my face in my home town if I had behaved as badly as these people.


STFU!! You forget where Bill Clinton is from? Arkansas accepts all kinds. Spencer blends in just fine with the other hogs! He is not going to be noticed for his celebrity…that’s for
damn sure! Good ole’ boy will suck after bb, as much as
he did before bb. Only thing they might do in his town, is a
pig bbq and corn roast. BFD! That is any Saturday night in
Conway,AR. Spencer could be out of a job when he goes home. He is a nasty perverted creepy SOB! End of story life goes on! He is a loser no matter how much $ he wins on bb.

Cary Man

You should be “ashamed” of your grasp of the English language!


the only time Amanda went out of her comfort zone in a HoH or PoV competition is the one she lost to McCrae by one pin and one second.
Elissa had not been as upset with Amanda prior to Helen’s eviction. It also took Elissa a while to wise up to Andy’s game. This is why it is
dovetailing the prize money to an “Exterminator” unless McCrae is a near letter perfect competition beast with few flaws or BB mistakes.
Spencer at this point has high odds of going up on the block eight times and maybe even getting off the block eight times, a new record!!!!!!


if mccrae leaves next final 2 scenario and win gm would have to be up against spencer to have a chance and the same for spencer up against gm to have a chance judd would have to be up against spencer or gm think if andy gets final 2 other cant beat him sickening I know judd and gm have talked about it before but spencer talking final 2 with andy judd wants to take spencer which is ok for him hope spencer gets with gm that would be common sense for all get andy out 4th

I say

Me too! Just got on here to say I am no longer watching the rest of this season until the finale. I will record it and watch it 2 days later so CBS doesn’t get credit for me watching it. But will vote for Elissa as favorite player just to piss off the house!!!


I Say, the only way CBS gets credit for you watching is if you have a Nielsen box in your house, otherwise they don’t.


Same here. I’ve been faithful every year, but this is the end of BB for me. I hope Elissa wins the whole thing, or America’s favorite because it will piss off all of the houseguests, but otherwise, it should go to charity. And, BTW, I believe that with the technology they have now, they are able to monitor what programs you are watching – at least on setups like DirectV or Dish and probably cable as well. I don’t think they can monitor what you tape, just what you are actually watching.


Hate to break it to you, but the books are now tracking DVR records and playbacks. Have been for a couple years now. Still giving them ratings….


Survivor is gonna suck as well, they brought back returning players and worst of all they brought back that racist Colton, that’s the last person we need reeking on out TV after watching this bigoted season of BB, and they also brought back that stupid Redemption Island twist back, making it more boring to watch, reality shows on CBS are going downhill…


Too bad Elissa & Amanda couldn’t have aligned sooner????? Neither one would give each other the time of day before- the only reason they “aligned” was because Amanda was desperate & the DR convinced Elissa to.


I miss Amanda and Elissa. and Aaryn and Helen.
this final 5 is just GROSS.
Andy only deserves to win but I hate him


What about Judd, I hope he wins.


J U D D is stupid, and boring to watch. If we’re going to have a ‘winner’ at all to this, let’s let it be Mr. Handonmycrotch. If it’s going to be bad, let’s make it the worst.


Goes anyone else find spencer loathsome? I find him to be highly offensive and distasteful. Last HOH I wished Spencer won a muzzle. It would be a gift to the viewers.

Elissa for the Win will not watch BB and BBAD now

NONE of them deserve to win! CBS should give the money to charity or use it to pay for:
Spencer: sex offender training
Mc Crae: finger amputation
GM: a trip to Candace’s home town
Judd: public speaking lessons
Andy: job interview expenses


Dont forget the lobotomy for yourself.


I’d rather Judd or McCrae win than Andy. I would rather anyone else win than Andy.


Boring. Yawn.

Amanda's dog Woofy

This is what the “Exterminator” fans have been looking forward to– being able to sit at home with a Bud Light and masturbate along with their hero, Spencer. Have fun, pervs.

just sayin'

I thought you left last night. Why are you back if you were done?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Gotcha, perv! Does your probation officer know you are on the internet? I bet you got your beef jerky & bud light, don’t ya,pervo?

Is it 2014 Yet

It will be curious to see if the number of comments drop-off dramatically on this site now that we’re left with eenie, meenie, miney, mo, and ratfink.


