Aaryn to GM “you have to play super dumb act like you don’t know what is going on”

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andt
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


4:30pm Bedroom McCrae and Amanda
Amanda – He had a final 2 with Andy as well (Spencer)
Amanda – i didn’t have a final 2 with anyone but you
MC – we need them to think I will bring them over you

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


4:38pm Backyard Elissa and Spencer
Elissa – “I love how Amanda is like.. I’m the only showmance this season.. I’m like really did you forget about Jeremy and Kaitlin.. they were a way better showmance..”
Spencer – “I feel Amanda and McCrae are really in love whereas everyone else is a joke. “
Elissa – “I mean like if you are really in love how can you let someone when they are on TV” show their boobs and thong to everyone in America
Spencer says marilyn is so conservative she would never let one of her boobs slip out all over the internets.
Elissa – “he thinks it’s cute or hot or something “
Spencer – “it has to do with i’m being 24 or something. He just doesn’t know any better.. “
Elissa – I can’t believe she goes into the DR like that LIKE oh my gosh
Spencer – it’s not classy
Elissa – “I cannot imagine interviewing someone and they are in their underwear.. I think her and aaryn would have been perfect fits for the bad girls club or the real world”
Spencer says aaryn was a finalist to be on the real world
Elissa cannot wait until amanda is put in her place.
Spencer – “It’s not going to be long”
Elissa – “I’m so sick of her thinking she runs the show”
Spencer – “Me two .. she thinks she’s smarter than everyone here.. she’s waiting around for us to give her the half million dollar check”
Elissa thinks production likes Amanda because she makes good TV. Elissa doesn’t think it’s that Good TV she thinks people hate Amanda.
Spencer says Amanda’s family is embarrassed by some of her behaviour
Elissa says Rachel only did 3% of what Rachel did, “She only had a showmance and people thought it was the worst thing in the world”
Elissa – “We’re so boring because they ( Amanda/McCrae) have no one to fight with”
Elissa says the house would be much more fun with Jessie, Candice and Helen then who is in the house. Elissa seems to think that Jessie, Candice and Helen have more interesting conversations.

Elissa – ‘you have to win”
S – “ I’m going to bust my a$$ to win.. you know me I fight hard to win competitions”

Elissa hopes it’s a questionnaires and Amanda and McCrae drop off right away
E – “Do you trust Andy”
Spencer likes Andy but isn’t sure where his head is at.
Spencer – “There’s a part of me that really trusts Andy.. but eventually he’s going to have to play for himself.. You and me are safe.. ”
Elissa is worried If Andy wins the HOH,.


4:49pm cam GM and Aaryn

GM says McCrae has no more fire in his a$$ he’s throwing too many competitions.
Aaryn says people throw competitions because they don’t want blood on their hands
Aaryn “I have no respect for anyone here except of Amanda, JUDD, you and Andy”
GM – Why Amanda
Aaryn explains that Amanda has played a strong game.
GM – so i’m supposed to go with the house now and vote against you
Aaryn – ya
GM – oh my god.
Aaryn says last week they tried to get GM nominated beside Aaryn because they told her it’s the only way she stays in the game. Aaryn didn’t want to do that she went up and told Elissa the exact opposite

Gm – I can’t believe I pulled my f*** back out.. i’m so old.. (GM hurt her back earlier in the day while wrestling JUDD)
Gm moans in pain..
Aaryn – Ask for the medic
GM leaves to go to the Diary room to get some Advil

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5:21pm GM and Aaryn
GM – i’m sorry I let you down
Aaryn – don’t be it’s not your fault.. we had a good run we made it far
GM – this is only a stepping stone for you
Aaryn – Thanks
GM says she wants to start a modelling school or a dance school

GM says Amanda and McCrae are being slick now they tell her now they just don’t have the votes to keep Aayrn.

Aaryn – “my last strategy was make myself a really big target..” Aaryn adds it didn’t work.
GM – I would try to be friends with Amanda but I can’t trust her.. I would rather be friends with Elissa

Aaryn says their original strategy was Aaryn, GM, Amanda McCrae and Andy final 5 with Aaryn, GM and Andy had a final 3.

Aaryn – “They feel that I’m a larger target up beside Andy.. “
Aaryn – “you have to play super dumb act like you don’t know what is going on.. don’t show your cards. “

Aaryn – “Even if you become really good friends with ELissa do not show her your cards because everything comes back to bite you”
Aaryn – “You and Andy can work together.. If I were you I would go to the end with Spencer , Andy and Elissa.. You’re best bet is to team up with Elissa and JUDD”

Aaryn – “you have to get amanada and McCrea out really quickly or they will dominate.. it’s going to be really hard to win against Amanda, McCrae and JUDD” Aaryn points out that Amanda and McCrae have run this game since the beginning there is no way they will not win the money in the end.

Aaryn – “if you win HOH you need to put up Amanda and MCcrae if the Veto is used put up Andy”
GM – “I’m thinking the same thing.. i’m worried about this double eviction thing coming up”

Aaryn – “don’t worry about it.. just worry about getting rid of Amanda, McCrae and JUDD.. take ELissa and Specner to the final 3”

Aaryn – “This entire house is going to be in Jury if it’s you and Elissa you have the votes.. everyone f*** hates Spencer no one will vote for him”
GM isn’t sure that she will win against Elissa in the final 2.

Aaryn – everything you tell Amanda she will tell someone.

5:47pm indoor lockdown..



6:10pm Jenga Jenga je je je Jenga


6:20pm bedroom JUDD and Aaryn

Aaryn tell hims she knows she’s going home and doesn’t want there to be any hard feelings.
She wants them to be friends outside the house.
Aaryn – I don’t want you to feel bad
JUDD tells her that Amanda and McCrae are voting to keep Andy
Aaryn – I know.. I’m not campaigning anymore.. I am accepting it i’;m happy I made it this far.. I’m happy .. obviously it sucks.. I’m glad that I know that going into it knowing..

Feeds cut

Aaryn – tells him he came in at the perfect time… there are so many target JUDD is at the bottom of the list.

JUDD – “Amanda and McCrae are the only targets.. and me”
Aaryn shakes her head says Andy is the target to, “He voted Helen out and everyone knows he’s… “ Feeds cut

Aaryn – “It’s going to be funny.. A lot f people said that what I’ve been saying this week has been lies,.. It’s all going to be uncovered and what I’ve been telling people is true”

JUDD asks her if Spencer and McCrae are together. Aaryn says no not at all.
Aaryn – “he told me he didn’t trust McCrae.. he might have been lying I don’t know”
Aaryn tells him that Amanda, McCrae, Andy and her were in an alliance she took JUDD’s spot. She doesn’t think Amanda and McCrae feel safe right now.

JUDD tells her he was trying to work with Aaryn and Spencer before he left. He was talking to them both separately. Aaryn – “I made a mistake”

JUDD – I waited too long to make a move thought
Aaryn – you are in a really good spot
JUDD – I hope so

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296 thoughts on “Aaryn to GM “you have to play super dumb act like you don’t know what is going on”

  1. I don’t care about the rest of the drama for right now. I always love seeing Zingbot!!!! Did I blink and miss Spencer’s? Apparently BB doesn’t care enough about him to show his….
    1. Mccrae- I finally understand why you’re always wearing shorts, because Amanda wears the pants. Zing! Zing!
    2. Gina Marie- Nick says since meeting you he’s been swept away into a classic cinematic love story- Fatal Attraction. Zing!
    3. I think there’s a ghost in the Big Brother House. It has a high pitched wail, it’s pasty white and it loves to float. Oh wait, that’s just Andy. Zing!
    4. Aaryn- Some might say you were acting mean and nasty in the beginning of this game but I disagree; that wasn’t acting. Zing!
    5. Amanda- Don’t worry, you can visit McCrae in Minnesota; just mail yourself using your giant tramp stamp. Zing!
    6. Elissa- I hear you like to impersonate me, but I think you’re much better at being a cheap impersonation of your sister. Zing!

    PS- @Dawg Can you delete the orignal post of this from the last thread on Page 3? Sorry to post twice!

    1. those are pretty good. i’m gonna re-post my earlier zings….

