Spencer tells McCrae he’s good. McCrae says I have to trust this, I will go down with this ship.

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Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda
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12:20am Judd jokes to Andy that he is going to go claim his bed in the havenot room. He starts running to the back of the house and Andy chases him to try to claim a bed first. Judd claims the first air plane seat. In the havenot room – Andy says this and the cockpit were scheme central. Andy and Judd go into the rainbow room. Andy finds the election hat on his bed and wonders why it’s there. He picks it up and finds a voodoo doll under it. It’s a play dough stick man of Andy with it’s eyes crossed out and a pin through its heart and a pen!s. Judd says I would take that to the diary room, that’s a threat. Andy laughs and says this is a threat. They head to the kitchen. Spencer and Judd wonder who did it. They figure it was McCrae. Andy says it’s really funny, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.


12:40am Judd talks to McCrae in the bedroom. Judd tells McCrae make sure Ginamarie don’t win and then we’re good. McCrae agrees. We will all need to bust a$$ to try and win and I am going to try and get off the block. Judd says yeah it’s bad I don’t want to go up but I know ya’ll don’t want to be up there either. Andy joins them. Judd says he was just reiterating how important it is for us to all bust a$$ and make sure GM doesn’t win tomorrow. McCrae says I am going to bust a$$ and go a hard as I possibly can. Judd says yeah I am going to bed I want to be so f**king prepared and I want to stretch in the morning. Judd goes to bed. In the kitchen – Andy shows McCrae the play dough voodoo doll and sayd his thinks it was Judd. McCrae tells Andy I don’t feel so safe until I win it. Andy says he feels fine with the guy thing for now. Andy says Spencer and I talked a ton to day about how he forgives me and sh*t.

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12:45am – 2:20am Up in the HOH room – Andy, Spencer and McCrae talk. Spencer reassures McCrae that he is sorry he had to put him up but that he is safe. Spencer says if Ginamarie win it tomorrow, then Judd will go up and he will go out. McCrae says yeah that’s what I am trying to prep GM for just in case. So that it will be a 2 – 0 vote and then you won’t even have to break the tie. Spencer says okay. McCrae says and I don’t know how you guys feel about Judd or anything so.. Spencer says Judd is a cool dude but it has been us three for a long time. McCrae says yeah. Andy says that problem with Judd is, I feel like Judd would cut me in a second. McCrae and Spencer agree. Andy says I love Judd but when you’re alone I don’t get nervous but when Judd is talking alone with someone I get nervous. McCrae says yeah that’s how we felt about him the first time. Spencer says its us four, this week Ginamarie goes and then next week Judd goes, then final three. McCrae agrees. Andy says even if you stay up there you’ve got a vote right here and then a tie breaker. McCrae says exactly. Andy says its okay and I don’t give a sh*t about losing either one of them. Andy says we all have an even shot at winning. They talk about who will get what jury votes. They talk about the girls in the jury house voting for Ginamarie. They discuss how hard Ginamarie will go even though she has a hurt foot and back. They talk about the Amanda vote and how it was Elissa who voted out Amanda (Even though it was Andy). McCrae says he good riddance to bad rubbish (Elissa) that’s all I’ve got to say. Spencer tells McCrae not to worry there is no situation that won’t play out well for you. It’s us in the final four. McCrae talks about how annoying Ginamarie is and how she keeps harping about Amanda. McCrae talks about how when he knew Amanda was going home he knew she was dragging him down with her antics. The more I thought about it if Amanda stayed it would have been bad for my game. I was so f**king worried that it would be so bad for my game. Andy says that none of us could beat Judd. Andy heads to bed. McCrae and Spencer talk about how they hope Elissa walks out of the jury. McCrae says I hope Amanda encourages it when Elissa realises that she has to vote for one of us. Spencer tells McCrae he is good. McCrae says I have to trust and I will go down with this ship. Spencer says when we get down to the final 3, let the best man win. McCrae agrees and heads to bed. He lays there and reads his letter and bible. After a while he goes to bed.

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2:25am All the house guests are sleeping..

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178 thoughts on “Spencer tells McCrae he’s good. McCrae says I have to trust this, I will go down with this ship.

    1. Actually, Spencer is hilarious. All he does the whole game is agree. He agrees with everyone on everything. He is like Zelig in Woody Allen’s film. A human chameleon. It’s interesting because in a social experiment you can see just how far being a “Yes man” can you get you in the game.

  1. They are still obsessing over Elissa, creepy. I want pigpen, mccrea, to be blindsided like he did to Elissa. He is going to feel like such a jackass when he he gets to the jury house and finds out that Andy the rainbow rat double crossed him…….priceless…

    1. …and hopefully all the jury members pledge not to vote for Andy regardless of who he’s up against if he makes it to the final 2….. Andy is a disgusting piece of shit.