Sure, the remaining houseguests are not the cream of the crop. But I am more disgusted with the bitching and whining by so many people in these comments. Pardon me that the show has not gone exactly the way you want. Its so terrible that you are never going to watch it again. Please tell me what I can do to make it all better for you. Basically, you are saying that if things don’t go the way you want them to then you are through? I bet you quit watching Saved By The Bell when Zack and Kelly broke up the first time. Quit being such crybabies.


People will quit watching because the remaining HG aren’t worth watching, not because their preferred HG is evicted.

just sayin'

No they won’t – “most” people only watch the show & have no reason not to watch AND “most” of the whiners on here will end up watching too, because you are all addicted to BB for better or worse.


Who died and made you sheriff, dildohead?


I agree you but it is hard for me to accept Spencer the pervert to win, GinaMarie the garbage truck who stinks when she open her mouth, Andy who crys, bitch, backstabs and full of hate, Judd who is dumber than door bell, McCrea maybe.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

First of all, EVERYONE stopped watching Saved By The Bell when Zack and Kelly broke up the first time. I loved Jessie and Slater but they were no Zack and Kelly. (Sigh) Saved by the Bell…good times.

Back to Big Brother:

I don’t think people on this site wanted things to go their way. Some of us have been watching Big Brother since season 1, so our expectations are high. We expect the houseguests to strategize. We expect for alliances to be made. We expect the houseguests to be in game mode 24/7, and this season has fallen short. In the past, we’ve seen alliances that operated like a small army. (Remember Big Brother 6?). That was excitement. You rushed home because you didn’t want to miss even a minute of the show. The houseguests were entertaining. They could actually have conversations without cursing or using vulgar language. I know that individuals on past seasons have made inappropriate and insensitive remarks, but in most cases it was one or two houseguests. This season, more than half of the houseguests made sexist or racist remarks. We are simply voicing our disappointment with this season. Simon and Dawg have been kind enough to provide us with an environment in which to discuss the game and the current houseguests as fans of the Big Brother game.


Fair enough. I just think the ones that go overboard with “I’m never watching again” are being ridiculous.


Did we watch Saved by the Bell? Seriously? What are you…..like 12? I think you need to go take your nap now and shut the hell up!


Hey You Idiot… Are you assuming anybody born within the last 12 years even knows what Saved By The Bell is? I was referring to the childishness of the commenters, like you, being similar to the maturity of tweeners who watched that show… and yes I was one of them. Keep up with the grown up conversations or go back to the kiddie table, knucklehead.

The Looking Glass

Well now, you sound a bit out of sorts. It’s obvious by your response that you’re rooting for one of the exterminators – you sound just like them.


You Idiot, I guess you’re the idiot, Saved by the Bell is an old program so this guy can’t be 12. Go back to school You Idiot.


No, we quit watching because they are vile disgusting humans. They stuff that comes out of their mouths about other hg is horrible and I will not participate in viewing them.

the real Spencer

Andy, McCrae, Spencer and Gina talk about Big Brother 11 where they had the groups – Athletes, Off-beats, Popular and Brains.


Dawg, you made a mistake typing in Off-beats, when I (Spencer) was actually talking about “beat-offs” of which I am the Arkansas Grand Master Bayter.

Real Man...

Me and the wife hope Mcwimp doesn’t win….anything. My wife cannot believe what a wimpy loser of a man he is. I hope he doesn’t think he and Amandah will last in the real world. What a pussy. I bet his friends are embarrased of him. Even his “true love” called him a pussy and he still sat there. What a stooge.

This has to be one of the weakest, worst BB’s we have watched and we have watched since season 1. Bring back Will & Boogie. At least they were fun entertainment 🙂


Yeah, I miss Boogie degrading women and being a self absorbed asshole…let’s bring him back for sure.

BB Watcher

Mcrea breaks free of one woman just to get chained to another. Almost feel sorry for him.


And another psycho for that matter! Poor thing!


Seems like gutter rat trash follows him wherever he goes

raid bug spray

GinaMarie is not his “sugar mama” Amanda!

