Big Brother HOH Competition results “I asked for Bud Lights”

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 12th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


Spencer wins HOH

10:45pm Kitchen Exterminators
Spencer tells them MC is going up they will all have to have a meeting and decide who the pawn will be.
Spencer – “On my HOH sheet I asked for Bud Lights”
JUDD – ‘Moving on up.. ELissa’s gone…”

JUDD is excited that he gets to see Marilyn. Spencer isn’t sure she signed a release. Andy – ‘I thought you said she did’
Apparently there were three rewards and punishments given during the HOH competition. They haven’t mentioned the details.

10:50pm Bedroom Andy and Spencer
Spencer tells him he’s not going up not even as a replacement nomination. Andy tells him he can win the next HOH they can make it to the final 2


11:00pm Kitchen Exterminators and MC

Andy – ‘If the brenchel army liked me I would be offended’
McCrae feels the same way.

They all start talking about Elissa lying about her age. Spencer says she told him she was 27. JUDD says she told him 29. They think she was 30.

JUDD – ‘Well here we are guys.. we got five chairs now’
Andy looks at GM ‘last girl standing’
JUDD – ‘man the girls really f*** up.. they are all in the cat house’
Everyone laughs

Andy congratulates them all on making it to final 5
JUDD points out that Spencer made it to final 4.

Andy and Spencer tells them they are certain MVP went to America and not a person in the house. GM wonders why she was nominated. Andy explains it’s because she was close to Kaitlin and Aaryn and they were already on the block.

They all start sharing their dislike for Elissa. They are all hoping that Elissa isn’t given the America’s choice award because they don’t think she deserves it. Andy hopes it goes to anyone else but her.
Andy – ‘this women is a monster.. the brenchel army I don’t care if you support me I will be offended if you support me’
Andy brings up when Elissa threatened him to keep Helen then when he called her out on threatening him he ended up apologizing to her.
Andy ‘she said If you don’t vote to keep Helen you are going on the block and you are going home’

GM and Andy tell JUDD that Elissa was targeting him. JUDD thinks it’s because he told her to “Shut the F*** up”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds 


11:33pm Andy and GM Living room McCrae is in the kitchen
Andy tells GM he wants to apologize with how he voted today.
A – ‘I know I told you one thing and I didn something else’
GM – ‘It’s fine buddy’
A – ‘You have to understand’
GM – ‘We’re here it’s over and done with.. I appreciate apologizing and all that good stuff’
A – ‘it’s nothing against you.. i just want you to know that’
(This was said so McCrae would hear from the kitchen)


11:45pm living room
Everyone but Spencer whos in the HOH getting his HOH key
They get some arts and crafts origami and white ducks they get to paint.
GM – “ohh i’m going to make a Chu Chu magomies”
everyone laughs..
Andy – “Origami.. do you mean Tamagotchi”
GM – ‘Ya I’m putting words together again’
MC says he not going to open his duck from the package it’ll be worth more money that way. GM gives up trying to do a pterodactyl with the Origami set.

12:08am LIving room
Gm starts singing “Ding dong the witch is dead”
JUDD points out that Elissa made it further than Elissa and Brendon did in their first season. He thinks she did great getting to 6th place.
Andy – “Amanda deserved to get as far as she did.. she was a game player”
JUDD doesn’t think ELissa deserved to make it this far he’s glad the people that are left made it.
GM – ‘Real people’


12:39am Cockpit Spencer and GM

Spencer says he picked GM to be chained to McCrae for 24 hours. GM isn’t looking forward to this she comments that he’s the dirtiest person in the house. Spencer explains he didn’t want to give it to JUDD because his fear is JUDD will try make a deal with McCrae.
Spencer tells her she isn’t going up but then tells her she is, ends up leaving it open..

Spencer says he Knows she’s nervous about going up but he’s giving her the same guarantee she gave him last week. THe exterminators are solid and unless MC wins POV he’s going home. Spencer add if it’s JUDD/McCrae nominated and McCrae wins POV GM will go up and JUDD will leave.

Andy will compete in a game sometime in the next 24 hours where he gets to a chance to win $1 to $5000.

JUDD has to do Calisthenics every time a whistle if blown.. the first whistle is 50 jumping

Gm and McCrae are chained together



McCrae reads his HOH letter from his sister. He gets very emotional

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Jaded by this season

I’d rather watch the jury house for the rest of the game!


Perhaps I should have been a Negro. I suspect I would have been a rather large and terrifying one, continually pressing my ample thigh against the withered thighs of old white ladies in public conveyances a great deal and eliciting more than one shriek of panic. Then, too, if I were a Negro, I would not be pressured by my mother to find a good job, for no good jobs would be available. My mother herself, a worn old Negress, would be too broken by years of underpaid labor as a domestic to go out bowling at night. She and I could live most pleasantly in some moldy shack in the slums in a state of ambitionless peace, realizing contentedly that we were unwanted, that striving was meaningless



Or perhaps you could have been the son of Oprah Winfrey or you could have even strived to be Cory Booker or CEO of your own company. Way to reach for the stars boeeey!. President is black yo. Get a grip on the real world.


The president is not black. He is half white and half black. Herman Cain or Alan Keyes are 100% black and would have made great presidents. When we get a real black president get back to me. For now the president we have is getting us back to the 1930s.

Andy the Rat

Shutup dumbass

Newsflash nimrod: You’d be hard pressed to find a black person in this country who is “100% black” as you say. There are black ppl with two black parents who have more white in em than our President. The fact is that race is a social construct. Get over yourself. When are we going to get over looking for differences. I’m tired of it.


Not even Snoop Dogg is 100 % percent black his grandmother is cherokee indian . Not even Muhamed Ali was 100 % percent black his GRANDFATHER WAS WHITE IRISH MAN this is fact .


LOUIS FARAKAHN FATHER was white and all you MUTHAF#UCKAS cant see very few black americans are 100 % percent african . Louis Farakahn OWN FATHER was white


Levar, that man was the biggest racist.


Shutup Dumbass, with that name you sound like you’re in Spencer’s family. Stop being a pervert!


The majority of black america is multi racial only 5 % percent are 100 % percent black .So hardly any black american is 100 % percent african . AL SHARPTON IS RELATED TO STROM THURMOND , MICHELLE OBAMA has a great grand dad who is white . James Earl jones has a white mom that is where he gets his blue eyes . Malcom X mom was White . SHAMARE MOORE IS NOT 100 % PERCENT .Halle Berry is not 100 % percent . SNOOP DOGG IS ONLY 70 % PERCENT BLACK HIS GRANDMOTHER was Cherokee Indian . Alicia Keyes is not 100 % Obama daughters are not 100 % percent black . LL COOL J has a white grand mother . Michael Dorn who played WORF has a white grandfather . MY POINT MY POINT I CAN GO ON AND ON . THAT IS WHAT MAKES US AFRICAN AMERICANS if you cant pass for white you will be labeled black . White Americans go by Skin color anyway . Candace cant pass for WHITE . Hey Name thats part of being AFRICAN AMERICAN we are of color none of us Blacks are 100 % percent African . Why is everyone talking about race like this on fan sites .


I know the show is going downhill when I want to see what’s going on in the jury house rather than in the BB house!


