Andy says here are 3 pills one of them will kill you but if you pick the right one we will give you $5000!

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda
Have Nots


9:10am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Judd gets up and goes to the kitchen. When he comes back he tell Gina and McCrae that they’re building something in the backyard. Gina wonders if it could be for Andy’s money reward. The whistle then blows and tells Judd to drop down and do 15 sit ups. Judd complains and the voice asks do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Judd finishes them and says this is the worst punishment ever. Judd get back into bed. Andy comes back from the diary room. Gina asks anything? Andy says yeah they had $5000 sitting out.. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

CBS Interactive Inc.

10:40am Andy says hey guys Elissa is gone. Gina says yeah! Andy says I hate you Elissa! Andy says well I am up now since we have to go up to the HOH room in an hour. What do you think it’s for? Do you think it’s for me? Gina says yeah probably. Andy wonders why we would be locked up in the HOH room then. McCrae says probably to set something up down here like a pedestal and button. Andy talks about how happy his is that Elissa is gone. She had a week long plan to frame me. They talk about how crazy Elissa was and how they can stand her. They continue to talk about the past events and fights that happened during the season.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

10:50am – 11am Big Brother tells everyone to go up to the HOH room for a lock down. They think it is for Andy’s reward where he will get a chance to win $1 – $5000. Judd asks Andy if he is nervous. Andy says no I am more excited. It’s not like anything terrible is going to happen to me. McCrae says oh you don’t know that. Andy says yeah that’s true, I guess. Ginamarie says you could die! Andy says it’s like here are 3 pills one of them will kill you but if you pick the right one we will give you $5000! At 11am there is a diary room leak of Spencer talking about how he broke something in the rainbow room and if someone can fix it. Spencer then comes out of the diary room and heads up to the HOH room.


11am – 11:10am Big Brother switches the feeds to the “We’ll be right back screen”..

11:15am The Live Feeds switch to TRIVIA..

12:15pm Still TRIVIA..

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Google RANDY TAYLOR the man who kidnapped ALEXIS MURPHY he would fit in perfect with this cast ?

What do you think?

It’s not too late for CBS and production to rehabilitate themselves by doing another ‘re-set’ and having a special competition Sunday night where four (4) members of the jury house can return to the game: Helen, Aaryn, Amanda, and Elissa. Okay, maybe even throw Jesse and Candace in. Let them all come back and let’s replay the second half of this season. Judd really can’t bitch about that. And who really cares what GM/Spencer/Ratboy think. Come on CBS. If you did it once you can do it again. Aaryn/Amanda/Elissa deserve the same chance that the other jury members got. You have to do something because none of the exterminators deserve the $500k. Thumbs up if several jury members should be allowed to come back into the game.


How can you say Aayrin and then say okay maybe Jessie that makes no kinda since

McC's stinky feet

That would make it last longer,let’s just get it over with


I think the reason why the HG don’t like Elissa is because she wasn’t that easy to manipulate. I think that is why Andy has such a hatred of Elissa. Elissa knew how he was and couldn’t be persuaded. Andy so adamantly declares, “I hate Elissa,” when he will probably be best friends with her after the show. Did Ragan not get along Rachel during the season then turn around and become a close friend after the show? They all probably really like Elissa. Even Amanda told Elissa that she liked her. They need to drop the Elissa bashing. She is gone. I won’t root for Spencer at all not after his crude comments. Actually, there really isn’t anyone left that I want to win. I know I don’t want Andy to win.


Elissa knew Andy would lie because of his kitten shirt. Elissa probably has cats and knows that they will turn on you. Everyone else just assumed that the shirt meant he was friendly.


mccrabs creeps me out, he looks like a old perv to me!!! like grandpa munter!


McCrea creeps me out to only because he doesn’t wash and he is always picking on his skin probably from not bathing and haves some type of fungus on him I wonder if he has ever had fifths disease. But Judd creeps me out because is always sneaky he is not out with his creepiness the way Spencer is Judd haves more of a Ted Bundy presence about him and he can go from 0 to 60 just like that and you can tell he has a temper on him also the way he talks seems that he dose it to be extra however he talks just like his mother he also has her mouth I think that both he and her was born with a cleft lip I don’t know if that’s the case or not but if he was then that could kinda count for his temper but he is still creepy

Big Sister

Hey, I live in that area. Do you?


I am convinced Andy is ecspecially Jealous of Elissa, Here we are the next day and he still has her name in his mouth.

Just Sayin

I agree that he needs to drop it already, but people aren’t always ‘just jealous’ when they hate someone. Look at all the Andy haters here and how they talk about him, are they just jealous as well? I hated Elissa too, but was not/am not jealous of her. Same goes for Amanda.

just saying too

They are all bored and pretending to like each other. If they don’t talk about Elissa then they would have to talk about each other. Andy I think is trying to keep the heat off him because he knows that most of them will be in the jury and Elissa is only one vote. They also think Elissa went home and will not be voting. I hope he leaves soon so they can show us how the women greet him in the jury house. otherwise I’m bored myself with this show.