Andy's friends

It’ll be halarious (for those who have the live feeds) to watch McC vomit all over GM when she lets one of her planet-destroying farts loose. His eyes will bulge out a couple of inches, then he’ll start to dry heave and just when GM thinks all is well out will come a torrent of disgustingly green coloured liquid smell and partially digested corn.


Amanda is probably freaking out since Amanda thinks GM was so “jealous” of their relationship. Amanda coming into the house seemed normal and just an overall cute girl. Her lack of self confidence just makes her “ugly”.


Is it only me I can’t stand Andy, I would truly hate to see in win. Every day he call Ellisa a bitch or he hates her but I guarantee when he see her he will give her the biggest hug ever. He make me want to vomit.


if McCrae is put up by Spencer but wins the PoV and then follows it
with a HoH win, is Andy then the most vulnerable of the gang of four?

Arlene florida

I agree 100% with you. I can not stand Andy. He makes my skin crawl


Andy the RAT is two face. After the finale in over…………everyone will HATE RAT ANDY.


After the finale…………..everyone will HATE RAT ANDY


I totally agree with you:)


I have sat and tried to figure out exactly what it is about Andy that I find repulsive and what I have come up with is that he has played just as viscious a game as Amanda, he has just done it in a more insidious fashion.

He is constantly inserting himself into scenarios where he will start to bash another houseguest, he will go out of his way to start a conversation that is geared towards attacking who ever is on his radar even when the conversation has been about something completely unrelated to that individual. The level of his visciousness is quite breathtaking, the names that he called certain other house guests were uncalled for and incredibly dusgusting.

I remember him sitting in the HOH when Howard went up and had his group talk and how he told Andy about some of the things being said about him, Andy was crying because of the names and slurs that a few of the other guests had said about him, he was clearly upset and Ellissa immediately went over to console him adn then gradually over the next few weeks, he became just like those that hurt him. I think that was the turning point for me, that he is willing to stoop so low to win this game when he doesnt have to. Probably what is the most disturbing is how much he relishes going around and recalling his nasty and vindictive behaviour fo the approval of the other houseguests.

There is game play, then there is nasty behaviour. Andy belongs to the nasty behaviour club.

Do not get me started on his dressing like an 8 year old boy, there is something incredibly creepy with how he portrays himself in that manner…


Great post PMD, I agree 100%.


Awesome, pmd. Well said!!


Andy is the biggest two faced, rat bastard, lying, and ugly assed mother@#%$er!! He’s obsessed with Elissa because he’s jealous of her and wishes he had the money, family, and looks. I’m gay and I find him very ugly on the outside as well as the inside…he’s gonna catch hell when people of his hometown will start throwing cheese and calling him “Rat”. And as for GM, why is Candice’s name still coming out of her mouth? She’s obsessed with her like she’s obsessed with Nick! She’s so jealous of Candice because of her wins in beauty contests (and has the proof to back it up). She’s in for a rude awakening when she find out she has no job!! Spencer is just a ugly, scraggly, smelly, disgusting, woman hating, and racist misogynistic pig (hope I’ve spelled that right). Judd, you need Candice’s help with your speech inpediment, and McCrae, thank God you’re away from that bitch and now you better work and win that POV and beat the Exterminators at their own game!!


And she’ll believe that hug is genuine. Which is why Andy has a great shot to win.

He lies and manipulates better than anyone in the house, and yet he is everyone’s trusted confidant.


If Judd goes to F2 and I think he wins the game. Andy will not win.


i’ll kill myself if Andy wins. lol…Melodrama is Andy’s middle name along with RAT, of course.


You are not the only one. I have disliked things other houseguest have done, but the constant name calling behind someone’s back that Andy does is a bit too much for me. If I was his friend, I would now question how much he talks about people behind their back. When people trust you and have your back and then they just step on you… no amount of money is worth distroying your own character on national TV. Hope he enojoys the money because his trust level has been severly damaged.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only person who isn’t a fan of Andy. I can’t stand him, too! I don’t know why he feels the need to talk badly about Elissa. She put him up ONCE, and that was only to ensure that Aaryn was evicted. She is now in the jury house, and he’s STILL talking about her. Elissa has been evicted…move on…find someone…or something else to talk about.