You got it half right, the president is half black, don’t be a racist, we’ve had enough already in the show.


95 % PERCENT OF BLACK AMERICA IS MULTIRACIAL . None of us Black Americans are 100 % percent African . We mark black if we cant pass for white . There are millions of Candace’s in AMERICAS who cant pass for white because there black genes are more dominant . My point AMERICA goes by skin color .


You seriously need to change your name and get a life!!! Comedy is not your strong suit. Whatever you’re trying to do.


I say we just ignore Name and maybe he/she will go away. I think he/she only wants to see how many negative votes he/she can get.


@Name When did he say that? Time and date or you’re making shit up.


it’s john kennedy toole, dolt. one of the best books ever written.

In my opinion

I agree. Spencer is a lot of things but racist isn’t one if them (at least if you are going by his time in the BB house). A lot of despicable things have come out of his piehole but I haven’t heard anything negative about black people or Asians. Now would I be surprised to learn that he is a grand imperial wizard of the KKK back home? Not at all. But there has not been ANY evidence of that kind of attitude or talk from him in the BB House. Be fair at least when you are slamming the red-haired turd. You have plenty of other revolting stuff to choose from.


Spencer is most certainly a racist, disgusting pig. I don’t know how much you watched BB but I don’t know how you missed his comments. Here is a link you should watch He also made a comment once when one of the house guests suggested something to the affect of maybe hooking up with Candice, Spencer said back with sarcasm no thanks I have a nice white woman at home (I can’t remember exactly how the conversation went so I could be telling it wrong but I do know his reply was pretty much how I said it). Spencer is a vile, disgusting, sick person that has no filter and knows he is on camera and doesn’t give a shit. How embarrassing for his family and girlfriend.


Like I said before. I think Spencer is a gay man still in the closet. He is trying to be manly with the guys. Judd said he will finally get to meet Maryln and , Spencer comments that he doesn’t know if she signed the release. I bet if a girl shows up it will be a big girl because they are just happy to have a man, and they put up with their strange behavior. They don’t put it together or they don’t want to.


Maybe we should say…”his EX family and his EX girlfriend. I am sure all are in hiding by now.


PLEASE! Please, please – If, like myself, you are appalled & disgusted by the FFF – FILTHY FINAL FIVE…
VOTE Elissa for America’s player – that’s $25k to CHARITY!!!

Wouldn’t you love to FRIKN SLAP all five of the remaining HG’s right across their faces??? We can do it as we watch on the LIVE FINALE – by voting Elissa as America’s Favorite!!!

OMG – I hope & pray enough BB15 viewers follow Dawg & Simon or see the live feeds to know the REAL Spencer and the REAL Andy- because if you go simply by the CBS episodes- they are both REALLY getting a good edit (which I understand, especially w/ Spencer-the pedifile -BB wouldn’t be allowed on Tv otherwise)!!!

I hope Dateline child predator dept is working w Arkansas Authorities to cuff Spencer as he returns “home” – I live in Oklahoma! Knowing that sick perverted Bastard is that close to my daughters is beyond disturbing!!! Hide your kids, Hide your Wife cause they lettin Spencer outta that locked up house soon!!!! SCARY!


When the hell did he say that shit? That’s racist!!! Damn goat!!!

I'd Rather Watch the Jury House, Too

You are sad, “Name.” Seriously and pathetically sad. I also find it laughable how many right wingers on here have such an ignorant and blind “hatred” for our President (Democrats/Liberals etc.) that they choose their BB comment names to reflect that! Could you be more ridiculous?! Typical.


He didn’t say that why would he say that ?


He said no jobs would be available i think it was a quote from some book . Spencer was best friends with HOWARD ? He is not a racist just ? They are all crazy the whole dam HOUSE was crazy this year ?


NAME SAYS so you want to go around and murder BLACK PEOPLE .You want to go and hurt LE VAR BURTON OR MICHAEL DORN . There is a 107 year old ww2 vet who is black you want to hurt him also ? The oldest WW2 VET IS BLACK . Thugs make black people look bad There are millions of Levar Burton and Michael Dorn or James Earl Jones or HOWARDS who dont hurt anyone . THUGS are the problem and GANGSTA THUG RAP MUSIC And that lifestyle is pushed ,promoted ,paid for by JEWS who run the music industry .


So you all want to Murder black people . All the black people have been off the show for weeks why are you all talking about black people anyway ?


By the way, The term “Negro” hasn’t been used – for a reason – since the 60’s.


Please let macrae win POV and let’s see who the exterminators turn on first.


You know it will be GM, the others already talked about it several times in the last few days.


I hope McRae doesn’t wash his feet n make Gina throw up. Gina is next to go, she is a 30 year old immature POS. Loyalty my a$$! She is too dumb to talk game with MCcrae. She can throw Andy under the bus before she leaves. MCcrae will win POV! He will win hoh n throw up Andy n spencer. No one will vote for JUDD cos he got a second chance to 2nd place.


And they both think farting is funny and cute she is gross and it should make you wonder how in the hell is she working and the pageant world just think about it for sec she doesn’t fit in that world at all something really up with her big time I have always thought Amanda GM and Spencer are more bf then then the dudes they want and picked



GM and Spence are both working on…. best to sit beside F2 and winning 50K. Judd will be targeted if McCrae wins POV. Andy has a lock on Spence and I think he choose him his F2 easy beat when the exterminators was formed. I’ll add he better worry about GM as leaving 2 “easy to beat F2 HG’s in the house” can be dangerous to your BB health!

Disappointing Season

Very ‘little’ to say about this HOH…so I leave you with this…. GROSS!


When you started rooting for the racist Ginamarie you know this season’s fucked.


So Funny Seeing GM Trying To Do Origami. I Knew That Would Be A Total Fail


Okay, ” The Old Scratch” In Mccraes Beer It’s The Devil


Allison Grodner must REALLY be laughing her butt off right now reading these comments. It was rigged for Amanda to win, she’s AG’s BFF. Okay. She’s gone now. Ellissa is a plant to add drama and is set to win. Okay. She’s gone now. Is it really that boring????? I thought everyone wanted Amanda and Ellissa gone. Well. THEY’RE GONE!!!! Enjoy the remainder of the season.


All production had to do was boot the racist GM and save the season. Instead CBS wanted race war drama and blew the entire season.

But first…on Biiiiig Broken 15

In my opinion

It’s not too late for CBS and production to rehabilitate themselves by doing another ‘re-set’ and having a special competition Sunday night where four (4) members of the jury house can return to the game: Helen, Aaryn, Amanda, and Elissa. Okay, maybe even throw Jesse and Candace in. Let them all come back and let’s replay the second half of this season. Judd really can’t bitch about that. And who really cares what GM/Spencer/Ratboy think. Come on CBS. If you did it once you can do it again. Aaryn/Amanda/Elissa deserve the same chance that the other jury members got. You have to do something because none of the exterminators deserve the $500k. Thumbs up if several jury members should be allowed to come back into the game.

April of Vt.

