Spencer’s bush, Amanda likes to gobble it up and JUDD’s getting hotter the longer he’s in the house

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andt
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


7:13pm living room everyone but JUDD

Random Conversations.
Andy talks about Jessie Sleep moaning says it sounds like she’s having s$x in her sleep.
Andy – “Jessie is a light nympho maniac”
GM – “her and Candice all they talk about is s$x”
GM tells them how her and NICK would go to bed with a pillow between them and backs turned but when they woke up they were facing each other smiling..
Gm’s back is still messed up she’s walking around like a 90 year old.

(really not much going on.. )
Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


8:04pm Living room

Someone knocks on the table it sounds just like a knock at the front door.
Amanda freaks out “OH MY GOD”

8:06pm Aaryn and GM Bedroom
Aaryn is going through her clothes picking what she wants to wear for her eviction tomorrow. She decides against a pair of gold shoes saying they are too hard to walk in she doesn’t want to fall when walking to Julie.

GM – “I can’t believe I do something stupid and I pull my back out.. i’m so f** stupid.. I’m old”
Aaryn – “you are not old “
GM – “I’m F**ing old my body can’t do what it use to”
JUDD rolls in with his shirt on..
GM – I smell like a old lady.. icy hot

Aaryn continues to pack her clothes shows them her Michael Kors shoes that she got in her HOH basket.

Aaryn – 34 days from now until and the end of september
JUDD – if the show is 91 days .. tomorrow is day 70
GM – 20 days left
JUDD – ya 20 something days.
Aaryn – “My birthday is on Tuesday .. so my birthday wish is not to talk sh!t about me on my birthday … that is what I want for my birthday “

JUDD says maybe Amanda and Elissa will talk sh!t about Aaryn.
Aaryn – Spencer will I called his a$$ out bad .. it was my final attempt to have Amanda and McCrae to keep me.
Aaryn says it’s a bit relaxing knowing your fate. She points out that JUDD is much better in the house this time around because he’s a lot less paranoid.
JUDD – I refuse to be somebody’s little b!tch
Aaryn now knows why winning competitions and making moves is not a good idea in this game. Aaryn says one reason why Amanda and MCCrae do not trust her is because she picked JUDD to play in the POV. She adds that people that don’t win much never have to show their cards and it’s because of that they do not become targets. She points out she’s won 4 HOH’s and made herself a huge target. Aaryn brings up Andy’s HOH and how safe his nominations were.
JUDD gives Aaryn Jessie’s Texas sweater for her to give to Jessie.

Andy and Amanda joins them.. start laughing that GM slept in the same bed the entire time she was here.

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:28pm bedroom
Gm jokes says she peed her bed..
Aaryn – “that’s from the water bottle”
GM – “I’m old.. I peed the bed”

Amanda is complaining about the flight CBS booked her on. She says it was Spirit airlines. GM says she flew virgin and it was really nice.

Aaryn points out that Howard wore the most expensive clothes for someone that said he had no money. Amanda says that is why she thought he was some sort of athlete.

Amanda asks JUDD if he’s sure he’s not related to Howie.
JUDD: Big boy sure.. Big boy sure

Aaryn says JUDD is looking better and better the longer he’s in the house
Amanda – “you were busted ugly in the beginning”

THey all agree they would rather Rachel in the house than Elissa. Amanda and Aaryn point out how mean Elissa is she was telling Aaryn she wears her bathing suit bottoms on backwards. JUDD says Elissa is “Right nice”

Amanda talks about having Sex with McCrae
Amanda about McCrae “His D*** is so big”
Everyone laughs
JUDD – “Shut Up”
Amanda – “We had s$x last night”
Aaryn asks JUDD is he knows what he’s sleeping on top of.
GM asks Amanda if that is true
Amanda – “Ya we have s$x all the time”
Gm – “no you don’t”
Amanda – “Yes we do”
GM -Liar
GM – “there was C*M on Kailtin’s a$$”
Aaryn – “There definitely was”
Amanda – “Usually when ou C** you are supposed to catch your C** when you P*ll out.. He doesn’t do that he lets it squ!rt everywhere.. It’s all over the bed”
Aaryn – ‘Ewww how do you do that with cameras.. aren’t they zoomed in on you and everything when you are doing it”
Amanda – “Well when you don’t have s$x for a long time it doesn’t take that long”
Amanda saying when her and mcCrae have sex it’s in the middle of the night when no one is around
Amanda – “I usually end up Bl*** him to finish him anyways”
GM – Gobble Gobble
JUDD – it makes me want to throw up
Amanda – “Didn’t you year it last night Aaryn
Aaryn – ya I did
Amanda – you did not
Aaryn – I did to it was disgusting



9:06pm Living room

Production gave them a bottle of Selsum blue. Spencer asks Aaryn if she thinks he should shave his bush. (See image)

Elissa made food tonight everyone getting ready to eat except for GM who is in the shower.


10:02pm Jenga Jenga je je je Jenga

10:36pm bedroom Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Aaryn and Spencer
Random chit chat

Amanda says Kaitlin’s fried rice tasted like butthole.
Andy – “top three best cooks are Candice, Elissa and Amanda”
Spencer – “Aaryn is the baker”

Spencer says if he say Sarah jessica parker he would pee on her he says her face looks like a foot.

Amanda – “do they ever feed jokes to you guys”
Aaryn – “Ya“

Spencer jokes around that about a porno movie idea he has it’s called “Stoner with a boner.. Trade a$$ for grass”

Aaryn says there are guys with fart fetishes and GM is probably a superstar.
Amanda – “Theres no fart fetish”
Aaryn – “There’s a fetish for everything.. JUDD likes it when I bite his knees”
They start making porn names for videos.
Amanda – “Forrest Hump”
Amanda – “Duty and the feast”
Amanda – Duty and the yeast”
Aaryn – “ Beauty and the yeast”
Amanda – “Cousin clit”

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10:48pm Bedroom JUDD, GM and Andy
Scheming about breaking up Amanda and McCrae.. Andy says he wants to be the one that does it. GM says McCrae has lost his fire.
JUDD says Aaryn thinks Andy is with Amanda/McCrae she doesn’t know about the exterminators.
Aaryn joins them says Amanda is showing McCrae her nipple holes.. the holes in her nipple where the milk comes out.
Gm – no milk will come out she doesn’t have kids
Aaryn – she’s showing him where the milk will come out to prepare him for when they have children
JUDD – gross
Aaryn – JUDD hates anything sexual
JUDD says he would rather rip his ears and eyes out than listen to Amanda.
JUDD – Candice was harsh
GM – She would always talk about s$x
JUDD – Candice was a walking porno.. every time I talked to her
GM – I’m surprised her and Jessie don’t eat each others boxes out
Aaryn – maybe they have
Gm – they can be like yo you tap me off i’ll tap you off.. alright just close your eyes boo (See image above)
GM – It probably smells like MUNG beans and fish salad
Andy EWwww he leaves
GM – she probably has white residue sh!t on it
JUDD – Mung beans and fish salad thats awesome..
JUDD jokes that Aaryn will get with Candice and Jessie in the jury house.

GM – well you know Jessie’s tastes like butterscotch
Aaryn – Maybe i’ll let you know
JUDD – butterscotch and coconut


11:31pm GM and Elissa HOH GM says Aaryn told her she should stick with Elissa and that JUDD was a good guy.
Elsisa thinks that was really nice of her to say
GM adds that Aaryn knows she’s leaving and is accepting it.

GM says the entire hose is targeting Amanda and McCrae next week. Elissa say to GM she really has to win the HOH tomorrow.
JUDD and Andy join them they say that Amanda and Aaryn are going to bleach their butth@les so they decided to come up. JUDD adds that he can’t stand hearing McCrae talk anymore.