    2. I don’t want to see McStink be blindsided just yet. I wish that the Perv would realize that Rat Boy needs to go first, and then blindside Mcstink. I would be pretty cool to see Rat Boy get a taste of his own medicine.

      1. They could get rid of Andy this time around. If Judd wins p-veto, then he could pull down McCrae and then Andy would have to go up in his place as that the only option Spencer has.

        Judd and McCrae could vote out Andy.

    1. The obsession that these HG have for Elissa and the way they describe her should tell everyone out in Brenchal Army LALA land what this plasto-woman is actually like. She must have been repugnant to be around. But those who live in a world of fairy dust and who are in awe of the gold-digging wealthy refuse to admit that she was lower than the lowest piece of human waste that existed in the Big Brother 15 house for a Summer.

      1. I have been watching live feeds and I know what she is really like. She is a very likable person & that is why she has so many fans & will win American’s fave player. She is a little uppity & snobbish & almost annoying in a Kim Kardashian kind of way, but I can still tell she is a great person w/ morals & a kind heart & probably a wonderful mother. She didn’t care to be herself in the house, which really hurt her. She was forced to live (w/ the exception of only a few) a house full of complete trash, so of course they are obsessing about her! And oh by the way I was never a Rachel fan, but really just fell in love w/ Elissa. She really should have gone into the house & not commented on her money & all the other things she has (i.e. skating rink) that made all the houseguest’s jealous of her, but that is why she was never a fake person. She stayed true to herself.

        1. Elissa is a fake, spoiled snob who more than likely wouldn’t give any of you the time of day.
          Good luck championing trash though.

          1. You sound like the trashy houseguests obsessing about her.lol I could care less if she gave me the time of day…I really wouldn’t expect her to & she would probably turn her nose up at me! I still like the girl.

            1. For the love of Poe, this has to end now! It’s “couldn’t care less” not “could care less”. Please, say both of them in the context of how they are used and it will be obvious!!

          2. alot of these people belong in the BB house cause they love hating on Elissa. WHAT has she done to any of you SHE IS OUT THE HOUSE MOVE ON………

        2. Oh by the way, she made a girl remove her braces to be in her wedding because she didn’t want pictures at HER wedding to have a girl with braces.
          Yeah, real nice person. And any downvotes is downvoting her actions, but I’ve spoken no opinion of my own, simply facts.

          1. Made some remove their braces. This made me laugh. Did she hold her at gun point and threaten to beat her up??? The story is not true. Check it out before you post!!!!

            1. Check out an episode of Anderson Cooper’s tv talk show. Darling Elissa was featured on the episode called Real life Bridezillas and get back to me on that

            2. The story is true, was recounted on Anderson Cooper. Elissa doesn’t deny it. Was a few years ago and Elissa looks very different in the face, I didn’t even think it was her at first. You can watch it on YouTube.

  2. hi OBB community, missed you. i cant read about 4 zero ball having pussies any more. interacting with you all was always my favorite part of the website.

    i only skimmed the main page of the site. the zero backbone gang still talking crap about elissa even though she is gone.

    i logged in only to comment this. if you hate rat bastard andy, the pervert, judd the dud and mcpussy, then vote elissa for america’s player if only to piss them off. the 4 of them pissed me off every time i read here, so the only way i can get back at them is to campaign to people to vote for elissa. thats how much those 4 (especially rat bastard andy and the pedophile) bug me.

    1. Why would you throw you support behind the lowest of the low, the foulest of he foul just to piss off these four crud duds? Why not support someone who is not a total slime ball, shitbag? Why not throw your vote to the lovely Miss Kowolski? The only decent person in the game and the first to stand up to the dual headed monster McCranda.

      1. lowest of the low? hardly. how can anyone think that when have demanda and all of the bunch remaining in the house.

        and probably supporting jessie is a lost cause. i want a guarantee that they’ll be pissed off about who got picked for america’s player. not to mention, i recall reading all of them saying dumbass shit if elissa won. her winning would be what pisses them off the most, and that is my ultimate goal due to how much i despise those 4 guys. i like jess, probably my favorite HG of the entire cast, but odds of her winning are slim and she definitely wouldnt piss off those losers if she won as much as elissa’s winning would do.

        lowest of the low elissa? are you serious? f’n pervert spencer wanted to walk around in and stretech out all of her panties before GM packed for elissa. he wanted to dump crap on her stuff too and was tossing around her suitcase. and that not even the tip of the iceburg with the bulk of the HG jackasses.