Expect the unexpected!
Andy….aka….Andrea is really a female. That would explain why he is so hateful, two-faced, and jealous of Elissa.
Andrea then squeegies out of his shorts a exposing a fire red burning bushed vagina.
GM says, ‘I KNEW I. I hate you, you fucking bitch!’
Spencer says he is glad because he has been fantasizes about mounting him and now Spence doesn’t feel like a pervert.
Judd replies, STFU, you are a real bitch!
McCrap says stay away unless you want what I got from Amanda.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

I was taught that hate is a powerful word. Why on earth rat bastard Andy keeps saying “I hate Elissa” is beyond me, what a twatwaffle that rat bastard is


Awe, all the cat ladies are upset that their dim-witted hero got voted out. Elissa was a horrible game player and she’s a self-rightous snob. Honestly, I’m loving every second of this.

Get Over It

Hate is a very strong word and Andy should know that but his behavior shows otherwise. I think he is just mad because she had his game figured out and he knew she could expose him. Hate the game play, not the player. Sure their may be some annoyances about her as there is with anyone you share a confined space with for an extended period of time, 24 hours a day, but come on already…she is out of the house, and you are safe. Get over it.

Now Spencer on the other hand…he just gives me the creeps!!!!!! Unless he is eating food, he always has his hands down his pants. My bad…he has his hand down his pants and stuffs his face at the same time. Gross!!!! Have you ever seen that guy go up to the sink to wash his hands before he touches food or anything else for that matter? These people touch the same things that this perverted guy touches and do not even realize where he has his hands all the time. The guy thinks of nothing but sex and crosses boundaries that no one thinks is appropriate to the point where police are called in, and yet the other house guests are befriending this guy. I think the police are monitoring his behaviors on the show to determine if he is of any risk outside of the house. I would not be surprised if they kept an eye on him once he returns home. He really is gross.


Andy should realize that in a game like this others might figure out your game and use it against you like Elissa did. He needs to get over it already. Hating on Elissa isn’t going to help his game at all.


“I think he is just mad because she had his game figured out and he knew she could expose him.” Are you kidding me? Even when Elissa was sitting with Julie Chen she STILL believed Andy had voted to evict Spencer.


Andy seems to hold onto his dislike of people. Remember how long he talked about how he hated Nick. And never with a good reason. I am surprised GM wants to work with him since he talked so much aout hating on Nick. So it doesn’t surprise me that now he has a new person to hate on. Brenchel should make sure Andy never gets to meet his favorite, Ragen. Since he is always dissing him I hope he gets dissed in return. I am sure they will tell her how much smack he has talked about her (and everyone really)


OMG GOD!!!! I am not jealous of Ellisa I don’t why people keeps saying that I mean seriously people why would I be. Done in the Red Rat voice!!!!


Here’s to hoping Andy opens a Pandora’s Box and Elissa walks back in to the house! Better yet, he opens it and they trade places!


It would be even better if Pandora’s Box contained Rachel.


or both Rachel and Elissa and they can sit on either side of him for hours having their own conversation. lol

Too Tall

Don’t get my hopes up, I just squirted a white creamy substance.


THAT would be great to watch!! I would pay to see Andy’s face and watch him for 24 hours following.


Lol better yet, trap him in Pandora’s Box with Elissa while a tv monitor shows the rest of the house guests getting a shopping spree 😀 and for good measure, bring back Jesse and throw him in there, too! Oh wait, Andy would probably like that so never mind haha.


I would love to see a Pandora’s box to Andy contain Amanda. Can you imagine what she would say to him after learning he lied to her and cost her her game.


Spencer: Andy said to me he can produce incredible amounts of semen and he uses his load to clean his toilet. So I watched him masterbate into it and I have to say I am very impressed with Andys Fluid.


A day without Lurker is like a day without sunshine LOL

Spencer is Gay

I always knew you were gay Spencer. Its about time you give Andy what he’s been looking for and leave your goat behind


Do you mean goat’s behind or goat behind……


Poking fun at someone’s sexuality doesn’t make you funny. It makes you appear homophobic.

Given the amount of crap Amanda and the like took for such language-it also makes you hypocrites. Whiny hypocrites at that, who are just throwing temper tantrums like 5 year olds because your player didn’t win.


How production can make the game ineresting again, a easy three step process;

Step 1) Show the Jury House more than the BB house

Step 2) On the TV at the Jury house show show GM and McCrae handcuffed together by a bed or shower and the look on Amanda’s face.

Step 3) Show the look on GM and McCrae’ s face when Amanda lierally knocks down the door !!

Brown Fat

I like #s 1 & 2…a lot. #3 GM would knock the shit out of Amanda while McPunkass weeps.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I would also add the following to your list, Maverick:

* Allow the jury members to watch 2 or 3 hours of live feed footage. Just enough footage to help them make an informed decision on the night of the finale.