11:48pm Bedroom Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae
(FYI Aaryn and Amanda are going to bleach their butth@les… I ;m nbot sure if they are joking or not)
Aaryn – “I’m not campaigning Spencer go f** yourself” (Smiles)
Spencer – “ I would love to F** myself”


11:56pm Aaryn and McCrae
Aaryn points out that GM is going to work with Elissa once she leaves.
Aaryn says it’s getting to the point where if you don’t win comps you are going to go up. Wants McCrae to know that Elissa is a beast a vetos and she’s won a HOH. Gm is strong in competitions to. Aaryn doesn’t think it will be easy to get Elissa out. She adds it won’t be super easy to get JUDD out but harder than Spencer.
MC – I want Elissa to go
Aaryn says if she goes up and she is not voted out she will go to the final 2
Aaryn – “She is so excited with voting me out”
MC – “I know It’s making me sick.. I just wish GM wasn’t working with Elissa
MC says him and Amanda just need to alternate winning comps from here on in. Aaryn points out she said the same thing to GM.
Aaryn says Andy will probably never go on the block..
MC says Elissa is probably getting a golden edit, “She looks like Mother Teresa”
(MC breaks Helens record for you knows but does it with YUPS)


12:14am HOH JUDD, GM, ELissa, Andy
They ask spencer what is going on downstairs “Bleaching buth@les”
Spencer – “Uhh ya that’s what they are doing.. just BSing” .. He likes it better up here he thinks it’s a better conversation.
Elissa – “better than Mcranda saying they have the best showmance”
GM Scoffs (Her and Nick had the best showmance ;) )
GM brings Amanda saying McCrae and her have s$x every night.
JUDD says there was condom wrappers in the bed he would sleep in
Elissa – “EEEwwwwwww”
He adds there was blood on the bed sheets
JUDD – “I was pissed the first night here I had to sleep in those nasty sheets”
GM – “He was like dude what is that I said thats period blood I’m not going to lie”
JUDD – “There was like 4 little spots”
Elissa – “They is so gross.. having sex on your periods in the Big Brother House.. thats disgusting”
JUDD says if you are going to do that kind of stuff at least clean your sheets.

GM – To be honest they haven’t washed their sheets in a while

CBS Interactive Inc.

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265 thoughts on “Spencer’s bush, Amanda likes to gobble it up and JUDD’s getting hotter the longer he’s in the house

  1. OMG, why does joker face have to eat EVERY night on BBAD? She looks so revolting with those lips. And look, there are spiders crawling down her eyes! Never mind, that’s just her eye lashes. I will be soooo glad when she is put on the block next week and sent packing next Thursday. Unless she follows through on her latest threats and walks out the door right behind Andy tomorrow. Which would be just as sweet. Can’t wait until that fake flake is gone already.

    1. Dude you are really obsessed with Elissa.. it’s just scary at this point. You comment on every post about her and how fake she is, yet you don’t know her at all. Leave her alone, seriously you’re annoying

        1. This is definitely an eight year old kid posting idiotic stuff. Poor little guy has no friends so he comes on here mad at the world.

      1. Ok Kevin. Who died and appointed you the hall moniter? In your whining you forgot to tell all the haters out there to stop piling on Amanda. Have you seen the appalling comments made about her? Or is that okay? From what I’ve seen there like 5000 anti-Amanda posts for every one that is anti-Elissa. Asshole.

        1. Amanda is a classless, vile disgusting pig… that’s why everyone’s pilling on her. IDIOT!. The girl has no real game her strategy is bullying, unfortunately the [with the exception of Elissa] rest of the shitty cast particularly Aaryan (the bimbo) let amanda run their game because they coward to her bullying. The moment Elissa got power she new what she had to do… finally people are growing some balls and are ready to get rid of that nasty bitch and her troll of a man.

          1. She didn’t know what she had to do!

            McCrae spelled it out for her using Aaryn and GM as the targets. All she had to do was follow the directions he laid out except put up Amanda and McCrae as the noms.

            She didn’t and her plan to get Amanda out backfired.

            Elissa is an idiot! Worst houseguest ever!

        2. with good reason! amanda is an attention whore who is literally disgusting (why dosen’t she take a shower and clean herself up after having sex on her period)
          Elissa is the only one with class in that house

      2. you all do the same thing with Amanda 10x worse. So I’m thinking your an Elissa fan. You sit there and get all pumped up about big brother coming on to see Elissa. Good grief. Just watch the game. None of them are likeable. The traffic on this site is 90% negative toward Amanda and your going to call out somebody about posting about Elissa. Hmmm

    2. Get over it! You are like a broken record. It obviously doesn’t bother anybody but you, so maybe you should just quit watching. Heaven forbid the girl eat!! How dare her! lol

    3. not to praise his comment cuz i love elissa he is an ass for that, but if people can talk sh*t about amanda, this assh*le can talk shit about anyone he wants.

      1. that’s like saying if someone can talk shit about Hitler, you can talk shit about Martin Luther King. there’s a huge difference between elissa and horse face. both in appearance and maturity and nastiness. elissa is pretty, sweet and calm. amanda is an ugly raging lunatic nauseating bitch.

        1. LOL..Now people are equating Amanda to Hitler and Elissa to MLK?? Seriously? IT”S BB!!!!!! Can these new ” fans ” please leave this show alone? Stop signing petitions, crying boohoo to CBS, stop calling people’s jobs to get them fired, stop complaining about a show you don’t even enjoy?? Can you?…is it possible for you all to get up from your corn syrup induced comas and change a channel? Are you people four friggen years old or what?? It’s game….a game and all of these people signed up for it..and they will all be friends probably after it, just like every other season. Lordy!!

          1. AMEN! Agree 1000! The constant vile negativity is so tiresome and frankly ruining a fan website. Your all so worried about bullying but have NO problem bullying anyone who disagrees with you. Climb down from your pedestals and lets get back to enjoying a GAME SHOW! Geesh.

        2. Dude if you think Ellisa is pretty you need your eyes checked. Is there anything real on her face? She does have a great body but her face is so bad, throw in her bitchy personality and her snobby attitude, she is just a real dog. Lets face it this years ladies are just real bad, the ones that are remotely attractive came from some low life trailer park. And they are not very smart. The only one that has any game play is Amanda until she open that trailer park mouth and then it’s over. Guys are not much better ugly dumb and a bunch of floaters.

            1. Oh NO!! Denise please don’t make us look at pictures Plastoissa. She is not anywhere near gorgeous. If my dog looked like her I would shave it’s ass and make him walk backwards.

            2. I don’t like her by association. I HATED her sister so I automatically hate her. Plus I don’t like all those health nuts, which is what she is obviously with all that yoga crap and all the health stuff she got in her HoH basket. You notice hers is the only one no one wanted anything out of, lol.

          1. Well AAron the befuddled bigot is about to disembark from good ship poopy butt, she is sure she has a handle on it now oops little late girl, And resident the queen of jerk offs is gaining ground in isolating her jewish self right into jury sans jerk. Andy ah yes our galloping gay group joiner, He is sadly around at least one more week untill he bluntly butts out for good. Elissa sweet mother of plastic,her joker lips(seriously had to be born with those lips who would desire to look like that?) will be slinking away with that blank (cause there is nothing up there) look next week. That leaves us with GM Judd and Spencer in opposite order I hope Personally Judd is probly the winner of choice and thats odd because I never would f thought the mumbler had it in him but since no one can understand him he hasn’t pissed any one off that bad I guess Mccrae Judd And GM are about even Spencer the splatacular he’s been overlooked for more enticing targets but his warped sexual outlook will hang him next week people will tire of the butterscotch lovers weirdness. Wow truth is I don’t want any of them to win is it too late to bring back Will?

    4. It completely and utterly disgusts me that no one in the house stood up for Elissa, similar to how no one stood up for Jessie, Candice and so on. What I quite enjoy about BB is that it effectively portrays how cowardice and sheepish people are. Many could and do argue that it is just a tv show, and this is true, however, it is a TV show of people who literally show whats wrong with society today. The things that were said about and to Candice and now to Elissa is completely unacceptable, and is quite honestly, only perpetuating the bullying epidemic in this world. Amanda went as far as talking about Elissa’s family, her kids for god sakes, and yet no one felt compelled to put an end to it. It’s absolutely disgusting and I have lost faith in humanity.

      CBS may have a bulletproof contract and the best of lawyers, but I am praying that there is a loophole that will allow Candice, Elissa, and Jessie to sue these piece of sh*ts for every dollar they have. It is clear that they are allowing this bullying to occur so as to profit off it. Despicable.