      What does Demanda and a Hot Rod have in common? They both leave skid marks all over the place….ZING

      What does Demanda’s crotch and an onion have in common? Both smell the same and will make you cry….ZING

      What does BB15 and a Godzilla movie have in common? Both have a monster (in BB15?s case, Demanda) stomping around everywhere terrorizing the little people…ZING

      What does BB15 and Bo Peep’s farm property have in common? There are sheep everywhere…ZING

      What does Demanda have in common with a mouse trap? Both have little rats scurrying up to them…ZING

      1. Lurker, 50,000 comedians out there and you try to be funny? Don’t quit your day job, which, seeing all your posts on this blog you probably don’t have one.

        Thumbs down if you think Lurker is a loser who hates BB unless her relative Elissa is getting good air time.

        1. first of all, while i dont hate elissa, i prefer her over the bulk of the rest of the people in the house except judd
          secondly, apparently you are too damn dumb to notice lurker007 and lurker001 being 2 diff people
          thirdly, i only reposted zings due to i thought those were all by feral. i dont watch the show so didnt know, especially since i only skimmed his post originally
          fourth, not trying to be funny, only going with the zing theme
          lastly, not a girl. want proof? suck my dick asshole

          1. You’re the asshole with all the negative Amanda ‘zings’. I guess everybody has forgotten about Aaryn and GM being racists or Spencer being a pathetic perverted loser. All that is on these blogs any more is anti-Amanda crap. Just because she’s played a great social game and is going to win it this season. Elissa is a complete joke with no social graces or smarts and walks around saying how better she is than everyone. I think that it is funny that you and Elissa’s other relatives co-opt these message boards by glorifying her and constantly ridiculing the only HG who calls Elissa out on her shit. So go pound sand Lurker. I know you go with 007 but that is disrespectful to Ian Fleming and James Bond. So long as you put up your lame PREDICTABLE posts your opinion is worth about as much as Elissa’s fake makeover. Asshole.

            1. Its his opinion if he doesnt like demanda, like the majority of bb watchers (mvp). He can hate on her just as you can hate on him. And dont try judging someone from the screen of your computer, you dont know him and you probably never will.

              1. Ha M! You forgot to end your statement with Ass Hole,:) Great job keeping me updated, by the by, Simon and Dawg. You aholes. Lurker, I think your jokes are funny. Keep em coming, you ahole.

            2. first of all (the sequel), check your reading comprehension dumbass. i said if i had to pick a HG, it’d be judd.
              next, since you are so fascinated with my name, i’ll tell you why i picked it. i just came to the site one day a month into the season. maybe a week later began posting after lurking (get it? or your reading comprehension failing again?). maybe a day or 2 later another guy named lurker made a trolling post. i posted then apparently multiple people using the name ‘lurker’ so i added the first number i thought of. lurker001 said the same thing and picked a diff number. that it, so fuck off about the bond insults.
              third, there aren’t other zings because it gets annoying to come up with them. i dont give a crap enough about any of the HG to put any thought into making them really.
              fourth, the bulk of the few zings were demanda based because its crazy easy to zing her.
              lastly, you can suck my dick too. all i tried to do was go with the zing theme and i get a pair of idiots that decide to attack me. fuck off.

            3. WOW LURKER!! Either you are just like Amanda not to see everything she has done, bullying everyone , especially Elissa!!! Elissa has class and won’t lower herself to some tramp like Amanda!
              All AManda does Is lay in bed with Mccrae and tell everyone what to do… Don’t like Aaryn either much , she slightly redeemed herself… she is a good player, won 4 HOH and 1 veto… her mistake was listen to Mccranda!!!! She should have done what she wanted and maybe she will still be here… Amanda has a mouth that needs to be washed with bleach or acid… that won’t help her either! The way she kept yelling at Elissa the other day, BB should have FIRED HER ASS OUT OF THE BB HOUSE!!
              Elissa is at least the only Normal one in there… just because you don’t like her sister….YOU HAVE ISSUES!!!

              1. hell yea i have an issue. its called dickheads like you attacking me because i didnt zing the other people in the house. you wanna talk about bullying, read through this block of posts. i got bullied for nothing.

                but i dont back down to bullies, that why i’m talking like this. so you can fuck off too.

                and for you people that wonder why i dont like demanda, its because i’m usually the guy standing up to bullies. but i cant do that with demanda, hence the feelings for her.

                and for you people that are bitter i didnt zing the others..
                – aaryn, since you’re packing now, dont forget your sheet
                – spencer, why dont you call marilyn by her pet name, lefty, short for left hand
                – i’d have a zing for judd, but i can’t ever understand the guy
                – gm….zing burn out sorry. i barely had the energy to come up with the first batch because again, i dont really care that much to put forth the energy to think of more. if that not enough for you people bitter i didn’t throw out more zingers for people other than demanda, i dont give a shit. fuck off and leave me the fuck alone

                1. so apparently i may have over reacted a little. i skimmed down to the comment about, ‘you have issues’ and all the caps and thought it was directed at me. and after 3 diff posters came at me, little hypersensitive to that kinda thing. so in case i read whatever wrong, apologies

          2. Youre not a girl?! REALLY??!! hmmm. I dunno. Are you SURE about that?? I’m skeptical b/c you whine like a lil bitch a lot.

        2. Lurker Sucks,

          I’m not sure which lurker your trying to insult but if it’s me then:

          I’ll wrap my dick around your neck and start you up like a f*cking lawnmower.

          You know, Harley Davidson patented the sound of their motorcycles? The sound has a patent!” Then I said, “I wonder who owns the queef. Because I f**cked your wife last night, and I think I owe some royalties.

          There you go. We are even now I think.

          1. Lurker, I’m pretty sure the poster meant 007 since it was a reply to his post not yours. If you had any intelligence you would have realized that because the poster didn’t use your moniker of 001, either. That being said, you should not get so personal with your attacks. This is just a game, dude. And all the haters (including you) complain about Elissa’s husband and kids being talked about and then YOU go off on a childish rant about the poster’s wife? I think that anybody who would use the name ‘lurker’ is a retard. And that 001 and 007 are either the same moron or you are retarded twins. So keep it clean, okay? And maybe do a little less trash talking about the HGs if you are going to sink to the same level. Now you can tag team to your other name and reply. But don’t bother. Asswipe.

            1. you want clean? here you go. fuck you too.

              jeez, apparently these fucking demanda fans have figured out they can’t defend the bitch, so they decide to personally attack the people that don’t like her. here’s a tip, there are alot of them.

              here’s another tip, you can fuck off too.

            2. Don’t get confused on your place in the big picture. I’m not saying I’m anything special, but guess what, f*ckface, you’re not either — we’re all humans. Just because you’re pretty? You’re pretty now, but you’re only like, what, 24? But talk to me when you’re 44, and you’re desperate and drunk, sitting behind the nickel slot machine

        3. Well – all this bashing of each other isn’t very interesting, BUT I do appreciate that it’s not all censored. I had been checking this site & another one that had live updates, but when I posted a comment saying there were way too many adoring Elissa cult fans to have a reasonable conversation I was reprimanded for not talking nice to the posters & the post was deleted. Pretty lame. So back to this site only – it’s the BEST!!

      2. Ewwww. Is that a picture in the updates of Aaryn kissing Judd? He is so gross looking (as is McCrae, Soencer, and Andy). How low can you sink, Aaryn? It’s just going to hurt your image as it did Jesse… whoring yourself out for a vote that will not be there. Think about your reputation. Have faith in Amanda. She will bring McCrae around and tomorrow night you will be staying. Just stay true to 2 AM and take out fake Elissa next week, then Judd, then Spencer, and finally GM. You and Amanda should make the final 2 because a) you two are the only ones who have played the game this season (the rest were floaters) and b) you two have pissed off the evicted HGs/jury members so much that none will want to vote for either of you. Judd’s a retard and a shady f&ck, so don’t try to align with him. You are way better than that.

    2. *feral* OMG! Spenser was left out…FUNNY!!
      STFU! LOL
      Zingbot & Baby z were Zzamazing!
      Seriously did not expect to see and hear
      stuff that has been shown on BBAD and
      commented on about …… crazy Amanda’s behavior!
      WTF? Amanda dressed for tonight’s show
      looking like a HOOKER …. from the VEGAS STRIP!
      WTF? OUT- OF- CONTROL!! :-)

    3. @Dawg Do you happen to know what the two missing Zing’s were? They didn’t show Judd’s or Spencer’s on the show tonight.

    1. Well…shocker..CBS gave Amanda gets decent/ good edit despite all the actual horrible/personal things she did……they sort of made her like Evil Dick….but I saw the feeds…..Amanda…you’re the trash!!!!