Another Andy Hater

No, you are not alone! I actually liked Andy in the beginning, for about 2 weeks! He is the biggest shithead ever on this show! I LOVE how he thinks that HE is responsible for all of the big moves in the house…talk about delusional! And then there is the way that he always shows up when ANYONE else is having a conversation. He has sure got some kind of radar in him that goes off every time anyone want to talk to another. The way he has played both sides of the house? Sure, that can be strategy, and I suppose a good strategy at that, but he is so slimy that I can’t even respect it in any way! I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he leaves the show and realizes how MUCH America really hated him!

Real Scandals Phony President

Andy is the worst. He is fake, arrogant, and delusional.


Well your name is spot on but your comment sounds more like youre describing ellisa.

Blame it on the Game?

No, it’s not just you! Andy is really getting creepy at this point. He can’t blame it on the “game,” because Elissa is gone. There’s no longer a reason to keep on beating Elissa up for “game” reasons by saying crap like: “F**K Elissa Reilly! Oh my god I hate her!!!”

Okay, enough of that, Andy, you little creepy person. You seem fixated on Elissa and wanting to say that line over and over ad nauseum. It’s getting maniacal and creepy now, pal. You’re teetering on the brink of having a psychotic break.

It’s getting transparent now that Andy the little ginger rat freak has been driven over the edge with jealousy, and it really is “Psycho” all over again. Can you say Norman Bates? How about Andy, Master Bates of the Big Brother House? Forget about the Big Brother House: Welcome to Fairvale, California and the Bates Motel, or more appropriately, the “Hates Motel.” Quick, somebody hide all the women’s clothing in the Hates Motel. It won’t be long before Master Bates will be headed to the kitchen for a big knife. It’s a good thing GM and McCrae are tied together. Nobody go into the shower alone.


He is a disgusting person in general. He really is a rat and floater, no mater what the voices in his head say. He thinks he was instrumental in making big moves when all he did was go from side to side until he HAD to choose.

thanks guys

even though i will not be watching bb or bbad anymore, i just want to say thanks to simon and dawg for this site. i have recommended it to many people. it is the best for finding out what is going on in the bb house. you guys do a fantastic job keeping us informed.


Andy, Judd and Spencer, I don’t want them to win.

mr. man

In every situation andy always wondering what candice would do or say, he’s just as racist trying to instigate others to make negative remarks about her….he’s just as racist as the next.


I knew GM was on borrowed time. Hopefully while chained to MC she will let it slip about the alliance and Andy’s betrayal. Of course it will have to be a HUGE 2 by 4 to the face for it to sink in. Can’t decide whether to laugh or barf at Spencer’s pic. How in God’s name do these people EVER let Spencer cook dinner?!! If he didn’t have the jerky his other hand would be picking his nose. GROSS!!


Why can’t they just drop the vile, nasty Elissa bashing. This just reflects on the type of people they really are in real life, a bunch of losers trying to bring down people to their level. They can’t use the excuse it’s just a game because if that were true they would not be saying the things and the way they’re saying them. I hope they get what they deserve when they get out of the house. It would be interesting to see their lives in 6 months.


Like when ellissas husband leaves her for a smart, young, pretty, nice girl who hasnt spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery.


I know and she is left standing there with only several million dollars.


So you admit she is a gold-digger. Good, glad to see youve figured it out.


Like Elssa or Hate Elissa, CBS/Production should be ashamed that they allowed those remaining creeps to treat Elissa’s personal belongings like they did. I am sure if Judd was evicted and he left belongings behind, he would not love it if someone used his precious Bear Shirt for toilet paper, etc. Shame on you, CBS. We know you are sitting back and allowing a lot of vile behavior but a houseguest’s personal belongings should be off limits. I do find it …ah…. interesting that Elissa didn’t have her bags packed and at the door like normal. Julie told her “WE will get your bags” but that WE turned out to be vindictive still-bashing Elissa hateful people.

Dawn Boone

This is my whole issue why is it ok for these houseguests to call women Bitches and C**nts. How would these men that including GM because she talks just as trashy like if someone called their Mothers, Wives, Sisters or any loved ones these names. I can’t ever remember in past seasons it being as bad as it is this season. I hope Elissa’s husband slaps a couple of these losers right in the nose. I have had to turn my live feeds off at different points this season because I cannot take the way they talk and how vile and disgusting they get. I have to agree with what others have already said WORST SEASON EVER.Last night when Julie said a returning winner would be coming back can u imagine if Rachel was put back in the house for 24 hrs and see how fast the rats scurry then. LOL


At this point I want Andy or Judd to win the others have no class at all.