      1. Well Judd did but in a way that wouldn’t put a bigger target on his back. He told Mcrae it wasn’t cool and that he doesn’t like yelling at girls but if Amanda was a guy he would’be “cussed her out” for that. Mcrae went back and told Amanda people were getting tired of it. She of course started crying. Last night Judd told Mcrae that no one wanted her to go an try to rile things up after the Elissa crush on Judd stupidity. Mcrae told Amanda to stop starting sh!t so Judd’s complaining is having an effect.

      2. Wrong! It’s more than just a TV show – it’s a game where people are competing for $$$ – they don’t necessarily say/do some of the things they might normally because of the game aspect. In the real world you can just get away from this crap & not associate with such people-in the BB house they have to constantly play the game knowing the power can shift at any time. To be honest, the things Judd has said to stick up for Elissa while not making negative comments is pretty good in this context. They have ALL made negative, nasty comments at some point (including Saint Elissa), but overall I think Judd has been the most restrained.

    5. Why is Elissa being so sociable tonight? Could it be because tomorrow night a new HOH is crowned and it won’t be her? So she is just being fake and pretending to like being around the HGs. She is so transparent. I really hope Amanda or McCrae win HOH to ensure that Botox bitch goes up and out the door next week. Plus it will be fun watching Elissa freak out all week because she knows that this time she will be going. At least all her condescending gutter sniping will be over.

      1. ummm so what? that is how they all act. Every single time someone new is HOH everyone starts sucking up. What’s the difference?

      2. Oh, you mean she’s playing the game?? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? She’s doing a pretty good job of it, better than everyone else in this house.

      3. It will never happen!!!!!!! Judd will win HoH so McCranda will go up on the block. Beside Elissa is not going anywhere!!!!!!

      4. I’m glad to see her out & about – one of my biggest complaints about her is her social game sucks & she need to get out & make her own alliances. She let Helen do all that for her before. If she actually starts to make an effort to do this I will have more respect for her.

    6. This fake b!tch takes perscriptions for HEREPES and has the nerve to call other people gross. I hope they vote Andy out and that stuck up b!tch follows right behind him.

      1. Oh my Gawd, Do you realize that one day, you will have to give account for every bad thing you have ever said about someone?
        Its true whether you believe in God or karma… Maybe you should consider being more calm, kind, less harsh. I understand if Elissa is not your favorite HG, but really? The attacks you are spewing is vicious… yikes!

      2. I’m sorry to tell you but it’s Amanda with the herpes…….yes your Jewish Queen…..with the Herp…….the onion smelling vagina…..the yeast infection….the blood stain panties…..the constant racists with the HERP….sorry…..check the clip….she’s says it when they are outside…..

        1. I know Amanda is not liked, but do you people realize when you say things like “jewish queen” and other Anti-Jewish remarks that you are being just as racist and hate spewing as anyone in the house has been all season. Then you have the nerve to talk about other racists. Your ignorance and stupidity are astounding. Once again not defending Amanda, but making a real point. Please stop using derogatory Jewish comments.

          1. Not that I condone all the bashing, but maybe you should educate yourself before calling people ignorant and stupid. Being Jewish is NOT a race; therefore, no one can be ‘racist’ against a Jew. Judaism is both a cultural and religious identity, like being a Catholic or Mormon or Muslin . A more appropriate characterization would that they are “persecuting” Jews. What I find fascinating is that many people on this site try to get their point across by demeaning others (i.e. stupid, ignorant, etc.) while bitching and moaning about a reality t.v. show they have no control over. And you all think these people in the house are disgusting?! SMH…

            1. I never said that Jewish people are a race. Many Jews actually do consider themselves a separate race. The “jewish queen” comment was hateful and disgusting. You are ignorantly defending that person. I am guessing you are another Amanda hater attacking me. I do not like Amanda but this person used hate speech and then attacked the houseguests for hate speech like racism. Learn when to attack and when to shut up. I can’t believe people gave me thumbs down when I was going after a dumba$$ who spewed just as much hate as the racists in the house. Idiot!

              1. Wow…such hatred for trying to pass along a little education. Pity you are not receptive to rising above ignorance. As for your statement, “I never said that Jewish people are a race”, please tell me the definition of “racist”. Go ahead. I’ll wait. (and for the record, people gave you a thumbs down because you’re a moron)

      3. what makes you think she has herpes? did you give it to her? no? then shut the f**k up and stop perpetuating rumors started by the house bully.
        she probably takes valtrex for cold sores. I highly doubt she has genital herpes
        get a life and stop spreading lies

      4. OMG! Maybe you should educate yourself about the drug she is taking before you insinuate why she is taking it! Are you aware it is given to children and adults, alike, for chicken pox, shingles, cold sores and many, many other viruses. After seeing what a nasty, vile couple the McCrandas are, perhaps her medication is preventative to protect her from catching any McNasty germs that I’m sure are everywhere in that house. The CDC should be called for inspection prior to them stepping out of the BBH!

    7. Dude…..It will never happen!!!!!!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere. She is not afraid of Amanda. She is really a smart, classy woman than trashy Amanda. She is not intimidated to Amanda actions.

    1. YouTube has a whole bunch of racist rants by Amanda, GM and Aaryn… those are the one’s I’ve seen, but dlisted got in the action too for awhile.

      1. Add the latest racist “joke” from Amanda saying “I hate Asians I hate when they drive but I love it when they make Chinese food” on after dark.

    2. There’s two excellent YouTube composites
      “Amanda Zuckerman Fired? Big Brother 15 – BB15 Racist homophobic misogynistic autism and retard slurs”
      And “Amanda zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior”

      1. lol within the first 2 secs of the utube vid you can see the botched job her plastic surgeon did on her tits – she’s gross

  2. Judd just go. You aren’t wanted there. People are just being nice to you in case you win HOH tomorrow. If you don’t, don’t expect the Kumbaya to continue. Because you will be going again right after Elissa. Sorry, Judd, but nobody should be allowed to come back after being evicted. (And to illustrate my point, how many of the BB haters would be okay with an evicted Amanda returning?)

    1. There actually has been several seasons where evicted house guests return. Amy, Kaysar and I think two others returned on other seasons.

    2. The motto of this show is: Expect the Unexpected… so, be careful as you play, anything can come back to bite you in the butt. I like Judd as a player and missed him and Lurker on this site. I could definitely live without Amanda’s disgusting sexual details… can’t imagine what her family and his are thinking. It’s one thing to be a gross pig, but to tell everyone how low you are? No class…

    3. I get why Judd is licking Elissa’s ahole this week – he didn’t want put up on the block – but I can’t see why he would want to align with her or anybody else. Uh, everybody voted you out you retard. It was not only a back door, but a blind side. What does that tell you? Nobody trusts you. But here you are back in the house acting like you own the place. Still being shady. Still talking like a dumb ass with that aw shucks act. It was team Helen/Elissa who pushed for your ouster that night. The others talked about getting you out soon but Helen was the dictator. So why you are piling on McCranda when the vote was unanimous is confusing. Don’t believe a word of Elissa’s manipulation. She learned that part good from Helen. Elissa is trash and will be heading home right before you. And oh, nobody other than Elissa wants you there. They voted you out, remember? And you should’ve stayed out. So unfair that an evicted can come back into the game.

  3. Hey Simon, you should do a poll on who America thinks the favorite player will be and/or who their favorite player is. I am just curious because the house guests keep talking about it all the time.

    1. Props to Simon and Dawg for running an excellent site with all the updates in the house, but any poll on this forum would be unscientific as it is inundated with Reilly fans who co-opt the comments and basically write only positive things about Elissa and run down all the other HGs. And then affirm each other with thumbs ups. So on this site Elissa would win by a landslide but if you polled viewers who aren’t affiliated with Brentchel I think you’d get a way different result.

    1. Excuse me….that’s my name. Seriously not only are most of the comments on here almost exactly the same everyday, but now we’re using other people’s nicknames too??? Have some imagination and make up you’re own name. I use it because it means something to me, it’s a part of my Navy career. Sheesh.

        1. Maybe you shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about. It is the names of three divisions that were separately called Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot, one of which I was a part of. The 3 divisions did an operation together (whether our commanding officer did this by accident or on purpose, it was funny that the division names initialed WTF) We lost some good people during the operation. So maybe you should mind your own business.