      1. Whichever name this is, that is a flat out misrepresentation. They had all the houseguests blasting Amanda in the diary room over what she said. She got a horrible edit, and for you to say it wasn’t is dishonest.

        1. Uh, I wouldn’t call it a horrible edit. It was pretty good considering they left off Amanda attacking her step children, her husband, putting her stuff in the toilet, putting a panty liner with tabasco sauce and a condom on her dresser, telling Elissa she should’ve been a blowjob, etc. I’d say she came off decent compared to reality.

          1. *ihatebb15* OMG! THEY DID A CLEAN-UP JOB!!
            JUMP- IN AND YELL & SCREAM


            1. After that rant EVERYONE wanted off that bitch’s crazy train. Mccrea knows he’s a dead man walking with that skank albatross attached to him. Unless Amanda or Mcreepy win HOH those two are now the targets for everyone including their main rat, Andy.

        2. Brian, they didn’t make Amanda look bad at all. They didn’t show Amanda saying horrible things about Elissa’s family.

          Also they didn’t show Amanda saying several times how much she wanted to kill Elissa .

          I guess you just watch the CBS show and nothing else.

          1. Don’t be all high and mighty with your comment about just watching the CBS show. Point is, she was blasted in the DR by the houseguests and they showed her acting the fool and being called a fool. You know dang well since it is on CBS at 8 P.M that they can’t have vulgar language and such. Also their is a time limit for the show. They made Amanda look bad, so noone can say she got a good edit. So, get off the horse and admit she didn’t get the good edit.

            1. I agree with you Brian. CBS showed her in a bad way for those who only watch the show. It was enough. My 8 year old walked away kid cussing Amanda. Although he wasn’t happy with Elissa either.

          2. Yeah, like Elissa is a saint. That flake does nothing but talk smack about everybody. This week her focus is on Amanda, but she hasn’t been a pleasant person at all this season. That’s why she has no friends in the house and every one will turn on her if the right HOH wins tomorrow. You can bet if Amanda/McCrae win tomorrow Elissa will have 15 new aholes ripped into her before her eviction next Thursday.

          3. “They didn’t show Amanda saying horrible things about Elissa’s family.”

            Mainly because they don’t want to drag people’s families into it on national TV and get their asses sued.

            1. So Aaryn is giving Judd a passionate kiss. Aaryn has mentioned earlier in the game that she would use her sexuality to advance her game. She told Judd that she has stopped campaigning but she has said that several times before and she kept campaigning. I just wonder if Aaryn will sleep with Judd tonight for his vote. It just might work, as long as Andy doesn’t interrupt them. If I was Andy I would be nervous with Aaryn alone with Judd. Time for Andy to walk in and start chatting with Judd and Aaryn. Not only is Andy a eavesdropper and reporter. Andy is also a certified c&&k blocker! Oh Andy, couldn’t you just once let Judd have a happy ending:)


          4. BB did air the brass knuckles comment. So who will be Amandas next victim and get her nasty wrath? My guess Gina or Judd depends on who wins HoH.

        3. Evel Dick was TRASHED by the other HGs in the DR….yet America LOVED him! Pretty much goes to show what the HG thinks is nonsigninficant. Based on how Amaanda was shown today….it didn’t look TOO bad…..she made personal attacks including Elissa’s fam in the mix which also caused some previous HGs and those who liked Amanda for her gameplay to admit she went TOO FAR! The Tv show did not really portray Amanda the way she ACTUALLY WAS….except for the Veto Ceremony…which BB cant really edit….cause no matter how hard BB tryst to edit it Amanda is a jerk no matter what

          1. Cmon people, get real. CBS is a network tv show in prime time. They have to edit out the really bad stuff. They cant show EVERYTHING bad she did. SIMON, Youll never get an honest feedback about an Amanda edit from this crowd of brenchels, but rest assured, AMANDA IS THE NUMERO UNO VILLIAN.

          2. Lets be real here–Evel Dick was a bully for sure but wasn’t afraid to go at anyone or everyone in the house even all at once and just say Bring It. CBS promoted him super hard from the getgo by CBS–the a’hole even had his own rocker theme whenever he went into Evel Dick mode. TrashManda is not in the same universe as ED.

        4. McCrae is going to stick to Amanda NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS TO OTHERS.
          That’s because if they are in the final 2, he will get money from Amanda if she wins, plus he’ll get money for second place. He’s not dumb. But I hope they get voted out yesterday.
          Elissa for the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

      2. I think she got a good edit because of the petition online that’s going around to have her kicked off the show and the producer AG fired. CBS has been getting too many complaints this season, I think this is why Amanda changed her behavior, because she’s been much better on the feeds as well. An online petition I guess is working.

          1. Regaurdless of the ratings, production should have done damage control way earlier in the game. If Britney Haynes was being called out by production for making pg rated jokes about Rachel in BB12 and told to “stop that” every time she did, then they definitely could have checked these nasty houseguests. I’m really starting to think this is exactly what CBS wants

    2. Amanda was portrayed as a bitch. Elissa and GM got a really good edit. Everyone else was negligible at best. The really interesting thing is that Andy said in the DR he was leaving Team McManda after this week.

      1. I don’t think Amanda was portrayed too bad. If you don’t watch the feeds/read the blogs, you might think she was just using the ranting as total gameplay. They did show what a slob she is. She was always shown eating, laying in bed and sitting in the bathroom looking kind of like a giant ape. I was shocked to hear Andy say (in one of his DR sessions) that he was with McCranda no more – that was a shocker.

      2. On tap of decent edits, everyone in the house, less McCrae, expressed they thought Amanda was a bitch, acting stupid. GM tore into her ass, but it wasn’t related. After HOH, I think it’ll be no holds bar for a very little bit. Amanda won’t be able to take what she dishes. GM will go after her with a vengeance. She’ll scurry away like a rat.

      3. The way I see it Elissa was portrayed as a elitist bitch whose every move got thwarted (yea!) and GM was portrayed as a loud mouth floater while Amanda was shown as being a smart game player who has every one figured out and calls them on it. It also showed Elissa getting a taste of her own medicine at the hands of Elissa. Basically Elissa had egg dripping off her Botox plastic face tonight and Amanda had the last laugh. Loved the show.

        1. Elissa got a taste of her own medicine at the hands of Amanda. I hope Amanda and the rest of the house open a can of whoop ass on joker face and ride her constantly until her eviction next week. That would be justice for the pretentious stuck-up phony.

          1. Well, I tell you what, Amanda certainly looked like shit on the show tonite. Twenty eight years old?There’s been a lot of hard partying in that fool’s life!

      4. I believed Andy when he said he was leaving macranda after this week to play his game. He has not said anything to them about his alliance with Gina, Spencer and Judd and it has been a few days so I think he is just waking up and smelling the coffee especially since he got a test of the dreaded chopping block. He said he was hoping that they would keep him so he can go against them next week. Late bloomer.

    3. Wooihoooooo Andy is done with McNasty couple.
      I’m so glad CBS showed Amanda’s true colors. She is just plain nasty.

      If the nasty couple don’t win hoh next, one of them is history.

      1. Wishful thinking. Joker face will be evicted barring some rigged power that CBS gives her. Tonight’s show make her look like the stuck-up flake she is. She made her own bed by being so condescending to everyone. And think again Amanda haters if you think she’s going anywhere. Her and Aaryn will be a power alliance after Andy goes tomorrow night. Amanda and Aaryn final two.

        1. well one thing is for curtain ; you can always tell an Amandabitch lover . HOW .. They are as rude and discusting as the DIRTY ROBED BITCH is .. and shows their true stupidity .. .. LOL

    4. They rightfully showed Amanda in all her glory. Elissa and her had a lil spat at the veto ceremony, that was obviously a build up to what happened later that day.

    5. Simon, edits showed Elissa telling Judd and Aaryn that the plan was to backdoor Amanda so they needed to win veto so Aaryn could come down. Amanda suspected as much and when confronting Elissa, Elissa just laughed in her face. (The kitchen seen and bedroom scene were shown where Elissa laughed at her). Also the Elissa scene where Amanda kept walking past GM and Elissa and they’d stop talking, and Amanda confronting them about it. Zingbot and his zings were shown, then veto comp. Then Amanda walking around in bathrobe hectoring Elissa. Finally the veto ceremony and comments made by Amanda and Elissa that were disparaging to each other. The show did not cover any of the scheme to get GM up next to Aaryn.

      1. It didn’t look so much like Elissa was laughing at Amanda – as Elissa was laughing because she was nervous. Once she got started laughing, so couldn’t stop.