    2. elissa had Americas favorite after the first day because of her sister im sure cbs pretty much told her that from the start kinda like the bone comp mccrae was the only one that had 2 bones in his pen everyone else had one and that’s how you fix a comp

    3. Ya guys lets vote America’s fave to Elissa the suck who threatened to quit if she got to jury. The hypocrite who aligned herself with the devil (a man duh) to flip the house. The one who was given special treatment by production (comforter in have not room, phone calls home, claims she is allergic to slop and gets food in dr etc etc) The one that if not for her special power at the start would have gone home week two, a power no one else was give the opportunity at having. The one who was so high and mighty over these peasant scum that she made up some sh!t about not sharing her bed because of lotion. Ya great idea to award 25 effing grand to someone so they can wipe their a$$. In my opinion her attitude makes her least deserving of anyone’s vote. Let HER eat cake

      1. I’m can’t fathom why it is supposedly Elissa’s “fault” for trying to “flip” the house. Think people. Wasn’t Andy aligned with McCrae and Amanda from early in the game? Wasn’t all Elissa did was say she would vote to keep Amanda? Amanda and Elissa and McCrae wanted Andy’s assurance that he would vote the way he had promised to vote with 3AM. Amanda and McCrae had just picked him to stay in the house versus Aaryn when they could have sent him packing to the jury house.

        Andy’s alliance of 3AM saved Andy over Aaryn, and then Andy flipped on them.

        Yeah, that darned Elissa has got a lot of nerve to try and hold Andy accountable to his sworn alliance to 3AM.

        Blaming Elissa for trying to flip the house that Andy actually flipped is Andy’s game. At least see it for what it actually is.

    4. Lurker007 – agree with your suggestion to vote Elissa for America’s Favorite. After all, Spencer said he’d pull down his pants and sh!t on stage. That would be priceless (but of course he’d never really do that).

      BB15 should step in and tell the remaining “houseguests” that they suck so badly, the show has been cancelled, and the winnings will go to charity.

      Elissa for America’s Favorite!

  3. Im hoping McCrae goes home for being so stupid to vote Elissa out. Now he has no one. At this point I dont give a shit who wins!!

  4. If MC gets veto and hopefully GM goes, I hope he and Judd can read the huge flashing Neon signs that say – BEWARE nasty ginger twins final 2 alliance!!
    I really don’t think Andy and Spencer are hiding it very well. PLEASE JUST ONCE will someone pull their head out of their a$$ and put aside personal dislikes and put Andy up not because he is a nasty gossipmonger but because it is BEST for their game!! That is all I need to save this season for me. I don’t even care if booger meister, meister booger Spencer is F2.

    1. Me too. I hope Andy does not lose his job like Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer, and Gina Marie. I get goose bumps just looking at this beautiful man.

      1. WTF? R we watching the same show?
        (to each his own)
        BTW The goose bumps, that I get, from seeing
        Andy, R – bc……….HE – creeps – my – ass – out!!
        FUGLY! FUGLY!

  5. Is it fair for Elissa to even be eligible for the $25000? That seems like more of a setup to me than the Amanda thing.
    She already has fans through her sister. Shes guaranteed money. I guess it was a failed attempt by big brother to have a secret legacy.

    1. Elissa was asked to play in BB15, just like the rest of the players, so that means she’s entitled to everything you can win or be voted for just like the rest of the players……STOP being a hater of Elissa. She had a target on her back by the racist, vile, disgusting, sexist, women haters from day one and she played her game that got her to where she did, so if America votes her America’s favorite good for her because she deserved it. I am NOT part of the Brenchel army but I WILL be voting for Elissa…….She went into that house with class, values and morals and left that house with them all intact, something the rest in that house didn’t and won’t be able to do!!!!!!

      1. People are going to think we are the same person…I just left a comment above explaining this very same thing about Elissa only in so many different words. lol I also was never a part of the brenchal army, but heck I am now I guess just cuz of Elissa!

          1. Yah, kinda surprised more folks haven’t commented on this. I loved Julie’s reaction, you could tell she was dumbfounded by how dumb Elissa really is.

      2. Clearly ellisa hates men. She was trying to get the boys out from the beginning. So sad she is a pathetic man-hater.

        Now go get some more cosmetic procedures joker face.

      3. To be perfectly honest, I was an Amanda hater all season. Elissa never really bothered me until she came out of the diary and all of a sudden changed her tune and wanted to work with Amanda, who she never liked and had just recently been tormented by. Seemed sketchy to me.

        To your point, I’m questioning the fairness. Just because CBS picked her doesn’t mean it was fair. She stepped in to the house with a leg up on everyone, and CBS had to have known that.

        There were plenty of people in the house that weren’t representative of the “average” person, and she’s one of them. Her comments, while not vile or disgusting, had just as much judgment and narrow-mindedness as the others. It’s one thing to tolerate others and practice humility, like Howard tried to do. It’s another to tell others how disgusting they are and how much better you are than them. If I’m a health nut and you are sitting in front of me eating pizza, I’m not going to say “Oh my gosh, I could never eat that, that’s so disgusting. Like, no offense, but now I know why you have all those stretch marks,” you wouldn’t feel very good. It’s a different type of degradation, and it appeared to me that she didn’t even realize she was doing it. Just like Aaryn and the rest of them. Ignorance is the culprit.