Brown Fat, yea I like your #3, and BB fan from Canada not to mention they would see how shitty some of them looked,no wait never mind they are so dilusional they would probably think “glad I didn’t sound like that”


Amanda diffenitely a Jodi Aries type

McC's stinky feet

For the first time I feel sorry for GM


God I hope MC wins the PoV. (NOT because I am rooting for him. Can’t stand the guy.)
If for no other reason than to see if Spencer picks Andy over Judd.
Judd would be pissed if he had to go up against GM and probably get evicted.
Andy would cry and sell Judd and Spencer down the river so fast it is ridiculous.

Most of all I want to see GM talk to Julie.

the last word

1) Andy doesn’t deserve to win shit. His game of crying and tattle-tailing on everyone annoyed the fuck out of me- No one likes backstabbing snitches.

1) Amanda’s bitch: McNoBalls doesn’t deserve to even be there right now, for pulling the worst move ever when he had HOH. What an idiot move.

3) Judd is an insecure bastard who likes to pick on woman, he’s got to go.

4) G.M is a literally a dumb racist who thinks she’s “bad-ass tough”, which is why she has to go. Now when she gets back home to the streets of N.Y I pray that she gets confronted and gets the stuffing beat out of her for demeaning and stereotyping people of different ethnicities.

5) Spencer he’s fat pig with a nasty mouth, but as I read him I can tell that’s he’s faking all that mess and just going along with the other crazies – which I think is not a bad move at all, so that makes me want to root for him to win. I just wish he would be smart and put andy’s ratty ass up !!!


I think it’s hilarious that everyone who thinks the house is full of vile despicable people are mimicking the behavior they hate so much on this board. Cry babies….


your right you just decribed mainstream America lol the most annoying thing about andy is the sky is falling scenario just a basic fear of everything in that house

Just Sayin

This is Big Brother, being a rat is a good reason to win this game. It may not be people’s favorite strategy, but it’s worked in the past and will work in the future on shows like BB and Survivor. Being sneaky, having everyone think you’re on their side, acting emotional when you vote someone out, getting the least amount of blood on your hands, etc. etc. is a more solid way of earning the prize than just being the last floater left standing. Hate him all you want, but Andy has put in a lot of work on the social game since day one, more so than anyone left in that house. And how he’s played has been riskier than other’s strategy too. If anyone would have caught on to what he’s been doing, he would have been gone. He’s never even been anyone’s real target. He’s definitely not my favorite or first pick to win, but out of what’s left he’s done more game playing than anyone.

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

I’d like to add to Just Sayin’s excellent post by pointing out that someone has to win. These bitter losers going around saying things like, “no one should win!” really need to give it a rest.

It’s the next day already-if you can’t find someone to root for, and you think everyone left is so awful, quit watching. That’s fine. We don’t care. We won’t miss you. Promise.

I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around these people’s mentalities. Is this seriously the first time these people have suffered a disappointment? Is this how they all handle things when stuff doesn’t go their way in their real lives? They incessantly piss and moan about it?

Get off your couch and go do something productive!

Practice What You Preach Much?

You have a problem with people whining and moaning incessantly about something they don’t like, yet you want Andy vs. Judd for final 2? The same Andy who will not stop whining about players that have left the game already and who has zero reasons to keep bashing away at that same player? The same Andy who whines about not only that player but also whines about that player’s family members that were not even players in Big Brother 15 but were players on 2 different seasons of Big Brother?

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Andy is psychotic at this point. He’s Norman Bates in the flesh. He’s was upset with mother because he could control mother’s every move (like all the other half wits in the house). Andy has killed mother now and is feeling guilty now and is fixated on her. He’s literally “Psycho.” He is Master Bates at the Hates Motel. Somebody hide the kitchen cutlery and women’s clothing from the little ginger rat freak. He’s Psycho.

You don’t like whining and moaning, but you want Andy for the win? Do you perhaps see what a complete walking contradiction that is?

Practice What You Preach Much?

You have a problem with people whining and moaning incessantly about something they don’t like, yet you want Andy vs. Judd for final 2? The same Andy who will not stop whining about players that have left the game already and who has zero reasons to keep bashing away at that same player? The same Andy who whines about not only that player but also whines about that player’s family members that were not even players in Big Brother 15 but were players on 2 different seasons of Big Brother?

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Andy is psychotic at this point. He’s Norman Bates in the flesh. He’s was upset with mother because he could NOT control mother’s every move (like all the other half wits in the house). Andy has killed mother now and is feeling guilty now and is fixated on her. He’s literally “Psycho.” He is Master Bates at the Hates Motel. Somebody hide the kitchen cutlery and women’s clothing from the little ginger rat freak. He’s Psycho.

You don’t like whining and moaning, but you want Andy for the win? Do you perhaps see what a complete walking contradiction that is?


Hey, Andy! We hate you, Andy. You suck.

Hey, the rest of ya! You suck, too. We hate you.

Fawk BB15


Big Brother Fan from Canada

Andy dressing like a middle school child is strategy. How can you not trust someone who reminds you of your young son, your little nephew or your little brother? I’m certain we will never see him dress like this again, after the finale.