I believe this is the MOST talked about season thus far. I believe that The second set of evicted should be allowed to compete for a chance to come back in. Now that the word is out that Andy is playing both sides it should be known by all. I believe McCrae should win. I have been a fan of his since day one.As far as his hygiene is concerned well how do we really know how much he does or doesn’t shower, regardless, that is not relevant to his game. Judd, well, have him win 2nd.


McCrae has done absolutely nothing all season and he truly doesn’t deserve to win, in my opinion. He is the ultimate coaster, which confuses me, as Elissa fans are bashing Andy calling him a floater all the while rooting for Mc to win. In the words of Amanda, “It just doesn’t make any sense.”


The fact that this comment received so many thumbs up is pathetic. People need to get over it. Andy, “The RAT” has outplayed all of them, even the beloved fan favorite, “Elissa” and the “master manipulator” Amanda. Even with a wedding ring (that she believed to be real), Amanda (the so called “best” player this season) thought that Elissa voted her out – Andy gave her a t-shirt as collateral and he plays his role so good that she believes a collateral of a T-SHIRT over that of an expensive wedding ring. Andy was so good that even Elissa thought that McCrae voted his own girlfriend out of the house! Come on now. Andy’s playing an excellent game right now and I hope he wins. Any interference, including a pathetic attempt to bring anyone back from jury again would look beyond stupid on production’s part. Let the season be. Amanda lost. Helen lost. Elissa lost. Get over it and move on.

Backpedal Barack


Your right watching the jury house, Andy getting evicted and Elissa winning favorite house guest are the only things left worth watching for.


Someone PLEASE explain to me what the FUCK did the Duck Lipped Platypus EVER DO in the game to award it “America’s Favorite House Guest”? Just because you are a brain dead turd who thinks that you are a member of the idiotic Brenchal God Damned Army you are going to vote for this sack of shit of a person. You will cast your vote for Duckie because you have some fascination with her worthless crud-faced sister. That is just fucking INSANE!!!!!!

I grant you that she won HOH ONE FUCKING TIME and then made the coward’s nomination from her hurt little feelings instead of putting up the two headed monster. She put up Aaryn and McPuke wanting to get Aaryn out Mission accomplished. She left it up to someone else to rid us of the beast Mcranda but in the meantime she did have to suffer the wrath of Demanda for putting RatBastardAndy up as a replacement. Nothing less than she deserved. And that snotty, shitty fucking good-bye statement to Aaryn just shows that she is no better than Spencer, or even Demanda. What a fucking rag.

You like this plastic covered, emotionless, self-absorbed, cowardly, backstabbing, gold-digging, etc, etc phony bitch for what reason? Because she does yoga and her body is toned? Her shell is devoid of any conception of normal human activity or interaction. She believes that if you are not rich or able to lure a rich dude into marriage that you are garbage. She thinks that she is sophisticated and therefore above all others. Well she eats like a cow chewing cud, she talks about others behind their backs as bad as Demanda does but Skuzzissa does it in that disgusting squeaky voice of hers without the foul language. She listens at doors like a five year old and ……well this is falling on deaf ears so all I have to say is If you vote for this cunt Fuck off and die coz you’re an asshole


You don’t have a clue. I hated Rachael and Brendon but likes her sister just because im going to vote for Elissa to win America’s favorite doesn’t mean I’m in the brenchal army get a clue and everyone that likes Elissa doesn’t mean they liked Rachael


The point is if you like Scuzzissa you area brain dead asshole.

Jesse James

I am with you. The jury house would probably be a blast to watch now. Hopefully they get some air time.


…so disappointed in last night results. I guess the remaining peeps will continue their quest to get rid of McCrae, then GM & what you have left are 3 – 24/7 floaters…go figure. The rat will win, sadly.

KKK Grand Wizard

America goes by skin color . NO ONE GIVES A F#UCK that Candace is mixed her skin is brown and she can not pass for a white girl ?


Hey guess what guys….Murrrrilyn aint real!! jokes on you guys! -.-


k I’m gonna go back to chewing this grass for a while bahhhhhhh!!!


So did you take a baaaaaadddddd picture for him


I recently read on another blog, an interview with Spencer’s “Marilyn.” In this interview, Marilyn recalled the night, she and Spencer broke up. Apparently, their relationship ended the week before Spencer joined the rest of BB15’s cast. The story she told was this:

It was late one saturday night/sunday morning, and Spencer was as loaded after spending a night out with “the boys” drinking at the local strip club. As he stumbled up the stairs to their bedroom, (it took him at least an hour to climb the 5 steps) he woke Marilyn out of a sound sleep. When he finally staggered through the bedroom door, to her shock & dismay, Spencer was holding a sheep under his left arm, Marilyn, now wide awake, naturally, sat up in bed waiting to hear what he had to say for himself.

Spencer: “You see this fucken pig, I’ve been fucking her for the past 2 years!”

Marilyn: “Spencer, honey, that’s not a pig your holding under your arm!

Spencer: “Shut the FUCK UP Marilyn! I wasn’t talking to you! I was talking to the SHEEP!”


Dd anyone really believe that Spencer could snag or keep a girlfriend? Marilyn is his imaginary GF, created from his dreams of Marilyn Monroe, perhaps. If by very some slim…very, very very, very slim chance that there is a real Marilyn out there that Soencer has been talking to, then I am sure that she has gone not the witness protection program because she would never, ever want to be associated with Spencer again. Who would?


Marilyn is what he calls his right hand.


You guys are right there is no Marilyn because think about it if there was why is he always talking about how did/ and would J-off and talk about J-off looking at little kids now if there is a Marilyn then why so much j-off??? He just makes me think off John Wayne Gacy I think he swings both ways and there is more to him and Andy and I am not just talking about both are into dudes also him and GM and Amanda have very sick minds them 3 people should not be out loose around the general public and not to mention kids!!!!


Spencer is so gross! I can’t wait to see a pic of Marilyn. I bet she refused to sign the release forms, umm hmm :/




I really wish people would leave Marilyn out of their insults to Spencer. She’s just a woman who hasn’t done anything to anyone. It doesn’t matter that she chooses to be with a guy (at least for now) we think is disgusting, that’s no reason to start insulting her or her looks. Just think of how people would react if it were Amanda saying Marilyn was a goat or making guesses about how ugly she is. The people on the show signed up for all this, their friends and family didn’t. Let’s be adults and have respect for that…especially towards women and children.

In my opinion

You are missing the point. Odds are that Marilyn doesn’t exist. The misogynistic asshole all season has been insulting women, commenting on what it would be like to perform sexual acts on certain house guests, saying Marilyn gave him a “hall pass” if he hooked up in the house, etc. The guy is full of himself. What woman would even be interested in that ugly asshole? He looks like a red-haired Kris Kringle. His heart has to be black though going by his comments this season. So only a woman in a coma would be with that ball of shit. If Marilyn is for real I will eat my hat.




OMG I DIED laughing when he said maybe she didn’t sign a release! HAHA SURE. Probably because she doesn’t exist. Spencers family has probably been asking, “Who’s this Marilyn?” lolololol


I question the existence of ‘Marilyn’ too. Seeing as how Spencer claims to be 26 y/o and I don’t know many women younger than 40 with that name. Of course it’s possible,but just saying the name is a bit dated,which would imply she might be older (if she does exist at all)?


You know this season has gone downhill when Spencer of all people wins HOH.