  4. So if Andy is going to separate himself from the McNasty’s and go after them, how will he do that?

    You know that if he just wins HOH and puts them up, amanda will threaten that there will be 2 less votes for him in jury. And she will rage. That would scare the crap out of Andy.

    He’s set up with Spencer, Judd and McCrae. He will more than likely throw the HOH comp. So if GM wins, he will … what? Does she trust him? I guess if GM wins, if she puts up the McNasty’s then he deal with that. Elissa still thinks Andy’s a rat though, so she will be distrustful. But if he is not HOH does that matter? Actually, I guess he’s got all his bases covered. But what if anyone but the McNasty’s win HOH how will he “go after” them and what if amanda catches him?

    1. I think Aryan will make sure GM is well aware that Andy is not to be trusted. She already told GM that her best allies are Judd and Elissa to evict Amanda and McYeasty. Knowing this and having it confirmed by Elissa that Andy is a rat, I don’t think she will fall for anything Andy says.

      1. if spencer judd and gm would think outside the box especially judd and spencer vote andy out stick aaryn in andys place in the exterminator alliance elissa Amanda and mccrae would be targeting aaryn and gm then judd this would be unreal for spencer there always 10 different ways to approach this game just a random thought what do you guys think

  5. All this GM talk complaining she feels like an old lady reminded me of a friend of mine who is a dentist who told me a story of one of his patients. He had an Old lady sitting on the chair who pulled down her panties and lifted her legs up. He said “I’m not a Gynocologist.” “I know,” the old lady said “I want you to take my husband’s teeth out.”

    1. Lurker, your jokes are about as funny as wet paint drying. They suck. Why don’t you and your retarded twin (the other Lurker) take up reading the Bible and start saying some nice things instead of fancying yourselves as comedians and telling bad jokes and zingers.

  6. So hope tomorrow is the night when the right person win hoh!! Don’t think I can handle a Mc or AM win. I there truly is karma tomorrow should be the night to show up.

    1. Amanda and Aaryn remind of Chester and Spike. “Amanda you’re my friend right Amanda did you see what I did Amanda. Amanda did you hear what I said? Amanda you think Elissa is mean so do I Amanda”

  7. Look at Elissa stirring the shit up with Amanda and calling her variations of her name. I hope Amanda opens a can of whoop ass on her tonight. Can’t wait until the house rides the stuck-up fake after tomorrow’s HOH. It will be so awesome if Amanda/McCrae win. That gold digger deserves a taste of her own condescending medicine.

  8. I am pleasantly surprised with how Aaryn has been taking her likely eviction on Thursday. I really hated her at first with all the things she said, but she’s grown on me a lot this season. (A fringe benefit of being in the same house as someone like Amanda lol).

  9. Dayyummmm Zuckaman!! There aint no shame in yo game! Th cat folk are gonna have a FIELD DAY with this latest round of ur sex bragging! Lawd smh

  10. Mc: I wonder when I go back home after the show if anyone will come up to me and ask, Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in so long.

    Judd: You can tell them that you underwent a painful procedure that required you to have your spine and both testicles removed. But you might get some great wedding presents sometime in the future.

  11. So, I wanted to take a brief moment away from the Amanda bashing again to spend a quick minute on Spencer. Like I have said before Amanda deserves 90% of the words she is getting on this site (wishing violence upon her is sinking to her level, I would hope that it doesn’t happen, but , sadly it does) but it’s not fair that she gets all of that attention.
    Oh boy, Spencer, what to say about Spencer? When I look at Spencer the first thing that I think is “I really would never want to lay down in that guy’s bed at home, on his sheets, on his pillow case.” Now, I know you people out there are thinking that’s one of the weirdest things you’ve probably read on this site, but think about it… no really… think about laying in that dirty dude’s bed. Maybe I am out of my mind here, but I imagine the over powering scent of cured meat and dirt overwhelming my senses. I challenge anyone here to tell me anything different. Right now, you have to be saying to yourself, “you know, Chris might have a good point, I don’t think I would like to lie in that hefty guy’s bed at all!” I mean, is it just me, or does it look as though the producers at CBS had this grand scheme to cast this years’ show with a “hidden agenda” to teach kids how terrible bullying and bad hygiene are??? CBS MUST be tickled pink with how small the BB house water bill is going to be this year.
    To be quite honest, when Spencer opens his mouth I have to get prepared because what is about to happen is like a blind man who stumbles on to a driving range, pretty damn tragic… Who the hell told this guy that he is the judge, jury and executioner of every living thing and situation on God’s green earth? Was it one of you? I know it wasn’t me, I’m too busy thinking that I am the final word to be giving that impression to Spencer. This guy has had a demeaning comment for every person who, in his eyes, didn’t have the luck to be born with a penis. Now, let me be clear, I’m not innocent of behavior like this, I mean, I was 14 once too and had my fair share of tactless, crass, offensive statements, but someone needs to stop the “train wreck” that is this guy’s mouth. The nerve of this guy to judge the bodies and looks of every woman in that house is horrific, especially when you consider that he looks like Scotland’s answer to Shreck. For real, he looks like he has Carrot top in a head lock every time he wears a tank top, which is pretty much all of the time.
    We all have our flaws and Spencer’s inability to look into a mirror seems to be his. His criticism of women in that house is like Lindsey Lohan telling you what you’re about to do is a “bad idea”.

    1. Spencer is a misogynist for sure and many of his remarks have been offensive. I think that is probably why he was cast, in hopes that he would clash with the other women in the house so badly that it would make for frequent confrontations and drama. The truth of the matter is that he is ultimately forgettable. Most, if not all, the women in the house consider him disgusting and offensive but they don’t bother to confront him because he is so easy to ignore. Can you blame them? As a woman myself, when I encounter men like him, I ignore them because confronting them does not lead to anything. You know that they won’t change their opinions or behavior and confronting him would only make him feel justified in demeaning women. So the only real way to deal with it is to ignore it. The HG’s ignore it and so does CBS considering he is barely ever shown on tv.

      1. I think it’s because Spencer is (thank God) not that confrontational and I think he’s afraid of women, maybe Judd too, he’s hard to read. Notice Spencer only says these things to other guys…and nobody’s calling him out on this stuff either. Others have noted the same, the HGs are not objecting, only Elissa, which is big point in her favour. Why isn’t Andy calling some out? He’s an educator for the lovva God, that’s part of his job.

      2. Spencer is the most expendable person in the house. Eventhough I don’t like Amanda, her yeast infection would win over Spencer

    2. Yeah you are so right about all of this. I guess if Amanda wasn’t there then there would be more talk about Spencer. I am from Arkansas originally & am very ashamed that he is as well. At least we had Britney-she was atleast a class act & any Arkansas would be proud to claim her! (I know she lives in Tulsa now though) Spencer-not so much!

    3. Great observation about the human nastiness known as Spencer. As a woman, men like this come off so badly without realizing it. His ego is so over-inflated he really does think of himself as a “catch”. I run into this overblown sense of self alot in men his age. Did Mommy tell her little man how great he was no matter what his accomplishments or behavior warranted? I can never figure out why these men don’t see what we see… and fix it! Not man bashing by the way… I have met beautiful, wonderful men who love and respect women! That is what we want, not a blowhard like Spencer. You cannot wash the stank off this boy!

    4. hey Chris I just wanted to say that I joined that post it was funny well thought out and truthful but the problem is, no one here is going to pay any attention to it at all because why? It does not have any Amanda bashing in it! And as such…AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!!! Lol

    5. Dude, save the book writing for the library. Nobody cares that much what you have to say. I don’t even bother reading posts that are more than 5 sentences.

    6. Not THAT Chilin’, is what we calls good writin’ Very funny ‘CMD’. We need more good writing on here and yes, Lurker1, you’re one of the good ones and certainly all the gonzos, I think there’s a few. Where, oh where is Bobsky? You all make an English teacher very happy.

      1. OMG, BOBSKY! I knew somebody was missing this year but it wasn’t until you said his name that I remembered who it was. I would think, if he’s watching this year, he is probably so disgusted it would not behoove him to even comment!