Fawk BB15


McC's stinky feet

He remind’s me of my little sister


I can’t believe I’m writing this but since this season is a complete Dudd, I am upgrading my life vest to a scuba diving gear and riding hitting the pig to the win in the end, # Team Spencer. GM runner up but you know no one likes her in the jury other then her racist friend Aryan. Andy may have played the best game but seriously, he too have burned too many bridges with people in the jury house as well. Half who played the game way TOO PERSONAL. I won’t even mention the other guy because he said if he had a second chance he would shake up the house. Lol. Yeah riiiiiiight. #Team Spencer. It doesn’t matter, I am not watching this BB season anymore anyways. Lol.


Dear Andy, you are SO not cool enough to be quoting from The Matrix! I truly hope you get the $1.00 because that is about how
much you are worth these days! GO BACK TO YOUR RATS NEST!!!


This is HUGE long shot, but if Judd, McCrae, and GinaMarie realize that Andy’s going all the way, they could try to get GinaMarie to win the veto, take one of the guys off, and Andy would be leaving the house. A girl can dream.


Andy is mad because he has seen the dress Elissa plans to wear on finale night, and it is nicer than his.

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

Homophobic, rude comment. You are no better than the house guests you bash.


Why does Andy keep talking about Elissa…….Andy has nothing else to talk about. RAT ANDY is mad that Elissa would not give him a kiss.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Andy is just angry because he knows that Elissa will be the only houseguest who will be able to parlay her appearance on the show into lucrative opportunities outside of the house.

I have to hand it to Elissa, she really got the exposure that she was seeking for her business (by being on the show). I have never had any desire to do yoga in the past, but I bought a yoga mat last weekend. Darn that Elissa and her influence! LOL!


Just work on your ass better because hers looked like a sack of potatoes.

Rat andy tho

are you kidding? Elissa had DAT ASS, literally the nicest ass in the house! Did you miss all the episodes where Amanda would comment on Elissa’s nice “yoga ass” and how she’s jealous??? lol


As much as I don’t care for Andy, he is still playing the bluff in front of MCrae that it was Elissa that voted Amanda out. All the other house guests just don’t realize that this is still benifiting him and not them in Mcrae’s eyes. So even if Mcrae leaves Andy is still working his vote.


And what happens if the Exterminators make it to the final four and McCrae goes to the jury house? Remember… Andy CONFESSED to Amanda that he voted her out, so Amanda knows Andy betrayed her. I’m sure Amanda will share that piece of information with McCrae the moment he enters the jury house, and then McCrae will fully realize just how big of an idiot he really was…


Amanda knows about Andy so she will exposes THE RAT to McCrae in the jury house.


That’s because they’re all a bunch of morons, lacking in judgement, pretty sad peeps. Andy, as much as I hate to say it, is playing the game to win, realizing these are really stupid peeps. Go figure.


They all talk about her because they all hate her and for good reason.

Elissa for the Win will not watch BB and BBAD now

Thanks Simon and Dawg for doing a great job! Must be so boring for you guys monitoring these idiots.


Andy is scare right now that Elissa big sister Rachel will be unleashed and he will be crying like a b$tch. Andy, you pick the wrong day you mess with Brenchel army because if you do. You will be the one who should never ever mess with Brenchel Army.


OMG! What if Rachel or Elissa came into the house from the Pandora Box



Meanwhile…back in reality…


andy is a little bitch. all he does is talk shit on elissa! she isnt even there anymore! jealous much?! he needs to go next…….

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

He’s worried about jury votes – so he’s continuing to poison the well – after all – she was on to his ratty ways early on.


Not nearly enough, apparently. She thought Andy voted to keep Amanda and that MC voted Amanda out. Oops. I was all for Elissa going to the end as she is the only person in the house who I can tolerate, but she was too naive for this game. What I don’t get is how any of the other house guests trust Andy after they see how he stabbed his long-time alliance in the back and gleefully so. How can they not see he’d do the same to them in a heartbeat. Why am I writing this and WTH do I care! I can’t stand these people!

Spicanese Standup


I rooted for Elissa because she is NOT the “evil … devil … bitch …, etc”. that the remaining house-guests CONTINUE to insist she is. THAT person was Amanda, who PROJECTED everything she was guilty of onto Elissa. Worse still, Amanda relentlessly REITERATED her paranoid projection to everyone else — perhaps even having a subliminal effect on their, already resentful, perception of Elissa.

Considering the CALUMNY and ABUSE heaped upon her, Elissa was remarkably restrained in response. In fact, she was TOO forbearing and forgiving — actually agreeing to SAVE her chief tormentor and align with her second and third worst enemies. And, unlike Andy and Macrae, Elissa HONORED that agreement.

ANDY, nonetheless, BETRAYED Amanda, FRAMED Elissa for it, and FEIGNED SURPRISE that his former ally was evicted. Like Claude Rains in Casablanca, he was “SHOCKED ” — and thereby convinced Macrae, already primed to distrust Elissa by Amanda, to nominate Elissa for Andy’s duplicity. With no time to make her case — or even figure out exactly WHAT had happened — Elissa was summarily evicted.