Here’s my guess for what he might have in his HOH basket of goodies… Jar of Pigs Knuckles, pork rinds, chicken feet, Mayonnaise, Spam, … you know, Health Food! This guy looks like he’s a heart attack on two chubby legs.

Spencer's gift basket

Don’t forget copies of this month’s girlie magazines and a jar of Vaseline so he can lather up Marilyn, I mean his hand. And a box of Kleenex so he can blow his nose for a change instead of picking it every night and wiping the boogers on his blue jean shorts. And a new pair of shorts because his current one has boogers and cum stains all over it. The guy is a sicko and I can’t believe he made it onto BB let alone to final four. What a soulless, unconscionable creep.


I saw jar of Vaseline in his gift basket. He requested it for his inner thighs. CHAFING!!!!!!!!!!

Just Saying

Is funny how they think so highly of themselves, some animals don’t behave as bad as they had. Andy thinks America loves him, GM is the next Britney in the making, Spencer one of the most disgusting HG’s guest ever, Judd a zero to the left. Elissa probably was obnoxious but at least she has class, a very decent girl.

State The Obvious

I know, right? These people are pond scum. They are so intelligent that they continue to bash a player who has gone from the game when they could actually do something constructive with their time. They’re continuing to bond by hating on an evicted player. This is getting psycho now. Elissa must have actually gotten to them. Whether they are really jealous of Elissa or not, their continued bashing on her and pounding on her after she is gone shows that she really got under their skin and shows that they are all weak and obsessed and warped. Not content to bash on Elissa herself, they continue to lash out at her family members who are not even in the house. Now there’s a constructive use of your time.

Please keep proving what a group of clueless jerks you all are by bonding over bashing an evicted player and her family members that were players in previous seasons, and I am sure you will be writing a $25,000 paycheck that Elissa can cash.

When that happens, you can thank yourselves and pat your stupid selves on the backs for your own stupidity, as you will have set yourself up to effectively lose to players not even in the house. Way to go Einsteins!

Pathetic to Watch!

So true! Spencer and GM’s mouths have already lost themselves a regular paycheck (meaning their jobs), and now all their face cracks just keep foaming away and getting busy writing a paycheck that Elissa can cash.

This house full of morons are yammering away and obsessing over an evicted player and two players from previous seasons, along with the viewing public who happened to support those players. What kind of half wit would say they didn’t want a viewer’s support if they supported previous players?

Whether you like Elissa and/or Brenden and Rachel or not, this kind of chatter is a special kind of stupid that you just can’t fix.


With this bunch garbage eventually rises to the top of garbage.


Why shouldn’t Spencer win HOH now, all human life forms have left the house.


Tell me about it. With this current group of leftovers, they shouldn’t even use the word ‘competition’ when it comes to HOH. Instead they should name it the HOH Participation.

Sloths have more mental/physical acuity than this remaining bunch (with the exception of GM and McCrae).

Pinocchio Obama

Spencer as HOH yuck. Get ready for arrogance taken to a new level. As if his head wasn’t big enough. How long do you think it will be before we start hearing I’ve survived 7 trips on the block and I have made the big power moves. He needs to go right after Andy.


Now that he’s HOH he can beat off in private.


Well, everyone knows that McRae is the target. Now the person who just won will not be able to play next week, so that means they will make it to F4 but,they are at 3 other people’s mercy to make it to F3. Maybe it was not a really good idea to win HOH. I didn’t see the contest so I don’t know but did he really win with that scenario. Maybe the other 3 houseguest were smarter than Spencer and that’s not a stretch.


My prediction: either McCrae wins POV or Andy/Spencer have a change of heart and Judd goes regardless.


Ugh…, Can We Get A Fast Forward On Sunday And Go Straight To The Finale!!


I agree with this scenario! McRae will win, and all of a sudden Andy will become his best friend again, because no matter how hard he tries to deny it? Andy just wants to be in a “cool” gang because he didn’t get to do that in, well probably his WHOLE life! I just want this weasel to be exposed AND I hope K am able to see it when it happens!


Andy is playing the game, sadly. Those types are very cool at backstabbing, lying, scheming and telling untruths. Sure he does it all the time. He is good at it, very persuasive, cant keep his mouth shut type of guy. Gotta give him credit though at this point I wish GM to win. He is this season BIG Rat.


It’s sad that Judd is addicted to Xanax.
Xanax is an evil drug. It brings out the
worst in people. Xanax is a double edged sword
sort of like Judd’s awful and mean spirited game play.

Good luck Judd, your buddies and family may think
you just dropped a few curse words but honestly
calling a decent and kind hearted, loyal & genuine
person like Ellisa a CUNT
will get him no where in life because
it’s on record and his vicious fight with Jessie
show’s that the rage he has is caused from
the pills he takes.
I can see Judd being a wife beater in the future.
His eyes says it all.
Disgusted with the Final Five
and so is America.
These horrible people’s actions will haunt them
in this day and age.
The reality show they walk out into = KARMA


Actually Melissa….Xanax makes you sleep or mellow out. You’re an idiot. Judd is just a dumbass


Marilyn doesn’t exist, Spencer is a pathetic poor excuse for a human being.


You must be looking in the mirror.


Ooooohhhh Good one. Wow, what are you 5?


I just returned from Costa Rica. I saw Nick and Marilyn who were relocated through the witness protection program.


This is just boring now. Lets fast forward to when they leave the house and figure out that most people dislike them because they were nothing but the floater group that was apart of the worst BB season. LOL.


yep, thats the only thing to root for now, the exit interviews (little bitter to find out the demanda/chen interview was totally softball’d) with whoever internet media sites when the show is over where they all find out we hate them all.

in fact, i wish all the HG would read this website to not only know how bad they really were, but what we really think of them.


why should they care what this collection of illiterates thinks about them? most people around here make the houseguests look downright elegant.


This is true. Some of the vile, vulgar comments on this site are crazy.

Andy the Rat

Andy doesnt have to worry about anyone liking him…I’m pretty sure the brenchel army cringed when he mentioned them possibly liking him. I hope Julie Chen lets him kno he is now associated with the name Rat. His face disgusts me…i dont know how people fell for his crap…his poker face was to look dumbfounded…guess he can play beimg an idiot off pretty good bc he is one.


Andy is Yoda the Rat.


That’s because he is so good at it. He should win the academy award for best actor, playing Andy the RAT.

Rats 'R Us Alliance

When I look at the rat he just looks like a “victim”; someone who’s been bullied all his life and someone you want to protect. The rat really is unlikable. I dislike this Rat Alliance.


We all know what that lil red rat bitch will do when he meets Julie during his exit interview. CRY like a punk ass sissy!!!
Then Julie can tell him, ‘butch it up, girlfriend!’


NEVER forget Season 9, That was AWFUL!!!!


To be real I don’t care for anybody left inside that house now but if anybody wants to win this game they will have to take out Andy and Judd now them two really cant be trusted!!!


Ha…spencer won hoh.

1…2…3…all the people now say “I am done with the show”.


Andy: What happened to you last night? You were making strange noises in your bed.