    7. I don’t think anyone wants him to touch them…between his nose pickin and ball scratchin (in his blue shorts for easy access), it’s no surprise that everyone avoids him and TV rarely airs him (even missed out on gettin ZINGed!) I’m surprised he ball scratched this way this far. Maybe he’ll pull his hands out of his shorts soon?…never?
      Well, it was a great source of entertainment on those boring days.

  12. I get the impression that Amanda and McYeasty aren’t using condoms. If they were, there would be none of the mess that Amanda is describing. Gross. They are probably claiming to be using condoms in a weak effort to look like they are having safe sex. To be talking about it not just in front of the HG’s but also the live feeds just shows no class or respect for McYeasty whatsoever.

    I am SO GLAD that Judd stated how vile and disgusting Amanda is in his DR session. I am glad that he sees her for who she is and he will be determined to evict her out of the house.

    1. Word. I would not even be going anywhere near them or their dirty ass bed. Can you imagine the c** stains on their clothing? McYeast wears the same shit for days on end, I bet his clothes can stand up on their own. Crusty vile ass individuals

      1. After they showed Amanda harassing Elissa, they cut to Judd in the DR saying that he thinks Amanda is a “vile and disgusting” person. That was pretty much it.

    2. Amanda may be the first HG to get pregnant during the show. That girl has no shame. You would normally see the guy bragging about his sexual conquests but Amanda is far too controlling to even let that happen. She has to be the one to tell it.

  13. I hope Am & Mc keep Aaryn over Andy after his comment about not being loyal to them after tomorrows eviction. Am worked her ass off trying to keep him off the block, and done things to E that she probably would have never done it wasn’t for him. She has proven to be a very loyal person, So to hear him say that after all she’s done infuriates me! He needs to go!

    1. Does Elissa not know how to put on mascara or is that gloppy mess done on purpose? Did you see the duck lip expression she gave in the DR tonight? How could anyone think that’s a good look? Her personality is as bad as her plastic surgery. Fake. At least Amanda has a personality and is real whereas Elissa has no personality and comes off as a better than thou, stuck up bitch. I hope when she gets evicted next week she watches all of Wil Heuser’s dead-on impressions of her and then cries her plastic face off of her fat bobble head. When you look into Elissa’s eyes, it’s like looking at pure evil. The only time this phony has been real is when she started laughing because she is a bad liar when Amanda asked her if she would put her up on the block. She let her human self come through for about 5 seconds and then switched back to evil Halloween witch mode.

      1. This is pathetic at this point. I don’t even shake my head at your posts anymore. You are trully a pathetic person. Get a life scumbag. If you see you are getting like a million thumbs down them maybe its time to reevaluate yourself.

        1. Are you one of Elissa’s relatives? You know, the ones who post hundreds of anti-Amanda posts all day (and thumbs up everything bad about the HGs but thumbs down everything bad about poor fake Elissa) but then get outraged the minute someone has the temerity to say something negative about Elissa? You are the scum bag. Quit being so judgmental asshole unless you are willing to totally forego never saying another bad word about any other HG. And besides, take off your rose-colored glasses for Elissa. Other than the Brenchel army, anybody else objectively looking at her sees she is as phony as a 3-dollar bill.

      2. wow! get over it already. Elissa is absolutely gorgeous & if you don’t think so then you must be 1 of the 2 Amanda fans on here that keep bashing Elissa.

  14. McCrae or Amanda will definitely win the HOH tomorrow. Anyone else winning means they both go up and Amanda is out the door. Production won’t have any of that. The HOH comp will be a pie eating contest

    1. *dying from laughter* … pie eating contest… too great! But let’s not give production any ideas here.. or we might see it!

    2. Lmao! Pie eating contest that was awesome.. They should do a shower type hoh McCrea would wanna give up the hoh cause he’s not ready to take another shower since he takes once a week!

  15. I don’t think Elissa is going home next week. I think it will be Mcranda on the block this week. Most people in the house are finally realizing they have to do what’s best for their own game now. Plus McRanda let it all hang out this week, and even though most of them are still smiling in their face, they all want them out! Amanda was super annoying this week. Amanda is notorious for acting like she really has balls, then she remembers that she is really an insecure piece of shit and starts crying because she is really weak as hell. To me her tirades are so weak..she just has the wrong type if girls in the house because she has put so much of her personal info out there.. it would be so easy to bring her to her knees…for some reason these other chicks won’t go there. There is no way in hell she would talk to me like that. I notice she didn’t really push the argument with Gina Marie because she saw that Gina wasn’t going to back down, and was going to get just as loud as she was. She picks on people she knows aren’t going to say anything. Can’t stand her ass!

    1. Great summation. I’m really starting to feel for the girl, she’s just so darn unlikeable…and I liked her in the first couple of weeks.

    2. I totally agree one thousand percent!!!! You nailed it. I have said the same thing, aMANda is weak and highly self-conscience, that is why she preys on the people she does in there. I find it funny how much MC acts like he can’t stand her half the time. Pretty sad if the weirdest, ugliest, and biggest loser in the house won’t admit to having sex with you!

  16. Simon/Dawg: Have they shown who the selsun blue is for? I wonder who has dandruff so bad that they need special shampoo. If I had to guess, I would guess that it’s for McCrae.

      1. Thanks! Just seems kind of random and more like a specific request. Hmm, or perhaps production has noticed someone (*cough* McCrae *cough*) having obvious dandruff during DR sessions and is advising everyone to monitor their own dandruff and use the shampoo as needed.

      2. Found this on WebMD: “Treating the skin rash caused by tinea versicolor is a relatively easy and straightforward process. Since tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus, most over-the-counter anti-fungal medications will quickly and easily treat the problem. The most recommended treatment for tinea versicolor is the application of Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo directly to the skin. After a couple of weeks of daily applications, the fungus will be killed and your skin’s appearance will start to return to normal.” Hmmm…

  17. Hi Simon. I know this question is asked every Wednesday night, but I can’t seem to find where I jotted it down last week. Tell me again the website where I can watch the live eviction tomorrow at 6PM rather than waiting for it to air at 230AM PSDT? Thanks for all of the hard work you and Dawg do to keep us informed. You both rock!

    1. i won’t know it until tomorrow.. A lot of sites that normally stream went down recently.

      this one is worth a shot bbus15.wix.com/bigbrotherus#!live-stream/cwwi

    2. I meant PDT, sorry! I’m in SF and the Niners are playing tomorrow so I’ll have to wait until 230AM on Friday to watch.

      1. Your quarterback is gorgeous! I just checked him out in GQ. But the Seahawks Russell Wilson is on fire!!! Go Seahawks!!!!!

      2. I am in SF too, I didn’t realize the show would be pre-empted for football! DAMN. Thanks for the warning, I’ll have to make sure to try to find the feed online.

  18. Come on all you Amanda lovers, and Elissa haters, how do you constantly defend the nasty and vile crap that spews from Skankanda’s mouth? Imagine if this was your daughter or sister or loved one, how is it possible not to be imbarassed by the crap that comes out of her mouth, in front of millions of people! The people that justify the garbage that comes from her mouth, and use the excuse that it’s just a game, must posess the same qualities as she does, which is just downright skank trash. I can’t imagine how horrified her must be watching her make a complete ass of hersself.

    And for the ones that want to point out how they think Elissa portrays herself to be so much better, well hell, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, because she is. She hasn’t once wished death apon anyone, not once discussed her sex life or anything about sex, and she hasn’t once made any racist remarks towards anyone in the house, and came to the aid of those who were subjected to such remarks. So yea she is a better person than many in the house, because she refuses to defame anyone to the magnitude that Skankanda and Aaryn have. So to the Amanda lovers, you must not have daughters or sisters, because I guarantee if you did, and they were showing the same personality traits as Amanda, you would be totally embarassed. Feel sorry for her parents. Wow what a low class piece of trash she is.

    1. I don’t get all you Elissa defenders. She wouldn’t piss on you if she saw your body on the side of the road burning in flames. The stuck up rich phony snob thinks she is too good for everyone. If you look into her cold icy eyes, all you see is pure evil and not a drop of empathy. Elissa has said too many snobby bitchy things for me to fall for hopping on her band wagon. If my life depended on either Amanda or Elissa, I’d pick Amanda by a long shot. Elissa would leave you to die.