Another Liberal Loser

Andy has class? You might want to lower the dosage on your medication.


I’m glad Elissa is out of the house – she shouldn’t be subjected to such a hostile environment. I have to disagree with many that getting Amanda out was not a big move since everyone except Mc wanted her out. What Elissa did was very brave when she put Aaryn and Mc up since she was on her own and it’s because of her those shitty people left were able to make their so-called big move. Even if Elissa was the biggest bitch, the way she was treated and talked about is pretty unforgivable. At some point you have to look at yourself as a piece of shit for treating Elissa that way. What did she do? She wanted to play her game to further herself, not to further the rat alliance, so treat her like shit. It was bittersweet seeing Elissa go last night: I wanted Elissa out of that hateful surrounding but now have no one to get behind on. But the jokes on them: Elissa will be cheered on by so many more people than the so-called Brenchel Army.

Judd: Talk about bitter jury; bitter much? I knew you be a waste.

Mc: Can’t wait to see you go.

Andy: So glad I don’t know your pathological lying rat.

Spencer: How creeped out I would be if I was your coworker.

GM: You are a serious hater.

Peace out!


Spencer is disgusting freak. That pic with him eating with on hand and the other choking his chicken! He reminds me what people pile up and leave behind in a porta potty. I remember the first episode. He was sitting next to GM talking and also playing with himself back then.
Ms. Andy is such a jealous little c*unt. He is so jealous of Elissa because she is a real woman. Don’t understand his hatred for her.
GM. God bless her. I sure hope someone gets her help after the show. Let her spend a month with Candice, handcuffed!!!!
Judd has some serious issues with women. Something was fucked up in his upbringing.
McCrap is a dirty low life piece of ass-wipe. He won’t shower, eats his nails (even seen him with his feet in mouth), and is a submissive lazy poor excuse for a man.

Expect the unexpected. The BB house gets sucked up by a giant sinkhole?????


I can’t wait when Juile Chen tells all of the misfits that they are unemployed-Hope they save that Stipend Money!

Botox Pelosi

Pizza boy may be the only one with a job by the end of the show.


lmao! so true…


Really? If you opened up your door and McStinky was standing there holding your pizza would you even touch the box?


A while back McCrae admitted his car was full of trash and crap, and he delivers pizza in that car. I wonder…. will he really have his job left. But then again, he probably doesn’t care because he is moving to FL with Sugar Mama. We will be curious to know how that turns out.


After the show is over the press interviews everyone in the back yard so they’ll probably find out real fast what people think of them and that they’re unemployed. Does Judd even have a job? Hopefully, Jeff will do the back yard interviews for BB and nail these assholes. I hope Brendon comes up to Andy and tells him he’s going to break him in half and then we can see Ratboy start crying.


Chen should join the ranks of the un-employed after her complete failure to do her job in the Amanda exit interview. But she sleeps with the MIC so we know justice shall not be served.


Please CBS switch to the jury house now!

mr. man

The freckled one is always wondering what candice would do or say in every situation, trying to instigate negative talk from others about her….he needs to go like yesterday!


I think it’s safe to say that the BB fans’ dislike of the “DIRT HERD” (my new name for them) will overshadow the epic dislike of the “NERD HERD.” I hope when these people watch the episodes and read the blogs (you know they will and will lie about NOT doing those things) they feel sick to their stomach about their behavior and seriously embarrassed. I hope their families tell them how shameful their behavior has been.

It’s almost as though this season production went through a list of rejects from past auditions and purposely put the biggest group of unstable, hateful freakazoids together to see what would happen. We already know Aaryn was a Real World reject and Amanda was a reality show fame wh–e reject. If only we could vote on America’s LEAST Favorite Player….it would be a 6 or 7 way tie and I would LOVE to see the faces of those players on finale night.


Missed bbad last night. Where can I watch it?
So sad the A team is gone. Really wish there was an underdog to root for.


Instead of handcuffs they should have given GM a time out from talking for 48 hours. Listening to her is like scraping your nail on a chalkboard. MC is not the only who need to watch out, but Nick does too.