    2. Elissa will donate her winnings to charity. I’d much rather see it go to a charity rather than one of these nut jobs. In fact I wish they’d just give the whole $500,000 to charity. None of these aholes deserve it.

    3. No it is not fair. That vile twat should never have been on the show. The Reilly family had their shot at fame with that other hypocritical slut-monger that was on before. CBS did everything for this evil plastic enhanced devil from obviously giving her information that the others were not privy to, helping nay developing strategies for her, probably telling her every available scrap of information that they had from their 24 hour taping, modifying competition schedules so she could win at critical times and this idiot still got herself evicted. I think this vile nasty cunt was a CBS plant to win should their pre-determined winner (Crudmanda) falter or be so disgusting that the network could not allow her to win.

      1. Jealousy is the root of all evil…….that is why the disgusting hg’s hated Elissa, she has what they don’t and can’t stand her because of that……says a lot about them and their morals and values……to attack an 8 year old child because of your hate for his mother was deplorable…….but karma the biotch is waiting for them when they get out……instead of questioning how they are being perceived by the vile, racist, sexist, women hating remarks the vile hg’s are questioning how they think their gameplay is being perceived that in itself just goes to show their lack of values, integrity and morals…….shame on CBS for promoting such hatred, racism and just vile disgusting behavior…..

        1. LOL!!! Oh the hypocrisy you spout with what youve chosen for a screen name.
          So pathetic..

          Now be a good drone and get your dictionary so you can try figure out what hypocrisy means.

      2. I gaurantee this isn’t the last of the Reilly’s. Obviously CBS loves them. Have you seen how many followers Rachel has on Twitter? I am sure both elissa & rachel will be back on Big Brother soon & prob Brendan too! Elissa will probably end up on Survivor. It is just a matter of time before one of them have their own show. Like them or not, they are not going away anytime soon & that is a fact.

        1. Survivor!!!! LMAO!!!!!
          That fake plastic troll couldnt even deal with the have not room with out her “special treatment” comforter.
          So, so, so funny that you drones even BELIEVE she would stand a chance on survivor..

          Any credibility you had has completely disintegrated.

          1. Survivor always casts 1 or 2 people each season who can’t hack it. Elissa claims she wants to be on the show, so why is that such a laughable statement? It is all about ratings & CBS gets ratings w/ the Reily’s. I didn’t say she would win Survivor. lol

            1. When another house guest told her on survivor there was no toilet and they just dug a hole she said “ewwww, i dont think i could do that”! Yeah , a real good candidate for survivor. lol

              And she must be a superfan to boot. lol

              Guess she really wants to be famous. Its sad.

  6. Let me qualify this by writing that Spencer is loathsome and should not win this game. However, if Spencer wants any chance to win this game, he needs to backdoor Andy. With a brief explanation that he has too many allies in the jury house and plays both sides of the house, he can easily get him booted this week. Right now, Andy is a bigger threat to win it all than McCrae (although McCrae is better at comps).

    1. Spencer wants any chance to win this game, he needs to backdoor Andy


      Spencer doesn’t feel that it’s necessary to ‘backdoor’ Andy during the show, that’ll be done in the privacy of Spencer’s trailer after the finale.

  7. I appreciate your commentary. Than you for the time and energy you guys commit to it. I know it had to be hard for you guys to tolerate some of the racism and defamation slurs the majority of this years HG’s spewed out to the public. It was probably the worst year in history for BB, and one that won’t soon be, most likely never, ever forgotten. People will talk about it fron now till eternity. The HG’s left in the game are terrible game players and think they are somehow more entitles then the rest of the cast. I don’t see that logic. Anyway, thank you, Kim

  8. This is my first year on this site and thank you so much Simon and Dawg for all that you do. Is this the first year that the houseguests have been that despicable on the live feeds? I mean in all previous 14 seasons did houseguests ever talk as vile and disgusting as these houseguests do? Please someone enlighten me….

    1. That’s so weird – I asked the same question and I’ve been watching the game for years. Maybe we’ll get some opinions.

      1. Britney from Arkansas and Ragan the gay college professor.

        Is it just me, or does anyone else see a pattern here?

  9. (YAWN) I think CBS BB just fired half the staff backstage…don’t need them for the next few wks sitting around watching these guys do nothing…watching the ratings plummet…right now the big wigs are trying to figure out something to stir things up…but what? More chicken suits? A Pandora’s Box and maybe Rachel Reilly will jump out? HI BITCHES! They would all just stand there and stare. Why not just a triple eviction and put everyone out of their misery? Nobody cares whichever of these losers wins the game. Women can’t stand any of them and men can’t stand them. Nobody cute like Britney fighting off the guys , or a weird genius kid like last year up against the mastermind winner from the past with a beautiful girl sacrificed in the end, etc. But this year? (YAWN)

    1. BB15 is so bad at this point that even
      Rachel Reily would not step foot into that
      house no matter how much CBS pays her.
      She made that statement on twitter.