      1. Yep. amanda would piss on you alright. She’s got heart. And then she’d blow you and then you wouldn’t be able to get rid of her

      2. unlike you i dont need anyone to piss on me or need their approval or attention in any fashion to admire them as a person. you’re a needy dufus who feels rejected-whatever.

    2. Elissa has a serenity that comes from having a rich interior life. Some people mistake this countenance for superiority, snobbishness, looking down on others. I know she is a good person inside and it is very difficult to be non-confrontational when constantly barraged with the inanity that comes out of the mouths around her. Yoga rocks your body and soul!

      1. Well lets hope her serenity isn’t ruined when she goes back to her real life because if what some people have said is true her husband may be filing for divorce

  19. I live in Scal and I’m not sure if it aired nationwide, but during BB tonight aired nationwide there was a Public Service Announcement for Shingles at the 39 min mark .It talked about chicken pox and was not an ad for anything just PSA re shingles and how its contracted and id you have it contact your health services professional.

    1. Kids are not being giving chicken pox vaccinations and getting chicken pox once in your life increases the likelihood of contracting shingles as an adult. An extremely painful condition that travels along the nerve pathways usually on your face of back, feels like a fire on your body. With Amanda and McCrae on this show they should do public service announcements for Herpes, HIV, Unplanned pregnancies, Condom usage, and lots of commercials for feminine hygiene products.

  20. O and by the way Amanda is a dirty hoe!! Can’t wait to see her UGLY A$$$$$ get voted out in the next 2 weeks (that’s if she’s lucky and makes it through this upcoming week)

  21. I wouldn’t want to be doing the nasty when Spencer, is 3 feet away from them , most likely listening and touching himself… LOL


  23. Keep confirming what everyone e says amanduh…..that you are a slut/whore. What normal person would brag on TV that they had sex/and she blew him? No wonder they slept most of the day away. And tonights show…..her outfit consisted of short shorts, a red blazer and hooker heels. Yeah I am glad this is almost over.

  24. They sure are anal with the “copy-write laws”, can’t even play a game of Jenga without it being blacking out the name? Like we can’t recognize what they’re playing. Is this is why they never get board games?

    Imagine the drama that a game of Monopoly would cause????

    1. Check the news. Two neighbours were playing Monopoly one night. A guy and a woman.

      “Police say a game of Monopoly turned violent after a Michigan man slapped a female friend for refusing to sell Boardwalk and Park Place.” He slapped her and knocked her glasses off her face

      ”I thought that was violent for a game that’s supposed to be friendly,” said a neighbor. “I guess he takes his Monopoly seriously.”

  25. Amanda = Grade A hoe, and FULL of herself for no reason when she’s stupid and ugly as fk.

    Andy = Little rat boy, embarrassed he is from my home town of CHICAGO!

    Mccrae = Pu$$$$$Y, lets Amanda control him in everything.

    Spencer = Useless and a pedophile.

    Gina = Kinda slow (being serious not making fun of her) I do like though that she has a BACKBONE (unlike most people in the house) and sticks up for herself.

    Aaryn = Obviously smoking hott, but killed her cred with the ridiculous racist comments (SMH)

    Judd = Chill, but hasn’t really made any good game moves.

    Elissa = Best player left, 3 challenge victories and is easily the most likable out of the remaining house guests.

  26. You can tell a lot about the viewing audience of a television show by the advertising it attracts. I’m still not sure about BB After Dard though. Non stick cooking ware, black heads, Chillow the cool pillow for hot flashes, and resolve carpet cleaner? I’m guessing that this show attracts women going through menopause, spilling their wine on the carpet, who have black heads due to lack of bathing and for some strange reason have not pots or pans to cook in.

  27. Amanda Zuckerman is trailer trash. How stone hearted can you be to have an abortion just to be on a reality show? That is what Amanda Zuckerman did, she had an abortion after she found out she was pregnant and she had already done her castng for BB.

    Amanda Zuckerman is a vile wench. Mcrae is starting to despise her and will have none of her when they leave the BB house. Did you notice how Mcrae treated Amanda like the plague to be avoided after Amanda jumped on Judd’s head and pretended to be having birth to him? The cold hearted hag was evil enough to make a joke of birthing right after killing her baby just to be on a show.

    I’m glad that she lost her realtor’s license for being a racist, Amanda Zuckerman, it is 2013, racists have no place on tv or elsewhere!!!!!!

  28. for crying out loud. amanda is doing foreplay for show. I think she is trying to get Spencer excited. and show off for the baby in the bunch. Show Aaryn how it’s done

  29. Classy! I bet Amanda’s parents are beaming with pride and her married ex-boy toy is probably on his knees thanking the Gods above that McCrappy was there to take his place. Wow–that man dodged a bullet big time.

    1. McCrae was squirming when Amanda was just talking about Christmas in Minnesota, meeting his parents, etc. He has mentally evicted her but she is just so self-involved she cannot see the forest for the trees.

      Amanda is talking about hating Asians with Aaryn… being evicted by a white person at least. This is so revolting!

  30. Who I want to win in order

    1. Elissa

    2. Judd

    3. Aaryn

    4. Gina

    5. Spencer (COUGH, COUGH)

    6. Andy

    7. Mccrae

    8. Amanda

  31. O here goes WHoreMANDA again, “I really hate Asians!”

    Learn to keep your mouth shut you piece of $$$$hit!

    1. My sister-in-law is a tall beautiful Japanese financial analyst, married to my brother who does the same job. My niece is Jap/american, holds two passports at the age of 2. I am sickened by these dummies talking about fried rice, doing nails, working in restaurants…such a stereotype! Not all Asians take jobs like that, some come here and go to University. Who cares if an Asian person does nails, food, whatever, SO DO WHITE PEOPLE! My blood is boiling over… Amanda would die to live in my brothers multi-million dollar home, be educated privately and have a full college education in place for the children who are very young still. Okay, I vented!

      1. Some people will say it’s not right to joke about other will say it is. For what it’s worth Amanda was jokeing about what she was saying.. She also said jokingly that Aaryn should say in her eviction speech “I’m glad i’m leaving by the hands of a white person” Making fun of the fact some people in the house called aaryn a racist.

        She says with a joking ton while laughing “I hate Asians I hate when they drive but I love it when they make Chinese food”

        Amanda also brings up a story while eating at a Chinese diner there was a bandaid in her food they gave her some free ice cream and she said “there better not be a bandaid in here chongface”
        Specner, Andy, Aaryn, McCrae were in the room at the time and said that it was a made up slur but still awful.

        All the comments were said in jest

        1. Thanks for the clarification, Simon! Although I can see that they were kidding, of course it’s Amanda who steps over the line by saying “chongface.” I get that they are kidding around with Aryan and how she got in trouble for being racist early on. I can tolerate a lot of non-PC jokes (obviously, or else I wouldn’t enjoy BB!) but only up to an extent. What they were saying didn’t ruffle my feathers much until Amanda threw out “chongface.” Really, Amanda? There she goes again, taking it to another level where she has to throw in a slur. She even invented her own derogatory slur, that is how classless and disrespectful she is. Holy balls, this woman is the worst. I hope that everyone in the room agreed that saying that was awful and wrong.

      2. Yes Amanda and Aaryn were yucking it up as Amanda proudly proclaimed her hate for asians “I hate Asians I hate when they drive but I love it when they make Chinese food”, Julie Chen should be proud to host such a wonderful show!

    2. She was very racist tonight and Aaryn was laughing about Helen and making rice…ahh hope someone shows Julie Chen a clip of tonights afterdark before Aaryn gets the boot!!!!!

  32. Ew Amanda and McPussy are disgusting, you’re on fucking national television. And not to mention Amanda has a boyfriend (obviously not anymore) and McPussy looks like he’s been homeless for the past 13 years of his life.

  33. People left

    Aaryn = Great competitor, hooking up with Judd?? Why?