Spencer: In my younger years I was suffering the trauma of the downward cycle, where I locked myself in my bedroom. The stress of these incidents in my life manifested itself physically. They caused my pyloric valve to close–an ailment I suffer anytime I’m subjected to anxiety and stress. With my valve is sealed shut, gas fills my stomach, and I become severely bloated. In an attempt to pry my valve open, I lay on my stomach and begin bounhing up and down on my bed. Even though it does not open my valve, the bouncing does cause a small erection, to which I usually decide to tend. Most of the time visualizing my childhood dog, Rex, I can bring myself to climax.

Marilyn the blow up doll

So that’s why you ignore me LOL



Spencer is GROSS

So, now Spencer is saying he is able to finish off a “mini-erection” by visualizing his DOG??? That is SO wrong on SO many levels! But, are we surprised? Nope, not really. I would expect nothing less from this man who is such a fine, outstanding member of society!!! UGH, I think I threw up in my mouth!

seriously. . .

That is insulting to dogs!


He didn’t say that. It’s from a book called “Confederacy of Dunces”….


way to copy a “confederacy of dunces”




Spencer you disgust me, How can I sign the release with these hooves BAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Well BB thought the house was a mess before, with Elissa gone the house will officially become a sewer. The nastiness of this group keeps amazing me, I think they can’t sink any lower and they prove me wrong every time.
McCray did prove one thing, even with Amanda gone he is stupid!!!


And these idiots think they are going into BB hall of fame. They think everyone loves them, and one of them should be America’s favorite. I just don’t understand why Andy hates Elissa so much. I haven’t seen why he despises her. She stayed off everyones radar in the beginning even though she had a target on her back because of her sister. She put up who she wanted when she was MVP, she didn’t let Helen &Amanda influence her picks. Everyone else did, and that’s why they say she was unpredictable. She won POV twice to take herself off the block,won HOH when she was the next target. Then she didn’t put up who Amanda wanted her to, and she voted against the house to keep Helen. She had no one to protect her at the end so she tried to get with Mcranda.(actually good move) The only problem with that is McRae put up the only person that could have protected him.(idiot) She was playing a decent game until the idiot blew it for both of them, I guess she didn ‘t realize that Mcrae had no idea how to play this game.I mean, he didn’t like Judd so why get rid of someone you are not sure about? He couldn’t get out both of them and the only one that would stay is the one in an alliance dummy.
If the other houseguests would have played 1/2 the game Elissa played then we would have had a decent season


Did you notice how nasty the HOH living room floor was on the live show? What adults live like that? I’d be embarrassed to let millions of people see me living in a disheveled mess like that house.

Outside of weekly comps and constant backstabbing,there’s not much else to do in there. It doesn’t take much to sweep,wash,vacuum a few times a week.


Mc Crae and Amanda will be together again just wait, he will go up with a pawn and be back with his Darlin; the next couple of days will be boring to watch and then tonight’s After Dark started with Andy shuffling cards and putting silver ware in the drawer and being bored…then after the competition they realized it was After Dark and became animated………………..



Alright, I’ll calm down and get off the capital letters, but I AM PISSED.

What I am really pissed about is that Julie Chang did not grill Amanda for her hateful racist comments. I guess because Amanda is a Jew and Julie Chang’s husband is a Jew, they gave Amanda a free pass!


I completely agree!!!! Time to blow up chens twitter demanding an explanation! Ridiculous double-standard/hypocrisy!!!
Maybe chen is a racist?

Lennon's Ghost

Here is what Julie Chen thinks about all the controversy on this year’s Big Brother and defends Allison Grodner during an interview with ET Online:

Interview by Entertainment Tonight Online with Julie Chen about Big Brother 15 and her defense of the casting choices and Allison Grodner.

ETonline: Forgiveness is something the Big Brother contestants will have to ask from the public in a few weeks. Are you surprised that the hostile tone of this season hasn’t really let up at all since day one?
Chen: No. Unfortunately I’m not surprised. Mostly because this season has opened my eyes to human nature. These people are living in a bubble and if you don’t get called out or shamed into behaving properly, I don’t think you’re inclined to change. It just goes to show you who people really are at their core. In the outside world, power and money make people more of who they are at their core, but because money isn’t a factor in the house, it’s all about power and who’s winning competitions and who’s in that HOH bedroom. That’s when you see if someone is going to be ugly, ugly, ugly. When Aaryn [Gries] lost her posse, she started behaving very differently. I think it’s safe to say that if she hadn’t been so isolated by losing most of her clique, you would have seen a lot more arrogance and ugliness from her. She’s not stupid — she may be ignorant, but she’s not stupid. She wanted to win so she put on a different face with people she would normally despise.

ETonline: CBS and Big Brother distanced themselves from all the contestant’s comments with that disclaimer airing at the start of every episode, but at the same time, this has been great for ratings. Do you think the show needs to re-evaluate how they cast the show after this season?
Chen: No, because when Allison [Grodner] came on in season two, we had, purposely, picked Bunky and Kent. Remember Bunky? He was a very open, proud gay man. They also cast this older guy, Kent, who said in his interview that he didn’t approve of homosexuality. The pleasant surprise was that they came out of that house as friends. Kent had never really met anyone gay so he made a blanket judgment of huge segments of the population. That worked in everyone’s favor because Kent became a more well-rounded human being and it was, probably, beneficial to other gay people in America. So the casting hasn’t really ever changed and it shouldn’t change next year. If anything, the ignorance in this house this season was a huge headache for the producers and the network. No one wanted that. We’ve all spent way too many hours dealing with that ugliness.

ETonline: In a few weeks, BB15 will crown a winner. Who do you think has the best chance to win at this point?
Chen: Spencer [laughs]. You know, he’s never really had a target on this back and people kid of forget he’s there. They don’t think he’s annoying, they don’t think he’s a jerk, they don’t think he’s a threat in this game. He’s basically skating on by to the finals. But it all depends on who he’s sitting next to because, unfortunately for him, I don’t think he’s got the respect of the jury. I’m not sure think they’ll give someone $500,000 for not really doing anything this whole summer.

I think that says it all. It explains why she didn’t go after Amanda (“We’ve all spent way too many hours dealing with that ugliness”) and defends the cast and Allison Grodner.

How sad. Has Big Brother finally “jumped the shark”?

This is How TV Works

You guys are aware that this is a TV show right? Julie doesn’t decide what she’s going to bring up in the interviews, the writers/producers do. She’s just a mouthpiece for as long as the cameras are rolling. And besides, there’s no way that anybody was going to get grilled in a double-eviction week.


Where would she begin? She would need a whole folder. So little time. Plus it seems like Julie took Aaryn’s comments more personal than the other comments as she admitted when it happened. And it’s like they act like the only comments that exist were the ones that were edited and shown in the show early in the season. I do wonder if she’s going to ask GM about hers since she was part of the montage and mean girl’s club . And some of her comments were flat out disgusting or Aaryn if supposed to be the scapegoat for all of the racist attitudes.


Amanda’s Exit interview was different because she owned it. Never, once did she say “l don’t remember saying that”, or make up any excuses or blame an entire state. What she did do was apologize & engaged the audience by saying “oh l see some of you don’t like me & laughed at herself. I believe had she pulled an Aaryn the interview may have gone differently. Just saying.