I don’t understand Howdy Doody. (Andy) Why is he constantly trying to get people to dog Elissa and Candice out. I mean why even bring Candice up she’s been gone. He is to over the top!! I don’t know if he does it to focus attention off of himself or he is just plain catty. I know there are a lot of other things these people can talk about instead of saying the same dumb shit over and over again. I know it is too late for these houseguest, but I would suggest BB get a library, so just in case they have the same type of people in the house next year they can read a book.

Botox Pelosi

As far as Andy goes I would be shocked if he can read and for Gina all of the Curious George books are out of print.


It is what it is with these 5. One of them will win whether we like it or not, hoping Judd can pull this one.

My problem with these HGs is how they are always throwing out how much they hate some of the others.
You hate tomatoes, doing dishes, or coffee, not people who have literally done nothing to you. Especially since it is just a game!

I dislike Andy && don’t really care for Spencer && Jerey Jones gets on my nerves but I don’t hate them!


Look out BB fans, now we get to watch a minimum of 7 days of Elissa and Amanda bashing. That’s exciting…..NOT! This is the worst BB season in history.


I watched the Jeff interview with Dani Donato on CBS…

Interesting – Dani said most of the Big Brother winners are the ones that do not play in the beginning of the game – they wait for the stronger players to get booted out. Now its time for the others to play (or float as Rachel says) so other words not much competition left.

with only 5 left…… it’s really hard to think who is deserving of the money…Andy was by the far the best floater – I guess I am glad I am not in the jury to decide this.


There’s something about Spencer that I like… Yes he can be a vulgar pig… but I find it easy to forget it… Maybe because I’ve spent my life surrounded by Rig Pigs and they make these people sound like Nuns… I dunno.
I’m glad he go an HOH… I still haven’t really committed to “cheering on” a particular player… But I guess Spencer and Judd are my two picks… I really wish Andy wasn’t so tight with Spencer. I dislike Andy the most. He has played an excellent game. He reminds me of Ian playing both sides and being the rat, but Ian was easier to like because he wasn’t SO annoying! If McCrea wins the POV it will be bye bye to Judd…. That will suck. Don’t want Andy to be so safe this week.


I was starting to feel like that until I saw how he was throwing around Elissa’s stuff. OK, so it didn’t go the way I would have liked, but that scene after where the guys were throwing and going through her things was WAY out of line. CBS should have stepped in, for sure, but it says a lot about them, as men. :::cough:: cough::.

Dawn Boone

So I guess you like that he said he plays with little boys or that he calls women bitches and c**nts. I think you are a vile digusting pig just like him!!!!


You could not be more wrong.
You could try, but you would not be successful.


Ian was easy on the eyes and genuinely easily liked. Everyone was rooting for him to WIN. He played a near perfect game without being a rat like Andy.


Ian was a rat, though. He destroyed the Frank/Boogie alliance from within much like Andy destroyed the Amanda/Helen/McCrae/Elissa alliance.


I clearly don’t watch the feeds, but I constantly visit this website. Now, I still see people constantly cussing Elissa… everyone… even after she’s gone. Come on, just as an example: what could Andy possibly use as an reason to justify him badmouthing her? Considering she’s the most popular, I do wish that producers would find a way to send her back in. Like an unexpected “America: you now can choose a player to go back in the house for the final!”, just so those idiots would shut up. And GM… wow… she THINKS she has a chance to win this, but those misogynists will turn their backs on her as soon as McCrae is out. He better win Veto otherwise his days are numbered. Well, that’s what he deserves for nominating Elissa… the only person besides him who voted to keep Amanda. He’s so dumb.

The show is really bad now… we just have misogynists and racists in the house. Elissa was the only one who never put up with wrong stuff and the only one who actually felt really sorry for all the bad stuff that Candice had to go through. And Judd is a big disappointment to me still.