    Gina = Ehh

    Spencer = Weird

    Mccrae = Looks like he’s homeless

    Amanda = Looks like a tranny

    Judd = Seems cool, but is dumb as a box of rocks

    Andy = Looks like a rat, hasn’t made 1 good game move, expect being a floater

    Elissa = Level headed, wins challenges. I hope she takes home the 500K

      1. exactly like whenshe talked about math then folds on the last hand shes periodically slow mentally she says I should have put up Amanda and mccrae duh a no brainer there is a reason 9 of 14 winners are men these women have to confront every situation don’t know anything about the the high road unless men fist fight they use brain instead of emotion

  34. “Amanda – “Usually when ou C** you are supposed to catch your C** when you P*ll out.. He doesn’t do that he lets it squ!rt everywhere.. It’s all over the bed””

    That’s actually the 1st surprise of the season from her. Thought for sure she was a guzzler.

    Who wants to bet they trade beds and leave the stained sheets for someone else to sleep in, like they did with the period blood sheets in the rainbow room?

  35. I hope Judd or GM wins HoH and puts up MCranda. Then sends MC to jury. I guarantee
    Amanda will self evict at the thought of MC alone in the Jury House with Jesse and Aryan!
    It would be two for the price of one! Cheap and Easy like Amanda herself!

  36. Aaryn says “i know exactly what my dad will say about me being evicted…
    he’s gonna say well everyone has to be politically correct and not vote out the QUEER..

    1. Yea, that seems like something you would hear from Aaryn’s parents. BUT, not like she’s wrong, people do in fact think that way.

  37. no one says anything about Spencer and his dirty mouth!! and how they don’t keep the place clean I can’t believe that BB has not gotten on to them about the things they have saie and the way they do not Clean!! Their mouth is as dirty as the place they sleep!!!

    1. I’d like to imagine after the game is over production gets a huge dumpster and throws out everything they’ve used, so gross this BB15 crew

  38. I decided to look up am image of AG. Yikes!! Maybe the scarier she gets as she ages , the scarier she the contestants she picks. At first I thought it could be Spencers mom or Andys aunt from the larger hairier side of the family that moved out of the trialer to Hollywood. AG needs a have not month.. If not her health but for her bad casting .

  39. LOL! The comments crack me up. How many names can possibly be derived from Amanda?
    I honestly liked Amanda during the first few weeks when she called out the original bullies/racists Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, etc. Now I don’t like her anymore. She basically turned worse than them.

  40. Is there even anybody on this season that is WORTHY enough of being on a ALL Star season?? I’d love to see Amanda & Mccrae VS Rachael and Brendon, just so we could see their true colors (Pussssies) LMAO!!!

  41. Big Brother can we PLEAASSEE get some alcohol for Judd and Aaryn so they can get it awn tonight?? CMONNNN, it’s ol girl’s last night in th house!!!

  42. LOL Amanda trying to boost her ego by saying her “pizza boy” has a big 2 INCH d!!!!CK!!!! LMAO!!! Shut the fk up Amanda, nobody cares about your herpes infested sex life.

  43. amanda was pleading and crying when she needed elissa then when she got pov the real amanda stepped forth-a raging lunatic bitch. parents so proud of their little poopsie i bet.

  44. when amanda was in 7th grade she used to spit on the special ed kids food for laughs. everyone hated her and her evil cronies.

  45. Watching Andy lick his fingers and then touching everything in sight is disgusting. I wouldn’t want to touch the mustard or ketshup bottle after him, let alone eat some cereal after him digging in the box. Throw in Spencer constantly picking his nose in front of everybody (or hand down his pants) and McCrae always biting his nails…YUCK!! Didn’t anybody teach these people to chew with their mouth closed? Some majorly bad hygene going on up in that place!!

    1. Lets not forget last week on BBAD when Spencer had a hand down his pants, grabbed a handful of skittles from a bag that Aaryn had after that. Fucking nasty.

  46. Ha Ha…Judd is grumpy tonight! Andy said it’s going to be weird not voting tomorrow and sitting in a chair and Judd said yeah, floater problems! Then when Gina Marie asked him who’s got him so mad he said McCrae, I hate hearing his voice, everyone kisses their a$$es I want to punch his face in. Didn’t know Judd had it in him. Here’s hoping Judd wins HOH!

    1. Hahaha! Floater problems! I love it! I am so happy that Judd isn’t drinking the kool-aid that McNasty is serving. If Amanda gets evicted before McCrae, this is a good sign that Judd won’t agree to an alliance with McCrae and will stick with GM and Elissa to evict him.

      1. I agree. It’s too bad that Aaryn is telling McCrae that Gina Marie is going to be working with Elissa after Aaryn leaves (even though she was the one who told GM to work with Elissa) and that Andy and Amanda are the only ones that won’t put him up. Either Aaryn’s still hoping to get MC to keep her in the house, or she’s just throwing GM under the bus cause she bitter about leaving. Who knows. She also told him Judd will be hard to get out. I can’t tell if it’s strategy or bitterness.

        1. Aaryn and Elissa are now having a ‘heart to heart’ again it’s hard to tell if Aaryn is being genuine or just trying to stay in the game. I think it would score her some points if she was being real, but based on everything else she’s said about Elissa it’s hard to believe she suddenly developed the respect for her she just told her she had…especially considering the conversation she just had with MC. I honestly think she’s still working votes…who knows she may actually succeed.

  47. I’m not sure about other states but because they are playing the Dallas Cowboys game tomorrow night, big brother is playing on KTXA 21.

  48. So brainiac GM asks Aaryn,”Do Mexicans cut your lawn?” And the lil hood-wearer responds, “No. Gorillas do.”


  49. On BBAD the asian bashing started again with aryan and stinkmanda. Amanda calls them chong face. And aryan says the worst thing shes said in the house is go make me some fried rice. And right before the feeds cut aryan statred doing her asian manicure impression. These two dumb whores are the worst. Just when aryan is starting to “kinda” be likeable she starts her $hit again. If she knows shes leaving ud think she would watch what she says seeing that julie is asian. Oh and another funny thing she said was that when the shows done and she “establishes her career” she wants to get married. Haha what carrer does she think shes gonna start.

  50. I can’t believe how disgusting and vile Mcranda is. Not only is she a racist, she’s a dirty, sleezy whore. Where does BB find these people?

  51. I am cracking up right now reading the conversation in the HOH where they are discussing the gross sheets on Amanda and McBloody’s bed! I full on lol’ed at:
    JUDD says if you are going to do that kind of stuff at least clean your sheets.
    GM – To be honest they haven’t washed their sheets in a while

    I wonder how many of McCranda’s friends and families are watching BBAD and the live feeds. I wonder if they are all collectively cringing at the same time. On a side note, I am glad those guys went up to hang out with Elissa in the HOH room. I’m glad she gets some friendly company tonight for a change. I fear for tomorrow… if Amanda or McGrody win HOH it will unlease Amanda at her worst. Elissa and Judd will def be nominated and GM will be the replacement nom. It will be the worst thing that could possibly happen.

    1. If McRae or Amanda wins HOH you know Amanda will torture Elissa again and I fear Elissa would self evict which I’d hate to see, she needs to stay and finish the game

  52. Little liar Andy the Rat is so full of shitsky…he said in his DR session that his loyalty is finished now with the Mcnasties and he is targeting them next week. Well, I’d bet the farm his little scared ass would not put either one up he he were to get HoH. The longer they wait to put both of them up the more the numbers to evict them drops. McCrae has the boys fooled thinking he would let Amanda go as by his comments to her tonight shows he knows he can win over her in Final 2…the jury members would vote 9-0 for Mac over Amanda.

  53. “GM – I’m surprised her and Jessie don’t eat each others boxes out
    Aaryn – maybe they have”

    OMG, my mind is going to the gutter…. Aaryn,Jessie and Candice 3-some…. Damn you CBS for not having live feeds on the jury house.

  54. I really dont care for aaryn. She is a racist and so on, but wouldnt it be more beneficial for them to keep her she has the most blood on her hands regarding the jury. Meaning come final 2 time they would pick who ever the other finalist is.they would mostlikely pick them over her…and why is spencer such an idiot that lil rat nominated to put you up while aaryn who also put him up did it purely as pawns…why would he vote to keep andy.. Andy is nothing more than mccrandas pet.