      Can’t wait to see these fools be ignored
      by the Vets at the finale party.

      They are all in for one hell of a rude awakening!

      1. what is the fascination with the super slut Rachal Reilly? She is not some goddess, some mythical being with powers far exceeding human capacity to understand. She is just a tramp who participated on a television program years ago. She wasn’t special then and she is not special now. You losers need to get a real world view and a life. Stop idolizing this whore and the whole festering family.

        1. funny how you are cheering on Big Red and yet bashing on Rachel… she has the biggest red hair of them all! double standard… pft!

          OH my bad… the last time i checked, she won big brother! that made her at least “a big brother winner” even IF she was a nobody before… and what about you? why don’t you try to apply for big brother and win a season and THEN talk trash about other people who actually made it to the show and won!

          I don’t LIKE rachel.. but i don’t HATE her either… if you don’t like someone… who cares!!!! why are people so adamant on bashing people they don’t like… just STFU!!!!

          k. thx. bye

          PS. i agree that this is the worst season of them all…

          1. So maybe take your own advice and STFU!!
            You look so stupid when you excoriate someone for an action and then immediately do the same thing.


  10. Simon, Dawg and my fellow OBB’s – I have watched this game for many years – and know that when the numbers in the house are low, the remaining guests spend time bashing the evictees. But this year, this bunch seems particularly cruel. Other BB sites are excusing this behavior as par for the course and are calling people out for going nuts over it. So I’m curious what your take is on this. Am I having a senior moment? Have other seasons been this nasty – because I can’t remember the bashing being so vile.

  11. Why does he think Elissa wouldn’t vote for evicting Spencer after considering:
    A: She gave Amanda her wedding ring as collateral
    B: She had no numbers, so by telling them she would save Amanda and then flip would turn everyone against her, not just everyone minus McCranda
    C: The fact that Andy has back stabbed and lied to people’s faces about voting to save them (I.e. Helen)

    1. I agree that it’s sad that McCrae is or may be blindsided. He has been a fave for me since he first walked in the house. I know sine teamong with Amanda he has been quiet about what his game is but now he’s back and he needs to win POV and fight to win.

  12. I thought the evicted houseguests could not get any game information on the way out…..then why did they allow Andy to tell Amanda EVERYTHING in his goodbye message?

    Those kinds of admissions are usually pre-jury and not after. (yes this awhile ago, but I just caught up my DVR after vacation)

    1. I wrote this on the last thread: It was strange that CBS aired Andy’s statement to Amanda – jury members are never given any additional gameplay info yet she was. Once again CBS is breaking its own rules. So once again I’ll repeat my BB 15 slogan: Shame on CBS.

      1. CBS does not control what a HG says as a departing message to other HG’s…. if Andy is fool enough to spill the beans to Amanda when he know’s he needs her vote…. then that’s his choice. It just proves the point that Andy is not as brilliant as he thinks he is. Probably in his twisted mind he thinks that Amanda will respect his play for fooling her but I feel she will see it as betrayal and doubt she will vote for him.

        1. CBS does control what evicted HG’s hear however…. they can choose to play the good bye message or not. In this case they did so hopefully Amanda and Elissa and Helen sway Candace and Jessie to not vote for Andy.

          Andy is a devious piece of crap…

          1. Hey Yuck, I agree – but I’m sure Andy had more than one message – CBS decided to air a gameplay message – first I can remember that happening to a person entering jury. Your thought that it was intended to blow-up Andy’s game may be right – but it may also have been to make sure he wins for his gameplay – Ian’s win and why is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

          2. The point is Andy made the decision to tell all in his send off message to Amanda… so he either wanted to gloat or he thought it may work to his advantage for a vote…. as she would appreciate the game play.

    2. plz quit trying to make whatever against cbs over a goodbye.

      he can say whatever he wants in the goodbye message. and you forgot, in the past, didnt the jury get to watch the telecast tapes? she’d have found out then or another way before voting.

      rat bastard andy was banking on telling her it was all about game in hopes she’ll not be as mad with her jury vote. it actually a good play. but i hate that guy so i hope she remained mad.

  13. Wow! I read a post on another site that suggested how great it would be if Judd won the veto and took MC off the block and Andy would be the only one he could put up. Then Judd and MC hand Andy his walking papers. Total blindside!! Not gonna happen but a person can dream.

  14. I am hoping Judd wins. I’ll even feel okay if Mccrae wins, a little. The rest are very disgusting. Ginamarie doesn’t deserve a dime. When she was with Elissa, I thought she was trying to change; however, when Elissa changed her course, instead of saying well it’s a game, she went for more nasty digs. Andy, I just don’t like him at all; I can’t stand that when he saw Amanda and McCrae as a target he jumped ship. ANDY YOU ARE A FLOATER. I hope they realize he was willing to get rid of all of them at any moment MCcranda said so. Another thing, although the people in the jury may get together and realize Andy is the reason none of them were able to play their game the way they wanted because of Andy the Rat. I hope the house believe they can’t win against him in the finals because he is supposedly a nice guy to the people in the jury. I don’t want him to get the $50,000. Overall, Spencer is a DISGUSTING PIG.