        1. I agree. The edit also made it seem as though Elissa never got the idea to try and backdoor Amanda until she got accused of trying to do it by Amanda. Like it was an after thought or Amanda had actually given her the idea. I believe Elissa commented in the DR that she didn’t mean to come across as Bi-polar because was then going to switch her target from being Aaryn to being Amanda.

    6. Amanda knows Aaryn is history and 3AA is over so she says we still have 2AA. Then Andy smiling at the end says “I need Amanda and &mcG loyalty this week and instead I will NOT be giving them my loyalty from this point on! Amanda and MCG got me this far but I’m not playing for 3rd place so it’s time to get rid of them” ZING

      Amanda telling Elissa to “seat down trash” ha
      CBS just made you look like a trash, disgusting, idiot person. Take that.

    7. They showed about 4 minutes of Amanda going after Elissa. It started out in the kitchen where Elissa made the comment how she threw the PoV comp. They showed about a minute of Amanda circling her in the kitchen and getting really close to her, but it didn’t seem very threatening because you only saw that one edited minute. Amanda would swoop between the kitchen and the bedroom then back again, all the while making jabs. She was making the comments about how Elissa would be all alone next week and Elissa wasted her HoH. She made the joke “what does Zingbot and Elissa have in common? They’re both made of plastic! Zing!” Elissa kept washing dishes and laughing. It then shifted ahead to Amanda in her New Year’s Granny outfit (which they never explained, which I find hilarious). Amanda was in the kitchen and Elissa was already in hiding in the HoH Room. Amanda was shown screaming for about 3 minutes in just mindless taunts. She was just screaming that she was all alone, she was full of botox and more of the like. The rant was intercut with DR sessions of the HGs saying that Amanda is crazy and an idiot. Elissa was in her room laughing and asking if this was for real. Elissa also said she wasn’t going to tolerate Amanda’s bullying.

      Soooo, they definitely showed the psychotic taunting, but it wasn’t portrayed as bullying. Amanda isn’t going anywhere anytime soon unless the power shifts tomorrow!

      1. they did not show amanda in her granny get up and all the torment. they also didn’t show the plan to get GM put up and why Amanda was so angry that she couldn’t control Elissa. They also didn’t show all of andy’s crying and attempt at manipulation and how mcrandas manipulation didn’t work on Elissa. I sure hope they show it at the beginning tomorrow night.

    8. Amanda could’ve looked a lot worse but I thought she looked pretty bad. Called Elissa trash after nominating Andy. Judd and GM were not kind to Amanda in DR. Elissa came of as knowing what’s going on. She didn’t have the 3AM name but she knew the four were working together and said either way one was going.

        1. No, she said to Elissa “sit down, trash.” Which Elissa then did with her pouty duck lips frowning and eyes super side open and her disgusting breathing through her nose. I loved it. Go all the way Amanda baby. And send that gold digging stuck-up flake out the door next week if it isn’t too much trouble.

    9. Demanda’s edit tonight should put to rest the rumors of it being rigged for her. Of course, production’s true pet – Elissa – wasn’t shown making fun of Demanda’s miscarriage, begging for a special power to keep her safe, or threatening to quit the show for the millionth time.

    10. They showed the whole nanny granny or whatever she was. The other houseguest seemed unamused even McCrae. Amanda actually did good in the comp. One part that I thought was really funny was when Amanda kept walking past Elissa and GM and they would get quiet. So Amanda goes to say something and Elissa burst out laughing spitting her drink out. I thought that was funny.

      1. they did not show the part when she had the grey hair and went crazy on Sunday…she was in the same robe which is why some of you might think that was the granny part

        1. Amanda got into the granny costume around 3:25 then started pulling pranks like the panty liner and leaving Elissa’s love letter behind the toilet. Shortly after this, she went upstairs and knocked on Elissa’s HoH door telling her to come down. They showed this part on the show. The HG’s were then told they needed to take more pictures in the photobooth. After the photos, Amanda went into the kitchen and started yelling up to Elissa and blowing her kazoo. So yes, they did show Elissa while dressed in her granny outfit, it just wasn’t immediately after she put the powder in her hair because they weren’t going to show a tabasco stained feminine product on tv.

    11. I watched with someone who doesn’t want to know any spoilers. She thought Andy looked like a douche when he basically said he hates the bullying tactics but hey it helps me so…..cut to him consoling Elissa saying he’s a friend if Elissa needs someone. They didn’t show his hysterics, so that was good edit for him. Maybe they’ll show nore tomorrow. I thought Aaryn got the best edit. She came across as mostly anti Amanda in her DR.

    12. I wouldn’t say Amanda got a golden edit tonight, there’s never much they CAN use with her since it’s mostly so foul. They didn’t include her trashing E’s husband but did show her calling her plastic and mocking her for botox, etc. They also showed her saying “Sit down, Trash” after E’s veto nomination of Andy. An interesting tidbit was a DR session with Andy saying he’s “done with McCranda”. True or coached to create controversy? They showed the convo between Amanda and Elissa when she laughed at her tears, which didn’t look genuine to me. They showed the growing friendship between GM and Elissa and Amanda trying to call GM out on usually trashing Elissa. The real editing challenge will be tomorrow’s show I think.

    13. Simon/Dawg–They showed when Amanda went up to HOH room and cried to Elissa and Elissa laughed in her face. They showed Andy going up to the HoH to tell Elissa he felt bad for her for the way Amanda was acting. They showed a lot of Amanda shuffling around downstairs ranting and one time when she went up and pounded on The HOH door. I think also they showed MC telling her it was not good for them that she was harassing Elissa.. Elissa ws portrayed as hanling the ranting pretty calmly. It showed her sitting outdoors with the others when Amanda balled the Veto meeting dressed like a hooker. It also showed Slissa telling Amanda that they threw the comp to her and after that when she cried to MV about it. Hope that helps- Thanks for everything!

  2. They showed a portion of the Amanda/Elissa antics I only liked three of the zings: Aryn’s, Amanda’s, and Elissa’s

    1. ok … it seems everyone realizes that Andy has always been with mc and am ………. wouldn’t it be great if at the last minutes they all get together and vote out andy. at least aa won’t throw tomorrows comps.

  3. Hey did you watch the episode of big brother tonight? spencer is so worthless that he only had 1 minute of tv time HAHAHAAA

    1. BuffaloBill you are amazing! Aaryan just said my Jewish Queen has played a great game. There’s one vote. Jessie and Candice have her votes. I’m in the money. Yessssssssssssssss!

      1. *buffbill* STFU ! WITH THE JEWISH QUEEN ….. BULLSHIT!!
        If you don’t KNOW the definition
        of the word “GULLIBLE” ¿
        PLEASE¡ LOOK IT UP¡¡
        ABOUT YOUR

      2. BuffaloBill CBS has to give some bad edits for Amanda so the people come back and drink the Kool-Aide. Amanda isn’t going anywhere. Please people understand she has already won this game.

      3. OMG!!!!! You answer to yourself. Amanda is not going to win. PERIOD!!!!!! How dumb and stupid are you?

      4. OMG!!!!! You answer to yourself. Amanda is not going to win. PERIOD!!!!!! How dumb and stupid are you? She is not going to win.

      5. OMG, are you answer to yourself. Jewish Queen has to go next week you dumba$$. Elissa ain’t going anywhere.

    2. I can’t speak for Amanda but I certainly won’t be going ANYWHERE except deeper into the valley of death!!!!!

    3. OMG!!!! Buffalo Bill, your an idiot. Jewish Queen has to go next week. CBS make sure Elissa ain’t going anywhere. I would love to see McCranda going to the jury house. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I can’t believe I am saying this but I hope Gina Marie, yes Gina Marie wins Hoh and puts up Amanda and Mccrae

    1. Me too! I want GM to win HOH but I am worried about the fact she pulled her back. It could take a few days to heal. Also, I have a feeling a mental challenge is next which is worrisome. GM and Elissa are space cases and suck at anything requiring quick thinking. My fear is that in a mental challenge, McYeasty and Andy will be strongest.