    1. Depends on if the jurors vote by personal choice or game play.
      Game play wise, Aaryn could beat all of them just by the number of competitions she’s won. Her downfall will probably be she didn’t make her own moves.
      Also you would have to take into consideration whether you view Amanda’s play as actual game play or just bullying and the weak players she was in the house with. Same with Andy. Would the jurors consider his floating and being in alliances with almost all the hgs and running back and telling all to McCranda as good game play or just sneaky and backstabbing.
      If the jurors view Amanda and Andys tactics as pure game play then she may not win against them and probably shouldn’t. In the end, those 2 did have the house well and truly played until Elissa got her HOH.
      On a personal level, she could possibly only beat Amanda and GM.

      1. Ps. Take into consideration also, the game isn’t over yet and so far Elissa has not let McCranda or Andy tell her how to run her HOH and shes the first one to make them come unglued, if she continues in the game and the way shes playing, she has a good chance of winning juror votes for game play as well and well deserved. I’d give it to her just for her one week of HOH. She really rocked the boat.

  55. Should Andy return to the professor’s position, I would expect his students to be merciless! It is, afterall, public speaking and Andy has been VERY public. I would be inclined to prepare my speaking projects along the lines of “So what if I allow despicable things to happen in society, as long as it benefits MY game?”

  56. its funny how amanda’s DNA source of a mom defends her like crazy-the woman doesnt even know she’s spawned a sociopath that would stab even her in the eye if she could get something out of it.

  57. When I see the things these people talk about on the after dark cameras I cringe. If any of these idiots were my children (I have 6), I would storm the house, drag them out by their hair, shove them in a cold shower, then take them directly to a rehab center for analysis. Isnt anyone there smart enough to remove the sheets from the beds and not sleep on them? Dont they have a washing machine and dryer there? Or a sweeper. Those bedrooms look like something from a hoarder show. Good Lord. It is like a train wreck, you dont want to see it but you have to watch. ok i am done.

    1. Spot on, Susie! As a mom I totally agree! It turns my stomach to imagine what those rooms and those beds must smell like!!

  58. Mc Nasty appears not to have much in the bank when it comes to self worth. He really is like a sitting roach, while his preying mantis goes around talking disgusting smak about him. If she were my chick and she was talking about me the way she talks about him, I would drop her in a heart beat. And as far as love, when you love someone you don’t speak about your love life or the size of your man’s package (which observe, she never uses the term “making love’, it is always referred to as “having sex”). Nothing is sacred in their relationship. So, I’m not real sure where this relationship is heading, but I do know if McNasty doesn’t get his head out of his butt, he is going to live a life of nothing but embarrassment and self regret for staying with this vile, disgusting sub human. Who in their right mind would want to introduce this piece of work to the world as your wife and for sure who would want this filthy creature as the Mother of your children? She is unclean, does nothing but eat, bully, lay around, stroll around the house like a tramp, and make an complete and utter fool of herself. It saddens me to say they deserve each other, cuz I feel for this guy as disgusting and nasty as he is, to be stuck with this piece of crap woman. UGH!

    1. Why feel for him. Hes done nothing to deserve anyone’s respect or pity. They deserve each other. When finally they got shown they were not in control of anyone and got put on the block, he gets pissy over it and starts insulting Elissa. Then when he and Elissa get into an argument, he runs to DR to cry. Yep , what a man. lol They in DR must have been laughing at him too cause they wouldn’t let him in. HIs ego is as big as Amanda’s and Andys. ” How dare she put me up”, ” how dare she not listen to us”. ” I hate her so much “, ” I want her gone now”. Please mummy, make Elissa go away. I cant control her. He’s just lame.

  59. Simon or Dawg – Which website is good to watch the live show tonight? pre-season football is be shown here in the Columbus, Ohio market instead of CBS programming. Thank you!

  60. I can’t stand that racist Aaryn. She is such a lying deceitful bitch……I can’t wait for when this game is over and she goes home and has to deal with the reality of her racist remarks…….karmas a bitch you racist bitch…….

  61. They are going to need a Hazmat crew to clean this house after the last show, can this cast be any more discusting.Just burn down the set now! I have seen college dorm rooms that are cleaner than this.

  62. If McCranda doesn’t win HOH everyone will put them up. Except maybe Andy will chicken out. The beauty of it is they have no clue the actually think everyone is gunning for Elissa. Love it!

    On a different note…The bulky behavior and comments these house guests make…even long after others have been evicted and aren’t there to defend themselves I agree is heinous and flat out wrong. However I think we can all express our distaste without getting down on their level. It makes you look just as trashy… Root for your favorite player and debate peoples game play and don’t fall into this horrible disgusting behavior these house guests have fallen into. I’m sure that was not Simons or Dawgs intention for this blog.

  63. I can’t wait til A-man..du (cause she looks like a dude)
    Gets voted out and Julie says “oh so you hate Asians”?!

  64. I have been a big brother fan since season one and I am appalled the way people talk about other people on here who are playing a game. If you don’t like what they say or how they act then don’t watch the show. But you guys bashing them so horribly is no different than what you say all of the houseguests are doing. As far as Amanda I truly believe if she was a man acting the way she is you guys would all love her and think how amazing of a game player she is. She has controlled the game since week 1 and even been on the block and is still here so give credit where credit is due she has played an amazing game. As far as Elissa goes she has not played the game all she has done is feel entitled because of who her sister is and how much money she has so she does not deserve to still be in this game. So how about a lot less hate talk and a lot more respect for the people who are actually playing a good game

    1. So you come on here to chastise people for what they say on the boards but then you expect us to listen to you while you run Elissa down? You should have just made your comments about Amanda and left it there. You would have sounded credible but you just had to bash on Elissa. Do you smell the hypocrisy?
      Yep, you are ridiculous.

    2. so let me get this straight-they can talk trash cause its a show but we cant talk trash cause we’re watching a show? do i about have it right?

  65. Everyone wants to sign petitions for this and that – I can’t help but wonder why no one seems concerned about how this years cast is a true testament of our society becoming a chemical induced/addicted one. They sit around and wait for DR to announce it is time for their many…many different magical pills or alcohol like starved dogs waiting on a bone. Can we blame their behavior on them or are they just an example as to what we are turning our youth into with all of these “meds”? I remember when “Meds” were penicillin or something you did NOT want to take but had to….. We called the mind altering “Have to have” pills these people are taking DRUGS and the Doctors pushing them like skittles on Halloween night “Pushers”. Where is the petition for this drug infestation or is this acceptable because some “Doctor” (I use that word loosely) gave our “condition” a fancy name and a nice little pill to cure it?

    1. Have you yourself started a petition about it? If not then you obvious aren’t that concerned either. If so, kudos to you. Send the link.
      People have commented about the drugs the hg’s are using.

  66. I was not bashing Elissa on a personal level I’m sorry if you thought that I was simply saying I don’t think she’s a good game player. I personally don’t care for much of the cast with what they say or how they act. . In fact I will not let my tween daughter watch any of this season because of the content is so bad on every cast members part. However, I am still a fan so I will not give up watching it and hope next season will be better. I may not respect the way Amanda is playing the game but in my opinion she is playing the best game compared to everyone else other than Aaryn and trust me I do not agree with anything Aaryn has said and done but like Amanda she has played a good game.

    1. “all she has done is feel entitled because of who her sister is and how much money she has so she does not deserve to still be in this game”
      That comment is your personal perspective of her. Got nothing to do with the game. Sorry you lose.

  67. I enjoy this site.

    I enjoy reading the comments.

    I will continue reading the updates but I will no longer read the comments.

    People commenting can be as vile and disgusting at they accuse the HGs of being and reading the going ons in the house by Simon and Dawg are enough for me.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg for a great job .

    1. I just skip over them. You can usually get a feel for the type of comment from the first sentence.

      I don’t even thumbs down it.

  68. Dear Buddistgirl69
    Obviously you know what is in someones mind and heart like Elissa huh cause she does yoga and is a mom and is rich and okay then love her vote for her or go stalk her We don’t care, but lie she has mean she was and all Amanda said about kids was she didnt ever talk about her step children like they don’t count or something not anything bad about kids. You are as bad as she is full of herself and cold yaga doesnot make you purer of heart honey just fit thats it.

    1. and can you imagine if she had talked about her step children? Fair game for the others.

      You shouldn’t bring young ones into the game because of all the backlash. As we’ve seen this season, what you DO say and what you DON’T say can be used against you

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