I was thinking that too. It almost seemed like Julie at one point was going to grill her a little more and even quote her remarks the way she did Aaryn but then Amanda really did own up to every bit of it & then Julie went on to another topic. I guess I will have to watch it again. Amanda definitely handled the allegation of being a bully better than Aaryn, but I think she knew it was coming & knew what to say. Aaryn was completely blindsided! The biggest blindside of this whole season if you ask me! She deserved it though. The worst part of anything Aaryn did was mocking Candice “whatcha gonna do girl…where’s yo class” in a supposed black girl voice, that was just really hard to watch & I would have slammed her head into the floor, but I guess Candace is a much better person than me!



Takes One to Know One

Your assertion that Amanda wasn’t called out because she is Jewish and Julie Chen’s husband is Jewish is just as ignorant as the things Amanda said. L’shana tova.


It’s Chen…not Chang. Are you new to BB or do you think all Asian names sound alike?


I thought Julie did a good job with the interview. She confronted Amanda and Amanda owned up to it. Julie can’t comment on anything else that Amanda said because it wasn’t aired on television. Not everyone has live feeds so people who watch the show would be confused as to why Julie’s questioning them on things they haven’t seen.


I’m betting JC got a firm talking to from the powers that be (ie her husband) for injecting her commentary into the game. CBS want to appear as hands-off to the whole world about the horrible things this cast has said. If they acknowledge the problem as JC did with Aaryn,then that means their next step is to fix it. Which they will not do since they care about ratings and nothing else.


Sorry but that’s just stupid if you think about it because Amanda talked mad shit about Asian people that was her’s and Aayrin and GM specialty right after talking about black people then Jewish people and Puerto Ricans people but you are right Julie was way to easy on her she didn’t to me go at her at all I hope its because they don’t want them her and the rest of the racist not to show up and walk and not go to the last show where they hit them hard but then again It could be that she Julie is also friends with Amanda to who know’s but she didn’t go in on Amanda and that’s not fair !!!


Ha, Ha, the dumpy pervert misogynist doesn’t think “Marilynn” signed a release for her photo to be used… more like she withdrew her permission for her photo to be shown. Who in the hell wants that freak as her boyfriend, if she even exists! I think he may get a “Dear John” letter from “marilynn” saying stay away from me, my child, my family and get some professional help.


More like she never existed. I would be surprised if she wasn’t fictional or if she isn’t his left hand.


Marilyn didn’t sign the release form because Sheep can’t write.


GM will be the pawn – no way will Judd or Andy volunteer. And if their worst nightmare happens & McCrae wins POV then she goes to the jury with the rest of the women & the boys take it to the end.

Too funny that Spencer is covering his tracks on the nonexistent Marilyn – if she didn’t sign releases then they wouldn’t have let him talk about her or we’d get fish every time she was brought up. She’s a figment!

If McCrae makes it thru this week then I think he’ll make it to final 3 & take Spencer over Judd.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Let me see…..

Do I want a

Rat, or a

Pervert, or a

McPussy, or a

Racist, or a

Moron to win?

Guess, I just hope the show get cancelled.

King Silva

Exactly! No really likable people left and certainly not anyone I would categorize as a good winner..

I’d take the McPussy though although I REALLY don’t know what the fuck he was thinking nominating Elissa..?

He should have got Andy or Judd out [Judd for the LOLs] not the only person who was aligned with him.

I hate Andy but I guess his smear campaign to make it look like Elissa changed her mind and voted out Amanda worked. Stupid McCrae will see that is a BIG reason why he is soon to be in the Jury House.

I can’t wait to see what Amanda/Elissa are going to say to McCrae when he arrives in the Jury House..


It’s become apparent that Amanda was the Brains and the Brawn in their Powerduo. I wanted McStinky to be the second evicted person, then the houseguests could draw straws and the loser has to pack his smelly clothes . . . . . what a punishment.


Yep, pick your poison.

I can’t believe one of those people will win. Hopefully, next year will be better. I’ll give it one more try. But it’s hard to believe the high concentration of vileness and meanness in one season was a fluke.


Who better than them this season?

Amanda was a racist and a bully.

Elissa was a CBS plant and didn’t really care about being there. She didn’t do anything all season, then ruined her game by trying to save Amanda.

Aaryn was a racist.

Helen was a crybaby and a rat.

Seriously. Did anyone in the entire cast deserve to win this season? Be happy that Amanda and Elissa aren’t in the running anymore, and leave it at that.

Brenchel fans, relax. You know Elissa was complete garbage.


I really don’t get all this crap about people being rats. This is Big Brother for god’s sake. There are always rats. Then again, it’s usually just the hated person that’s a rat. If someone well liked lies and sneaks around they’re just considered a good player. Get over the rat nonsense. If that’s all a person is guilty of in the BB house then they’re not guilty of anything but playing the game.


Well, if you want I’ll put the rat thing aside, but he is a woman hater like Spencer, just look at the things he said. And I don’t think that is playing the game. As a woman I was offended at all the horrible things that were said against women by these women haters.



I agree… sorta. I hate a rat (real life animal rats and human rats {snitches}).

But I give Andy credit where it’s due. He’s a good player. Have we ever seen a “better rat” than Andy in this game (Big Brother in its entirety)????

Any names jump out to anyone? Me either.

I’M NOT AN ANDY FAN — Promise!! See second sentence above to know it.

But Andy, the rat, has done his job very well thus far (with a little luck thrown in too).


elissa didnt do anything?

– got out the player who was winning everything and being manipulated by another
– ended demanda’s reign of power
– forgiving demanda to align with her could have been a good move if rat bastard andy hadnt voted like he did, or if mcpussy wasnt a dumbass
– was trying to kickstart the vote out demanda process when america nominated (still too soon helen?)
– was the first to call out rat bastard andy on being untrustworthy. not her fault the rest of the bunch is too stupid.

you wanna talk about doing nothing, bring up judd, spencer (literally did nothing), or mcpussy who all skated by doing nothing.

i’m already voting elissa for america’s player merely due to it will piss off the 4 pussy boys in the house. i guess now i’m glad it will piss you off too. was she the best player, no. did she have her drawbacks, yes. but morally, she way better than the bulk of that disgusting bunch and if my voting for her can piss them off, then hell yea i’m all for that.

Maui Sunset

Perhaps 15 seasons is enough and the game has played itself out……?

When You Put It That Way...

Of those things, I find “moron” to be the least despicable thing to be. Thanks to this post, I’m now rooting for Judd.


The alliance of floaters made it to final 4. You have got to be kidding me.


When you take out most of the competitors earlier on, what do you really expect? The season turned out the opposite of what production thought it would be – floaters excelled, gameplayers got burned. Judd and McCrae are probably not going to make it to final 3, leaving Spencer, Andy, and GinaMarie – the random ones that fell through the cracks.


What messed up the season was the third nomination from someone other that the current HOH…


Mooning, I wish I could like your comment a thousand times. The MVP twist blew! I hope that’s never brought back.


Yep, the schemers: Jeremy, Helen, and Amanda all got their asses kicked because they were basically eliminating allies as well as trusting rat bastard Andy who simultaneously floated and back-stabbed his way to the final 4. What’s left are a bunch of brain dead floaters the schemers thought they could get rid of later while working on their grand plans. One rat may not get the job done but a bunch of them can do a lot of damage. Well, it’s only a matter of time when the remaining rats start eating one another.