Ewww Just Ewww

That’s why they hate Elissa so much. Just her presence sheds light on how ugly they are. They are awful and knew they had to behave differently around her (couldn’t curse, fart non-stop, talk about vjj’s and penises 24/7, bash other races, etc.). They “had to walk on eggshells” as Spencer said; couldn’t be themselves. In other words, they just had to be decent human beings around Elissa. Obviously this is offensive to all of them. The sickest thing is that one of these sub-humans will be rewarded for their disgusting behavior. Great message for all the kids out there watching this. I really am sickened by this show this year. Was hoping good would will out, but guess not. However, when they are released from the bubble of the BB house, they will have to face themselves, which is the only good thing about this mess. Sad, sad, sad…


Tried to find a pic of Marilyn in the images captured of his HOH room but didn’t see one anywhere unless that pic of Spencer, nose to nose with a dog is Marilyn


Wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer was into Zoophilia!


Ratings are going to drop for CBS!!!!
I wonder we’ll see a Pandora’s Box
Cinnamon Toast Crunch???? Really GM, cant wait to see you on the outside, back in the real world.
Hope Simon -n- Dawg keep us updated when these fools when they’re in the real world. Get ready for a bunch of phony apologies. Watch them blame it on the the people around them while in the BB house blah blah blah.

Pinocchio Obama

How about a Pandora’s box that puts Elissa back into the house?


Why? She is clearly an idiot. Nothing she did was for strategy or she wouldn’t have flipped and tried to keep Amanda because that is SO stupid! Her entire game was dumb luck. She’s DUMB.


Elissa and Helen made a good team. Elissa broke up the Aaryn romance and got rid of Aaayn. Nick was a player. Gone thanks to Elissa. The McCranda team had a bully grip on the HG. Elissa made the first move to destroy it. .And so on and so forth.
Elissa was all game. Didn’t lie.. Didn’t bully… They all knew she could win in the end. That is why it took a gang of five to evict her. That said .. The demeaning remarks against her now even though she’s out of the game are ugly. The personal attack on her belongings was stupid…. Really disrespectful…Really really stupid.. Like naughty teens thinking acting mean makes them look like adults..

Elissa Fans' Tears Are Delicious

I haven’t been this thrilled about an eviction since Rachel got voted off BB12! Keep crying and telling us how you won’t watch anymore, haters…. we all know you’ll be back next year when Grodner rigs All-Stars II for Rachel, Brendon, and Elissa.

Backpedal Obama

Andy’s boyfriend is that you?

Hate Andy

I hate everyone who is left………especially Andy. What a backstabbing jerk!!! Hope he doesn’t win.


Simon/Dawg, you saved my life last nite. Just as Amanda was about to give her speech about why she should stay, my cable went out. I was about to have a total meltdown when I remembered you had posted a link for watching live streaming so I quickly ran through last thursdays comments and found it. Didn’t get to see Amanda’s reaction but saw some of her interview with Julie. And the rest of the show. Thanks so much for doing what you do.


I was just soooo sure that mcrae was going to vote to keep amanda.

Hahahahaha elissa is so smart


i just sent this message to CBS and suggest everyone do likewise. you can contact them at CBS.com scroll to bottom and click on broadcast feedback. let’s give these punks a piece of our mind.
pretty weak how Julie Chen excoriated Aaryn for her racist comments but gave Amanda a pass, who made many many racist comments, calling Candice ‘Shaniqua’ etc. don’t think us viewers didn’t notice. I guess the rumors are true that the vile Amanda is friends with Grodner. Chen, Grodner and CBS look like chumps for this move.


the contact info to do so please

No more pretty butterflys, "sigh"

What is ratandy’s point? WE all know he hates Elissa, he made sure EVERYONE knows he hates her. For that matter, what is any of their points? GM keeps beating Candace, they all evicted Jugg the first time. Spitter needs to get his hand out of his pants. And for the love of little red apples, make McWimpy take a shower!


Julie let Amanda off the hook last night, that was not fair and balance reporting CBS, also GM is really jealous of Candice she c/n stop bringing her name up.


Spencer is lying when he said he would not f**k Elissa. He probably thought it about it everyday. The only reason he is so mad at her is that he knew he didn’t have a chance in hell!!! Back to the blowup doll Marilyn. Sicko!!!!

Backpedal Obama

Do you know the reason that Spencer has tears in his eyes after sex?………..From the mace.


Stop projecting. Its just sad.


I which they would switch the feed to the Jury house, these HG are gross……


I hate everyone that is left. This HOH was rigged no doublt


Andy is disgusting. I dont want any of them to win. all they choose to do is bad mouth people who arent even there to defend themselves. sure makes them look classy. I think theyre all scum.