      1. If she was more of a lady then she wouldn’t have messed up her back dragging Judd from the hot tub to pool.

        I wanted her to win HOH too. She seems to be the only one that MAY put up McRanda. Judd has a thing with the boys right now and I don’t think he would put them both up

    2. The demon child Aaryn gave GM the right advice…..if she wins HOH….put up McPuss and Onion and backdoor the RAT………and to align with Judd and Elissa…
      Now let just hope that GM comprehended everything that Aaryn just told her…….my money is that she didn’t….and all she heard was: nick nick nick nick nick
      nick nick candice nick nick nick candice nick nick nick….I HOPE Aaryn tells her again again…until it sinks into GM cavewoman skull….

  5. FINALLY!!!! Aaron finally is making sense!! This is the best game talk I have heard all season! Why people didn’t catch on sooner will always puzzle me! I’m excited for Aaryn to lay everything out on the table! I am glad she still is loyal enough to GM to tell her the whole truth and try and help her win, if anything she’s trying to make up for being a bad friend.

  6. mcNASTY or a-MAN-da win hoh im going to do a march on washington. Serilusly gm or judd have to win hoh tonught.

  7. Amanda is pretty dumb and stupid that McCrae will be walking out of the door and has no one but herself.

  8. I’m watching BB on CBS and cannot believe Elissa is acting like a stoooopid retard. Her HOH turned to liquid shit and she has to know she’s going home next week bc she has NO friends in the house. Yet she acts like an arrogant doucherag and just laughs at everything? Hmmm. I wonder if CBS is rigging it and giving her a special power that she knows about but not us… like it’s been all season so far.). Her face is so hideous. She really does look like a joker! It’s super scary!! I wish she would take those Botox duck lips and just stay in her HOH room until Thursday. Oh, I loved how Amanda was in her face. Hope that continues until the plastic phony’s ouster. Good line Amanda when you directed the trash to sit down, and she did. This is going to be a fun week watching the good digging snob sweating it out on the hot seat knowing she’s going home. About the eff time!

    1. OMG, Elissa is not afraid of Amanda. She stood up for herself and Amanda has no morals. Amanda will be acting like a fool.

    2. Wow! You must be so tough to insult Elissa behind that keyboard of yours! You making fun of looks????? I bet you’re not a looker either….and your inner insecurities make you bash her! Well at least Elissa is somewhat a decent human being while you’re UGLY in AND out!

      1. It’s funny how Elissa fans will go off on this same preachy rant any time Elissa is criticized or made fun of and then turn around and make the same old jokes about Demanda’s onion vag, Aaryn being compared to Hitler, etc.

    3. After seeing what A man da… Had on, it’s safe to say she has no clue
      What trashy or trash is or she would have worn something else!!! I’m
      Sorry, but the TRASH is Amanda.

    4. Elissa is beautiful, its okay that you are jealous of her just like Amanda is. Amanda acts like a little kid Elissa is way above that, shes a woman and she wont stoop to a level where Amanda . Amanda is Trash.

    5. Liquid shit??!! BAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!! LOVE IT!! I guess the liquid shit goes hand in hand with poopy leaving tomorrow!! lol lol

    6. both elissa and Amanda are so preoccupied with each other and the exterimenors are going to get them both watch and see the winner is going to be one you least exspect

    7. Elissa the joker face stop slandering Elissa! Her lips are not botoxed, they are sillicone injected! You need to get it right!

    8. Nooooooo, Elissa was laughing because she knew how bat-sh*t crazy Amanda was acting and she laughed in the face of her insanity. What show were you watching???

  9. Why was Elissa mad? Rachel was a tramp herself, so it’s only right that a fellow tramp use that lame quote.

    Now if a respectable women use that line, then get mad….

      1. Bullying the hot and very sad social issue. Your comment – merited or not, is also bullying. But why on earth would you want to lower yourself to Amanda’s level? Wouldn’t you rather she live a long life full of the consequences from the way she acted on this show? Too bad CBS doesn’t have much of a social conscious. What a missed opportunity to send a great message. Instead the message is the same: ratings and greed.

        1. I can’t stand her, but suicide? I don’t wish that on anyone. Plus, it’s simply the simply way out for the one that commits it. Those they leave behind have a lifetime of regret. No one deserves that. A life of torment on the other hand sounds tasty to my nasty side.

  10. I hope Amanda commits suicide when she gets out of the house after she sees how hated she is & reads all of the ugly comments about herself. She is promoting bullying big time on primetime tv & CBS really should not condone this. That would be the only way to bring awareness to bullying & maybe erase all of her influence she has had on any kids who have see her this season & will in turn save many many people in the future. Yes bullying does cause people to commit suicide & sometimes many years after the actual bullying took place.

    1. Whoa, Whoa, that was a lil harsh, you shouldn’t wish harm on that man. He’s just playing the game to get his partner to the 500k.

    2. “I hope Amanda commits suicide”

      Wow, you’re no better than she is, apparently. Chill out and realize it’s just a game.

      1. I think what these people mean is Amanda needs to be committed not commit suicide… That is just a very disturbing thing to say . Maybe I need to ce committed with Amanda…..help is on the way people………

    3. You need to get a grip!! Wishing anyone to take their life is a travesty! There are those of us that may not care for her on the show but that does not justify your comment whatsoever!!

    4. I don’t care for Ameanda, Arryn, McNasty, Spencer or Andy but I would never never wish anyone to commit suicide. That’s terrible, Just think if she did do that how many lives she would affect. I wish she would leave the show and get some serious help (she’s needs it) to fight ugly with ugly is ugly. It’s bad enough to see them act foolish and mean on TV but let us not go that far and wish someone to commit suicide on this blog or any blog. Let’s discuss it and have fun on this blog but let’s not wish any harm to anyone. Thanks

    5. I dont condone it but I can understand being angry at bullies. Bullies push some ppl to committ suicide so I can see how someone who has been bullied feel this way. Not saying you have been but I’m guessing you’ve been bullied.

    6. \commits suicide?? go f*ck yourself. See, this is th damn problem with all these cat people that cant distinguish between a strategy on a freakin tv show AND REAL LIFE!!! WOW…you are worse than Amanda will ever be with stupid shit. go. away. ftlog

    7. You are the Trash….wishing that someone commits suicide is sick. This is a just a TV show, you need to get a life. There’s something seriously wrong with you, that you would wish someone kills themselves. You are just as much as a bully, judging by your many comments. And by the way, the vast majority of people don’t watch BB, and never heard of any of the HGs, and don’t care.

  11. Who does Amanda think she is calling Elissa (trash sit down) when she only takes atleast 1 shower a week???????

    1. One shower a week at best. You’re really giving that scab too much credit. Put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. Why did she try to get all dressed up for the veto meeting when all she does is roll around in a f*****g bathrobe all day long. Disgusting I bet that’s what gave her the yeast infection! That or Mcpussys cheese d***

      1. Does anyone else think the “yeast infection” could really be chlamydia?. If so, dirty boy be nasty dirty.
        BTW Demanda may get yeast infections all the time – but that is not the normal. Me thinks she doth pass the biscuits round and under the table too much.

      1. I think that was for the viewers of the show to draw their own conclusions. They now got to see what amanda is like. The name calling, the threatening Elissa that she will bother Elissa until she leaves the house. The got to see McCrae, who is just an extension of amanda, not at all offended by the Zingbot’s zing. And the shower scene. It would be obvious they were sleeping together, cuz who gets naked in the shower with someone they are not sleeping with. (you know what i mean).

        I think that was a pretty accurate edit of the real amanda and how it is to live in that house with her, considering they can only show so much on TV.

  12. For all of you saying big brother is so rigged and that they make Amanda look great on tv were very wrong tonight they showed her true colors. Did I mention that I worked for CBS for 4 years and the real pre determined winner is spencer. That is why he was only a pawn everytime he was on the block. His jury speech will be how he was used as a pawn the most ever in big brother history. I have more Details to come Finale night.

    1. I worked for CBS for 5 years. The real pre-determined winner is GM. Her final pitch will be: I didn’t take any BS offa any yous rats and flipfloppas,

      1. GM is going to have to do some apologizing at the end of this, and I think she actually might have the ability to reflect with the help of another and mean it. Nevertheless, I would love to see her win based on who’s left. I can’t stand to see someone really cry in this game. I like Elissa but she cried for real. Maybe GM has, but if you’re gonna get booted or think you’re gonna get booted get a pair. GM definitely has a pair.

        1. Amanda cries like a little bitch too, so don’t tell me she’s has a pair. She’s a poster child for a bully. Tough when she thinks she’s in control but runs, hides, cries, and calls foul when she has no power. She better win out to have a chance. If she does and goes up against Andy then she might win. Andy is just disgusting.