As I’ve said previously, Elissa was merely guilty of a benign narcissism that made her oblivious to others’ feelings and intentions. She was RESENTED and ENVIED for her toned-body, her stylish clothes, her good-natured humor in the face of persecution, her comfortable life, and her POISE. It was inevitable that she would be eliminated once the number of house-guests dwindled to those most mendacious and treacherous.

Part of the affection I felt for her was BECAUSE she was a bit of an air-head — but frankly, she was just too stupid to win a cut-throat game like big-brother.

But she’s STILL got a ROCKIN’ BODY!


stupid is right like she said with Julie cant believe mccrae voted Amanda out she seemed poised shes just slow that’s why she doesn’t talk a lot she cant keep up


As I said once, she’s retarded and I don’t mean to insult her, just that she really is retarded and you can tell by how she speaks. Very slow in the mind and in the way she speaks. I mean, good thing she married a rich guy because she’d have to sell flowers for a living. Those who get offended by the word ‘retarded’ (that was fine to use before some idiot came up with all the pc bullshit), can replace it with ‘mentally challenged’, but I don’t really care.

Rat andy tho

Goofy, you are simply no good at interpreting BB. This is the 2nd comment I’m making to you.

Elissa is actually VERY intelligent, she just speaks slowly because she is thinking about what she wants to say. She thinks before she speaks. She doesn’t just say any random shit like the other dumbasses in this house. Elissa was the only white person in the house with NO RACIAL OR HOMOPHOBIC TENDENCIES. That takes INTELLIGENCE. She was also the only person not to cry when being mistreated or bullied, and instead remain poised and confident. Have a nice day.


I’ve rooted for Elissa on and off, but Igotta say last night with Julie she really looked like a Helium Head. And WHYWAS HER FACE SO SHINY?? Icould hardly look at the screen for all the glare that was coming off her whole face. Anyway, 2 things, 1) Did anyone notice that Elissa didn’t even try to talk McCrae after he won? She was the last one in the house. ( she walked back to et her bones to take home) 2) we heard that Judd was going to tell Elissa after Amanda went out that McCrae voted her out and was trying to start a guys only alliance. I did not see him say this to her, but I think it is why she thought Mc voted Am out and why she didn’t try to approach Mc to work together after he won his HOH last night.
Amazing how all the HGs think Andy will lie to everyone else but not to them, like each of them is special and lying is something Andy does to OTHBER HGs, not to me! Even when Elissa was first telling Am that she would vote for her to stay- Andy pokes his head in –like he was listening outside the door–and Elissa motions for him to come in so she and Am can tell him the good news. He hears only a few words, pretends to be excited and tells them to keep talking but he has to go somewhere –INSTEAD OF STAYING THERE TO TALK THRU THE NEW STRATEGY WITH THEM. That was “shadt as f*$k.” Of course WE know he was going to tell his newest Alliance. How obvious can you be. It was one thing for Amanda to want him to know right off be cause Am (also) believed Andy would lie to everyone else-BUT NEVER TO HER!!! But Elissa should have known better . . . and I wish she was smart enough to have followed Andy out of the room to see just where he needed to rush off to so quickly. She could have busted him right then.


she isn’t stupid….she just isn’t cut throat and there is a big difference.

Disappointed BBfan

Where does Andy get off saying “I hate you Elissa.” Number one, it is a game. Number two what did she do to you personally. I do believe it was you who framed her for the Amanda vote. Number three ANDY you do not deserve the money because you have rode everyone’s coat tails the ENTIRE game!! So, I REALLY hope that someone evicts you so you can cry with all the girls in the jury house about how you were wronged!!


Andy hated her the most because she was the only guest who did not have any testicles. Ask GM and MANda


Well at least Andy is consistent, Ellissa is gone and he is still moaning about how much he hates her and keeps up with the name calling and insults.

There it is, Andy’s strategy, pop into every conversation in the house, verbally blow every person in the conversation while simultaneously stab whoever isnt in the room in the back. Old Andy sure is a multi tasker isnt he?

This is why I cannot stand this piece of dirt, his bashing Ellissa does nothing for his game now, all this does is show how Andy has such little personal character and that when he feels insecure he immediately starts to attack others to fit in. This man never got past high school gym class bullshit and should be ashamed of himself when he gets out of that house. This isnt game play, this is seeing how weak of a little man he really is…


Andy is the reason gays in the Military will not work,,,,,,,,,,,,,and the dreaded gerbil dance is outlawed…


Nothing wrong with gays serving the USA but prissy queens like Andy are butch enough to even make it through boot camp.


“…NOT butch….”

Rat andy tho

yeah? Well in that case, Spencer is a prime example of why straight people in the military don’t work either.

Your logic is flawed and invalid.

To Pick the Winner

And put us out of our misery – couldn’t they just play…

One potato, two potato, three potato, four,
five potato, six potato, seven potato more.
One potato, two potato, three potato, four,
five potato, six potato, seven potato more.
Icha bacha, soda cracker,
Icha bacha boo.
Icha bacha, soda cracker,
Out goes Y-O-U!