Spot on. You are so right. Even in real-time.



“Spencer, Andy, and GinaMarie – the random ones that fell through the cracks.”

GinaMarie has won two HoHs. She will be credited for getting out the biggest “player” in the game — Amanda. GM has not floated and is actually the ring leader (in my opinion) of the Exterminators. She has played the game all game long. And if she is still there when “The Wall” competition comes, someone’s gonna have to make a deal with GM at some point in that competition — mark my words. :)

As for her personal beliefs — I don’t agree with those AT ALL.

I’m not talking about beliefs though; I’m talking about gameplay. GM has played the game and played it well so far. I’m not a GM fan either, but I do try and be as objective as possible. :)


The Least Of The Evils In The House, Mccrae. I Know He Is Going Up. Just Win The Veto Buddy.

BB Fan

OMG…. This is going to be a long week. I predict Andy and Spencer are going to have many of those non-PC conversations. I don’t even know where they come up with that shit.


We should all strive for non-pc conversations. Political correctness is a cancer on society. It just makes people look for a reason to be offended and stifles honest, meaningful conversation. It is for close-minded fools who are afraid to deal with reality.


Name, one thing is to have non pc conversations and another is to insult half the people in the world (women).


Sorry, that argument doesnt hold water. The women in this house said terrible things about the guys so that means they hate all men? No it does not.


Let me get my Raid so I can exterminate these exterminators

raid bug spray

Bug man here! Will exterminate: bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, pubic lice & crabs, tropical fish, fat greasy perverted hogs.


Can not believe tat Andy has gotten away with what he has done. MC was not thinking about what Amanda said when she left.


Amanda said that to help Andys gameplay. Andy had convinced Amanda that if she did get voted out that it would be because Elissa flipped her vote and Andy didn’t want the other HG’s to know that he had “voted to keep Amanda” so they wouldn’t target him. She promised that if she got voted out (that she would know that Elissa had turned on her) and she would loudly make a statement about not trusting Andy to supposedly throw everyone off to the fact that Andy voted to keep her.
What Amanda didn’t know was that Andy had no intention of voting to keep her, but hoping to keep her jury vote and to keep MC from targeting him in the house, told her that if she only got one other vote to stay, it was Andy who voted to keep her and Elissa voted to keep Spencer. He then laughed behind Amandas back all week with the exterminators about his double crossing Amanda.
What do you think? Brilliant gameplay by Andy? Or proof positive of low down rat-like behavior?


Andy seems so wrapped up in his delusion that his lies, rather than winning comps, are a fantasic game play strategy, he couldn’t resist telling both Helen and Amanda he was the rat that screwed them over in the bye bye messages..Andy assumes everyone will understand how smart he is and not hold a grudge because he cost them 500k..
To me, most of the HG this season are a mean bunch of fowl mouth angry bullies …So predict we won’t have a enlighten type jury…


I will be happy with any of the Exterminators winning.

Women in Big Brother just can’t stick together…. can you believe that the final 5 is 4 guys 1 girl?

Helen – Elissa – Amanda – Aaryn – McCrae had this game on lockdown, then they cannibalized each other…. now they’re all gone except… the only non girl in their alliance. They deserve their fate.

Raggedy Ann

Quote: Andy looks at GM ‘last girl standing’.

Maybe the hairy little ginger rodent was standing up when he said that and GM was actually sitting down? Otherwise, this is a fallacy. When the rat opens his hole and says there is one girl left in the house, he must be referring to himself, as GM has more balls and testosterone than him and is much more of a man than Andy could ever be. I’m also not sure why he’s droning on and on about not wanting to be the first male in the jury house full of women since there’s no way he could actually fill the role of “man in the house.”

As long as Raggedy Andy is in the BB House and not in the jury house, estrogen has not left the building. Zing!

And to the neanderthals in the BB House dragging their knuckles and farting and scratching: Like Raggedy Andy said, he was weirdly not interested in Elissa because he was too busy being weirdly interested in you. Zing!


Marilyn LOL…. yeah I wouldn’t want my picture up there either, who would want to associated with that piece of pedophile shit.


Again with this lie?!?! He was making a joke about MC.
If you dont know what youre talking about, do yourself a favor and shut up.


What kind of person even thinks about that much less that it’s something to joke about?

Seth McFarlane

Who jokes about pedophiles? Lots of people. Don’t you watch Family Guy? That old man Herbert the Pervert is all pedophile humour.


If marylin was real wouldnt spencer have mentioned her in his eviction speech?

raid bug spray

Where she lives in hillbilly country, Marilyn would only hear a holler! No electricity in the hills, of them there Ozarks!

Fat red-headed pedo bear!

‘Can’t wait to see Marilyn. Spencer isn’t sure she signed a release. Andy – ‘I thought you said she did’’

Blow-up dolls can’t read or write….. they are for pleasure!
Silly people you!!


spencer’s red beard is proof that he has had his face in andy’s crotch and up in andy’s ass


Going into tonight, I knew the second person being evicted would be Elissa or McCrae, and both of them on their way out the door regardless, well after watching the epi, I won’t be surprised if Andy, Spencer and McCrae all make it to final three, in which case, I will not be tuning in to watch the finale. I would have been happy with Judd or GM winning but now only GM after Judd felt it was necessary to tell Elissa he “loves” her (I know totally platonic) as she is walking out the door. If he would of just kept his mouth shut, he still would of been in my top two, now not so much. And GM is freaking stupid as f**k. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure every single member of jury is a chick, does she think she stands a chance against these guys? McCrae sure is gonna feel like an idiot when he watches the footage and sees how he handed Andy the win.


I don’t care who wins as long as it is not Andy. Andy thinks he was the mastermind of all the evictions. Wrong, he was the little rat. Please send Andy home!!!


Unfortunately, Andy will win the entire game if he makes it to F2. They were SO worried about Elissa but she couldn’t defend herself much at all. In fact, she infuriates people. Here’s why he wins:

1- He trains people on how to be a Public Speaker…this means he knows how to articulate and convince people to listen to him. He is non-threatening and doesn’t irritate others. Out of the Exterminators, there is no one eloquent enough to convince the Jury for their vote.
2- He was essential in evicting Helen, Aaryn, Amanda AND Elissa. Regardless of how you feel about these ladies, they were this seasons ‘star’ players.
3- No one dislikes him. Amanda will take the information to the jury, they’ll sit in paradise mulling over what he did to each of them, then when they question him….see #1…it’s back to, “I love you, this was game, I needed to lie to get this far” etc., etc..he’ll say to vote from game play, not anger and they will. Helen will remind people to do that as well…ultimately, they LIKE him and will give him their vote.

The remaining HGs are fools to take him along,


He’s a black mark on humanity. Just imagine if everyone were like him in real life. Oh wait, most politicians are just like that. Nevermind


1. I was underwhelmed by Andy’s eviction speech. He’s not much of a public spaeker.
2. He’s a floater. He did’nt mastermind anything. Let’s not rewrite history and put a pretty spin on things.
3. He’s not an admirable opponent. I can’t imagine being anyone saying he played a good game because he did’nt.
The only way Andy wins is if he’s sitting next to Spencer or GM. If I were on jury I’d vote for McCrae to get the $ with Judd a very distant 2nd.