          1. there is a reason 9 of 14 winners were guys look at the drama from the girls vs the guys like that every year they use there emotion instead of their brain the guys will take out Amanda and elissa only girl left is gm and shes like a guy knock your teeth out

      2. You’re both wrong, the true per-determined winner is Clownie he’s been lying low waiting for the right time to strike.

        1. Clownie has zero jury votes so far. Helen thinks he’s disrespectful. Jessie says he’s a floater. Candy calls him a loser diva and calls his suicides FAKE!

      1. After reading the headlines from a few “tattler newspapers”, spencer might just need that money for a defense attorney
        if his disgusting and despicable idea of “humor” had any truth in it.

  13. At least aaryn has her head on straight as she is walking out the door. I wish they would give Andy the axe instead though… Oh well

  14. Well the fact that Andy wants aMANduh and Mcyeastpants out is a good thing but will he pull the trigger is the real question

  15. GOOD PLAN AARYN! Where was this when you were HoH the first, 2nd, 3rd and 4th time? Lol Oh well….perfect scenario to keep Elissa safe.

    1. She got a better edit than I expected. It seemed worse on the live feeds. I really thought they would show more of Elissa’s upset reactions, but the fact that she was just laughing and taking it pretty much in stride, made it seem less impactful. I still think what she did was disgusting behavior unbecoming of a grown woman with any self respect, but the edit was not what I expected. It really makes me wonder if they want Amanda to be a female Evel Dick

      1. I think that they showed a summary of this week since Elissa became HOH. Gave the audience the general feel of what has been happening.

        Amanda was feeling powerless this week. They showed amanda as she usually is and worse. Check. Elissa has stood up to amanda since her HOH began. And they showed Elissa laughing and seemly un-bothered by anything amanda did. Check.

        They also showed Andy as he is:
        Amanda: “I’m gonna torture her, then after that you go and console her”
        Andy: “I’ll be like, these were my allies. I can’t believe I was aligned with such terrible people…” Then he smiles
        “Andy’s DR: so amanda is torturing Elissa. While I despise this behaviour there is a possitive side for my game. I can go to Elissa and let her know how horrible I think amanda’s behaviour is…blah blah”
        The feeling in the house is Andy can’t be trusted. The feeling on these boards is Andy can’t be trusted, he’s a rat, and he uses the same tactics as the bully amanda, doesn’t stand up for injustice. They proved that with those 2 pieces of info straight from the horse’s mouth. I bet Andy never thought that BB would put that together. In the DR he was trying to show us that he despised what amanda did, but he still has his head in the game and will use that to his advantage. As though he was just being an opportunist instead of an instigator. Check

        CBS showed a summary of the house. It didn’t have time to go into all the little details as they might confuse the main message.

  16. Picture a classic Larry Flint xXx flic reduced to a Disney flic
    “G” as the Queen Bee grudgematch is to be on the dancehall
    card for tomorrow evening. Andy even with the edit is a
    WORM! Elissa did not play into the bully’s strategy but they
    had SUCH a brutal edit on Amanda i thought Mr. Hays got
    resurrected from his grave, and we were about to go under
    his code. we did not see Amanda’s skank side and GM got
    a favorable edit, she looked typical “new yorker'” and in your
    face, but what else is new? the only time Amanda acts like
    DONNA REED did is in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY when she
    was a good girl gone wrong opposite DEBBIE KERR’s army wife.
    Amanda could play Robert E. Lee Pruitt’s love interest in the ole
    flic made from a classic ww2 James Jones novella about the
    horrors of war or even runnin’ around on a beach like a gooney
    bird! can we say CBS sanitized Amanda as Zingbot drops clues?
    the aired episode was almost” golly gee whiz” thru its total all!!!!

    1. the “beastie” on the live feeds is not the hint
      of the same inside tonite’s show. everything
      gamey got herring~gutted. amanda’s edit is
      not able to cover up the fact Elissa was not
      stupid. amanda at best is obnoxious anyway.
      they really did a brutal edit just to get 10 minutes.
      its not a ten to one ratio, its more like a 100 to 1
      or 1000 to 1 edit. we know amanda went into
      pitbull outside the door and not partry girl at all.

    1. Dawg is a mythological creature ,who may or may not exist. sometimes when people’s postings disappear they say Dawg stole my post. Probably just a superstition.

  17. Kudos to CBS for making Amanda look like the bitch she is…I hope none of them take her to f2…she doesn’t deserve to win 2nd place…the nerve of her calling Elissa trash…really Amanda you and your boy toy is TRASH…McCrae makes me sick he could have stepped up and calmed her down the hell down…they both are disgusting and I hope who ever wins HOH this week puts their sorry asses up!

  18. It looks like Andy is bailing on Amanda and mccrea and that tomorrows hoh will be endurance due to the clue that the end of show announcer said. He never said we will find out who hoh will be tomorrow (could be wrong). . . Andy and Judd didn’t like Amanda’s tactics with Elissa….Elissa is a fake bitch. Not a good edit for Amanda. Mcranda are in trouble with everyone basically.

    1. Confused why Andy didn’t “like” how Amanda taunted Elissa so badly…….tonight’s episode clearly showed Amanda saying directly to Andy’s face,”..Okay, I’m gonna torture her ( E)…and then YOU go up to her room to console her, then you can tell her that you can’t believe you alligned yourself with me ( Amanda).” Andy did go up to E’ s room and uttered those words as dictated, but in DR Andy acted like he was SHOCKED by Amanda’s actions……wtf????

  19. I am loving that Aaryn is using her time wisely and giving GM very good advice on how to get further in the game. Everything she is telling GM is absolutely accurate. I just wish GM was more of a critical thinker who could remember everything Aryan is telling her. Aryan is certainly one of the more unlikeable and offensive people on the show (not nearly as bad as Amanda) and can make very poor decisions, but she does know how to think strategically and logically. When the DR warned her that America was angry about her racist comments, she put her head down, laid low, and put on her “good witch” persona. After Amanda was reprimanded this week, she made salad and cookies for everyone and pretended to be nice to Elissa in the pool. But it didn’t last long. As recently as last night, she commented how she wanted to slap Elissa and harpoon her in the face.

    I’m happy to see Aryan leave the house this week but I am also glad that she has the wits to instill a better game play in GM so that GM can get rid of Amanda and McYeasty after Aryan leaves. I’m glad that she is encouraging Gm to team up with Elissa which is the logical choice even though Aryan can’t stand Elissa. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. That is the right tactic to make and I hope that GM follows through.

  20. Simon, here’s some of what they showed on the edit tonight: Amanda looked so gross and disgusting walking around in her robe blowing the kazoo and yelling saying demeaning things to Elissa. She was dancing around saying you dont have Helen, Candice, or Jessie, you dont have anybody. Amanda looked a mess dancing n walking around saying those things. They showed when she said …. What does Elissa and Zingbot have in common- They’re both made out of plastic. During the veto Amanda told Elissa, you should know, Nobody comes between me and my man. At the end of the veto meeting after Elissa said that she nominates Andy as the replacement, Amanda said to Elissa…..Sit down trash. That was so unnecessary. I think the edit showed Amanda as the true, disgusting, vile, person she is. Also, I wanted to add that before the veto comp, they showed Elissa and Aaryn making plans to back door Amanda. It was refreshing to see Elissa and Aaryn getting along and making plans to save Aaryn and send Amanda home. Too bad Amanda won the veto. I still hope they save Aaryn and Andy goes home.

  21. Elissa – “I cannot imagine interviewing someone and they are in their underwear.. I think her and aaryn would have been perfect fits for the bad girls club or the real world”

    spot on elissa we all agree …

  22. FYI, it wasn’t the edit that made aMANda look like a c676nt, it was aMANda being a cunt that made her look like a c44nt.

  23. When Amanda said people were hyperventilating, I thought they made a whole new competition where they had to partially hold their breaths.

    I swear I was thinking of the weirdest competition type when she said that.

    Them fools were just smokers and or out of shape, even Amanda barely won.

  24. Why are the houseguest such slobs? I have never seen the house so dirty. All of the clothes Laying around on the floor, beds not made and always eating full meals in bed… Totally gross. BB may have to burn this house down and build a new one after this season.

    1. I agree. That place is filthy. I know it must smell terrible. I wish that they would make them clean up. It has been driving me crazy for weeks.

    1. sign away! Get all the SIGS you want! Aint going to help one bit! The only way that chick is leaving the house is if she gets evicted best believe that.