Lol do you remember She Hulk… Well you will cause that is what would happen lol.


At this point, I am pulling for Spencer. Not because I like him I despise him.But in a game where the HG’s have constantly tried to be more disgusting than the previous “most disgusting” person ,and Julie Chen has stated that she sees no reason to change the casting process, it seems fitting that the winner should be the most repulsive HG. I hope he does shit on the stage when Elissa wins AF. Julie & Allison deserve that. The only changes I would like to see for next season are: 1. No decent, civilized people allowed to enter. And 2. Change the name of the show to AMERICAN SCUZZBALLS.


Yeah, me, too. Spencer would be the most disgusting, repulsive, winner of all time. This year’s show deserves that.

Fawk BB15

ease off the drugs and realize you’re posting on a Big Brother 15 forum FAWK!!!!@!!!!!@@!!!


WHAT DRUG LORDS? I must have missed that on BB when I went to piss!


I would love a Pandora’s box and Elissa to come back. But, with so few days left I know it won’t happen. This is the WORST group of people. Nasty, nasty, nasty


What if Elissa or Rachel came back from the Pandora Box


RAT ANdy would be totally screwed………….crying all the way home.


They keep talking about Elissa. Why not Amanda the worst. They wanted her out more than Elissa, talk shit about Amanda in front of Mcrae to see What he would do or say.


There we go! Now we know why they are all bashing Elissa-because it won’t piss any of them off to hear it. They are too cowardly and sheep-like to bash Am or Aaryn in front of MC or GM, respectively cuzi it would piss them off. Choosing their group targets has always been a part of the group-think in the BB House this season.. Actually Helen and Amanda chose most of the targets and spoke to each houseguest AS IF she was representing the feelings of ALL of the others when Am and Helen convinced the HGs one by one to go along with the Am/Helen plan each week. Diabolical!


And they say we women talk alot of shit!!! That’s all they’ve done all season is talk and hide behind the women. WARRIORS COME OUT AND PLAYYYYYYYYYY!!! EVEN THEY RAN ALL NIGHT HIDING!!! LMAO…….


Beef jerk or Jerk off?

Beef jerk or Jerk off?

Beef jerk or Jerk off?

Beef jerk or Jerk off?

Beef jerk or Jerk off?

Beef jerk or Jerk off?

Beef jerk or Jerk off?

I guess I’ll have both, a little salty mayo on my jerky will help the taste.


You are so GROSS!!!


Again, for the 10th time?? Why do people keep saying this was a dumb move by Mccrae?? DUDE ONLY WENT WITH TH INFO HE WAS PRESENTED BY TH OTHER 4!! BLAME THEM!! THEY HAD A PERFECT PLAN/ALIBI IN PLACE. And as soon as dude won, they executed it to perfection.
Another thing I find funny is the whole ‘GM would knock the shit/beat the shit out of Amanda.’ haha what?? Are you serious?? Compare the size of both of them, Amanda would kill that short loud mouth lil shit. Im tellin you after th show, cast party wrap party whatever, GM is going to pop off to the wrong person and get dropped like a bad habit. I only hope TMZ is there to get it on film.


Brendon tweeted that at the finale party Rachel is hosting, he will be talking to the HGs who were talking trash about his nephews. That they had crossed a line and it would be a gloves off convo and anyone wanting to film it–feel free. That would be Demanda and GM. I do hope someone does film it!!


Yeah I’m thinking that that’s going to happen I can certainly see her getting defensive and poppin off to Brandon that would not be a good thing for her I mean it would be an awesome thing for someone filming it put that Jersey Shore hooker in her place


yeah Amanda will smother her with her amazon flabby tits or her cellulite thunder thighs.


hey guy good point wrong site

Embarrassed To Be Watching

Putting up McCrae as an initial nomination would be the first mistake made by the Exterminators. It’s hard to believe they don’t see that a blindside is the best move here. If McCrae wins the POV, one of the exterminators is going home, no matter what. So they should be focusing on preventing him from winning the POV. If he is on the block, he will try much harder than if he is not. If he feels safe, he probably won’t try very hard. I wonder if they will figure that out before the nomination ceremony…


Early in the season Spencer was talking to one of the house guests (I forget who). Spencer said “Candice is ruining my game”. The house guest asked “What is your game?” Spencer answered “I don’t know.” If Spenser wins $500,000.00 it will be a travesty. Guys like Jeff Schroeder, Frank Eudy, and Jeremy McGuire, who exerted themselves physically, and in the process became huge targets, will be physically ill watching this slob over eat, and masturbate his way to the 500K.


I still believe Amanda will be coming back. I don’t want to place anything valuable on it (cause she’s not worth it), but I don’t think she’s gone to Jury House. I dunno. We’ll see…..