    1. hate to tell you this, but judd aint much better. i guess if one made a comparison he’s the skid mark shit stain, to a pile of steaming shit that’d be spencer can say he okay. but in truth, he a jerk like everyone left in the house who all wouldnt know what showing class would be unless it was them walking into a school and whoever pointing out a class room. that’d be their definition of “showing class”

  15. These jerks are disgusting..all they do is bash Elissa. I had to turn off BBAD after 15 minutes and will definitely not watch it again. Thank you Simon and Dawg for the updates!

  16. this show needs a makeover big time. something to reduce predictability and stopping those gaud awful boring “floaters” going to the end. maybe more challenges and 2 live events per week. HOH no more than 4 days. maybe a point system for winning challenges, etc etc

  17. I understand the need for deception earlier in the game, but the lengths Andy and Spencer are going at this late stage to continue lying to McCrae speaks to the major lack of integrity they constantly exhibit. If it’s about his jury vote forget it; he’ll go with Amanda’s vote as he has all season. I don’t understand why they might believe us the viewing audience would respect or wish to reward the hatred (especially towards Elissa) that is constantly spewing out of their mouths. Personally I cringe when I hear someone express hatred for another human being….I was raised to believe hating others was unacceptable and to try and understand why people are the way they are and do the things they do. I’m not going to stoop to Andy and Spencer level by calling them names, but the way they are acting speaks to improper upbringing and an abysmal lack of character. As a gay man Andy is shaming our community. Not a good representative at all!!!!! I can’t listen to feeds anymore so again gratitude to Simon and Dawg for listening to theses despicable people and updating us.

  18. Has anyone noticed how GM loves to get sympathy for her stupid toe? Then, in the tu-tu she was pirouetting on her toes several times with a smile on her face. How does the toe hurt now and not during the comp? Fake!

    1. if a painkiller is strong enough you can smile about anything. painkillers make people “high.” production probably drugged her before the comp.

  19. Well, Mcrae is going down with the ship! He deserves it after assuming that Elissa betrayed Amanda….Simon and Dawg, thanks for the season…I just donated to the cause…appreciate your hard work, since I don’t have to watch this, I can just check you site!

  20. I hope McCrae wins POV. He’s the best of a bad lot at this point, and at least his winning POV would keep things semi-interesting.

    Did Julie say there will be an eviction Wednesday night and then another eviction Thursday night? I thought that’s what I heard.

    1. I just logged on to ask the same thing. I am sure she said eviction Wed night and Thurs but don’t know if hgs are aware of Wed. She also mentioned something about a hg from a previous season coming back.?????????????

  21. I don’t know why everyone is bashing Andy. He is playing a great social game, and everyone in the house loves him. Yes he’s a rat, but he was able to convince McCrae Elissa flipped even though she gave Amanda her actual wedding ring. AND everyone else in the house, the exterminators, know he’s lying but are willing to cover for him which is only helping Andy’s game, not theirs. Spencer told him he’s not even an option to go on the block this week. Andy’s playing everyone in the house and no one is smart enough to see it. Give him a break. They all are lying, backstabbing, and playing a game for $500,000.

  22. To compare yourself to the Brigade and even go as far as thinking you are better than them is an insult to the Brigade. It is actually laughable! The Brigade formed in the beginning of the season and stuck together. The Brigade are much much more likable than any of you. Now if the Moving Company or the Goof Troop were still together, maybe just maybe you can compare yourselves to them and only because it was formed in the beginning. I hope McCrae wins the POV just to break up the exterminators and I hope the exterminators are smart enough to through Andy under the bus.

  23. Watched BB for the first time this season which, apparently, judging from public reaction, is the worse season ever??? I sure hope the last 14 seasons were not as vile and hate filled as this one!! But now my question…. On what (and how much) information do the Jury House members based their decision? Do they get to watch live feeds? the edited broadcasts? gossip from exiting house guests? pleas of final two at the finale? I don’t imagine they have as much info as we do…

  24. I thought you hated rats (Candice) and flip floppers (Jessie). Why is it okay when you or your alliance are rats and flip floppers?

    GM, you started to win some fans over when you and Candice seemed to mend fences. We also saw a different side to you when you were working with Elissa. We saw a softer and sweeter side which makes me believe you are a product of the environment you are in.

    You want to be like one of the guys, but the problem is you are a woman. You are a beautiful person on the outside, but need to work on the inside. You need to learn to respect yourself and not let guys talk the way they do in front of you.

  25. Can someone please explain to me why the exterminators nominated McC? Why didn’t they just plan to backdoor him? If he felt safe he wouldn’t try to win the veto and it would have been a done deal. Now he is going to bust his a$$ and might win veto. Stupid move by the exterminators, right?