  25. I love the advice Aaryn gave to Gina Marie, to take Elissa and Spencer to final three. I think GM can win over Spencer, as Aaryn says, no one likes Spencer. But I don’t think GM can win over Elissa. So I’m happy because I want Elissa to win.

  26. CBS be advised, IF you are controlling this and manipulate it so Amanda wins this, you will lose badly. This will be the biggest farce of the year. Let the cards fall as they may and let the players play this game clean. If Amanda is threatening someone with bodily harm…get her the hell out of there, she is a ticking time bomb. For a major corporation, you sure are stupid.

  27. Wow, Spencer apparently can’t stop saying horrible things about 9/11, and McCrae’s joined in. Spencer saying they should have a pizza party on 9/11 was almost as bad as Ian’s 9/11 joke from last year. These people really have nothing else to talk about?

    1. Sally it is for the same reason when someone is on their death bed they have such a clarity about life and beyond. They get to see things in hind-sight which is usually 20/20 and also the future/after-life that they have to face moving forward. Have you noticed that when they are on the block but feeling safe (like Spencer) they don’t get the same clarity? Only when they can see themselves sitting next to Julie Chen do they get this smart.

  28. I almost feel bad for Aaryn. I think she is just immature and shot her mouth off, and will have to live with the consequences of her words for the rest of her life. But on the bright side I’m sure the Klan will offer her a full scholarship to the University of Texas.

    1. Hey man, I went to that school! I am highly offended that you wrote that crap! Do you not know your cities?!?!? UT is in Austin, probably one of the most progressive city in this country. Please don’t go lumping groups of people together, that makes your comments any better than theirs! Texas, Austin, and The University of Texas are all beautiful places with great, non racist, people. There are racists in every city at every school in this country, it’s just a sad fact that there is a sampling of small minded people everywhere. Please don’t make ignorant comments.

  29. Moving forward McRanda has to run the table on HOH competitions. If they don’t win this week, either GM, Spencer, Andy, or Judd will put both of them up. If one of them wins this week they will target Elissa. If Elissa is evicted, GM, Spencer, Andy, and Judd will still be bent on getting rid of them. Their crass game of intimidation and manipulation will be their undoing. The end is near for McRanda

    1. I do not think so. The Rat will never leave or vote out Scuzmanda or McNastyPuss. He is tried and true to that alliance. JUDD is to stupid to go against the dumbass duo. I am afraid that it will business as usual after Duck Lips HOH is over.

  30. OMG, are you answer to yourself. Jewish Queen has to go next week you dumba$$. Elissa ain’t going anywhere.

  31. Andy said he’s over with McCranda, but not just yet, he will push for Elissa’s eviction next week. I wish he would get evicted over Aaryn this week, but unless there’s a twist, it isn’t going to happen. I hope Elissa wins the game.

  32. Simon when Amanda used veto on McCrae she said to Elissa “noone gets between me and my man”. Original right? Elissa’s response was something like Rachel will not be impressed that someone like you used her line. She is correct. Rachel has tweeted she is not impressed. I couldn’t believe she called Elissa trash during the veto ceremony but I really shouldn’t be surprised. They did not show Amanda saying Elissa’s husband is 78 and trash talking her kids but they showed some of her crazy. She is a sore loser and a sore winner. Between her comment tonight and crying behind the trash can I think she is a Rachel wannabe and is very attention seeking. I can’t believe some people found this funny. Birds of a feather…..

    1. I hope CBS edited it out the things Amanda said about Elissa’s family so that it wouldn’t hurt/embarrass them … and not to make Amanda not look as disgusting (even though she looked pretty bad)………………

  33. Some may not agree, but I think it was hysterical, when Elissa laughed in Amanda’s face. The best was at the kitchen counter, when Elissa spit her soda out. Also, does anyone think it is a coincidence that they showed Amanda and McCrae taking their monthly shower? Would it happen to be because everyone was commenting able how dirty they were?

    1. Production heard other HGs commenting on how much they stink and probably told them that they’re offending other people.

      Hopefully they also told them to wast their cloths and replace the sheets when they trade beds so other HGs don’t have to sleep on nasty sheets like Judd did on the bed they purposely left period stains on. It reminded me of when Brenchel left cum stained sheets that Jeff and Jordan found, fucking gross.

  34. Why is Aaryan kissing Judd? She said she accepts she is going home but I think she is still trying to get votes to stay. Judd looks like he is enjoying it.

  35. Judd and Aaryn’s romance is too late since Aaryn is leaving. I don’t know how they are going to act around Jessie in the Jury House.

  36. Cap you’re better than that. Stop the anger. You know my Jewish Queen isn’t going anywhere. I know it makes you angry, but brother I can smell the riches that will be coming my way in the next couple of weeks. I really feel bad you didn’t make that bet for Amanda winning. But he who hesitates always loses.

  37. Who gives a shit about a petition???? Get over yourselves people. . it isn’t happening. Stop posting that bullshit….”awwwww I can’t handle a game and bullying and shit talking…. wah wah wah……you want a Bah bah, ya baby.” Its like the f**ks who post the same bullshit here about Amanda and mcCrea and Elissa and Andy and everyone…… here is some advice. Get some scruples and please grow up for fuck sake….a f***ing game…..my god we must have here people with 13 year old mentalities posting. Yay!!!! Thuuuuuummmbbbbsssss doooowwwwwwn ya fools. . . Oh yeah, Im waiting for the b*tch who says “well if you don’t like it don’t post then”………to that stupid motherf*cker: you are missing my point and you made my point!!!!!

    1. you are an asshole and people are sick of reading your crap about how low they are and how you have such high standards. Get the fuck over your self, moron. If you want to preach go get ordained and go preach your bullshit to the fucking Brenchal Army morons. I am so sick of the moral minority that runs this country. Go fuck yourself!!!!!

      1. And you are a bitch and a moron. I hate brenchel army. I hate the petition bitches who whore themselves out to be higher and holier than thou……sooooooo eat shit and choke. You made the point I was implying. You must be 13 or like minded. Stupid piece of shit you are. Enjoy sadness in life. And petition signers need to grow up……to quote Allen iverson……I’m talkin’ about practice…… not a game….cmon man! Practice? Not a game…..I’m talkin’ about…..practice……………….so. please. Shut your fucking mouth up forever.

        1. Name u seriously need help! U have nothing better to do than harass people on this site? U r scum and obviously have no life! U r so weak u sit behind a computer so u can say things to make urself feel tough…..wooo hooo we r proud of u! Grow some balls and act like an adult! Jackasses like u need a good ass kickin! U r so fucking anoying!!

      2. nope I would say that name is spot on! Your moniker shouldn’t be but judd is an idiot it should be but I’m an idiot… why don’t you go f*ck yourself. and while you’re at it shove that petition straight up your a**hole*

    2. “my god we must have here people with 13 year old mentalities posting”

      Congratulations on exposing yourself as being one of them. *Slow Clap*

      1. Most of the people who watch Big Brother and come to sites like this are between the ages of 12 and 25. If you think someone is acting like a 13 yr old, chances are that they ARE a 13 yr old. Kids take their cell phones to school and use them to get online. Just saying.

    3. oh you’re awesome! Thank you so much for preaching the truth! Now if only you had a real moniker other than name you’d be like the best poster here! Keep it up!

  38. I think that if trash like amanda wins this it was set up and if i was in the house and some piece of shit tried to bully me like this trashy girl amanda i would whoop her ass and go home and if she does win it i will never watch it again

  39. Aaryn is actually giving GM some good advice. It’s funny how Aaryn does her best strategizing when she is about to be evicted. Seems like she’s playing Helen’s too-little-too-late game.

  40. Same advice Aaryn is giving Gina she should have given herself to get further she decided to follow trailer trash Mcpussies.

  41. Unless Gina Marie or Judd win HOH tomorrow, Elissa will not win BB. Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer (AAMS) will put her on the block and they’ll have the votes to get her out. I’m worried because GM hurt her back today while dragging Judd to the pool and the HOH is tomorrow.

  42. If Andy wins HOH and puts McCranda on the block and one of them actually gets evicted, the jurors will see this as a great thing and if he is in final 2 they’ll probably vote for him to win it all. So I hope he is not the one that puts them on the block.