Quantum Leap

To dream, the impossible dream…


Less than 24-hours since Elissa’s departure, and that little rat is STILL talking about her! Someone is a little obsessed, and (dare I say) such a damn COWARD! The little wormtail kissed her arse the entire time she was in the house, but didn’t have the gonads to say it to her face. I keep hoping GM/Judd/MC will see him for the pond scum that he (and Spencer) is. Of course, that will not happen, as they are too stupid to see it.

His little comment, about the pills, reminds me so much of my beloved Sherlock (BBC show). So, in honor of Sherlock….

Andy, don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the entire street, and face the other way, you’re putting me off.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Andy is psychotic, he is dangerous, why is he so obsessed with Elissa even though she’s gone to the jury house??? He used for an excuse that he was scared that Elissa would expose him while she was still in the house. But why is he still spewing out hateful vitriol when she is gone???

What’s even more repulsive is the way Moronic Judd patronized Elissa by saying, “I love your”. The slurring Jerk Judd also has said some very hateful remarks about Elissa before and after she left the house.

I hope neither Andy or Judd win BB.

As for the other three: McCrae, Spencer, GinaMarie. It’s a lose-lose-lose scenario. Neither of them deserve it.


Sometimes Andy reminds me off a much more annoying Pee Wee Herman! LOL Only reason I’m watching now is to root against him. This season sucks. 🙁


None of these people deserve to win except MAYBE GM became she put up McCrae and Amanda. Worst .Season. Ever!!!!!! Andy is a douche


Here is what is wrong with America. A bunch of people with nothing are jealous of someone whose lifestyle appears to be better than theirs. Do I think Elissa was a perfect person? No, but she was better than what is left in that house. It is hard to believe that Andy is an instructor at a college. He is immature and vindictive. I would not want him to teach my child. Also, Spencer is so disgusting it is unbearable to read about his antics or to watch them. McCrae is filthy, lazy, and appears to have no ambition to better himself whatsoever. GM seems to be mentally challenged, and Judd is just being pulled into the meanness.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Survivor had their gay winner. Amazing Race had their gay winner, now Big Brother Production is rigging it so that Andy wins the game.

What a distasteful, repulsive, poor excuse for a human being Andy is! And he has been chosen by CBS to be the first gay winner???

Why not choose gay Spencer? He’s less repulsive, but that doesn’t say very much for the vermin.

S. Hillenburg

Really? I mean really? No, really, I mean really?

My CBS Feedback

I have been watching BB since the beginning. First with my children, then grandchildren. I knew the show was in trouble when I had to shuffle my grandson out of the room the night Amanda came out as a dominatrix (I mean, this wasn’t the feeds. It’s the family time showing.). Still, I watched. It only got worse! Yes, I see the disclaimer, but that doesn’t absolve you of moral responsibility.

I’m a mother, grandmother and educator, and I cannot believe your tolerance for bigotry, bullying, misogyny, and harassment. No, it didn’t turn out like I would have liked, but allowing those guys to be disrespectful to Elissa’s things was horrible. I felt violated for her. In addition, I’m really disappointed that Julie Chen was so easy on Amanda. I didn’t like the things Aaryn said, but she should not be the total fall gal for the crap cast that was picked this season and all their actions or your lack thereof. Every year, us teachers are calling and/or emailing each other to remind each of the start to BB, but we all agreed that won’t happen anymore.

We see, or have experienced, this kind of abuse every day and work hard to over come the very vile behaviors that you, by lack of doing anything or holding anyone but Aaryn responsible, have condoned. We have waited for you to show that this kind of behavior does not pay off, but, as we can see by the remaining guests, that’s not the case. Some bigoted, chauvinistic, bullying, hateful person, as a result of their actions, will win $500,000. Nice lesson for our youth!
I know many have written this throughout the blogs and it’s not taken seriously, but believe me when I say that I, my family and anyone I can influence will not be returning to BB next year. What a shame, since we really looked forward to this show every summer.

Lastly, I’ll not be watching anything with Julie Chen in it, either. OK, so I get that she can’t confront every guest that comes out, but it should have been all the violators or none. She’s not just Asian. So Aaryn’s comments about Asians should not have been the only violation that bothered her. She’s a woman, a mother, a daughter and a well-known member of society, so that means she and CBS have a greater responsibility to right the wrong, so to speak, and that doesn’t get done with a legal CYA (cover your a$$)disclaimer. Do the right thing, CBS. Do the right thing. A win for one of them is a loss for you.


CBS completely scapegoated Aaryn while pretty much ignoring the despicable comments made by many of their other HGs, yeah. No surprise there, though. They used the Aaryn/Candice/Howard conflict for ratings early in the summer and they were always going to dissociate themselves from that with an ambush interview. That’s CBS for you.

I see what you're saying BUT

I see what you are saying, but in all honestly who wants to watch 15 guests in a house sit around sipping spots of tea while all being politically correct?
To be honest, they wouldn’t have shown most of that if the VIEWERS didn’t want the friction to bubble up and cause excitement.
Otherwise, we could all watch tennis, then put the camera on the club house for 3 months and we can watch good intention people pat each other on the back all day.