    1. Good point that was a dumb move but what do you expect from the biggest floater alliance in history(the exterminators)

      1. My point is they were not playing the odds correctly. If McC wins the veto, one of the exterminators goes him, whether or not he is an original nomination. Correctly playing the odds would be to not nominate him and make him feel safe.

  26. Have enjoyed the posts on this site more than the show itself. It’s a boring time in the house – I don’t appreciate hating on an evicted houseguest, Elissa, she was nicer to all of them than the others – I hope they take out Andy. Somehow in his rat way, he has got Spencer duped. Hate that he will possibly win anything.

  27. To put anyone of these losers in the same category of past BB winners is not only a mockery of the game but a travesty to anyone who has an ounce of decency in them. And I don’t give a damn that other sites are saying that is all part of the game, This cast’s vile and indecent words and behavior were never part of the game.

  28. Elissa’s getting a taste of her own medicine. She bashed Aaryn 24/7 and was totally obsessed, now the tables have turned on her. Stop crying, Elissa drones!

    1. Aaryn the vile racist biotch targeted Elissa from week one when she found out that Elissa was Rachel’s sister. Aaryn was the one talking all the vile and nasty shit about Elissa, so why don’t you think Elissa had the right to fight back…….but you know what karma’s a bigger biotch than Aaryn and she will be waiting for the racist Aaryn when she gets back to Texas……I love it……..

  29. Meanwhile in junior high all the kids are still talking about the most popular kid at school…

    WTF? Forget anybody “growing a pair”… could someone PLEASE “Grow a Brain”???

  30. They are all disgusting and gross. None of them deserve to win anything. Judd is calling Elissa a b….. But as she was walking out the door he tried to hug her the yelled I love you Elissa. How dare him! GM is down right gross and quite dyke acting! I hope that vile rodent goes next though, by blindside!

  31. Alright, I’m going to say what is on everyone’s mind that noone is willing to admit… I miss watching Amanda, Aaryn and Helen. They provided the drama which made the show interesting. With each vile comment or Helen’s awful game play, the message boards would blow up with excitement.

    Now though…the remaining houseguests are not worth watching at all. I’m actually rooting for McCrae now that Amanda is gone. Hopefully he wins and then dumps her on finale night.

    I agree with the posters here who want to see the jury house. They should have the live feeds there and show the actual remaining HG on the edited show.

    With that said, the finale night has the potential to be epic. So many storylines to finish up on. I hope they don’t take the easy way out with PC answers. Want to see some fireworks!

  32. It’s a sad day in hell
    when everyone has abandoned
    the sinking ship known as BB15….
    These idiots think they are the shit
    If they only knew the truth.

  33. I wish there was some way to exterminate all the Rachelissa whiners crying “I would rather watch the Jury house”

    I guess they miss those exciting Helen hour long “I’m a Mom” speeches followed by fake crocodile tears. Or Amanda’s emotional breakdowns as she walks around in her panties she hasn’t washed in two months. I’m sure Elissa herself would be so entertaining (just like she was in the interview with Julie) wait no she wont because there will be nobody from Production to tell her what to think or do.

      1. I enjoyed watching her laugh at people when she knew they were trying to bull her. Takes balls to laugh at someone to their face when she knows they are lying to her.

  34. Keep hating, but this Final 5 is much better than last year’s.

    Dan had become a cocky asshole by the end
    Ian was annoying as hell
    Shane and Jenn were useless
    Danielle was a psycho

    Compared to them, this group is WAY more likeable. People are only hating because they’re butthurt that Elissa and Demanda got evicted.

    1. At least last years group didn’t make personal cruel remarks about each other and make fun of people behind their backs. They make fun of game play and how clueless people were, but not this foul language and people like Spencer talking about wacking off on Elissa’s picture or taking a crap on the stage. Can’t believe you would think any season would be worse than this group.

  35. Spencer- When Marilyn & I have sex, she likes it Joe Dirt style! I scream out “I’m your brother, I’m your brother!” while we are doing it. It really gets Marilyn off.

  36. The reason they are bashing Elissa.. They think they can convince us she was horrible
    So she won’t get AFP. Such idiots. Worst season ever!

  37. My dream is that Spencer gets pulled from the game because he is being investigated for his vile talk about children and so make up for him they say the first and last jury member will come back – Candice and Elissa. Yeah – now that would be interesting to watch!!!

    1. Yeah I left a comment about this a few nights ago or last night maybe that Spencer was saying on the live feeds that he lived 4 houses down from a daycare & that he could literally throw a rock and hit it or something like that cuz he was so close. I didn’t hear the beginning of the conversation though. Either way not a good thing for him to say at this point.