  43. I don’t think Elissa has ever watched her big Big Brother Sister at all on Big Brother.
    I don’t think she ever heard Rachael’s Vegas stories, that made Rachael sound like a prostitute.
    I think she must have completely missed the love juice stains on the HoH sheets.
    The hand job on the hammock
    Rachael and Brendon having sex on the hammock
    Brendon’s Dick Pics
    Rachaels numerous boob or nip slips.
    I don’t think Amanda is half the skank Rachel was on BB

    I have always had the feeling from Elissa’s comments over the season, that on some level she must really hate Rachael.
    If for no other reason than all of Elissa’s comments about character that she would never associate with, are things that Rachael did.

  44. Hey cat people 7million peeps watch Big Brother 15 every episodes you think 10 thousand online signatures are going to do something?

    1. please do not set off the legions of legendary prowling felines… especially if it takes Elissa a while to join the JURY!!!

      This site is tarting to settle down, and were i to hand out CBS’s half million by whim i’d bend the rules and hand it all

      to one of the EVICTED house guests, because staying power in the game can come at the expense of one’s ethics.

      please make things easier here by telling them CBS gives a rat’s a$$ about something other than high ratings or money.

      please tell them that hard work and online persistence may get Amanda slapped on the wrist for her antics and actions!

  45. Despite the fact that Amanda and McCrae were taking a shower together (which made me want to gouge my eyes out) I was glad to see that at least they were showering.

  46. I was going to get the live feeds, but reading Simon/Dawg’s posts and seeing how the feeds cutting at the most important times really turned me off. I can see where production cuts the feeds when the HG start talking about DR sessions or behing the scenes production. But after reading the posts, I see that the feeds cut off frequently, even when nothing privy to BB production is being talked about. This is very frustrating.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg for saving me the money, I’m not going to get the live feeds. I’m a BB fan, but I’m not going to waste my money for the live feeds just to have them cut and on, I already pay for my verizon wireless and they cut on and off a lot. Verizon is the worst wireless service, very spotty!!!!

  47. Question for Simon and/or Dawg:

    What is the deal with the feeds “cutting out?” Why does CBS do that? I don’t pay for the live feeds myself but if I did I’d be pissed if they kept cutting out in the middle of HG’s conversations.

    That’s like purchasing a pay-per-view boxing event and having the feed cut out repeatedly during the fight.

  48. I really don’t get why Andy isn’t being evicted. If Judd and GM are saying they would vote to keep Aaryn (assuming they are both being honest) then the only vote they need is Spencer.

    How hard could it be to get that slug to turn around and vote to keep Aaryn?

  49. mc pussy is stuck with A Man (duh) for the show but when he leaves the house he’s gonna pedal away from that psycho bitch as fast as he can. you can see it on his face-he’s disgusted by her now. she can go home and cry and have mommy change her diaper. real good parenting lady-what a disgusting bitch you created.

  50. Andy says he’s done with McCranda.
    Yeah sure as long a they don’t win HOH this week, then his ass will float back to the rats nest between demanda’s dirty legs.

  51. While I agree Amanda is disgusting, I can’t believe her family is receiving threats. It’s amazing the amount of crazy people out there. Some people take big brother wayyyy too seriously.

    1. Ummmh yeeeaaah ya think?! I honest to god don’t really want to see a manda win bb15… why? Not because of the way th cat people think, but because I am really truly afraid that someone is going to murder her or really hurt someone in her family. and I tend to joke a lot on this board but I’m really starting to be serious about this.

    1. for the record, the default “name” for anyone that dont fill in a name when they post is “name”

      so when you see “name” posting, it just means whoever didn’t fill in a name. and what is happening is a bunch of different people are doing it. want more proof, post a reply and dont fill in the name. you’ll then post as “name” too.

  52. Although they did show some of Amanda’s behavior on tonight’s show, it was very mild compared to what really happened. If Amanda’s behavior on the feeds was at a 10, then what they showed on television tonight was a 3. They showed the least objectionable behavior and comments that came out of her mouth so that the public will see it more as just a few minutes of taunting and not the aggressive intimidation that actually occurred. Amanda did not get a GOOD edit, but she received a very mild one. So disappointed and rather disgusted by CBS for downplaying it so much.

  53. for the record, the default “name” for anyone that dont fill in a name when they post is “name”

    so when you see “name” posting, it just means whoever didn’t fill in a name. and what is happening is a bunch of different people are doing it. want more proof, post a reply and dont fill in the name. you’ll then post as “name” too.

  54. Wow, Andy is a weasel. Amanda and McCrea are his biggest allies and have been with him the whole time. Now he is going to jump ship. If you don’t want to be called a floater don’t act like one. They are keeping you safe and tried to keep you off the block and this is how you repay them. Aaryn you are a weasel also they have been loyal to you and your going to act like that. If I hear GM say I don’t talk about people behind their back I am going to scream. Why does everyone blame Amanda for everything? She has never been HOH. People can use their own brains. No one forced them to put up the people they put up. Ultimatley it was there decision. Elissa who are you to talk about Amanda not winning anything you have only won one more thing then her.

  55. So if Andy is going to separate himself from the McNasty’s and go after them, how will he do that?

    You know that if he just wins HOH and puts them up, amanda will threaten that there will be 2 less votes for him in jury. And she will rage. That would scare the crap out of Andy.

    He’s set up with Spencer, Judd and McCrae. He will more than likely throw the HOH comp. So if GM wins, he will … what? Does she trust him? I guess if GM wins, if she puts up the McNasty’s then he deal with that. Elissa still thinks Andy’s a rat though, so she will be distrustful. But if he is not HOH does that matter? Actually, I guess he’s got all his bases covered. But what if anyone but the McNasty’s win HOH how will he “go after” them and what if amanda catches him?

  56. Why is it that Amanda is suppose to be so disgusting, yet Aaryn is willing to do whatever it takes including sleeping with someone, and that is OK not disgusting?

  57. As much as people hate Amanda and/or Aaryn I think they are the most deserving of the 500$ out of the bunch. Elissa is clueless and she just started playing the game now. She didn’t even exist prior to Helen leaving. Andy, Judd, Spencer, GM and Mccrea, they had no impact to the game as much as Amanda and Aaryn did. Call her what you will but, whether she wins or lose, BB15 is and will forever be remembered for the storm that is Amanda.

    1. I to think Amanda/Aaryn played a solid game a lot of people hate them but based soley on game they were strong competitors/players and therefore deserving of the win.

      With that said I do think their early game was stronger than their late game.

      ***There’s other players that also played a good game this season so cats don’t get too excited ***

      You and I will get a lot of thumbs down… :(

      1. I agree, right now Amanda has no loyalty and will most likely be gone soon or right after Aaryn. Though one thing I did not like about these 2 were the personal attacks to others mostly Amanda’s. It was entertaining to watch but at times really made me hope they’re not anything like that outside in the real world. I honestly think Aaryn isn’t a racist at all, that still doesn’t excuse what she said, but that’s just me.

        1. I like watching the fights and the smack talk.. To me it beats watching jenga

          ***i’m not down with the slurs though
          ***I also change who I like couple times a week.. one day I may like Amanda one day I may like Elissa and some days I like Specner, Andy, JUDD, Aaryn, GM.. really depends on what is going on the feeds.

  58. It was hillarious when Ellisa spit her drink all over when assface Amanda tried to confront her and GM…. Priceless…..
    Hey Amanda the only place u can sell houses in “HELL. Scanky whore

  59. Ok, so your willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the game? You let Judd kiss you, but you”re not trying to seduce Spencer and say/do what you have
    too to get his vote? I know it’s Spencer and all but all you have to do is make a promise or two and you got his vote. From here on out probably.

  60. Also, if you don’t want to do any dirty work, maybe your not so classy cronie Gina Marie can do it for you. Improvise Aaryn!! Class is class, but 500k is 500k.
    Class doesn’t buy you a house and a new car!

  61. I wonder if Elissa’s comment about not wanting to appear “bipolar” was really a vague dig at Amanda’s crazy behavior?

  62. I have to wonder how different this season would be if Jeremy hadn’t given that second HoH to Aaryn? Would the Moving Company have lasted longer, would any of the now evicted house guest still be there?

    I think that was the turning point for this game this summer.

  63. I have been so amused reading a lot of these comments. Especially the flame war with the lurkers. I don’t believe any one of the “predetermined” winner oracles and the person who wished sluttyyeasttrampstamp would commit suicide really needs to get a mirror and take a good hard look at themselves. Getting back to an earlier thread on SYTS (hmm that looks like an STD), for someone unable to keep a bun in the oven she sure is good at brewing yeast in her slop pot. Would that rate a zing?

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