It’s a guilty pleasure to watch Amanda run off at the mouth, makes me root for Elissa, then see the bad side of Elissa, makes me root for Helen, then see Helen patting everyone on the back complimenting them makes me roll my eyes and wonder what Amanda is up to!

Its a tv show. Enjoy….or don’t, you CAN change the channel.

Sir Peanut

While watching the Elissa bashing, I thought to myself is this what i have to look forward to for the rest of the season? Watching the pissing contest between the remaining players. I think CBS may lose most of the female viewership until the finale. I may check in every now and then but mostly I plan to read the updates. Sorry! Simon, Dawg, you have to watch these people for the rest of the season. But, don’t hold anything back. Every stupid, vile thing they say should be blogged. Let it all hang out.


Simon/Dawg, How much do the live feeds cost. I don’t get the them because with three kids and work there is no way to keep up with it. But with your Blogs I don’t feel like I’m missing out, there is always time to check my i-phone here and there to catch up. So I want to donate and figured that I could at least base it on what you save me from paying for live feeds.


Didn’t realize it was that cheap you guys deserve more than that, what you do is crazy ! Basically unless you have a whole crew working for you your life must go on hold for the entire season . Thanks for all you do .


Too bad Jessie wasn’t the one who was attached to McCrae for 24 hours! If Amanda caught wind of that in jury she would be back and not because she was invited! That would have been good TV!


Andy better keep his nose clean after Big Brother is done. Can you imagine what would happen to Andy the snitch if he ever went to prison? I am not talking about him being gay either. He better brush up on survivor skills just in case, because snitches pretty much have to live in solitary or run the gauntlet daily. .

Roisin Dubh

I think the thing that irritates me the most about these people is that they talk so much shit behind people’s back but have no balls to tell it to their faces, especially the guys. The women in this years big brother had way more moxy than the guys. Judd is just an a-hole in need of a good waffle stomping. He forgets that El was the only one that welcomed back into the house. Andy is a jealous little queen, if that turd spent less time hating and focus, he might start making money in life. Gm is and will always be guttermouth. Spencer, well bless his little heart. MC, the boys back home are gonna give you some major shit for being a P-whipped keychain to a woman who has the body of a truck driver.


Amanda ruined the game all summer with her bullying and Elissa did jack shit apart from a few competition wins. Both of them were incredibly disrespectful to each other and to pretty much every other houseguest. Neither particularly cared about winning the game either and both talked about self-evicting repeatedly. They got what they deserved and the Exterminators (mainly Andy) completely hoodwinked them both.

Hate on the remaining alliance all you want, but they formed at a perfect time and screwed over the powers in the house. They beat both production this week and Elissa/Amanda. It was impressive.


MVP backfired, they got out strong players in the beginning and the game became boring and predictable. Also, on Julie Chen, she’s being to harsh
on Aaryn. Is it because she said go get rice. Amanda received no backlash and she was just as bad. I haven’t heard the word chink in ages and made me
remember and wish she kept it to herself.


Not going to be the popular opinion but I hope out of all people left, GinaMarie wins because she’s a fighter and a player. Say what you will about her personal views, but she is honest and loyal and she’s allowed to hate whoever the hell she wants. I don’t believe her comments were racist, rather below-the-belt because of her ignorance. She liked Howard but not Candice. For the record, I couldn’t stand Candice.


I’m not sure I get the Andy hate (beyond the fact that he was instrumental in knocking out everyone’s favorite passive aggressive airhead, Elissa). He’s pretty much played the game very similar to the much-loved winner from last year. Both Ian and Andy played both sides of the house, both acted as rats, and both bided their time to strike from within and knock out a power alliance (in Ian’s case, Frank/Boogie, and in Andy’s case, Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Elissa). The only real difference is Ian was way better at competitions (but he also had no idea than Dan was bullshitting him for weeks and essentially controlled him).

Proud Hererosexual

If anything, seeing the slimeball, coward, sissified, hateful rat that Andy is makes me even prouder!


McCrae is one dumb sucker as it seems he still does not know that Andy is a huge RAT…


Oh, if only he would pick the pill that would KILL HIM!! Whoever currently employees Andy, I would fire him when he returns! Game or not, I for one would never want someone with such low morales and scruples to teach a young person. Even though he is on a game show, what do his actions teach someone? Impressionable young people cannot always see right from wrong in TV situations like BB! So far, he has taught that lies an deception get you far! If he wins, it will be even worse. I personally think that he is probably this way in real life, as his hate filled rhetoric comes to easy for him. Lying and deceiving seem to be second nature for hm. Also, as a gay man, I am ashamed of the way he has played this game, as I believe he has done gay people everywhere a HUGE disservice! Instead of being a positive image for gays, he decided to take the low road! The VERY LOW ROAD! Please, BB PRODUCTION, try and have some dignity and don’t reward this low life with ANYTHING!!!

Just imagine Andy's rl friends...

Sitting at home watching him smile and laugh with his friends in the house one minute, then fuck them over – and over and over – the next. I doubt any of his rl friends will ever look at him the same way again.