I’m voting for Elissa as America favorite houseguest. If she gets and spencer doing this, he will be arrested. I’m praying fo Rat Boy to be evicted this Wednesday.


WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!! Why do people like this idiot so much?! She did nothing in this game! Even Andy deserves it more than she does! At least he played two sides, including Elissa, and got the b*tches out! Good for you Andy!


joe from big brother 14 did the same thing last year always jerking of him and spencer have alot in common …..


Wait, are we voting for America’s favorite — or the houseguest with the least common sense (other than David)?

Seriously, people. Elissa believes that McCrae voted out Amanda.

Your “favorite” houseguest was used for the first four weeks because of the MVP. She voted out her friends one by one to advance Helen’s game — and Helen wasn’t even loyal to her. And then she sided with Amanda and Amanda’s unquestioning trust in Andy — their downfall, and soon to be McCrae’s too.

To borrow a word from Elissa, her game play was disgusting.

And here comes the barrage of thumbs down!!

A Tangled Web

She thought that because MC put her on the block… she had just come from the eviction – not the vote and I think she was trying to figure out what just happened – and so she assumed that Andy voted out Spencer and MC voted out Amanda because MC put her up for eviction.


Not how it happened. One of the guys told her that McCrae made a boys alliance with them to get out Amanda (that happened between Amanda’s eviction and the HOH). Meanwhile, McCrae was told that Elissa flipped.

It will all air on Sunday. The Exterminators had planned what to tell Elissa and McCrae.

spencer hateswomen

I am trying to figure out why Spencer can not talk about a woman without using a negative word. They are all bi@$%^$%hes or cu$%#%ts or soemthing else just as bad. I feel very bad for his girlfriend!

Peter Pan

He’s just a boy and he thinks saying these things makes him a man.


aaryn parents are trying to justify aaryns racist remarks TMZ has aaryn prom date pictures with a black guy so aaryn cant be racist the family is saying …. I hate ANDY but he’s on his way to final 2

Geez Louise

Good grief y’all are some complaining people on here. Everyone wanted Amanda gone, she’s gone. Shut up and either watch the show or don’t watch the show. But don’t complain about watching a horrible season. Here’s a thought. Turn the dang tv off if you are that disgusted by it…


Spencer is the grossest “human being” ever

Ewww Just Ewww

Spencer is abundantly gross. His hands are always in his nose or his pants while he is calling one of the women a bitch or c***. Yes, he is a despicable human being, but the grossest? I can’t decide. Hey, I think instead of America’s favorite housequest, we should vote for the most vile and disgusting houseguest. So much competition.


I would have gone for someone like, oh I dunno, HITLER! or POL POT, STALIN. MAO………….
Bun no, Im sure youre correct. (eyes roll)

I weep for the future of this nation.


The only reason to watch is to see Andy the rat voted off. Why should he win or go this far? All he accomplished was gossiping, and interrupting every conversation – what a troll. I’ve watched every season of BB and have seen others win that didn’t deserve the win but this has been the worst season. I feel Gina Marie never appreciated Alyssa doing her hair, etc.
Just a bunch of losers.t


Nick’s blue hat that GM won’t part with actually belongs to McIdiot right?


Spenser is just disgusting! Why would anyone even want to. Shake his hand much less anything else!

Spencer's beating off again

Shake his hand. Didn’t you see the picture of him holding beef jerky in his left hand and slowly beating off with his right hand, which is the much favoured hand used when shaking hands.

So if you did you’d be getting filthy and disgusting ‘hand’ lotion from not only the day you shook hands but from previous bouts of hand-love making too.

I don't get it

I’ve never seen people go on and on and on about evicted house guests. I mean good Lord they are still talking about Candice and occasionally Jesse in such disgusting ways!!

Ok Elissa occasionally go her jabs in but lets face it….these people are far meaner, cruder and way less classy than Elissa and I think she was probably disgusted and shocked by some of this behavior and therefore came across very stuck up. As far as her jabs HELLO???? you peopled bullied her since Day 1 and you are acting only indignant because she got a couple of jabs in….Really??? Am I missing something because I really feel like I am???

just sayin'

Yeah, kinda the way people are going on & on on this forum