Elissa for the Win

McPussy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


McPussy turned into McMoron
in a Mcmatter of seconds.
He really screwed his game up big time
by putting Ellisa up.
I am so done with this show.
Worst seasonI have ever seen and I truly
feel sad because it’s my favorite show.
I will watch other Big Brother’s around the world.

Big Brother US has jumped sharked big time.
What a shame!


I think there should be the option of watching live feeds of the jury house…right now it would be very entertaining

Too Tall

I work Sunday night.

Why am I saying that?

Because I (HAD) Big Brother scheduled on my DVR for the whole season.

Notice the word “had”, I just cancelled all future recording of BB and will not watch anymore on tv.

I’ll keep myself updated with this website.

I hope that all true BB fans boycott Sunday night’s showing at the least and preferably, boycott the rest of the season.


Tonight’s episode was a bitchslap to production. No matter what happens from here in out I think we can agree the production “ghosts” are all out drinking and frantically trying to save their jobs. Racists ignorance aside, I’m actually hoping GM for the win. They’re all idiots but she has proved herself in competitions and made Amanda cry. Enough for me.

Judd didn’t play from my perspective.

Andy was a great social/rat/floater (his strategy got him this far…) but he was more a gossip than a player IMO.

Spencer might win due to being on the block so many times and never having a real alliance, therefore not really betraying anyone (how could he when he spent half the season in the block).

McCrae should win if he manages to get his stinky ads to final two.

the last word



Amanda’s gonna kick his butt from the jury house back to Minnesota… she is mentally spending his winnings while she tries on Elissa’s ring.




LOL what the, what was this HoH competition that Spencer of all people won, mooning/pantsdroping contest. Holy cow.. i give up.


seriously, can I root for kaysar? wasn’t there someone named amanda in a winter edition of BB, i’d even root for her now if i could.

note to bb producers: watch BB editions around the world like UK and adopt some of their ideas because you need to learn how to shake things up one in a while.

the last word



Ok Elissa fans have officially reached the same psychotic stage as herself… America’s choice.. Really


There were only a few decent, civil human beings in that house & she stayed the longest so she gets my vote!

spencer is a vile disgusting human being

Hmmmm so maybe there isn’t a Marilyn after all. But if there is I wouldn’t want my face associated with that vile disgusting pedophile sexist creep….


history lesson by Spencer & Judd actually asks – who was the president before George Washington? LOL!!


Ill be happy as long as the RAT Andy does not win, that dude took down around 4 alliances and they all never knew it till too l8. Long as he doesn’t win, Im happy…

King Silva

Wow this season went downhill FAST!

It was already not that great but now with everyone I like gone or soon to be gone [McCrae *unless he pulls a Veto win out of his ass*] I really don’t care much to see what happens..

Any of the Exterminators winning is going to mean this season has one of the worst winners of all time!

God I hate Spencer, GM, Judd, and especially Andy’s rat ass [and face]..

They really think they are hot shit and they really are NOT. This season saw most of the stronger people go home early while floaters like these 4 made it to where they are. Of course when everyone good is out they start winning competitions.. What is funny is that none of them will probably get invited back on future seasons. XD

Amanda/McCrae and Elissa probably would but not Andy or Spencer’s useless ass..


wow. there is a LOT of ass in your comment.


This was my first season watching and I stopped watching after tonight. The remainder of the household are despicable human beings and a poor excuse for existing. Judd and GM are the only two I hope win and I am very disappointed in both of them, too. Whatever.

Thank you Simon and Dawg for putting so much effort into this site.

Jim 64

What a great day Amanda and Elissa gone
Next out probably pizza boy


Spencer won HOH? lol what a joke. Over this.

Roisin Dubh

Wow, who do you root for to win? I can’t think of anyone. MC’s game died after the first week, Spencer was always on the block so he’s was pretty much a waste of space. I’m sorry, but Andy ratting out everybody isn’t good game play, and GM riding coattails up until last week doesn’t cut it, and Judd really didn’t do anything in the game either. The only good thing is that the jury is gonna rag on F2 bigtime. We find out on Sun if Marilyn in a blowup doll, a goat, or Spencer’s right hand that turned purple from the loss of circulation to give it that “stranger;s feel”. She sure as hell ain’t a woman.


Mc should of put up Andy and Judd. Then replaced whichever came off with spencer.

Either way mc goes home if he don’t win veto and if he does then gm does.


I cannot stand that dirty red rat, Andy! His ass should of followed Amanda. I am DONE with the idiots that remain…bb15 turned into a huge disappointment

GM's Busted Face

Spencer’s new Marilyn, Andy in drag, sharing the HOH bed. Since there is no other Marilyn. Even Spencer forgets his lie when he gives his eviction speeches never a word for the non-existant Marilyn.

Eh Eh Eh

Vote David for America’s Favorite! He didnt get a chance to disappoint us.


Let’s face it, the only ones who have nothing to apologize for when they’re released back into the world are Jessie and Candice.


I would agree w/ that, but I would also add Howard, Elissa & David to that list. I only added D b/c he was there for such a short time & seemed like a decent dude!

BB Addict

Nope, David was a racist ass too. He was not nice, he just didn’t stick around long enough for everyone to see his doucheness

Andy is a wanker

I was totally wrong. I knew Amanda was a goner..but really thought mcCrae would figure out the Rat. When the Rat voted his little practiced eviction of Elissa, with that *smile *…..I was ready to kick my TV screen in..aiming at his buck teeth.

McCrae is dead man walking..unless he can pull out the POV. Never have I seen such a bunch of stupids together. Gina can’t even speak English..and she’s American born. Judd is Mumbles personified. McCrae is just little boy lost..Spencer the most degenarate scumbag….And Andy is just a vicious, rage filled POS.

I’ll keep watching..because I’ve just found out that I’m a glutton for punishment.


Julie Chink, I mean Chen, should have grilled the bitch Amanda like she did Aaryn about racist comments. I think ol’ slit eyes is more sensitive about Asian remarks than any other race. Way to go Julie, you piece of shit! I think you totally relate to Amanda and wish you could be more like her.


Why grill Amanda from your raging verbally abusive speach. You would be a big fan of Aaryn oh I mean Amanda or for that matter the KKK.. Sheesh.. Calm down.. She was probably told to lay off. Do you actually believe “she” writes the questions herself.. Nope sorry.. That’s what writers and producers are for. She’s nothing but the face of the brand. Speaking of brand next time you start spouting racial slurs someone should brand idiot on your forehead so they know not to take your words to seriously.


I don’t know, I bet Julie can say or do pretty much anything she wants on Big Brother! just sayin…


Chen does PRETEND to be a journalist.

No more pretty butterflys, "sigh"

So it has come to this? REALLY?!! Someone please tell McWimpy to take that rag off his head. Someone please tell RatAndy to , just, be something anything else. Someone please kick Jugg. Someone, anyone, please, for the love of God, tell me Spencer isn’t hoh. And finally, GM, meh.