  38. Yeah because ellisa NEVER talked bad about anybody, even trough she talked about amanda and aaryn all the time she was NOT obsessed with them, she’s a saint sent from heaven and deserves to win more then anybody else in the entire world. She has played the best game in BB history it will only be fair if she’s bought back in the house this week or IM DONE WITH CBS DONEE!!111 NOT WATCHING BB NO MORE. ELISSA FTW!! IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME GO FK URSELF

  39. I’m so excited for the final amd I can’t make up my mind who I want to win from this awesome cast of:

    The Red Rainbow Rat
    Spencer Perv Monkeyspanker
    Judd Hillbilly Clampett

  40. I have to say it: I feel sorry for McCrae. He’s genuinely a nice guy and such an underdog that I find myself rooting for him. He would have to win both POV and the next HoH but it’s possible. Even so, I understand why no one would want to take him to final two. He’s a pretty much guaranteed winner. Not only was he in the power most of the summer, he was the little guy to Amanda’s big guy. With her gone if he still managed to get to the end, he deserves the money and will certainly win, especially considering everyone likes him in jury.

    That being said, if McCrae DOESN’T win POV he’s screwed. And the sad part is, even though he’s a good guy, he did it to himself. If he’d had his own mind and been a game player instead of isolating himself with Amanda, lying in bed all summer long, I think he could’ve won on his own. He was my favorite in the beginning. As sad as it is, GM was spot-on with what she said to McCrae during her nomination speech. He lost his fire and drive, and it ruined his game. He still has a tiny chance to pull it off, but that window of opportunity will shut today.

    Good luck McCrae.

    1. I want him to win, but srsly? A good guy? Srsly?! He’s a loser, who spent time sleeping and hiding behind a bully rather than play the game. When his woman left, he started bashing the evicted women along with every other pig in the house. How does any of this make him a good guy? I will admit that I hope he’s in the F2, but only because the members of the exterminators are all such low-lifes as a group, that I don’t want to support them for F2 with one exception: I’d like GM to be there just to teach these women-hating assholes a lesson and swipe the cash before they can get their filthy, booger-laden fingers on a cent of it.

      1. So you like GM who calls welfare n****r insurance, but hate McCrae because he called Elissa a bitch? Something is wrong with that thought process.

  41. Andy finds the election hat on his bed …


    Andy thought someone said it was the ‘ erection ‘ hat and immediately turned to wood, if you get my drift.

  42. If you are rich, in good shape, a Christian and pretty then you must be a bad person. This is the cornerstone of Obamas presidency. He despises the rich and Christians and thinks they are the reason poor people have nothing. Look at the losers left in the house, they talk about her money, looks, and her religion and how much they hate her. Then read this board and the comments are exactly the same.

    If you think she played a bad game, discuss why. But hating her because she is rich, a Christian, and beautiful makes you look weak. Now feel free to attack me but before you do, please erred the comments and you will see the attacks on her on based on what I outlined. Losers need to blame themselves not others or they will always be losers…

    Finally as much as I hate Andy (and I do probably more than anyone here), he has at least had a strategy and played it throughout the game. Judd left and then came back -unfair, Spencer is the ultimate put up (not pin up) doll, McRae hid behind Amanda and Gina, well maybe she does deserve second.

    Again, I do not like the ones left but they got there.

  43. Andy says I love Judd….


    and Elissa and Helen and Amanda and Jessie and Candace and McC and Howard and Nick and David …..but Spencer the mostest…… What a piece of disgusting crap.

  44. Did CBS have a casting call for bb15 for the worst people they could possibly find. Cause they did a pretty good job of it. Worst bb ever hands down.

  45. I think it would be entertaining if, at the finale, none of the audience clapped for any winner, unless Elissa wins America’s player. If the studio was just so quiet you could hear a pin drop! Now, I would LOVE to watch that….

    1. It wouldn’t matter if the crowd stayed quiet because then they’d turn on the canned clapping, the canned laughter, the canned cheering etc. We’d all be sitting there saying ” really, you’re clapping for THEM! “.

  46. I cancelled my live feeds last night and got my confirmation email this morning. The best advise I can give anyone planning on getting the live feeds is the same advise a cop gives at an accident site. “Move along folks, there’s nothing to see here.”

  47. Regardless of how rude or annoying this cast is, the elephant in the room is that there is NO WAY Elissa would win AFP if she was just some girl instead of Rachel’s sister. She may be “nicer” than a lot of the people in the house, but come on. Be real you guys. AFP is ONLY going to her bc she’s related to Rachel Reilly. Otherwise, Helen probably would’ve won, croc tears and all.

    1. And for the record, I don’t dislike Elissa and am not putting her down, I’m just stating the obvious. AFP is a popularity contest. Elissa is most popular because she’s related to BB royalty.

      1. Wrong – AV is determined by me – always has been and always will be. I control the CBS edits – how do you think Frank won last year? If it had been based on his real personality and actions in the house I never could have handed him a check. I’m still trying to figure out who to give it to this year – but Elissa is in the running.

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